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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 1, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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we're following the story closely as investigators learn more about the sis inspects. >> "fox5" staying on top of allegations of grade fixing in prince george country with the maryland state board. set to discuss the findings of that final report today. >> he was a standup guy. >> "fox5" exclusive man remembers a long-lost friend who lost his life of a car plowed into a maryland restaurant. >> and if you are just waking up this morning, here's your live look outside. it's wednesday, november 1. 2017. >> welcome to the month of november. let's get a quick look at warm and traffic. standing by day one of november. tuck. >> good morning, cool temperatures there. 30s and 40s most of the area to start the day and mostly cloudy and we'll keep it cool this afternoon. >> big delays 395 northbound car by duke street taking out centr lane and moved over to shoulder and 31 minute trip beltway to
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we'll have a full look at slow zones next. back to you guys. >> we'll start at 7:00 staying on top of developing news about the deadly terror attack in new york city and death toll stands at 8 with a dozen more injured. those victims mowed down yesterday on a bike path. >> new details continue to be uncovered about the suspect and 29-year-old man originally from uzbekistan right now still active crime scene in new york city and live picture this morning. you can still see the rented home depot truck used in this attack still roped off. >> we are team coverage this morning with fox's brianian sis new york. >> foreign officials say several argentinians along with belgium national are among those killed in tuesday terror attack. >> this was act of terror and morally cowardly act of te terror. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio condemning the tuesday attack and mlt pull people are dead a o
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home depot truck and mrould into bikeists. >> i see two gentleman in the back path they were not with us no more. he ran them over. >> 29-year-old sayfullo saipov was shot by police when he got out waived around pellet guns and shouted allah akbar. sayfullo saipov came to the u.s. legal le from uzbekistan in 2010. mayor de blasio mentioned the attack of 9/11 sdm we've been tested before in the city near of the site of today's tragedy and new yorkers do not give in, in the face of these kind of actions. >> the last incident of this kind occurred mid may when a navy veteran plowed
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times square though not terror attack a woman was killed and many others injured. >> the deadly attack raising questions about tactics isis appears to be use ago round the world. >> forcing intelligence and law enforcement to adapt to new challenges at home. melanie alnwick is live on the national mall now with det details. mel. good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison. you may recall we had truck attack for bastile day celebration in france and christmas mark net germany last year before up sawing ration. homeland security away of threat. even using here in d.c. snowplows heavy equipment and dumpsters as shields in strategic location around the city. >> witnesses say suspect sayfullo saipov originally from uzbekistan but in the u.s. legally emerged from truck saying god is great in arabic before shot and wounded
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and appears to follow isis play book that calls for more terror attacks by vehicles as we saw in europe. and it suffers losses on the battle field. >> while we're now definitively winning ground war against isis the real fight migrated and battle ground is no longer inside iraq and syria but really online and in cyberspace and in that sense isis has truly now established a global re reach. >> from president trump on twitter we must not allow isis to return on enter country after defeating them in middle east and elsewhere. enough. he also called for stepped up vetting at the borders and among the lingering questions what to do with sayfullo saipov is he treated as civilian criminal or something else? >> the last thing i want this guy to hear tonight is you have a right to a lawyer. the last thing he should hear is miranda rights. >> well, suggestion now would be that we're haring
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circles would be to treat sayfullo saipov as enemy combat aunt. d.c. police say this was considered to be lone wolf attack and they're monitoring events and in contact with federal investigators in new york reminding everyone here in d.c., people who work here, live here and visit here that they need to be aquaivr surroundings, stay alert and report any suspicious act activity. s live on the mall i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> our coverage of the new york city terror attack will continue throughout the morning at 7:45 this morning we'll talk with former new york city police commissioner bernard caric and get insights on these types of urban terror threats. >> 7:05 let's academic with duckier 45 degrees this wednesday morning. >> november 1 already. >> never 1. weather perfect for halloween. >> no complaints. >> clouds moving in early this morning and we'll be left with cloudy skies and drizzle today and keep temperatures relatively school
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1 in low 60s. 46 reagan national and bwi marshall reporting temperature of 47. clouds moved in and it will be mostly cloudy day today. what we have awarm front lifted in south and west and over the next 2 hours warmer temperatures will get in here and today is transition day. and look out to the west. lot of rain showers and snow showers in part of ohio and kentucky. most of that will stay off to the north and west. so, anything we get will be kind of on the edges today. maybe a little drizzle developing this afternoon. and but the cloud cover will keep it relatively cool. low 60s. 70s in the forecast. thursday and friday. and this is big weekend we get to turn our clocks back and get extra hour of sleep. we'll look at that coming up. >> i'm so grateful. >> thank you. >> good morning, erin. >> good morning, 7:06 now and taking a look at traffic and we have really big delays building inner loop new crash past springfield
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interchange towards 66 through annandale. we have about a 15 minute show down at least. we're also seeing very big delays as you cross 14 street bridge. douk street here crash disabled vehicle blocks right shoulder previously blocking center lanes. 24 minute trip beltway to 14 street bridge and heavy traffic as you pass duke street there. as you malasia flight things over do not love what we're seeing in dale city. close to an hour to the beltway and crash blocking right shoulder and that is out by route 1 lorton. heavy volume dale city because of that. south at that point at the rest area 95 northbound crashed blocked left shoulder. 20 southbound to get from 12 to 30. 25 minute ride. crash before 30 blocking shoulder over hour commute 70 to 270 spur because of that. as we make our way out on five on northbound
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shortcut road to serets road and 18 minute 70 to 109 and 270 to show you how heavy traffic is germantown 270. we'll keep you updated on delays, steve, allison. >> developing overnight in the district 100 block of h street north east is open again after a the shooting overnight. "fox5" learned two help were shot 2:15 this morning and police say both men were taken to the hospital for reement tore non life-threatening injuries. anyone with information is asked to contact d.c. police. >> and also in the districts, four people recovering after this crash involving metro bus and car. it happened before 11 last night. and hayes street and kenilworth avenue. the force of the crash enough to flip the car over. no word this morning on how the accident happened. >> 7:08 let's get to update on story "fox5" was first to report. today maryland state board of education will meet. they'll discuss the the findings of final report on allegations of grade fixing at some prince
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and months ago four school board members contacted maryland governor larry hoke an saying they had evidence that hundreds of students graduated that did not meet state requirements and that their grades were khaivrpingd. audit report was supposed to be revealed yesterday. but it remains under wraps until the state releases it. >> and in california at least 7 people in custody after arrested at call state fullerton. last night pro pesters gathered outside a convenient view where yanapolos was speaking and talking about weinstein and spacey. it's not the first time he has been met with protesters n february his speech at uc berkley was cancelled after protesters became violent. >> a second person is coming forward it sexual harassment allegations aaccused of groping a man at a los angeles bar ins. the sixth and final season will stop now until further in the. they started f
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now stobd following apology to anthony rapp for making alleged sexual at advance 30 years going when rapp was just 14. >> now to latest on harvey weinstein investigation new york police department has two open investigations against embattled hollywood producer. lucia evans and second anonymous woman lapd has two open cases on him and police in london are looking into 11 different sex abuse allegations. more than 50 women have accused movie producer of sexual assault. weinstein denies all accusations of non consent tuille sex. >> a switch to worldier series now. game 7 will be tonight. los angeles dodgers use home field advantage to hold off the dod
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>> and breaking record for most home runs in a world series, la riding high on victory so can astros regain the upper hand? >> you've got the two best teams in baseball going head to head. these two teams mirror one another. >> this series back and forth and two incredible steams trying to fwet to the finish line. both teams will be ready to play with about as much energy as you can imagine. >> there's respected managers for dodgers and last rows, ticket prices on stubhub man they doubled overnight game six to game 7. that means it was 400 to get into six and if you want seat for game 7 it set you back $00 just to get into ballpark. la ballpark holds 50,000 people or so. they will be filling that up tonight. >> no doubt about it. >> still to come this morning the growing cost of disaster relief f
