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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  October 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> joe: tonight's telecast is sponsored by youtube tv. cable free live tv is here. that's bobby vasquez, bobby dynamite they call him here at minute maid park. blows the train whistle and get something rolling on top of the left field wall. what a game. game two was crazy in los angeles as this world series was sent to housto houston. game 5 crazy here tonight. collin mchugh has gone to 0-2 on austin barnes. seeing their team score seven runs is not enough. the 0-2. there's been some great at-bats in this game. i mean, great at-bats. tough pitches so they often then getting
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it, it doesn't happen a lot like this. on the outside corner come up strikes out. now joc pederson will come off the bench. tom verducci, what again. >> there's only been one world series ever played with more home runs than the sun. like a lot of pitchers in the series, no slider whatsoever. 38 sliders tonight, only one swing and miss. three of the four hits, a walk to bregman on the slider. maeda has to go to the fastball. >> joe: tom wrote a piece that came out today about that very
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topic. we heard, as pederson takes a strike as he's trying to settle into this game about the stitching on the baseball being different in years past and now saying the ball is slick here in that world series. tough to grip. 0-1, the count on pederson and then a big three-run home run here last night. >> john: since it hurts to put a ball in my hand, i haven't done it since i retired, but i will trust them, because they know. that's what their livelihood is and if something that might be the case, whether it is ultimately to the degree that ty think, they look at how you perceive during the baseball whether it's subconsciously or literally. >> joe: pederson way out in front. that's strike two. >> john: but it does hurt when i hold a baseball. but it was
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>> joe: the sixth inning and a 77 game. they're been seven rocks handed out here tonight and all seven have come around a scar. >> john: it's the worst time of they are to have a walk. regular season it's a little bit different. they never have the atmosphere like this come i never had the attention to detail like this.
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it came with two outs. two grinding at-bats. that ultimately led to kershaw being taken out. no pitch, and mchugh asked to gather himself. peter said last night was 144 with a three-run home run that put them out of reach of the ninth inning. outside for
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there is walk number eight. in the third walk on the record of collin mchugh. t-mobile will donate $20,000 for every home run hit, benefiting hurricane recovery efforts. now we need the fans to do their part. tweet or retweet #hr4hr and t-mobile will donate another $2 every single time. here comes pitching coach brent strom with one on and one out. 18 as you heard helping that cause for hurricane recovery efforts. >> john: when you get to this time, pitchers given up solo home runs and you can understand it. but not only in this game but really throughout the playoffs,
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those are tough. you usually don't see it. back to the dugout. trying to pitcher on the one out walk back to the top of the order. brad peacock was the hero out of the bullpen in game three. he went 3 2/3, struck out for, didn't allow a hit. he got his first big league
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save. this is the first world series game ever with three or more home runs. off the end of the back, easy into right. now the batter will be corey seager. each manager the rest of the way just trying to get an out where they can. i can't even imagine what the managers are thinking at this point, how this game has gone nowhere close to what they thought, what they planned for, and two they had expected to be in.
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seager. strike one. now ball one.
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he's never going to show emotio emotion. two balls, to strikes, runner at first, to outbred 7-7 in the top of the sixth.
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>> john: mchugh had the experience in 2015, pitched pretty well. now coming out of the pen because of the injury, just trying to find the rhythm. trying to find the place he was comfortable when he would think about starting again. full count and that means pederson, the runner at first, will take off. mccann goes out to talk. they go over their game plant with a 3-2 count on seager and we will give you a word from t-mobile. >> tweet #hr4hr a
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will donate $2 to hurricane recovery. >> joe: game 6 is a matchup between justin verlander and rich hill, tuesday in los angeles. who will have the series lead? the runner goes. they will have to do it again. you think the only reason he is holding on pederson's because they have this shift. typically on the 3-2 count you would want to get your first baseman in a position to cover as much territory. they need to shift to take care of that and it will keep pederson from getting a huge lead while he takes off on the pitch.
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corner! fourth strike out for mchugh who gets around the one out wal walk. seager didn't agree. bill miller rings him up, bottom of the sixth, tied at seven.
