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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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new york city. he made his first court appearance and felt so good about what he did he even requested an isis flag for his hospital room. meanwhile, president trump firing off a late night tweet about that suspect. >> houston strong as the astros make history in los angeles. this morning they wake up world series champions for the very first time. >> that city deserves it. outside look this morning on this november 2nd. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s at 6:05. >> all right, first at 6:00 though this morning spurred by internet terror propaganda. this morning federal prosecutors say the uzbek immigrant responded to isis calls to action online. >> carrying out a brutal attack that left eight people dead and more than a dozen others hurt. fox5's melanie alnwick is live in our news room this morning monitoring the latest developments. mel. >> good morning, steve and allison. investigators say saipov's cell phone computer and a note left in the rented truck showed he planned this for a long time and wanted
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>> running over and killing people, saipov crashed his truck into a school bus carrying children. >> reporter: in court late wednesday, 29-year-old sayfullo saipov was charged with providing material support to the terror group isis as well as using a vehicle to carry out violence and destruction that ended in death driving a rental truck into people for nearly a mile tuesday along a popular new york city bike trail. >> he was ultimately stopped by a brave police officer. >> although i feel that we were just doing our job like thousands of officers do every day, i understand the importance of yesterday's events. >> reporter: prosecutors say saipov carried out the deadly attack in response to online calls to action by isis. and chose halloween as he thought more people would be outside. among the people killed tuesday, a 32-year-old from new jersey named darren drake. drake's father says his son
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ride. >> when i went to the morgue and saw his face i saw a kid being born. >> reporter: after being shot by police investigators say saipov said he "felt good about what he had done" and when police questioned him he admitted that he started plotting the attack a year ago. they say saipov even recently rented a truck to practice making turns. yesterday police put out images of a second man they were looking for but now are saying only that they've located that individual. >> we have found him and we'll leave it at that. >> reporter: and president trump weighed in last night tweeting nyc terrorist happy as he asked to hang isis flag in his hospital room. he killed eight people badly injured 12. should get death penalty. by the way we should let you know that the new york city marathon will go on as scheduled sunday but we're told there will be increased security. steve and allison. >> closer to home happening today in
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trump campaign chairman paul manafort and rick gates will appear for a status hearing. there's the first to be charged in special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. both pled not guilty to conspiracy and money laundering charges and are under house arrest. >> a hearing for the first lawsuit to address refugees targeted by president trump's most recent travel ban. the suit was filed in early october by three iranian american organizations and 16 individuals. >> new this morning, d.c. police investigating a string of robberies. happened at dupont circle and georgetown. d.c. police say there have been at least three incidents and each time three juveniles have been involved. victims says the juveniles approached them asking to use their cell phones and then they take off with them. the robberies have happened in the area of 21st and o and 23rd and o in northwest. no report of any suspects using any weapons to steal those phones. >> police are investigating a bizarre domestic attack in fairfax county. it
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his wife to the hospital. the attack happened yesterday afternoon just after 3:30 on spring hill drive in springfield. according to police, the man barricaded himself in a home. officers found him with self inflicted injuries from a chainsaw after he allegedly attacked his wife with a hatchet. the woman is expected to survive. a deadly pedestrian crash under investigation in montgomery county this morning. it happened last night just before 8:00 near new hampshire and larch avenues in takoma park. police say 79-year-old james burn was struck by a cadillac escalade driven by a 72-year-old person starlington sims. burns died at the hospital. no word if sims will face any charges. >> you saw right here on fox. >> how's it feel? >> oh, it feels delicious. >> that's astros ace
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houston won its first world series title in history. world series winless until last night. they beat the dodgers in game 75 to one. here's how it all went down. astros out to an early five-nothing lead. thanks in part to an error in the first inning. that helped. and then the big blast in the second inning george springer 476-foot home run. hit it out to center field. that would be it for l.a.'s darvish. clayton kershaw came on provided four shut out innings of relief but it was too late. dodgers offense just scored once in the sixth. springer named world series m.v.p., the first player to homer in four straight games within a single world series. his fifth last night matched reggie jackson and chase utley for the record. >> this is for my teammates out there. this is a dream come true. it's an honor but you know what, it's about the houston astros tonight and our city
