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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  October 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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student killed when a young boy attempted to commit suicide what we're learning about her and programs available for suicide prevention and awareness. >> this is "fox5 local news". >> paul manafort appeared facing caling charges and russia medaling in the 2016 election. tom fitzgerald was there and joins us tonight with rea reaction. hey, fitz. >> shawn, tony, good evening, this is a watershed moment in the trump russia election collusion investigation and here's why. these are the very first criminal charges that are been filed and indictments handed down today. >> here in d.c. it's a 31 page twelve counts inindictmentment of manafort and his associate
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in it charges like con sperscy against the united states and money laundering for map afor the political consulting business in the ukraine. and when he came out of the courtroom today listen to this manafort attorney said the two wars you cannot read in the inindictmentment today trump and collusion. >> i think you all saw today president donald trump was correct there is no evidence that mr. manafort or trump campaign coluded with russian government. >> included are aetions paul manafort funneled 18 million and hid that money from the u.s. government in order to buy luxury items such as property and things for h himself and his apartment in degree virginia and his part gait told have taken three million
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he controlled. >> now moving forward with this investigation when he he merged from the courtroom today his personal attorney kevin downing said in his words all of these charges despite the fact it alleges activity through 2017 which covers the period of traumap campaign manager downey says has no relationship to the trump campaign. >> those activities endsed in 2014 over two years before mr. manafort served in the trump campaign. today, you see indictment brought by office of special council and that is using a very novel theory to prosecute mr. manafort. >> we also learned today of another guilty plea this one by a former trump campaign advisor george
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refused to disclose the fact he met with russian connections throughout the investigation apparently this guilty plea came down three weeks ago and it was disclosed today when the indictment was unsealed. we're live at the u.s. federal courthouse tonight, tom fitzgerald, "fox5 local news". >> and also today a federal judge blocked president tr trump's ban on transgender people serving in u.s. militaryy. transgender service members sued defense and secretary in august saying the ban was violation of their constitutional rights. trump administration argued transgender people may hurt military cohesion. they see today's ruling as a victory. >> i was pleased that the court's issues preliminary n nary injunction about discharging transgender service personnel serving with honor and i did note that the court did not enjoin the prohibition of using funds to provide medically necessary care and but this is a step forward and
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the court recognized that the actions proposed by the whoyt house violated the constitution. >> and the trump administration is still deciding whether to appeal today's ruling. >> and a 12-year-old boy trying to commit suicide instead took the life of a passing motorist. and the boy is still in the hospital after he jumped off an overpass and landed on a vehicle driven by a mary mount university stunt. anjali hemphill is live with more on how the woman is being remembered. anjali. >> well tony it's still unclear why this young boy chose to try to take his life the way he did. but the family of the woman who was traj beingly kid ild is asking for privacy tonight as they continue to grieve. we have learned that mar is auto harris was graduate student at mary mount university where she was working to one day become someone who could help others dealing with suicidal tho though
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>> ellen lambert lives near the cedar lane overpass. there's where purple flowers were left haind and state police say a 12-year-old boy tried to jump to his death killing 22-year-old melissa harrisive drinking below. investigators responded to the scene after 4 sunday evening and they believe the boy handed on harris's 2005 dpord escape headed eastbound on 66 and impact immediately killing her. her 23-year-old boyfriend was in the passenger seat and able to take control of the wheel and steer it off the interstate. and he was not hurt. however the 12-year-old boy was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries if weighs on my heart and mind that it could be someone that i'm connected to in the neighborhood. >> officials at mary mount university say marissa was first year graduate student in clinical mental health counseling and one of the professors say marissa was going to make a difference in the lives of young adults
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one of the largest impacts of this tragedy will be the loss of the positive impact that she would have had on others. >> very ironic boggles the mind the way things work out. >> lucy caldwell from fairfax falls community service board says rate of suicide continues to rise and that's why they established a county 24-7 crisis hot line and programs to help train community members and school staff about recognizing signs of suicide. >> what we're seeing in recent years in the survey is that number of young people considering suicide who actually have those thoughts has risen. and so there's a lot of work to do as far as getting people to talk and adults to know what to look for. >> and here at the university support professionals are available for students and staff. and an on campus memorial is planned for a later