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sure capes and deadly california wildfires. >> and plus we've all seen them those random bicycles hanging out abandoned in the neighborhood on the commute. outside we want to know what's going on. they look pretty bob, good morning. >> yeah, guys, good morning, it looks like they're just left here willie nily it's called dockless bike share and it's pretty unusual concept. just a month old in our area. we'll tell you all about it when you come back. we were born this way. forged in the same fire.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> the respps to three major hurricanes and wildfires out west administrator
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told oversight committee 4.5 americans have signed up for assistance due to losses in the system. >> the federal government provided 5 billion in relief aid. >> the need is out there. >> it's hard. >> sure is 7:15. >> good morning. >> hurricanes this season. >> and major hit and three in one year. >> around here clouds moved in after gorgeous day yesterday and looking at mostly cloudy skies today. >> any rain? >> sdrizle. good forecast that oscar the grouch would have loved yesterday. >> oscar. >> he was a mess. >> i heard looked forward are to the forecast today. >> this is his kind of someday. >> 4 washington. if you're looking for cooler air and you want it to feel like november we have it on the map in morning. minneapolis, 30. fargo 31. 32 great falls and that's where bulk of cold air will be next couple days. in fact. after a cool start this morning will be in the low 60s
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trend to look forward to. daytime highs in the low 60s later this afternoon and then how about 70 tomorrow and maybe midp 0s here friday. next couple days not going to feel a whole lot like november. there's a look at big picture. clouds south and west will move in. we'll be cloudy this afternoon with perhaps little light drizzle. bulk of rain you see out in kentucky and ohio stays north and west today. there's a 7 day forecast that if you like, late summer early fall, you willing love thursday an friday. temps in the 70s. weekend looks cloudy. maybe a vinkle. don't forget to turn the clocks back early sunday morning. >> i will not forget. >> right? >> yes. >> i'm lifeing for that hour. >> will be nice. >> don't think you can stay out until 3:30 in the morning instead of 2:30. >> i'm taking my sister out she has two little ones she made dinner president her vacations for 5:30. >> she said i have to be
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i said fine whatever forks are works for you it's your night out sfwlt it looks like officially hoovd over to the right shoulder. all lanes open. big delays annandale this morning. be prepared for that. huge problems on the 5 northbound coming up through virginia. northbound it 95 after the rest area in aquia crash left shoulder. just to get triangle to aqua quan 50 minute. route 1 may be a better option. that's seeing bailout traffic as well. crash right shoulder this one out by route 1 lorton. however it's 60 minute trip to get to dale city to beltway. ewington you're jammed up even though volume light there and south of that point dale city jammed ut up. all metro rail lines on time. 20 southbound delays do you know to spur. steve, allison: let get to "fox5" exclusive now. a man died from the injuries he received after a scary accident that happened last week in upper marboro
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he was in a restaurant when a car smashed through the wall. that was video. "fox5" was able to talk to one of the victim's long time friends also just inches from that car. judge philip nicoles said he will always remember his friend for the attributes that made him stand out as man and leader in the capitol region boy scouts of america. >> he loved his family and scouting. he loved what he d and dedicated to our cause. and when we say learning for life he was example of what you want to be when this aall over with. >> nine people were hurt in that crash. after a week in critical condition he died tuesday from injuries. the loss felt not only by his family but scouting khunty as well. something you might have seen around town in the area recently. perhaps a little more popping up in the last few weeks or months. so-called dockless bicycles scatter add cross the region
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in the district. >> are these bikes abandoned or ending up where they're supposed to be. our bob blob is live on bike patrol in northwest. and you're not play around. you're on the bike on bike patrol. >> i am. navigating traffic here. >> oh, my. >> we've seen them all over town weeks and know what's going on. they're not in bike racks they're sit ago long the curb here. that's key. they're supposed to be returned near a curb so people can see them and basically it's like uber. you have on your phone here perfect i represented this one it's a dollar for every 30 minutes it looked like uber stream where you saw all the bikes near you. you basically use camera to scan there's a bar code hoor i want to show you if you can see this bar code on top and what that does release this lock. so it's not look you walk up an take this. although d.c. police are reporting that last night there was
7:20 am
circle six young people on rental bikes. we're not sure if they're ones they found like this or like we show you in this phot photograph. we all heard of capital bike share. those are bikes mainly orange locked up in the bike racks. you see them all over the place. that's one way. this is called dockless bike share and we have other photos to show you of some of these bikes we have seen in the last 2 hours all over town. again you got to sign up on phone. it's about a dollar for every 30 minutes. you use phone to unlock it and when done you lock the bike again you lock back tire in and leave near cub. you don't leave capitol ground or near white house private property or public parks along the curb like this one you can that's how it goes. new way of doing things. this call mo bike. there's line bike those are green ones. there's jump drngts c. and spin. four companies that started in sept
7:21 am
but you can see these bikes not just here in city but in prince george county and northern virginia and it's just a different way of getting a round. you would think o. my gosh so easy to steal. again the back tires are locked and we saw enterprise rental truck this morning p pigging up bikes. i guess if they figure you if the companies figure the bikes left somewhere they'll not pick it up they'll get. it we're near hor as elementary school northwest washington just in this area guys we've seen quite a few this morning like this sitting on the curb. we're wonder what is going on. now we know and now you do t too. >> bob i've been fascinated by this i see them all over the city. it's a great resource. but let me have a get off my lawn for a moment here. what if it is left on my lawn i can move it? >> well, that's one of the things they say is not to leave it on private property. yeah, because you kno
7:22 am
the back tire is locked you can just take it like this and move it. it will set off alarm that doesn't sound for too long because again back tire is locked. but yes it's not supposed to be left on private property. if you find one on yours stick in right-of-way or someone else's yard not really but just kind of in a public place near a curb. >> all right they look abandoned not abandoned there's a method to all this it's helping us get around. i have one question bob when we see you later maybe you'll know. you know those other bikes this is not new we've seen them in the dock right there. >> bike shares. >> you have to do your whole credit history to get it and it's pretty pricey. i want to know how it relates and is this cheaper option? >> you can talk to us about that later. >> again this is -- yeah it's a dollar for 30 minutes. and when you kind of upload $5 on to the account the first ride is free. yeah, it's same thing. you put in a credit
7:23 am
set basically. they don't do a credit his history. that's why i was able to get this bike. >> there you go. >> i'll look for the orange bike. >> thank you, bob. >> super curious it just seemed like overnight they were everywhere. maybe i just started noticing. >> weird when you see them on the trail and you're like is somebody around somewhere or they left the bike. >> now we know. >> still ahead macy's is out with lineup for thanksgiving day parade. >> that will be here soon. we'll tell you which big names are taking stage this year 7:23 now narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators.
7:24 am
candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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>> what amazing lineup. so smoky robinson, jimmy fallon. roots, common, just some of the stars that celebrate macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. 91 is annual parade and also perform as from the cast of broadway dear evan hanson and sponge bob square pants. there's something for everyone from common to sponge bob be. >> the way thanksgiving works as soon as the parade is over football game one of three for the day. >> beautiful day isn't it. >> sure is. >> great food. >> said by someone whoup does not cook. >> said food. >> he appreciate other people's food. >> thank you. >> allison let me be clear i'm expert cleaner at this point in my life. >> that look yeah praise the cleaners absolutely. >> 46 washington. low 60s later today. wi
7:27 am
expected. won't be the bright sunshine we had yesterday and won't be a terrible day either. these are clouds and showers that are off west bringing in warmer temperatures. so temperatures will warm up over the next couple days and in fact, we're back into the 0s thursday and friday afternoon. yeah. going to feel more like september out there. and with nice conditions expect around here to end the workweek. right now the weekend looks okay. it's not going to be a rhawnout. slight rain shower saturday and sunday. erin, time for jam cam. >> time to decide what to do for jam cam. dale city was amess and 95 northbound with a crash cleared moving along long better and once you cross the springfield interchange parked on 395 that's getting worse of. it 25 minute trip beltway to 14 street bridge crash disabled vehicle from crash blocking right shoulder 270 southbound is hour delay 109 to beltway. keep it to "fox5" we'll be right back.
