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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  October 30, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a 31-page, 12-count indictment in which muller's prosecutors call this a scheme. and these are felony charges in which they say there was a conspiracy to hide monies that manafort and associates raised through political consulting and political consulting in the ukraine. now, when he walked out of the courtroom today, manafort lawyers stepped to the microphone and wanted to talk about the words you do not see in the indictment. those words, trump and collusion. >> i think you all saw today that president donald trump was correct there is no evident that mr. manafort or the trump campaign coludeed with russian government. >> reporter: now this indictment tonight says 75 million dollars flowed through accounts overseas that were controlled by manafort and his associate rick gates. now, in the charges today
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used $18 million to purchase property, luxury items. here in the united states. they also alleged gates used about $3 million of that mo money. now, keep in mind, if convicted manafort faces decades in prison possibly up to 0 years behind the bars of a federal pententiary of 80 years and the trump campaign pointed out that they believe that this activity took place before paul manafort ever got involved with them. that is counter what you read in the charges today though, that run right up through 2 2017. after emerging from that courtroom, again, kevin downey today, again, declaring his clients' innocence saying these charge have nothing to do with the trump campaign. >> those activities ended in 2014. over 2 years before .
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trump campaign. today, you see indictment brought by office of special counsel that is using a very novel theory to prosecute mr. manafort. >> and we also learned today of a surprise guilty plea in this investigation. george pop no list a 3 30-year-old professor advisor to the trump campaign pleaded guilty three weeks ago by charges brought by muller's special counsel in regards to not disclosing context he made with russians. gates and manafort are due to be back at the courthouse for status hearing on november 2. live at the federal courthouse tonight in northwest, tom fitzgerald, "fox5 local news". a 12-year-old boy still in the hospital after his attempt to xhit sue bid by jumping off a highway overpass and instead caused death of maryland woman driving below. anjali hemphill at
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university we learned she was a graduate student there. anjali. >> reporter: well, jim, it is still unclear why this young boy would choose to take his life in such a way. and the family of the woman who was tragically killed, they are asking for their privacy as they continue to grieve. we have learned she was a graduate student here at mary mount university where she was working to one day become someone who could help others dealing with suicide. >> it's upsetting. >> ellen lambert lives near the cedar lane overpass where purple flowers were left behind where state police say a 12-year-old boy tried to jump to his death. instead he killed 22-year-old marissa harris who was driving below. investigators say they responded to the scene just after 4:00 sunday evening and they believe the boy landed on harris's 2005 ford escape headed eastbound on 66. impact immediately killing h her. her 23
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in the passenger seat and able to take control of the wheel and steered off the inte interstate. he was not hurt. however, the 12-year-old boy was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> it weighs on my heart and mind that it could be someone that connected to in the neighborhood. >> and officials at mary mount university say shes with a fist year graduate student in mental health counseling and marissa was going to make a difference in the lives of young adults saying in a statement "perhaps one of the largest impacts of the tragedy will be the loss of the positive impact that she would have had on others." >> very ironic. just i mean it boggles the mind that the way things work out. >> reporter: meanwhile, lucy caldwell from fairfax falls church community service board says rate of suicide continues to rise and they've established a county 24/7 crisis hot line and programs to help train community members and school staff about recognizinth
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suicide. >> what we're seeing in recent years in the survey is that the number of young people who are considering suicide, who actually have those thoughts, has risen and so there's a lot of work to do as far as getting people to talk. getting adults to know what to look for. >> reporter: again, that young boy still is in the hospital with life-threatening inj injuries. back at mary mount support professionals are available for any students and staff and an on campus memorial is planned for a later date. live in arlington, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> and a d.c. man is facing felony gun charges after fbi discovered he was runing a virtual gun store on facebook. >> paul wagner in the studio with more and what happened here, hey, paul. >> i found out about the story as i was going through search warrants records in the the federal courthouse the other day and the story jumped out at me. basically what we understand is