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>> joe: this has been an offense offense of sheet out here tonight. kenta maeda, who came on to give up the three run at game-tying home run to altuve the last inning starts the sixth. josh reddick, then evan gattis and marwin gonzalez. joc pederson stays in the game and left and kike hernandez moves into play second base. one ball, one
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both teams have a three run home run tonight from a rookie first baseman batting fifth. bellinger, gurriel, there is a strike. 1-t. >> john: well, the hairs have been unbelievable all night. at some point you've got to adjust to a certain part of the plate. >> joe: maeda on 1-2 misses. >> john: what i mean is they don't move around in the box anymore. hitters are pretty stuck in their ways, and rightfully so, they are trying to generate power. they don't move in the box based on where the strike zone is are based on what the pitcher is doing. >> joe: fastball swung on and missed, reddick strikes
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the leadoff man has gone to the bottom of the sixth inning and a 7-7 game. what a difference, game 1, the walks, the starters, how deep they went, the time of the game, we are already at 2:54 and we are already in this sixth in game five. total pitches, temperature, night and day. dodgers won game 13-1 behind kershaw. neither starter will get a decision tonight. a rolling breaking ball, ball one to gattis. singles and flied to left, that was against kershaw.
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this is the second time in world series history, and this is the 113th world series, that teams have a raised two different three run deficits. the astros have done that tonight, and in 1993, game 4, toronto came back to win at really 15-14. what is this final going to be? >> joe: here's the 1-1. strike two. >> john: i wish he could tell me how many innings we were going to play. bullpen active for each team.
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>> joe: goes to show you, and the open we talked about how different these teams were. the bullpen at the dodgers, runs and homers everything just about the same and here we are in the sixth, 7-7 with 2 of the best left-handed pitchers on the mound not on their best tonight. but both teams still have a chance. maeda has gotten away with a couple of pitches here with gattis as he backed out of here. he did not get away with the pitch to altuve. that's ball two. and again, no one can understand it until you've gone through. it is difficult to pitch all year in one capacity or another, in this case, for
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starter, and then go to the pen for condensed opportunities and try to be effective every time you are called upon. it's not easy. maeda was so good in game 3 in a couple of nights later here he is and he entered, yes, up three, facing two on end to out against the guy who is likely going to win the al mvp award. 2-2, breaking ball is down. we saw watson, the lefty, and stripling, the right-hander, getting loose for l.a.
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a 1-1. here comes dave roberts. you got gonzalez coming up, the switch-hitter. watson, the lefty. maeda knocked out in the sixth. for florida. for puerto rico. help us break two million by tweeting #hr4hr today.
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>> joe: earlier tonight, erin lewis, a member of the boys & girls club delivered the game ball for game f
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astros legend jose cruz. each year mlb and boys & girls club to work together to create unique opportunities for nearly 4 million children and teams worldwide. to find out how you can help, go to a community outreach executive with the astros. tony watson misses outside. they want to turn marwin gonzalez around and make him back right handed. he has less power than he does as a lefty. gattis at first, one out. ball and a strike. >> john: well, dodgers struck out to start the last inning and a walk.
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half of this inning, now a walk. this is been two heavyweights. what we've seen in this world series, go back to world series game 2. the astros got a run in the eighth, a run in the ninth, and a home run to tie it and then we've seen, i don't know, if not b, one of the most thrilling extra-inning games in world series history, the astros got to in the tenth, dodgers got to in the tenth. astros got to in the 11th, dodgers got one in the 11th. tonight we've seen one of the most thrilling fifth innings in world series history, each side getting three on a three-run home run after the astros got a game-tying home run by yuli gurriel in the bottom of the fourth.
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baseball is incredible. people have latched onto the series for good reason. two 100 plus win teams, to titans. too good, young managers, too well run organizations. but is even it can get, series tied, game five is tied. that's into right. puig is coming to the line. >> john: that doesn't surprise me. the dodgers, chris taylor flew out to right field so that means mccann is going to strike out. if were going to keep copycatting each other. >> joe: yeah, the top of the sixth inning, a
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next hitter slide to right and then seager struck out. >> john: almost like the back to the future manual. there strike one. i'm just proud that they are keeping score correctly over there. >> joe: i've been locked in since game... yesterday. watson, second man out of the pen, and he will not be the las last. 0-1, that is fouled down the right field line.
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by the way, when this series returns to los angeles it's going to be about 40 degrees, temperaturewise, lower than it was for game 1. it will be in the 60s at night night. it was 103, i think, was the official number for game 1? >> john: i've never seen numbers like that. the ball was jumping out of the ballpark. the weather here in houston has been awesome. a little breezy the last couple of days, but today, it's picture-perfect. we are inside. runner at first, two out, right into the defense. and the play at first by hernandez. no, that was logan forsythe.
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after this. narrator: ed gillespie's fals attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years.
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