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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  October 25, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, flying under the radar. disturbing now details about the man accused of trying to rape and kill a woman in prince george's county. how police say he manageed to it while wearing a court ordered gps tracking device. a manhunt for montgomery county to d.c. rob bro an shooting in silver spring leads to chaotic chain of events overnight and puts a college campus on lock down. and the russian scandal. hillary clinton's presidential campaign and the n d.c. in hot water for allegedly funding the research which led to the now infamous trump dossier. plus new episode of our mansion murders true crime podcast is out today and it features another exclusive in
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the case. good day at 9a starts right now. ♪ all right the. straight up 9:00 o'clock. >> shaking it up. >> leave it there. brace yourself. here we go. good day d.c. it is wednesday, october 25th. you know who we are. kevin mccarthy join us this morning. >> i'm so excited to be here. >> i know. >> steve chenevey is on sick leave. we hope you feel better, steve. >> i'm taking over your job. just so you know this is officially happening. i'm co-hosting. >> here he comes walking in now. i'm kidding. >> and your paycheck. >> yeah. i'm here for maureen. she'll be back. >> everybody. this is fun crew here we have on wednesday. hey, ahead the world series h heating up in more ways than one. game one last night happening during record-breaking temperatures we got the highlights coming up. first, though, at 9:00, let's talk about the weather. it's a picture perfect full day on the way for details tucker join
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on the forecast. feels like fall today, tuck. >> sure does. overnight lows falling back into the 50s and we're only going to top out in the low to mid 60s later today. about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. and it will definitely feel more like awful the next couple of days our daytime highs will only be in the 60s and cool at night even here in the city back in the low to mid 40s by tomorrow morning. so yeah you might want a jacket here as you head out this morning. current number 57 in washington. very pleasant out there a mix of clouds and sun and that's what we'll get today. winds out of the north northwest at nine. low humidity and a dry afternoon although we will see some occasional cloud cover got a little piece of energy back into ohio bringing a couple of showers and sprinkles to eastern ohio. we're not expecting rain here but we'll get cloudiness. so again cooler temperatures and cooler weather pattern for the next couple of days. we'll have the seven day coming up we got big stuff coming up skins game on sunday and halloween details on that there's your forecast for this afternoon. 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. real quick. game
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100 degrees. 4 degrees cooler than yesterday's game time for opening for first pitch there this afternoon. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you tucker barnes. 9:02 is the time right now. we want to get right to the news and fox5 is getting answers and uncovering new information about the story that has so many of you shaking your heads. we're talking about a dc man already charged with serious sexual assault out on the streets allegedly able to tack again. now we've learned that man was able to tamper with gps monitoring device while out on release. fox5's krystin leone following up on this live at d.c. superior court. my question when you tamper with the device doesn't that alert someone? >> reporter: good morning, guy. yeah it's supposed to do just that and the thing is, it did, however, the notice to try to get this man back into jail, that was what was lacking here. again we're learning more about this disturbing case. details at that and again how this man's device
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unnoticed in this case. he slipped through the cracks. this is the man we're talking about here in this case. i want to point him out to you on your screen much this is 23-year-old kahari edwards. now, again, like you mentioned he was wearing a gps monitoring device for sexual -- for sexual assault he allegedly committed last month in d.c. and was let back out on the streets until his court hearing. now according to court documents, on october 16th, he allegedly tampered with that device, but pretrial services for whatever reason did not have him immediately arrested. instead on october 19th, they sent a notice to the court to have again edwards put back in jail until his hearing. and on october 21st that's when edwards allegedly tried to rape a woman inside her house in prince george's county. now, he was arrested that saturday morning. however, when it came to that notice we're talking about here, court records show the judge didn't get that bond until the monday after which
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october 23 are. so we reach out to dc chief of police peter newsham about this and whether or not this was a major oversight on the justice system. and here's what he had to say. >> was there failure in the judicial system in this case? >> i think that's something we got to take look at to see if there was a failure. one thing i really want to say we have a person who was victim of pretty serious crime out there. so you know whenever i hear a sorry story like that, you know, it makes us all kind of feel uncomfortable that we had somebody that was actually hurt by a suspect that could have potentially been in cut deem whenever something like this happens, we have to go back and take look and see if mistakes were made. you know people may even question was this a person that should have been release to the community in the first place. those are very very difficult decisions that judges make all the time. >> reporter: now when we asked pretrial services why they didn't arrest edwards right away when his device went off, they
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answer here. instead they referred to the federal privacy laws in this case. again we will keep you posted on the out come of this story. for now reporting live at d.c. support your courthouse this morning cristyn leon fox5 local news. >> developing overnight from louisiana two men shot to death on the campus of gram link state university and the shooting stemmed from a fight in a campus courtyard and there are reports both victims are students. others say one of the men was not enrolled there. the shooter is still at large. wild overnight for police in d.c. and montgomery county as well as local college students. employees say a robbery and shooting happened in the 9300 block of new hampshire avenue in silver spring. it happened around 1:45 this morning. two suspects got away after their car crashed near catholic university. one suspect was captured. the other still on the loose. catholic university wonted shell in place order for about an
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overnight but the all clear has been given. >> we expect to learn more details about the arrest of this man wanted for murder at a house party in arlington back in february. jason allen johnson is now in cut deem he was arrested in new york city on charges unrelated to the killing in virginia. johnson had been on the run since police name him suspect in the shooting and killing of michael gray following a dispute at a party eight months ago. ♪ new this morning on capitol hill, vice-president mike pence cast a tie breaking vote overnight on the senate floor. his vote repealed a banking rule that would let consumers join together to sue their banks or credit card companies to settle a financial dispute. the vote reflects the effort of the trump administration and congressional republicans to undo regulations at the gop argues harm the free market. the measure now heads to the president's desk for his signature. meanwhile republican leaders in congress trying to stress party unity and may have enough of it to
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not everyone is on board witness president' as jenn today. >> president trump would not answer questions as he left a senate republican luncheon yesterday but he would later stress unity on twitter. so nice being with republican senators today. multiple standing ovations. most are great people who want big tax cuts and success for the us. but there was an extraordinary moment after that lunch. >> i rise today to say enough. >> arizona republican senator jeff flake announced has retirement. his seat was in jeopardy but he has been a frequent trump critic and from the senate floor he didn't hold back. >> reckless, outrageous and undignified behavior has become excused and counsel nanced as telling it like it is when it is actually just reckless outrageous and undignified. >> add to that on-going feud between the president and tennessee senator bob corker who also retiring now. th
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the president doesn't mind. >> he wants people to be in the senate that are committed to actually moving the ball down the field and i don't think these two individuals necessarily have been focused on that. the president wants to get things done. democrats seem to delight natca lating drama. >> senator jeff flake a noned he's not seeking re-elect. >> shuck schumer learned of flake's retirement offering a broad smile in response before he walked away. >> democrats are certainly hoping to benefit from this discord within the republican party but the house is poised tomorrow to pass a budget which would lay the ground work for tax row form. new information about the infamous trump dossier that's the document which contained allegations about the president including the claim that russia has embarrassing information about him which could be used for blackmail. it was researched and written up by a former british spy while we have now hillary clinton's presidential
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democratic national committee helped may pay for the dossier. robert mueller is investigating collusion and the trump cam campaign. his team questioned the form err tissue british spy who helped compile the claims. >> our pot cast episode is out today. sarah frasier joins us live with all the details next. >> little bit later scandal for former president george hw bush is apologizing to a hollywood actress for an alleged sexual assault acc incident. we're back in a moment.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. ♪ ♪
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sale? bake... bake sale? need to bake in a hurry? use new country crock buttery sticks with sunflower oil. there's no softening required. so baking is delicious and easy. ooh, cookies! ah, ah, ah! (laughter) 9:13 right now. mystery of course still surrounds the horrific murders of four people in northwest washington in the spring of 2015. it isn't believed the suspect in the killings darren wint was the only person at the satisfy us will' home during the time of the infamous mansion murders but he is the only one in police custody. a detail some consider strange. >> they make the a arrest of the nt