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we're coming home a champion, houston. >> victory parade is already in the works. tucker cover your ears i know you want one here in d.c. this one will be in houston tomorrow downtown houston for everybody sad to see the baseball season come to an end just over a hundred days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training. >> not sad to see it end. >> why. >> i invest too much time and energy into it. >> for us it ended a month ago. >> exactly. >> i'm glad houston won, right. >> yeah, first time in franchise history. >> how long they been around. >> 62 i think they came in. over 50 years. >> of course with hurricane harvey. >> that's right. >> good for the city. >> good for the city. okay. good for us, temperatures in the 70's will be back later this morning. really this afternoon. so, we're in for warmer temperatures next couple days. tomorrow looks fantastic. we'll be well into the 70's so warmer temperatures here to stay for a couple days before we cool it down sort of the end of the weekend. 53 now inas
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jacket. you know it's that time of the year when we're chilly in the morning and warm up in the afternoon. 45 dulles. 50 this morning up in baltimore bwi marshall. got it all this morning. clouds, little bit of fog along the bay. maybe a leftover sprinkle. the warm front that was coming through yesterday still working its way through and it's sort of fallen apart at the same time. so, it will take some time to burn off the clouds. i don't want to oversell the day. it's going to be a sunny day but we should gradually turn partly sunny and along with it the warmer temperatures will move in from the south. by afternoon temperatures 70 to 75 and dry this afternoon. so, nice thursday afternoon. >> we will take it. thank you, tucker. >> tomorrow looks good. then we'll talk weekend too. >> all right. >> enjoy the warmup today. good morning, erin como. >> good morning. 6:07 thursday morning. tracking a house fire out in annandale. right now the southbound lanes are still blocked of annandale road. that is between walton lane and beverly manor drive. there. house fire is under control. but as you can see still an active scene. northbou t
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through on annandale road. switching over to skyfox if we're able to see them cruising the beltway through virginia. volume picking up to and from the legion bridge. across the woodrow wilson bridge things picking up in oxon hill as you try to make your way through annandale this morning. we'll keep you updated. still moving okay. it's just you can see more traffic out there than an hour ago. let's go see what else we're dealing with. skipping the roads taking the rails big problems across the blue orange and silver line. there's a track conditions outside stadium-armory. also silver line only operating between wiehle and ballston because of that that track condition use the orange or blue line. you can consider metrobus if you need any help planning your route erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. there's a northbound crash. disabled vehicle blocking the right shoulder by fairfax county parkway. hov and main lanes looking nice. no major volume there. a crash
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boulevard before patrick henry drive two lanes blocked so that is definitely slowing things down. consider taking wilson boulevard. notice that yellow line on 66 eastbound. we have some delays picking up from centreville through fairfax this morning. and then as we take a look out in fairfax, there's a crash chain bridge road at eaton place. police on location there. 270 southbound volume's increasing 70 down to 121. back to you guys. >> breaking overnight in colorado a deadly shooting at a wal-mart. customers running for cover and the urgent search overnight for the suspect. >> plus a new image this morning of the person who may have attacked a maryland woman waiting for a bus. how dna evidence helped make that new sketch possible. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years.
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longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. >> back with a developing story overnight in colorado. three people are dead after a gunman opened fire inside of a wal-mart in the city of thornton colorado. the victims two men and a woman. police were called to the store about 6:00. the gunshot sent customers running for the exit. the store was evacuated once police arrived. police are searching for this person of interest who fled the scene in a vehicle. officials also continue to review security footage and interview customers. as of right now no motive has been established. >> papa john's playing the
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the ceo says the national anthem protests are causing sales to drop. papa johns is the official pizza of the nfl. with some people boycotting the games because of the protests fewer fans are watching and fewer are ordering pizza during game time. the pizza company's ceo was a supporter of the trump presidential campaign. the president has been a major critic of the protest. >> new details this morning as police are releasing images of a suspect they believe could be connected to a rape. >> the new developments come near a month after a woman reported being assaulted by a stranger near a gaithersburg bus stop and that's where fox5's annie yu is live this morning with details on how police hope this new piece of evidence can get the suspect off the streets. annie. >> reporter: allison and steve, this is a game changer. big break in this case. they finally have a composite sketch of the suspect and basically police enlisted the help of a company in reston virginia and through sophisticated technology they were able to depict how the suspect may look
