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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 2, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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georges county. two people killed early this morning in seat pleasant. we're live on the scene. >> new details about the man behind the deadly terror attack in new york city. he made his first court appearance and apparently felt so good about what he did, he even requested an isis a flag for his hospital room. the president firing off a late night tweet about that suspect. >> houston strong. astros make history in los angeles waking up world series champions for the very first time. >> if you are just waking up this morning, here's a live look outside on this thursday morning. it is november 2nd. >> let's get a quick check on weather and traffic this morning from tucker and erin. tuck. >> temperatures in the 50's right now but we can expect soaring numbers. 17 this afternoon. all the details on a warm forecast. erin. >> sounds like a beautiful afternoon. we need to get through this thursday morning mess on the roads. slow drive times through maryland that continues through virginia especially 95 northbound at the occoquan. we'll have a look at a deadly house
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we continue. >> a deadly house fire in seat pleasant. >> smoke still shooting out of that home. let's get right out to bob barnard who is there on the scene. good morning, bob. >> reporter: hey, allison, steve, good morning to you. yes, two people are dead inside this two-story house. the fire reported around 5:30 this morning. you see the house there on the left. firefighters are still going in and out of this. the people who live on this street tell me this is technically capitol heights even though it's right near seat pleasant. you can still see smoke. smoke is still coming out of the attic there. what we are told is that the two victims are actually homeless. this was an abandoned house. this was a house that was not supposed to have anyone living in it. spoken to a couple of neighbors in the brief time we've been here. one says that when he got home last night around 7 o'clock he was smelling smoke and thinks maybe it was coming from this house because it was a rather
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know, it was a cooler overnight. another neighbor said that he called seat pleasant police, even though, again, this is technically capitol heights they tell me, called seat pleasant police last night to report someone stealing appliances from this home. but what we understand officially is that this was not supposed to be an inhabited home and that there were two homeless people in there who were killed in this fire which is still under investigation just about 90 minutes old, guys. the whole neighborhood here is waking up to this fact that this is a fatal house fire. no other structures on either side affected. the street is closed this morning as this death investigation now begins here on foote street in capitol heights, guys. >> bob barnard live for us this morning. thanks bob. let's switch gears right now. back to new york terror attack. the man accused of carrying out that latest truck rampage has made his first court appearance. he's accused of killing eight people and declaring his allegiance to isis.
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>> debate is growing. >> reporter: good morning steve and allison. prosecutors say sayfullo saipov requested an isis flag for his hospital room and feels good about what he did. evidence suggests he planned to kill many more. sayfullo saipov appeared in federal court in a wheelchair recovering from being shot by a police officer after carrying out his brutal truck attack along a new york city bike path. president trump said he's thinking about sending him elsewhere. >> send him to gitmo. i would certainly consider that, yes. >> reporter: a reference to the u.s. detention facility in guantanamo bay cuba suggesting that saipov would be treated as an enemy combatant and face a military tribunal. >> i understand it someone being declared an enemy combatant is one that gets made way above my pay grade. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney
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>> he's acting as a soldier of the caliphate and we should treat him as a soldier of the caliphate. >> let him face 12 new yorkers. i trust the american jurors. i was a prosecutor before coming to congress and i still believe that the american criminal justice system is the best in the world and, you know, let him spend the rest of his life in jail. >> reporter: and beyond the legal questions, the president is also targeting the diversity visa program that allowed saipov to enter the u.s. in the first place. >> want to immediately work with congress on the diversity lottery program on terminating it, getting rid of it. we want a merit based program where people come in to our country based on merit. >> reporter: and president trump continued to weigh in on this last night tweeting nyc terrorist was happy as he asked to hang isis flag in his hospital room. he killed eight people. badly injured 12. should get death penalty. saipov's court appointed lawyer says he h
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just let's the judicial process play out. we should tell you the fbi is also questioning another uzbek man said to be a friend of saipov's. steve and ally son. >> happening today in the district paul manafort and his associate rick gates will face a judge for the second time this week. both set to appear for a status hearing this afternoon. they're the first to be charged in special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. both manafort and gates pled not guilty to conspiracy and money laundering charges and are currently under house arrest. >> also happening today in a d.c. courtroom a hearing for the first lawsuit to address refugees targeted by president trump's most recent travel ban. the suit was filed in early october by three iranian american organizations and 16 individuals. >> get to a developing story overnight in colorado outside oe of denver. three people are dead after a gunman opened fire outside a wal-mart. police were called to the store about 6 o'clock last night. that gunfire sent shoppers running for the exits. the store was evacuated onc
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searching for this person of interest who fled the scene in a vehicle. officials also continue to review security footage and interview customers. so far no motive has been established. 7:05, 53 degrees. warmer than we've seen. warmer today, right. >> back in the 70's later today. clouds this morning. want a jacket when you head out the door and then it gets warmer from here. >> i went rogue just this cardigan no jacket. >> didn't need it. >> won't need it later today. >> i feel peel it off later today. >> maybe wear the shorts later this afternoon. going running outdoors. warmer temperatures back in the forecast today and tomorrow. and again we should be in the low to mid 60's this time of year. average daytime high 63. we're looking at temperatures more like 75 this afternoon so a nice afternoon to look for washed to. still cool enough you might want to consider a jacket. 54 now at reagan national. 46 dulles. 51 up in baltimore. we've had a