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him in the car, in the truck, you got money. >> yes. >> boom, they're turned loose. no body else is arrest. what's going on? it's hard to know. i mean, are these people who cut a deal? are these people who are out work fog the police in some way? >> good questions. fourth episode is out this morning. very fraser is back with our exclusive look and, um, i've already listened to today. and i liked all the new people that we heard from. >> i know. well the voice that you just heard is greg mccreery whose a former fbi criminal profiler and very good friends with a man named jim train numb a retire dc detective and they're on and i think you know you've heard it but i think they give great context to, um, you know, just a lot of the little details. a lot of, for example, a lot of people said $40,000, why would someone do this for $40,000. >> but jim and greg an entirely take on that working with criminals. >> there's reason why someone might. >> exactly. >> so they paint a lot
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context they give a lot mr. dough tale and fact than we've heard in this case from clearly two men who have work in the police, you know, industry for many, many years. they also you know a lot of people are like it's impossible that he acted alone. that he masterminded it. they actually give you reason to believe that maybe he did. >> they do. they really really do. last week's episode with samantha wint darren's sister an lot of people had mixed feelings about. they either believed her or of course you're going to say that about your own brother but jim and greg paint an entirely picture of darren of his past and what could have been possible by one person. um, and then the other thing is we were told all the way along in this story that we needed to look at the arrest warn. the arrest warrant gave more details and kind of revealed more, and one of the names in that arrest warrant is jordan wallace who you might recall was savvas savopoulos driver for short period of time before the family was murdered and he's completely fallen off the face of the
9:16 am
nobody knows where he is. he deleted his social media and some other things that happened that you'll hear about on the podcast about him. >> well, you exclusively talk to someone who used to work with him. >> we do. for the first time this is another big episode. for the first time you all probably remember when this story broke in 2015 wallace had work for an audubon seat way in jessup maryland they won, you know, no one there talk to the press. but that changed. we have an exclusive interview with someone for the first time who work with wallace. so there's more about that. so -- >> he was like readily willing to talk to you all? did it take some coercion. >> he was. he was. i think after the fact i'm not sure that he, you know -- >> can i take that back, please. >> exactly. that's kind of happening a lot in this story, because i mean this is the first time that anyone has taken and podcast and doing it sort of in real time, upping, the trial is set for 2018. darren wint plead not guilty to all charges. no one else has been arrested at this point and that's big thing
9:17 am
it seems as though leave mows could have charged the other with wint that night with aiding an betting so why didn't they? >> that is great question. but also this whole question of jordan wallace just falling off the map. marina moracco look at him for while. >> she's got clip of that actual. take a listen to this. >> he did the interviews with police, and we tried to get him and the best we could do was find pictures of his instagram that associated him with savvas savopoulos. he would post pictures driving the porsche that was amy's car that was later found burned saying my job is so cool. i'm so lucky to have this job. so he didn't really have at least not in the inter webs he didn't show he had any sort of dislike towards his bosses. he showed that he loved his job. he was a race car driver. that's how savvas and him met because philip shared that same passion of race car driving that's how they met jordan much he's a character we can't get down to the bottom of who he is
9:18 am
because he meetly went mism a. >> mia and he toll police two different stories. >> yes. >> right? >> exactly which you talk about. >> exactly. >> you also talk with another party i found fascinating right out of the get gate the witnesses. >> there's an eyewitness actually for the first time, and she did not want to be identified, but she does have a story of darrin wint that i think that important in this case. i can tell you, we can go on and on. so much with this. but the episode is up. you can download on our website on our facebook page and we also have a group facebook page about this. you just search the mansion murders fox5. you can join the group. you get exclusive video there. video is very important to this story, because as you fine out in episode four geography play as big part in crimes hike this. >> yeah. >> you'll want to lock at the behind the scenes video up right now. it's on goggle play for android users on i tunes for iphone users. audible is great as well. so you can get it there. >> and just as the profilers might give you scenario where he
9:19 am
did act alone the eyewitness might give you scenario it's like, of course he didn't act alone. maybe i saw something else all so intriguing. this is your most recent podcast it's amazing i'm all in i love it. >> thank you you're doing such a great job. do you remember your pad cast i still have key card. >> do you still have your key card. >> no, i don't. i found it. >> i found it. >> you can get back in. >> you still do have key car. >> i love it. i don't know they're going to renew it. >> you still have key card and go downstairs and keep working on this case because we need mr. >> thank you, holly. >> thank you. back over to you guys. >> how did you get that? >> i just have sources just like she has sources i have sources. >> that was mazing timing. >> thank you. >> full service. thank you ladies. time right now is 9:19. well, coming up, could it be a change of heart justin beiber spotted at the home of selena gomez. we've got the details and what it means for her romance with the weeknd. when we they can check in with tmz li l
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>> erin, are you working oh glenn efforts to row build in puerto rico continue this morning. one particular contractor raising some questions former president is apologizing after being accused of sexual abuse. and some major ch changes and my on the way when it comes to the nation's most popular national parks. details on what else is making headlines that's coming up next. ♪ kin. take the olay 28 day challenge. millions of real women see results starting day 1. “there is not a friend i have, that will not own this product”" visible results or your money back olay. ageless. it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
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i like this song. >> i do. >> go. >> erin is back on some of the other stories making headlines this morning. erin, how you doing? >> good morning to you kevin and good morning to all of you as well. we begin with efforts to rebuild puerto rico. they couldn't on the tine know island but one particular effort raising eyebrows. a two-year-old montana company that had only two employees when hurricane maria struck puerto rico was awarded get this a $300 million contract to rebuild the island's electrical infrastructure. lawmaker are now calling for an investigation into the company white fish energy holdings which is based in white fish, montana. the hometown of interior secretary ryan sing key. oil spill in the gulf of mexico now believed to be twice as large as first reported. coast guard official reported the spill on objection 14th according to them oil company initially said a crack in a pipeline sent about 34,000 gallons of oil into the gulf. but now it's reporting that the spill may be 672,000 gallons. if that's accurate this would be the largest gulf oil spill since
9:24 am
apology coming from former president george hw bush. after an actress claimed he sexually assault her from wheelchair during a photo shoot. 34-year-old heather lindh starrin in the amc series turn washington spies and says while promoting the show four years old the the mr. bush touched her picture as they posed for a picture while his wife barbara was by his side. in a statement the former president said, it was an attempt at humor and not meant to offense the actress. well listen up. entrance fees at yosemite and other national park in the west could be going up. national park service is calling to more than double the entrance fee from 30 bucks to $70. that same increase would apply to visitors at the grand canyon, yellowstone and zion national parks. 30 day public comment period on the proposal starts today. the park service says the increase in fees would help pay for much needed maintenance as well infrastructure projects at those parks. and final
9:25 am
story of the bay. mac and cheese lovers, rejoice. wholefoods is testing oh it long awaited mac and cheese bar. the bar will serve classic mac and cheese along with pulled pork bash could you mac and cheese, roasted tomato mac and cheese and because it's wholefoods vegan mac and cheese. that much cheese somehow isn't quite enough for you it also will have a 100-pound cheese tower. you heard that right. 100-pound cheese tower. you'll have to travel if you want to give eight try. the test location opens next month in denver, colorado. i know it's national greasy food day and i don't know if mac and cheese constitutes for that but i think that son so good. >> let me tell you something. pizza and mac and cheese the way that like my family does the mac and cheese, just a perfect meal. >> have you ever had mac and cheese pizza. >> no. >> oh my gosh. >> i've had mac and cheese grill cheese. >> i using to see see's peas san they would make mac and cheese pizza. it was greatest thing ever invented in that
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that was incredible. >> wholefoods success and national greasy foods day. thank you very much, err are glynn i have question for you guys. >> okay. >> can we do a mac and cheese pot luck? >> i'm down. >> yeah. >> i'm 100% down. i love mac and cheese. anything cheese. >> i'm working on my abs. >> i'm organizing it. >> we're in. at the risk of not sounding negative i'll move on. >> what? >> i'm in the mac and cheese guy. that's all i got to say. >> what? >> who are you. >> you're debbie down are in. >> you we just took a photo together. everyone is like this. this is wisdom. >> game one of world series 2017 world series goes down as one of the hottest ever. look at the highlights from last night coming up next. i just keep it real up here. >> no, no, you're a hater. you're debbie downer. >> live look outside right now. sure does feel like fall out there on this wednesday but will these cooler temperatures stick around. i mean is it the real deal now? tucker has got check on the seven day coming up. hey, holdly. >> wisdom just said it's too cold out there. [ laughter ]
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>> negative theme. fresh at 10a erin sits down with tina fey and her husband jeff richmond for sneak peek at mean girls the musical. they explain why d.c. is the perfect place for the world premier, and certified music legend brian mc knight bringing his soulful voice to the state sage in binge mirror in alexandria but first, guess what, he's joining us live right here in the loft. and real housewives of poe poe mack giselle bryant has new title on her resume'. this morning we're getting a peek at her new make up line. right now it's 9:27. you are watching the number one good day d.c. >> smile, wisdom. ♪ ♪♪ dear suspicious snackers, we get it. we know it can be a texture thing, and there are lots of brands to choose from. but it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese.