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>> i wonder how much it is. wallace responded 40. i'll call you once i get the package. who was he talking to? who was he in touch with? nobody else was arrested. what's going on. >> how could one person do all of these
7:31 am
>> so many questions. we know you had them and you want answers and so do we that's why we're trying to get them for you. episode five of the fox5 true crime podcast the mansion murders now available for download today. now, this episode focuses on what ifs in the case mutter of savopoulos family and housekeeper. were there chances that were missed to say the victims? >> there is one that haunts a part-time housekeeper for the savopoulos family. what if she did not miss a call from her employer? >> on may 13th, 2015, the night the savopoulos family was first held hostage savvas makes a phone call to nellie guiterrez in the late evening. nel system the made who is still alive and spoke to us in earlier episodes. savvas tells her not to come to work the next day. >> hey, nellie it's savvas. she's in bed sick tonight schenn was sick tonight and vera offered to stay and help her out because we're
7:32 am
state night here. okay? >> and would you send me text when you get the message so i can make sure. thanks, nellie, good night. >> reporter: never nellie listens to that message not until the following day around 11am and by that time it was too late. >> sarah fraser joins us now with preview of this episode. just listening to that message, it didn't to me -- it's chilling to hear that now. >> right. >> but it didn't sound like distress. i was wait to see if there were clues to come over now and help us. >> well it's interesting. i agree with you, and but nellie felt that that was very odd for savvas. that he -- >> agent typical behavior. >> right. she felt like when she heard that there was something wrong, but episode five is all about chance. it's titled chance, and you know, lots of people have been saying to us and throughout investigating this story people said, god, it seems so odd. they had pizza delivered to their house, and you know, the made who was killed, vera, her husband came to
7:33 am
morning and then was sort of shoed away by a phone call and a text message from the family inside it's like there were so many missed opportunities. but of course you know i mean i -- we never take this podcast lately and i think it's very naive to go hey, uni would react differently, because on this episode, we have a former fbi hostage negotiator gary news they are who has decorated career, and, you know, worked with the waning company, texas siege that happened in the '9 '90's, and so, you know, he said nothing is normal when you're being held hostage. but, um, again, there were some very strange things even for gary in this case, and one of them is in the -- in the u.s. most of the time when people are not held in their home hostage for 19 hours. it's very very rare. >> right. >> most of the time someone comes in, they rob you, they case your house, they make sure you're not there. >> they leave with or without you? >> right. so, um, gary had a lot of thoughts and feelings on this, and introduced kind of some other things for to us think about. ta
7:34 am
>> i'm not familiar with the scenario like that, where someone text somebody at the company and said says give this big amount of money to someone i'm sending over to pick it up. i mean that would raise a lot of questions. well, why in the middle of the night are you asking for this sum of money? what has this got to do with business and you would think it would typically trigger a person who's being asked to get the money from the company, would it trigger some sort of reaction where they notify the police or the authorities. it's just, um, i'm not saying it didn't happen that way, but it strikes me as being unusual and would raise some questions in my mind. >> it raises a lot more questions in my mind. >> it does. >> i understand his thinking but he also is someone who is in law enforcement. so, of course, the reaction to contact police might come more natural toll him than when your boss texts sometimes you're in a business there's no questions asked and you just do things. >> right. >> so then it's like, what was the relationship with of of the business and the bin
7:35 am
involved here? again, we've kind of branched off into more questions. >> yeah. absolutely. i think for episode five it's going to kind of look at how a lot of people thought there were opportunities there for the family to notify someone. >> hindsight 20/20 episode. >> hindsight 20/20. this episode was one of the hardest they just had moments where they were so close to notifying someone, you know, and what what happens when all that goes wrong. >> i'm sure you're dealing with with the people like you talked to the housekeeper. this is the episode where you're dealing with the grief of course is fresh, but the guilt perhaps, too, of that feeling of, could i have done something, and if so, where was that sign of where i could have felt to possibly prevent this. >> she lives with it every day nellie guiterrez. >> terrible. >> yeah, it is. this podcast episode is up right now on our i tunes. you just search the mansion murders. we also have facebook group that has 700 members. so you can find out a lot more information there. you can get behind the scenes videos. just go to facebook, search the mansion murder
7:36 am
we're also on google play, audible, anywhere you search the mansion murders will pop up. so. >> -- fantastic podcast. >> thanks, steve. >> fun to listen to and getting a lot of attention to. a lot of resources there. i hope you get a chance to check it out. sarah just gave you all the info on all allism tunes or wherever find your pod cat search for the mansion murders. >> overnight lows back in the 30s and low 40s outside the beltway. frick in the city. it's going to be mostly cloudy day today. don't despair warmer temperatures not going to feel like november by thursday 49 day we'll soar back into the 70's. 46 now in washington. pittsburgh 36 degrees. 32 up in binghamton regionally cool air. you see chicago and detroit currently in the 30s we've got some low 40s in places like dulles and manassas and cul culpeper. take jack. cloudy skies for us today. rain showers and/or even the snow showers you see off to the north and west had stay to our north and west today. although we may get a little
7:37 am
got warmer airlifting through today. as that warm comes through there might be a light shower or little bit of drizzle here's your two-day forecast m places do five days or seven days. we do two days, erin. >> keep it simple. i like that. don't want to take any chances. 64 and spotty drizzle good that's why you're the best. >> there you go. >> thank you. right now, italy, in your opinion past the springfield interchange crash block the right shoulder previously blocking the right lane we're at a crawl well before the springfield interchange to past that point at braddock road. give yourself 20 extra minutes there. you'll need the time. as we take look at 95 northbound improving rapidly crash blocks the right shoulder aft route 1 in lore don. 30 minute ride from dale city to the beltway. red zone much better than the hour trip we were seeing ear earlier. take route 1 northbound bail out traffic there as well. we take look at 395 earlier issue at duke street cleared to the shoulder, just a 26 minute trip from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. main lanes are still really crowded
7:38 am
southbound volume little heavier than what we typically see. 66 from gainsville to prince william parkway 25 minute ride. 45 minute trip from gainsville to the belt wage outer loop 66 to the springfield interchange looks g the inner loop side of things that are dealing with big delays and then 44 minute trip just to get 121 to the beltway on 270 southbound. you can see all of that heavy traffic in the main lanes all metro rail lines right now on time. i'll let if you know that changes. allison and steve. >> still ahead, emoji exci excitement. this is what -- >> whoo! >> that wasn't is already out. apple latest updates including hundreds of new little icons a look at some of the favorites next. >> black lib rick health warning, allison. >> my goodness, please. >> getting backlash this mor morning. >> please. >> i hope papa seymour is watching. >> papa is in an uproar. we'll tell you how one popular candy company is responding. ♪
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narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. ♪ >> apple released new software updates which makes security changes, fix bugs and the fun part it adds whole lot of new emojis much what's wrong. >> mind blown. >> the one in the middle there. >> that's gross. i feel like that's already out. there are gender neutral characters. there's some dinosaurs. hedge hogs which are
7:42 am
blown. a breast feeding mom. >> we saw that one. >> okay. i like the little hedge hog. >> and more. shh be quiet. update includes hundreds of new emojis. >> okay. >> zebra, that's weird. what? >> the new phone supposed to be 3d emojis on it. >> that's cool. >> i know. it's coming out friday. taco alert if you're a fan of taco bell today is the day to get free lou cos dorito. steal a base steal a taco campaign. keffer get a free taco you have to get it between two l and sick p.m. today. >> how many people you think will get the one free taco and leave. >> nobody. exactly. taco bell wins. >> it works for taco bell. absolutely. >> hershey's responding to the fda's warning eating too much black licorice could planned you in the hospital. a spokesperson for the company says "as with any treat or candy we recommend you enjoy
7:43 am
in moderation as part of an overall balanced diet. it contains a compound called which can lead to -- i gave all the pronunciation can lead to abnormal heart rhythm, high pressure, moderation and i'm sorry i don't want to say anything bow candy company there are super healthy licorices you can buy without all that junk it in too. >> there you go. i'll abstain. just for health reasons. >> and we don't like it. >> that's right. >> still ahead security concerns across the nation, of course, after yesterday's deadly terror tack in lower manhattan. >> we will talk life with a former new york city police commissioner bernard, a friend of the show. we'll hear from him after the break. ♪
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♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown,
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and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia. ♪ it is 7:46 right now. we're looking ahead to g good dy d.c. all right. there's a good chance that you enjoyed some of the kids halloween candy last night. maybe you're feeling a extra full this morning and you might sneak a few pieces over the next couple of days. allison, you would know nothing about that whatsoever. >> what does it take to burn off those snack sized treats i used to have here at the desk. >> okay. >> we're sharing the simple exercises to do it. purely hypothetical. i don't know what you're getting upset about. >> i'm not insulted. on the show today guitarist eric essex and tracy hamlin stop by to perform in the loft ahead of their show at blues alley and performance of another kind, too, kev is about to
7:47 am
