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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  October 31, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead on good day a report set to be released today on allegations of grade fixing at prince george's county schools much eighths story that fox5 has led the way on and this morning we have new claims from a new whistleblower. the are you is a probe sending shock waves through the nation's capitol today. we can hear from president trump's former campaign manager who is now under house arrest. this as the president is busy tweeting about it already this morning. robert griffin the third's career might be on hold right
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anything but. we'll get the scoop on claims that rgiii made about his time with the skins and, of course, you know annie and wisdom. it is our big spook tack can you lauer halloween show starting 10:00 o'clock this morning. live studio audience joining us as we celebrate the spooky holiday you don't want to miss what dress up as as good day the 9a starts right now. >> yeah. >> that was scary. >> a guy walking in front of the camera. >> we promised surprises and we deliver. >> there's the first one. >> sometimes we don't even know it's going happen. but we're happy to be here with you on this tuesday morning g day d.c. glad to be here. tuesday october 31st. welcome to halloween edition of good day dc. annie good to see you this morning. >> thank you. good to be here. thanks so much for joining us. ly real fun starting at 10:00 o'clock just an hour away. >> before we get into that let's kick things off with your halloween forecast. frightful night, tucker barnes. that one wasn't like the other one because i'm warming up for the 10:00 o'clock. >> you knock o
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feel like you shouldn't have. >> yeah. >> yeah. that's exactly what happened to you. >> yeah. >> all of a sudden maybe i shouldn't have done that. >> okay. i understand that. >> my house may be one of those houses. >> yeah? >> yeah. because i don't have any candy. >> keep the light off, wisdom. [ laughter ] >> sunny and cool halloween but the key here is sunny. sunny and beautiful and eye daycare highs in the upper 50's. currently 50 in washington. south out of the west here at three. picture perfect day for all things trick or treat late this afternoon. quiet conditions out there and we're not expecting any rain until perhaps tomorrow. all systems go for perfect weather conditions later this afternoon it will be little c cool. daytime highs upper 50's and fall quick fool the low 50s and upper 40s. car jacket for the little trick or treaters later this evening f you're running around you'll be fine but, you know f you're not moving whole lot consider a jacket a little later. 55 at trick or treat time. kind of candy you guys have this year? >> snickers bars. >> snickers is always number one for me. >> snickers.
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>> in other words. >> smarties i get all the sugary tart tee stuff. >> not going for the chocolate. >> annie is like a sour patch. >> yeah. >> swedish fish. >> now we're talking. >> all right. thanks tuck. see in you a little bit. >> all right. threats switch gears at 9:03 and talk news. now to story you saw first on fox5 and that we continue to lead the way on. this morning there are new allegations in the great grade fixing investigation involving prince george's county. the new claims come from a whistleblower school workers scrambled to check student records before investigators showed up. melanie alnwick live in upper marlboro this morning with the story. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. there's a lot at stake here not only for the school ceo dr. kevin maxwell but also for three school board members who brought these allegations forward, and we had this revelation, this leak, of an e-mail that was sent to investigators the night before this report, this audit is about to drop. that is supposed to be done
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state investigation looking into allegations of grade fixing to inflate graduation rates. so fox5 did obtain that e-mail apparently this was an e-mail that was sent to investigators and to a couple of the school board members. in it, a pgps employee claims that schools were sharing information on what files to clean up before auditors arrived and it also says that they found some students who did graduate with without the required credits. we asked david murray one of the school board members who brought the initial complaint his reaction. >> it's clear that a lot of different high schools were talking to each other about what investigators were looking for and what they should be looking into. >> the fact that records were altered not only shows that one, the initial accusations were true but what lengths are we willing to go in order to could it up. i think it proves the initial accusations were accurate. >> reporter: now, prior investigation found no
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three school board members and the student member went to governor larry hogan asking the say the board of education to take a look. alleging widespread systemic corruption and pressure coming from the very top. that new investigation began last august. school ceo dr. kevin maxwell says the claims of systemic corruption are totally false and politically motivated though he acknowledges that investigators may find some individuals who acted inappropriately. now, back out live here we really don't have good sense of what time that report is going to be filed today. we know that the deadline for the investigation to be completed is today oct october 31st, but we just don't know whether it will be then forwarded to the state board of education and to prince george's county public schools immediately or if that will take some league time. again we also don't know when that information will be made public but you can be sure as as soon as we get it, we'll put it out to you. live in upper marlboro, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local
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news. >> former trump campaign paul manfort waking up under house arrest this morning in his home in alexandria. they are indications though he will today address the major federal charges that he and an associate now face. >> manfort and that associate rick gates the first to be charged in special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation and president trump is tweeting all about it this morning. >> fox5's bob barnard is live outside manfort's home in alexandria with the story. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. we don't know how mr. manfort is going to address it. will he come outside his condo here and say something? not likely. will he put out a statement? we will see. as you mentioned paul manfort is under house arrest here at his condo in old town alexandria. he posted a $10 million bond to get out of court yesterday. he is had to surrender his passport. mr. manfort's attorney called calls the charges ridiculous and in a morning tweet this morning president trump seems to agree. citing that lawyer he said see, there is no evidence of collusion here. mr. manfort and
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indicted on 12 counts including couldn't superior so to launder money that stems from work they did with a pro russia political party in ukraine. also, charged with making false statements to federal investigators. white house chief of staff john kelly was on fox news talking about this last night. >> all of the activities as i understand it that they were indicted for were long before they ever met donald trump or had any association with the campaign, but i think the reaction of the administration is let the legal justice system work. everyone is innocent until -- presumed innocent and we'll see where it goes. >> reporter: now, in another development in this special counsel russia probe guilty plea that we learn about from a man named george papadopoulos. foreign policy adviser to the trump campaign in another tweet president trump called him a young low level volunteer and a liar. now, in pleading guilty to mak
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investigators, it is believed that perhaps mr. papadopoulos, their years old, is cooperating with bob mueller's team. is he perhaps and has he in the past worn wire in some of his discussions with other players in this case? that's the speculation this morning. not sure where this goes. but some people think that guilty plea is more significant than the charges that mr. manfort and gates have plead not guilty to in court yest yesterday. they are due back in court on thursday. that is, mr. manfort and m mr. gates, the white house seems to be downplaying all of this and yet, guys, the new york times is reporting that yesterday morning president trump spent more time than normal up in the white house residence watching the tv news reports about the indictments that he was fuming and had put him in really bad mood yest yesterday. >> a lot of unanswered questions, bob. it will take some time before we get answers to those questions. >>
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>> 9:08 is the time much also in the news this morning federal judge blocked president trump's ban on transgender people serving in the us military. trance jent service members sued the president and the defense secretary in august. they say the ban was a violation of their constitutional rights. the trump administration is deciding whether to appeal today's ruling. and just a moment ago, bob barnard featured white house chief of staff john kelly talking about the indictments in the russia investigation the only hot topic talked about on debut the ingram angle for an interview he discussed a wide range of topic including the removal of confederate monuments and defended keeping them on display. >> history is history. and certain things in history that were not so good and other things that are have are have good. it's inconceivable to me you would take what we think now and apply it back then. i think it's very very dangerous and it shows you what -- how much of a lack of appreciation history and what history
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>> his comments come after a history church in alexandria virginia moved to take down memorials for president george washington and confederate general robert e. lee famous parishioners of that church. out in loudoun county several people in leesburg say somebody dropped off kkk flyers and candy in front of their homes just days before hall halloween. the sip logged bags were filled with hate flyers and candy. the hate speech included cartoons filled with derogatory language targeting african-americans and jewish people. neighbors say the flyers don't represent them and they have no place for them in leesburg. ♪ the cleanup begins across the northeast this morning after severe weather batters the region and left more than a million people in the dark this morning. the wicked weather brought hurricane strength winds causing thousands of trees to topple. some falling on to houses and cars. crews are scrambling to get the power back on. many cities in new england canceled halloween activities and school because of the damage. >> developing this morning, there's more fallout for actor kevin
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house of cards which features spacy is coming to an rental. netflix is canceling the series after season six which is filming right now. the decision comes less than a day after actor kevin spacey accused of sexual assault. anthony rapp claims spacy sexually assa assaulted him at a party back in the '80s were rapp was 14 years old. >> would you rather see the series continue without kevin spacey or end together. >> producer guild of america banned harvey weinstein for life after dozens of women accused of him of sexual harass. some claim he raped them. his representative says he denies all claims of non consensual sex. >> time is 9:11. coming up at 9:00 robert fief grin iii opens up online and on air. >> went on a twitter rant during the game. grant paulsen had a chance to catch up with him. we'll break down the suites that appear to refer to his time here in dc and the redskins. stay with us. grant is join usft
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break. 11 past the hour today. it's getting scared over there. >> we're getting geared up for the annual spook tacular show coming in just about 45 minutes now. serve excited. stay tuned for the big spooktacular special. be right back.
