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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  October 30, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, heavy rain and high winds welcomed the last week of october. some cold weather is on the way behind it. will it have an impact on your halloween plans? tucker will have check on the seven day. prey breaking news an indictment likely eminent in that final probe into the trump campaign's ties to russia. the first arrest could come as soon as today. the president blasting the swirling speculation as part of a witch hunt. we'll have a live report. a hal hollywood bombshell. house of cards star kevin spacey apologizing after accusations he tried to seduce a minor. now he's facing more backlash for using the moment to come clean about his own sexual will the. >> and later, breaking out the big bats in game five as
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dodgers and astros score a combined 25 runs in an epic extra inning homerun derby. now the astros could be on the verge of their first championship ever. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ hope awed fantastic weekend. getting things rolling early on this monday morning. glad you're with us on this monday, october theirth, one day before the big halloween show. looking forward to that. >> i know. >> it will be a good one. >> always is. >> all right. we have a lot to talk about today. we start with breaking news this morning. charges filed in the russia elections investigation. former trump cal pain manager pan manafort and rick gates have surrendered to federal authorities this morning. >> exactly what manafort and gates may be charged with remains unclear. however, we do know they both are at fbi field office in northwest d.c. >> let's dive right into what we know about the timeline leading up to these breaking developments. first back on may 17th r
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prosecutor to the russia probe. after reports that president trump urged fbi director james comey to drop the investigation. >> then on june 14th the washington post reported mueller was investigating president trump for possibly obstruction of justice after comey testified to the senate intelligence committee that he was directed to end the fbi's investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. he called the probe the greatest witch hunt is political ind industry. >> on july 26, manafort's home is raided by fbi agents. the washington post reporting that the agents arrived with without warning executing a search warrant and left with several materials. and then on august 5th the investigation moves into new phase when mueller empanel as grand jury indicating possible evidence of criminal activity had been discover. fast forward to this past friday when the first reports that indictments were forthcoming hit the news. that of course leads to us today which when we sha
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district court where fox5 melanie alnwick is right now with our triple team coverage. mel, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, guys. i can tell you there's a lot of anticipation here but people who are very tied into this court tell me that in general when there are indictments they usually don't come until the afternoon. however, this could be special circumstances with this very special case. one of the clues that you alluded to just a little buying a was the fact that when the agents raided paul manafort's house as you said, they did it with a kind of authority with the kind of ability to go in in such a manner that would -- they are alloweed to it because criminal charges could be pending. so that was probably a clue right there to the manafort team what was going on at that time they were being investigated for money laundering and perhaps some tax issues. so we don't know exactly what the charges here are going to be but we can tell you that special
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latitude here to investigate pretty much any and all types of interference or types of collusion as related to the trump al campaign and this russia evident gig. there's been several touch points along the way. many people spec speculated mayt would be former national adviser mike flynn. as you may recall he had had these conversations with russian ambassador and diplomat sergei kiss lee act he made some kind of assurances about sanctions with russia and he did not have the authority to do that. he didn't tell the truth about that to vice-president mike pence then he was relieved of his duties. mike flynn was. there was also some question as to flynn would come up. now we do know that it is man in the center paul manafort here. he hal deep ties to businesses in russia as for rick gates, you know, he's said to be manafort's protegee and partner in the trump campaign. many, many more questions here. you've heard people
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morning as we've been covering this throughout the date this maybe the first domino to fall but perhaps not the last there have been so many stages in this investigation. many questions as well. questions about meetings with trump family members and those russian lawyers. so it's going to take -- this is by no means the end. i can tell you this is probably just the very beginning. live here at us district court, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> very accurate wave saying it melanie. let's get more on the probes the diets and what comes next. tom fitzgerald down in the newsroom and working this story for very long. it will continue to do so throughout the day. >> what's next. >> what's next? we're at the beginning of neck phase of this. where we are right now is a completely different ballpark than where we are have been up until this point. up until now it's been speculation. it has all been guess work. it has all been here say in large part. robert mueller had not been heard from until today.
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actually going actually hear from him today. this has been remarkablely a quiet investigation. there were a lot of questions raised on friday about how this information was leak as you k know. grand jury proceedings are supposed to be secret. this got out on friday. but the question is this. if mall manafort and now rick gates are the first two people that are going to be indicted in this investigation, why did the special counsel office choose to select them as the first two? and what, if anything, can they provide to these investigators as they moved forward with this investigation? >> tom, i know there's been depends who you're talking about some people say that special prosecutor mueller is acting too quickly m say he hasn't acted quickly enough. so, you know, which is it? >> this is quick holly. make no mistake. if you can remember back to water gate, richard nixon resigned in
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prosecutions were still going on into that case into 1975. for a special counsel to be empanelled just this last spring already be bringing indictments, now at end of october, this is lightning speed when it comes to these types of prosecutions so the they were able to impanel this grand jury,. (this evidence and come out with an dime at this rate, make no mistake, this is a very fast advancement in this story. it goes to what we may be seeing in the future. robert mueller clearly wanted to hit the ground running on this. we know this from the prosecutors he brought into this case. they now appear to be producing on some of these things we've been talking about all summer. >> tom, thanks very much. getting information on some of the charges he'll be facing including money launder ring one of big ones if you look for wire fraud and money laundering these carry bigger penalties than some of the other charges. a lot of that said you put the biggest potential penalties out there the penalty
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increasingly with the am money that may be involved here. and the idea more you put out the more like until person would be to cooperate. what they want right now the reason why paul manafort is first on the list they feel his information that he holds is more valuable to the doj than other people. and therefore he might be able to, you know, you let ten the guy with sentence year sentence instead of five year sentence they'll be much more willing to talk about other people. >> i'm looking on twitter. conspiracy again the us is one of the charges. i'm still searching here trying to fine latest. all unfolding vare quickly. high up will these indictments go? will it reach the president? i know those are the things that tom fitzgerald is working on perhaps we can bring him later to talk about that. a lot of questions still coming out. charges we're hearing about but that was the latest now still look here at twitter. chris if you can chime in and let us know if there were any new ones we'll be glad to pass that along. he's keeping an eye on it. >> the
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morning, is the weather. the problems causing all long are morning long. there were several thousand power outages in our region earlier this morning. this is video at dupont circle at its peak pepco report reported about 1600 to us as much as. dominion had about 3,000 outages in northern virginia. bw and e is down to fewer than 2,000 outages in maryland. >> to the north at least 300,000 customers throughout new england have no power. hardest hit connecticut, massachusetts and rhode island. out to the west dealing with some snow even a winter weather advisory and we're talking about in parts of maryland. a few inches fell overnight in garrett county, maryland. in ski country. so for more on what mother nature has in store for us which sounds like she's throwing everything out there, tucker, some landing out to the west somebody landed up to the normal. how about here? >> yeah, i mean a quiet couple of months. so that storm hit hard last night. winds gusting last evening to about 50 miles an hour. d
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gusts this morning in the range of about 30 to 35. so things are gradually getting better, and it will be actually a pleasant afternoon. we're done witness rain. the breezes will stick around they won't blowing at 30 to 40. more like 20 to 30. breezy day an cool day. daytime highs don't get out of the mid to upper 50s for us today. so take jacket. 49 now at reagan national. dulles 47. up in baltimore 48 degrees. these are sustained winds still 15 to 20. seen gusts over 25 in the last hour for much of the region. particularly in the north and west. so that will lock down that cool fall feeling for you today. and gradual clearing here. we've seen sunshine live shots the last hour and i think we'll gradually turn mostly sunnism there's the big storm still a mess up in new england. three to 4-inches of rain in vermont, new hampshire winds gusting along the coast almost hurricane for identification. 65, 70 miles an hour along the coast overnight, and unfortunately they're getting the brunt of it. we're on the edge of things and our weather gets better and better from here. we'll be in for quiet afternoon
