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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  October 30, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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first inindictmentment and guilty plea into the probe of trump cam pain ties to russia. paul manafort sure ibded to the fbi along with long time aid rick gates today. >> trump administration pushing back tonight and calling investigation a witch hunt. as you can see from the rundown on the side of the screen this is the big story at 6:0 let's get to it. >> foreladyer director robert mirl was asponted special counsel on may 16 after president trump urged former fbi director james comey to drop the investigation and then fired him. >> and then on june 14 "washington post" reported muller was investigating president trump for possibly
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obstructing justice after comey testified that the senate intelligence committee he was directed to end the fbi discretion into michael flynn. you may remember president trump called it the greatest witch hunt in political history. >> on july 26 fbi agents raided paul mana for's virginia home. according to post the agents arrived without warning executed search warrant and left with several items. >> august 5 the investigation moved into new phase when muller impaneled grand jury indicating possible evidence of criminal activity had been discovered. >> and last friday we heard the first reports that indictments were coming as soon as today. >> which brings us to today. there's a lot to get to tonight 5@630. >> tom fitzgerald starts us live with the specific charge that manafort and gates are facing. fits. >> good evening, jim, shawn this is a water head is moment in everything that led up
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this moment this 31 page indictment 12 counts and not only against paul manafort former campaign manager but long term associate rick ga gates. these are extremely serious charges. these are felonies and there's language in here like a conspiracy against the united states. money laundering and it essentially boils down to this folks what they're saying it paul manafort in consulting business overseas was using money from places like ukraine and then bringing that on shore without reporting income and prosecutor's words using funds to live extravagant lifestyle. and now when he came out of that courtroom today like gang busters manafort attorney wanted to get to one point right awe and those were the two words that you did not read in this indictment today. despite all this ta
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for months now, about the russia investigation and election medaling the attorney for paul manafort made it clear the two words you did not read were trump and collusion. >> i thinkal saw it today president donald trump was correct mrs. no evidence of klo lution with the russian government. >> reporter: so, if you were looking for a big smoking gun in the russia election investigation tonight this was not it. that this involves according to government was 75 million dollars that was money lau laundered allegedly by manafort and gates. in these charges today governor was alleging that manafort gotta hold of $1 mill joan and gates gotta hold of 3 million monies they put into accounts which they themsve
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controlled. if convicted these two could face 80 years in federal prison. attorney downing spoke after court today and talked about when these charges occurred. keep in mind there was a time clock charged on some of these again they could have been up against a statute of limit takings. attorneys made the point in their viewpoint even though solve this activity was alleged to have run through 2017 covering 2016 election they say the activity in third words had nothing to do with the trump campaign. listen to this. >> those activities ended in 204 over two years before mr. manafort served in trump campaign. today, you you see indictment brought by office of special counsel that is using a very novel thoory to prosecute m
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>> but at the same time jim, shawn, keep in mind this indictment today runs through portions of 2017. clearly in the summer of 2016 paul manafort was campaign manager for trump election efforts. so, it's a little hard to see how they can separate that part of paul manafort resume from the fact that these charge today run through 2017. >> thank you, fits. let's talk about this more with you our panel debbie heinz and atiah amara and make lane is here in the studio with us. thank four joining us. >> pleasure. >> i'll start with you debbie the legal aspect. the case. >> sure. >> and how prosecutor goes about building a case. we knew these indictments were coming and paul manafort and mr. gates. but it seems to me and you tell me on the surface here that what we heard and heard from his attorney that none of this proves
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russia medaling in election collusion with the trump campaign. where do you see this. >> exactly the charges that were filed today are just basically money laundering charges and they're charges of failing to report that you had income and that you put offshore. >> typically the way you start with the indictments you don't go after big fish first. >> that's generally the case. you try to build a case. most commonly the way people are used to charges in many snaps paul manafort was treated like a drug defendant with the raids and seizing but you're building from the lower people up. you're not starting at the top. and working your way down. so that's exactly what they're doing and also the fact that even though manafort had been charged today in his associate today the government can also special prosecutor muller can. >> adnan:ition al charges or take away charges as the case may be but can. >> adnan:
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maybe holding his back pocket holding baca little in attempt to try to get manafort and sosh dwroot flip. >> mike, it's been reported in the white house said as you look at charges against manafort and rick gates these don't pertain to the time with the trump campaign. this predates that. then we have the ability plea revealed of george popadopoulis. what do you think the approach of the white house should t take. >> if things are as they appear the whole manafort thing is it appears to be they're laying on charges and hope to squeeze him and get him to rollover and turn on somebody else from the evidence we've had over the last week or two, two weeks, it's pedestas they're going after not the trump white house. they seem to have a direct line between manafort effort in ukraine and pedesta group. i would be be concerned if i was
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>> his brother stepped down from head of pedesta at 1:00 this afternoon yes. >> and we'll get a little more on that. first let's listened to. white house secretary was asked about president's involvement. let's listen to that 1st and we'll have more questions for you on the other side. >> there are no activities or official capacity in which trump campaign was engaged in activities most took place well before the campaign existed. >> all right we have not seen you yet fatima got a quick question for you what is the democratic position. should this be one let's wait and let it play out. we have not heard a lot of democrats speaking up today. >> i think specifically because a lot of stuff is unfolding that's why you have not hard a lot from comment taters today i would say from democratic position it is one the intelligence community had tohehe benefit of donald tr
