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tv   The Final 5  FOX  November 1, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> joe: fans, we have a record-breaking 104 home runs this postseason and over 600,000 tweets from you which means t-mobile will be donating over $2.4 million to team rubicon. keep doing your part. tweet or retweet #hr4hr and t-mobile will donate another $2 every time. alex wood takes over. jansen, scoreless seven. one strikeout, one walk. first up is gurriel. count goes to 2-0. all the scoring against the starter yu darvish. five runs, four earned, three hits. one wall, no strikeouts.
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and a home run. that's on a line to center. taylor moves over to grab it. one away. the batter will be brian mccann. against alex wood, and will give you a quick word from duracell. >> for the final time this series, duracell. >> john: how did they know it's the final time? unbelievable. >> joe: a quick word from duracell, now the at that her brian mccann who has done such a good job catching this staff. it a lot of moving parts. strike from alex wood, who in game 4, went 5 2/3, allowed one run on one hit. the home runs via george springer. that was it. then he was out of the ball game. >> john: it's been an interesting year for alex wood. he started off on fire, all-star,
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ultimately running his record to 11-0, and then some time on the. -- on the dl. we mentioned the time in betwee between. one start in 32 days going back to the start you mentioned. >> joe: mccann tonight 0 for 2 n scored. got him over the outside corner. tom verducci, the city of houston and that area of texas has been through so much. they have latched onto these astros down the stretch here in 2017. the astros have brought them a lot of joy. >> tom: absolutely. hurricane relief efforts, recovery efforts on the minds of these players. when you walk into the clubhouse at minute maid
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pitcher of a car submerged under an overpass. a lot of players have hurricane damage photos in their lockers, including carlos correa. they have them at a high-level. he said he looks at it every day. i have a bad day and i want to throw my glove in my locker, i think about all these people have gone through. he said if we can give them three or four hours a night of joy, a little bit of happiness, we are doing our parts. now they are trying to give them a lifetime of joy. >> joe: as you pointed out, they've lost only three times at home at minute maid park since hurricane harvey made landfall toward the end of august. what an incredible home-field advantage it's been throughout the postseason for the astros. one of the noisiest stadiums. forget baseball stadiums. noisiest stadiums i've
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>> it's been an eerily similar year for both these teams. a hot start, a little bit of a lull, and finishing strong. loud minute maid park helped that team. >> joe: they came back needing to win back back-to-back games against the yankees to get to the world series. they did that. i now here they are outs away from their first world championship in franchise history. still two-2 on marwin gonzalez. even though their team is gone and out here in los angeles, the fans are packed and at minute maid park, watching their astros play here in game 7, as they were doing last night in
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game 6. marwin gonzalez has had a nice night. double, single, intentionally walked. the count stays 2-2. >> john: even though he hasn't had a super successful average for the world series, his wanted bat against kenley jansen changed the series. >> joe: a 0-2 pitch he rode out of the ballpark into left-center field to tie game 2. astros won it and 11. scoreless inning put up by alex wood. and earlier, after the home run, way back in the second. celebrating, joy in houston. bottom of the eighth. dodgers will bat, down
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strike one from morton. >> john: fastball command has been really good, late movement. 96, 97. great changeups or right-handed hitters and of course pretty good curveballs. >> joe: he has retired five straight. out in front of it is pederson, now backed up on the count. 0-2. the formula has changed nightly for a.j. hinch. he didn't know how it would play out obviously in this game 7 but that whole all hands on deck, and those hands have done a nice job. mccullers, peacock, liriano, devenski and now morton.
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foul tip hung onto by mccann. strikeout number three. one out here in the eighth. >> john: another breaking ball. gets on top of it, late break in. swing up. foul tip, mccann. >> joe: bases empty for logan forsythe. one out, morton deals. it's a strike. >> john: think about the dodgers and how this is kind of played out. game one, traditional dodgers style. three pitchers, they win. game 2, they go to nine and they lost. five in game 3, they lost. four in their win, seven in their
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in their last win, game 6. five was the number. >> joe: watson got the win. tonight, darvish couldn't go two. the dominoes started to fall early. 1-1. upstairs. 2-1. on deck, barnes. and then the pitcher's thoughts. 2-1. right side, it will get out of play. >> john: this crowd is trying so hard. they are doing their part in trying to get this turned around. momentum somehow, someway turned in their favor.
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>> joe: this has consistently been the loudest this dative has been in a long time. they love this team. a fun team to watch, number one in baseball this season with 104 winds, and the best home record in the game. 2-2. >> john: like dave roberts said, it was always somebody different, it seemed like. guys knew their roles, filled in nicely and somebody always came up big. they are looking for that tonight with five outs left. >> joe: the dodgers have stranded ten men on base
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fly ball into right. springer over to grab it. two down. early missed opportunities to jump back into this game and put pressure on this houston bullpe bullpen. that will be talked about after this game for the dodgers as well. if they failed to rally. austin barnes with two out, nobody on. >> john: no doubt. they had golden opportunities. when you are down 5-0 in the world series game 7, that will deflate a lot of people. certainly puts your offense at a disadvantage and how you strategically go about scoring runs. but they came right back and in every inning for a while, they had a chance to get right back in it. just couldn't get the hit. >> joe: you know, you wonder wh
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pitching-wise for a.j. hinch. if history tells you anything, if morton, who is throwing great, gets barnes here, a.j. hinch has proven he will ride the hot hand and not just automatically go to somebody else in the bullpen. he did that with mccullers in the alcs. he did that with peacock in gam. >> john: he sure did. i'm telling you, it's the reason they are in this position. >> joe: here is one into right center field. maybin to his left. how about charlie morton? outstanding through three innings, and he might get another pair we go to the ninth inning of game 7. astros lead 5-1.