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facebook page to sell a number of weapons. they were aka 4 style weapons and handguns and also some extended clips. and basically, this man was taken into custody after d.c. police arrested him in august and then the fbi took over the case and it was taken to federal court. >> this is the facebook page the fbi began investigating over a year ago. according to search warrant affidavit allen james and as the fbi looked closer they found videos like this one showing several handguns with text on the scene saying back on dead action and in this video fbi says james recorded himself possession of a handgun. but it's the conversations the fbi says james was having that really show whad he was up to. and in one comment james says coming back from b more on my way to southeast
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i'm trying to get to hand joints. according to affidavit, the fbi says james was referring to a mack 10 machine pistol and joint is slang for gun. in another conversation a facebook user asked james if he had 40 eggs and he responded nope told you i need to reup going today or tomorrow, walmart in virginia. fbi says eggs is slang for bullets. james was casual about sales on facebook that his mother scolded him saying really, allen, that video, wow, when are you going to get it? everybody knows you are strapped you have to broadcast it? >> it's very disturbing and the problem we have with violent crime in the city i said over and over again is illegal firearms. if somebody is purchaseing a firearm through the internet, you know, it's just as dis disturbing to me as if somebody was to pull up and sell a gun out of the trunk of their car. >> chief peter newsham said they keep an eye on social media especially for people like allen james. >> we do a
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intelligence unit of scanning social media sites. we made a number of cases where we have seen images of people holding firearms those are extremery difficult cases to make but that brazenness we have a response to that and i am hopeful and i'll reiterate this if somebody sees something like that please forward it to our investigators so we can take a look at it. >> reporter: several months after fbi began investigating james he was arrested by d.c. police june after officers found him with a handgun in southeast. he's now locked up and faces a november court hearing now the court affidavit provides insight into illegal gun sales in the district and some online posts james seems willing to trade for weapons while in others he asks for between 5 and 60 0 per gun. paul wagner, "fox5 local news". . coming up, still searching for answers. >> scientists are looking to get inside the head of
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las vegas shooter and what they hope to find by dis dissecting his brain. >> and i raezing questions by fbi and congress and more de zales ton the cancelled contract and what it means for residents in the dark there. >> and a historic church in virginia removes plaques honoring robert e. lee and george washington. >> jim, happy monday to you and sarah, findly winds are settling down and skies cleared out. it means a cold night ahead. wait until you hear the winds gusting though, not just here but across the northeastern u.s.. glad this storm system is out our hair. "fox5 local news" at 5 returns. returns.
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narrator: ed gillespie's fals attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass
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and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. >> two historic markers honoring robert e. lee and washington will be removed from the church. >> this has been talked about for years and all pushed up by what happened in recent mo months. here's "fox5" bob barnard. >> christchurch in the heart of old town alexandria is national landmark. >> for me church
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george washington church. >> this church was founded in 177 counting george washington -- 1773 counting george washington and robert e. lee among members it remains a popular tourist attraction and active episcopal church. >> they were put up as a pair that wanted to put them both up together. >> nicole simmonds says the marble plaques in question hobb oring the two have stood since 1870 two months after lee's death on either side of altar and now they will be coming down. after a vote of church leadership and hearing from its 1800 parishioners. >> the vote was unanimous that that the plaques while they commorate some powerful and influential men also probably would be best served in our community in a place other than here inside the church. >> plan is to remove the pla
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they won't be thrown away instead they'lling placed somewhere else here on the church grounds. >> the two marble plaques in our space are something we want in a place where we can broaden and expand our understanding of it in a way we can't in the confines of our church. >> and other artifacts and markings inside the sanctuary including the box the washington family sat during church services will remain as is. >> it's a place that values our history deeply. we also value our future as a congregation and so we're looking for ways to hold those two things not even intentioned but hold them together and understand how they mesh in a way that serves us in the fruit fewer like it has for 244 years. >> a sign of times in the place of worship that withstood the test of time. bob barnard, "fox5 local news"