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muller is expected on both sides of the aisle in ability to get stuff done and handle investigations well. we found out today about indictment amount plea of guilty for popadopolis which is more concerning than the case against manafort and gates. specifically because he said yes, there are three campaign aids that i worked with in regardsed to coludeing with russia to find out more information and dirt on hillary specifically. he admitted to that. there's a direct line and that's a big concern. those are three people not named that could mean they may have already been indicted or may number cooperation and flipped like popadopolis has this is not a great day for the trump campaign. >> they're saying it's all opposition resource and what's wrong with having information we can use to benefit. >> we're not talking about dossier specifically we're talking about yeah, so we're talking about sfevkly this information that he found. because it specifically is regarding collusion with
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federal kremlin. he's talking about talking with the kremlin directly. this is not russian guy on the ground hey i got information. this is with the government. this is what the big whole case and investigation has led to. >> and if i may, jim. >> absolutely. >> what we have here is bunch of theories on behalf of democrats looking for a smoking gun that may or may not exist. but we have documentary evidence on the fact that hillary clinton campaign, democratic national committee and now we find out to tune of additional 2 million dollars obama administration org organizing for america organizing for action put in 12 million dollars to the fusion gps to have this phony ed up dossier by christopher steel delivered to the you know powers that be. so they co-open their investigation based on phony dossier. if there's any collusion we don't know for a fact yet. but it looks like the collusion is between the clto
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>> you want to jump in i can hear you. >> it's a wonderful nice diverse talking points let's be prank that's opposition research hired specifically agent on the ground not working with the government i might add, to specifically look into information on opposition. and might i add that information was started by the conservative opponent it trump in the primary. conservatives are equally as guilty on position research which the question is not about doing opposition research the question is about coludeing with the kremlin and foreign entity that does not have america's best interest at heart. that's the problem and question here. >> go ahead mike jump in. >> in ten second or less this is not about opposition research it's phony ing up a dossier christopher steel was not until groups backed out of fusion and democratic national committee and obama white house and moved into it to the tune of 12 million dollars was that steel was hired and
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lip and when they phony ed up trumpp dossier that's what it's about. >> but christopher steel nobody at dnc they're not the ones under indictment. >> they might be. >> we're talking about paul manafort it was well known again when brought into the campaign which brings me to this we heard today press briefing hi debbie sorry about that there was a lot of talk saying i'll bring the best people into my campaign. it was well known paul manafort had ties predating again everything was predating it was this a matter of not doing due diligence. >> he was hired for a specific things getting through the kong veption and a plus for doing his job. as soon as his job was done he was gone and they hired a different team to get them through general election. >> the final word here debbie say what you want to say i want to ask you what comes next? >> what is the killer is the guilty plea with george popadopolis he knows stuff and was talking and if i was anyone in any way involved that
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george popadopolis in the last six months i would be concerned he was probably wired and he as lowest count pled guilty to false statement and reason for that is you try to get the lowest man phone the totem pole to build your case up to the top dog. and that's where it's going. >> real quick where would they wait three months. has it been three months or three weeks because he was indicted a while ago he pled guilty a while ago. >> that's smart thing no one knew that everything else was leaked this weekend about additional people. but the smart money is that nothing was leaked about that. and that's where the problem is for anyone who might be involvd with potential collusion. >> final word is innocent until proven guilty. >> exactly. >> innocent. >> all right. >> debbie heinz, mike lane, atima lamara thanks for joining us we could pawk about this forever which i'm sure we'll do come back again and join us tomorrow if you like. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> today a federal joj blocked president trump ban o
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transgender people serving in the military. they ued the president in august and said the ban was violation of their constitutional rights. trump administration org you'd transgenter people may hurt cohesion and transgender community sees the ruling as a victory. >> i was pleased the courts issued preliminary injunction of discharging transgender service personnel that are severing with honor. i did note that court did not enjoin the prohibition against using funds to provide medically necessary care. but this is a step forward and it's good to see the court recognized that the actions propose the by white house violate the constitution. >> and the trump administration is now deciding whether to appeal today's ruling. >> and all right. we all have soon the stuff outside today. what a change. >> what a change. it was chilly this morning. hi to tell my child you will wear a coat. >> and tell him tomorrow morning. >> i hope you're
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jacks. >> aunt sue says you have to wear a dot. [ laughter ]. >> looking good to be here. good to be in the same studio as you guys. >> that never happens. >> big wind and rain all around last night, that has departed the area and winds diminishing and it's going to get chilly tonight. not necessarily frostee cold but there could be some mid 30s north and west and hey so far so good for tomorrow though halloween forecast after chilly start looks good for all those school parades and trick or treaters than a couple of showers possible wednesday i'll describe them as rather spotty and as we look to thursday it warms up not only warm on thursday but potentially on friday the weekend right now though still looking a little unsettled even if we get to snreep an extra hour over the weekend. because we return to standard time. and all right, here's a trick or treat forecast and a bit of planner because at 4:00 tomorrow we think the temperatures are about 58 degrees. we drop down to about 54 at 6:00
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younger trick or treaters are heading out between 6 and 7. light winds, dry skies, but cool. and by the time we get later hours we'll drop into the upper 40s. so, tuesday i don't know how many people will be out there bringing door bells after 9 or 10:00 it's a school day after all but at least the weather will cooperate for everybody's favorite holiday. shawn, jim, barks to you. >> thank you very much tu. >> virginia voters ready to elect the next governor. >> a last minute push on campaign trail when we come back
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voters pick a new governor in vir ver and there's a rally for ed gillespie in sterileing. >> marco rubio will be campaigning and it sounds like people cheering and live outside the event are they cheering for you.