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to give you a sneak peek at tomorrow if case you're running out the door. 60 for halloween. great shape for trick or treating. more on that coming up end of the week warmup to look to thursday 49 day. more weather coming up and i'm off to the halloween story. holly. >> sounds good. look forward to that. thanks tuck. 9:00 colorado 11 is the time right now. controversy for kevin spacey he's under fire for how he respond to do accusations he sexually harassed a fellow actor who was just 14 at the time. it happened their years ago spacy was 26. he was the last one when he allegedly put him up and climbed on top of him in a sexual advance. rap says the harvey weinstein scandal prompted him to speak out. spacy took to twitter after he's accusations came out saying he's beyond horrified to hear rap' stories and also beated "i honest dollar not remember the encounter but if i did behave as
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zero rest apology for what would have been deep and inappropriate drunken behavior. spacy went ton say this story las encouraged him to address other issues in his life. he said that he chooses to live as gay man now. spacy has been famously private about his personal life and sexual orientation. but this coming out moment for him has drawn a lot of criticism on twitter because of the circumstances. actress wanda sykes tweeted overnight, no, do you not get to choose to hide under the rai rainbow. comedian billy yeichner said, the spice say statement is truly disgusting, ear responsible and dangerous. many others are criticizing him on social media he's using his sexual will the to distract from the accusations. so a lot of people weighing in. a lot of conversation i will say i really don't see a lot of people defending kevin spacey on this and i don't defend him either. many things i think are wrong with his apology i've said it all morning long. i do think he's ung
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out as a distraction. >> coming out is hard enough. you can with you -- someone saying you sexually harassed them. you're take away -- >> it's legally calculated and manipulative me on his part he's trying to take the attention away from the issue here. oh, by the way, pay attention to me now i'm coming out as gay. >> i have a huge issue with him saying, you know, i don't remember it but if i did it, you know, it was drunken behavior. guess what, you're responsible when you're drunk, too for your behavior. >> i cannot understand why people just can't say sorry and stop. >> say sorry and move on. why do you have to explain it. say sorry. be a human being. you know. >> kekevin spacey i used to enjy you. no. >> right. i loved him as an actor. i love him in house of cards. i loved everything he's done but i have to admit -- >> it's tainted. >> i see him in whole new light now. >> 9:13. still to come this morning taking down history. a local church removing a pair of plaque honoring
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more famous parishioners. >> everything from alzheimer's plan to the hidden health benefits of apple cidar vinegar. dr. oz will join us live with a look at some of the special things he's working on in the week ahead. that will help you live your best life. it's 9:14 right now. back after this. ♪
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♪ welcome back. from alzheimer's to benefits of app pep cidar vinegar and carjacking tips from escapees. america's favorite doctor has your health and life covered. of course we're talking about dr. mehmet oz the emmy awarding host kicking off his season nine of hisself titled show dan he's kicking off an explosive week of all mew shows. they're aimed to help you live your best life. he joins us live from new york to dish all about what's new this week. we say good morning to you, dr. oz. >> good morning, maureen. i'm going to ants biggest questions i'm getting asked this season start off talking about alzheimer's today. >> yes. you have a diet that can ward off alzheimer's. do tell. >> well, i've been talking to lot of neurology experts and more and more of them getting optimistic for the first time in my career things that might work. medications and trials but food itself might be one of the best ways to jump start the process. so large practice now taking care of people with great success arguing that the kinds of foods you eat
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leaning green. we place one meat dish a week with vegetarian meal that gives you more fiber. cutting back on sugars because we think that alzheimer's is diabetes of the brain. and that insights allowing to us think if i cut out of the simple sugars white rice, white flour, white pasta all those white foods that can help the brain metabolize more effectively. foods we know seem to be affected other parts of the world like curry sauce. turmeric in occur see sauce seems to link up to the proteins in the brain that causal alzheimer's people in india have less of an incidents of al alzheimer's all tips that people can do at their home in fact they can only do it in their home. might as well use them while science catch ups to alzhe alzheimer's. >> that's on monday. tuesday continuing health track talking about apple cidar vinegar. we've heard so much about this. cure all, use all. what specifically are you letting us know about apple cidar vinegar on tuesday? >> most common home remedy people raise these days. apple cidar vinegar
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fermented twice into an alcohol then into a cidar. and it does seem to work as a skin brasier helps some people with intestinal issues. i most end trenched by the idea kit help us metabolize sugar more effectively. makes sugar less glycemic index problem. use fit you're trying to lose weigh, inexpensive and easy to pull out. there's something called coconut vinegar. there are all over the web cease he these days. put them in smooth these. make your salad dressings with them. make this part of your diet you'll nudge yourself in the right direction for your health. >> you're talking about also lifestyle and you're talking about carjacking. people who have managed to escape carjacking i'd find this if's 98ing share hips of how they survived or exactly what will you let us know with that show on wednesday. >> stores are face 98ing two women all over the news recent who'll were carjacked then both escaped and both come on the show for exclusive interviews. part toll tell their story, but also as a less sso
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rest of us much first off you want to watch your six watch right behind you 6:00 o'clock on the dial. you only that much time, six, seven seconds to send the message to perpetrator you're not going to fool around with them. carry yourself strong and powerful it make a difference. most importantly both these women say this. do not leave the scene of the crime. yell, scream, i don't care if they have a gun, drop to the ground make a commotion because your chances best at that moment. because the perpetrator doesn't know you they don't want to be hurt or get into fight with you they want to kidnap you when they take to you second destination your odds of survival go down dramatically. >> outhear a lot. unfortunate we're out of time. you're going to talk about tilapia on thursday. i've taken it out of my diet because all the horror stories about it being a bad fish. busting the myth on that and coffee hacks on fry daring right. >> a lot of us put mill mc our coffee. might not be the best move. >> i like that teaser. >> the whole panel saying h
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day dc. when you're in town stop in the loft as you have an extra seat right here just for you, okay? >> god bless you. thank you. >> you can catch dr. oz weekday at noon right her on fox5 plus. all right. 921st time. coming up the intersection of politics and pom culture former west wing and get out star bradley whitford will join us live. >> writing down everything dr. oz says, right. >> a long list. >> exactly. >> but in the news we're looking at a controversial electric crack for puerto rico it's been canceled now. two women from hawaii lost at sea they're back on dry land. more than five months later and a warning for wine lovers why global shortage could be on the way. we've got a check of what else is making headlines next. thank you, ikea. oh, john can't come. my uncle geoff just confirmed. the one that's always bringing a plus-one? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering) dear suspicious snke
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governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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oh, john can't come. my uncle geoff just confirmed. the one that's always bringing a plus-one? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering) let's see what allison has in store for us and good news there. we'll let her make that call. she's back with a check of the other story make making headlines this morning. hey, al. >> i promise one good news story. first we're learning more about another army green beret killed in africa but this time it may have been at the hands of two members of the navals elite seal team six. criminal investigation underway right now. months after the soldier was killed back in june. 34-year-old army staff sergeant logan melgar was found dead in his room in the u.s. embassy in mali. medical examiner says the sergeant d
9:25 am
strangulation. so far the two navy seals have not been charged. more to come on that story i'm sure. meantime officials in puerto rico have ended its controversial contract with small energy company that was hired to rebuild the island's power grid. us territory gave a company called white fish energy a $300 million contract after hurricane maria last month. a lot of criticism followed though and congress wants to know why the contract was so expensive. week after the storm only about 30% of puerto rico has power. in japan this morning, two women and their dogs finely on dry land this is the good news. they were lost at sea for more than five months. the pair arrived in okinawa days after they were rescued bite us coast guard. back in may, the women were hahn board their 50-foot vessel headed to tahiti from honolulu when a storm flooded the engine and damage the sales of their boat. but today back on dry land. and they're dogs, too. global wine shortage now being predicted for next
9:26 am
2018 because of internationally pore harvest this year. product is down worldwide by about 8% which could result in the worst wine shortage in 50 years. you're rap has been hit especially hard with 14% drop in production over last year and the fires in california have done serious damage to that areas wine production that could last four years. all right. even the kicker today a little bad news. finally cookie lovers furious about pillsbury's new healthy cookie dough. general mills rolled out a new recipe this fall aimed at improving classic cookie dough knew recipe with more natural ingredients. the recipe removed those artificial flavors and colors preservatives and high truck companies corn syrup from the dough. countless consumers are leaving negative reviews complaining about the new taste and the texture. general mills hasn't responded to this criticism yet. but maybe they'll say something like, hey, what do you want, we're trying. >> exactly. options. >> people say it tastes bad just because it's
9:27 am
package. i want it's a blind tasting if it really tastes bad. >> it's not bad. just different from what it was before when it all had all the other stuff before it. >> what's more important. >> i think we shall have at any time test. >> thanks, al. >> 9:27. she's changing lives one haircut at a time. coming up next allison seymour introducing to us a local woman paying it forward. >> first tucker is back with a look how long these colder temperatures will stick around want impact they could have on your trick or treating plans. 9:27 is our time right now. you're watching good day. m mark, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women.
