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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  October 30, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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new details a prince george's county school employee is blowing the whistle on allegations of grade fixing. there is no evidence of mr. manafort of the trump campaign colluded >> a political bombshell, two details and a guilty plea in the russia investigation >> a victim is left assaulted and robbed after meeting a man on a dating ap >> made me mad >> a virginia neighborhood frustrated after finding an unexpected surprise in bags of candy left in if you have they are houses, why eager iphone users can expect a long wait. news at 11:00 starts now. we'll begin with the developing story involving actress rose mcgowan. a been warrant
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items tested positive for narcotic. she was in town for the women's march in dc. she has not been served yet but police want her to appear here in loudoun county courtroom. to a story you saw first on fox. stunning new allegations of grade fixing in prince george's county schools. hours before final report is said to be released in the state ordered investigation, a whistleblower has come forward >> a school employee claims she and others were told to change students records before investigators came into the school. fox 5 lindsay watts is following the story >> this new information comes from an e-mail we've obtained. that was sent by a prince george's county high school employee to the firm conducting the investigation into alleged grade fixing. it says before investigates were scheduled to visit her school, that she and other employees spent all day and all night getting student files in order. specifically, making sure credit tallies added up for seniors who
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graduated in the last two years. she said her school got a tip from another school that those tallies were a key part of the investigation. in the e-mail to investigators, she said schools were calling around to other schools to get they will done before you all came. she also writes that as they work on those tallies, they found students who should not have graduated because they did not meet the core requirements for graduation, woman who sent the e-mail did not want to be named and she didn't even want her school named for fear that she would be identified. she sent the e-mail to the consulting form conducting the investigation as well as david murray and edward boroughs. two school board member whose requested the probe >> it's clear that a lot of different high schools were talking to each other about what investigators were looking for want they should be looking into. the fact that records were altered not only shows that one, the initial accusations were true. but what lengths are they willing to go in order to cover it up? really i think it proves that the
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were accurate. >> those initial accusations were made by four board members in a letter to the governor. in it, they allege widespread systemic corruption to boost the graduation rate under the leadership of schools ceo dr. kevin maxwell. dr. maxwell repeatedly denied the claims. tonight a spokesman for prince george's county school said administration is not aware of those allegations from the employee e-mail. the final report from investigators is due tomorrow. i'm told it is on track to be finished by close of business, not clear when it's going to be made public. but of course, we'll let you know as soon as we have it. lindsay watts fox 5 local news. dc police need your help identifying a person of interest in a robbery in northeast. investigators say the victim and the suspect who you see here on your screen ranged to meet through an online dating ap. when they met. the suspect attacked the victim and stole his money. fox 5 marina marraco is live at police headquarters in northwest now with the latest.
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marina? >> reporter: shawn, dc police have a victim, they know where the victim took place, but dc police asking for the public's assistance in helping identify this man. they're calling him a person of interest. someone who they believe set up his victim by luring them to meet up via a dating ap. police won't say which of the social media tools this man used they said the robbery and assault happened here on neil street in the trinidad neighborhood of northeast late saturday. the two were supposed to meet for money, but both men began to undress and at some point the victim said he felt comfortable and tried leaving when he was pushed back on the bed and restrained against his will. it was then when he said the suspect threatened with bashing his headway fire extinguish. both men ran outside. the suspect stole $200 from the victim's pocket and told him, quote, if you call the police, i will find you and slit your throat and your kids too. dc police hoping that y
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help them in identifying and finding this man. this man tonight still on the run. live tonight at headquarters, marina marraco fox 5 local news. now to the first criminal charges in the russia election probe. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort an associate rick gates both pleaded not guilty during a court appearance. both could face decades in prison. if found guilty. sarah simmons is in the newsroom with latest >> the indictment spells out what special counsel robert mueller's office calls a money laundering scheme. paul manafort and his business partner rick gates are facing dozens of charging including money laundering and conspiracy. up to $75 million flowed into overseas accounts control by both manafort and gates. manafort is charged with laundering over 18 million to buy property and luxury i guess. gates is accused of transferring over 3 mli
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ran. the indictment unsealed today says the two men did not register as foreign agents when they did work for ukraine's pro russia. >> i believe you all saw it today. that president trump was correct. there is no evidence that mr. manafort or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. mr. manafort represented pro european union campaigns for the ukrainian. and in that, he was seeking to further democracy. >> a third man with ties to the trump presidential campaign, george pop lus pleaded guilty. while the deem covers the summer of 2016. his attorney insists the activities he's cha
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predates his involvement with the campaign. if convicted. manafort faces up to 80 years in prison gates up to 70. both due back in court on november 2nd. a 12-year-old boy who tried to commit suicide by jumping off an overpass in fairfax county virginia ended up taking the life of a passing motorist. boy is in the hospital with serious injuries landing on a car traveling eastbound on i66, the driver, marissa harris was a graduate student at mary mount university. studying clinical mental health counseling. her boyfriend in the passenger seat. he grabbed the wheel. he wasn't hurt. he was killed on impact. experts say suicide rates are the rise >> what we're seeing is that the number of young people who are considering suicide, who actually have those thoughts has risen. there's a lot of work to do as far as getting people to talk.