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♪ all right. welcome back at nine confidential 30. let's talk world series, shall we? we shall. >> dodgers pitch past the astros to take game one, lehigh one. hot in los angeles. real hot. temperatures soaring. more than 100 degrees. hottest world series game on record. the heat was so intense clayton kershaw even had to change his jersey. but it didn't slow him down. had one of his best performances on the mound cruising into the seventh inning. he struck out 11, gave up just thee hits and no walks. for houston dallas keuchel was really good. solo homer in the first and what turned out to be the game winning two run shot in the six sealed the deet dole for dodger.
9:31 am
>> it was hot tonight. so warming up didn't take long oh get loose, but trying to get that first inning under your belt and fortunately i got out of that. ct hit that homerun first pitch of the game i think it kind of all -- it almost settled us a null a little bit and just getting that momentum early is huge, and, um, the crowd feed off of that. it was definitely as good start as we can have hoped for. >> not feeling his hairdo. >> not feeling his look. i don't know if it's the hair or -- >> the whole thing. >> sleeve less. >> the shirt was the problem. >> wait a minute. >> i think it was more the sleeve less shirt. >> the hair was fine. >> ya'll calling me a hater. i'm all with that look. it was hot on the west coast. >> it seem like he was sweating. >> just put in some work. >> your contrarian. >> opposite of whatever we say. you take pleasure going opp opposite. hate mac and cheese and good movies. >> we both aces throwing well the opener zipped by in two hours and 28 minutes the fastest world series game
9:32 am
between at lap at a and toronto. game two tonight in la. justin verlander starting against lefty rich hill coverage right here fox5 7:30. when that game ends stay tuned to fox5 because we've got the news and the final five right here on fox5. >> my goodness, we have everything. >> right. >> we've got it all. >> so much breath in between. >> it's dramatic. >> kevin, kevin -- >> it was for effect. >> take notes. >> okay. >> literally. >> okay. >> appreciate it. >> tucker barnes -- >> he knows how to do this. >> and he's humble, too. >> tucker barnes joining the big broadcast right now. hey, tuck. >> hey guys. i have one push about this game. >> you want to tuck about a hater. >> doesn't it kind of feel like it's nationally -- national league versus national league i'm in the used to houston being in the american league. >> exactly because they shouldn't be. >> that's real issue you need to take up. >> i agree wh
9:33 am
>> deb bow downer two. >> they realigned the league, somebody wanted their team in the national league. they boosted houston to the american league. it never should have happened. another segment. >> go ahead. tucker we'll have this conversation among ourselves. get out and there end join the leaves. we'll be peaking here over the next couple of days. so far this year i think the color has been drab. very warm temperature an lot of humidity earlier this month and typically the leaves in order to get the really good colors going need cool dry mornings. unfortunately i don't think we'll have the best here this year. zen me your pictures tucker f fox5. send them to twitter and i'll start to pick pictures up of the pretty leaves across the area. 57 now in washington. cooler noticeably cooler than yesterday. daytime highs on in the mid 60s you can see off to the north and west winchester 50. 52 this morning martinsburg. big sprawl pool of cool air. little spokes of cooler air that will be moving through including one this
9:34 am
likely bring us cloud cover. partly sunny afternoon for us. daytime only in the 60s. we'll be cool tonight. overnight lows back into the 40s. i think we'll have 30s by tomorrow morning but we will remain dry as that area of low pressure just kind of sits there for a couple of days, and it will just kind of keep pumping in the cool temperatures for the time being. so we'll keep the sunshine in the forecast also keep the temperatures on the cool side only 60 tomorrow. back near 70 on saturday. real quick. rain i think likely for that game on sunday afternoon skins and cowboys and right now halloween looks fantastic. 60 with sunshine on tuesday. kev, that's the latest weather. back to you. all right. so national geographic channel has developed a mini series based on martha radick's selling novel the long road home it takes place on april 4th in 2,004 the day that became known as black sunday when a newly arrived platoon from the first calvary division in fort horse
9:35 am
it chronicles events of the day and the exact length of the battle eight hours seven minutes and 34 seconds. really cool how they did that. from the first enemy contact just after 4:00 p.m. to its resolution just after midnight and this morning we are joined by sergeant eric and production consult tan united states army veteran also soldier involve in the 2004 battle as well as john beibers who portrays the sergeant in the mini series. thanks so much for joining us this morning. an absolute pleasure to have you guys here. >> thanks for having us, man. >> i love the idea the concept of having it happen in real time. you talk about how that that came about and obviously you experienced that in real time. talk about that. >> i did experience it in real time. it was pretty amazing experience having being portrayed the exact same way through and applying much detail they did throughout the actual event. >> i'm sorry, go ahead. >> i was just saying in regards to detail one of the really interesting parts of shooting this was walking around this theme park sized set.
9:36 am
>> with eric and asking him where things had actually happened and this set was so accurate he can show me you know foot by foot what it actually gone down on the day. we could cree create it as accurately as possible. >> i heard they were construction teeing houses, over a hundred buildings there as well. >> it was unbelievable. >> first calvary division is from for hood. headquarters are there. they shot the entire or most of the show in the mini series in fort hood. >> yes. >> talk was it was like to be back there and recreating those exact environments. >> pretty amazing. especially because that's where we started our training before the deployment. we spent a lot of time getting ready for this deployment and to go back and actually have the mini series produced there and made it was pretty intense. >> yeah. one of the big themes of this show we're cutting back and forth between texas and baghdad, and sauder. i think it's interesting because there's a line specifically i love, not only the soldiers go to war but also the families themselves and the wives and the as
9:37 am
talk about honoring that element of it because that really kind of comes across in the series? >> you know it's very important because not only the soldiers go to war and war once the conflict over and being able to see back home what's going on on the other side of the world while the soldiers are facing what they're facing there it's pretty eye opening and i hope american finally gets to understand the sacrifices made by these men. >> it's better look at than we've seen in any show prior hahn never until my opinion that, you know, the cost of war is paid by the soldiers the ground. the it's paid by the families in the occupied area. you know, we get to take a look at the impact on the iraqi communities in this show, and we get to take look at the families waiting for news of their loved ones in battle back home in texas in this and as eric and i like to say it's a human story. it's about the human beings involved. >> eric john mays you ith
9:38 am
>> yes. >> i'm curious what it's like to see someone play you. what mannerism he is picked up about you -- like are there things you learned about yourself that you didn't know that you did mannerisms wise? >> there's a few. i love the way he actually -- i've been fortunate to stabbed a friendship with this guy. we've gotten to know each on the pretty well. he's been able to pick a lot of my mannerisms he pick up i guess some of the gruffness for the way i used to yell. all that. it's pretty funny watching him. not mimic me but portray me. >> what's the yell like? how do you pick up on a certain yell that he does? >> well, you know, it's more just that he's got this kind of, you know, it's really fun to meet eric as loving father as four to get told stories about the guy that he used to be back in the day by some of the participants and some of the soldiers that served under him and there's just this -- there's kind of, you know, you know what you should be doing quality that comes out very
9:39 am
days. but those guys are so use to do it when i tried to find that part of my voice that sort of strikes fear and, you know, whoever you're hollering at they patted me on the back. you got him to a tea. >> i saw a film called thank you for your service. it's about gentleman named adam shoe man in the film miles teller plays says i'm in the hero irenely spoke to adam and i said to him why don't you consider yourself to be a hero. i would consider you to be a hero your you're sacrificing and laying your line live on the line and saving lives. what's that mindset of people in the military not thinking they're heroes. ooh found that to be so fascinating. >> it's all about service. we join not to be heroes or for the glory of anything in had lap. it's just the service. >> thank you guys so much for joining us today. i think you're a hero and john, thank you for playing this amazing role. this is eight-part mini series the first two parts will air on the actual premier itself will be happening i'm very
9:40 am
about this it will be november 7th at 9:00 p.m. on nat geo a two-part event and then every night -- every monday after that will be 10:00 p.m. on nat geo so make sure you stay tuned for that. it's tuesday. thank you so much for coming in guys. i appreciate it. >> thanks so much for having us. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. time right now 9:40. and coming up new details in the harvey weinstein sex scandal is bankruptcy looming for the weinstein company? and a celebrity siting that has hollywood talking after a massive fallout the biebs is spotted at selena gomez' home. that's right. the big question now, what does this all mean for the weeknd? we'll get to the bottom of it and stir the up. we'll check in with tmz live. >> what do you mean? it's too late to say sorry. [ laughter ] ]
9:41 am
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9:43 am
♪ is the weeknd crying today? he'll find out. topping today's tmz is bankruptcy inevitable for the wine city company, and a shocking celebrity pair spotted together. we're talking justin beiber at the home of ex selena gomez watch does this mean for the weeknd? for details we turn to tmz's charles live out of la. good morning. >> good mor
9:44 am
how do you go. >> you missed a whole dance i was doing to the week and song we were playing i hope he wasn't crying today. >> i kind of imagined. he's not crying, and we'll get to that p in moment. >> let's talk about real fall out for the wine sten company. right. >> yeah. i mean look with everything going on with marvy weinstein it seemed hike this was inevitable now we're being told that the weinstein company is win weeks should be filing for bankruptcy. there's no way they can keep it a float financial backers have been pulling out. we've done some of those stories. they've been pulling out sips everything wept down with ha harvey, and their library is leveraged already and there's just nobody stepping up to do the colony capitol was talking about in negotiations to actually buy the weinstein company. >> right. >> they are now backing out. so we're told it's just a matter of weeks. however, there's still people at the weinstein company who are te
9:45 am
they're insisting we're fine. we're going to be fine. i don't see how that's possible from what we know about the deals that have fallen apart. so just waiting for the neck shoe to drop. >> and from where i stand, it feels like how could that possibly be? i mean, his name or the company's name is on so many successful projects through the years. it's kind of amazing that this one thing, this one call taken out would let everything fall. >> i think what we discovered is that this was already going on behind the scenes. it's just that harvey getting into trouble is what sort of put the light on this, but it's been going on in the background all along. >> i see. >> we just know about it now. >> okay. all righty. you do feel for the real people who have done nothing wrong who work for the weinstein company. so, all right. we'll continue to keep our eyes on that story. in the meantime what is going on with thistle lena beiber siting?