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dna found at the crime scene. let's take you back to when this incident allegedly happened, october 6th so about a month ago. investigators were out here near watkins mill road and travers lane. they had canine units outer here. the woman told police she was waiting to catch the bus around 5:30 in the morning when this happened. she said a man pulled her into the woods just next to the bus stop and raped her. now, a month later still no arrests, very little leads but police hoping to change that with this new image of the suspect. take a good look. investigators worked with a company called par bon nano labs and it's out of reston virginia. they help to solve crimes around the world and basically the lab uses high tech software that can unlock certain information in crime scene dna and then predict what a suspect looks like and creating this model of the person's face. take a listen to how it's all done. >> eye color hair
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color face shape ancestry and we bring all that together into a composite that can help investigators do their jobs more efficiently. this is brand new technology to law enforcement. we're hoping that by putting this out here we'll identify him pretty quick and it will be a success story. >> reporter: now, we're told investigators also were provided with some useful information such as the suspect's hairstyle. the victim described this man as someone in his 20's wearing a dark checkered shirt or jacket at the time. montgomery county police definitely want to hear from you if you have any information, you can just call them directly or 186-6411 tips. that's the very latest here from gaithersburg, maryland, annie yu fox5 local news. >> incredible technology. we are just hours away from a gop news conference on tax reform. a preview ahead in today's business beat. >> and a live look outside as we head to break on this thursday morning. weather and traffic on the 5s next. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> take a live look at the wilson bridge right now. 6:16. >> ♪ >> and it's not as chilly as yesterday, tuck. >> oh, details. i guess that's me. i have new details. it's just as chilly this morning but this afternoon is when we get the warmup going. there's your morning bus stop forecast. 40's and 50's early this morning. notice your after school temperatures. yesterday we were in the low to mid 60's. today low to mid 70's. 77 might be a little optimistic but maybe we can do 73, 74 around here a little later today. here are your numbers. still cool but not terribly cold. 53 in washington. 57 in annapolis. 61 that's nice and pleasant in leonardtown and then you get a little cooler here north and west. winchester is 43.
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45 out at dulles. temperatures for parts of the area waking up to temperatures in the 50's. excuse me in the 40's. all right, still a sprinkle left over. we're trying to get this warm front really through the area. it's just kind of falling apart and leaving behind cloud cover and a couple of sprinkles, even a little bit of fog along the western shore of the bay. we'll watch that. what can we expect later today? i think we'll see the clouds break up. we'll go partly sunny this afternoon and it should be dry later today as we get some energy to the north and east of us and we'll start to get that flow out of the south and that should start to help things out and with winds here out of the south and the south and west we should get temperatures up about 10 degrees from yesterday. there's a look at what we'll be dealing with. low pressure out to our west. temperatures in the 70's. most important thing to take away from your forecast this morning mild conditions expected. it will be a nice afternoon and a dry afternoon. today, tonight, tomorrow, maybe an isolated shower as a cold front comes through and itwill bring us cooler temperatures. tomorrow's daytime high 78 degrees. weekend is not a
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that's light rain and drizzle particularly saturday. i think we may get it out of here in time for sunday. don't forget we turn the clocks back. round of applause for an extra hour of sleep. >> yay! >> sun will set however sunday afternoon i think at about 5:04 so it will be an early sunset on sunday. erin, how are the roads. >> let's see how roads a shaping up this morning? >> are you texting your friends. >> i'm going to guess -- >> tweeting traffic accidents. >> i'm going to say not good. >> roads are not good. so, what we're dealing with right now is the investigation from an earlier house fire out in annandale, annandale road. right now the southbound lanes remain closed between walton lane and beverly ma and nor drive. northbound traffic moving. southbound traffic still has to detour. fire department activity at that house so use caution. i want to move it over from that to a look at skyfox because they're making their way around the beltway. right now they were tracking some building volume through virginia. they're getting closer to river road and you
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inner loop and outer loop just heavy right now. beautiful view of the city. still pretty calm on the beltway but things increasing. starting to see slowdowns. let's move back over to to your maps. we have other updates for you. now, if you are taking metro, we've been tracking the orange and blue line and silver line single tracking right now orange and blue line no longer single tracking. orange and blue dealing with residual delays because of an earlier track condition outside stadium-armory. silver line trains operating between wiehle-reston. another house fire tracking out in seat pleasant. closer look at foot street fire as we continue. that's your traffic allison and steve. >> holidays quickly sneaking up on us. it is november 2nd already. that means airports will start getting a little more crowded. the trade group airlines for americans estimates that more than 28 million of us will fly over the thanksgiving holiday. that is a 3 percent jump from last year. the sunday after thanksgiving is the busiest travel day with nearly 3 million