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inning. >> john: don't waste any energy. stay focused on pitching. just in case. >> joe: the job a.j. hinch has done, showing his ability to maneuver, cajole, manipulate and overworked and seemingly outgunned bullpen in this world series has been really impressive. >> john: it has. i can tell you going into the series, the bullpen matchups way favored the dodgers. i mean, it wasn't close. that was their strength. that's where they were flexing their muscles. unfortunately, for the dodgers, headed stayed in game 2 the way they had hoped, it would be a much different series. but because the astros got to their bullpen and because the starters haven't gone deep enough, for the
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middle games. the bullpen was exhausted. >> joe: wood gets it by the fact of maybin. second at-bat. he fouled out to third with the bases loaded in the sixth. after being up, now it's 2-2. got him over the outside corner, delayed call. that caused everybody at the plate by surprise. barnes and maybin. with two out, nobody on, quick word from t-mobile. >> tweet open hauch >> joe: two out, nobody on
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if the houston astros win this series, you are looking at the likely mvp of the 2017 world series. >> john: absolutely agree. you might not have been able to say that four or five days ago. >> joe: strike two. wood can strike out the side here in the ninth. the dodgers, if it stays like this, they will need three base runners to have a chance. that is into center, and we are headed to the bottom of the ninth. last chance for the dodgers. back to work, charlie morton. he will try to end it. 5-1 houston
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>> joe: the story of the houston astros in 2017. first half dominated. best start in team history. six all-stars. carlos correa was lost with a torn ligament in his thumb and he was out for a big chunk of time. alex bregman stepped in really well in his absence. they get verlander. they defeat boston 3-1. defeat the yankees in game 7. and they are three outs away from their first world championship as they play in their 56th year of franchise history. it's been -- here they are on the brink of winning it all. >> john: pretty incredible. the 4-run lead will help for sure tonight as
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>> joe: pinch hitter for wood. strike one from morton. utley was hit by a pitch last night and a key spot by verlander. the trade for verlander, the trade for mccann, signing beltran. going out of what they have been doing, building from within, adding pieces. none bigger than verlander. told this team the front office believed this was the year, and here they are leading by 4 with 3 outs to get. >> john: hard to believe seconds before midnight, the deal gets done. >> joe: at the very end of august. here is the 0-2. utley strikes out on a pitch
11:56 pm
the ninth. four strike outs from morton. >> john: morton, if he finishes the next two outs, it won't be a save. it will be a win for morton, the discretion of the scorer to give the win who doesn't qualify. >> joe: big effort here tonight because that will guarantee you when a.j. hinch brought charlie morton in, the odds were not good that morton would finish this game for houston. and here he is, two outs away. doing what mccullers did in the alcs, doing what brad peacock did in game 3 of this world series. look at these numbers. >> john: fantastic. without a lot of experience in this position either. >> joe: chris taylor at the plate.
11:57 pm
one ball, one strike. >> john: i'm not going to say this is going to come full-circle for charlie morton but he has been through the biggest grind getting to the point to feel like a big leaguer. the injuries, almost nine years to get to a big-league career where he can do something. then this year, what he had for the astros, amazing. >> joe: outside. 14-7 during the regular season for a guy who got the 2-your deal, and a pitcher who nine times has been on the disabled list. he has fought through that. the astros identified him as somebody who could help, and boy, were they right. one out, nobody on. 2-1 pitch. 2-2. 96 from morton. he started,
11:58 pm
peacock picking up big outs tonight. liriano got an out. devenski. since then, it's charlie morton. 2-2 pitch. broken bat. altuve comes to get it. two out. and the astros are one out away here in game 7. the batter will be corey seager. for the dodgers, they will look at the heart of their lineup. a lot of it, the astros have been able to contain justin turner and expose the rookie cody bellinger. struck out 17 times in this world series. that's a record. >> john: what's interesting to me, brian mccann, perennial all-star in the national league, went to the yan
11:59 pm
to be part of the yankee success. traded over here because of the sanchez success. >> joe: ground ball right side could do it. the houston astros are world champions for the first time in franchise history. a three hour, 37 minute gem for houston. jim crane, the owner, took control in 2011. theov
12:00 am
and building to this moment. world champions 2017. a well-run organization gets to celebrate here at dodger stadium. >> john: unbelievable. another drought ends. two great teams fighting. the astros have been through so much. did not have the success the dodgers have had as far as winning leading into this. >> joe: charlie morton, who had only one relief appearance in his big-league career. september 21, 2008 with atlanta. those the final four innings. he allows a run on two hits, struck out four, walked one, did not allow a base runner over the last three innings here in game 7. he gets the


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