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back at 9:30. let's recap the breaking news we've been following all morning. in just the last hour or so we learn that the president's ex campaign chief mall manafort and his business associate rick gates have been indicted by a federal grand jury on 12 charges including conspiracy against the united states, money laundering, failing to register as foreign agent and other charges. both manafort and gates have turned themselves in to the fbi. continue to follow that across all of our social media platforms and on air as well throughout the morning. right now 9:30 and i know tucker everyone is interested in the all important trick or treat forecast. >> yes. i have all the details. maureen, welcome back. you look great. >> thank you. >> where did you go, some place sunny and beautiful. >> i'll tell you after. >> t was sunny, very. >> i know. >> even though we're only 3 feet apart we haven't run into eac
9:31 am
>> i think. >> all right. hey, 49 now in washington. yes, cool temps here to stay. the good news is, the halloween forecast is looking sunny and bright, and kind of seasonably cool. i'll show the details on that momentarily. but let's focus on today. last night winds gusting to about 50 miles an hour ushering much cooler air you can see the entire region now witness exception of quantico still in the fours we'll keep it cool this afternoon daytime highs don't get out of the mid to upper 50's dealing with persist sent pesky winds these are wind gusts blowing over 25 miles an hour here in washington. look at frederick and hagerstown, 33. 23 dulles. 22 in annapolis. so still very blustery conditions across the area with those winds out of the north and west, and the good news the wind should start to let up later this afternoon owing sunshine breaking out across the area the forecast gets better and bet from here. there's your big storm system. big nor'easter at this hour. even snowflakes flying on the back side early this morning out in the mountains out to the west. cold enough for that. and heavy rain and still very
9:32 am
p parts of new england 60, 65 miles per hour. so they are really dealing with major problems up there. here's the setup for the next couple of days. lots oh cool cold air parked across parts of minnesota and wisconsin. that will drop down into our region. we'll be very chilly tonight an cool one for our halloween although we should feature a lot of sunshine around here tomorrow. windy and cool this afternoon 50s kind of partly sunny. dry this afternoon if you've got plans to be outdoors later today. and then this is for tomorro&-ún tomorrow evening. perfect for trick or treating. although cool. make sure the trick or treaters are ready with a light jacket here with temperatures in the 50s at game time and there's your seven day forecast. next couple of days keep it cool. nice warmup. thursday 49 day right back into that early fall feel with temp bassing in the 70s and mild conditions to end the week. so clearing, breezy this afternoon member it will be chilly tonight. beautiful for halloween. 60 degrees. maureen, back to you. >> thank you tuck. as you know there's nothing like a fresh cut or new d
9:33 am
million bucks, right are for large number of homeless men and women in our grouping takes back seat because they are trying to survive. allison seymour joining us now with more on one local woman using her talents to pay it forward. i love these stories,ly. >> i do too. her name is laura reid and she's a maryland stylist who uses her time and her talents to help homeless money and women in our community look and feel a little better one free haircut, one free shave, one more conversation at a time. >> ♪ >> laurie reid is very good lady as far as coming out here and helping the homeless getting haircuts. >> i'm trying to get pretty. >> ♪ >> person with kinds heart. >> taking her time doing wonderful job. we need nor people like this around here. ♪ >> people don't get this every day. so it's a
9:34 am
>> when i look at you i trust you. >> thank you. >> as soon as you pull the chair up i trust you. >> that's awesome. >> i'm sorry. i'm a very emotional person. >> it's all right. >> thank you for what you're doing. >> you're so welcome. >> made me feel happy because i was looking for haircut for long time. >> ♪ >> you're going to look gor gorgeous. >> all right. >> i can wait. >> my goodness. laura regions us in studio now. laura, you're paying it forward. welcome. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> off very personal story connected to this. why did you start doing this? >> i started doing this i switched salons a few years back and i was waiting for my clients to find me and i had lot of down time and i'm not one to sit around and wait. so i was looking, um, just to find areas that i can use my skills and my talent to be able to give back. i contacted a house
9:35 am
with autism in rockville. i have two kids with turret syndrome so i understand special needs children. and i wanted to just help out and i had an interview and i met with him, and he never called me back. it was just disappointing because i really wanted to help, um, you know, give back and help the community and help the parents that, you know, couldn't take their kids to get haircuts without being look at. >> you've experienced that. it's difficult. something that a lot of people wouldn't think about necessarily if you have a child with special needs and you need a haircut just like everybody else. some people actually say no we don't want to deal with anyone different here. >> i think he thought there was a catch. he wanted to know how much i was charging. >> i see. >> i cep saying it's for free. i don't need any payment or anything. and so i, you know, got a loll frustrated but i saw hairdresser named mark bus toes a very busy stylist from new york and he goes out on the street and cuts hair for the homeless and i thought, it's a great idea. i don't have to ask for rm
9:36 am
>> sometimes people do want you to get on out of the areas though, right. >> i do. you know, somebody came and kind of kicked us out. >> right. >> while we were there. >> because they don't -- when you see something like this, somebody giving of their time and their talent, sadly that's not typical. >> right. >> and you see somebody come and wanted to haircuts for people living in a shelter or getting food from soup kitchen right next door. i guess i understand it but you just really want to help people feel little better about themselves? >> exactly i'm going to do it any way even though i'm asked to leave i'll go on other public property and do it any way because it's really good thing gives people fresh clean hai haircut. makes them feel good about themselves. gives them a fresh start. they feel better. they wanted to better. and these are people that are just basically walked over and they're people just like you and me. we can all end up in that position. >> right right. >> it's real important to give confidence. they feel better a lot of people are going to job interviews. some people already have jobs. they can't afford haircut. >> ando
9:37 am
stories, um, what have you heard? what's the feedback then from people, men and women in between jobs and homeless shelters. what's the feedback after they get that fresh shave. >> they are so excited on the other day in downtown silver spring i cut hair through four people crying. i mean their tears of just thank you so much. why are you doing this?, um, people just node need topping there are a lot of people in this country helping others. >> and don't get discouraged. many people want to help, and it's all something that we all need to do tap into our skills. i found haircutting i can give back. there's many other things that need of people are good at, and it just takes you being creative thinking of ways to be able to give back to people. >> i want people to follow laura on instagram. you put up some of these little videos when you go out, and i just want you -- your thing to be flooded and for it to crash. >> thank you.
9:38 am
viral so people are encouraged. >> right. >> so the name of our segment is paying it forward. i guess i'll ask you, why? like why do you really do this? you do this in the cold. do this regardless of conditions out there. what would you tell somebody if they say, why in the world is lauer are ree do this. they could stay at the sol lon. >> tears human beings. these are people who should not be forgotten. people like you and me. this could happen to anyone and these are people that need a second chance and they need to feel better so they can get up. what are they going to just do, late there and die? some people do do that. i want to give them encouragement. i want to give them hope. i want to give them love. it's very easy for me to do that. i can't imagine not doing it. >> let's walk over here. i want to introduce to our friend joel with eastern motors they partner with us with this i'm sure that you don't get the love that you deserve. and you don't take care of yourself. we have little something for you.