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airlines have been adding slightly more seats for the expected increase in travelers. you won't notice a thing with the more seats. >> no. >> don't worry about it. major retailer out with a new subscription box for kids. we'll fill you in. >> two rings. the world series champ who dropped to one knee and proposed to his soon to be bride. that's ahead at 6:30. >> ♪
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>> we are just hours away from a gop news conference on tax reform. first though a check of the markets. joining us from the fox business network studio tracy curasco. >> reporter: one more alarm clock. >> how are we looking on the markets. >> reporter: yesterday first day of november ended mixed. dow up 57, s & p up four and the nasdaq down 11 and now to start off the month, we had a major -- great month in october. a flurry of rec
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and some strong earnings have kind of boosted us along so far and we'll be looking for earnings today from apple, that is going to be a huge one. another one starbucks. yesterday we saw earnings from facebook, tesla. now both shares of those stocks fell yesterday after they reported. >> might see a bump though after we finally get all the details on the tax reform plan. we're waiting for it today. >> reporter: yes. yes, you know, after it was delayed one day after the gop kind of missed its self imposed deadline we are set to finally get this tax reform bill finally get some details, an announcement at 11:15 a.m. this morning and now, you know, they've been trying to find a consensus on ways to -- proposals to raise revenue to kind of offset the proposed tax cuts. we'll see what they have finally come up with, if they were able to get any more negotiating done in this last 24 hours. >> okay, so,
6:24 am
trying to recreate itself and how we do business and now they're trying to recreate black friday in a way. what is augmented reality have to do with our shopping. >> reporter: yeah, so amazon is stepping up its game when it comes to shopping through their app. they'll let you do it through augmented reality. you've got to have the ios11. it lets you overlay products in your home, so you can actually see how something looks. you've got to use your camera and it lets you kind of put things in place, maybe you're buying some electronics or furniture. so, it's just a whole new way of shopping and, you know, ikea announced something similar about a month ago, so we'll see if more retailers start moving this way. it's kind of a see how it looks before you buy it. >> okay, didn't want to fall in love with it but i just did even in that little demo. it's super cool. let's end with old navy. they're getting into the monthly subscription business. >> reporter: yes. so
6:25 am
something called the super box and now it's going to be a quarterly subscription service. it's $69, 99 cents and you get $100 worth of clothes it's for kids ages five to 12 and now you just pick the gender, you pick kind of the style of clothes, whether it's cool, preppy, classic or a surprise me option and then old navyological do the roast and they'll send you some things that they've picked out and there you have it, it's like you said a new way of shopping. amazon they've started working on their own subscription box for clothing as well so we'll see if others do jump on this bandwagon as well. >> pretty neat trend. >> reporter: amazon is leading. >> all right tracee thanks so much. we'll see you tomorrow. >> reporter: sounds good. >> all righty. >> and then it will be friday. >> it will be friday. you know there are boxes for everything. >> i know. >> there's so many. >> there's international food boxes, makeup boxes. >> i would so hit the surprise
6:26 am
>> shoe boxes. >> just to see what they send. >> until like three months of being surprised and then it isn't fun. >> and then you're like eh. >> let me tailor it. >> skip that one. >> do the girls do this. >> yes, that's how i know about it. >> oh, yeah. >> i don't. >> you pay the bills. >> exactly. >> we have tucker so we don't get surprised by the weather every day. >> i would want to hit the surprise me button for weather. 53 washington. 70's today with clouds to start the day. we should break into partial sunshine this afternoon. any rain we get is going to be on the extremely light side. i think by afternoon we should see partly sunny skies and be dry. 75 later today. can you believe that? yes, november. weekend is looking generally cloudy but i think most of that rain is going to be very light and just a quick reminder, we move the clocks back an hour early sunday morning. >> you don't have to remind me about extra sleep, sir. >> one hour, yeah, extra hour of sleep. funny what one hour will do to throw you off. >> right. >> gaining an hour of sleep makes me feel so good.
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it took me like weeks to adjust. >> it's hard. >> never been impacted by this. i don't understand why so many people are. >> when i was younger i wasn't. now it's like -- >> when i didn't get up at 3:00 in the morning it wasn't a big thing to me. >> i feel like i'm exhausted 24 hours a day. >> i'll turn you on to my double espresso steve. >> perfect. >> as you make your way out, there is a house fire in seat pleasant. foot street between 62nd avenue and mlk jr. highway closed. you'll have to detour around that. as you make your way out 95 northbound dale city to the beltway increased volume in the main lanes. red zone. it will take you 36 minutes to get there. blue orange and silver line residual delays from an earlier single tracking issue. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back.