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bob barnard, "fox5 local news". >> and windy, blustery, gu gusty, this is the winds that swept through anne arrundel county and you saw the reports of wind up and down the east coast looking at 40 and 50 around here. new england pushing 90. something like that. insane out there. you look at what people were deal with yesterday. >> rough waters there in the video. let's check in with sue palka and see what we have coming our way today and the rest of the week, hey, sue. >> sarah, jim, that storm is the same one we saw taking care of the redskins yesterday and it moved up to the new england coast lake a category one hurricane. they have a million people without power and you're ri right, winds gusted to 60. 90 miles an hour. this was our rain maker and snow on the backside of. it it's out of here now and what you see coming our way now is reinforcing shot of cooler air and clouds coming through later tonight. speaking of those winds gusts how about this one. 53 miles an hour in east port maryland late last night to early this morning and gaithersburg had a gust of 46
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and reagan national 45. we picked up an ib. to inch and a half of rain and some areas we had a split over d.c. for a while yesterday. so some areas west of d.c. had to wait until later in the day to get the more significant rain and yes, some ski slope snow, 2 1/2" and snow shoe 1.5 and there were some spots that got closer to 8" of snow. so, here we go. everybody, it's on its way. winds are much better. notice wind direction now more west, southwest. big gusts are done and as the sun goes down here in the next couple of hours and not even that about an hour and a half not even that an hour, we're going to see these temperatures and winds continuing to drop 59 is the temperature right now and that's the high for the day so far. and 55 for martinsburg, winchester and culpeper and again a little bit of cloud cover coming in later tonight with that reinforcing shot after cooler air. temperatures are going to head for the 30s, 54 at:00 by 9:00, 53
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wanted to give you an idea that we're not talking frostee cold tonight but clear and chilly, 9 gaithersburg and martinsburg may drop to 38 and 36 hagerstown and winchester about 38. tomorrow is halloween it's a sunny and grueling forecast. the kids may need layers as temperatures drop to low 50s. it's always a good thing when it doesn't rain for halloween. early halloween greetings to everybody sarah including you. >> sue, thanks. >> today a delaware grand jury indicted the man of shooting and killing three co-workers at maryland granite company. the eight count indictment charges prince with attempted murder. reckless endangerment and he shot five co-workers on october 18. three died. investigators say he drovd it a used car lot in wilmington delawa
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aquaiptence in the head. and in maryland prince faces first degree murder and attempted murder charges. >> and scientist are preparing to do a microscopic study of the las vegas shooter's brain. it is being sent to stanford for a month long investigation. doctors perform multiple forensic substituteyes including examination of 64-year-old brain tissue defining possible neurological problems. experts say whatever they find if anything likely won't explain what led paddock to kill 58 people in the vegas mass shooting. >> the fbi is repordl investigating a controversial contract to a small energy company to repair puerto rico power grid. this came after the contract with ended with white fish energy. there's been criticisms why the now cancelled contract was a high amount in the first place and white fish is two years old with two full time workers. a spokesman for puerto rico fewer authorities say it was picked because it didn't ask for
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congress wants to know more about that agreement. >> i have been called by the congress of the united states to provide information in person and answer questions so w're calm because we're sure everything was donna according to the norms and law. >> nearly weeks after hurricane maria hit 70% of puerto rico rehaines in the dark. >> coming up, up close look at a team that helps recover millions of dollars every y year. >> your mutilated money could be put back together again. how the bureau ofen graving and presenting makes it all happen. coming up gary. >> hey, sarah, listen i just heard sue say a little snow. not here, but at least it's flying now. dust off your skis i have just the trick for you in loudoun county, leesburg, inside ski training center, check this out. you want to get better? you want to get ready? this is the place to come. it's simulating snow skiing on a little more than the bunny hill. we'll talk to these
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coming up in just a couple of minutes. i don't want to fall. stay with us. the 5:00 news will continue. narrator: ed gillespie's fals attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because
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i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. is
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is >> now you can i can? leesburg. >> a new ski indoor training center opened today vir virginiaville able shopping center. we sent gary mcgrady to check out the facility. have you ever skied before. is this a brand new things for you? >> this is total hi had new for me. i'm a skier i skid for years, years, and years this is completely different. i mean answer the snow there's a lot of have to deal with. it's just -- i'm kind of on a big carpet here. here's the person
