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tv   The Final 5  FOX  October 25, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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that's the killer slider. >> john: downward and a unique slider, kind of like brad lidge who used to be with the astros. straight down, when you see 99 miles per hour and a fastball, it's tough to react and see the spin. >> joe: one out, justin turner who hit a walk-off home run in n game 2 in the nlcs here against the cubs. ball outside. turner one hit, but a big one. two out, 2-run home run last night in the sixth inning, but the difference in the game. 1 for 7.
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good pitch for strike one. >> john: turner with that legate cake and the ability to see pitchers per plate appearane makes the pitchers work, he's l, middle in. lift. >> joe: 98, fouled straight back, strike two. >> john: now with two strikes, more apt to go the other way. middle income i knew it. >> joe: he got that ball back, souvenir a lifetime on the 29th anniversary of the kirk gibson game one world series home run here at dodger stadium.
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backhanded by correa, what an arm. two outs. >> john: you mentioned last inning, wheaton has been picking up his team since he got here, his team picked him up, got him off the hook. >> joe: here's a 22-year-old kid, cody bellinger sent a national league record with his 39 home runs during the regular season, he said it tomorrow. hitless tonight 0 for 6 in the world series. >> john: astros have done a nice job speeding up with fastballs and then finishing him with breaking balls. >> joe:
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getting loose. if this goes to the tenth, the dodgers will have to go deeper into their pen. bellinger headed into right center field back on the track about two steps in front of the wall. >> john: wow. >> joe: brenda calls it in and astros fans and players can catch their breath and so can bellinger. just missed it, let's go to the tenth in game 2. ♪ and you... ♪ drink, sir? ♪ you will be... ♪ no, thanks. (engine revving) i'm still driving.
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>> joe: cody bellinger gave this crowd a rise without a fly ball to deep red center field a moment to go to end the ninth inning, here's josh fields who takes over. it's going to hale, maeda, watson, stripling, morrow, jensen, fields. brandon mccarthy is still out there in the bullpen, they could use alex wood the left-handed starter game for scheduled starter if this game went deep into the night as altuve takes a ball. >> john: high fastball, overhand curveball. like you just said, if everything goes smooth, no one questions everything. when it doesn't work and you extended your guys and use your bullpen, take your starter out after four innings, that's the
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>> joe: seven pitchers tonight at least for the dodgers. altuve and a left center field, back at the wall it is gone! jose altuve. has put houston on top 4-3 here in the tenth. his sixth home run of this postseason, the batting champion since one out to do left center. he had not looked good all game and it took one swing. >> john: you can just see what the astros feel about that. the excitement of taking the lead. >> joe: those astral fans are here chanting mvp for a guy who will likely win it in the
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now it's been 28, big swing by correa who is 2 for his last two, made it a one-run game when he singled off of kenley jansen in the eighth to score bregman. >> john: i was saying that eighth inning was huge. if you had to score that want to have a chance of the night. one run off of jansen is so much easier than trying to score two. now the astros are ahead. >> joe: here's one into left center field, altuve and correa go back-to-back. it's 5-3 here in the tenth inning with houston on top. altuve his sixth, correa his fourth of this
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16th time in world series history back-to-back home runs. and now time i called as i think there's an issue down in the astros bullpen. some members of law enforcement and stadium security go down into the pen. this game is at a standstill. a.j. hinch is going to walk out. >> john: there escorting somebody out of your eye believ believe. somebody got into the pen i don't know how that happened. >> joe: i think somebody
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jumped down from that first row of seats along that wall down into the bullpen and they had to escort that person out of here. first time back-to-back home runs in an extra inning world series game. josh fields and the dodgers on the receiving end, on a night they had verlander at start, pitch it so lead, run on the eighth, run on the night, to win the tenth. still nobody out s yuli gurriel hit a laser into left center field and that's going to go to the wall. gurriel has got a double and nobody out here in the tenth. that is likely it for fields who has given up homer, homer,
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double. it was 12 years ago tonight the astros lost game three at home in 14 innings to the white sox to the world series, tonight there on the board. trying to win their first world series game in franchise history. altuve, correa, back-to-back. their keystone combination coming through inn the tenth, pitching change for the dodgers. houston up to. two ♪ and you... ♪ drink, sir? ♪ you will be... ♪ no, thanks. (engine revving) i'm still driving. ♪ ...will drive them away ♪
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♪ we can be heroes... ♪
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altuve. on a night when he received a hank aaron award before the game, then carlos correa. he stuck his tongue out like yasiel puig. altuve celebrates speech weights, the two middle infielders have gone a deep to make it a 5-3 game. tony cingrani takes over, changes all over the place for the dodgers. it will give them to you in a second. the main piece of information is cody bellinger is out of the game. mccandless guys wanted to shallow center. house number one. into play catcher's yasmani grandal, austin barnes to show his versatility goes from behind
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that moves logan forsythe from second base to first base. here is marwin gonzalez being intentionally passed for the left-handed hitting josh reddick end. >> john: it you have to be very good, these two teams are extremely good. but you have to be mentally tough and just kind of limit the noise. we've seen it serious turn on a time in the astros were part of one with the yankees. won two, lost three, won two, they were one inning away a couple outs from being down two and how quickly it flips. advantage houston and they are trying to take advantage back to them in houston, 1-1. >> joe: they would take over home-field advantage with three to come in houston over the weekend. here's reddick, strike one, with not only seen the hits