9:39 am
>> this is joel. let me ask where do you get your things from? where -- cull oh and back here. your donations, do people help you with the supply. >> i do. i do. i get a lot of donations in the salon. >> do you? >> people bring in things all the time. i ask people to clean out their hotel rooms and bring me all the products and they're used. people sorry grateful. >> joel, good morning to you. >> good to see you good end. >> i think joel has more than those miniature arrived size shampoos want have you brought today. >> we were asking what you need. i know you like to give your clients a little treat to go. we got you i think enough for while. non perishables. $500 in gift cards to buy splice. you want to give people clean shaves. a towel steamer for and also yourself a little treat. you take care of everyone else. he want to give you a spa day for yourself so you can take care of yourself the way you take care of everybody else. >> that's amazing. >> relax at red door. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. >> give folk your instagram account. >> don't cry. >> i'm sorry. i'm crying on national tv m
9:40 am
instagram is hash tag laura on the street. i also developed a gofundme page. and, um, all the money i get i'm going to be purchasing scarfs, gloves, hats, tarps, sleeping bags, anything that just make people a little bit more comfortable and feel human again. that's really what i'm trying to do. it's just something that, um, is going to keep them out there where they're comfortable and they want to stay out. >> it helps. >> it helps. people don't want to stay out. they don't want to be out there. >> laura, thank you very much. >> thank you. so much appreciate it. >> don't leave without your gift cards. >> i won't. >> all right. thank you. >> back to you, wisdom on the couch. >> thank you laura. >> i love these stories. >> laura, you're an ain't kell. you really are. >> 9:40 is the time. we're talking the intersection between pop tull cher and politic with someone who knows all about it. coming up next former west wing and get out star bradley whitford joins us live. ♪ . ♪♪
9:41 am
ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
9:42 am
9:43 am
that bring the spirit and joy of the holidays to life. this season, bring that same spirit and joy into your home with air wick seasonal scents. >> so how long has this been going on, this thing? [ laughter ] >> how long? months. >> four months? >> five months actually. >> she's right. i'm wrong. >> that a boy. better used to saying that. [ laughter ] >> please. i'
9:44 am
>> oh yeah i'm sorry. she's right, i'm wrong. >> see. >> do you have an off button? you're exhausting. >> i want to give you a tour. >> can we like unpack first. >> that's a clip from horror movie get out and this morning one of the stars of the movie is in town for special forum talking about politics and pop culture hosted by the website axios. >> he's no stranger to the topic. he spent seven seasons in the white house playing deputy chief of star josh lyman in the drama the west wing. this morning bradley whitford joins us live to talk about art, politics and more. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. how are you? >> we are well. we're so appreciative of you taking the time to join us. i think obviously lot of people know you as josh lyman. my question is, were you always politically active before you took that role or did that role actually inspire to you become more politically active? >> i'll tell you i grew up in a family that was politics were always discussed around the
9:45 am
encouraged to be involved in the whole idea that you don't get a democracy, you go the to make it every day was a big din are in time conversation. so it was always there. and when west wing happened, i started meeting a lot of political people, but i think the thing that really made me want to get more involved in political work was just having children and realizing that their future was ours to create. >> and you're actually in town participating in forum that has to do with culture and mixing up culture and politics and a lot of did you have thing. talk a little bit about that. >> well, you know it's interesting we were talking a little bit today i think a lot of people from my point of view tend -- political point of view tend to
9:46 am
the way you create your moral vision. i actually thing that politics is the way you create your moral vision, and while will and grace, um, may be something that makes a lot of progress in terms of march watch equality you also have to pass the defensive marriage act. so, um, i am constantly trying to get people in the progressive side of the spectrum to stay involved in political work part of the reason i'm out here also is to get the word out on the open enrollment period for the affordable care act which starts november 1st which i believe is wednesday and runs through december 15th and i want to encourage everyone to go to health and get the health care that they need that they have a right to under the law right
9:47 am
>> i want to talk a little bit more. especially it really left a mark on my heart when you said i got involved in politics because of my children. and so now we have this ever expanding world of social media and access to information. and obviously all that information is not right or it's slanted according to someone's view. is having access to all of that, is that good in shaping our political views are our children' views perhaps more importantly? >> well, i think it's a pro found question. i mean we pat ourselves on the backs for living in the information age from a children's sake i think it would be lot better if we lived in the wisdom age. i actually i have a 70-year-old son. i have three kids but my son is particularly interested in politics, and i think his generation is pretty savvy
9:48 am
not just absorbing any information that's thrown at them but i think it is something that we clearly have to learn how to, houck to deal with, because we are inundated with information and too often we don't have enough perspective to see if we're being manipulated or not. >> real quick before you go you were in get out which was a controversial movie by as some aspects it involved race and conversation about race. >> scary movie. tell me why you decided to get involved in this movie. >> well, i'll be honest. the main reason i decided to get involved with it was i'm a huge huge jordan peel fan as a performer and as a comedian. i would do lawnwork for him. [ laughter ] >> but this was an incredible experience. he told me his idea for the movie, and i thought it was a brillian
9:49 am
horror movies are about things that are difficult to talk about, about death and about sex and for the first time in a long time he was pressing race through the thriller genre, and i can tell you i stand behind none of my work, 90% of the time movies don't work, but when i saw the first screening of that, i was so proud of jordan as a first time director. that was a $4 million movie, and i've never in my life scene the sov flay rise so beautifully. >> well, i tell you may be jordan peel fans. we are bradley whitford fans. thank you so much for joining us this morning. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> does little does he know we have been living in the wisdom age. [ laughter ] >> how fortunate are we. >> very different kind of wi wisdom. >> steve, back over to
9:50 am
>> we continue to after this as well. coming up epic extra inning game five of the world series and a painful loss for the skins against the cowboys. good day sports report is next. it's 9:49. ♪ ♪♪
9:51 am
ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. z2ktqz z5yz
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y2ktqy y5yy
9:53 am
♪ well the game might still be going as far as we know. five and a half hours for the world series game as we check the good day sports report now. the nail biter between the astros and dodgers in game five that you saw right here on f fo5 all night. it was a back and forth high scoring game and the final result was 13-12. astros out lasted the dodgers in the tenth inning. that make it the second longest world series game ever played. wrapped up well after 1:00 o'clock this morning. now the astros hold a lead in the series three games to two and they'll head back to los angeles tomorrow for game six then if needed if the dodgers win game six they'll have the deciding game seven that will also be in los angeles. pretty good series so far. >> it's been awesome. >> i like options but this is not normal for people to hit this many homeruns. >> i love it
9:54 am
i like juice the balls. >> clearly something is going on with these baseball because not only are they -- regular guys are hitting homeruns off the top pitchers. kershaw, can i kell, come on really. >> definitely more fun to watch. as for casual fan to watch, a lot more activity. >> which is why i was so invested in baseball the entire season the balls were going to left field, right field. >> juice the ball. >> i'm for it. >> okay. talk about the agony of defeat. redskins take another division loss unfortunately delivered at the hands of our arch rivals the dallas oy cowboys right in our bone backyard for the first half it like like penalties were going to bring dallas calls. then dallas their defense stepped up. >> terrible play. >> yeah. final score there a crushing 3 33-19. ouch. >> talk about the bigger issue in that game. when they wear the throw back jersey they never match the hell let's. so distracting. >> they do throw back helmet
9:55 am
i did notice that. it's ridiculous. >> they need a fashion coordinator. >> i'll volunteer for that job. >> are these two talking about fashions. >> i was thinking the same th thing. >> oh, chime in. >> really. >> chris. chris. pop yourself up. >> ugly like leather looking helmets for the throw back uniforms. nfl had rule change after the concussion stuff came out that they were not going to let teams change helmets. they couldn't have any alternate helmets. they had to stick witness same ones for the same year. >> they wore them last year. >> what's up? >> they wore -- >> i think that was a couple years ago. >> it all runs together. >> don't challenge chris. >> chris, it flash a little. >> terrible. looks all full. two different colors. >> how about they don't wear the throw backs. >> i like the jersey. >> you dope like it with the new helmets and they have to wear the new helmets. except the misfit. >> who are you two exactly. if we would have brought up fashion they would have been you're such girls. >> you have to draw in the color scheme. >> they should mix
9:56 am
old uniforms witness newest uniform. i think we're on to something. >> show them how it's done. show them your socks game and tie game. that's how you coordinate. >> we don't want to distract from the real issue. all the offensive linemen are gone from one dude. >> i was trying to distract away from that. >> right. we don't want to tuck about t that. >> it's depressing if we talk real football. it really is. 9:56 is the time. coming up man crush monday holly goes one-on-one with harry connick, jr., plus you know, diners and drive ins and dives and star guy fiori is on the hunt for the next foot network host and he'll tell us why it takes more than just the food just the love for food to get this done. halloween now just 24 hours away. but if you don't have costume we've got you cover. tucker will show us some of the most popular last minute looks later we're jumping a few holidays ahead erin como joins us live the first look at the all
9:57 am
national now under construction. we're back in a moment. moment.