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live in arlington. anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> and after connecting on a dating april. the sis suspect assaulted the victim and stole money. the victim was able to get away and call police. and anyone with information is asked to call police. >> fbi charged a man with runing a virtual bookstore on facebook. paul. >> according to these courts documents the fbi began investigating a d.c. man named allen james after getting a tip he was selling guns and on his facebook page. searcg of the page the fbi says turned up videos and numerous c
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convicted fell on was having with other facebook users about gun and ammunitions for sale. >> according to search affidavit the name was allen james and a closer look shows videos like this one showing several handp guns with text on the screen reading back on dead action. and in this video the fbi says james apparently recorded h himself in possession of a hand gun. and but it's the conversations the fbi says james was having that really showed what he was up to. in one comment james says coming back from b more on my way to southeast i have a mack i'm trying to get two hand joints according to affidavit the fbi says james was referring to a mack ten machine pistol and joint is slang for gun and in another conversation a facebook user asked james if he had 40 eggs and he responded
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you, i need to reup going today or tonl walmart in virginia. the fbi says eggs is slang for bullets. james was casual about his sales on facebook. his mother scolded him saying really allen, that video, wow. when are you going to get it? everybody know you strapped. you have to broadcast it? >> it's very disturbing and the problem that we have with violent crime in the city i said over and over is crime and i will legal firearms if somebody is purchaseing a fire am through the internet it's just as disturbing to me as if somebody was to pull up and sell a gun out of the trunk of car. >> chief peter newsham says they do keep an eye on social media especially for people like allen james. >> we do a pretty good job our intelligence unit of scanning all social media sites and we made a number of cases where we seen images of people holding firearms as they're extremely difficult is kas to make and but you know that brazenness we have a response to that. and i -- you know i'm hopeful and will
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somebody sees something like that forward to our investigators so we can take a look tat. >> several months after the fbi began investigating james he was arrested by d.c. police july after officers found him with a handgun in south east. and he's now locked up and faces a november court hea hearing. >> in and out court affidavit provides insight into illegal gun sales in the district and in some online posts james seems willing to trade for weapons while in others he asks for between five and 600 dollars per gun. in the "fox 5 news" room i'm paul wagner. >> the final report on the investigation into grade fixing in prince george county public schools is expected tomorrow. >> tonight we've learned an employee is blowing the whistle saying that she and others were told to change students records before investigators game in. "fox5" lindsey watts is continuing to follow the story and joins us with this new information. lipcy. >> shawn own ton
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development in this ever evolving story we obtained an email cents by prince original country employee to firm conducting the investigation. the investigation to whether there was fraud within the school system to boost graduation rate. and in the email the employ see says before investigators came to look into those grade fixing allegations that she and other employees were told they needed to get their student files in order. and she says they spent all day and all night working on records pertaining to seniors. and specifically, identifying those who should not have graduated because they did not meet requirements. sti goes own to say numerous students were found who did not have the credit to graduate and did anyway. this employee complains that higher ups at her school were tipped off to what investigators were looking for by employee at another high school where investigators visited and the employee who wrote the email did not want be named and didn't want her high school named either for
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identified. a spokesperson for prince george county schools says school administration is not aware of this and only heard about this from reporters today. and we'll have more on this story coming up on "fox". >> a major break tonight in the sexual assaults of four virginia women more than 20 years ago. more fall yoult from the deadly white supremacy mark in charlottesville the latest monuments and sim potentials to be removed from alexandria. >> that big wind maker and rain maker we had around late last night and early today is moving along way. aa million power outages in new england from this almost near like category one hurricane storm that affected them. takes chilly night we have ahead but what about hall halloween. we'll have that for cost and of course your 7 day is ahead. "fox 5 news at 6" will be right back.