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seen better at-bats here by the late in the ball game. this lights out bullpen with the dodgers is finally touched up. they came and allowing no runs over their last 25 innings pitched. scoreless in the fifth, scoreless in the sixth, scoreless in the seventh, 28 straight innings pitched. >> john: because its national league rules here at home, you don't have the luxury of leaving your pitcher in as long as you want and certainly have to double switch and pinch-hit. roberts has got all the information. he probably had it played out and may be trying to steal and out or two to give jansen for outs, five of the most, six is what he needed tonight. >> joe: here comes the 0-2, that's back to send
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double play turned it tonight dodgers. the astros have their first lead of this world series trying to win their first ever world series game, bottom of the nth, 5-3 houston
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[vo] one moment can change a life. intelligent technology can help protect it. the 2018 audi q5 is here. >> joe: only two hits for the dodgers is still, we go to the bottom of the tenth and again you wonder how this game might have played out differently the last couple of innings had puig had come up that ball and the diving try in the right to start the eighth. the he made that diving attempt and not only did he not come up with that much to his
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for bregman and that's what brought jansen into the game with nobody out here in the eighth inning, they ended up getting one of the eighth, one of the night and a home run by and now lead by two. >> john: jason heyward had a great jump, to your point, frustrated. he wasn't able to come up with us. a tremendous jump, tremendous effort. he knew it right away. now there's a different adrenaline for giles. tried to get it to this point and now he recognizes if he gets three outs, they are going home. >> joe: that rides upstairs, 2-1. giles has been anything but automatic. game seven of the alcs his manager stuck with
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who was rolling. puig hit one a ton to left it's a one-run game. [cheers and applause] 's second of the postseason. it's a 5-4. >> john: this time hitter's count and he didn't miss it. matter of fact, when he hit it, he gently set the bat down. 2-1 fastball.
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instead of getting the tying run on face they brought the tying run to the plate now with this homer. >> joe: now yasmani grandal into the game. takes a 97 mile-per-hour fastball four strike one. 0 for 5 at this postseason but he can hit them a long way too, 22 home runs during the regular season. switch-hitting catcher, more powerful from the site takes a ball. >> john: that's what makes this series so intriguing, neither one of these teams are going to panic. they believe that each one of their teammates has an opportunity to do something special, that's how deep their lineup's and their bench. >> joe: two teams trading punches here in the tenth. that's a strike, it's
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on on deck, austin barnes. he strikes out, one out. second strike out for giles, the astros two outs away from splitting the first two games of this first world series here in l.a. >> john: nasty pitch, he tries and then realizes he went. >> joe: now, austin barnes.
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ball one, one homer this postseason for barns. good job by tony cingrani to keep this a two-run game entering with a runner at second and nobody out in the top of the tenth. good job by will harris earlier for the astros getting around in error and a wild pitch. keeping it a two-run game. the much-maligned offense for a.j. hinch's come alive late here in game two. in game 2. giles trying to close it, fouled back. ball into strike.
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ball end a strike. good breaking ball from giles, strike two. >> john: he got to make them earn it, don't want to bring the winning run up to the plate which means that somebody is on base. the tying run on base, make them earn it, throw your best stuff. >> joe: 1-2 to barnes, struck amount. the astros one out away. third strike out for giles, logan forsythe walking to the plate. >> john: in on that slider, downward
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>> joe: forsyth. .286 hitter this postseason. takes a strike. >> john: this is where the juices get flowing of her closers especially to close it out. you still got to grind on pitches. >> joe: a ball and a strike on logan forsythe. a matchup of yu darvish and lance mccullers junior friday in houston.
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two thrilling games here in l.a. to start this world series, now 1-1. strike two. >> john: this is the one pitch you get to play with, try to get him to chase out of the zone. fastball he fouls back, see if they go to the slider with two strikes, ian mccann. >> joe: two out, nobody on, 1-2 pitch. lays off it, 2-2. >> john: great pitch.
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home runs during the regular season. 2-2 pitch. full count with the game five nlcs hero, tk hernandez on deck. three homers, seven rbi game at wrigley. >> john: whatever you decide you've got to trust it. >> joe: forsythe takes a walk. that didn't look like it missed by much as brent strohm will come out to
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coming up. >> john: fastball just a little bit down. out of the zone. >> joe: forsythe is a board in case you're wondering as far as bench for dave roberts, he's got one pitcher left in his bullpen and one position player left on his bench. charlie culberson. right now, all eyes will be on tk hernandez and ken giles. >> john: struggled against right-handers but that doesn't mean anything right now. he hit .159 against right-handers but he had the game and hopes he has one more of those swings.
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getting those, right now, it's giles. >> john: no doubles, trying to cut off anything deep to prevent the runner from scoring. anything in front will drop in. >> joe: that gets away and they tying run down to second on a wild pitch. mccann had no chance on that pitch from giles. >> john: from 1-2 two this. spike slider and no way of on send


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