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parts of the area early this morning. all of this will work its way out of the region and we'll be left with partial sunshine this afternoon. not going to be a full day of sun but it should be a pleasant afternoon and temperature-wise we are living in late september territory with a high temperature of 75. so, enjoy a nice afternoon. steve, you can go running outdoors. >> planning on it already. thanks tuck. say good morning to erin como get a check on traffic this morning. >> 7:07, orange and blue line normal service resumed at stadium-armory. watch for residual delays. bob barnard on the scene of the deadly house fire. foote street closed between 62nd and mlk jr. highway. you'll have to detour. fire department getting that fire under control as well as investigating. occoquan bridge crash activity 95 northbound there's a crash on the shoulder so as you head toward lorton seeing bigger delays, about a 30 minute
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slowdown from stafford on up. another crash southbound gw parkway before memorial drive. crash reported at that location. so watch out for delays. we're also very heavy across the 14th street bridge. so far from the pentagon on up about a 10 minute slowdown as you get to 695. a crash as you make your way out inside the beltway rockville pike before cedar lane one lane blocked. 33 minute ride dale city to the beltway 95 northbound from virginia. take a look at the rest of your drive times. 24 minute trip total 395 northbound from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. eastbound side of 66 from 234 to fairfax county parkway short amount of road right there, 13 minutes because of congestion. and then 95 triangle to the occoquan 21 minute drive. slowdowns about a 15 minute delay from 202 to 295 inbound. bw parkway to and from powder mill road dealing with slowdowns. icc to the beltway heavy. 95 to the spur
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delay. dealing with that inner loop slowdown from branch avenue to the wilson bridge and five northbound coming up from clinton is slow as well. we'll keep you updated. at least things are back to normal in annandale. earlier house fire activity cleared on annandle road. back to you. >> ♪ >> new this morning d.c. police investigating a string of robberies last night happened in dupont circle and georgetown. three incidents each time three juveniles said to be involved. victims say the juveniles approached asking to use a cell phone and then they take off with it. nobody was hurt in any of the incidents in dupont and foggy bottom area let's say. >> northern virginia now police investigating a bizarre domestic attack in fairfax county. it left one man dead. sent his wife to the hospital. the attack happened yesterday afternoon just after 3:30 on spring hill drive in springfield. according to police, the man barricaded himself in a home. officers found him with a self inflicted injuries from a chainsaw. after he allegedly attacked his wife with a hatchet.
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survive. >> deadly pedestrian crash now under investigation in montgomery county this morning. happened last night just before 8:00 near new hampshire and larch avenues in takoma park. james burn was struck by a cadillac escalade driven by 72-year-old starlington sims. burns died at the hospital. no word if sims will face charges. >> 7:10. today on capitol hill we'll find out how house republicans want to handle tax reform. new legislation from the weighs and means committee set to be unveiled. it was delayed a day as gop negotiators scrambled to finalize details and iron out conflicts within the party over some popular tax breaks and rules when it comes to 401k retirement accounts. >> ♪ >> how's it feel? >> oh, it feels delicious. [laughter] >> it feels amazing. >> the sweet taste of victory. th
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have to go back more than 50 years they've been playing without a title. last night they beat the dodgers five to one in game seven. astros jumped out early, an early five-nothing lead. all started with an error in the first inning and then a two run homer by george springer in the second. that would be all they needed. that would be it for l.a.'s yu darvish as well. clayton kershaw provided four shut out innings of relief. dodgers offense scored only once in the sixth. springer named m.v.p. first player to homer in four straight games in a world series. ties reggie jackson and late che utley for the all time record. >> george congratulations to you. >> thank you very much. this is a dream come true. it's an honor but you know what, it's about the houston astros tonight and our city and our fans. we're coming home a champion,
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houston. >> not long ago houston was under water and tomorrow it will be celebrating with a victory parade through the streets of downtown. for all of you sad to see the baseball game come to an end about a hundred days before pitchers and catchers report to spring training. >> that signals we're coming into spring for all of us. >> haven't gotten to winter yet. still to come the world series champ who dropped to one knee and proposed to his soon to be bride. that moment a viral hit this morning. >> love it. new image of a person who may have attacked a maryland woman waiting for a bus. now dna evidence helped make that new very realistic sketch possible. 7:12 now. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi
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y doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. ♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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>> ♪ >> 7:14 right now let's take a look right now, live pictures from foote street in capitol heights maryland where a fatal house fire happened earlier this morning, really just a couple hours ago. unfortunately two people were found inside. our bob barnard on the scene. tells us these were two people had had been homeless who were not supposed to be staying in that home but were. not sure exactly how that fire started but unfortunately both people lost their lives this morning. more as we continue to get more information from our bob barnard who is on scene this morning. >> 53 degrees right now. tucker joining us with another look at the forecast. >> and we're going to warm it up. >> excellent, good. >> today and tomorrow. weekend, eh. >> i thought the weekend was good too. >> weekend is going to be okay. just going to have more clouds around. clouds this morning but we're featuring daytime highs in the mid 70's. yes, mid 70's. there are your current temps across the country. i know it's a little cool this morning. 54 right now in the city. we have 40's so you'll probably want a jacket when you head out but later today we're going to see our temperatures a good 10 plus degrs