9:46 am
huh. >> i was. justin and selena hanging out at her place. >> he's pretty irresistible beiber. >> the weeknd is fine. the weeknd is just fine. >> okay. >> we got these photos beiber showed up at his ex selena's house on sunday also told they had had a meeting, get together a couple days prior to that, and, vs are, ass as much as justin and selena were on and a you have when they were dating, it maxi you think well maybe something started up again. the weeknd we're told was well aware of this get together at her house. it wasn't just the two of them. they had other friends who were there. and the weeknd we're told is aware that selena and justin maintain a friendship and really they kind of rekindled that friendship right around the time when she had her kidney transplant. they had spoken to each other and they've stayed in touch since then. but purely a friendship is what we're told and the weeknd knows about it and he's
9:47 am
no worries about the weeknd. >> so charles was the weekend there? why can't the weeknd be there if it was a a get together. >> it was the weekend, why couldn't be he there. he's on tour. he would have been there. he's cool with justin and he's cool with justin and selena being together. they're canadian guys. come on. they're both canadian guys. >> the bon that ties them together. okay. the funny thing is, when we were talking we showed file video of justin beiber when he first came out with the whole biebs haircut when he was like 13 whatever, until now with the mat numb blond. >> long time ago. >> he's been in the game for minute. like selena. >> a lot more tattoos also. >> a lot more. all right. charles, have a super day out in la. talk to you next time. >> okay. thanks, allison. >> just reminder that you can catch tmz weekdays, not the weekend -- >> okay. >> thank you. >> at three and 7:00 right here on fox5. >> all right. i'm trying. it's hard because i'm over here by myself. see the weekend. >> i was making
9:48 am
>> wait. delayed. h-a-h-a we're laughing all way over here in the loft. >> can i say something about laughing real quick. go to my instagram i posted feet owe all of us on the couch kevin mccarthy tv wisdom is making the worst face of all time. i don't understand this. but we're all happy to be here. >> comment on his mood. >> maybe he doesn't want me co-hosting the show go to my instagram kevin mccarthy tv look at wisdom' face. >> that is his smile, kev. you'll learn that. >> member he is smiling. >> no. >> maybe he's smiling on the inside kev. >> you do have something in your teeth, though. >> you can fool me. you cannot fool me. [ laughter ] >> that's what he looks like. >> see that slight grin. don't laugh. [ laughter ] >> the whole thing put mowing on camera. >> the teeth came out. >> good work, kev. >> thank you. >> nice. >> okay. listen 9:48 is the time right now. he is the 90s heart throb this is about you too. oh, no. he's the '90's heart throb that played hercules. >> it is about me. [ laughter ] >> no, no, no. actor
9:49 am
taking on whole new role. >> he'll join us live to dish about his new faith based movie it's called let there be light. we're going to talk about it next. next.
9:50 am
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♪ i like this song. >> so does my five year old. >> it's a good song. it's imagine dragons, right? >> 9:52 is the time. >> our next guest is known for his leading roll as the sexy super hero hercules in the his '90's show of the same title. >> say the again. >> kevin sorbo, well, now he's taking on new role as an atheist during in new faith based movie called let there be light. take look. >> ooh keep your pants on. the door man around here any way. come and in. >> you're drunk? >> oh, can't pull the wool over your eyes. >> the bake tenant of christianity -- whoa, whoa, coach's time out. don't you dare tell me about the love and the compassion of your so-called god. because if he felt
9:53 am
sacrificing his only be gotten his business esche have plod bloody well cep his hands off of mine. [ applause ] >> what do you think it does to the boys to take the death of their brother and use it as part of your carnival act? >> pays the bills. >> the movie based off the life of best selling author and celebrity debator dr. sole harkins who dedicated his life to the cause of atheism after the death of his project much it's executive produced by fox news shanahan in the and written directed and produced by our next guest husband, wife team of kevin and sam sorbo they join us live from new york ahead of film's release this friday. good oh see you both. thanks for talking with us this morning. >> thanks for having glues good morning to you. let's talk about this. first of all, this is -- i'm going put it out there. so different from hercules. why tackle this particular project. [ laughter ] >> we got to give a plug my series and drama. that
9:54 am
>> andromeda. >> yes. andromeda. >> any way i'm -- i'll let sam talk about this much this was her idea. this was her baby. >> this a movie i wanted to see. i've become a little diss enchanted with the stuff that i see coming out of hollywood, and this idea for this movie came to me and i approached very well-known hollywood screen writer named dan gordon who wrote the hurricane with denzel washington and other movies and asked him if he'd consider writing it with me of course he said no the a first but then when i told him the idea, he jumped right in, and then within two weeks sean hannity literally called my husband out of the blue and said, i want to do a faith based movie and i want to work with you. do you have anything? and i said, yeah, we do. so we flew to new york. we pitched sean and win half an hour, he was basically writing a us a check genesis of this movie is oh miraculous. and it's a movie that really intends to bring hope. there is -- there's darkness that is in the world, and there
9:55 am
and that's the light. >> kevin, is that what you hope people take away from this once they see this movie? >> what take away, hopefully they take hope. you know, the testimonials we're getting from the screenings we've done across the country over the last couple of months have been amazing people go to let there be light they can fine all kinds of information about, you know, backgrounds of this story and -- >> videos up there. you can see what other people think of the movie and stuff. it's a really -- it's supposed to be up lifting movie a real human drama it deals with real issues and in a real way and people love it. and so i'm really hoping that people can invite other people to go to the theater because it seem like a faith based movie and a lot of people, you know, we're having hill bit of trouble booking it in theaters because they have a higher threshold for faith based films. but really every
9:56 am
on someone's faith and this one is just based on my world view and/or our world view i guess and so we're just hoping to share that with people with a really good story. >> you know you mentioned earlier about hercules. i used to get stop all the time. i get stopped all the time because of god is not dead, what, avenging angels. faith based movies i've done. please make more of this. independent movies are independent to degree still dependent on people showing up. we don't have a hundred million dollars like pirates the carribbean to promote their movie these are movies that great character development. >> yeah. >> great messages and these are moves that people care about and i can tell from other movies i've done people do and are looking for movies like this. >> flocking for films that up hold their values. p right. >> thank you both for talking with us. we're out of time. we can talk about this all morning line. we appreciate you spenting time with us this. kevin and sam we appreciate it. continued success on the faith based
9:57 am
you decide. >> opens this weekend. >> let there be light opens this weekend. >> salsbury stadium 16. check it out. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. have great day. >> thanks. all right. nice couple. >> yeah. >> i cep thinking about the whole time hercules. hercules. >> it is interesting that faith based movies seem to be having more success in the last couple of years. >> we're seeing lost it. seeing a lot of it. war room was a huge hit it didn't take that much money to make. a lot of faith based movies. >> they don't cost a lot to make and huge return and as they said there's a really big audience that just wants to have -- see their values on the big screen. >> some people are seeking faith. >> there you go. >> all right. >> before we head to break coffee time on good day dc. if you have have been eyeing our cool good day mugs listen up we have a new good day dc dunkin' donuts mug to give away the perfect cup for that great dunkin' donuts coffee so head to fox5 dc/contests
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vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. it's a must watch wednesday on good day at 10a. we have the red hot topics. fergie gets emotional on upcoming wendy williams. the biebs and selena together again? oh, wait, wait. there's good explanation for this one. but should the weeknd still be mad? plus mark wahlberg praised for forgiveness. why? >> ♪
10:02 am
we're not crying this morning. super star brian mc knight is in the loft. he's talking new music. from the real housewives of potomac to the good day loft. giselle bryant is here and says, she has the tools to keep you gorgeous. let's do this fairfax, laurel, southwest, d.c., in three, two, one. the 10a starts now. ♪ sometimes i do get good feeling. >> i get a good feeling it's going to be a good day dc. we're glad you're with us for the 10:00 o'clock hour. >> wisdom was displaying his song pipes for us just now. can you do it for our audience. >> not for free. >> do you want to be inn have id back. >> i do want to be invited back. he was singing brian mc knight. we are excited that brian mc knight will be joining us in the lot of a little bit later. >> you make my dreams come true. >> back at one. >> starting back