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narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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♪ >> live look at the lost right now and a loft has a bit of a haunted feel to it this morning. it's spooky, it's scary. it's full of skulls and we'll be there in about 45 minutes for our good day halloween spach to you carla that just continues to grow and grow every year. wisdom i think this proves that since we are still here i think we need least amount of time in makeup to get into our scary costumes. >> i think you're right. >> i'm not sure what that says about it wis. >> we're easy or there's no hope for us. >> right. or just already scary. >> we're already scary. >> either way we're looking forward to it in 45 minutes. hope you stick around for it as well. 9:15 is the time. let's talk sports now after a day of rest astro and dodgers back at it again gearing up for game sick of the world series tonight in la. houston has thee games to two advantage. sunday's slug fest brought the homerun total in this series to 22 breaking the old fall classic record of 21. tonight rich hill will start
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the dodgers against justin verlander. you can watch the game right here on fox5. stick around afterwards aft the game for fox5 news and the final five. >> let's switch back to foo football. 9:15 this is interest fog d.c. sports fans. the nationals as we know now have new manager. cubs bench coach dave martinez, and the redskins former quarterback robert griffin the third breaking his silent on his past with the redskins. grant paulsen joins us now to break down the stories for us. grant, good to see you this morning. let's start with robert griffin the their. before we talk about what you talk with him yesterday, most people saw the tweet storm that came from robert during the football games over the weekend. of everything that he was tweeting, before you talked to him, what did you did you find was the most interesting they know he was tweeting about? >> well, i guess that he still very much thinks about and wondering about the end of his time in washington. you're going back now a few years ago. since he's been on the field. 2014 with the redskins. he's played with a
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organization since the cleveland browns. he's been out of football since. i guess i was surprised in the mill of the afternoon on sunday that he took to social media to try to make sense of how it all ended in d.c. >> so you had a chance to catch up with robert yesterday hadn't conversation with him. what did he have to say about it? >> well, a lot of things. frankly. he was on the air with us for some 26 minutes and people should definitely go check it out. it was most extensive conversation he's had since leaving washington about his time with the redskin a lot of thing. i think first and for most he wanted to essentially say that he doesn't want his name as he put it dragged through the mud any more. he feels as though the media whether in the d.c. or national until some cases the fans social media world everyone name has to be funny continually as he pitt drags him through the mood doesn't let him move on with his life. so i think that was one of the reasons he came on as far as football goes,
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found particularly interesting. he agreed he was never going to be a fit for jay gruden's system. he didn't use kirk cousins name and won i found that really inteinteresting he he continuedo prefer to him as the quarterback now there. i asked him if he was surprised by the numbers he put up and the records he's broken. he wasn't surprised by it as he used the stats. that was strange p a little bit interesting to me. bigger picture i think this is a guy that has felt like enough has been said about the shanahan portion of his time. he was faux cuff on the jay grew again year. i got two games with new coach that was it and two seasons after being a number two overall pick and he made it seem like that's pretty stunning in today's nfl. >> does he still want to play football, grant? oh, absolutely. he's working out very hard. according to way toll us yesterday he was on his way to work out when i talk to him. he plans on being back in the national football league. he made it sound as a matter of fact. like he knows he's going to play again. he will will be a
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he brought cole lip kaepernick in it. we should both be in the league right now. everybody knows that. apparently, the gms and owners don't necessarily know that. but he is very confident still. that is not been lost at any point as he's been out of the league. >> you lose confidence you'll lose your game. he has to stay on top of confidence game. let's gears right now baseball the nationals have not been able to get that past that hump. bring agnew manager on board dave martinez. has a pretty good mentor who las been to the world series several times, what's he bring to the table and how is his style going to gel with this team that's already pretty established? >> well, we're not sure yet steve because we don't know what his style is frankly never having managed before. that's the big risk. you're turning the keys to one of the nicest cars in the sport to a person hasn't driven. martinez has been dubbed the next gig star in managing as a bench coach first in tampa, then in chicago under joe madden. he was hired because of a new school
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fact he's going to think differently than old school thinker like dusty bake baker. how he fits into the clubhouse we don't know until spring training. >> good luck this halloween. i hope you have a wonderful show today. dress up on the radio haven't some fun and hopefully we'll be dressing up like world champions innear future here in d.c. >> see you soon. >> that would be nice. happy halloween, guys. >> thanks, grant. >> i don't understand. back to the rg3. i don't understand why he keeps revisiting. let people say what they want to say and move on with your life. just move on. i know there's slamming him. but if you want to prove them wrong, prove them wrong on the football field. >> he's not giving a chance. give me the chance to prove them wrong. >> i understand but at some point you have to move on. >> the other thing he's trying to get attention of any gm out there that wants take a flyer on him. let's give a guy a shout. >> as many bad quarterbacks he's probably right. even though he's not great he should be on somebody
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second round pick for backup. >> there are plenty of quarterbacks in the nfl. 9:20. coming up this morning nothing is spooky eighty three than getting ripped off. >> yeah. but that's not the case this year. a lot of companies are offering great deals this halloween. we'll have details ahead. >> all right. and send them on in. we want to see more of your costumes this morning. that's a good harry potter. thanks marry anna for sending that. tweet or facebook us. it's a bad redskins. that's what it is. >> oh, okay. >> that's so funny. >> 9:21. make sure to use the hash tag fox5 halloween and keep them coming, little spiderman. ♪ thank you, ikea. oh, john can't come. my uncle geoff just confirmed. the one that's always bringing a plus-one? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering) m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health?
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control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia. ♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name,
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d shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. thank you, ikea. oh, john can't come. my uncle geoff just confirmed. the one that's always bringing a plus-one?