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this is kathy trunkle did i get it right. >> cindy trunkle. >> don't worry it's fine. gary. >> cindy i apologize. if you would not have told anybody we would not have known. >> what am i doing here. >> you're skiing. >> what is this about. >> you're skiing we're on revolving carpet that is made of astro turf and we spray with fine mist of watt to keep it going it's gripe and grabby start here at the bar and hold on to it and feel the resistance of the carpet under you. when you're on snow you don't feel that. you manage pressure on skis. >> it's completely different this is what happens and trust me when you ski this never happens in nature. >> you go up the hill. >> right. >> and brandon is behind me okay. brandon is doing snowboarding. it's not just for skiing? >> it's for skiing and boarding. >> brandon is this hard. >> he said it's pretty hard. >> he makes it look easy but it's
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>> full disclosure cindy has shown me a few tricks here so it helped me. what do people need to do. what is this best for. not an experience you said. >> this is training and teaching if you want your children better you get them lessons. this is the same comment is. you get them on once a week and practicing with instructor and from right here we can see everything that they're doing and we can coach them and there's a big mirror here that gary is looking at so he is watching himself the entire time. and when i'm telling minimum things like okay, gary, pressure on ski flatten uphill ski he's able to see what he's doing. from ininstruct tore standpoint it's amazing for us. >> i was amazed. there's not -- well there's no any of these around the east coast and not many of these in the united states. >> five or six. >> we're the only one in mid atlantic. one in florida, one minneapolis, denver
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>> for the next 30 seconds people what do they need to do. inside >> >> is there a web site. >> you can go on the web site and see the information about when we're open and availability and pricing for pack amounts and you can purchase a lesson package and come and try once. >> i'm a good example here because trust me when i first came i could not do all this so, katie, cindy, have helped me to do this brandon are you ready. >> i'm ready. >> all right. >> see brandon and i put a little trick together to show you. and i could not have done this when i first walked n it's not quite this sensation of skiing but. >> watch-out. >> just ignore -- >> brandon he circle around brandon. >> brandon promised me he would not fall. he's the kid i'm the 50-year-old dude out here acting like i'm on a black diamond and brandon falls on the butt. >> does it hurt less? >> does it hurt less when you
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>> did that hurt less when you fell? >> no. >> it doesn't hurt. >> it doesn't hurt at all. >> it's a bounce. >> what are you 17? nothing hurts when you're 17. guys, my ifb fell out. inside training center l leesburg. >> inside >> thank you very much. >> thank you, car gary. >> we'll see you back here at 6. >> okay. >> and that hurt watching him. >> just a little bit. >> all right coming up a former montgomery county school security guard is arrested for sexually abusing a student. details of the case and how long they'll spend behind b bars, ronica. >> reporter: jim, well, buried beneath all the headlines coming out today about indictments well breaking news about the future of the president's call for a transgender military ban. not so fast says one judge, sarah. >> and it's a common pain medication often used by pregnant women researchers say it could have last ago infects
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we'll breakdown the study coming up.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding,
5:31 pm
enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. a search is on for a car involved in a shooting this morning in southeast d.c. martin luther king junior southeast. two people were shot and taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. >> and former montgomery county school security guard will serve more than a year behind bars for sexually abusing a student. 68-year-old mark was sentenced to 18 months in prison yesterday and he pled guilty to sex abuse charges and having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student at richard montgomery high school. >> and in northern virginia, two people were under arrest for carjacking a woman at knifepoint this happened last month in the parking lot o
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the target of the springfield mall. suspects shar nel pain and dominique campbell the victim was getting out of her car and pain pulled out a knife and the suspects used her credit card and the victim's car was later returned. over the summer you remember the president took to twitter to announce unexpected reversal on the policy that allowed transgender individuals to serve in military. >> today a judge blocked part of the president's ban. rop ron live with more on the story tonight, ronica. >> reporter: hey, jim, sarah, you remember those tweets, in it the president cited when he called to be a tremendous cost and disruption as his re reasoning behind calling for basically a new ban put forth on transgender military personnel. well, transgender military personnel responded to that by suing the administration. well, today, breaking just before today's white house briefing a u.s. district court