he's getting ready for big dance competition and he needs our help. >> that's going to be good tv. >> let's address this thing. steve, you had four snack sized -- >> i had five. >> you had four snack sized snickers. >> thank you. you accused me of stealing two of them. i only had one. >> erin keep that for me later. wink. okay. >> uh-huh. >> just trying to help. >> right. >> it's fine. she either stole one or two. >> normally i do hide his food but i did not today. >> perhaps you hid one and ate the other. >> he'll feel better about himself later when he didn't eat them all. >> he'll feel better when he apologizes on the air at 8:59. >> when i apologize you for you stealing my candy. >> that's a lie. >> oh, my goodness. >> okay. >> i'm not going to tell either of where you my candy is. >> hey, there's some cookies. >> those cookies are delicious. i've never been so inn difficulted. >> i v but. >> let's go to the forecast. >> go ahead, tucker. >> i'm trying. >> go ahead. >> i'm trying. >> taking my job. clou
7:48 am
temperatures. we're going to be back in the low 60s later this afternoon. might be a touch of drizzle out there. anything we get will be real light. most of the daks is north and west of us with what we're looking at warm front coming through. warmer air moving in and it's here to stay thursday and fr friday. daytime highs back in the 70s. both thursday and friday and by friday it's going to be beautiful afternoon. if you can sneak out of work early and hit happy hour or get out don barbecue or something like that by friday afternoon temps in the mid 70s pretty much awesome around here. cool this morning. 39 now in manassas. 39 in winchester. 41 dulles. we're 46 here in washington. definitely jacket weather for your day today. 45 down in leonardtown. 50 in annapolis. everybody off to a cool start. lots of clouds in the forecast today. this is warmer air working in to our region, and again, most of this action should stay off to our north and west. so we might see a little bit of light drizzle particularly if you're out in the mountains out to the west with this warmer air coming through and it will bring us a lot of clouds today. we'll be mostly cloudy throughout the day. i don't think we'll get much
7:49 am
sunshine at all this afternoon as we have a combination of high pressure off to our east and north and this warm front coming through. that's going to spell a lot of clouds for us. all right. low 60s today. mentioned little bit of light drizzle by tomorrow and friday weep we'll keep it dry but warm it up in the 70s with cooler weather expected for the wee weekend. time to turn clocks back. notice the cloud cover. it's not loving the idea of any drizzle around here. throw it out there and then partly sunny day tomorrow with daytime highs in the low 70s. so i know it's november. not going to feel like it the neck five days. in fact the next seven days with temperatures a little above normal thursday and friday. turn the clocks back. >> an hour of sleep or partying. >> right. yes. yeah. i think in our case it's going to be partying. >> absolutely. >> right? >> you know me, i can stay out late on a saturday. >> oh. >> that's lie. i'm always tired. 7:49. inner loop past the springfield interchange crash blocking the right shoulder. look how slow. there's a ton buses right now out in your opinion traffic from well bef
7:50 am
interchange to past braddock road dealing with about 30 minute delay so be prepared for that slow down. aside from that, we're seeing big delays. they're easing a bit on 95 northbound a crash blocking the right shoulder after route 1 in lorton. we've improved from about an hour trip to 32 minute ride from dale city to the bell way. but all the main lanes are really crowded. hov lanes and a little better shape. south at that point you definitely jam up past quantico as well. as we take look at rah have a drive times, overview, eastbound 66 just to get from 29 in ga gainsville to 234 prince william parkway 18 minute ride. you can see 66 moving along better in fairfax. overall about 45 minute trip from sudsedly road to the beltway. 95 northbound again we told you about those delays. outer loop looks good 66 through annandale to the springfield interchange at the inner loop side of things. that's not looking so great. and look at this big delay. inner loop from branch avenue to the wilson bridge, super heavy traffic, and that's going to take you 37 minutes. as we move things over for a look in maryland, crawling along 270 because of volume. 45 minutesus
7:51 am
to the beltway. outer loop jams up with about 25 minute delay from 95 to the 270 spur in college park. and then the inner loop jams as well from saint barnabas road to the wilson bridge. five northbound from 301 to surratts road ten minutes coming northbound through clinton and then as you make your way out in the district tonight, hey, wizards taking on the suns that's going to be the tim off at 7:00 crowded metro crowded roads by capital one recent in a. enjoy the game if you're able to head out and watch the wizards. metro son time right now. steve and allison. >> disturbing scene in northeast d.c. today after u.s. marshals evict attacks service business. they take everything inside the speedy tax service building on h street. it was put out on the street that include thed the furniture, the filing cabinets and about 20 boxes of papers. the problem, those papers contained people's tax returns and personal information including social security numbers. workers at a neighboring business saw what was going and and they decided to act
7:52 am
>> i called and they didn't know who i should talk to. i called the justice depth. they didn't know who i shall talk to. what you have here, nobody is doing nothing. this should be as important as somebody dealing with credit cards and losing those numbers. i feel for the information who have information out here. >> workers with h street main street took possession of the boxes. they contacted police. the city got involved and we're told the department of public works will eventually take possession of these papers and they will shred them. >> that's terrible. how is there not a law just throwing out people's perm information like that. >> i don't know. >> on the street. >> if it's attacks service, like, you know they really need to be contacted somebody has to go through or i guess if you know you did business with the tax service. >> you want to take, you know, the furniture outside i guess that's one thing. >> right. >> but contact somebody for the records. >> you got to be cognizant of people's business. >> let's get to update on maryland woman seriously hurt in the las vegas shooting. we have update on tina frost. she's now been moved out of the neuro intensive
7:53 am
general population icu. she's nil intensive care but in the general population unit. spokesperson for the family said she has started to write on a white board and doing some walking. >> excellent. >> on her own now. over the next few weeks she'll continue her physical and speech therapy could begin speaking soon. she was at music festival in las vegas when she was hit by a bullet in the face. she did lose an eye as a result of the shooting but at least she's getting a little bit better. >> that's good news. okay. to flint, michigan, we go. an artist is turning the lead tainted water crisis into a good cause. mel chin is teaming up with another artist to transform the city's excess water bottles into raincoats, swim wear and other clothing. the bottles will be collected from homes and sent to north carolina where they be turned into thread that thread will then be sent back to flint and turned into clothing. >> new this morning fox news political commentator tommy getting backlash for her halloween costume.
7:54 am
u.s. flagged costume with red tutu, fanny pack a top that says make america great again and a cape with stars and stripes. she accused of her being disrespectful to the flag. the cos assume is in violation of the u.s. flag code. ♪ let's say hello to our facebook fan of the today melissa missy isabel. happy be lated birthday. we hear you had a big celebration on monday. happy birthday to melissa. >> yes, love everything about it. looking absolutely beautiful. not to mention i think the brows are my favorite actually but missy says she's watched fox5 for as long as she can remember. it's a part of her morning routine. her favorites, some of us up here and maureen, too. >> allison. >> steve. >> maureen. >> yeah. >> okay not playing favorites. wink, wink, we'll take it. thank you very much. thanks for keepi
7:55 am
fox5 mississippi see. >> everybody loves tucker and we know that because we hear it all the time. >> absolutely do. >> tuck? >> hi, guys. 47 now in washington. cloudy skies, and look attends out of the north northeast at ten. guess what? we warm it up into the low 60 today's but the clouds are going to hang tough here as warm front comes through and that is going to put a damper on our temperatures for today. by tomorrow and friday, we're back in the 70s around here. i think it looks a little ominous here we might get a sprinkle or drizzle developing today. anything we get should be on the light side. thursday 49 day look fantastic. temperature wise nice warm up a little cooler for the weekend with couple of showers saturday and sunday, not a washout. quick reminder the clocks go back this weekend as daylight saving time comes to an end. erin? >> i was just talking trick or treating. >> oh yeah. you still going at it? >> no, i'm going to try to benefit off the candy that comes in here. >> oh, okay g i was pulling for us tucker trying to get us some more candy. as we
7:56 am
opinion past the springfield interchange crash blocks the right shoulder about 30 minute delay from well before the springfield interchange to past braddock road. heavy across leet john bridge. 31 minute ride from the inner loop to the wilson bridge. main and hov and main lanes stacked up there. also seeing delays top side of the beltway in college park 95 to the 270 spur. it's about 25 minute slow down at that location. we're also seeing 270 southbound a little bit of a parking lot right now toward the beltway, as you make your way down through gaithersburg and rockville 45 minute ride. northbound side looks good and all metro rail lines on time all morning long. back to you guys. ♪ well if you think you've gotten too much halloween candy this year, you have a chance to exchange it today and it's for a great cause. you get something in return, too. dentists in the d.c. area are exchanging candy for toys as part of operation troop treats. the candy that's collected will be sent to u.s. troops fighting overseas as holiday care package as part of
7:57 am
last year children donated more than 4 tons of candy for the program. you can exchange your candy at cool smiles dental offices in the area on the screen right now are some of the locations that are participating today. and once again you get a toy for every 25 pieces of unopened candy it will give the troops a sweet treat and promotes a good cause. your good dental hygiene and the kids get a toy. >> sounds like a win win win. >> it's a win win win. >> men across the country putting down their razors for a full mom it is november 1st, of course, it's all for a good cause. >> you should do it, steve. >> that would not be pretty. >> what? we'll take closer look at the no shave november campaign and how it's helping in the fight against cancer. .