9:58 am
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m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers
10:00 am
adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia. >> the must see moments this monday only on good day at 10a. we have the red hot talkers, troubling allegations against kevin pace see. >> justin and selena spot the together again. plus, how janet beat the odds. >> also at 10a we talk life to harry connick, jr., about his wife's brave cancer battle. he's also taking on major subject this morning, sexual harassment in holly woo. >> plus super star foodie guy fee irry leads an exciting search across america to fine the next
10:01 am
good threat their own show. >> ice ice february. we give you an exclusive look inside the new holiday ice exhibit. getting built right now owe and it involves rudolph. >> d.c., let's do this in three, two, one. the 10a starts now. >> really chris. >> a little tay tay. >> happy monday. welcome. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> why did you say it like that. >> welcome back. >> okay. >> try it again. >> yes, please. >> kindler, gentler. >> welcome back. >> thank you wisdom. >> the shade is real in here on monday. >> he missed me. that's what it was. >> welcome back. [ laughter ] >> before we get into a fisticuffs up here apparently -- >> over hello. >> over hello. welcome back. let's get over to allison seymour and see what she's working on witness
10:02 am
>> mow is bringing the heat. welcome back, mo. >> first up breaking news this morning charges filed in the russia elections investigation. former trump campaign manager paul manafort and rick gates surrendered to federal authorities earlier this morning. they were indicted on charges of conspiracy against the united states. money laundering and several other financial charges. however, none of the charges appears to be related to the 2016 presidential campaign. both manafort and gates are currently at the fbi field officer in northwest d.c. next up, we are not the only ones who had deal witness winds and the rains it's all part of a big nor'easter. that storm battered parts of new england and caused at least 300,000 power outage there is this morning. now back here at home pepco still reports about 2400 outages most until prince george's county. dominion is down about 1,000 outages in northern virginia and bge has 1100 outages throughout maryland. this morning, we have learned one of the most outspoken
10:03 am
weinstein sex scandal was offered a million dollars to stay quiet. according to the new york times, actress rose mcgowan says she was offer the money in late september by someone in weinstein's inner circle much at first she agreed if they paid her $6 million. but then she later withdrew the counter offer. the washington nationals now have a new manager. cubs bench coach davey martinez. martinez has agreed to a three-year deal with an option. he has been joe madden's bench coach since 2008 following madden from the tampa bay rays to chicago. now fox5 the first to break this story on saturday. martin lose will be officially announced as the new manager after the world series. and finally, we've all had that apple or box of raisins toed in our bag of trick or treat goodies, right?, and we cursed the to us did it. but this healthy snack has the internet buzzing this morning. check it out. how would you feel if you got this much it's a fun sized sa salad. okay new york city it's not real but immediateua
10:04 am
artist came up with this idea and tweeted the meme saying, this is the scariest thing i have ever seen. i would legit call the cops on any house that gave niece these out. dole had fun responding to the meme but they included a stern warning about trademark infringement. they're the fun police apparently but this is not real thing, kids. don't worry about it. back to you. >> thank goodness. >> seriously dole. >> i need to come with a little bottle of dressing. >> make it last. >> thanks, al. check what's trending on this monday morning at four past the hour. >> first up, steve, controversy for kevin pace see. the actor is responding to accusations that he sexually harassed a fellow actor who was underage at the time. actor anthony rap says the alleged incident happened nearly 30 years ago when spacy was 26 years old and he was only 14. rap says he was the last one at spacy's apartment. he put rap into a bed and climbed on top of him in sexual advantage.
10:05 am
leave before the incident escalated any further. the now 46-year-old actor says the dozens of women coming forward about the harvey weinstein scandal prompted limb to speak out. he gave a full recount of the incident in an interview with buzz feed. rap said in part, i was aware that he was trying to get with me sexually. he was pressing into me and tightening his arms. i feel very fortunate something worse didn't happen. spacy took to twitter came out saying he's beyond horrified to hear maps story and he does not remember the encounter but estrella truly sorry. the story encouraged him to address other issues in this live end chooses to live as gay man now. many people are outraged at his response saying he's using his sexual will the to distract from the accusations and he put a target on the lgbtq community. rap posted a series of tweets after spacy responded i came forward with my story standing on the soldiers of the many courageous women and men speaking tout shine a light and hopefully make a difference as they h
10:06 am
everything i wanted to say about my experience is in that airline have no further comment about it at this time. >> wow. wow. i mean to go there after, n us what years ago. probably decades. >> three decades. >> 30 years ago and to go there now all of a sudden to come out and start saying that, you know, telling people your sexual will the now versus kevin spacey is concerned a out of order. >> kevin spacey trying to reflect the attention away from the incident. >> right. >> appears to be criminal in nature. >> right. >> and certainly something that young boy at the time remember nouse 30 years later obviously quite vividly. but it does seem like kevin spacey is trying to put himself out there instead of. >> move on. >> but it's also another example i just think more and more of these stories are going to come out, right. >> oh yeah some harvey weinstein thing is the digit iceberg. >> i saw on twitter today, people talking about women assaulting other women. the lines being cross
10:07 am
with someone you squeeze their breast or their bum if you will but people are saying, you know, look in this day and age you never know what's going to offend someone. air on the side of caution. if you've been a grieved in some way talk about it because if it's been making you feel bad then talk about it. it's your pain. i can't tell you how to feel. i can't tell you what you're supposed to think. talk about it. when do you, i hope people do not demonize you for your emotions what we're seeing here. i don't like that not one bit. >> let's switch gears. one day after nearly every member of the houston texans took a knee during the national anthem and now nfl players are inviting commissioner goodell the texans owner bob mcnair and former san francisco 49er quarterback colin kaepernick to meet today. the texas owners bob mcnair was quoted as saying we can't have inmates running prison. what mcnair said was unacceptable despite apologies from him afterwards. more than 30 players took a knee
10:08 am
anthem at yesterday's game against the seahawks. at first the texans players planned to remove the decal from their helmets but thought this was a better way to express themselves instead. >> this is how you view us. you get out of line. you're and an inmate. >> it troubles me for all that period of time the owners considered these young men something less than human beings. >> mcnair did release this apology. i am truly sorry to the players for how this has impacted them and the perception that it has created of me which could not be further from the truth. today's meeting in philadelphia it will include a coalition of nfl players as well. very disturbing. when when i heard about this i inn stanley thought about the guy who used to own the clippers who used to disparage his black players and how that all turn out for him and i immediately thought about how he was in
10:09 am
meeting way bunch of people and saying this. the mindset that goes this an lot of people are saying oh, it's a cliche. but this was not a cliche. he was referring to the players that work for him as prisoners. i mean, in no way is this appropriate or okay, and for him to come out with the apology afterwards, the players didn't accept it. a lot of the players, the players that were offensed by it didn't accept the policy. there was talk about them not going to seattle. they actually went to seat physical e i think again just like we were talking it with the harvey weinstein this is the tip of the iceberg. i did not believe that he's the only one with this mindset. i do not believe that he's the only one that thinks like this in regards to these players. >> what do they hope happens from the discussion today? the meeting today? >> yeah. minds are going change. all of a sudden after they have a meeting. no. >> let us know what you think hash tag good day dca lost talkers out there today. >> speaking of the protest bicyclist you saw this on social media captured over the weekend
10:10 am
shall motorcade a different salute than perhaps it's used to getting. flipped them the bare not once but twice. incident happened on saturday as the president's motorcade was leaving trump national golf course in sterling. he caught back up with the motorcade and couldn't to do give them second middle finger. last week someone mooned the trump motorcade in d.c. so using their freedom of expression apparently there as motorcade rolled by. >> finally this morning the leaders of historic church in north virginia making a controversial decision going to remove a pair of plaques that honor two of the most famous parishioners, george washington and robbed e leave. the fate of the two plaques had been talked about for years but they took up an emergency -- added more urgency after the events in charlottesville. the plaques hang in opposite side of the alexandria sanc sanctuary. george washington and robert e leigh played a significant roll in the early history of christ church. washington was a regular wop ip
10:11 am