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judge she basically put a stop to that saying that the policy needs to go back to the way it was where transgender service members were allowed to serve in the military. i asked the white house for their response. >> just breaking for the briefing of court banned the president from breaking military policy on service by transgender people. what's the reaction from the the white house and plan moving forward in reference to this. >> obviously this is something just announced and department of justice has it and reviewing it and i would refer to you them for any specific questions. >> reporter: of course, we reached out to the department of justice and they did not immediately respond to our request for comment. now, worth noting that judge did not stop the ban put forth on transgender reassignment surgery costs. that ban right now is still in place that the president called for. we reached out to a transgender veteran to get her response to the news. >> i was pleased that the court issued preliminary injunction
5:34 pm
transgender service personnel that are serving with honor. and i did note that court did not join the prohibition of using funds to provide medically necessary care. but this is a step forward and it's good to see the court recognized that the actions pro' ed by the white house violated constitution. >> worth noting the president has stayed silent on this. no tweets since this announcement broke this afternoon. of course, we'll keep you posted here at "fox5". reporting live, ronica cleary, "fox5 local news". >> they're the first shoes to drop and special prosecutor robert mueller investigation of russia election medaling. >> former campaign manager paul manafort and his manager rick gates are facing charges of money laundering and conspiracy. it says they did not reco recomm
5:35 pm
ukraine government. it alleged they received tens of millions of dollars for their work and tried owe conceal. it manafort lawyer calls the charges baseless. >> i think you all saw it today that president doneal trump was correct. there is no evidence that mr. manafort or trump campaign coludeed with russian government. mr. manafort respected pro european union campaigns for ukranians and in that he was seeking to further democracy. >> now a third man with ties to the trump campaign george popdopolis pled guilty to lying to the fbi about communication of someone connected to the russian government. >> it is one of main immigration agencies in the federal government. and it will soon have a new home. this is groundbreaking ceremony in camp springs maryland this afternoon for new headquarters that will house u.s. citizenship and immigration ser
5:36 pm
right now the agency has six locations around the region and the new headquarters will consolidate operations. prince george county executive racertain bakeer is proud of the country and was chosen for the new project. >> all over prince george county you she this taking place. i don't think anybody seven years ago would have thought prince george county would have led the state in job curetion and i don't think seven years ago people would have thought that close to 7 to 8 billion would be taking place of development would be taking place across prince george county 500 square miles. >> the construction is expected to take about 2 years to finish up. >> up next weather damaged in fire or hurricane if ter smrits gotten into your stash of cash, did you know your money can be restored. >> cool an exclusive behind the scenes look at how the bureau ofen gaveing and presenting puts damaged money back together again piece by piece. first though here's
5:37 pm
of cash that sounds amazing i never have one but i always want one. chilly out there today, brisk in way of storm system that brought that rain last night. 59. it's warmest eave been all day outside right now. winds come down substantially now about nine miles an hour and they will continue to calm down as we go to overnight. it's a chilly night ahead and we have trick or treat forecast on the other side of the break when "fox 5 news" at 5 returns. narrator: ed gillespie's fals att
5:38 pm
ess says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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>> i'm thinking they had a house fire. >> this is the worst case i ever worked on. >> mutilated currency division is one of the more unique things in the government. >> all stuck together. >> i would say between 6 and 10,000. >> 238,000 is part of 50. >> there's a different story to different packages
5:42 pm
you get something you never thought of. >> we get roughly 23,000 a year. we're pretty steady on that. on years where there's natural disasters, you know unfortunately we're going through one now there's a larger intake. a lot are heartbreaking and some i can't believe di this i had money in the oven and for get got it was there. >> this customer was shreading bills and forgot she had money in a particular envelope and once she got done sledding her pivl stuff she realized she shredded up her money too. >> i was able to detect that was currency. >> this is a good sleder because it's making my life difficult right now. >> they claimed that thousand and that i wept back and counted it whatever the anti do find that's how much they get a treasury check for. >> what elements of the money are they looking for. >> i prefer not to
5:43 pm
that. >> there has to be enough of the note present for us to be able to de nominate it and authenticate it. so we're pretty good rec recovering whatever is there as long as enough of the note is present for us to do that. >> feign it's 20, 30, 40 years later if it's found in a box in the ground people can send it in and they get their money at face value. >> this here i take the edges off and duplicate it. which i have here. >> you would be surprised how many people send thousands of dollars and include their name and address. we'll try to track them down. >> i love putting purses together. >> you see putting wall paper on the wall and matching up patterns.