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coldest of the air off to the north and west. look at the 20's out there in montana. great falls, 27 in cass par wyoming. at least for the time being the cold air is going to remain well off to our north and west. looks like as we get into next week our temperatures start to cool down but the near term trend we're going to warm it up. all right. little snow flying this morning out in wyoming for us. we've got rain showers off to our north and west. we had a sprinkle or two. our warm front is still trying to work through the region. it's really falling apart as it's doing so. we've got clouds out early but once the clouds burn off we should gradually turn partly sunny and we're going to bask in warm temperatures next couple days. 75 today. 78 tomorrow. get out and play. big changes this weekend. cooler temperatures by saturday. there's a cold front that comes through later tomorrow afternoon and that will cool us down for saturday and sunday. and those clocks go back early sunday morning. sun sets sunday afternoon at about 5 o'clock. little after 5 o'clock, so -- >> yikes. >> the last of our early sunny late
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>> erin you got three straight days to get an outdoor lunch in. >> sounds good to me. i know you have your holiday starbucks cup so i'll say i'll enjoy the 70's right now. unfortunately starting off this traffic report with breaking news we have been tracking out of capitol heights. capitol heights seat pleasant maryland area. this is a view from skyfox. two dead in a house fire blocking the 6300 block of foote street. you can see how far along that fire and police activity stretches. so please use caution as you detour around this in the capitol heights and seat pleasant area. let's take a look at our maps. we have some other issues. look at this crash blocking the right shoulder. it's eastbound 66 after 50. right lane right shoulder blocked and very heavy traffic. so as you t fr try to the get to the beltway, rubberneck delay. route one crash blocking the shoulder there. flashing lights. a little bit of a slow down on the inner loop because of that as well. and then as you cross the occoquan we do have a crash on the shoulder. ve
7:18 am
toward lorton from stafford this morning. and then we're also dealing with a crash scene southbound gw parkway before memorial drive. and we're seeing heavy traffic, it's about a half hour delay 395 northbound from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. taking a look in bethesda right now, rockville pike northbound crash before cedar lane. you can see that outer loop congestion. about a half hour delay to get from 95 over to 270. orange blue and silver line back to normal after an issue at stadium-armory. we just have residual delays there. 270 southbound typical delays coming down through clarksburg. back to you guys. >> a groundbreaking ceremony to start on a memorial to honor former president dwight eisenhower. the project has been plagued for years because of fighting on the design. the architect behind the guggenheim museum has designed the memorial which will be built across the air and space museum. >> ♪ >> new developments this morning in the search for a suspect connected to a rape
7:19 am
gaithersburg bus stop. >> take a look at this photo. police just now releasing really what is a sketch of the possible suspect. they say it was created using the man's dna found at the crime scene. fox5's annie yu is live in gaithersburg with the details and annie, we're just marveling in the studio at how that sketch looks more like a photo. >> reporter: yeah, it's a snapshot composite sketch of what the suspect might look like based off of the dna left behind here along with the victim's account and description of the suspect and using this sophisticated technology from a company out in reston, virginia, police were able to come up with this composite sketch. now, before we get to more on how this works, this is where the victim was standing back on october 6th so about a month ago here at this bus stop. it's along watkins mill road, travis lane in gaithersburg. she said it was around 5:30 in the morning when a man pulled her into the woods and raped
7:20 am
investigators along with canine searched for hours, gathered evidence from the scene and what they found was used to create this image of the suspect and investigators worked with a company called parabon nano labs its a company out of reston. they help to solve crimes around the world and this lab, they use high tech software that can unlock certain information in crime scene dna and then predict what a suspect looks like and then create a model of the person's face. so, just a strand of hair, a drop of body fluid, that can all help determine the facial characteristics down to freckles. here's more on how it works. >> the blood sample is a hair root, it's skin scrapings under fingernails, those kinds of samples all have dna. eye color, hair color, skin color, face shape ancestry face morph following and we bring that altogether into a composite that can help investigators do their jobs more efficiently. >> reporter: now, here's another look at
7:21 am
police need your help identifying him. we're told the victim also provided useful details as well such as the type of hairstyle the suspect had. she let police know that he looked like a man in his 20's and at the time he was wearing a checkered plaid jacket or shirt and so montgomery county police say they want to hear from you, they need help identifying this suspect and then of course tracking him down to get him off the streets. montgomery county police also say there's a $10,000 reward being offered in this case. that's the very latest here from gaithersburg, maryland, annie yu, fox5 local news. >> to montgomery county now where a community members met last night over concerns about a man who was arrested last video camera inside atting up gymnastics studio in silver spring. police found the video equipment at silver stars gymnastics belonging to 54-year-old jonathan oldale back in may. officials say the man's children took gymnastic classes there. po
7:22 am