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getting adults to know what to look for. >> support professionals are available to mary mount students and staff and on campus memorial is planned later. now, to an update, two teenagers are now charged in the deadly shooting of another teen in howard county. police say lewis or done es shot 14-year-old xavier young on saturday. young died today. investigators say there was an altercation when the suspects and the victim agreed to meet for a drug deal. someone opened fire from a car. both suspects are being held without bond. what is difference just a few hour can say make. take a look at these pictures. kind of show you the effects of some of the strong winds today. this is video from crownsville maryland. a live look is showing a much quieter and cooler night. let's head to sue palka to get a look at what we can expect. >> i'm glad those gusty wind
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places earlier today are out of here. that it was a huge storm. wasn't it? >> it sure was. yes. messy too. >> very. absolutely. very tough driving, and observing of sports last night. painful. guys, i can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of october. >> neither can i >> i find that the end of the year always speeds along. >> i agree. i believe i'm finding that every year that passes is going faster and faster. the seven-day forecast will take you into november here but we'll focus on tonight, and we wanted to show you once again that big storm that deposited between one and two inches of rain here but up to five inches in new england. that is moved away. but what we're seeing is one last frontal boundary associated with it that will press through with a few clouds and reenforce the chill. just to give you an idea. we're 51 here in dc. get up and over the mountains where that frontal boundary is, and it's about ten degrees cooler in pittsburgh at
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then you get up towards chicago and detroit and it's in the low 40's. we're going to go see mostly upper 30's low 40's coming in later tonight, many places already dropped into the mid 50's and 40's. dulles is 45, winchester 41. and that's actually up a little bit since last hour. martinsberg, 47. and down toward fredericksburg, 49. winds are still out of the southwest. kind of a warm direction for us right now. a little bit later tonight, those winds come in out of the northwest, and that will help to bring the temperatures back down into the mid and upper 30's north and west to about 44 degrees. here in the district. it's a chilly start for your halloween but a nice bright start and not nearly as windy as it was today. we'll keep it dry throughout the day, i'll have the trick or treat forecast coming up in a few minutes. the trick or treat forecast. thank you, sue. fox 5 is in loudoun tonight where several people in leesburg say someone dropped off kkk flyers and candy in front of their homes yesterday. police say theat
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presented but say the hate group is not welcome in their neighborhood. fox 5 evan lambert has the story tonight. >>reporter: here in downtown leesburg several neighborhoods have been targeted with kkk flyers. neighbors tell us they didn't ask for them. they don't want them here and this does not represent leesburg. richard and his wife have lived in leesburg 17 years. they say this is the first time they've seen such obvious signs of hate here. and it came on sunday. >> it startled me what was in there. it had the cd in there, and a hate literature. and two pieces of candy. >> the ziploc bag filled with kkk flyers and candy. and just in time for halloween. it appears the packages were thrown from a car to dozens of home in several leesburg neighborhoods. >> very violated. to have something like that dropped off at my house, made me mad. >> reporter: the hate speech includes
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derogatory language targeting african-americans and jewish people. several neighbors told us the flyers don't represent them. and have no place in leesburg. >> i thought we fought this kind of thing back in the 50's and 60's? earlier than that. and it's horrible to know that we're still fighting white supremacists >> she said she saved this to show it to her son and it will go in the trash, where she says it belongs. >>s into the going to do any good because nobody in their right mind will join your group. they're just plain vial. >> police tell us that they can't do anything about the flyers because it's protected speech under the first amendment. they say if they do identify the people who distributed them. they could potentially go after them on littering charges.
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evan lambert. fox 5 local news. new tonight, dc police are looking for the man who shot this cell phone video while vandalizing part of the pakistani embassy. police say he spray painted graffiti and shatter todd windows. this happened back on saturday. october 14th. the damage was done in what's called the interest section of the islamic republic of iran, if you have information about who did this call police. a dc man facing serious charges all over what he was doing on social media. the shocking details investigators say they found on his facebook page. a bombshell from hollywood. the fall-out or accusations of sexual misconduct against kevin space? >> we're staying on top of new developments in the russia investigation, catch the final five tonight at 11:30.