5:44 pm
once water comes in it doesn't take long for currency. >> sometimes we get it real wet sometimes we put tractor-trailer in the off tone dry it out. >> bodily fluids and blood and stuff from coroners office and police stations and tier gas. >> and when the housing market crashed more and more people distrust banks so they'll take money and hide it in the walls and mice will get into it and -- sdl they say they found it in the yard. a lot of people bury money believe it or not. >> and because they're stuck together it's easier to use this to separate them. >> how much money is returned to the customer. >> approximately 40 million. that's kind of three year average. >> very common for dogs to chew up money and a lot of times they ingest and process through. we do require you to wash it off before you sen
5:45 pm
otherwise we'll return it. >> this is not even money. recipes and something on it. >> food, cake, chocolate cake on here. no money in here. >> i love it. yes, i do. this is is someone lost everything and once we found out they have this service they're over joyed at least they're getting something back and it's not a total loss. >> it was in a safe from september 11 terror attack and -- work at the bank of america and we had to pull it out of there. >> you have dealt with 9/11 currency. >> this say first. >> they were claiming 3500
5:46 pm
>> we'll get it. >> it makes me feel good to know that the customer is thinking they lost everything. but when they find out that they're able to receive a check and get back something, it makes me feel good. >> that's a wonderful thing about u.s. currency. it's good forever. there's a clump of them just separating denominations. >> that is fascinating. >> i had no idea. that that existed. >> they have now tripled work because there's so many people that didn't know that existd and apparently have a lot of money that something like that happened to. >> this is amazing. i want more on that chocolate case recipe. >> that could be an heriloom for somebody. >> i am shocked about the dog ingesting money and then they still are able to -- wow. hands
5:47 pm
>> hats off to you. >> working on that. >> absolutely. >> caitlin. it was a miserable weekend. kind of nice today. and much cooler. >> we certainly saw a lot of rain last night it made for a miserable redskins game. >> in many ways. >> but being out in the elements doesn't help, right? and let's look outside once we have the sunshineing back today. it was brisk through this morning and we heard wind howling all night long. winds gusts over 40. across the region. sun about to set on a crisp but much nicer looking monday. we'll keep the nice weather around as we head to tomorrow. halloween. so, the warm headlines winds are diminishing and it will be chilly temperatures falling back to 30s and 40s. halloween forecast looks seasonable, clear, dry, great for trick or treating. showers possible wednesday. just a few and believe it or not we're tracking a warm-up. temperatures 70s by the end of workweek. 59 in d.c.
5:48 pm
and 59 annapolis it was one of the days that reminds you we're headed to winter. it was very, very chill limit warmest we've been all day and that wind chill did not help. earlier today we had gusts over 30 miles an hour making it feel like in 40s most of the morning. right now they've come down winds sustained 10. you can see higher gusts where the storm system wraps up. 33 miles an hour wind gusts boston and bing ham tom and not before incredible amount of wind and rain and snow across portions of northeast, new england, remnants of what was tropical storm phillipe a colessing with a warm front and that caused deep intensification of the storm system bringing showers and that looks like actual front behind it bringing showers across the great lakes. we will not see any rain showers ourselves. and here's the setup for tonight. maybe a few more clouds. otherwise i think it is just mostly clear as that reinforcing cold air comes through. we'll start off chilly tomorrow in the 40s. jackets needed and maybe layers underneath your costumes. but into the aer
5:49 pm
be nice. temperatures will be back up into the 60s. so halloween evening after a day sunny and nice and high temperatures around 60. it will be perfect honestly. we're saying frighteningly clear and bone chillingly cool. 56. around 6 p.m. when the trick or treaters go back out. of course that means it's a great forecast. as we get to second part of week we will see noticeable change in the jet stream and it will be pushed off to the north allowing a little warm air to build in and believe it or not 70s. back in the forecast here. your 7 day forecast shows very cool tomorrow as we start in the 40s. 60s high temperature and halloween and trick or treater look great. spotty shower wednesday and warmer, friday, beautiful, the weekend i have to tell you doesn't look good. i know it's a few days out. it looks like we'll get into classic wedge situation where you have clouds and drizzle. but the good news is you have an extra hour of sleep we fall back late sdaingt into early subbed morning and daylight saving comes to end and days getting shorter what it comes to daylight. we'll manage to hi
5:50 pm
monday. looks nice. 7 day forecast jim and sarah. >> thank you caitlin. coming up. several reports of human remains discovered in our a area. >> and maryland neighborhood is left on edge after a teenager was shot and killed. now, a break in that case. we'll have the details m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia.