on oldale's laptop showing school aged girls in a bathroom but they say they never found any recordings from the gym. concerned parents who's kids may have come in contact with oldale should e-mail investigators. parents can also submit a picture to police of their child. old day may have had contact with other young children. he was a member of the pta at somerset elementary school in chevy chase. he also volunteered with the boy scouts. oldale is free on bond. coming up next, that surprise postgame proposal after the astros clinched the title. >> everybody gets a ring right. less than a week away from the virginia governor's election and the candidates campaign ads are everywhere but how truthful are they? we're going break it all down ahead at 7:30. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ [speaking foreign language] >> you make me the happiest man in the world. will you marry me? will you marry me? >> oh, my god. >> why do they never say yes, al? >> she can't even speak. i think that kiss says it all. >> i hope so. >> that's sweet. >> didn't take long for the postgame moment to go viral. congratulations to carlos correa and his girlfriend daniela rodriguez much she's a former miss texas dating carlos for a little more than a year now. correa said he gambled by waiting untilhe
7:26 am
the season. >> did you see the ring. >> how could you not see the ring. >> burying the second lead. >> covered in baseball sized diamonds. he said he waited until he knew they had championship potential. >> what happened if they didn't win? >> maybe in a more private way. >> maybe a different approach to it. >> allison taught me something very important today. you cover your face because you want to hide your cry. >> your ugly cry. you're in full emotion. doesn't go up for the tear. >> i think it gives you an extra second to think it through. like do i really want to do this. >> no, no, tucker, no. >> steve, play along, all right. did you hear what he said? somebody is on the bad side of at least -- 54 in washington. mid 70's later today. we are looking at a mix of clouds and sun to start the day. we'll turn partly sunny this afternoon. there's a leftover sprinkle out there and we'll get that out of here and it will be a dry afternoon for you but look at the warm temperatures. 75 today, 78 tomorrow. cooler this weekend with clouds and a few showers. that's
7:27 am
but we're turning the clocks back early sunday morning. erin, jam cam me. >> unfortunately we're trying to figure out what to take tucker because there's so many different problems going on. look at that. >> stuck in traffic right now. >> had a traffic jam getting to the studio. thank you for covering 'cause that's what friends do. we had a new crash. we had this old crash causing big delays 66 eastbound by 50. 45 minute slow down from suffered to the belt as us try to head in from fairfax this morning. allow for a lot of extra time. we'll keep you update on those drive times as we continue. keep it to fox5 news morning.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. live look at the wilson bridge right
7:30 am
actually not too bad for thursday morning there. erin telling us we have problems elsewhere. we'll check in with her in just a couple of minutes with det details. less than week ago before virginians head to the polls to elect a new governor. >> no doubt you've noticed all the ads running on tv in the past few weeks. campaigns for democrat ralph northam and republican ed gillespie have ads airing that attack each other. >> now i'm listening carefully to donald trump and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. >> ms13 is a mess. yet ralph northam voted in favor of sanctuary cities that let dangerous, illegal immigrants back on the streets. >> ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions. >> we know ralph northam skipped economic development meetings. then virginia got scammed by china. losing over a million dollars. >> just a faust ads that we know you've seen over the
7:31 am
of weeks and months. the question is can you trust what the ads have to say? joining us nouse with a fact check is the national politics reporter with the washington post g to see you. thanks for coming in. >> good to be in. >> break down some of these ads we have been seeing them over and over again. and they real dollar stick with you. the first one we want to talk about is where we see the image of this child sex offender and we hear how agregious his crimes are and so this is from the republican and it basically claims that the democrat northam restored the rights of convicted child sex offender. this one is unique i've seen the rebuttal northam comes out and says i'm a pediatrician, i would never put a child in harm's way. so what's the truth about this ad? >> what it's referring to is governor terry mcauliffe the incumbent signed a sweeping felon rights restoration order f you completed your time you can have your voting rights back that paves the way to make easier to get a gun but you have to get a judge's permission first in order to get a gun. so it was
7:32 am
more sweeping order and the point that mcauliffe makes, this is how the system works in 40 states. if you serve your time f you're not in jail any more, you finished your parole you get your rights back and that particular sex offender he was arrested again and plead guilty and he lost his rights. that's how the system works in other states. >> he was one that was pulled out of a pool of people who got their rights back. >> of 160,000 people. >> okay. >> all right. let's switch right now, let's talk about a ralph northam ad right now that accuses ed gillespie of political cronyism here responsible for giving billions of dollars to rich wall street banks. true or not true. >> that's a common line we've seen in campaigns ever since the bailout after the recession. it's true gillespie was doing work for companies, but what that ad leaves out is that many of these companies paid back taxpayers what they had received, and this was supported by president barack obama and other democrats. >> another gillespie ad, an anti northam ad talks about and we see
7:33 am
but it talks about northam basically being the deciding to vote to allow sanctuary cities. now the assumption here or the leap is, because of that, you get some very bad people who have come in who happen to be gang members who happen to be here illegal. how effective in that ad because i certainly do remember the images of some of the gang members in that one? >> that's a complex one but i'll try and explain it. >> true or false, was he the deciding vote? >> i wouldn't say he was the deciding vote. northam did cast tie breaking vote in the senate against a ban on sanctuariers cities but it was decided because that bill eventually passed the state legislature. republican actually voted against it to set up tie breaking vote and then later it passed and then it was governor terry mcauliffe who banned who vetoed that ban on sanctuary cities. but what's important to remember virginia actually doesn't have sanctuary cities and that's a point that mr. gillespie and mr. so the impression that this ad
7:34 am
vote now ms13 gang members are running through the streets of virginia, that's not true. >> ed gillespie coming out on that topic just yesterday saying, oh, now it sounds like ralph northam is flip flopping here now he's saying a different tone from what ed gillespie said he was saying in the ad. i don't know at this point who that statement benefits quiet, but it seems like last minute here we're still trying to pull out all the stops. >> northam has been twisting hisself into bit of pretzel on this. yesterday northam said i do oppose sanctuary cities which he said before if that's the case if a city declares itself a sanctuary city which we don't have in virginia right now then i would support a ban point much his point as northam he doesn't support a preemptive ban on sanctuary cities. ed gillespie does. that's the policy differs between them. >> that's interesting. overall, what's your overall feeling on the