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y2ktry y5yy >> ♪ >> we are back now at 6:30 with breaking news out of seat pleasant in prince george's county. a deadly house fire. our crews live on the scene right now in the 6300 block of foote street. smoke still coming out of that home as you can see in these live pictures and sadly we have just learned that two people were found dead inside of that home. we're working to gather more details and we're going to share those new details just as soon as we get them. let's head to new york city now. federal terrorism charges have been filed against the terrorist who killed eight people and injured several others. police
6:31 am
sayfullo saipov was consumed with hate and felt good about the rampage. authorities say it was no coincidence that he carried out his terrorist act on halloween. he was expecting the streets to be packed, he said. meantime closer to home and due in a d.c. courtroom today former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and his associate rick gates will face a judge for the second time this week. they're the first to be tried in special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation both pleading not guilty to conspiracy and money laundering charges and are under house arrest. some scare industry scary mr residents in one montgomery county neighborhood. fire officials called to the 8,000 block of first street after several homes were evacuated. residents let back into their homes. it's believed a nearby construction site leaked gas into the sewer causing that smell. meantime police in frederick maryland working to notify hundreds of victims after thieves broke into units at a public storage facility. the
6:32 am
sometime overnight friday into saturday on prospect boulevard. police say 250 units were hit. the suspects took smaller items like jewelry and medicine. police believe more than one person was involved considering the amount of units that were hit. >> happening today, a new mental health chin north korea n in silver spring. the steven cohen military family clinic at easter seals will provide low cost services for veterans. various political and military dignitaries will be there. on capitol hill today, a staged die in is planned to raise lung cancer awareness. the die in will represent the 443 americans who die every day from lung cancer. this cancer is the deadliest cancer of all. advocates want to generate congressional support for funding and for research. speakers will include u.s. representative rick nolan who is
6:33 am
caucus. steve, over to you. >> hey, it's time for the morning line right now. quick check on sports for you this morning. before we get to the world series let's look at what happened at capitol one arena last night. wizards started off strong once again, 22-point lead in the second quarter. they have been off to some big leads lately. the suns battled back late in the fourth took the lead. bradley beal a season high 40 points, gortat 13 boards but they lost. phoenix got the victory 122-116. wizards off to a slow start four and three on the young season. world series last night on fox game seven the deciding game and the party going strong in houston this morning fans watching from a packed minute made park in houston celebrating the franchise's first ever world championship. already planned the parade. it's going to be tomorrow in downtown houston. title couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. the astros beat
6:34 am
five-one. houston wasted no time. jo-- george springer set the spe cover of sports illustrated back in june 2014. look at the cover. your 2017 world series champions. >> oh. >> came true. last night. the issue predicted. the astros would win the world series and that springer would be m.v.p. >> what? >> you probably heard about the so-called si curse a lot of athletes and teams dread being on the cover for fear of the jinx. this time it all came true. didn't take long for this postgame moment to go viral. that's carlos correa proposing to his girlfriend. not right there. that's the reporter. soon his girlfriend right there on live tv and of course she said yes. correa and daniela rodriguez a former miss texas have been
6:35 am
a year and he said he took a gamble and he waited to pop the question until the last game of the season because he just had a feeling the astros had championship potential. congratulations to him and his new fiancé. >> that's cute. >> that is sweet. >> si put that story out because so many of those houston players came up from within the organization so three years ago they were like they had this glut of young talent and so they predicted it will take three years for the talent to gel and they would be world champion. instead of picking up pieces elsewhere they brought them all up. >> they were terrible for so many years and got the high picks. allison i need to understand this move. when people are proposed to, why do they -- >> nobody wants to do the ugly cry. >> is that what's going on there? >> steve, i believe tucker asked me. >> i did but i felt like i had the answer. >> ugly cry. you cover it you're looking flawless as opposed to on national tv. >> you automatically know you have to cover it up. >> i know this only because the surprise party you all threw for
6:36 am
>> did you pull that move. >> i had ugly cry. i wasn't ready for it. she wasn't either but nobody wants the ugly cry. >> thank you so much. >> i went full cry. she did not. yeah. >> now steve would you like to say anything? >> and i always feel like you repeating everything that was already said. >> let's go to the forecast. [laughter] >> all right, let's go to the forecast. >> oh, ma and. >> relax over there, burt. 53 in washington. hey, we'll be in the 70's later today. we got to get the clouds to break up first. it's going to be a mostly cloudy start to your day. there might be a touch of drizzle a little fog out there but we'll get that out of here and it will turn into a very pleasant afternoon for november the second with partial sunshine, degree it conditions and temperatures in the mid 70's. enjoy. coming up meme and weekend forecast. >> not coming back to us. >> all righty. let's go back to that breaking news out of prince george's county. seat pleasant. a deadly house fire. this is a live picture. our crews are live on the scene right now in the 6300 block of foote street. now, smoke still coming out of
6:37 am
we have just learned that two people were found dead inside of that home in seat pleasant. we're working to gather more details. right now, though, let's head over to erin como for a look at how this is impacting traffic this morning. such a sad story, erin. >> such a sad story allison and at 6:37 if you're traveling in seat pleasant keep in mind foote street is closed right now. you saw that active fire scene in video between 62nd avenue and mlk jr. highway. use caution. you'll have to detour around that. traffic on eastern avenue northeast still looking good as well as seat pleasant drive. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. as you move over right now for a look at a crash its arlington boulevard before patrick henry drive. it's blocking two lanes. we have residual delays on the orange blue and silver line from an earlier track problem and that was outside stadium-armory. we'll keep you updated on your morning commute. that's your look at traffic. >> ♪ we'll be right back. >> ♪
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
6:39 am
m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women.