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e've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering) >> nip 24:00 on this tuesday halloween morning. >> that's right. annie is will talk about the headlines we're work ong this morning. >> that's right a lost news happening. first up president trump is expected to announce his pick forehead of the federal reserve bank today. according to a trump administration official, the leading candidate is jerome j. powell a current member of the federal reserve board. mr. trump's pick will replace janet yell land head of the nation's central bang. and disgraced army sergeant bowe bergdahl gave a tearful apology to the service members who searched for him. bergdahl desert the his post in afghanistan back in 2009 and was captured bite taliban for four years at a sentences hearing yesterday soldiers described the dangerous conditions they went through to rescue him. bergdahl plead guilty last
9:25 am
to desertion and misbehavior charges. we have new details about those russian backed adds on facebook. it found quote some evidence of misuse of its platforms boy a pro russian government group apparently the activity was limited it also found that two accounts linked to the group spent nearly $5,000 on ads during the 2016 election. google said those accounts have since been suspended. and you would think that being a former president would have its perks, right? like not having to be called for jury duty. well think again. former president barack obama has been called for jury duty in cook county ill know. he owns a home in kenwood neighborhood of chicago much the not known where or when the former president will serve if he's pick. finally, no tricks, just treats. you're quarantined to find spook tacular specials in honor of halloween. red robin, pizza hut, papa john's have halloween promo code that will get you free food. krispy kreme get a free doughnut if you show
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chipotle offering three dollars bowls to someone who shows up in costume. the staff will determine if the costume qualifies for the discount. enter their boo rito give away you can winfrey burrito deliver rows for year. >> treats for all. >> i'm sure they'll be fine. >> right. >> yeah. >> hey, dress like a businessperson today. >> i'm dressed like annie i was. >> when we come back we'll get into the holiday spirit with our furry four legged friends. >> sit down with a veterinarian who's has tips on how to keep your pets happy and healthy this halloween. >> keep them coming. we've been enjoying it all morning long. the hash tag fox5 halloween. we love to see you photos. did you see that? it was a washing machine. >> i saw that. >> look the this. >> great one by marsha. keep them coming, guys. we'll show them on air. you can share with us via facebook or twitter. use the hash tag fox5 halloween so we can find them. >> we're out
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>> peace out. ♪ narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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♪ this is going to be big. big spook tacular show coming up in just a short time from now. we're going to all get all dressed up in our c
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but it's going to be big show. >> i feel like this year's decoration is a lot more scarier than last year. >> i think so, too. definitely more dark. >> yes. ghoulish. >> we have members of our studio audience already here. so excited to see them. all in costumes. it will be a fun show starting at 10:00 o'clock. hi, kev. >> good to see you guys think morning. i'm super excited about today. it's my wife's favorite holiday. we got engaged on this day. we'll be handing out candy and watching movies on netflix hoax company poe cuss is not on netflix is is that your fav favorite. >> i'll get to my favorites. i'll tell was you can stream on netflix today as you're staying home passing out candy. obviously tune into fox5 and then in between our shows watch some of these movies. so here's some five films i think i recommend to watch on net 96 tonight while you're home for halloween. first up is the nightmare before christmas no question. an absolute classic. tim burton stop
9:31 am
this is the film my wife even got engaged to. jack and sally tour of the most iconic characters of all time. i love this film so much. tim burton produced it. it's his story but directed by gentleman named henry sell lick. a lot of people think tim burton directed it because the title says tim burton the nightmare before christmas. >> his conception. >> his concession. that shot right there is amazing. this is all done through stop motion animation. they had to build all these puppets and move them 24 times a second to create the motion. >> was it scary. >> it has scary elements it to. it's a kids film. kids can watch it. >> i like that. >> tim burton is a little dark obviously. >> oh yeah. >> this was a pg film. this is a film that i think kids have liked over the years and adults have like. >> i love it. >> the appreciation of the amount of time it too tock make this movie. >> i went to tim burton exhibit in new york once and i they had actually the puppets every time jack's face changes facial expressions the thing about if it's a second. >> a couple hundred shots. >> if it's a second of him going like that
9:32 am
pieces of his face moving. to create that second of motion. >> background moving and everything. >> it's pretty wild. next up at the craft. i love this in many as kid in the '90's. it was a movie i remember seeing the trailer for it and going i really want to see this. if you don't remember it basically about four high school students who practice witchcraft and kind of get back at people who make fun of them. >> i kind of do remember this. really really well done movie i really like it. >> you like it annie. >> i did. >> it was good in the '90's one of the most famous shots in this movie coming up shortly. you'll see this girl change her hair color in the shot right here. i don't know if it's coming up next or not. >> when you said the name of it i would not have recognized. now seeing the video i remember it. >> it's a fun move z it's cheesy at time. >> she was in -- >> ned campbell. >> she shake her hair and become the other color. i thought that was a cool shot that. movie streaming on netflix as well. next up, to the authority kids called sleepy hollow. >> i have seen this one. >> great movie
9:33 am
that is. sleepy hollow is -- johnny depp. >> this is a tim burton film absolute classic. this is crazy story we all know about the head less horse man. this is a story that's been around for years and movies and tv and books. but tim burton took a spin on it in 1999. johnny depp plays in the film. really really funny movie at times but also very gruesome. tim burton found a with to balance out this weird wicked humor that this character ick today bod crane had in the film. burton i don't know why, but johnny depp always made me laugh in that film the way his mannerisms were. >> was he supposed to be. >> i think he was meant to be little off and weird. but i don't think there was intention of making a comedy but christopher walk kin plays the head less horse man. imagine filming that. your head is inside of a jack and you're basically ride ago horse. i don't think he actually physically filmed those scenes. i think he only did the scenes we saw his face. prior to becoming the head less horse man. >> i remember
9:34 am
don't remember it being that scary. >> it's r rated. pretty gruesome. pretty violent best of the films all of time movie called zodiac. this is sixth sense. go to sixth sense first. sixth sense m. shite night shymalan. do you remember seeing this trailer for the first time? they're in the car. the there's the accident. he sees the dead body next to his car. very scary if you say that you saw this ending coming -- >> hopefully -- >> you're lying. you're lying. >> there's no way you knew that bruce willis was dead at the end of sixth sense you. >> just ruined it for me. >> it's also 22 years ago. >> but still you're telling people watch to watch. >> bruce willis obviously -- >> skip that man. >> haley joe osman. that's available on netflix as well. one of the scariest films i see dead people. >> you told me in star wars hans solo -- >> never mine. >> i love this movie so much called zodiac. this is based on the true story about
9:35 am
zodiac killer was. i believe this was in the '70's or '80s i don't remember the exact decade this took place. >> '70's. sorry. and david fincher actually directed this film who directed fight club as well films like seven and now zodiac. mark ruffalo is phenomenal in this movie one of the best films i've seen in a long time. also real quick on netflix, mind hunter and stranger things. two shows streaming on netflix. >> go to movie this h. halloween is. >> nightmare before christmas and hocus-pocus. >> that's what you'll watch today. >> death becomes child's may. >> how about pet cemetery. >> chuckie. how could you leave that out. >> it's not on netflix that i know of. those are the ones i found on fete netflix that i like. >> more penny wise costumes than anything. >> we're going a baby driver. >> with the sun track? >> i bought an 80 gig black ipod so i can recreate the costume. >> let's check in with tucker one more time. >> kevin, oscar was in earlier dan he l
9:36 am
>> oscar the grouch is huge fan of kevin mccarthy. he's very very noise guy. he's actually much like you actually. >> 50 in washington. >> we're not a whole lot a like. 40 in manassas. 46 quantico. 52 leonardtown. it's still cool. it will be cool afternoon. my hair is all over the place. our daytime highs only in the upper 50's to about 60 this afternoon but sunny, bright and beautiful. >> i'll walk through your shot if you don't mind. >> you look cool. appreciate it. serve leaving. who am i going to toss it to. clear skies, quiet conditions, high pressure will keep us nice and dry a little later it will be dry not only today but tonight. so your trick or treating looks fine. tomorrow we'll get showers back in the forecast so plan accordingly. warmer temperatures around here, too. daytime highs a few degrees below normal as we get into the nighttime hours, it's going to be chilly one so little trike or treaters might want to consider a light jacket on top of their halloween outfit. but again we're talking about the next couple of days
9:37 am