were parishioners. his wife gifted the church ten those thousand dollars. the decision was made because the plaques quote create a distraction in worship space and may create be a on stab kell to their den at as welcoming church. their decision tore most plaques is not about changing the change the past but place church's history in the proper context. they really did deliberate about this for a long time wanted to make the right decision for their church. and that they're going to be looking at a specific place to put it probably win the next year or so. more to come from that. star-studded holiday hour good day at 10a on the way. we sit down with food network star guy fieri, fox host harry connick, jr., taking a look at last minute halloween costumes and getting a christmas present -- preview i should say the present of erin como at the gaylord national coming up on good day as well. >> the kardashians
10:12 am
hollywood spirit of justin and selena spotted out hanging out again and janet jackson opening up about her new baby. 10:11 is our time. good day celebrity dish coming up next.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
celebrity dish. >> and we'll start off the dish with how celebrities are doing halloween and so far the kardashians are winning the costume's war. over of the week kim and courtney join forces to embody '90' ma don nan michael jackson. take a look. [ laughter ] that's pretty mazing. kim is madonna. yeah. look at that. isn't that amazing. >> wow. >> courtney is michael jackson. this was actually kim's third costume of the weekend. she teased her costume on snap chat while getting her make up done asking, can you guys guess what my third look is going to be? aaliya was for a party i went to earlier today. now have i third look the reality star had dressed up as cher to a ten the casa amigos halloween party on friday and channeled aaliya for another event on saturday. she followed up her question to fans with a clip of various photos of madonna and jackson at the material girl played in the background before revealing that she and
10:16 am
be the legendary pop stars. >> okay. >> all right. must be nice to have three different costumes. >> people coming up with their costumes. >> right. >> you mean they didn't go to the store. >> no, they didn't run down the aisle at target. >> all right. >> okay. >> all right. finally, the rock has come back. >> oh, no. >> to celebrity dish. dwayne the rock johnson could run for president apparently. he was at a panel discussion stan lee's comicon in los angeles and saturday on during the conversation someone in the audience asked him if he was going to run and he says -- >> it doesn't matter! [ laughter ] >> that's not what he said. >> he said, i think the people's president has a really nice ring to that. that's all i'll -- i just say that. >> that was a voice for that. >> for that? you want me to do the voice. >> it doesn't matter what you want, maureen, i'm just reading this script. >> he told vanity fair last november
10:17 am
that he could run because it would be great opportunity to help the people and owe by the way he has a new movie coming out december 20th called jumanji welcome to the jungle. so he's going to lay the smack down on all those people who will be running against him. >> guess what party he's going to run if he runs? >> it doesn't matter what you think. [ laughter ] >> thank you very much. mack. i appreciate it. >> he's got me. >> there you go. >> there you go. the rock is getting into politics apparently. >> allegedly. >> allegedly. >> maybe. >> maybe. >> we'll see. >> i hope so. man that would real up our celebrity dish. >> right. >> right. being the president and all. let's go x files now. friendly exings justin beiber and selena gomez went out to breakfast together yesterday. former love birds were spot tad cafe in west lake village in california captured in this photo obtained by tmz. justin and selena came in by themselves about 9:30 in the morning grabbed breakst
10:18 am
whipped cream and they were just talking wiz 91 of the staff even really recognized them. justin paid for both of them. they look to be in good mood. they just sat at a table shaat chat forward while. no hand hazy, hot and humidding or anything. conversation seemed light hearted they sat at a table inside where they had more privacy stayed about 25 minutes before they left together. why does this matter? >> because this isn't the first time they've been spotted together this month. beiber was seen at her house just a week ago. now remember the pop tar tosses famously dated on and off from 2011 to 2014 and in 2016 they had publicly instagram feud that prompted beiber to delete his account as well as insinuate that gomez had cheated on him. selena is by the way currently dating the weeknd. >> that was 9:30 in the morning. >> 9:30 in the morning. >> we'll have to see if the photo matched to the outfits they wore the day before. >> exactly. >> steve there you go digging steve. >> the breakfast of shame. i see what you're thinking. >> wait a minute. weeknd is on tour. right? >> oh, that's right. >> he's on tour.
10:19 am
>> wow while the cat's away. >> i'm just saying. >> the mice go to breakfast. >> that's right. he gets back he might not feel his face. that's all i'm saying. >> all right. >> he said he didn't care. he knew they were together. >> did he really? >> yeah, um-hmm. he did say that. >> while you were aware last week. >> famous last words. >> when he was at selena's house -- >> somebody needs to wall the weeknd and tell him what's happening. >> you know why he don't care. because he can feel it coming. >> we seat song references there. >> keep on loving yourself. >> let's talk about janet jackson because janet jackson was back at her child hazy, hot and humid home in gary indiana for the first time since she was eight years old. >> wow. >> they was his her brother randy when she went to the roosevelt high school one of her brothers and sister as tenned and she was talking to the kids there and she told them how she started crying when she saw the house because when they left that house a long long long long time ago, all they had was love and a dream. well a student eventually asked her about her baby and she said, every doctor told
10:20 am
possible but now she has beautiful healthy son. >> yup. >> good for her. >> good for janet jackson. >> go for her officially off the market justin hartley walk down the aisle what his fiance' crystal elegant ceremony this past saturday. people magazine had the exclusive look at the duo's special day. there they are. aww. they look tow pretty. >> okay. >> several of this is us actors co-stars were on hand to celebrate the wedding including mandy moore, chrissy mets and milo vicinity mig leo. >> she confirmed there are relationship in january of 2014 got engaged in august of 2016. hartley shares a 13-year-old daughter isabella with his wife lindsay harley. >> okay. >> good for them. >> congratulations. >> now, is that the same guy that played green arrow on the -- okay. >> yeah. >> smallville. >> smallville. >> he was green arrow on sm smallville with superman. >> that's who he
10:21 am
this is us. >> okay. >> that huge hit. >> that's who he is maureen. >> yeah, that's who he is maureen. >> you never saw smallville or green -- him as green arrow. it doesn't matter if you saw it maureen. >> why did i fall for that. >> thank you. >> welcome back. >> that's your dish. >> please move on. [ laughter ] >> gladly. 1,021st time. coming up a cold and windy start to the work week. mike is here to hell us know what to expect when we head out trick or treeing. >> later like it wasn't cold enough already erin como bracing subzero temperatures this morning they're getting ready for this years ice exhibit. let the carving begin. we'll be right back. ♪ find the furniture you want at prices you'll love,
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♪ >> yup. seasons changing. 10:24 looking out side it looks pretty outside. not like it was this morning with that yukky rain and the wind. >> sun is coming out. >> looks like it improved a lot mike thomas. >> better late than never. even though the trees aren't moving too much you'll see it in a moment. we got the winds a blowing. it will stay breezy the winds will get better throughout date. it will stay breezy today. we're in for cold night tonight. another cool day tomorrow for halloween. >> when you say cool, how cool tomorrow. highs upper 50's to right around 60. >> jacket over costumes. >> after the sun goes down tomorrow night it will get chilly. warmup though later on this w week. do tell. >> deal
10:25 am
>> i shall. we almost got an inch of rain over the last 24 hours that's what we like -- that's what we need because we've been a little dry here last time we got almost an inch of rain was augus august29th. about two months. we are still three and a half inch deficit we'd like to see believe it or little bit more rain. we'll take break for halloween here it let the kids get out and trick or treat. calm and quiet after what was a rainy early start to the day. big storm system still off to the north and east causing a lot of trouble wind wise. we had power outages locally and power outages still up across portions of new e new new engla. gusts to 33 last hour here in d.c. 38 at quantico. 21 for gaithersburg. 31 for baltimore and annapolis 36 the winds will again as we mentioned before keep blowing as we head into the afternoon here. temperatures staying on the cool side. still in the 40s in d.c. 49 degrees gaithersburg 47. 45 in winchester as well as cumberland 47 this morning in martinsburg. two day forecast. today 59 degrees. we're continuing the clearing
10:26 am
tomorrow much better. we'll lose the winds have a lot of sunshine. temperatures cool for this time of year right around 60 and yes, forks for that trick or treat forecast, ooh, we need spooky mew zig or something right there. we got some 56 degrees by about 6:00 o'clock in the evening. so as the kids start their trick or treating here sun going down. yes it will be a little bone-chillingly cool. >> i like it. >> frightening clear. >> ooh. >> ooh. >> i'm scared. >> there we go. >> don't be scared. >> by the way good day big halloween party tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> i can't wait. >> show off some -- we'll see what everybody -- >> that's scary. >> always scary. >> no matter what we decide to be. >> we'll figure that out. >> warming up later this week. sounds good. thank you. back over to you guys on the couch. all right. guys thanks very much. still to come this guy fieri looking fog the next food network star and whoever it is has their work cut out for them. erin had a chance to talk with him all about it and got a litt a
10:27 am
chef for her own cooking segment. >> halloween now less than 24 hours away if you're still looking for the perfect costume we've got you covered. tucker barnes showing off the perfect last minute options coming up next.