7:35 am
cycle here? >> what i would tell viewers to always view any claim made in any campaign advertising with a grain of salt. 302nd ad, one minute ad you're never going to get the full context of it. something in an ad campaign ad surprises you you should google around read the washington post and learn a little bit more about it. >> this is what you do. do you the deep dive into these topics. most voters and since this is virginia we'll talk about virginia. may not take that time and he have to do it. so how effective is it to grab one of these pieces which may or may not be true or may be partially true, but that nugget out there like al said you see that image and hear that claim, how effective in that in making that campaign successful? >> this is something we write about. as much as everyone complains about negative advertising and attack ads they work. they are emotionally powerful and they resonate with voters. as much as i think a lot of people want to say they go both to candidate web sites, research their positions and cast their votes accordingly that's not really how it work. it kind of
7:36 am
information you're exposed to and these tv ads they're designed if any what that that's the impression you're left with of either major party candidate. >> have we seen any third party it seems like i've seen a lot -- this ad was brought to you by ed gillespie. have we seen a lot of other organizations coming in and putting ads in on this virginia gubernatorial cycle. there have been. on the republican side the nra has been spending on behalf of the republican candidates and the americans for prosperity the heart of the conservative group americans for prosperity -- the conservative coke brothers political network has been spending a million dollars on ads too much on the democratic side smaller ad buys from a compilation of group that include the latino victory fund. they pulled a controversial ad a pickup truck driver with confederate flag and ed gillespie for governor sticker running -- trying to run over minority children. >> a lot of money raised in the last couple of weeks. wee see if we see any new once
7:37 am
pap days. thanks for joining us this morning. >> good to be on. >> 7:00 arthritic. tucker barnes, a check of the forecast as things start to warm up a little bit. >> temps in the mid 70s this afternoon. 10 degrees above normal across the region. that's what we we're expect fog afternoon highs. 54 in washington. it's still cool enough you want a jacket early with lots of 40s to the north and west. dulles and frederick right now in the low 40s. so consider a jacket. lots of clouds and even a sprinkle out there early trying to get this warmer air in here and it's taking its time. we should trend towards more sunshine a partly sunny afternoon and quiet afternoon weather wise. won't get any showers today. and/or tomorrow. i think any chances for showers won't occur until late in the day. look at those daytime highs. 75 today. 78 for your friday. next couple of days temperatures well above normal. enjoy. erin, i get to do happy forecasting. how are roads. >> unfortunately a lot of problems this thursday morning. starring off with a big crash northbound 395 at washington boulevard. the p
7:38 am
hov lanes. right now you can see one lane squeezing through. hov lips are a mess from the beltway to the pentagon because of this crash. it's blocking the left and right shoulder. huge rubberneck delay and slow down in the main lanes as well. so we're seeing about a 45 minute delay the main lanes from the beltway to the 14th street bridge and hov lanes are just crawling along as well. as we forward things along, not the only crash. 66 eastbound after 50 crash was blocking the right lane it moved over to the shoulder. we're seeing about 50 minute slow down from sudley road to the beltway because of that. then as you make your way out on the freeway, 695, dy police traffic letting us know a disabled car right now because of that from an auto accident. it's at exit 1c the left lane is blocked and we're seeing delays coming across the 14th street bridge. we'll have more traffic in just a few. back to you allison. >> all right. erin, thanks so much. still ahead the travel website accused of deleting warns about resorts in mexico. >> fur playing host to this turkey day but don't have the time or ability to cook a homemade meal -- >> tell m
7:39 am
>> -- there's one high end department store here to help. >> did you say high glenn i did say high end. >> see you in the kitchen. >> want redo on this one. back aft this.
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♪ trip adviser coming under attack for removing public posts from its website
7:42 am
the company deemed person posts orton rum about traveling to mexico as inappropriate. those who saw the posts before they were removed said they were about travel concerns in mexico ranging from rape, injuries and alcohol. experts say reviews on travel sites often get skewed and that positive reviews can sometimes translate to charging more more for hotels or travel accommodations. amazon getting into the hustle and bustle of black friday. releasing black friday deals today. from toys to kitchen wear to electronics and more. the online website page had feature deals of the day from now until november 24th. >> this is short cut you were talking about for thanksgiving. neiman-marcus adding thanksgiving dinner tots inventory this year. yeah. the luxury department store is offering to ship customers a full turkey dinner. >> how much al. >> $527. it serves eight people. >> a town -- oh, eight people. >> eight people. it includes turkey, doesn't say how m
7:43 am
stuffing, potato casserole and more. candied yams, mac and cheese and corn computer pudding. the more is probably like dinner rolls. >> for 50 buck i can get that at save way. >> i believe you're right. >> to each their own. >> thanks neiman-marcus. >> outbreak on the deadly house fire in capitol heights, maryland, this morning. crews are still on the scene. >> kevin joins us live. niece london. we'll find out what he's doing across the pond. >> he was just here yesterday. >> we'll talk to kev in today's fox beat next. >> i'll bet he didn't sleep. it doesn't matter.
7:44 am