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning. thanks so much for joining us. >> it is 8:00 a.m. on this wednesday, november 1st, 2,017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. another act of terrorism in manhattan steps from ground z zero. a truck plows into pedestrians and bikers at least eight people killed. what we are learning about the suspect this morning. >> plus fox5 staying on top of allegations of grade fixing in prince george's county. the maryland state board set to discuss the findings of that final report today. and ahead at 8:30 men across the country putting down their razors for
8:01 am
good cause. we'll take closer look at the no shave november campaign. first, though, live look outside at the white house on this wednesday morning. we will have weather and traffic on the 5's coming up. right now 46 degrees. >> looks pretty with the leaves changing outside of the white house. >> finally some color. >> very fall like for this november 1st 1st up this morning all knew we have school closings to talk about. this is in anne arundel county. cheese peek bay middle school and high school all closed because of a power outage. damage to bge utility pole. bot kin elementary and chesapeake middle and high school closed today. all other schools in anne arundel county will operate on normal schedules. ♪ let's get to the morning's big story which is the aftermath of the deadly terror attack in new york city. the death toll stands at eight with a dozen more injured. the truck involved still there. live pictures of the scene. the vehicle still in place in lower
8:02 am
those victims mode down yesterday on bike path. >> right now there's still an active crime scene in new york city. the rented home depot truck that was used in that attack remains roped off where it hit a schoolbus in lower manhattan. >> in the meantime new details continue to be uncovered about the suspect. a 29-year-old man originally from uzbekistan sayfullo saipov. neighbors described him as quiet guy who came to the us in 2010 he work as an uber driver for six months. the company says he passed uber's background checks. he is in critical condition right now after he was shot in the abdomen by police. president president donald trump tweeting about the attack saying "the terrorist came into our country through what is called the diversity visa lottery program. chuck schumer beauty i want merit based. the president followed up with this. we are fi fighting hard former t based immigration. no more democrat lottery systems. we must get much tougher
8:03 am
smarter. >> deading attack raising questions. >> fox5's melanie alnwick is live on the national mall with more on this tragedy. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yes, we've seen these devastating truck attacks. first bass still day celebration in france and christmas market in germany last year not to mention also an attack near west minster bridge in london. that really was signaling for intelligence agencies a new tactic here for isis supporters and based on a letter that was found in the rented truck in that tack yesterday, it does appear that the suspect appears to be one of those supporters. >> witnesses say the suspect sayfullo saipov originally from uzbekistan but in the us legally emerged from his truck saying god is great in arabic before he was shot and wounded while he's been described as a lone wolf, he appeared to follow the
8:04 am
playbook that is called for more vehicle attacks like we've seen recently in europe. saipov may represent the changing face of isis as it suffers losses on the battlefield. >> while we are now definitively winning the ground work against isis, the real fight has migrated and the battleground is no longer inside iraq and syria but only line. it's in cyber space. and in that sense, isis has truly now established a global reach. >> reporter: from president trump on twitter we must not allow isis to return or enter our country after de defeating m in the middle east and else elsewhere. enough he called for stepped up vetting at the borders. but among the lingering questions, what to do with saipov. is he treated as civilian criminal or something else? >> the last thing i want this guy to hear tonight is you have a right to a lawyer. the last thing he should hear is his miranda rights. >> reporter: now the suggestion what we've heard from folks is that it w
8:05 am
treat saipov as an enemy combatant. we can tell you that even though as we mentioned this is considered to be one of those lone wolf attacks, dc police are getting informaton from federal investigators in new york. they have -- this is the kind of thing they have been preparing for in case anything like this happens here in d.c. they're reminding folks to stay alert and to report anything suspicious. want to let you know coming up at 9:00 o'clock this morning, dc police chief peter newsham will be joining me right here to talk about these issues. steve and allison, back to you. >> mel, thank you very much. unfortunately, it really just the awareness has become the new normal and the fact if you're out and about you just have to be more aware than you ever have been before as to your surroundings. >> right, right. >> sad. sad state of affairs we're in right now. >> terrible place to be that's where we are. need to protect yourself. hello, tucker. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> yeah. weather wise, halloween work out great. so we're waking up with cloud cover this morning and we got a change in air mass. the bottom line is thursday and friday will be on the warm side. today is
8:06 am
day. >> all right. >> okay? but clouds and maybe even a little drizzle possible today. you'll see the clouds here in just a second on your satellite/radar. 47 at reagan national. chilly out there take a jacket. dulles 43. 45 up in baltimore at bwi marshall. there's a live look at your satellite/radar. and most of the action is out to our west this morning. and it will remain out there. but we could see a little drizzle develop. what's happening is we've got warmer air working in from the south and west and that's going to bring us a lot of cloud cover today and bring some showers to points off to the north and west there we can see a little bit of that slip into our region. forecast for this afternoon, 64 degrees. mentioned the clouds out there. a little drizzle. most of that hangs out to the north and west. tomorrow and friday temps sore like a d.c. eagle back into the 70s. >> love it. >> and then we'll talk about changing our clocks on saturday night early sunday morning. >> extra hour of sleep everybody. >> so what will, um, when is it get dark now s
8:07 am
time? six -- >> 6:16 or so. >> yeah. >> 5:16 next week. >> yeah. >> getting dark. >> yeah. >> all right. it will be darker commute for everybody going home. >> but it will be lighter commute in the morning. >> that is true. >> more daylight in the morning. >> that's good news for us? half empty, half full. >> exactly. how you look at it perspective. right now i can tell you the inner loop is dealing with some heavy traffic. this is from branch avenue to the wilson bridge. just under a half hour there. you can see hov and main lanes very crowded right now as you make your way down into alexandria. now once you cross the wilson bridge, we also have some other delays inner loop good news is crash just cleared after branch avenue. been blocking the right shoulder but you're still heavy from the springfield interchange up to 66. about 15 minute delay there. hov lanes slow as well. so the inner loop getting the worst of it. outer loop crash in the same area blocking the right shoulder. this is the outer loop near braddock road. so other side of the beltway in the same area also seeing some slow downs this morning. as we forward things along, those aren't the only problems. now we've
8:08 am
top side of the beltway in college park. this camera out by new hampshire avenue. but 35 minute ride 95 to the 270 spur. because of slow-moving traffic and volume. inner loop looks good down to bw parkway. as we move things over for a look at 27045 minute trip on the southbound side from one twenty three 21 to the beltway whole lot of volume through gaithersburg, germantown ro rocksville. northbound side nice and quite up to 70. we take look at 95 northbound improving crash blocks the shoulder in dale city. this one out in lorton just cleared. 25 minute ride as you get dale city to the beltway. metro on time all morning, guys. back to you. >> update to story fox5 was the first to report today the maryland state board of education will meet to discuss
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
8:12 am
narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years.