10:28 am
m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. with fios gigabit connection, you get the fastest internet available
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10:30 am
putting food road shows on the map he wants to launch new show in the hopes of paying it forward called guy's big pro project. it will follow guy and his team of television and culinary experts as they set out to search for all star talent to lead food networks net big culinary travel series. once they narrow it down guy will take the finalists out on the road to see who has what it takes to take the reigns of their own show. so our kitchen expert erin como got a chance to talk about guy all about this and here's what he had to say. >> you start meeting these people and listening to this stories and hearing their passion and seeing their greatest, you know, attributes. you start to -- that person can come along. that person can come along. that person can come along. and when you have to,, when you have to tell people that, you know, their journey will end now or stop until they can develop some of these other pieces that was tough. a lot more difficult than i thought it was going to be. i got
10:31 am
to the pros specs and they're great people and have all the reasons in the world that they should be doing a food television show. but we talk a lot about knowing what you're talking about. who you are in the world of food. don't be somebody you're not in the world of food, and then keeping yourself motivated and keeping yourself educated and just i mean the you never know when you meet somebody and they say i want to have food show what you're going to need to prescribe or what recipe you're going to write for them, and so i was learning about them as much as they were learning about themselves about how they were going to go to this next level. um, it's pretty -- there's some really great moments and there's some tough one. >> competition chefs -- >> erin had a chance to chat with guy reminder the new series premieres on sunday november 5th at 9:00 p.m. on the food network. i will say this. because i've gone to a bunch of these restaurants where guy goes to check them out. obviouslye'
10:32 am
ones in dc much this is what it's like to be the star and this is shout out to the crews everywhere. at least one of the restaurants in d.c. where he went the crew was there for three days in advance. >> in advance. >> filming, prepping, doing everything. you want to guess how long guy was actually on sight. >> 20 minutes. >> one hour. >> one hour. it's good to be the star of the show. if you want to be the star of the next show that's one of the perks you getting to along. >> guy has yet another she on the food network. >> he is the food network. >> he is the food network. just leave it at that. >> he got his break on the food network first network star show. he's taking it and running with it. >> when i was a cool contestant i remember thinking he's going to win. he had that x factor. >> he did. >> edit. >> good for him. >> all right. 10:32 is the time. if you haven't found a halloween costume just yet time is running out our friends over at gene's here to help and this morning tucker barnes is here with a look at some of this year's most popular options and sneak peek at what he might b
10:33 am
tomorrow's special show. >> never look better. >> i guess that's tucker barnes thunder. >> looking great, tuck. >> ahh! >> i don't know who got hurt worse there. >> i'm a dancing bear. get it? >> oh, you're dancing. >> come on. >> yeah. >> got the bear part. >> there you go. >> didn't even make that out to be bare. >> jackal or something. >> like ooh hye na. >> maybe coyote or raccoon. >> put it back on. >> here we go. at the end i'm l i'll put it back on. all right. we're at jean's costumes here and i'm joined by the only -- every year i get to come out with you with kaya hamilton. >> yes you are. >> you are of the one. people who work hard here every year. >> absolutely. we all do. >> tell me all about halloween this year. >> halloween is a lot of, um, couple costumes are coming out the penny wise which is the scary movie
10:34 am
>> um-hmm. >> we have justice league which is a lot of, um... of super heroes. >> okay. >> of course, games of thrones is a big seller this year as well. >> all right. tell me about some of the less traditional costumes that you guys are sold out. you know where i'm going with this. >> hugh hefner, we're doing the hugh hefner that's sold out. a lot of our bunnies has sold out. >> what's hugh never, a robe and nothing underneath. >> no. silk pants and his smoking jacket and a pipe and the women are wearing, um, bunny ears and bunny outfits. >> the phone is ringing off the hook. >> it is. >> you guys have been in business for years and years? >> probably almost four years. >> tell me while wants changed in the last ten or 15 years as far as halloween. i feel like everybody gets involved now. when i was growing up just the kids but now it feels like all the adults dress up, too. >> absolutely. we have more couples coming in. they want more couple costumes. they're doing more
10:35 am
networks out there that are the shows that are on the the tv's. >> for last minute halloween shopping and of course you guys are open through tomorrow, right. >> absolutely. >> what are people generally, when they're coming in last minute where are they looking for. >> they want to purchase costumes they can take with them and put it on in the cardon their thing. assume per heroes again. we have lots of spiderman, waldo. where a waldo is a big seller too. >> okay great. before we wrap it up i've got costumes for everybody on the couch for the couch crew. >> okay. >> if they want more information can they find you on the internet or give you a call. >> jean's you can call down at our phone number it's, um... i forget. >> they can find you on the internet. >> absolutely. jean's >> you have a phone number. >> yes, we do have a phone number. >> guys before i toss it back to you, we'll go through a few costume. i pick out for each and everyone of you. first of all,
10:36 am
holly this is for you. tell us about this outfit. >> we're using this for did he nair yous for game of thrones a wonderful costume. >> dragon lady. >> seems to be -- >> holly i think that would be great outfit for you. >> maureen i've often thought of you as wonder woman. >> wonder woman. >> as most men. >> justice league movie. [ laughter ] >> hello. >> big seller this year. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> okay. hey, wisdom for you, you don't need to be anybody but yourself. but we got you this hot sequin gold jacket. [ laughter ] >> he already has that in his closet. >> this is friday night outfit. >> i already have that. >> i can tollly see wisdom in this outfit this year. looking good. looking sharp. >> i can show off the at a times on the right side of my body. >> steve, i think this outfit is perfect for tomorrow. bringing this one back. >> this is penny wise outfit. new killer clown outfit. >>
10:37 am
>> that's the latest from gene's only i promise you gene's they have a phone number because the phone is ringing off the cook. gene's >> tuck err, put that back on. >> i like how the mouth moves. >> that's pretty impressive. i like it. >> back to you. >> i like it. >> listen having little fun today. we'll have whole lot of fun tomorrow. stay tuned tomorrow at 10am our annual epic halloween show. >> always fun. >> are we giving any tips. >> no. >> no secrets. >> all surprises. >> ooh. it will be a surprise all right. >> even maureen. she doesn't know. >> i don't know. okay. stay tune. it lab good one. all right. len toll coach there. holiday whiplash. halloween may be tomorrow we're thinking christmas thanks to th& gaylord national. culling up next we'll check in with erin como she's giving us behind the scenes look at the annual ice construction. ♪ ♪♪
10:38 am
narrator: ed gillespie's fals attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
10:39 am
10:40 am
>> continuing to follow more breaking news related to the russia investigation. the president just tweeting a short timing a sorry about this is years ago before paul manafort was part of the trump campaign. but why aren't crooked hillary and the dems the focus? what the president is referring to the charging do you mean when it came to the paul manafort charge that is were filed in the investigation. does not m
10:41 am
anywhere in the charging documents does not mention the 2016 campaign. it lays the ground work of the financial connections between paul manafort and ukraine and russia and officials of both of those nations. and so they're talking about multi million office dollars and business dealings that were not reported when it comes to dealings with the foreign government of ukraine and of course now the former president of ukraine who is fled to russia a few years back. so they do take the timeline up through 2016 but no mention of either the president or 2016 election in the actual report but as we said, they are -- they being the justice department pulling manafort first to try to see what he will say about others. >> many are saying he knows the most so they can get the most information from him and so then where does it go from here truly this is the beginning. >> if they come to paul manafort and say we're talking about over hundred million dollars that changed hands and you're looking at
10:42 am
penalties for white color classes crimes inn including money laundering that could be a weighty penalty on you so therefore what do you know, let's talk, let's deal. see where it goes from there. >> i find it interesting they're looking at him for financial crimes and not any sort of collusion everyone was thinking these indictments would come down collusion with russia. mainly for financial crimes. >> if you're looking at white collar crimes we talk with a federal prosecutor earlier two places where you are going to get people the most and the most nervous and the most willing to cooperate is when you're talking about the weighty financial dealings and the lengthy jail penalties and some of these allegations would carry some of these charge boss carry lesser penalties which if you are able to negotiate a -- will he that it rally said a five year felony conviction you might not serve any jail time. 20 years conviction now we're talking and we'll negotiate. that's why they throw all that in there now and then work that to see if you can get information off
10:43 am
to something that leads to collusion down the road. >> this is not the last tweet we'll see from the president regarding the things unfolding today with the mueller investigation. we've been asking to you weigh in as well. via twitter what you're thinking about not just the situation but other things we talk about today. let's go to our tweets scene what's happening. >> first one is not about the mueller situation. >> tollly with this tweet. are we switching gears. >> thanks gregory. >> dancing bares. tucker looks more like seizure. >> awww. >> okay. his dancing is pretty bad. >> any other tweets to share this morning? >> this is at the door of my cousin was made without stencils sad until richmond v have a. >> that's pretty cool pumpkin. i like it. >> seems like people have forgotten that everyone is hu human. the comments by the houston texans owner was wrong. >> okay. >> hey, welcome back maureen umeh. love your hey you look amazing, thank you. trying -- thank you. >> trying a new do. i think i'm looking i
10:44 am
>> how did you have time to start all these new twitter accounts. >> exactly. i was busy when i went over to weather sent that's what i did. >> whip per. >> what she say. >> seven and one eagles. >> no. >> so we're not. shut it down. >> whip per here's something for your eagles and to you in the back chris only team in the division without a super bowl. >> oh. >> have a nice day. >> do you smell what he's cooking? >> drop the mic. >> all right. i think i am wearing eagles green, though. [ laughter ] >> 10:44. coming up next harry connick, jr., gets personal the singer and talk show host is going to join us live to talk about last week's special episode where his wife revealed her battle with breast cancer. what's next for his family and his hit fox show.