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♪ live pictures right now from capitol heights, maryland, on foot street the site of deadly fire earlier this morning. >> two people sadly dead in that home it looks like smoke is now died down. emergency personnel of course still on the scene. we have a reporter that bring you any updates. just as i said with wider shot you see smoke still coming from that home. terrible fire in capitol heights this morning. tucker with a check of our forecast right now. keep looking at the temps. 53 that's not bad. >> it will take a little while to get it going much once the temperatures start to zoom up we should be back in the 70s. enjoy the 70s probably done with the 90s for the year. probably done with the 80s now. maybe we'll get close to 80. >> that's okay. >> soon enough we'll be done with the 70s for couple months. >> after we've been in the 50s, 70s are going to feel like -- >> feel pretty good. >>
7:47 am
>> really nice afternoon. not only today but tomorrow as well. tomorrow we can get up few spots could get close to 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. all right. here's your forecast. sun mixed with clouds, lots of clouds early in fact. western shore of the bay dealing with fog here early. warmer temperatures as mentioned as advertised back in the 70s today and tomorrow. so couple nice days to look forward to temperature wise. we could be near 80 degrees by tomorrow afternoon, and then we'll focus on the weekend looks like the clouds will really move back in for the weekend. that will push our temperatures back down closer to where they should be back down into the 60s particularly saturday looks like a cool day with temperatures in the low 60s. it's still cool out this morning. even though we're talking about warmer temperatures not really arrived yet. so you probably want a jack here early. frick at dulles. 46 manassas. 46 culpeper. you can see those warmer temperatures working in out along the bay there. 60 in annapolis. 61 this morning in leonardtown. 51 this morning fredericksburg. here's your satellite picture. cloud cover,
7:48 am
are getting breaks now so we shall get some breaks in the cloudiness. we did have sprinkle or two work through early this morning still doing a little fog along the bay with warmer temperatures and the moisture there. but the trend will be more and more sunshine. kind of a partly sunny afternoon a dry afternoon and we're just going to be stuck in a very warm pattern here for the next couple of days. there's a cold front out here you can see the cooler hour towards detroit and chicago. see the blue there. that will fade down in our region by tomorrow. up ahead of it southerly winds. that's going to pump the temperatures up around here well above normal f you're curious write this down normal daytime highs in the low 60s and we'll be ten plus degrees above that this afternoon and tomorrow. there you go. 75 today. again that spotty drizzle just this morning. i think we'll get sunshine, partial sunshine this afternoon. friday looks great. could be isolated late shower way cold front and there's your cloud cover. front hangs up saturday and sunday with a few showers around. not a wash out. a few showers or maybe even a little drizzle and don't forget we're showing you the clock
7:49 am
early sunday morning get an extra hour of sleep. yes. >> i'll take it. >> all right. how are roads? >> roads it's been pretty crowded and we still have problems unfortunately. 30 minute delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. completely park. hov lanes crawling as well. delay goes for hov and main lanes today. we had earlier crash at temporarily halted all hov lane traffic. that has cleared bite pentagon. washington boulevard. it's just blocking the right shoulder now moved over from the left shoulder as well so 395 a little bit of a parking lot toward the pentagon much as we move things over right now we have a disabled vehicle from an earlier crash. located on 695 westbound by exit 1c left lane blocked. big delays coming up from 295 north and southbound toward the 11th street bridge and pennsylvania avenue. as we move things over for a look right now on the inner loop out by braddock road crash blocks the shoulder and you can see some heavy traffic coming up from just inside the springfield under change up through 66 braddock road little bit heavier as well. 295 northbound we showed that you crash on 695.
7:50 am
adti beltway toward the 11th street bridge. taking you 25 minutes you can see completely parked by the bottom side of the beltway. and then as we move things over for a look at your overview of your virginia drive times, about a 24 minute drive just to get from 234 to fairfax county parkway. 270 southbound heavy delays to the beltway. back to you guys. ♪ all right. it's 7:00 fief team here is what is coming up gone day dc in just couple of hours. >> nation's capitol has a winner in the latest edition of the food network competition chopped. chef michael benk will be in our kitchen cooking life. >> very cool. also get a chance to talk to the drummers of the foofighters and the red hot chili peppers. both drummers are going to join us live. taylor and chad. also she has written music for kell clarkson. she has collaborated with halsey and many more and she's arising star. her name is molly kate kessner. she'll perform for us li
7:51 am
that's coming at 9:00 o'clock. 7:50 here. mid afternoon early afternoon in london and that's where we go now. >> all right. that's where we find our kevin mccarthy. our man about the globe. what are you doing in london, kev, good morning. >> good morning steve and allison. great to be on with you guys. i just landed in london a couple of hours ago. i somehow figure out a way to match my shirt witness drapes in my they will room. i don't know if you guys can see that. i was doing the red element here i guess today. but yeah i'm here for lot of thing. i'm interviewing some of the biggest stars in the world and a lot of these are obviously are exclusives right here to fox5. which is very cool. first all of is murder on the orient express which i'm super excited about. you guys remember back in may i took the orient express. it was an incredible empty we had amazing video of it, and now i'm actually seeing the film. when i was on the orient express back in may, i -- josh gad also joined us there. he's the voice of olaf in fr frozen. so i'm sitting down with the
7:52 am
i'm actually going to the world premier of murder on the orient express and i'm interviewing everybody. everybody you can think of. josh gad, daisy ridley from the new star wars film she plays r ray. leslie odom, jr., from hamilton. michelle pfeiffer, william did he foe. kenneth bran in a who direct the film which i'm super excited about that's tonight. premier will be there. i'll be instagraming live all over the carpet so if you want to tune in there kevin mccarthy tv on instagram. next i'm also covering a film called wonder which is a movie starring julia roberts and owen wilson i see that tomorrow night after the interviews and then my interview with julia roberts is saturday. and then saturday night, steve, allison, justice league. >> there we good. >> i'm freaking out. i'm actually -- i think i'm going see it three times. because there's a 1:00 o'clock, there's a 4:00 o'clock and there's a 7:00 o'clock showing on saturday. i'm going to all three of them because i'm insane. >> won't they kind of run back to back to back?