10:03 am
>> this should be interesting i hope he doesn't try to challenge him to song off or anything. >> no. i'm not going to do that. i don't want to embarrass anybody. >> or yourself. [ laughter ] >> good idea. >> right. before we check what is trending, erin back with check on what's making headlines on this wednesday. good morning, erin. >> good morning to you, allison. we'll begin with this. naacp taking bold action this morning after multiple african-american passengers claim they were discriminated against by american airlines. the civil rights group is now issuing a travel warning for black passengers itemed to fly with the airline much this after what it calls a pattern of disturbing incidents. in a statement the naacp says in light of these confrontations they you were black passengers to not fly american. the group also says it wants to meet with airline officials, american says it's disappointed to hear about the advisory and plans to meet with naacp officials. in other news, another member of the republican party says he's had enough and does not plan to run for re-election. the announcement follows a battle of words between the
10:04 am
republican critics. arizona senator jeff flakes made the announcement after describing the president's behavior as quote reckless, out rages and undignified. senator bob corker announced earlier that he would not seek re-election. after the president tweeted about him multiple times calling him quote a light weight. also making had he lines, supreme court dismissed the last remaining appeal challenging president trump's original travel ban issued in march and now expired. the executive order was replaced in september with broader restrictions and has since been blocked by federal district courts in hawaii as well as maryland. the supreme court removed the case from its docket and it cannot be used as a precedent. well former 49er calling colin kaepernick reported signed a million dollar book deal. the new york post reports kaepernick book will be published by random house but according to e is. p. n kaepernick is still looking for a publisher. he recently filed a grievace against nfl owners for collusion saying his social activism has kept him from b
10:05 am
another team. and finally, it was like a real life seen out of disney's movie up. really unbelievable video right there. a man used 100 helium balloons and a lawn chair to float thousands of feet into the air. he floated for two hours over johannesburg south africa and describes the experience as somewhere between terrifying and elelated. i say i would would be 100 percenter tide. i'm sure it's beautiful views. i don't know. i don't think you can pay me to do that. it looks really scary. really cool process building that hot air balloon contr contraption. would you guys do it? i bet wisdom wok would be all in. >> holly even did something similar to that before. >> kevin, and honest. >> we did. >> it was at the newseum and we were completely tethered to the ground in i live up -- >> kind of the same. >> i was on a chair and i had balloons that lifted me up to the second floor of the museum. you met me at the second floor and i reviewed the movie up right here on fox5. >> you were completely tethered to the ground does i still floated. >> would you do it the way this guyid
10:06 am
>> no. >> yes. >> 100%. >> don't try it at home. kev, you'll float two. >> i was thinking -- above the clouds. looking down on us after you crash. >> yes. >> 10:0 sick is the time. that means it's time to check and see what's trending. all right. first up they say money can't buy happiness but that's not according to albert einstein's state of mind back in 1922. take look at this. a patron left his deliveryperson a note instead of a tip. and boy did it pay off big time. baaing in 1922 alert einstein was at a tokyo hotel when a messenger arrived. einstein reported offered two short notes one that read "a common mod modest life that brings more happiness than the pursuit of success with res restlessness. where there's will there's a w way. now those notes sold at a jerusalem auction house yesterday for a combined $1.8 million. >> so question. do we think that albert einstein came up witness frizz where there's wl
10:07 am
>> could be? >> that's a good discussion. >> one of the smart test men of all time. >> i'm thinking perhaps. >> my other thing is, you just hope that the family because clearly it was kept in pristine condition. >> for long time. >> maybe the familiar confidential get a little bit of that money. >> yeah. >> you know what i mean. at the time i know the person was like, okay, professor einstein, can i get like a nickel instead? exactly i got bills to pay. meanwhile if you left a piece of advice for someone what would it be? >> hmm. >> good question. >> really good question. >> right. >> i really -- it's a cliche but i would just say choose happy because i really feel like you got a lot to complain about but why? >> happy nessa choice. >> happy nessa choice. >> wisdom? >> your name is wisdom. >> well i probable woman say -- there's lot that i like to expound upon when i talk -- >> let me sit back. >> coffee. >> we don't have enough time. i would just say make every day great because you choose
10:08 am
thrust that simple. >> that's what allison said. she said simply choose happy. >> that's okay. wis. >> different strokes for different folks. >> it's all about perspective, people. >> i would also say -- >> do you know what's coming out of your mouth? >> i would also say stay in your lane. >> i think that was shade. >> i don't think that was ad advice. wow. >> next. >> now all of a sudden the hate just got real in here. i'm just saying. i told you i come from all an guess. i come from all angles. >> let's move on then. >> twitter, twitter will soon label all political ads in an evident to increase trans transparency. the social media giant announced yesterday it intends to provide information about who bought individual ads and how much they spent. the company will reportedly place a purple dot on political ads that receiver to a specific candidate, each tweet will also include a note identifying the account that paid to promote it. now on the surface, i mean i think this was born out of
10:09 am
buying ads and all of that. >> right. >> but i feel like this is going to run into roadblock real quickly with like who paid for it and how much and all that kind of stuff is usually kept pretty confidential. i don't know. it seals like they'd have campaign rules in effect to say you can't disclose all of that. >> this is my nay testify have the. i didn't know you can pay for tweets. >> i think that you can. >> i'm sure they can. are they really on there, don't pay that close attention. i'm not one -- >> hash tag ad i think. >> you do? >> from what i understand, i don't know if you have to legally do that. >> you really see, f you're someone into the minutia of it like that i haven't noticed it either i don't see a lot of ads on my thing. >> i see it all the time. >> do you think that realistically when we have -- now we got the longer tweets realistically do you think they'll put all that information on or people really read that to know this came from -- they have to disclose. maybe you have to dig deer
10:10 am
disclose the money spent. >> lick on the purple dot. >> i've seen kim kardashian tweet about products and tweet hash tag ad. maybe it's not hers specifically. >> you do notice that. >> i've seen it all the people. people will call them out and don't say that. >> i don't pay attention. make america spooky again. see what i did there. president trump make america great again caps receiving receiving a makeover for halloween to look just like jack o lantern according to the president's apparel website the orange make america great again pumpkin hat proudly made in the us avenue. >> it's $45? >> i understand why. because he's the 45th president probably. even the gop official trader two moating halloween themed hats. the $45 orange caps so popular they sold out on trump's campaign website. >> it doesn't say the make america great -- make america spooky again it looks like jack o lantern. >> wisdom just bought five while i
10:11 am
>> maybe on the back. does it say something on the back. >> it looks like a trucker lantern. >> it's been a round. >> bought one for the whole family. >> did you? >> yeah. >> 10:11. we have a star-studded show for you still ahead. r and b legend bike mcknight here. giselle bright from the real housewives stops by in the lot of a little with later on as well. first the husband and wife behind the new mean girls musical give fox5 a sneak peek what fans of the cult comedy can expect and why d.c. actually is the perfect place for the world premier. what does that say about us. i know. >> mean girls. erin como sits down with tina fey and her husband jeff richmond coming up next. ♪
10:12 am
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10:13 am
and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
10:14 am
>> you've actually never been to real school before. shut up. shut up. >> i didn't say anything. >> home schooled. that's really interesting. >> thanks. >> you're like really pretty. >> thank you. >> so you agree? >> i'm really excited about this i'm actually going to the opening night. it may seem hard to imagine now mean girls with tina fey' hollywood break the former snl head writer and co-star in the comedy of mean girls about high school alcoholic and a newcomer played lie
10:15 am