10:45 am
10:46 am
your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. with fios gigabit connection, you get the fastest internet available with download speeds up to 940 megs. it's your last chance to get fios gigabit connection
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plus, your choice of hbo or multi-room dvr service included for 2 years, all with a two year agreement. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. hurry and switch now, this offer ends november 4th. go to ♪ all right. 10:47 right now. it's not even halloween yet, right, but the team at the gaylord is already getting thinking about christmas. that's because construction is now underway on the all new ice exhibit. this morning erin como is bracing t
10:48 am
temperatures for first look at this year's even. good morning to you, erin. i know it's cold but what spectacular site it always is every year. >> oh yeah maureen it is so queue cool in here to see everything under construction. i wore my fall finger less gloves. terrible idea. my fingers are turning purple. rachel come on in. she's with us every year telling us about the wonderful behind the scenes magic. i know you're thinking tomorrow is halloween. what gives? but it takes weeks to get this winter wonderland set, right. >> absolutely. our artist arrived two weeks ago. you're seeing two weeks of progress to create our ice featuring rudolph the red knowed reindeer at track. >> this is my absolute favorite. i'm so excited to ceria rudolph the red knowed reindeer pleat complete. you think this will be a big hit with all generations. it's something i grew up watching my dad' favors writ i'm so excited to be seeing everything coming to life from that show from 1964. it's absolutely spectacular every year. but this
10:49 am
something that's multi general al. >> as they carve and get everything set what are your some of your favorites. how many rudolph are actual until here? >> i don't know the total count of rudolph. >> there's that many. >> that many. well 12 different scenes that will be from the movie people saw on television every year. so as you walk through you can see that kind of come to life and the story being told. so you'll see 12 different areas where rudolph most like system delve featured. >> there's slide room again, right. >> of course. the slide room is really exc exciting to this ye the island of misfit toys. >> that's my favorite part of the rudolph special. >> very excited for that and behind us we have the bumble a dom national snow monster you'll several of those he's one of the biggest features. he was the biggest character in the show from size perspective. so that's going to be really incredible. a lot of interactive components in addition to the slide
10:50 am
we have ice slides two stories tomorrow. they come from china every year for us. 35 artisans thing briar own tools they work with and create everything and it's really phenomenal. >> as much as i love the magic of it's set in open coming in when it's under construction and getting the behind scenes view of all the work and magic that goes in. how long are they in this ice cold room before they have to take breaks for shifts? >> they get to take breaks and come out. but they do work bout 12-hour days. >> wow! >> 30 to 35 days to create the whole at track. so it's a lot. but they come from harbin known for cold climate. it can get to negative 30 degrees in harbin so 9 degrees isn't too bad for them. it's something they love doing. they're experts at. we get the best of the best when they come in to create these. >> this magical rudolph red knowed experience kicks off november 18th. >> absolutely. we're open daily november 18th through january 1st. so we're very excited to be
10:51 am
here at gaylord national. >> i know tomorrow is halloween. but this is putt putting me in that magical christmas spirit of november 18 if you want to come out i'll challenge tucker to slide race off when we come b back. i'll toss it back to you guys. >> always a good time. love it, love it. thanks erin. thanks rachel as well. good to see her. it's man crush monday which is why i get to do this segment with our next guest. not only is he multiple grammy emmy aid war winner former american idol judge turned daytime entertainment show host. we're talking about harry connick, jr. in honor of october being breast cancer awareness month last week harry and his wife jill good acre connick sat down for emotional interview on his show in which the two talked about jill's secret five-year battle with breast cancer. starring this week, the singer and actor returns with all new episodes of his sinned indicated daytime entertainment show but before things kick off this morning harry
10:52 am
new york with more on what fans can expect. marry, always good to see you. >> you too, holly. how is it going. >> it's going well i have to ask you, obviously last week was emotional week for you and your family and i'm sure there was lot of emotion building up to the airing of that episode where you talked about jill's battle with breast cancer. how has it been since that episode aired? >> i think jill has a great sense of relief becausing we're private people in terms of, you know, issues like that and we try to get through it as family together without talking about it all over the place. it's easier for us that way and better and jill when she reach the five-year mark thought it was very important to talk about her particular condition which is dense breast tissue getting a sonogram or trawl sound in addition to mammogram he she wanted to talk about that because not as many people were aware of that as she
10:53 am
so i was so proud of her and it was really hard for her. it's hard for me, too, not nearly as hard as it was for h her, but so proud of her for doing it, and consequently we received such amazing feedback over women saying like i schedule my sonogram today or i wasn't aware of dense breast tissue. so i'm proud of her and she's doing great. >> i applaud you as a family for taking it on. you're surrounded by a lot of estrogen. your gorgeous wife -- >> i wouldn't have it any other wayman. >> you've got three gorgeous daughters how hard was it for to you the lone guy to have to be strong for all those women in your house? >> oh, listen i'm the -- the women in my house are strong. probably a lot stronger than i am. we all are strong for each other. i think that's a trait that is probably even more common in women than it is in men. so we help each other out in tough times and when i need to depend on them
10:54 am
when they need me, i'm there for them. that's what families are for. >> you definitely work together as unit. you're taking on tough topics you talk about that which was tough for you all last week but then this week you're talking about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. >> right. when i decided to this show all i wanted to do was an up lifting as per race al show with music that celebrates incredible folks, primarily women, because i've been surround beside great women my whole life, and it's an hour in the day that i was using to do that, and things came up that i thought were important. jill's breast cancer was important to talk about. sexual harassment it's so prevalent in the news right now. how can i possibly have a show that celebrates women every day and not talk about it? on the show today i talk about it. heather graham comes on and talk about it because i would be remiss if i
10:55 am
this is affecting everyone. and of course, we do what we do which is have amazing guests and music. tomorrow dolly parton is on the show. we do a big halloween special. oprah is coming on and doing some you've never seen her do before. she's going to be singing with my band. so we have a lot of very exciting things coming up. >> it sounds like amazing week in and of itself. what's the number one thing that you've learned in doing your show? what's surprised you most about this forum? >> i remember about a year ago i was having lunch with about six -- it wasn't lunch. it was a get together and i sat down with this group of six women and i asked them i said what do ya'll want to see on my show that you may not be seeing and they all said we want to know more about you. we want to know more about jill and your daughter which is i was pleasantly surprised about. i didn't think -- i didn't think people wanted to know that. so i've learn
10:56 am
day, people like to know more about the host than, say, on a nighttime show. i'm not sure why. but i'm honored to share stories about myself and we do really fun segment at the beginning of every show can harry help i just talk to the audience and we figure stuff out together. so that's something i learn. >> people always want more harry, harry. i'm just here to tell you. >> that's sweet. >> always great to see you. great to catch up you can catch harry weekdays at 1:00 p.m. right here on fox5. >> i like him. >> is he gone? >> he's so dreamy. >> okay. any way, i just had to get it out. i was just professional while i was talking to him. >> i like it. why not? >> right. >> look at her. >> i'm composed now. >> what do you guys want to talk about. >> i don't think you'll be composed tomorrow. tomorrow we have our big halloween show. we want everybody to tune in tomorrow to see what's going to happen. >> we have a live studio audience. >> it will be great. >> oh, my gosh.
10:57 am
you can't watch set your dvr. set it to good day at 10a halloween style. >> bye-bye. ♪ m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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>> and we have everybody else have a seat. hello, hello. yeah. yeah.


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