7:53 am
here's the thing. i've been waiting years for this film like everybody else has, and i'm interviewing ben affleck and henry calfville on sunday. i'll have more on this coming up in the 9am air but real fast, there's a big movie opening up this friday called thor rag ragnarok. let's take look at photo of jeff goldblum in the move z some of the best makeup and hair i've ever seen on character. coolest costume i've seen he plays the grand master. i asked him how they came up with this look for his character. listen to this. >> we camera tested something that they zone up. they said, let's do something else. we changed the costume. there it is right there. we changed that costume and then they had masterful hair people -- >> did the photo -- >> did my hair in eight different ways. [ laughter ] >> it was like a cool composite i wish i can have used it for my actor's composite picture. >> you still need that. >> i had banks. i can look like this with bang. so, you know, then we decided to go with
7:54 am
a thing. and then they went, hmm, how about fingernails and blue toenails? let's give it a try. >> i love this much this is my favorite part. >> let's see it on camera. oh, then they did that. let me see. o, just with my head new york mere. >> you see yourself. >> i can see myself in your, energy these dishes. remember that commercial? >> yes. >> that's jeff goldblum who's the coolest guy on the planet but, yes, back to your point earlier, steve, i am seeing the movie three times in a row. it's going to be i was m i am very very excited about it. and justice league is opening up november 17th but the movie you just saw the interview from jeff goldblum that's thor ragnarok that opens up tomorrow. i'll have my full review live tomorrow morning from london as long as my interviews with the cast of murder on the orient express. >> kev, i think to steve's point like we used to if you missed the first part of the movie you got there late so you just stayed for the second showing. >> yup. >> so will you
7:55 am
there. >> that's what we're saying. can't you just camp out in the movie theater? >> yeah. what i'm going to do allison because my body clock is all messed up because the time difference, between each showing i'll probably be doing a shot of coffee because i'm going to be absolutely dead but i'll probably just -- it's not an actual showing. it's a press screening. so i don't have to buy tickets for it. i'll just like walk in, walk out, walk back in. walk back out. >> okay. >> you could also just sleep through the second one. the middle showing. >> no, no, no. there's no sleep for kev. >> there is no sleeping, steve. this is justice league. one of the most anticipated movies of the year. i know you're excited about it. you're not a big super hero guy. i know you're excited about it. you have to be. >> i'm excited but there's not one movie that's ever been made i would watch three times in row back to back to back. but it's your thing, kev. i get it. >> that's easy. i would do that with pulp fix, reservoir dogs, i would do that with dead poll. a million movies i would do it with. >> i love you, kev. have a good day. >> we'll check in with you later on this morning. >> yeah. follow my
7:56 am
i'll be live on the red carpet tonight for the murder on the orient express premier. >> we get jealous every time we follow you on instagram. thanks, kev. have fun in london. >> tuck, anything ye want to say. >> he's not familiar with sleeping dude. he's the new juice tis league. >> i saw rocky 417 times p. >> not in row. >> not a row. i'm a fan of of the repeat you. >> also 17. >> i was more like 15. [ laughter ] >> sleep deprivation man that's his super hero. >> exactly. 54 now in washington. we'll be in the 70s later today. we are waking up with cloud cover turn partly sunny this afternoon and any leftover sprinkles we have out earl loll get out of here. we are starting to see clearing skies the warmer air finally getting in here. today, tomorrow look fantastic temperature wise. we are going to have some clouds next couple of days, but the trade off will be nice temperatures cool list this weekend clocks go back early sunday morning. that will get kevin an hour of sleep one way or another. >> kevin needs an hour of sleep. 7:00 vick right now. i could use an extra hour of sleep, too. unfortun
7:57 am
parked on the hov lanes as well as main lanes northbound 395 by washington boulevard at the pentagon. crash blocks the inner right shoulder of the hov lanes. it's going to take you close to half hour to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. hov and main lanes just super pack. watch out for those delays. as you move it over for a look on the 695 stretch of things accident did clear westbound 695 all lanes open so i'm hoping those heavier residual delays will begin to clear. as you make your way westboud aside from that 295 still pack in both directions. metro, blue and orange silver back to being on time aft issues at stadium armory. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. ♪
7:58 am
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>> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> it is 8:00 a.m. on this thursday morning. november 2nd, 2017. here's what's on your fox5 news morning menu. >> first up breaking in prince george's county deadly house fire in seat pleasant maryland. bob barnard with the latest from that scene straight ahead in live report. >> disturbing new details emerge about the man behind the deadly terror attack in new york city. following his first court appearance. >> houston strong celebrations overnight after the astros make history in la becoming world champions for the first time. first though live lock outside around the dmv. we will have weather and traffic coming up on the 5's. ♪ let's start though with
8:01 am
prince george's county. two people dead this morning after an early morning house fire. >> this happened on home on foot street in seat pleasant. we've been going back and forth from jurisdictions for clarity capitol heights to seat pleasant but our bob barnard is in fact in sea pleasant to report on details about those victims. he joins us now live. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, allison and steve. we're here on foot street. the mailing address is capitol heights but this is seat pleasant patrolled by seat pleasant police here on the scene as well as prince george's county fire. there's the house there. it's two-story house with an attic. you can see there's still smoke coming out of this attic right now. firefighters are inside doing their investigation, and they did find two bodies. two possible dead on the second floor of this home this morning. we can show i was photograph taken by prince george's county fire officials when they first got here. the flames were seen up and down the street. reported at
8:02 am
we're told that they got the fire out pretty quickly and then when they went inside to do their first assessment they found these two victims on second floor. the fire department says the fire was in the basement much the main floor the second floor although you still see smoke coming out of what appears to be the attic. now, according to fire officials, this was a vacant house. supposed to be vacant. so they believe the two victims were homeless. some people in the neighborhood say they believe they are on the younger side, maybe people in their late teens or early 20s. we're not sure just yet. the victims have not been identified, but a map who lives across the street tells us, he's called police in the past week or so because he's seen people coming and going from this ho house. >> i've seen about four people going in and out of that house over the last week or so. this isn't the first time i've call the police concerning this. yesterday there was about five or sick people moving a refrigerator out and then, you know, people were still inside. i've always been concerned about that house. i've always been concerned that
8:03 am