to fit in. now little more than a decade later, it's coming back in a huge and brand new way right here in d.c. erin como joins us live with all the details. one of my favorite movies ever. i loved this movie. >> me too. stop trying to make fetch happen. there's so many iconic lines from it everybody recognizes. right, kevin. >> i love when amanda falls off the stage. she think she'll be caught by all her classmates and she falls and face plants it's classic. >> it's good move so much after talking to the creators i think everyone will be pretty pleased with mew sill cal beginning next week mean girls it's not just going to be that hit movie one of the most in demand musicals but before it heads to broadway it will make its worldwide debut right here in washington, d.c. yesterday i got the chance to chat with tina fey and jeff richmond the husband and wife playwright and composer to talk about revisiting that comedy classic in whole new way. >> we have new student with us. she just moved here from africa. >> welcome. i'm from
10:16 am
>> great. >> we're huge fans of mean girls the movie. >> thank you. >> it has a cult following. >> what has it and burlington-bristol like to turn it into musical. >> been really fun much it's taken so long. everyone when we started this process it would take years. we're from tv we'll just bang it out. five year later about. >> right. >> it's been really really fun. and to work with all these young actors who kind of came in knowing the movie but now are making these parts their own it's really great. >> we want you to invite you to see mean girls it's a music people talk and sing and move their bodies all at the same time. >> they know wamu si cal is karen they're not idiots. >> how can you talk and sing tame. >> tina's jeff is thrilled for mean girls to make its musical debut. >> it's been an interesting process and it's a lot of fun and just tremendous amount of joy because i remember when the movie was being written because i married to tina and we were on little place called fire island in
10:17 am
grinding out this movie that seemed to be fun and the movie hit it wasn't such a big deal years later we're like, boy, oh, boy, people are making musicals out of movies. we should take advantage of it it seem like it had the same kind of fun things that make it fun movie characters and situations could sing in broadway show. and so we let's try to pull this together and it's been fantastic process so far. >> ♪ >> your husband has been on lot of tv sets. what's it like shifting into the mu si cal realm together. >> this is wonderful for him, this is what he does. he's composer and he wrote lot of original musicals in chicago when we first met and went ton write music for saturday night live and scored all the music on third rock and the theme song the best part of every
10:18 am
so it's been thrilling for me as spouse just to watch him finally, um, work in arena where everyone is up to his level. he's always writing music for comedy writers who are like oh, no, the words don't rhyme. what does that mean. >> is it okay? he's so happy because all these talented musicians to work with and he's in his element. >> he's in his element. i can't wait for people to hear the music it's really cool. >> going from the silver screen to the stage was a new experience for the husband and wife duo. >> i folic i'm the boss now and it's called a musical. kidding much she's us a the b boss. we work together great over the years. we've been working together since we were at second city back in the '90's. then through saturday night live we've been doing so much, we work with songs together like on kimmie schmidt and third rock. she'll write lyrics i'll write the music but this process is different because we both never done this before. and we both kind of learning as we went and even though i have like come from m
10:19 am
background and she comes from theater background, felt like we were guiding each other through it with the help of casey and chris. our relationship has held up. we're still married. >> um-hmm. >> and it's great. >> the show will run at the national theater for five weeks before making the jump top broadway. >> why the premier in d.c.? >> well, i think this is a great town for theater. i think it's a smart town. it's college town. i think it's a town that could certainly use dose of humor. >> humor is good. >> in a climate perhaps a play about dealing with bullies which is kind of what we're about. right in line with the first ladies program. >> yes. >> anti bullying. >> so, yeah, we're hoping to learn from the audience here. the audience has job here and that's to teach what parts of the show are working and what parts need to be tweak. >> that is so fetch. gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. it's not going to
10:20 am
>> see. favorite line of the movie. i asked tina about the message she hopes a new generation will take from the movies she uses her own daughters app example. her 12-year-old she gets the message. the youngest she just wants to be sassy like regina george. who doesn't want to be sassy like regina george g did you ask her if her hair was full of secrets. >> i didn't. >> that would be my opening question. i talk with her eagles fans she depicts on saturday night life she's from upper darby i grew up in bensalem i know women who wear the turtleneck and the sweater. we joke and she was really sweet. >> cease awesome. >> really down to earth. >> i surprised to hear if sean. >> for sure. they lived up to every expectation i could have had and more. >> that's great. so did that story. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> just remain you can catch the mean girls musical right here in d.c. for five weeks only. it's going to be heading to broadway later on well running halloween night until early december for tickets and show times head to the national
10:21 am
theater's website. even it's so cool d.c. getting the first run of this. it also happened with dear evan hasn't s really cool they're testing stuff out here. i know it's been going on for while. i feel hahn are in it's happening in d.c. >> i feel honored tina fey said we're a good theater town. >> and no a mean girls town. >> not really. she kind of said it. >> still ahead celebrity dish getting emotional. >> fergie opens up about her split from her husband josh duhamel and john maher gets emotional with fans to mark one year of his sobriety. 10:21. we'll be right back. ♪
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
♪ 10:24. we got breaking news. fats domino the legendary new orleans singer and piano player has passed away. ttmz reports he died surrounded by friends and family members. blueberry hill. ain't that a shame. fats domino was 89 years old. >> fats domino. >> definitely left his mark. >> yes, did he. he'll be miff. >> all right. >> let's change gears at 10:24 and go right to celebrity dish. we'll stay on somber note. fergie bursting into tears as she opened up about her split from hub josh duhamel. it wasn't my plan. i wanted to stay married forever she tells host wendy williams in and exclusive clip from thursday's
10:25 am
williams show. it airs tomorrow. in september, freer guy 42 duhamel 44 confirmed to people magazine they were going their separate ways after eight years of marriage. e love josh. he's the father of my child. you're making me cry of their four-year-old son axle exact we forever have that project together and we're doing the best that we can. >> very sad. >> never like to hear stories like that. especially -- they're four year old. >> right. all right. 10:25 is the time right now. we talked about this with tmz they confirm justin beiber was spotted at his ex-boyfriend selena gomez's home in studio city california. we now the duo famously dated on and off from 2011 to 2014 and have often spoken candidly about their turbulent relationship. gomez current boyfriend the weeknd was fully a it wear of the reunion. so how would you feel if your boyfriend or your girlfriend was hanging out with their ex while you were on tour or you were at
10:26 am
work? >> yeah. no. >> no. >> yeah. that's the best way to put it. no. not happening. >> isn't she the won that still blows his phone up? >> yeah. >> right. no, no, no. >> allison, you on board with that, you okay with that? >> wisdom, don't get me involved with this. >> kevin, what about you. >> it's okay if mark will be hanging out with an ex while you're at work. >> heck no. >> it would be okay. >> um-hmm. >> it will never be happening. >> right. >> i'm not trying to be harsh. >> three-one. >> it's awkward. >> i guess i'm the one with the security in my relationship. >> there's not security. i would not want my wife hanging out with an ex-boyfriend. >> camera off of us, plea owes. >> blinders on. >> perhaps, whatever. >> i don't think that's unreasonable. >> what i don't see i don't know about. [ laughter ] >> all right. do actors regret certain roles they played? i feel like we a the about this morning. if you are mark wahlberg the answer is yes. mark wahlberg hopes god will forgive him for his turn an a porn star in the
10:27 am
booing bee nights he toll the chicago tribune ahead of the event with a chicago cardinal going on this friday he hopes god is a movie fan and also for giving because he says he's made some poor choices in the past. wahlberg listed boogie nights when asked if he's prayed for forgiveness for his movies boogie nights follows the career of wahlberg's character dirk digler through the porn industry in the '70's and '80's. he talk about his catholic event and hosted us honoring pope visit. he asked the pope's forgetness for the movie ted at that event. >> he didn't mention tanks formers. any of them. >> i get it, though. boogie nights was -- here's my thing about boogie nights. i know people love that movie and they think it was great and it was great sound track. no one learned anything. by the end of the movie, everybody was just right back in their bad position. >> how do you even remember. >> i thought it was cautionary tale. i thought it really was.