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a man is faces charges of asexual assault that happened more than 20 years ago. police in fairfax say david love check sexually assaulted four women in an apartment in the 11,000 block of old t tiberton circumstance until restin back in 1995. and in august, dna evidence connected love judge check to the crime. hi was arrested in florida last week and is currently held while awaiting extradition. >> two historic markers honoring and george washington will soon be allowed to a landmark church in alexandria. christchurch was founded in 773. george washington and robert e. lee were both members and the church is proud of its history but there's been talk for years of removing markers and reepts pro nest charlottesville and other cities spurred the strot act now. the plaques while they commorate powerful and
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influential men would be best served in a place other than here inside the church. >> those markers are located on either side of the alter. they will remove them next year and the plaques wilt not be thrown awe and they will be placed elsewhere on the church grouns. >> it's not quite ski season yet. but there is a brand new indoor ski training center that opened today in virginia and yep our own gary mcgrady is live with a preview on the slopes. hit it, gary. >> no snow here but you don't need snow. you need fancy white carpet and you can learn how to ski if you think about doing this dust off skis and just the the place you need. called inside ski training center and i'm live here and we can talk to cindy she knows how to get you going. six is will continue. stay with us. we're skiing, come on. ♪
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a new indoor skiing center virginia village shopping center in cotocin circumstance m. we sent gary mcgrady to check out the new facility. looks like fun. >> it's fun until you fall. >> oh, >> i just fell. >> i've been here doing this and got cocky and fell. >> cindy is wonderful trainer here. >> gary has been doing a great job. he got a little over zealous because this is challenging and great training if you want to learn how to ski and get better. >>
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job. >> it takes a little getting used to this is an artificial service you have to man under your ski. >> i'm a certified teen are i teach at quhit tail and liberty as well as this place. and so anything we teach you here is going to transition right out into the snow. we pick up all the little subtleties that are hard to see on this and it's amazing training and great cond conditioning and and if i mistake as magnified. >> i can fix it here quickly and by the time you get back to the snow. it's a little easier when you are taking your skis on the snow. >> okay katie you can tell. >> she is our ski school director she's been on more times thanp gary. >> inside they just opened today it's not just for fun but to getet
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>> it's few and addicting and makes you better. >> we need sue palka to help us with real snow i'm going back. >> look at you gary you're working it. >> he says it's hot you. >> get hot when you ski for real. you peel off layers when you get out there. >> shawn gave him the best complement. >> he looks like a bro. >> he looks really good out there. >> that's great and what a good idea. he didn't tell us how much it cost though we'll have to check on that. >> but it looks like a wonderful way to you condition and make sometimes people save money for ski trip and they get up there and they're exhausted and out of shape. >> very expensive. >> good job gary and yes ski season snow in the mountains over the weekend. >> i'm not surprised. >> not a lot i'll show you totals and although i'll say this valley in
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had eight inches at the h highest elevation and i would not be shocked if there's more in the future. this was one heck of a storm system that went by tony i'm surprised you sat through the whole redskins game yesterday. >> me had, too. >> what a sloing that was and this was the storm that did. it and as it got up towards new england it got stronger what we did bombing and it dropped low pressure category one hurricane with a million out of power there and gusts between 0 and 90 up towards new england. locally they were between 45 and 50 to 55 east port to a gust of 53 last night and reagan national 45 an inch an a half to two inches of rain in many areas and yes snow. white tail and witnesspad may be closer to inch and a half and so did snow shoe. reagan high temperature today dulles and bwi topping out in upper 50s
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are now. good news the wind gusts have gotten better and they're light right now and we'll see winds continuing to get light as we good through the overnight hours or stay light. dulles temperature 5. mannasas and culpeper down to 55 now. frederick and hagerstown at 54 and you can see that now at least winds are in single digits now. overnight temperatures get cold as a results of that. we have clear skies. lighter winds, dry air. 36 for hagerstown and 8 martinsburg and winchester avenue 39 call preferer in the city and low 40s ought to do. it for halloween surprisey 'gohl day. it will be chilly. we'll be a bit under the influence of departing storm system keeping cooler air in surpriseably cool afternoon as we see the temperature getting close to the low0s. here is trick or treat pla planner. a lot of kids go out around 6:00 or so 54 at 6 in the city and 40s in the suburbs and by 7:00, 5
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49. again look at winds. so much better and looks as though we'll not be dealing with too bad of a chill. your forecast, two more warm days coming up this week. thursday and friday and the weekend not looking terrific but hey you get an extra hours of sleep because we fall back surprised and return to standard time and monday about 70 again. i don't like the changing of time. >> we should stay on standard time. >> i think daylight saving time. >> we'll have a fight nay minute. be right back. we'll be talking about the white house halloween. >> oh.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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>> it will be a great event at the white house for trick or treat lots of kids there. >> it's always fun. >> we'll see you next on 5
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first inindictmentment and guilty plea into the probe of trump cam pain ties to russia. paul manafort sure ibded to the fbi along with long time aid rick gates today. >> trump administration pushing back tonight and calling investigation a witch hunt. as you can see from the rundown on the side of the screen this is the big story at 6:0 let's get to it. >> foreladyer director robert mirl was asponted special counsel on may 16 after president trump urged former fbi director james comey to drop the investigation and then fired him. >> and then on june 14 "washington post" reported muller was investigating president trump for possibly


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