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>> police investigating several discoveryes of human remains in our area suitland, shady side and annapolis maryland. u.s. park police found possible human remains in area of suitland parkway and beltway. medical examiner was on the scene investigating and then yesterday afternoon anne arrundel county officers found a second set of human remains in shady side. and the skeletal remains washed ashore near chesapeake avenue. investigators don't know whether the remains are those of man or woman or how the person died. they believe this could be related to remains found in the same area more than a week ago
5:54 pm
and we now know the name of the man found dead in wooded area in annapolis. he is identified as nar is giovanni his remains were discovered earlier near open view lane. homicide detectives believe it was gang receipted murder. >> a teenager shot in the laurel maryland and the boy died at a hospital today. >> meantime howard country police arrested two teenagers. lindsey watts is in the newsroom with the the details on this lindsay. >> tough sorry today, jim and sarah eur h. i confirmed a short time ago xavier young was a senior at high school in for the immediate. they say it was a rough day at school students were crying and heartbroken by this we'll show you where it happened around 11 p.m. saturday at apartment complex on north laurel road in laurel. two people arrested today are 19-year-old luiz or ordernecessitates and francisco rodriguez
5:55 pm
they're now facing charges as adults charming including murder and assault. >> investigators saying violence stemmed from a drug deal. suspects met with the victim and altercation broke out and shot was fired from a car window striking young. i spoke to a neighborhood who heard that gun shot and saw the aftermath. >>. >> i saw them try to revive hem and then the ambulance showed up and tried to put him in the ambulance and revive him as well. >> i feel sorry for everything and that i don't understand why people do this stuff. >> hug your family and kids a little tighter tonight because you never know. my heart breaks for the family. >> people in that neighborhood very shaken up by this young was flown to johns hopkins with critical injuries saturday and, doctors pronounced him dead this morning. and also this morning, investigators tracked down the suspects in ellicott city and they're being held tonight without bond. jim. >> thank you, lindsay. >> coming u
5:56 pm
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as your lieutenant governor, i'll work to grow the economy and invest in schools and career training, because virginia's families need more results, not more politics. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal.
5:59 pm
like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. >> new study links tylenol to rick of are hain yavr issues in kids. 113,000 children whose mother's used painkillers containing acetaminophen were more likely to be diagnosed with adhd and for those who used the drug for more than 29 days. >> your news is far from o over. >> what's coming up at 6. >> president trump m former campaign manager facing criminal charges "fox 5 news" in the courtroom. d.c. man facing felony fir firearms charges wore felling gin s on facebook. i'm paul wagner i'll have that story. >> a localom
6:00 pm
student killed when a young boy attempted to commit suicide what we're learning about her and programs available for suicide prevention and awareness. >> this is "fox5 local news". >> paul manafort appeared facing caling charges and russia medaling in the 2016 election. tom fitzgerald was there and joins us tonight with rea reaction. hey, fitz. >> shawn, tony, good evening, this is a watershed moment in the trump russia election collusion investigation and here's why. these are the very first criminal charges that are been filed and indictments handed down today. >> here in d.c. it's a 31 page twelve counts inindictmentment of manafort and his associate


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