at warmer temperatures. in fact bite end of the being we may well into the 70s there's another look at it. the other bright spot the winds won't be as strong as yesterday. for the last day of objection, really couldn't ask for nicer conditions across the area with really ideal conditions set up here for the next couple of days. here's your halloween forecast. daytime highs a few degrees below normal. 60. looing at the bright sunshine expected throughout the day. low humidity, perfect for wearing several layers of outfit tonight. and you know it will cool off quickly here later this evening so plan for some cool temperatures. i think overnight lows particularly if you're north and west of the city will likely be in the middle 30s by tomorrow morning. all right. there's your seven day. spotty shower to. real quick reminder we're pulling the clocks back an hour. fall back an hour early sunday morning with highs this weekend only in the low 60s. that's a weather update. annie, back over to you. >> tucker, thank you so much. >> all right. we may love halloween but sometimes it can be a little scary for our four leg family members. so it's i
9:38 am
this halloween and joining us this morning with some tips or how to do it just right dr. eric cryan the chief veterinarian of nova mobile vet. thank you very much for joining us. >> happy halloween. >> happy halloween. so or halloween we should say. >> i grew up with doing. we always had dogs and this time of year and fourth of july always kind of a tricky time for four legged family members. >> it is very tricky. you want to generally recommend give them exercise so they're not as stressed when the night comes. most dag geese we recommend putting them away so they don't have stress of a much people ringing the doorbell and, you know, scary masks and faces that can confuse them. why some dogs do very well other dogs can be stressed. you want to try to avoid, you know, exposing them to a lot things that could stress them out or cause them discomfort. >> okay. these guys are just too cute. we have to show off their costumes and they are wearing costumes which is another safety thing. what are some tips on costume picking out costume. can i hold this guy
9:39 am
>> absolutely. >> he is or she -- he? she. >> so adorable. >> this is loboo. >> holy mackerel. hoe oh, my goodness. does that this dog belong to anybody. >> yeah. i might have to dog nap him. oh my goodness. >> we're concerned we won't be able to leave the studio. >> he's wearing a cape. obviously we want to pick something else that's loose. >> make sure there's no constrictions around the neck that they can freely move you want to check to make sure that you know there's no loose items they can bite or consume and of course around halloween you want to avoid the chocolate raisins, sugar free gum and risk that comes with the candy. >> that's right. because we want to keep them away from it. chocolate is very toxic to an animals. >> it is. chocolate can be deadly. higher doses especially the dark chocolate or if they get into mixed cocoa that can be very concerning. >> that's right. what about when the doorbell rings and our little pets make their get away unfortunately. make sure they're always tagged. >> a
9:40 am
dog exercising them beforehand trying to avoid distress and not put them in an area someone expectedly loses control of them and they can go outside. any final tips for us doctor. >> no. just hope everyone in the area dmv has a safe and happy halloween keeps the dogs and cats indoors away from stress of people ad knock owing on the door. >> if they do go out with you trick or treating add glow sticks to them, too so they are seen. >> dooley is pretty reflective with his superman cape. you want to have reflect on the people and pets so they can be clearly scene. stay in group and everyone keep save this halloween. >> i love it. thank you so much dr. cryan. >> thanks for having me. >> inova mobile vet. very good tips much these guys are so cute. >> are you sure i can take him home. >> it's hard. cute couple the two of you. his dad would be pretty upset. >> we'll be right back. time now 9:40. are you still digging through
9:41 am
halloween costume. >> look no more because coming up we've got you covered in that department as well. how to find your -- how to make your own costume using some things you already have lying around the house. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> welcome back everybody. happy halloween. your time now 9:43. and we have been enjoying your photo of the we want to keep seeing them. this is little guy here robbie. little robbie looking good with your big muscles. tracy destiny is a ballerina bad i like that. make sure you use the hash tag fox5 halloween. use that hash tag so we can find you. aww my little pony. the hulk, yes, happy halloween from chance. i see you chance. we love it. mario. aww. nice how the fit. hash tag fox5 halloween. don't forget the four leg friends as well if you waited this long to pick a halloween costume fear not because our next guest is a local mommy blogger who says believe it or not there's some time to assemble that perfect look that won't break the bank or stress you out. christina founder of pwg i'm a
9:45 am
it saves you money and if you plan ahead and do it right it can save you sometime too and that last minute stress. >> i think it's a little bit overwhelming right now the stores switched to christmas so fast you think you've got more time than you do. if you woke up this morning and didn't have plan for halloween we'll get threw this together. >> okay. you brought a lost let's get started. >> i d first thing is, a lot of people don't think about this but go through your kids dress ups and see what you've got. my daughter wore this two yours ago and a lot of these costumes come in broad range of sizes this was eight to 12. so she can still wear it. if your kids at a big harry potter fan and dressed up for like literature day at school, go ahead and reuse that costume. definitely nothing wrong with doing that. maybe a white button up or something. >> absolutely. whatever you've got that your kids have worn before if they made you get that elsa drive at disney that cost $75 throw that sucker back on. the next thing range your makeup. yesterda
9:46 am
with my son we took an old lacrosse jersey something that you're to the going to want any more. we shredded it up. we used a little bit of, um, this is my favorite make up tip for halloween this is tomato paste gives you that chunky blood look. >> pate tip. >> you don't want to use expensive makeup. ultimately you'd have like face paint but if you don't, i bought this, um, kit that was supposed to be for blue eyes and subsequently realized that teal eye shadow is not a good every day look. so just go ahead put on little bit of a primer so that the eye shadow sticks and use go through with cotton balls and get that white on and then go around with some gray or some green and give a real death zombie look to your kids so they're ready to go. >> that's a good one. >> you don't have to go to the store to grab shadows. >> trying to keep you out of the halloween shop. >> what is this one, christina. >> don't be i was prayed to get little bit funny. pull out your kids, um, christmas or easter suit throw
9:47 am
trump. pretty easy. the next thing that you can do if you're willing to be a little funny grab a robe, and a face mask, and put your phone on selfie stick you're a beauty blogger. >> really quick and easy. >> that's a good one. that's clever. i like that. >> put your hair up in a towel if you want to. the neck thing my son came down the stairs the other day for the stranger things season and had on christmas sweater which apparently has something to do with the show. but he told me he was being a department store that had already over to christmas. if you've got an ugly sweater your whole familiar confidential go as an ugly sweater party. >> that's great. throw those on. >> simple. >> the next thing is, you don't want to pick a costume at the last minute based on what your kid wants to be. pick based on what you already have. my daughter went the other night to halloween party dressed as edible from the minions we already had the hat. >> my favorite character. >> we did stop i had them somewhere but they floated off we did stop at the grocery store and get minion balloons as a
9:48 am
>> just a little add on. >> only the grocery store. the other thing you can do a grab a couple these are some -- mine from running. but i threw these on my daughter with gymnastics leotard and she's an olympic gym nast. >> quick and ease seize. >> what's this here. >> another what do you have at home. so if you've got a guitar an hat and a little flannel, you're a cowboy. >> yeah. or cow girl. >> what's this finall down here. little bit of extra time you can do something like blow up balloons and make yourself a jelly belly costume. use a lawn and leaf bag cut the split and put it on. >> that is adorable. i like that one. i think that's my favorite. >> you some. christina, thank you very much. >> no problems. >> nine cot 48. coming up paying tribute to mychal jackson with what's probably the best halloween song of all time. thriller, of course, my favorite, your favorite, writ. >> absolutely. >> can you tell hoot culprit is in this pumpkin lineup? let's show that right now. check it out. police are having a little fun busting the bandits who stole nearly 50 ppk
9:49 am
in win missouri town. we've got this story and much more coming up. time now nine confidential 48. be right back. ♪ ♪♪ ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. dear suspicious snackers, we get it. we know it can be a texture thing, and there are lots of brands to choose from. but it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. it's the brand people have trusted for more than 170 years. a whole world of sweet, and savory combinations, like pineapple, cucumber & dill or classic country style. and since it's packed with satisfying protein,
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amazing flavors. don't miss out on delicious. new to your local dairy aisle!
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9:52 am
♪ >> all right. welcome back. as you know it is a very exciting day here at fox5. check out our live studio audience. [ applause ] >> yes. they are pumped. we are pumped. are ya'll ready for what's ahead in the 10a. >> yay! >> no, you're not. it's going to be mind blowing. all right. let's check out some of these awesome costume. i saw it getting ready in the green room, ma'am. >> ooh. [ lauhter ] >> meow. >> meow. >> you're supposeed to that. >> all right. and who are we? are we from the adams familiarly? >> , we are. i'm wednesday adams. >> hey, wednesday.