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. he's accused of running a virtual gun store on facebook. tonight, a dc man is facing felony gun charges. court documents show the fbi began investigating allen james after someone tipped
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was selling assault rifles, semiautomatic handguns and extended clips on his facebook page. the feds say a search of his page turned up videos, numerous conversations that he was having with other facebook users about guns and ammunition for sale. >> it's very disturbing. the problem that we have with violent crime in the city, i've said it over and over is illegal firearms, if somebody is purchasing a firearm through the internet, you know, it's just as disturbing to me as if somebody was to pull up and sell a gun out trunk of their car >> several months after investigation, dc police arrested james for having a handgun in southeast. he's in jail waiting for his next court appearance next month. >> new tonight, netflix announced it will end its political drama house of cards after its upcoming sixth season. now, the news comes a day after actor anthony rap accused kevin space made a sexual advance on him in 1986 when rap was just 14's space see said he doe
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issue the encounter but issued an apology for what he said wouldn't have a deeply inappropriate drunken behavior >> if you bought or ordered the newly released phone 10 you will have to wait until at least december to get it. apple said there's a five to six-week bag log for most iphone ten models for apple and the four major u.s. wireless providers. the iphone 10 is said to be released november 3rd with a price tag starting at $999. one dollar short of 1,000. >> thank you be tony >> thought we wouldn't notice that. >> they didn't always say hey, 999. >> that's a trick that a lot of people try to use. >> if it doesn't vacuum myself, i can't have it >> if it doesn't vacuum my car? $1,000? >> for a phone >> get out of here. >> they do do the forecast. >> glad you watch >> yes. >> we want thank you for that. >> better to get i
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person >> keeps me in my flip phone too >> all eyes on the forecast for tomorrow. a lot of trick or treaters >> most definitely. can you imagine if we had last night's weather tomorrow >> it would be a wash-out, >> it would be horrible. we got a few rainy halloweens, this will not be one. it is very good news. it's such a fun holiday, so many people get into it. we'll have a blast fox morning news tomorrow, make sure you tune in, they've got all kinds of stuff planned and we're looking at a pretty good forecast too. the headline, it is a sunny and ghoul halloween appropriate. glad it will not be raining. next couple days cool as a matter of fact. not only halloween coming in at about 60 we cloud up quite a bit on wednesday. and we will have just a couple of spotty showers around, light rain. nothing like what we had over the weekend on sunday that amounted to one to two inches of rain that we actually badly needed. >> let me talk about that surface, of course, our big storm system went on by, you can still see it up here,
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of equal pressure showing where the intense storm will continue moving away up into canada and because we're still kind of close enough to it with a reenforcing front, the flow will still be out of the northwest. that's a little bit on the chilly side for us. but don't worry, a nice recovery in the afternoon. we'll call it seasonally cool. because the average high for this time of year is 64. we should be close to that if not a few degrees shy. so 50's and 60's ought to do it with, again, much lighter breezes tomorrow and a lot of sunshine. for kids heading out, late afternoon and evening, maybe not as early as 4:00 but we'll give you the rundown anyway. 58 at 4:00. drop another degree by 5:00. the winds are nice and light. 6:00, a lot of kids heading out between 6:00 and 7:00, 54 in the city. could be in the upper 40's in the suburbs. 7:00 temperature 52. and if they will keep it going through 8:00, 9:00, we'll see temperatures across the region dropping into the 40's. another cool night tomorrow. but
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for the trick or treaters. i mentioned that we're watching a reenforcing front come through with a few clouds, precipitation stays on the other side of the mountains and looks like it's dried up. by this time tomorrow night, nice and dry as the kids are heading out, tuesday at 7:00 for halloween. but by wednesday morning, those clouds are back with us. they hang with us all day. and in the afternoon, there could be showers around especially north of dc. fairly spotty everywhere else and you can see by 9:00, 10:00, the clouds but a couple of light showers here and there. for tonight, 44 in the city much less windy clear and chilly and your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. two cool days coming. of we have two warm days, thursday and friday. friday looks fantastic at 75 degrees. and soak that up while you can because the weekend not so great. lots of clouds, a cool air wedge situation setting up that brings us clouds and drizzle, cooler temperatures
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whole lot better sunday. bit more measurable as we fall back to standard time on sunday at 63. and by monday, we're back to 70 with lots of clouds around. of tony >> that's your seven-day. >> thank you. big news. come look at your tv. a trending tonight, google apparently takes its emojis seriously. the company is facing a lot of criticism on social media about the placement of the cheese on its cheese burger emoji. pointed out that google's emoji places the cheese under the burger, this is apple's with the cheese appropriately on top. google has the cheese under on top of the lower piece of bread >> you say that's inappropriate. >> inappropriate >> google's ceo said, i believe sarcastically that the company planned to quote drop everything to address the issue. >> i would never probably have even noticed that >> i would not have >> people kind of went
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today. upset about it goodness >> many of you may have had an apple or bag of raisins tossed in your halloween bag when you were going trick or treating, someone gave you raisins >> i don't remember that. really, i don't. >> toothbrush? >> give the toothbrushes to kids. >> this year, there's another healthy snack that has been playing trick or treating tricks on people. a comedic graphic artist tweeted this out of a mini salad. with caption that says this is the skaefrt thing i ever seen. i would legitimate call the cops to anyone that gives these out. this is not a real product and reminded the man behind the prank their logo is trademarked so take the name off it.
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that's something i would try to give away. >> i have to say that's funny. we'll be right back.
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narrator: ed gillespie's fals attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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. wonder what they will talk about >> you guys can probably guess, stick around have a great night. final five is next. ♪♪ what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it. ♪♪ what if it was so easy to use,
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[alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪♪
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. details day, the white house is responding trying to turn you up pressure on democrats, the gop wants to stay focused on tax reform as they prepare to release much anticipated tax bill. a judge blocks the president's ban on trep troops, more questions about the controversial contact to turn the lights back on in puerto rico. i don't have a table. i don't have a laptop because they're already around here for the big halloween show.


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