6:40 am
adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia. >> here's some of the stories trending on the web on this thursday morning. if your kids are begging for a dog and you don't want to have to deal with the extra responsibility, hello there little guy sony giving the old robot doing a new lease on life. ibo can learn one person versus the other. what did we say was the biggest issue here. >> no fur. >> no fur. >> maybe it feels furry and we can't see
6:41 am
>> perhaps it's virtual fur. >> maybe. >> it is also $1,700 so start saving now. alex trebek coming clean about pot brownies. he says no more for him. it goes back a ways. when the tv host moved to california he went to a party at a friend's house in malibu. at the party there was a plate of brownies. trebek says he's a big chocoholic. he ate six before he realized they were hash brownies. the dinner party was on a friday. the tv game host didn't leave until sunday. i'm here for the weekend folks. says he hasn't touched the stuff since. finally a company in the uk called shoe garden kind of hard to see but these are the shoes we're talking about here. they have a new line of work slippers that they say will boost productivity and your mood. the slippers are made of a combination of wool and cork. they can be worn inside and outside. the company says all of their employees wear them to work and they say they have found it to be beneficial for workplace performance and unlike the $1,700 toy dog the slippers range in price from 0
6:42 am
not nearly as bad. >> all i heard was slippers at work and i'm in 100 percent. >> all in. >> thank you steve very much. >> you're welcome. >> sexual harassment allegations continue to plague hollywood. disney announced the cast of the new lion king remake. next the big names hitting the big screen again. >> ♪
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♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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>> we're following breaking news from prince george's county. this is
6:45 am
foote street in seat pleasant maryland. firefighters still on the roof of that structure. unfortunately the call came in a bit ago. tragically we have found in that two people have died in this fire. foote street is closed and though it's not a l large street but that street is closed and other areas around it as far as traffic. big story, two people lost their life this morning in seat pleasant maryland in house right there. we'll have more information as we get it later on. >> in the meantime, let's take a break and look at weather. >> yeah, weather is looking brighter a little later this morning. more sunshine and warmer temperatures for a couple days. >> i love it. thank you tucker. >> i wish i could take full credit for it allison. >> take it. >> sun mixed with clouds today. more cloudiness morning, more sunshine this afternoon. the most important thing to remember, it's going to be warmer later today. i mean we're still in the 40's and low 50's right now but back in the 70's this afternoon. could we do 80 tomorrow? i don't think we'll quite do 80 but we'll probably do mid to upper 70's tomorrow afternoon with nice conditions looking as
6:46 am
by saturday and sunday clouds return and along with it cooler air and just quick reminder we turn the clocks back early sunday morning. okay, here are your current numbers. jacket weather early. 47, good morning manassas, 45 dulles, 45 up in hagerstown, 53 here in the city. 57 in annapolis. little bit milder there in leonardtown. we're getting a front that's trying to come through and it is kicking up a sprinkle or a shower. there's a few very light sprinkles and showers into prince george's county right there on the kind of eastern side of the beltway so you might encounter that here but don't despair. you could see most of the regiregion is just getting cloud cover. if the front can get a little further to the north its falling apart if it gets further not north i think we'll break out into sunshine. warmer temperatures expected around here later today and again 70's should feel pretty good. high pressure to the north and there's actually a front out here that will come in tomorrow and that will bring us cooler air for the weekend but between systems we'll take it. we'll have clouds out the
6:47 am
and 70's by afternoon and a nice couple of days. 75 today. 78 tomorrow. there are your cooler temperatures for the weekend. i think see a little sunshine now and then. we could see a few showers. it won't be a rainout. one more reminder we turn the clocks back early sunday morning. memes coming up. >> i'm excited for the memes. makes my morning. i don't think i'm alone with that. unfortunately right now we'll start off with breaking news out of seat pleasant. tracking a deadly house fire right now. you can see the fire department hard at work out there, two dead in a house fire. this is 6300 block of foote street out in seat pleasant maryland. you can see the flashing lights in the distance and smoke billowing out of the roof there. fire department still on location right now and it is a very active scene so that is breaking news we're tracking out of seat pleasant. this is impacting traffic as well. foote street between 62nd and mlk jr. highway is closed. you'll have to detour. in maryland right now we're dealing with a crash. it's northbound rockville pike