9:53 am
are you breakfast, toast or -- >> i'm cheese. ham got sick. [ laughter ] >> crayola. [ applause ] >> remember they got rid of some crayons. >> i'm still there. >> staying alive. and hello. >> hi. >> who are we supposed to be. >> mrs. freddie krueger. >> got the nails. >> no, i don't have it. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> where are you from? >> maryland figi county. what are you supposed to be? i'm the wick witch of the south because i want some candy little girl. >> scary. that was vicious. >> all right. hello, sir. >> hey, miss annie how are you. >> i'm wonderful. what are we today? >> i am the black cow boy. >> oh, all right. giddy up. giddy up. let me get people back here. michelle, i see you. michelle. somehow she
9:54 am
the newsroom or writer. hello, ladies. your makeup looks mazing. >> i'm just a spider lady. >> you're not just a spider lady. you are the spider lady. >> the spider lady. all right. [ applause ] >> hi. >> hi. >> what are you supposed to be. >> i'm one of the crazy 88 go-go. >> i like that. >> okay. >> michelle, let's give you some love. >> okay. you look really good. >> who am i, annie. >> you put mowing on the spot. i'm not really sure. >> nobody can guess this cos costume. >> i'm cleopatra. >> oh, yes. you know what, i think it's the purple hair that throws me off. >> probably. the purple hair you look beautiful as always. in thank you hello, sir. >> hello. >> what are you today. kwame from captain plan met earth. >> captain planet he's the hero. >> hi. >> hi. what are we. >> i can biker. >> oh, a biker chick. vroom vroom. >> i see santa and mrs. claus here. so i don't have to ask you. where are we from? >> wheaton, maryland. >> wheaton
9:55 am
together mr. -- >> 41 years. >> nice. >> just make sure you tell my coaches i ain't a grinch. that's what it's for. >> love that. okay. finally, hello from the flintstone. >> hi, fred flynn stone here. >> yabba dab ba do. >> and i'm a bike viking. >> viking. who do we have down here? i got to get my lady done here. >> hello. >> hello. [ laughter ] >> madea here. >> madea. yes. i love that. and cat woman? >> i'm a cheetah lady. >> cheetah lady. >> yes. >> okay. i think i'm covering everybody here. this is great. >> hi. >> hi. i'm little red riding hood and this is my big bad wolf. >> oh! owe h! >> okay. >> all right. so we've got a lot coming up clearly our live studio audience very excited. thank you guys for dressing up and getting in the spirit. ya'll look great. we've got a big show planned ahead. the good day
9:56 am
planned. some spook tacular events. let's get to some photos now we want to give the folks out there love who have been sharing their photos. this is seven-year-old teyona. she loves halloween. i love this costume. looks like a little costume. hillary beware fox5. werewolves or the streets of d.c. today. an tron net and ross happy halloween. caylee that looks great. huge the #fox5halloween. we'll continue to show these throughout the next hour. this is a cabbage patch. really great one with the fox and everything. sebastian we see you super hero. all right. guys keep it can youing 10a is coming your way in just a few minutes. you don't want to miss this spook tacular halloween special. give it up, guys, one more time. [ applause ]
9:57 am
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10:00 am
>> hold up, hold um.happening o. hold up, guys. i know we're really close to the show starting. we just got a message. it's going to change everything even need your guy's help. >> fake news. local morning tv is just awful. nbc, boring. abc just sad. cbs total waste of my time. is there any innovation, any creativity? can anyone safe local morning
10:01 am
>> i know just who can fix this. ♪ >> we have to be ready. you, me, the others, they're coming. >> they're not coming. they're already here. >> and they're trying to be like us. >> the others, where are they? mike thomas, the aqua man. >> kevin mccarthy -- ♪ >> they said morning tv could never be this good. >> come together right now. >> it has to be. it's up to
10:02 am
♪ >> good day d.c. [ applause ] >> we always knew we were the best team in town. but this morning we're getting inspiration from the justice league. >> yes. >> and we -- we are bringing justice to morning television. >> all right. [ applause ] >> as always our headquarters are the loft, the loft has been amazingly transformed into a place where magic will happen. we're morning tv will be better than ever before. it is my sacred mission to defend morning television
10:03 am
>> yes. >> that's the only first thing of many surprises these super heroes will bring. and though wonder woman is a bad... [ applause ] >> i cannot do it alone. morning television needs batman. >> ut-oh. >> where is batman? >> ut-oh. >> i'm batman. [ applause ] >> you know wonder woman, gotham is a dark place. gotham needs a lot of help. and i cannot do this alone either. so i have my bat squad. >> ut-oh. >> and we start with my rider die. you know who'm
10:04 am
don't you? >> yes! >> my partner in fighting crime. bat girl. [ applause ] >> now, because we bat folk run deep -- >> yes, we do. >> there's somebody else that i think you know who we're talking about. who is part of our back crew today. >> i think i know who you're talking about, batman. >> the one and only we cannot do it without him because he brings it of single today and we need him more than ever the one and only boy wonder robin. [ applause ] >> perhaps a little more boy issue wonder today. [ laughter ] >> robin doesn't even get a pair of shoes. i don'
10:05 am
my job to getgo out and get the wrench or what, batman. >> we're on a bat budget. sip it. >> we can still safe morning television as we do every day. >> absolutely. >> we are greater unified than we are as individuals. and while the four of us are indeed super, there's only one thing that's more super than us. >> superman! [ applause ] >> just came in from the planet crypton. the phone booth was a little small so i didn't get a chance to put on the rest of the uniform. [ laughter ] >> but i heard there was an emergency and we're forming a team. plus i also died in the last movie so i'm a little off right now. >> as long as you got your chest work out in. >> i got my chest work out in. i did some lifts so i'm
10:06 am
go. good to see you team. >> good to see you. >> because i was in the ground for while and waiting for the second movie to come out i think i need some help. my cousin is from crypton. she didn't bring crypto the dog but she's here. my cousin super girl is here. [ applause ] >> super girl, super heroes not models. come on in here. >> sometimes you got to be both. >> come on in here. come on in here. >> seems like super girl felt like she was on the catwalk. >> i know. >> meow. >> i see what you're doing there, batman. >> okay. batman versus superman no more. >> not today. >> that's right. we're all on the same team. >> same team. >> for the next movie. >> super girl may have felt like she was on the catwalk but we all know that every super hero needs a nemesis or two as well. since we don't official val a catwalk but we do have a cat woman! [ applause ]
10:07 am
>> cat woman get back up when do you that, you know. >> batman -- this is where the games begin. >> evil or not? >> careful now with the utility belt. [ laughter ] >> don't worry bat girl. batman and i have a secret layer. we know the good day d.c. justice league without two of our youngest members. aqua man, flash, where are you, darlings? [ applause ]
10:08 am
perfect the casting is. >> yes. >> in this production. >> yes. >> aqua man. >> did kevin think we were doing justice league or get out? i'm not sure. >> i was going to run in slow motion. >> i will say this much it's a challenge either way. >> just so you know, i'm still faster. aqua man -- >> flash would not stop talking about a rifle on the way over here. >> can i point out one thing? aqua man is drinking aquafina which is really really awesome. the best in the seven seas. >> he's out of water. so he's got to hydrate. >> i understand. >> aqua man could use a little licking, too. >> none of that around here. >> if you guys are looking for robin i'm in the back. back here. [ laughter ] >> we all have our rightful places. >> i feel like we've got control of the league here. >> whoa! >> team, team, team -- batman we got to keep the tm
10:09 am
>> i'm just saying. >> you dead. >> it's lasso of truth, wisdom. >> we've already addressed that. >> we've already addressed that okay, flash. >> faster than speeding bullet. more powerful than a locomotive and i'm ready for the next movie. just be ready. >> let's go. >> folks we want to kell um to you our halloween special 2007 the justice league, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] >> watch out there cat woman. >> we may fight on television for fun, but we come together when the enemy comes for us. the enemy is strong but we are better stronger, more fun, more creative and that's why the justice league good day d.c. is number one. [ applause ]
10:10 am
♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪
10:11 am
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10:13 am
istening. responding. ♪ welcome back to the halloween show. wonder woman, as -- >> yes, superman. >> as i was coming in and talking to clark kent outside. >> um-hmm. >> is that yourself. >> no, no new york city. we're two separate people. two completely separate people. >> like my friend diana. >> yeah. >> clark is from smallville. >> um-hmm. >> i'm from crypton. >> um-hmm. >> diana prince is from somewhere and you're from that island. >> right. exactly. >> that island. >> where there's a lot of awesome women. >> a lot of awesome women. after this show i'm flying over there. >> really?