8:13 am
longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
8:14 am
>> okay. mom says the boys love fox5 and they especially love that super cutie allison seymour. >> yes. boys, i love you right back. >> carefully. she'll come over and babysit. >> i know. >> you don't want that. >> the power move and come over and demand to babysit. >> right. >> right. that might be uncomfortable. >> all right, we love your picture. we hope awed happy halloween, and you got some chocolate in that milk bottle. >> that is so cute. >> super cute. >> all right. >> you know where to send us your child's picture facebook page fox5 d.c. >> we don't know what -- whoever is taking that picture do to make the smile like that. >> you know they're channeling funny stories. have to be we got so many great and super cute halloween photos
8:15 am
>> absolutely. >> so fun to watch. >> thanks for sending them in. i went through as many as i could yesterday. >> did a good job. they really lived everybody's spirits i think. >> we love it. 47 now in washington. low 60s for us today. with plenty of clouds. we got warmer air working through and that will deliver some nice weather for thursday and friday but today is kind of that day of transition. cold air, minneapolis 31 this morning. signs of november out there. fargo is 32. 32 up in great falls. that's where the coldest of the air will be over the next week or so. blow normal temperature wise. while we are going to be riding some warm temperatures here by thursday and friday. it's a warm front that will be moving through later. that will bring us cloud cover. might be a sprinkle or shower north and west. anything we get may be a little drizzle around here today, anything we get will be very much on the light side. the clouds are going to hold tough throughout the afternoon. 64 today. look at your warmup, thursday and friday in the 70's. clocks they go back. you get an extra hour of sleep but we lose an hour of daylight at the end of the day. we don't really lose it we t
8:16 am
it. steve, i just look. i was off by eight minutes. >> okay. >> sun will set tonight at 6:07 and so will be more like 5:00 o'clock. >> ugh. >> it will set on sunday. >> that is definitely the downside. >> okay. >> all right. kids who used to be able to walk home from school but -- >> i was thinking my by mid afternoon 1:00 is going to be an early afternoon run. >> go by 2:00 a.m. so you're home safely before it's dark out. >> hour of extra sleep. >> yes. >> there we go. >> right now i wanted to start you off with wide view of dmv to show you the different slow downs. so 50 fibbed 202 to 295 about 15 minute delay. from north of 50 in riverdale park all the way down to the 11th street bridge. dealing with about 15 minute slow down really heavy 295 southbound. branch avenue at the 301 split heavy through clinton wolf ten northbound through fort washington slow. and about half hour delay from branch avenue to the wilson bridge. 295 northbound stacked from the beltway to lavatory road. the freeway is very heavy in both directions to and from t
8:17 am
third street tunnel. 395 bigger delays dissipated but 14th street bridge still stacked and then 95 southbound icc to the beltway looking he heavy. bw parkway just outside the beltway that both directions look good. 66 through fair tax is sluggish about 45 minute trip from sudley road over to the beltway. so watch out for that one. let's see if we can forward things along. outer loop before braddock road crash block the right shoulder. that's slowing down a little bit. no major delays coming down from 66. outer loop 36 minute ride red zone from congestion 95 to the 270 spur. and 270 also very heavy. inner loop there you have it. dipped down to 25 minute trip which is much improved about five minute dissipated about five minutes so half hour now 25 minutes. keep in mind again 270 southbound slow but all metro rail lines are on time. i'll let you know -- let's try that again. i'll let you know if anything else pops up this morning, guys. back to you. >> erin, thank you very much. get more details into the facebook and google accounts run by russian trolls that's come to go light now according to facebook's general counsel more
8:18 am
saw some type of propaganda produced by russian agency. >> youtube and twitter say that russians also used their services to stir the pot ahead of the 2016 presidential election. investigators say not all of these russian propaganda posts promoted one candidate over the other, and in tuesday's hearing on capitol hill, senators took their best shots at the leaders of some of these tech companies. >> you can't put together rubles with a political ad and go like, hmm, those two data points spell out something bad. >> senator, it's a signal we should have been alert to. >> now, there's new legislation proposed to begin regulating the ads. the agency used to spread miss information. the two leading candidates in virginia's race for governor witness recollection right around the corner receiving record amounts of cash now in the final days of the campaign. campaign finance reports filed last night show republican ed
8:19 am
northam combining to raise more than $20 million between octobe october 26th. northam raised 11 million. gillespie raised 9.7 million. well, caught on camera, a shocking site. a home in new hampshire carried away by the baker river on monday before it smashed into a nearby bridge. your whole life right there. people along the river bang watched in astonishment. one person shot this video. that say it was churned in the water it made crushing sounds. recent storms in the northeast have caused flooding in many areas. >> isn't it amazing just to see -- got completely shredded. and the bridge is only a couple of feet of clearance there. >> just devastating. >> shows you the power of the water. >> power of the water. >> you talk about people getting swept away and there's a bridge of two feel feet of clearance completely sledding an entire house. that's just unbelievable power of that water. >> everything in the world just crushed night bridge right th there. all right. still ahead the los angeles dodgers
8:20 am
nail nation last night forcing a world series game seven. >> live report from los angeles coming up right after the break. it's 8:19 now. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings.
8:21 am
we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass
8:22 am
y life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. ♪ >> all right. for the third time now in the last four seasons, there will be a game seven of the world
8:23 am
>> wahoo! >> dodgers escaped elimination last night holding off the astros for one more round. fox' lauren blanchard with the key assignment of covering the dodgers and astros at dodgers stadium this morning. lauren we saw -- actually you were inside the stadium yesterday morning. did you actually get in last night, were you a able to talk your way into the game? >> reporter: well, steve, i'll let you know in on a secret. i was sleeping during the game last night. however, i am for going sleep tonight in order to be at game seven. i will definitely be there i will also be here tomorrow morning so it might be a little more tired but this is a baseball lover's dream. watching this world series go to that full game seven. >> dodgers fans get rowdy on their home turf. it wasn't quite the mega come back the astros pulled off in game five, but the dodgers did well enough to best houston three-one forcing a game seven. >> you've got the two best teams in the in baseball going head to head. these two
8:24 am
another. another. for little bit at the start as dodgers stadium held a moment of silence for the victims of tuesday's deadly terror attack in new york city. the first score of game six was appropriately a homerun. homers are the theme of this series with both teams helping to break the record for most homeruns. the astros george springer had the game's first hit. at the top of the third inning. but the dodgers got the astros pitpitt justin verlander in the bot. to sixth with rbi double. la is riding high on their victory. can the astros regain the upper hand. >> this series has been back and forth and two incredible teams, um, trying to get to the finish line. both teams will be ready to play with about as much energy as you could possibly imagine. >> reporter: and tick prices on stub hub nearly doubled overnight. the seats all the way in the back of the stadium going for about $800. while the best seats aren
8:25 am
thousands. steve? >> how many times have the will if the win dodgers will you use the phrase "true hollywood ending. >> now that you mention it i feel like i'm going to fit it in every live shot. >> you got to get it in v lauren, enjoy if you get there tonight and we'll see you with no sleep tomorrow morning. it will be well worth it. good luck to both teams. >> 8:25. >> we're winning with the games on fox. this is one of the most exciting world series you can imagine. every game has been so close. >> game seven rare. normally it's done by now. >> three of the last four years we've had game seven but it's just makes it more exciting when you have a game seven. >> sure. >> because you know it's a one-game series now. >> right right. >> whoever wins this one gets it all. >> you'll be sleepy tomorrow. >> yeah. >> okay. i got it. >> i think so. >> time for weather school. >> perhaps i can learn something now that we'll keep awake later. >> that was my outside voice. >> school is back in session. >> the professor just looked at me like, your a is in jeopardy. >> that's not yesterday's
8:26 am
i hear we've had a lot of frauds, imposters and wanabees as teachers lately. >> yeah. >> awesomeness. >> he's so cute. >> here's your quiz for the day. baseball managers the only team -- sports team that the manager dresses like the players? >> baseball managers teams sports only thing -- >> what was the question again, teacher. [ laughter ] >> i understood it. that's why i get the a. [ laughter ] >> i understood it. >> yes, that is correct. and then the neck question will what should they dress like. >> the teacher doesn't know the answer. is that true? >> probably is true, right? >> you don't really know. yes i think that's true. >> okay. major sports we have we believe it to be that way. >> curling coaches might dress like their players. >> you want to consider curling a major coach that is fine. >> wow. >> sunshine c. winds a b today. it will be a little breezy out there and we are going to have some clouds. afternoon temperatures in the low 60s. give that a b. share your halloween candy with your teacher fast forward way to a plus. overall b. you know what you wanted to right now. you
8:27 am
>> ouch. >> queue my music. >> hey, wait a minute. >> that's my snickers. >> sharing. >> he's okay. >> if football coaches dress like the players that would be weird. >> that would be hilarious, pads and all. >> hey, erin. >> a little anger in that thrown snickers. >> that was too heavy handed. >> there was a lot going on there. we can talk about that and analyze it later. wee right now a crash southeast southwest freeway before main avenue. right two lanes block there down to 11 miles per hour. super stack up across the 11th street bridge. spilling on to 295 northbound the beltway to the 11th street bridge will take you 24 slow minutes. hey at leave metro rail lines are on time. keep it to fox5 news morning. will he we will be right back. ♪ ♪♪
8:28 am
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dear suspicious snackers, we get it. we know it can be a texture thing, and there are lots of brands to choose from. but it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. it's the brand people have trusted for more than 170 years. a whole world of sweet, and savory combinations,