10:28 am
and well directed film. >> are we still talking about boogie nights. >> yeah. >> the movie about porn. >> all i remember is that last seen and i understand but remember that was a prosthetic device. >> it was a prosthetic but i do also remember the line, you can be anything you want to be roller girl. >> but he also chose so make the movie and it larged his career. i don't like this look back perspective thing. you are where you are today. you're successful for who you are today because of the movies you made. >> you don't look back at times and say -- if you had it to do over again you would make a difference choice. >> you dope ask god's forgiveness for a role you played. >> it definitely push the boundaries. i don't think they needs to apologize either. it's a body of work, he was an actor. >> yeah, i don't think he does either. he's allowed to feel how he wants to. >> yeah. >> mark key mark and the funky bunch drag new rap song that's what i'm talking about. >> exactly. >> ♪ >> rock those calvin kleins again. remember when he did the b
10:29 am
>> why the for guinness for t that. why top there? it's a slippery slope. >> we've all slid. grammy award winner john maher took to twitter to celebrate a personal accomplishment 365 days of sobriety. he shared his journey with his 1.2 million followers on tuesday with a tweet saying, one year ago today i decided to give drinking a break. very personal thing for eve everyone. for me a constant return on investment. one year avenues follows a year of success including sold out performances worldwide. solo and touring with the grateful dead. >> good for him much that is no small accomplishment. >> yes. [ applause ] >> big feat and you just keep on keeping op john maher. >> that's your dish today. if keep on make going mew zig. he makes good music and i like it. >> he's very talented. >> that's a good reflect he's using a part of his life to help others in my opinion. look on it and use it as good reflect, in my opinion. all right. any ways, my wisdom. >> wisdom mccarthy. >> it's a good
10:30 am
>> wisdom mccarthy. okay. still ahead, he's a certified music legend selling over 25 million albums. i'm talking globally. >> grammy nominated singer brian mc knight joins us live in the loft to talk about his latest album genesis next and i'm really hoping wisdom can show him some of his own versions of brian's songs much they are mazing. the time is now 10:30. we'll be right back. wisdom. [ laughter ]
10:31 am
10:32 am
♪ [ laughter ] >> ♪ our next guest released 15 albums to date and certified as a music
10:33 am
he's an a award winning singer and song writer who has sold over 25 million albums worldwide talking about the one, the only the sex symbol the heart throb that is brian mc knight. earlier this year he released a new album titled genesis and now he's hitting the road to support that project. of course, the tour stopping right here in the dmv and he's going to sing tonight. right now he's going to be the -- to birchmere but right now he's live right here in the loft. right now ladies and gentlemen, especially ladies, brian mc knight. [ laughter ] >> good to see you. [ applause ] >> yay you. >> all right. brian, so you've been at this for while. >> wait a second. hold on. >> how you deal with the typos on there when you read that? [ laughter ] >> how in the world do you do that? certified spelled wrong and mc knight spelled wrong and -- >> what? >>
10:34 am
i'm sorry. >> you are a man from heaven. >> you're so professional. thank you. >> thank you. >> brian mc knight, ladies and gentlemen. keeping it 100 right here. >> what were you going to say? >> i'm all off track now. threw me all off. brian, always good to see you. >> you too. >> you've been at this for wh while. >> 25 years this year. >> 25 years. >> 28 but 25 since my first album. >> right right. how do you keep it fresh? >> i'm in the sure if i do. i just do -- >> you got to be doing something right. we got pests in here, too. >> bugs flying around. >> so great. like real life. i think -- i try not to think that much about it i try to trust the folks i work with to make sure that sonic klee everything is going to be right. when it comes to genesis this new album i just decided if this was my first record it came out in 2017 what were i want people to hear? and that's what genesis is all about. >> so this is the usual brian mc knight. do you ever try to put any spin on anything or do you just stick as they say in the old d
10:35 am
you? >> i think what i try to do with every record give them what they want first. give them nine of those. good right. >> give them nine right down the middle fast balls they can hit right out of the park. >> right. >> three or four, hmm, let's try this. let's move over here. because this is kind of cool. this what the kids are trying to do right here. let's add little spice. it's like a really great meal. that i'm not going to cook. that someone else that can really cook don and make all the ingredients put it all in there and make it real mice. >> you're still enjoying it. >> i still love making music. >> right. >> still love making music. >> i still love making music and popping live on stage. some of the other stuff i don't love so much. >> you put that out there. okay. wait a minute. >> what do you mean? >> typos. i don't like typos. >> you don't like bugs flying around while you're trying to do interviews. you've done lot of different things. did tv show. >> tv, radio. >> i used to watch. did you radio. you have experience in tv. tell me about that. >> i always want to try whatever is
10:36 am
people are us a going to tell i heard you say something about staying in your lane. i don't subscribe to that. i don't subscribe to that only because how do you know what you can truly do unless you step outside of your comfort zone and figure out what else there is to do. >> right. >> i've done, f i look at things i say i can do that. let me try it. even if i fail it's a stepping stone to the next thing. >> okay. >> out of all the songs you've done, you sang, written, perform, which one is your favorite out all of them? i know it's a lot. >> right. >> ask me which one of my children i love the most. >> it's like that. i wrote all these songs. i've written over 2,000 songs since i was 14 and each one of them has a very specific meaning to me. >> okay. greatest thing in the world when i'm in concert and the intro starts to the song that i wrote that i could have written while i was using the bath rom by the way. >> the skills you go the. [ laughter ] >> and people you see the excitement. you see that they know what's coming the anticipation it's like wow. i w
10:37 am
these folks they were right there in that moment with me. >> all right. that first one we saw the video for the first one you put out. we like all your music. my wife loves that song. one last cry. we had all your cd's. i'm just saying you did me a solid. >> your whole career. >> i tell my fellas all the tile, that soft music. look, when it's time to be in love or do other things that are associated with love. >> oh yeah. >> you need some brian mc knight in your life. >> you do. i want to thank you brian mc knight 'cause i had a lot of brian mc knight in my life. i'm just saying musically. >> mu sick klee. what we're talking about. >> that's what we are talking about. >> this day and age you got to be clear. >> real quick. 5 degrees of separation between me and you. real quick. number one, you got a brother named claude. >> i do. >> all right. claude is a basketball player not professional basketball player. he tries to be a basketball player. >> he tries to be basketball player. >> here's 1 degree of separation. your brother claude and i played basketball against each other at the w
10:38 am
tennessee. >> that's 5 degrees. >> that's one. you had talk show. >> yeah. >> the brian mcknight one of your guests was jordin sparks. >> yes. >> i met her at the airport. >> boom. [ laughter ] >> met her at the airport on flight. >> mazing. >> amazing connections here. >> i don't know where this is going. but keep going. >> another one your guests op your show michael strahan. >> yes. i was with michael last week. >> with my the other day of the he we were to texas southern university i never met michael strahan. it's in the same conference and they played each other on a regular basis. boom. >> thank you very much. >> this is going quickly downhill. [ laughter ] >> last one stevie wonder you interview stevie wonder. >> yeah. >> and so have i. >> yayx. [ applause ] >> let me go. >> brian this is where you say maybe wisdom really should stay in his lane. [ laughter ] >> right. >> oh. >> 5 degrees of separation and hate. >> why are you burying the lead can we show brian's
10:39 am
probably the best shoes i've ever seen. austin, can we show those shoes. those are amazing. >> he is brian mc knight. >> listen, listen, listen everybody has got shoes. that's all i'm going say. >> they don't have brian mc knight shoes. >> you don't got these shoes. [ laughter ] >> one more time tell the people to come on out and see you. >> tonight the to birchmere, take two last night was incredible. i got a chance last night to bring a woman on stage that has stage four cancer and all she wanted was a hug and i brought her on stage. every now and then you get a chance to do that. lots of great singing and emotional content tonight if you want to -- >> right. i don't know what i'm saying. >> it's all good. >> it's all good. >> i know i through you off with the whole separation thing. there's the information. pick up the album, too. put money in your pock. you want love in your life, listen to brian mc knight. >> wisdom listened to brian mc knight and has three children
10:40 am
wisdom d1 last cry to this day i cannot listen to it it is so sad. >> really? >> yes. >> it's not a sad song. >> it's attached to a sad thing in my life. i cannot listen. i'm telling you. >> you're past it. i guess i'm just not past it y yet. >> another one of his early ones is that the way love goes. my wife likes that. >> is that the way love guys. >> you're the winner. >> that's amazing song writer. cannot emotionally even listen to that song it's so deep. >> thank you both. >> thank you brian. >> 10:40. real housewives of potomac giselle bryant is live in the loft with us today looking as lovely as ever. she's got a poke at her new make up line called every hue beauty. ♪ ♪♪
10:41 am
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y2ktqy y5yy ♪ 10:43 right now. we actually have developing celebrity news coming into good day. tmz is reporting tamar braxton has filed for divorce from vincent herber the couple have been married for nine years. they have one child together. they also have a reality show called tamar and vince.