6:48 am
lane. that's just inside the beltway. volume still pretty light to and from connecticut avenue but 270 southbound red zone as usual between 70 and frederick and 109 and clarksburg. that's going to take you 21 minutes. you can see in the camera by father hurley boulevard some heavy traffic. things open up as you get closer to rockville and the spur. the outer loop side of the beltway is jammed up from 95 to the spur, close to half hour there. branch avenue northbound closed through clinton and 295 southbound 15 minute commute from the maryland line down to the 11th street bridge. other side of the beltway bottom side 13 minute ride 295 northbound as you head from the beltway to the 11th street bridge. heavier volume there. residual delays on the blue orange and silver line. tucker, make my friday eve better. >> yes. i'm going to do the best i can. ready? >> yes. >> let's get to it. time for the morning meme. >> ♪ >> that's the time of day where you send us your memes and we put them on tv. >> love them. >> yes. >> yes. >> steve share your cup. >> share your cup. >> i thought you were doing the meme first. >> we'll show our meme first . >> [laughter] >> all right. than
6:49 am
it in. we wish you a merry -- it's november. >> it's november. >> surprised you like that one because you were robin and he was batman. >> i was about to go off on him. >> slapping you in the face. >> that's because robin is what. >> robin is a little robin. [laughter] >> steve, what do you got there? show it. >> batman's robin. >> i don't know what you're -- this is taking way too long to set this up, tuck. >> thanks sharrie. >> obviously you didn't set this up ahead of time. >> of course i never set things up. >> a christmas come. >> i do wish to come back -- never mind. we'll move on. >> me calculating exactly how late i can stay in bed before i get up. >> that's me. to the minute, right. >> i've been really pushing it a little too far lately. >> i think we all feel that way. >> look at how lovingly that little doggie stroller was made. >> brush my teeth faster and spend a minute longer in bed. bed. >> thank you nadine. >> first day at doggie day carend
6:50 am
anybody. >> mommy, where are you going mom. >> who are all these people. >> i felt like that when i moved to a new city. i understand nadine. >> get me out of here. >> last one, big, big round of applause to the group of teachers that convinced me to come out to their school in chantilly. >> awesome. >> to present to the -- this is how they got me to go 'cause they've been asking for quite some time and you know i play hard to get but they convinced me right here. >> that's awesome, susan. >> got no excuse. >> when teachers try to get in touch with tucker for a school visit. mega phone. >> hold up. susan is a teacher and they did it this way. >> brilliant susan. >> i'll be heading out to chantilly in a couple weeks. >> fantastic. >> nice job. >> very cool. >> better not disappoint tuck. >> this is what tucker wanted to come out to about the first meme about the holidays coming up too soon. here we have the holiday cups. >> it's pretty. >> that didn't work. >> here's what's coming up on good
6:51 am
coming up in two hours 10 minutes. >> the nation's capitol has a winner in the latest edition of the food network competition chopped. chef michael bunk will be cooking in our kitchen live. >> always so challenging. >> it is challenging. >> the foo fighters and red hot chili peppers have a drummer in the band and each drummer is going to join us live this morning. >> seriously? >> plus she's written for kelly clarkson collaborated with more and she's only like 21. rising star molly k. will join us live in the loft this morning. >> let's get to it. >> let's get to the fox beat. sexual harassment allegations continue to plague hollywood. >> it's not just big named americans faced with misconduct charges. harassment claims have led to the resignation of a top ranking british official. holly morris joins us in studio with more and this is
6:52 am
story that is definitely continuing holly. >> reporter: it is definitely a story that is continuing. this morning's newest allegations come from six women including actress olivia munn who claim hollywood director brett ratner either sexually harassed or assaulted her the ratner denies the allegations. he's one of a list of growing hollywood big a-listers facing bombshell allegations. new claims of sexual misconduct in hollywood and beyond. actor dustin hoffman facing allegations from a female member of the production team that worked on a 1985tv movie he starred in. she says the legendary actor groped her several times and repeatedly asked about her sex life. the 80-year-old has already apologized. meantime several men are now accusing kevin spacey of sexual misconduct. director tony montano claims space groped in at a bar even following him into the bathroom. british tabloids are running harassment allegations by several
6:53 am