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or classic country style. and since it's packed with satisfying protein, you'll want to try all of hood's amazing flavors. don't miss out on delicious. new to your local dairy aisle! ♪ the time right now 8:30. we're taking a look at our top stories this morning. live picture from manhattan right now. lower manhattan in new york city. the site of yesterday' deadly terror attack. eight people were killed. more than a dozen injured yesterday when that rented truck you see on your screen mowed down people on bike path. the truck still cordoned off at the crime scene. we know five of the victims are argentinean nationals another from belgium. the suspect 29-year-old sayfullo saipov originally from uzbekistan. he was shot by police and remains in the hospital this morning. >> developing overnight in the district now, the 1200 block of h street northeast has been reopened. this is after a shoot
8:31 am
fox5 has learned two men were shot around 2:15 in the morning. police say both were taken to the hospital for treatment in what being described as non-life threatening injuries. anyone with information should call d.c. police. also in the district four people recovering after this crash involving a metro bus and a car happened just before 11:0y street and kenilworth avenue northeast. the force of the crash enough to flip over that car. no word this morning on how the accident happened. well, it's a new month, and what better way to celebrate, steven, with can youing one chore out of the your daily routine. >> everything helps, right. no shave november start today's and as always, it's for a great cause. fox consumer reporter steve november november joins us now with more of are we doing it this year, steve? >> by we i mean you. >> we are. that extra ten minutes in the morning because i don't have to shave so nice. this morning, of course, because you start day one you do have to shave nice and clean shaved today but that's it. putting the razor down. of course, that's the idea behind entire cam
8:32 am
grow from there. the money you safe on shaving and grooming and that kind of stuff can be very expensive we donate to the cause instead. you can make general donation or set up your own fundraising p page. no shave november a web based not for profit organization devoted to growing cancer awareness and raising funds to support cancer prevention, research and education. >> so when someone science up to do this, steve, or donations from us people have lost questions obviously where the money is going, what it helps. what the cause is, et cetera. and then is it a one-time donation or are these donations that continue throughout the entire month? >> reporter: good question, so it's a one-time donation you can set it up however you want to do. i think a lot of folks, you know, believe that this is really all about men's health specifically. and generally that's the headliner but no shave november has great partners this year. prevent cancer foundation fight colorectal cancer organization which by the way colorta
8:33 am
cancer 100% preventible. there's no reason for anybody to have this. the saint jude's children's research hospital they're famous for helping with the most aggressive forms of childhood cancer. no family that ever gets treated at saint jude will ever receive a medical bill from them. so these are really great partners this year. of course, treatment and research just one part of the puzzle this is really about education and prevention. so simple stuff here, folks. especially when talking about colorectal cancer which again 100% preventible. get screened. learn the signs and symptoms. know your risks. follow your family history some of this you have no control over. thing like your family history. but you can take steps today to greatly reduce your risk. increase the physical activities. stop smoking. reduce the alcohol intake. maintain a healthy body weight recent dues the amount of red meat and processed meat that you consume. here is my ask this morning. if i've ever saved you money
8:34 am
segments. please, take a minute. visit my facebook fan pace page make donation even a small fraction of the% sent of money i've saved you over time will make a huge difference here. my growth you can see all month long i'd like to increase the fundraise efforts please head over steve. i've got link also posted on your station website this morning. >> steve, so because you see this happening all the time. you do the way it really works you have to attach yourself to an individual who is growing out the beard or an organization as well? i'm just trying to ask for those who might wanting to a different route. not that we don't want to go on your facebook page. >> yeah. 100%. you can go on and you can make donation, no problem. just by yourself. you can come to visit a page like mine and make donation through me. whatever the case is. here's nice thing the money all of it all goes to the same place. so it's just different roads to the same destination as long as we get the job done that's all that matters. steve we wish you
8:35 am
you should take a picture do a little time lapse at the end of the month. >> 100%. i'm thinking we're going to get more gray this year than i'm used to. >> it's for a good cause. don't worry about it. >> think of the money, steve. [ laughter ] >> for a good cause. >> good to see you. >> to you. so it's for more information just on the whole basically the push it is good to stove's facebook, facebook/save me steve if you want to support him spec specifically. >> chenevey is not doing it. barnes what about you, sir. >> i've been trying to do it since i was 14 this is how as good as it gets. >> you haven't shaved in a year. >> basically. >> you may get a little whisker. >> my dream is to look like burt reynolds when i was a kid, you know. >> yeah i do he was a manly lookly man. >> you're hitting there now. >> nothing came in ever. >> i'm going to try allison. yeah. >> you're more of a magnum stash guy. >> i love a magnum stash. >> if i could grow that i'd do it. [ laughter ]
8:36 am
i'm not trying to be nasty. [ laughter ] >> 47 in washington. hey, 37 pittsburgh. looking a temps in the low 60s later today. lots of clouds out there. these rain showers should stay west i can't guarantee one or two might sneak into particularly northwest parts of our viewing area. so just keep that in mind. mostly cloudy conditions today. it's warm front coming through so when it gets north of us we'll be into warmer temperatures by tomorrow afternoon by friday in the mid 70s. 64 today. generally cloudy conditions this afternoon. generally dry. a little drizzle out there. >> you like a man with a mustache, erin. >> no. i'll tell you why. >> i'm fine with the beer. i think the beard is attractive. my dad since i was child has had just mustache. so i associate mustache with dad and i'm find it completely i wasn't track tiff on any other man. it reminds me of my dad. >> my dad sports the mustache, too. >> it's a good look for the dad. >> yeah. >> i had the same problem with my mom. >> oh. >> you're lucky she is is not in this state. >> i'm going to have to e-mail her
8:37 am
>> i'm going to tell her what you just said. i hope you're joking. 8:36 right now. [ laughter ] >> moving and to traffic. orange line blue and silver as well residual delays to vienna franconia and wiehle do to an earlier train malfunction at l'efant plaza. be prepared for that one as we move things over for look at the district we're seeing big delays southeast southwest freeway before main avenue as you make your way inbound from the 11th street bridge. we have a crash blocking two right lanes down to 11 miles per hour as you come off of the bridge. in fact 295 northbound delays spilling over from the beltway to the 11th street bridge. 24 minute ride southbound side backs up as well a little bit of a mess there. another crash in the district massachusetts avenue at fourth street northeast crash blocking the right lane. give yourself extra time. seeing heavier traffic patterns on constitution of a independence down by the mall as well. nothing atypical there. outer loop crash blocks the right shoulder before braddock road. heavy traffic past that scene but once you get past braddock road do you open up a little bit more. as we move things over,
8:38 am
gainsville to 234, 17 minute ride about a 45 minute total from sudley road to the beltway. 95 northbound cleared up through dale city and looking much better out the outer loop there give yourself extra time top side of the beltway. metro is on time except for the other delays we told you about. back to you. >> still ahead this morning, bad news at the bank. new report says americans are having a tough time building up their savings. i know. preaching to the choir. >> a reason to update your i phones andism pads. hundreds of new apple owe me joe's are out this morning. we'll take look at them next. >> what, steve. >> people don't upgrade for security but emojis, let's do it. >> they're so cool. >> they're so cool.
8:39 am
running a small business is demanding. and that's why small business owners need more. like internet that's up to the challenge. the gig-speed network from comcast business gives you more. with speeds up to 20 times faster than the average. that means powering more devices, more video conferencing, and more downloads in seconds, not minutes. get fast internet and add phone and tv for only $24.90 more per month. comcast is building america's largest gig-speed network to give small businesses more. call 1-800-501-6000 today.
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z2ktqz z5yz y2ktqy y5yy
8:41 am
♪ >> steve says i cannot go to a third bruno mars concert in 18 months. what do you all think. >> i just said from a financial perspective you are quite invested in bruno. >> yeah. invested and broke because these tickets are not cheap. >> i'm not going tell not to go. if this is what you want to do and it makes you happy. >> it does make me happy. i consider him a friend. >> i'll buy you breakfast but i'm not buying you tickets yet at least. >> 8:41 right now. speaking of money, al, this is why we're talking about it. we're saving as americans we are saving money at the lowest pace in the last ten years. >> yeah. >> the commerce depth says september's saving rate dipped
8:42 am
december 2007 and we all know what happened in 2007 financially we were not in a good place. money watchers say a great amount of funds are being poured into stocks and corporate bonds and we've seen what the market activity is. also, say this shows consumers are willing to part with their savings and take some risks with the market up side. let's just remember, marks don't always go up don't put all of your financial apples into the same basket. >> right. okay. did you say apple. >> i'm trying to link all our stories today. apple released new software updates which makes security changes. it fixes bugs. let's be real. we want the emojis and it adds a whole lot of new emojis. there are gender neutral characters, there's some dinosaurs, hedge hogs and exploding head because mind blown, woosh. >> breast feeding momma. and more. the update includes hundreds of new emojis. looks like some sort of a pie there. stars in your eyes. >> scarves all kind of good
8:43 am