10:44 am
ba domestic dispute atlanta hotel and police were call. they had stayed together since that incident. tmz also reports tamar recently moved out of their home. i hate to hear that. right al. >> we hate to hear that. both friends of the show. so hmm. all right. wish them both the best separately. our next guest is reality star housewife and a mother of three. who is cast member of bravo's hit show the real housewife of potomac. but now she has expanded her empire that's what i'm going to call her brand is growing beyond the show by adding new title to her resume she is an entrepreneur. [ laughter ] >> and a fly swatter in the studio i'm embarrassed to same we are talking about the beautiful lovely giselle bryant who is now the co-founder of new makeup lined called every hue beauty a brand created by four women that think the number four, four women think of all women and men t
10:45 am
giselle is hosting special fall pop-up and beauty bar event but before that party kicks off giselle is here with us to debut this new line and we're so happy you're here, i didn't sell. >> thank you. how are you will thank you for having me. i'm doing great. >> you look -- >> fantastic. per usual, yes, she is. >> yes, she did that. she did that today. okay. i'm sorry i didn't mean you scratch you. >> it's okay. my sub par manicure. any way, let's talk about every hue. >> let, please. >> we saw it on the show. we saw you working it out and mixing it up. here it is. >> i've been here before kind of like talking about it. >> okay. >> now it's finally here. >> love it. >> we launched in june in new york. we've been doing pop-up shops all over the place. how is it going. >> it's gone going fantastic. yes, i know. new york was great we have one in at lan la, at hasn't at a. now we're here. all the ladies will join me this evening at the pop-up at the showroom. >> okay. >> which is a new place
10:46 am
109,914th street. super excited about it so what we have decided to do is, yes, it is for women, it's four women who came together to make a beauty line for women what we found is that in the beauty industry a lot of makeup is made by men. >> right. which is insane,. >> right. >> right. they don't know what we need. >> no. >> they den know what we want. no. we decided to start with the skin if you come to the event tonight you can get color matched. we have 12 different hughes. that's so important nobody needs the face and neck two did you have thing. bunch of makeup artists will be there to get you colored matched. so this is -- this is little bit of the line so i want to show you kind of -- can i put some on my hand. >> of course, giselle. >> on something something. >> yes. i can do whatever i want. >> you can do whatever you want. what i love about it allison is that, um, by the way, i went to ham many ton's homecoming. >> let's recognize proud hampton graduate here entrepreneur. >> yes. yes,
10:47 am
so if we blown it in,. >> that's pretty. >> what i love about it is that it lays on roar skin and had as great pigmentation. it does do some coverage. you can build on it. it has your spf in it an lot of times when you have your spf you get that like chalky look you don't have that here. >> pretty. >> then your vitamin c, vitamin e, aloe so it really does make your skin healthier. >> nice and dee wee. >> it's dewey it's beautiful. it will dry right on in. >> okay g other stuff on it like ahoy lighter which we're launlaunching today. >> are you getting excited allison. >> how does this feel. >> for so long giselle there were -- it wasn't always makeup that included all women. i like that for women of all color, whatever. >> yes. now there is and you're right there in line with this movement. >> right. >> how does that feel. >> it feels fantastic. about a month ago rihanna the beautiful rihanna launched her line and i kind of got offended a little bit because i was like
10:48 am
then rihanna came out, boom. >> however, it brought so much attention to the fact that women of color have been left out of the beauty business. >> right. >> and it has allowed other main stream department stores to come aft us. >> right. >> so we're right now in talks with two major depth stores. >> i'm so excited. >> because of kind of like the energy that rihanna put out there with regards to women of color and what we need. >> right. >> and get excited because i mean we're talking about reality showing and all that giselle is home grown. she's our home girl and you're big thing much what's included in the line you have the foundation. >> tinted. we have the sponge which is what we put on. we have another brush that we love. that i don't have right now. and then we have our trio pack which everybody is see today which is the launch of it today. in the trio we have a high lighter, which we love, everybody loves to be like lit. >> yes. perfect lighting. >> right right right. >> high lighter a setting powder app b
10:49 am
and for the lighter girls. >> okay. so the pop-up is tonight. if we can't get there tonight where can we buy this? >> you go on to every hue and you get your hue but we do like to touch and feel the folks and we do like to make sure everyone is color matched we want to make sure we get it right. >> i love it. i'm so excited for you. we're also excited for the new season, right, of real housewives of potomac. any sneak peaks. what can you tell us, any new allies? what's happening. >> yes. there's some friendships that are over. there's some friendships form. we wrap our season three this week and it is good. >> season three? can you believe it? >> i cannot believe it. >> allison you remember season one. >> of course it do. i'm so happy. thanks for coming in and spenting time with us. we have to end it there. i feel less glom more russ all right watching you leave. okay. giselle -- always been beau beautiful. >> aww. >> before all of this. >> thank you. >> always been. >> thank you. >> as sweet as she can be. i guess we're going to break now. we'll be right back.
10:50 am
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♪ >> it has tape us many months but we can finally talk ball foots the good news there aren't too many boots that you need to select collect for the fall of 2017. the ones you do collect will make quite a statement. joining us to help us nail our fall looks fox5 family member tam lee. >> hello. >> it is so if to see you. >> good morning everyone. >> my gosh. boot season is my favorite shoes wise. >> i couldn't wait for the weather to change. >> i want to put my boots on. >> what are we putting op this season. >> from the velvet to the sparkles and shine i'm here to tell you guys the final word on your fall fashion for boots. so let's go. all right. so combat boots everyone get ready for -- you got to have a bear of moto boots. >> clearly they need to be be dazzled. >> yeah. there's always some embellishments boots. these are my michael course you see the stars on the back
10:54 am
>> i lick them. >> super cute haven't it on the front, too. this is another pair. >> they're comfortable. but the pearl thing still going on. >> the pills make it girly from czar. everybody doing the moto boot but adding a little swag to t them. >> i like it. >> i love that. i even love this. this is my favor are the because i love a wedge. >> i love to have height. >> practical. >> that makes me look smaller. absolutely. these for czar but they have a sock in them. you don't have to wear socks. >> oh, okay. >> how do you clean that? >> you don't. don't let anybody wear your shoes. >> exactly. >> all right. >> what about these, babies. >> this the new trend. everybody tripping about the whole velvet thing some possible can get into it some and people can't. those are vet set boots with the heel. do you like them. >> i like them. >> i like something a little differ. it's trendy. >> it will be attend dee boot. once it's done it's done. if you don't want to spend a lot of money. i pick this up at aldo. >> if you want if you want to spend a lot of money. >> this is a nice splurge for the fall. lo
10:55 am
forever. christmas gift. >> this will become a vintage peace. >> absolutely. >> i love this boot. >> speaking of expensive this is not the only expensive option. >> ugh did collaboration of jeremy scott. >> i think we have picture. >> 1295. >> for that. >> be dazzled. >> exactly. i'm telling you go to michael's got a hot glue gun and be dazzler old pair of uggs and you're there. >> that's something i'll not go for. every friend is not for everybody f you've got the money. >> look at that. >> i totally could make that right there. >> i think they believed they can make those in pre k. let's move down here. yes. so the neck trend everybody is going to be sparkling. these i'm telling you holly -- >> dance fever. >> holly giving me the side eye. put these are sold out everywhere. >> dance fear. >> these are steve madden they have in chanel and
10:56 am
designer. >> buy steve madden not shaat nel. she's are trendy. cute for the season. >> i do like these. in those are hot, right. >> those are super hot. >> everybody doing something to the heels of shoes. >> adding embellish many these came from target. >> i'm worried what p something falls off, though. >> you're back at michael's that's all i'm saying. we've got less than minute. >> of course you want to make sure do you your hall boots these are still so in. >> i love this color. this olive. olive is really pretty if you have bigger calves in the back make sure do you span deck in the back. >> you have a lot of hospital oh options for bigger calves. >> snow boots from target. i love because they're they're gucci inspire. gucci from target. follow mow on instagram boutique hush i'll give you the dietz on all these shoes. >> okay. >> oh, yeah. >> my boots from the '90's over here. >> i don't see them. >> holly let's buy those
10:57 am
>> absolutely. wear those tucker. >> you look good these. >> these mike work were in your halloween costume. >> see you tomorrow. >> thanks kim. >> bye.
10:58 am
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live from new york city. it's the wendy williams show. ♪ >> announcer: now here's wendy. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> wendy: welcome! [cheers and applause] >> wendy: you are my co-hosts, the


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