men stem from his 11 year stint as artistic director of london's old vick theater. there's talk of other allegations that could soon come to light prompting fallon to resign. >> i realize that in the past i may have fallen below the high standards that we require of the armed forces that i have the honor to represent. >> several members of parliament are also accused of sexual wrongdoing. local media is reporting there's a group of women who work in parliament that use the messenger service what's app to warn each other about certain male politicians. now, british officials are said to be investigating a dossier written by some of those same women accusing a half dozen cabinet ministers of inappropriate behavior. and you know, i think we made this comment yesterday. i think it's going to be a daily thing, you
6:54 am
accused today. i mean, it's -- i mean, these are people that are making accusations that went back decades ago and i don't think this will be the last unfortunately. >> i don't think so either. a biopic on the life of hugh hefner set to be directed by brett ratner has been put on hold in wake of the allegations. putting a brake on the film and all further projects planned with ratner. olivia munn. >> beyoncé and good news set to be a part of disney's next live action film the lion king. beyoncé has been confirmed to voice nahla. voice nahla. cast that includes other big names donald glover simba james earl jones as mufasa. seth rogen joining the cast to voice poomba. >> how about this four local chefs teaming up to do their part to provide hurricane
6:55 am
relief to puerto rico. they're flying to the island the week after next to cook to for those affected by the storm. there are plans to distribute meals in three of the hardest hit areas where a lot of people still cannot get a hot meal. if you would like to help we have posted their go fund me page on our fox5 d.c. facebook page. >> things of the day. things one, one, two, three, f, five, six, seven and then you can add the cat in the hat holding the travel mug and we have nine. great photo. >> this was september in by erin gladwin. i believe she's the cat in the hat. she says fox5 is their southern maryland news team and she calls us must see in the morning to get her crew ready and she rolls deep. >> takes an effort to get that crew ready. we appreciate it. >> hey tuck go,. >> good morning. 54 in washington. we'll warm it up into the 70's later today and we'll gradually turn partly sunny so clouds early this morning en
6:56 am
once that burns off we should see things brighten up this afternoon. all right, just want to throw out there there are couple sprinkles across northeast parts of the city and out into prince george's county. we'llget that out of here and again things will improve around here later today and then we'll just be basking in temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees above normal. 75 later today. 78 tomorrow. cooler for the weekend with clouds around and one more reminder turn the clocks back early sunday morning. erin. >> 6:56 right now and we continue to track breaking news out of seat pleasant. this is the scene of a deadly house fire. two people deceased as a result of this fire. still some smoke coming out there and an active scene. fire department on location. so let's switch over and show you a look at our maps. avoid in seat pleasant a portion of foote street between 62nd and mlk. a big delay through 95 northbound between the occoquan river bridge. there is a crash on the shoulder there as you head up towards lo
6:57 am
big slowdowns. in rockville northbound rockville pike before cedar lane one lane blocked orange blue and sliver residual delays on metro. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. debbie: when you work at a children's hospice, people ask you, how can you possibly do this? and we say, how can we not? if these kids go through what they go through, we can support them. dr. ralph northam has been our volunteer medical director for the last eighteen years. he's made such a difference in so many families' lives. ralph northam: these kids have given me more than i could ever give them. and i wanna make sure that every family in virginia can afford good healthcare when they need it.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> breaking right now at 7:00 a deadly
7:00 am
georges county. two people killed early this morning in seat pleasant. we're live on the scene. >> new details about the man behind the deadly terror attack in new york city. he made his first court appearance and apparently felt so good about what he did, he even requested an isis a flag for his hospital room. the president firing off a late night tweet about that suspect. >> houston strong. astros make history in los angeles waking up world series champions for the very first time. >> if you are just waking up this morning, here's a live look outside on this thursday morning. it is november 2nd. >> let's get a quick check on weather and traffic this morning from tucker and erin. tuck. >> temperatures in the 50's right now but we can expect soaring numbers. 17 this afternoon. all the details on a warm forecast. erin. >> sounds like a beautiful afternoon. we need to get through this thursday morning mess on the roads. slow drive times through maryland that continues through virginia especially 95 northbound at the occoquan. we'll have a look at a deadly house


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