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here tonight. >> well they're saying we'll get to protesters in a second. i want to start with the people here for the actual event for ed gillespie and marco rubio in their tune is your name. >> rick. >> your name. >> olivia turner. >> rick, you said to me that are you fan of marco rubio and this is event you cannot miss it was enough to give you a few minutes before you walk inside. why do you think ed gillespie can pull it out. that poll with someone far behind ralph northham. >> i'm not a big fanle polls you can see the last year or so how they've been pretty wrong. i'm a fan of independence and liberty. >> that's why i'm republican and fan of ed gilesty. and it ipd of protesting is counter productive to what we're doing and that's freedom and prosperity toy all. >> one the things you said
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before you were glad as a woman your voice would be heard. what do you think ed gillespie represents for you as female reporter and what you wouldn't get from the ralph north am. >> it's a pro-life voter and president of the state pro-life organization and we strongly support ed gillespie and john adams because that team represents a real dmaink virginia. we leave it it's a road black that protect women and unborn children. it's a goal of passing protective laws. >> this starts 7 p.m. you were nice enough to hang out. we appreciate. it we'll take you here you can hear the protesters outside the event saying shame on you. let's chat with you here. you represent this group of protesters here. what is your name and what group are you with and why request do you think your voice needs to be here. >> aim with casa action my voice and not only my voice about the ut voice of my community
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we're here for basic principle of human app dignity. when you criminalize my whole community this is what happens. the community comes and speaks back against the racist politics of ed gillespie and we're telling voters go vote on november 7 against policies and vote for dr. northham because of that. >> one more person you're here in halloween costume as enron ed. you represent a group with a serious message quickly tell me what your message is for northham supporters and tell people you don't think people should vote for ed gillespie. >> we're here because he represents the worst of both worlds long time washington d.c. lobbyist and now he wants to bring donald trump deviceive you bigoted politics to richmond and we know virginiaians deserve better. empty headed lies of ralph northwhom is a empty headed and, doctor. >> this race
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you have people inside sup supporting did i'm sorry i thought they war cheering for ed gl is pi i didn't realize they were protesters. >> that's okay. i know they were -- they're loud. that's okay. >> they're very vok allege which yes they are. >> pulse of the people all the around tonight. >> let's talk about the rock. >> okay. >> if we did pulse of people on that they would have mixed reaction. he still has not ruled out the possible white house run. we have the sgloop he's not running. >> that's what i say, too, get real does he want to do the that, no. we'll be right back. narrator: ed gillespie's fals attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because
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nyone hurting a child is despicable. m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia.
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images of bicyclist flipping bird at presidential motorcade first turns viral. she did it fir
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leaving in sterling virginia and sped up to catch up with the motorcade a second time and flipped the bird again. apparently somebody mooned the motorcade last week in d.c. >> i was surprised that even though somebody got close to motorcade. >> i was too. >> that was close and you know you at home there's probably half of you think ignorant how compare it you and the other half go for it that's the state of politics these days. >> that's america there you go. >> dwayne the rock johnson could rhawn for president. he was at panel discussion at stanley comiccon and during the. >> kchtions someone asked will he run he said the people's president has a nice ring to it. he has a new movie coming up jumangi. >> remember he and tom hanks said they would form a ticket. the rock hanks an hanks o
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the rock. >> rock hanks. >> ain't going to happen. >> no it's just a joke. >> we're back after this represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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dear suspicious snackers, it's time >> dear us is psh us snackers time new to your local dairy aisle!
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m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: kevin spacey has ow said that he's sory he may have tried to molest a 14-year-old actor and also came out as gay. it turned out stewie from "familyguy" predicted this a while ago. >> i escaped from kevin spaey's basement! >> why did he choose this day to come out as gay? >> it's a smoke screen. he's trying to say pay attention to this. pay attention to this. gay, gay, gay, sexual assault. >> on friday night casamigos party with randi and cindy, and they dressed up as sonny and cher. > she also went with her sister as michael jackson and madonna. it was scary beause i was watching the snapchat story and had to look twice. it looked like


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