10:14 am
>> i heard somebody named wisdom martin went ahead. >> lois lane she's in the around. you got to do what you got to do. >> he may be fibbing but i can get him out of him. you know why. >> i have the lasso of truth. >> i don't know if that work. >> right here. >> i'm just saying. i don't and if that works on superman. >> it works on everybody. >> it works on everybody. >> you know what i'll use my lasers and kill these spiders that just telling out of the ceiling. use my laser eyes. >> why is it raining spider. >> i guess we're in evil place. >> right. back on task. we are not saved the world and morning television alone. >> that's right. we need some help from actually they're bad guys but they're kind of good guys. somewhat. >> are we getting bad guys or good guys. >> i don't know. let's bring them out here and find out who they are. >> in the world of the justice league there's also the suicide squad. [ applause ] >> wow! >> the joker and harley quinn. >> is that michael jackson. >> i know. i never seen joker dan
10:15 am
[ laughter ] >> harley we love you baby. >> yes. okay. someone is into it a little too much. >> i know. >> you guys are the bad bad guys. >> yeah okay. we're the bad bad guys. >> we're bad girls. >> you're going to break your stick. there you go. >> exactly. >> try the cuff. >> it will blow you back. >> boom! >> hey, harley would drive for me. >> yes, baby. >> would you live for me baby. >> yes. >> would you two walk this way? >> yes. >> yeah. >> walk this way. try not to step on the spider. >> not that i'm leading you into any path of harm. but just come over here. >> okay. >> walk around. stand in the studio. >> oh! >> hey, hey, hey. >> sorry. >> you're in the afraid. your bad guys
10:16 am
i have to ask you. did you borrow that from your friend? >> ahh! >> peace. [ laughter ] >> did you borrow those accessories from your friend paul wharton's closet. >> yes. he real cool. paul wharton. >> listen, we're not the only ones that can be super heroes. we're the only ones that can save morning television we're not the only ones that can be super heroes. if you want to learn how to transform yourself, let's check just in with very own pat girl in the glam squad. >> oh, yeah. [ laughter ] >> hello. hello. hello. hello. we are here in the green room because even though we look fabulous and traps formed we not do it by ourselves. so this is the glam squad hyped halloween 2017 here on good day, d.c. [ applause ] >> of course you know some familiar faces and let me start with you. kym lee. tell me
10:17 am
because i wanted to just go as super beat and as opposed to super girl or superman. because did you that. what is like this look. how can we all get this look. >> fox5's interpretation of who you are. i love the glitter lip. when he lot of fun with this. we just exagg exaggerated everyg that the juice tis league today. they were pretty girls. they remember glamorous. they were freedom fighters but we wanted to make you look extra extra extra fabulous. >> i love that. i feel like i can go and safe something. >> yes, you can with those glitter lips you can do any anything. >> i can save something you did the theatrical look we see on joker, right. >> did you do harley quinn, too. >> no kim did. >> you did harley quinn, too. here's harley quinn. there's hold particularly she became wonder woman. what went into the theatrical look, because i mean i look like -- they look like warner brothers mgm it looks amazing. >> lots of layers first of all
10:18 am
contour, definition, highlighting just creating that whole concept, that kind of goth look, dark eyes, you know, that deep red lip. yeah. >> okay. >> lot of fun. >> normally you guy do's pretty but today you brought the drama. >> we brought the drama. yes, we did. >> it's different. it's a different -- don't try it if you justing out. >> i mean you just play with it and lairiest and you have fun with it but of course as tisha said contouring will be major because you want to make sure you have depth and make sure you have dimension in the face in the body. we can even contour and make abs and make muscles and all kind of fun stuff g make we can do that for the summertime. >> tucker abs. >> yeah. >> let me come over here with tam lee and talk about wardrobe. >> hello. >> hello friend of the show you know. >> tell us about the wardrobe. how hard was it to mix the pieces -- some of it this is like legit costume. >> i t
10:19 am
>> just know i earned my super hero cape today. because i need one right now. i'm still sweating from this morning. [ laughter ] >> no, it was fun but it was hard work really trying to find these authentic costumes. >> it's layers. this is the body suit. this is the corset. >> three piece union, guys. >> so, yeah, i just had really lots of fun so my wardrobe team leslie and brittany we've been working non-stop, you know. >> i know you have. >> a lot of these costumes here i found some in new york yesterday. last -- >> see what i'm talking about. we love you for it. >> okay. the time we have left let's talk about hair. what went into our hair? >> well first of all, i wanted to change your color. >> okay. >> take you out your norm. >> this is really out of my n norm. >> i requested burgundy for you so we set it kim and i glam team. >> it was in rollers. >> yeah. when you brought it in today. >> and for paul we had to do a special effect. >> he's got on two wig. >> yes. >> and a grill.
10:20 am
>> okay. so we appreciate everything we got. this is our glam squad. halloween 2017. [ applause ] >> back to you wonder woman. >> wonder woman! >> guess what, bat girl, look who i have p my lasso he have truth. i have caught them. what do you guys want to know? anything. they'll tell us anything. >> what do you want to know? >> so not cool. >> what's under your cape, batman. >> i want to know -- don't pull too hard you'll break my lasso of truth. just the one from the costume store. >> this is wonder woman. >> you know what i want to know, i want to know what our weather forecast is going to be when we start fighting crime tonight. >> it's going to be purrfect. >> we're like a summertime justice league. >> i don't like to fly when it's cold. >> we like summertime. >> i think we should check in with robin. >> yeah. >> let's see if robin can come up with a forecast for us. >> i think so
10:21 am
>> try the bat. just try it. >> we'll get you wonder woman. [ laughter ]
10:22 am
your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. with fios gigabit connection, you get the fastest internet available with download speeds up to 940 megs. it's your last chance to get fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus, your choice of hbo or multi-room dvr service included for 2 years, all with a two year agreement. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. hurry and switch now, this offer ends november 4th. go to narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years.
10:23 am
longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. ♪ [ aplause ] ♪ i think they're in good hands. >> i think they are in good hands. if anyone
10:24 am
you know every once in while we do the below bro block. we haven't done it for awhile. now that we've been given super powers we're bringing back the bro block much we need to address boy blunder. what's the deal with the shoes. >> i wasn't given any batman. you're in charge. i've been owing google looking up pumpkin pie recipe for you. >> thank you very much. >> i appreciate that. extra cinnamon please. >> dope worry i'll have it prepared before the end of the show. >> you might want to get your house in order. i wouldn't let my interns talk to me like that. i'm just saying. >> you're absolutely right. >> do the christian bail batman voice. >> i'm not wearing hockey pads. >> go run somewhere. >> that sounded like scooby do. >> i got a question for aqua man. you ever lose that trident. >> i got question for uh-uh ever use those gadgets? >> oh! >> robin has no gadgets
10:25 am
power of aqua man of water and robin -- whatever robin does. >> he's just robin. >> to put together a trick or treat forecast. >> let's do it. >> put your super weather powers together. >> come on aqua man let's do this together. point with your pry dent. sunny but cool halloween. do your voice. that's serious. >> robin this is why you're the boy wonder much now move it's just a spider. >> get it robin. a quack man take over. >> we got sunny and bright conditions later on today. it's going to be gorgeous halloween for all the little kiddos out there like robin. >> good swimming weather. >> great swimming weather. >> yes. >> all right. here if you're planning on some fun, my advice kids go as batman, not robin. your temperatures will be near 60 degrees at 5:00 p.m. just in time for your trick or treating. >> it's going to be fantastic evening. let's do the seven day forecast. >> all right. take it away.
10:26 am
water around here. >> good weather coming tomorrow maybe a little bit of rain shower activity. 65 degrees. robin, what's coming at the end of the week. >> i don't know. i can't see out of my goggles. here we go. we got -- we're going backwards on saturday. late night into sunday. >> stay hydrated kids. >> what kind of fish you like, kid, i'll get you some. >> gold fish. >> let's work on this. >> there you go. >> we don't grow beards in the sea. >> get some glue and you're good to go. >> hey superman. >> did you run anywhere. >> yeah. i ran down to taco bell and came back. [ laughter ] >> same less plug. >> batman we got to get our bro block back in order. the justice league is out of control right now. >> here's what we need. >> what's that. >> we need people to protect in this universe. okay. those are the great people of gotham. okay i think coming up we shall feet meet a few of them who came out today to witness all of this madness in person. >> after all we do protect them. cat woman, who you hanging with this
10:27 am
>> i am cat woman here me roar! [ applause ] >> good day d.c. is number one because of the the fans! [ applause ] >> you will meet them one-on-one as cat woman does live with the fans. freddie g's got nothing on our show. [ applause ]
10:28 am
10:29 am
m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia.