we could have used those yesterday for all the characters we had on good day d.c. let's fine out how we'll top that show today. it will be challenge but i know we're up for it. >> i know. don't you miss it? >> yeah. i miss it. >> we're just mere mortals today, right? or are we? >> hmm. listen, we couldn't to follow the still breaking news that's coming out of new york city. a terror tack there killed several people yesterday. we're now learning more about the suspect. >> plus, what is being done to protect so-called soft targets like that bike trail? live team coverage at the top of 9a. also, live at 9a we continue to dig deeper into one of the region's most chilling crimes. a ma'amly further of murdered in their d.c. mansion. there are a lot of what ifs in this case. we get a preview of the latest installment of our fox5 true crimes story at 9:15. >> all right. you know what time it is. what time is it? >> oh, that's time. >> yeah. time to put up -- that time. >> put up the good day guest list. good chance you enjoyed some of the kids halloween canny last night. you're probably be sneak ago few pieces over the next
8:44 am
just what does it take to burn off those snack sized treats? we're sharing the simple exercises to do it. >> why i'm wearing a nice notice dress today. nationally renowned gay tar rift eric essex and tracy hamlin stop by to perform in the loft ahead of their show at blues al toll night. we'll have performance of another kind. kevin mccarthy cutting a rug. he's getting ready for big dance competition and, um, we'll just say he needs your help. oh, boy. >> all right. can't wait to see that. your number one good day d.c. all two hours of it just foments away. >> super hero pose. >> this is my super hero pose. >> um-hmm. >> you got to pay wisdom extra to bring out the super powers. right, wis? >> price on everything. >> that's right, steve. ain't nothing for free. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. >> i know. come on. >> superman got to pate bills. >> thanks guys. coming up next kevin mccarthy has entertainment news for us this morning. >> coming up next kevin spacey reference was act
8:45 am
from very popular tv show last night. we'll tell was what show that was. what is going on with the current season of house of cards season six being filmed right over here in baltimore? and finally, have you seen what we did on good day d.c. yesterday? the videos are so awesome. we'll have those coming up next right here. stay tuned to fox5 news morning. ♪ and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
8:46 am
8:47 am
m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia. >> how much better does it get than being in the nation's capitol on
8:48 am
enjoying our wonderful landmark. blue skies beyond the capitol dome. fall leaves outside of the white house. >> beautiful. >> picture perfect. >> sure s light breeze out th so it occurs to me that audio and good morning to audio, either mack or jim i'm not sure who's in there right now, they know our triggers. for me it's bruno. mj. something like that they know that tucker is going to do his little, you know -- >> mick jagger. >> right. what about you? >> steve, what's your deal? >> i'll do anything. >> there's something we'll fine it. >> dig. >> pay close attention. >> over to you tuck. >> i'm thinking one of the hair metal bands from the late '80. >> doing his doing some head banging. >> rat or something like that. >> it's possible. >> okay. we're going to have to investigate it. >> yeah. >> we'll have to keep trying until we find the right song. >> right. >> until he gets that shoulder move up or biting that bottom lip and doing a little number. >> cloudy skies today. >> drizzle that's a possibility it will be real light today. what we're loong
8:49 am
coming through, and as that warmer air is coming in it's going to a, give us a lot of cloud cover and drizzle today. here's the pay off. temps in the 70s around here starting tomorrow with partial sunshine and then mid to upper 70s on friday. so we have warmer temperatures hard to believe it's november here with the seven day forecast looking like temperatures remain well above normal. okay. 47 now. cool this morning. even had some 30 ago couple hours ago. 42 now in manassas. leonardtown, good morning. 48 degrees for you. 50 in annapolis. 45 in baltimore. temperatures certainly on the cool side. take a jack. with the cloud cover and temps about 60 or low 60s later today i think it's going to feel cooler without the sunshine you might want a jacket later. most of the rain even a couple of snowflakes off to our north and west should stay off to our north and west today and again we're looking at warmer airlifting through the region as thing improve tomorrow we'll be back into the sunshine today will be mostly cloudy day with temps in the low 60s. warm temperatures thursday and friday will feel great around here. coer
8:50 am
change the clocks and move them back early sunday morning. that is not wash out. a lot of clouds around this weekend and cool temps a few showers, guys. back to you. >> all right. tucker thank you very much. >> it is 8:50 right now. taco alert taco alert. you can get free free tacos at tacos bell today a free doritos low companies taco. thanks to houston astros outfielder cameron maven. it is part of the fast food chain's steel base steal a taco campaign. maven stole a base in the 11th inning during game two of the world series. the deal runs between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. don't fry to get like a couple. >> right. >> you'll get one but hey one is better than nothing. >> kev stay quieted in that story. >> you're loaded with tons of candy there's a new chocolate bar co coming out that sounds pretty sweet. it's call the reece's outrageous bar. >> it sounds sweet, steve. >> it sounds suite. [ laughter ] >> it's filled with creamy peanut butter caramel and ec
8:51 am
>> i got a sweet tooth. that is a lot. >> it's then covered in chocolate. >> okay. >> nougat. >> it will did he by early next year. >> did we do reece's costume. >> i'll show them. baby was elliot from et. no reece's pieces. fake et in the basket. >> that's good enough. reece's pieces in the news. >> schuyler was barb from stranger things. >> your daughter's costumes were amazing. we believe show them at some point today. >> we ran out of the time. >> kev, will you get your free taco today and if so, if you did go get for free taco at taco bell how many other things would you order off the menu. >> i will not be going to taco bell today. >> my new favorite they know now they have a crispy chicken case is a dill la. over the years i've been eating case is a dill la which is amazing crazy cool sauce in it now they're making the chicken crispy. >> fried chicken. >> in a chicken quesadilla. >> i had it twice on saturday. >> sometimes a littlso
8:52 am
>> it is amazing. dip it in the hot sauce and double decker taco with nat cho cheese shell signed you're good to go. >> if people get a free taco they'll buy a bunch of other stuff. >> that's the whole point. it will work out well. >> put the nachos cheese stelle in double deck derr. >> two serious stories. kevin spacey reference removed last night's episode of this is us on nbc. in light of recent events the producers have decided to remove the brief reference to kevin spacey. according to entertainment weekly the scene was a flashback to 2008 moment when the character of kevin who you're seeing here, this is not the scene this is just a scene with kevin in it, kevin struggling actor in the show in 2008 and the flashback he learns he's been cast in kevin spacey movie the character of kevin and his roommate are invited to a party. which is, n reference was removed. the scene was shot over two months ago. so it's completely coincidental that it had kevin spacey reference in it. product of upcin
8:53 am
and final season of house of cards is now on hold. the website deadline reports the cast and crew learned about the decision yesterday it comes just after a day after kevin spacey apologized to actor anthony rapp for making an alleged sexual advance in 1986. rapp says he was just 14 years old when spacy made the advance at a party at the time. spacy was in his mid 20s. my recommendation impeach the character that spacy plays. bring claire underwood to the for ground much she's the most interesting character of the show any way. >> that called the film to go regroup, rewrite scripts and make adjustments and go back when you talk to the actor last week he said they had just started. >> they just started on tuesday of the last week. michael kelly who plays doug stamper on the show i don't know how much they already filmed. they started filming last week. >> one week into filming. >> they can change some stuff. yesterday on good day d.c., we did an amazing thing. owe want to say chris smith, jeff and matt prop to those guys. take look
8:54 am
justice league is coming out november 17th we did a bit we search wanted to save morning news. there's chris smith our producer running towards jeff and holly with an important message from our president. watch this. >> fake news. local morning tv is just awful. nbc, boring. abc, just sad. cbs, total waste of my time. is there any innovation, any creativity, can anyone save local morning tv? >> all right. we only have a minute here. here's what we're going to do. this is actually what happened. this was the intro tow to good day dc. you see holly run off and we created the justice league trailer you see the dc logos. we figure out how to bring the team together especially aqua man as well as flash who played by me aqua manmade by mike thomas here's a photo
8:55 am
us in our costumes yesterday on good day d.c. it look really really really cool all the costumes. so i do want to show just briefly how we introduced some of the characters. check out this video of this is cool. >> they said morning tv could never be this good. >> ♪ >> it has to be. it's up to us. >> good day d.c. >> holly as wonder woman. that was really really cool and this just continued on. >> i love it. >> holly killed it. amazing performance from holly right there. >> the reason we're showing this, i'm actually headed to london today to sit down with the cast of justice league. so i'll have those interviews coming up i'm going to show t them. there's steve as batman. pretty cool video right there. >> he was it was a really cool show. we had the video on our website there's allison seymour. >> i'm bat girl. >> i don't know if we have time to get to
8:56 am
of cool intros. we have to go to break. that was yesterday on good day d.c. if you haven't seen it look at it online #gooddaydc for any videos you can find there as well. >> robin coming in, too. >> yeah. there was a shot, though of tucker and like he had his little hair he actually looked like robin. >> it was cool. tack more about it on good day. final check on whether and traffic right after the break. >> a lot of fun. #gooddaydc. watch it.
8:57 am
>> got a little rat in there going to break. did you hear that. >> yeah. >> almost work. final check of weather and traffic. >> look at you. we'll find it. >> if we can bring up my maps we have lot of new problems. northbound southeast southwest freeway before eighth street there's crash involving a bus blocking the right lane. big delays there. and look at that. it is just nasty as you make your way out. that's suitland parkway inbound by sterling. tucker at least you have beautiful sunshine. >> nickel back might be steve's band. >> possible. >> how did you know. >> 64 today. 74 tomorrow. clouds today. >> i'm a man's man. don't coin me. renaissance man. >> see you for good day in a minute.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> straight ahead the deadliest terror tack in new york city since 9/11. eight people dead. more than a dozen hurt. this morning we're learning more about the suspect and taking a closer look at what security officials here at home and across the nation can do to protect those so-called soft targets. the race to be virginia's next gov are in takes a nasty turn. and with less than week until voters hit the polls, this one is still wide open. we'll have more on the just pulled ad and the new survey showing the race closer than ever. the flood gates have opened in hollywood. former


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