10:30 am
>> superman was a beacon to the world. he didn't just safe people. he made them see the best parts of themselves. >> you don't have to recognize him. you just have to save him. >> welcome back. we have an a source many of new members to the justice league. our studio audience. welcome, everybody. [ applause ] >> you guys are looking good. >> all right. we'll go through the audience as many as we can we want to so your costume and know who you are. you look like freddie krueger to me. >> mrs. freddie krueger. >> mrs., excuse me. i like it.
10:31 am
[ laughter ] you look great. hello. who are you? >> crystal. >> and you're from? >> clinton, maryland. >> you look like crayola. >> yes a crayon. i decided to be a pink crayon. >> i love it. you look like sandwich. >> well, i'm half of a sandwich. the other half got sick. >> you're ham -- >> i'm cheese. >> ham got sick. >> yeah. >> all right. all right. >> this is cute cut cute. i'm went adams and i came with cousin it. >> welcome. you look like a girl -- prr. >> meow. i found family, ya'll. [ laughter ] >> welcome. >> i'm glamor pus. it's my show, go on now. [ laughter ] >> hello. >> hello. >> you are just green with envy are you not. >> yes. beautiful. who are you. >> k amora. who are you supposed to be. >> guardians of the galaxy. >> yes, okay. >> got some fans over there. you look like --
10:32 am
man. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> last minute costume. where did you go, 7eleven for all this? >> you look great. >> we know who you are. but just introduce your is he. yabba dab ba do. >> you look a nordic god. >> i'm viking. >> a viking. >> i love it. >> i'm simi over here to you. hello. >> hello. >> how are you this morning? if i'm good. how you doin'. >> i'm doin' quite well. >> are you a mia. >> yes, i'm. >> you never looked better. >> thank you very much. welcome, ma'am. >> are you another cat. >> yes. >> are we familiarly. >> we are. prrr. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> welcome. i'll have to rip through the audience. you look amazing who are you. >> little red riding hood and this is my big bad wolf. >> yes. give us a little howl. >> grr. >> you guys are so much fun. who are you guys. >> i am the black cow boy. >> yippee can i yeah. >> i'm tammy and i'm
10:33 am
witch of surgeon pg county. >> who are you? >> i'm go-go. >> go-go. >> i love it. >> okay. >> i love it. okay. and you are? >> i'm just a spider lady. >> spider lady. >> yeah. that's okay. >> i'm going to getcha. >> we got lots of spiders for you. giving a going home basket for that. >> picture, too. >> hugh are you? >> kwame from captain planet. >> what? >> captain planet. come on now. >> okay,. the justice league is a so big with all our cousins and them. so you're just one of the cousins and them. who are you? >> i'm a biker chick. >> okay. >> vroom vroom. >> and look what we found. mr. and mrs. claus. >> all the way from the north pole. [ applause ] >> welcome, welcome. >> did you guys get my list? >> oh, yeah. >> i've been good i promise. >> naughty list. >> and last but not least -- they got me already earlier. we're getting you again. >> okay. walk like egyptian
10:34 am
>> oh! this is michelle one of our kreider writers and producers. she looks amazing. >> you guys all look amazing. thank you very much. give yourselves around of applause you look great thank you for being the best studio audience of good day land. this is the reason why. thank you all so very much. let's see what superman and my boyfriend batman are up to. hello. >> see how she did that sup superman. >> i see how she did that and clearly she's confused about your relationship, batman. very very confused about the relationship. >> she's a crafty one. >> sometimes a little cattie. >> very caddy. >> i'm a future of huge fan of you guys. >> you know what, flash, you should be. >> you should be a how much fan. batman with all the gadgets. assume per man with all the muscles. you should be. >> i feel we need to set the record straight if people have been watching the movies they know we've had few battles. >> we have had a few battles. it
10:35 am
ground for while. >> that's why you're not right here next to my gorgeous face. flashing you look good, too. >> you're not on this list. >> that's all right. >> what happened in that awful movie we put behind us. >> that was an awful movie -- awesome movie. clark kent is outside sent me a text message actual i'll read it because i got x-ray vision. >> read minds. >> we got this right here. social media tweets and reaction to our fox5 halloween party. >> okay? >> all right. this is from corey love. from me and the therapy dogs at gw hospital at tucker fox5 at basically all of us, there you go. super costumes there. and charlie has jack skeleton shirt a man after kevin mcc mccarthy's heart with that shirt on looking great. >> aww. >> riley and ricardo, fox5 halloween. >> dare we say bringing the
10:36 am
how about scary. spooked by my boys. louis do not be afraid. >> yes. happy halloween. sailor dog, sailor dog. >> and is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen? >> jonathan duke thomas six months old celebrating his first halloween. >> aww. >> all right. fox5 d.c. there you go. i don't know what that was. what kind of outfit that was. okay any way. >> you know when you got the little dogs you'll have little hotdogs. there you go. >> all right. only treats, please. >> happy halloween from annie and sandy. there you go. >> adorable. >> that's adorable. >> all right. superman, we can come together in the name of cuteness. >> that's right. >> we can definitely do that. >> amazing viewers. we got to redo this picture. >> all right. we got to redo this picture. flash, we sent him out. >> he should be back by now. where is he. >> h
10:37 am
>> why does he take slowing. >> he's little slow. >> you would think he'd be back in flash. >> he's not faster than me. >> you didn't bring the food. >> where is the food, flash. >> i ate it on the way here. >> l holly brought the music. we know that, wonder woman has the tunes this morning. >> yes. >> i understand why she pulls her hair back when she's fighting crime sometimes. it gets in the way. listen we form this alliance to save and defend morning television but we always like to save to beat and that's where dj dirty rock comes in. he's got our sound track going this morning. good to see you, sir. >> oh, yeah. >> there he is. >> how you doing. >> i'm doing well. how are you doing? >> i'm good. i'm good, i'm good. >> we were having this talk downstairs earlier. is there any other halloween song other than thriller. >> there's a few. we got nightmare on my street by dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince. we got the adams family. mc hamme
10:38 am
actually got,, what is that, ghostbusters. >> who you going to call? >> and there's a few. there's a few. >> okay. hidden though good how many halloween parties do you do? >> depends on how many my manager books. [ laughter ] hopefully a lot. does it make a difference if halloween falls on a tuesday or slows to the weakened. >> a lot of matter. text who do halloween parties will take off the neck following day. whatever they drink or whatever they don on halloween night they make they rest. >> is there any special vibe you need to give when you're dj's a halloween party. >> party. party vibe a lot of times you have dj' that is will dress up but you go some dj's i'm not wearing a costume. i'm already dressed. i'm a dj. >> yeah. >> is this your go to. >> this is my go to. >> because you can work. >> i can work. >> and look scary in the process. >> and be scary in the
10:39 am
always gets them on the dance floor or any party for that matter? >> i will say believe it or not any chuck brown song. >> yes. jump back and kiss myself. >> any chuck brown song. >> all right. >> that's like you can't go wrong. >> you can't go wrong. >> with chuck brown. in fact maybe we should make him an honorary member of the justice league. >> right. >> i think we could use it. >> i think we could do that. >> i think we could use it would help us in our fight to make morning television all that much better. dj dirty rock, thank you. >> ricoh. >> sorry. >> get it right. >> let's throw it on over to flash watch do you got flash? >> justice league lives in the comic book of me trop us will. gotham and more coming up next the team from mark offs will join us live with more on our studio's halloween makeover and last minute decorating tips for your big night tonight. it is currently i don't have my glasses, i don't know what time it is but we'll see you guys after the break. ♪
10:40 am
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with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. hurry in. now's the time to save big at havertys. life looks good.
10:42 am
♪ [ applause ] all right. this is pretty awesome. we're hear with mark off's haunted forest. dave and paul. >> thanks flash. >> even though your name tag says dan. how are you, sir
10:43 am
how you doing, buddy. >> i'm ask him some questions. you guys obviously are responsible for amazing look of this studio here it looks phenomenal. what's first thing you want to do when you walk in here. what's the first thing you put together. >> dumping spiders that's what we really want to do. we've been here a couple of years. we wanted to change it up. back drop a mazing artist at our shop that airbrushed everything back there. fantastic job. every time we walk in we want to change the look every year. >> you guys did amazing job. talk about what, washington is it about scaring people you love so much. >> obviously scaring people invokes a certain emotion just like comedy does. what is it about scaring people that you love so much? >> they're just something beautiful about it. we've all been fascinated with halloween from a young age. hearing the screams echo across mark off's haunted forest it's a thing of beauty. we have skeletons on the table. this is very freaky looking in person. what are the art to creating a realistic skeleton. >> we wanted to show you today how to do it on the cheap.
10:44 am
everybody is clearancing out halloween stuff government out to your local retailer grab a rhee skeleton like so. we make a little bit of minute wax stain, take your rag, dab it off. >> when you order something like this what is it called. >> order a spine. >> skeleton much this would be a torso. >> university curious. >> wondering if you go on amazon type in human spine. >> they sell those, too. >> pretty disturbing. >> once we get to that step liquid lay tech get that on amazon as well. i like the little monster makers color. a little cheat step for the he wasn't guys. latex dries clear, dab a little on. >> this is really cool. > we've made these for different movie sets and tv shows. cotton they wrap when they have an injury. we use this, dab it on. this is so simple. get it nice and squished down everything. >> is this how you make everything at the haunted for rev as well. similar tth
10:45 am
studio. >> format your are the of our props we'll use this techniques. use elmer's glue and clean neck that takes forever. this just in about an hour and hour and a half. go back over top with your stain. dave/dan, i have a question about obviously when you're scaring people throughout the years, how do you change up and how do you prevent people from knowing when the jump out will happen? is there a science to the timing of it? >> science actually building the sets. when we go in and you talk about building the studio here we look at a set and say, okay, where can we put actors. >> we create multiple scare points. >> jump point earlier. >> we create multiple spots where actors can be so they're not popping out of the same spots twice. talk about how people can visit the haunt the forest. >> today our last night. our 25th anniversary. one more tight night see us. coupon code on our website mark off's for haunted amazing outdoor education company check us out as soon as you can. >> anything crazy specifically happenin t
10:46 am
do you have a special send off. >> tonight is prank night. so we switch it up. we do different thing. we torture the dj. torture the owner. it's a good time. >> also doing blackout night in one of our attractions call the town you'll be going through with just a glow stick f you're scared of the dark definitely the thing for tonight. >> dan/dave thank you so much. mark off's haunted forest. check them out. >> batman. >> no super hero can have power powers without proper nutrition. >> got to eat well. our super powers fueled this might surprise you by sugar. because we need the energy. >> yes. the one and only sugar chef is with us and we'll dive into sweet treats that's probably a bad idea. that was going to be for you. >> save that one for me. >> i have failed. ♪ ♪♪
10:47 am
10:48 am
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10:50 am
all right. when upping in the little ones go trick or treating to night they'll bring back a ton of candy and that's all well begun. if you want something make maybe a little bit more indulgent we have just the plan for you. sugar chef here. thank you for us? gorgeous halloween treat display. tell us what you brought with you. >> happy halloween everybody. >> yes. >> this is the perfect thing to utilize a lot of extra candy you have left over. we have the halloween candy bark. this looks so good. break it newspaper smaller pieces. >> bake it in the oven. >> no actually you just melt chocolate. >> oh. >> put it on sheet pan add your favorite candy, eye balls to it. >> chill it. that's it. >> i want to get work on these cook kess you just make the gingerbread mold cookie and make them little skeletons. >> make they will little skeletons. assume per simple funz witness kids, adults. >> push down on the frosting. >> yup. >> swirl icing really simple. >> mine has crazy eyes. >> there you go.
10:51 am
brought. >> i have some poisonous green apple crisp. and little caldrons. >> are you serious? >> oh, my goodness. [ laughter ] >> these little -- >> look what happens to my face? [ laughter ] >> you handled that very well. you handled that very well. >> all right. let's regroup. yeah. i just think -- >> you got this i'm glad i held my tongue. i almost said something. any way, we have poisonous green apple crisps you can bake the little caldrons i have my double chocolate bread pudding which is always fun to do. rich indulgent and of course we have your very -- mine look bad. >> interesting looking gingerbread skeleton cooking. >> he went out partying on halloween. >> expressing your creativity he needs to take a little nap. >> that's after too much sugar. >> it look like this. i'm not good with the frosting. this is what happens when you have
10:52 am
you brought a beautiful display all stuff you can do with the kids what they bring home from trick or treating. >> it's always fun. i brought my signature kettle corn. always great thing to have when you watching scary movies at home. >> we did have some of our villians over here stealing your popcorn they really like it. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. they're fighting for good. it's all good. >> what's your favorite thing of everything up here on the sp spread. >> being up here being with you on fox5 on halloween. >> that was the best. we're sorry they scared you. that's okay. i wasn't ready for that. one. where can people contact you if they reece peace and get treats sugar f what should oy try right now? try that, should i try -- try my popcorn. that way you'll feel less guilty with that. >> okay. healthy popcorn. >> oh, my god. >> that's good. >> that's real good. this is perfect treat to start off the halloween morning we're so happy you're here. >> heim happy to be here. >> come and sample all the
10:53 am
knows what's good and what's n not. we'll toes to it over to batman. >> little known fact about super girl she likes a good happy h hour. >> after a long hard day of protecting gotham we like to kickback much this is trevor. trevor is not really a bartender but he's dressed like one today for good day. he's from five to one in shaw. ninth and u if you get a chance to check it out. i was going to ask five to one sounds like a doors reference when i think halloween the doors is kind of spooky in the way they are. it's very fitting. >> absolutely. this is a music inspired bar. i grew up on classic rock the door is one of my favorite band this song came out in 1968 the year the riots were happening in that neighbor. there was a record store there. we love the music idea to tie in you know people from all walks of life. >> i love i bars and music bring them together. does we love it halloween a lot of people come out to celebrate on halloween, too. what we're going to do take some classic cocktails and spook if i them a little bit here and make them a l
10:54 am
eighty three for halloween, right. >> absolutely. >> what do we have. >> this is a classic marguerita. but for the sweetener we're actually using a liquor from france called green char truce which has over 130 different poe botanicals. >> not green goblin char truce. >> it might make you feel that way afterwards. it is 110 proof got a little bite to it. that's going to have the petrone rocca in it. is that what this is here. >> it's right here. that just means that's tequila. the barrel will have parts of sweetness in that. vanilla flavors really really nice, lime juice and then some bitters and five to one we're all about sustainable many naturally extracted oils. we don't have garnish. we just kind of hit that right on the top there. >> literally praying on top of the drink. >> that's lemon oil. it's shelf sustainable. keeps the arrow mat ticks and flavors as well. >> what do we have here. >> one of my favorite drinks is a manhattan. what we did here is take
10:55 am
rocca patrone and yoho sitting in the barrel, it's almost going to drink like a whiskey. use two different times of vermouth. we put a little bit of elder flower will he core to bring out nice floral qualities as well. >> pray that with something. >> hit that with orange. >> all right. >> and then when you hit it with the stem a little bit as well the hand is your warmest thing that will give you. >> real quick let's use this we only have time for one more. >> cool. >> take the bat gloves off for this one. >> this is worm salt that's -- >> that sounds disgusting. >> it's very good. >> even as hero -- soup hero that sounds disgusting. >> rep sad dough with poached apple and honey bush tea. we'll hit this with lime on top. >> you're going all out. >> really really nice. all those fall flavors in there. when you're using ele elevated spirits it takes those cocktails up a level. >> give you the bottle
10:56 am
the most blood red for hall halloween. >> so you enjoy that one for your hard work. i'm going to sample this one. trevor, i want to say thank you for coming out today. we appreciate it. we are going to say cheers to all of our great folks who came out today in the audience. this is for you. thank you very much. >> yes. >> batman you better get over here. >> batman, get over here. >> come on batman. we need the full justice league over here. >> all right. >> we promise you we will leave no bored viewer behind. >> that's right. [ applause ] >> morning television. >> aqua man and robin forecast. >> it looks good. >> it looks good. >> all right. you guys are super star super heroes. >> wow. >> happy halloween, everybody. >> happy halloween
10:57 am
♪♪ narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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>> announcer: it's a happy halloween live on "the wendy williams show!" [ applause ] ♪ say it like you feel it feel it baby feel it ♪ >> announcer: now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] [ applause ] >> wendy: thanks for watching our show.


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