right. >> the fact that two people have been killed in a fire there. >> that's crazy. i thought it was one. now it's two. that's crazy. my heart is broken over that. really sad. >> reporter: and again, the victims have not been identified although fire officials do believe they are two homeless people who were staying in that house at least overnight. not sure of the cause. were they trying to keep warm. we just don't know that yet, and one of things that mark brady the spokesperson for prince george's county fire told us this morning is, that this 6200 block of foot street is no stranger to deadly house fires. there was one just across the street it's now vacant lot 15 years ago, five people were killed. someone had thrown a molotov cocktail into that house, and he says just up the street here, one block up foot street, about 30 years ago six children were killed in a house fire. guys, so again this morning two are dead here on foot street in seat pleasant, maryland. >> hate to hear that, bob bar ma
8:04 am
8:03. let's switch gears and head to man money right now spurred by internet terror propaganda federal prosecutors say the man accused of the truck rampage responded to isis calls to action. >> we're learning more after his first court appearance last night. melanie alnwick is live monitoring the latest developments now. good morning, mel. >> investigators say saipov cell phone, computer and a note left in the rented truck showed he planned this for a long time and wanted to kill even more people. >> running over and killing people, saipov crashed his truck into a schoolbus carrying children. >> reporter: in indicate late wednesday 29-year-old sayfullo saipov was charged with pro providing material support to the terror group isis and using a vehicle to carry out violence and destruction that ended in death. driving a rental truck into people for nearly a mile tuesday along a popular new york city bike trail. >> he was u
8:05 am
a brave police officer. although i feel we were just doing our job, like thousands of officers do every day, i understand the importance of yesterday's events. >> reporter: prosecutors say saipov carried out the deadly attack in response to online calls to action by isis. and chose halloween as he thought more people would be outside. among the people killed, tuesday, a 32-year-old from new jersey named darren drake. drake's father says his son was simply out for bike ride. >> when i went to the morgue and i saw his face i didn't see a man 33. i saw a kid. >> after being shot by police investigators say saipov said he quote felt good about what he had done. and when police questioned saipov, they say he admitted he started plotting the attack year ago. saipov even recently rent add truck to practice making turns. on wednesday, the fbi put out images of a second man they were looking for. related to their investigation. but now are saying only that
8:06 am
>> we have found him and we'll leave it at that. >> reporter: now, yesterday president trump had talked about perhaps sending saipov to guantonimo bay but this morning maybe a little bit of a change of heart here. he is saying would loto zen nyc terrorist to guantonimo bay but that process takes much longer than going through the federal system. he said there's also something appropriate about keeping him in the home of the horrible crime he committed. should move fast the death penalty exclamation point. also want to let you know a lot of people had questions about this. the new york city marathon will go on as scheduled sunday but with increased security. live in the newsroom, i'm melanie alnwick. >> i think some 51,000 people finished the marathon last year in new york. huge event through the streets of new york. but it will go on. >> marine corps was very happy to do that. i think i'm good.
8:07 am
>> he's good. >> is it flat enough? >> i don't want hills. >> d.c. is a flatter course than new york. >> that's out of the question. all right. let's do the forecast. i'm down to like two to 3-mile runs, steve. >> fun runs, element row school runs that's my kind of thing. >> peace 12 to 13 together you're good to go. >> turkey trot. >> right. can't wait for that one. warmer items. great day for running today if you want to get outside looking at day heim highs that are going to be in the low to mid 70s it will take little bit of time getting there. we're transitioning our atmosphere here, and we're weight waking up with cloud cover and fog across the area. 54 at reagan national. 44 temperatures in the 40s out to the west. dulles 52 up in baltimore. you may want to consider a jack here for the first part of the day. i think by afternoon as the clouds start to break up we get partial sunshine you'll notice those warmer temperatures. mild today, plain old warm tomorrow. we'll be in the mid to upper 70s tomorrow and cooler weather for the weeken. we'll look at the weekend forecast coming up but dry afternoon and temperatures in the 70s. should feel pretty good for everybody, and a great day
8:08 am
walk the dog or -- >> it should be great afternoon. >> play in leaf pile. >> oh. >> or rake them perhaps. >> no, no new york city. >> we don't want to do. >> erin over to you. >> not that nice. >> not that nice. >> no. [ laughter ] 8:08 right now. unfortunately we're taking a live look at the breaking news we've been tracking out of seat pleasant all morning. bob barnard getting more information. two dead in a house fire the 6300 block of foot street remain shut down. you can still see very active investigation smoke still billowing out of the roof there. so please use caution as you detour around that. fire department still on location again city hundred block of foot street closed. from that live look, we'll move over to our maps. other problems on the roads this morning. we're hearing from maryland state highway administration prince george's county 95 southbound prior to 212 there's a crash blocking the right shoulder even though all lanes are open look at that heavy volume. from theism cc on down. we're dealing with about a 20 minute slow down. little heavy traffic on the northbound side as well if you're headed toward the baltimore beltway. as we move over for a look at 395, even though an earlier crash in
8:09 am
pentagon cleared, hov and main lanes still very heavy. half hour delay from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. the bridge itself is very stacked up. southbound side looking really nice right now. as we take look at the northbound side of 295, 19 minute trip really crowded conditions disable vehicle as well on the shoulder as you head to the 11th street bridge. metro is back to being on time. we had earlier residual delays on the orange, blue and silver. that's your traffic. allison and steve. >> 8:09 right now. developing overnight in colorado, three people are dead after a gunman opened fire inside a wal*mart in the city of thorton. the victims two men and a woman. police were called to the store about 6:00 last night. gunfire sent shoppers hiding for cover and running for the exits. the store was evacuated. once police arrived. police are now searching for this person of interest who fled the scene in a vehicle. officials also continue to review security footage and interview customers. as of right now, no motive has been established
8:10 am
♪ get the latest on the russia investigation. former trump campaign chairman pan manfort and rick gates will face a judge in the district for the second this week. both set to appear for status hearing this afternoon. they are the first to be charged in special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation bone manfort and gates plead not guilty to conspiracy and money laundering charges are current under house arrest. >> in a d.c. courtroom a hearing for the first lawsuit to address refugees targeted by the president's most recent travel ban. the suit was filed in early october by three iranian american organizations and 16 individuals. still to come this morning police release a new image of an cued rapist in maryland. this is a little different than the images you typically see. we'll take look at dna technology that made this particular 67 possible. >> waffle house hit with a lawsuit. we'll tell was a woman claims to have found in her drink. it's 8:10.
8:11 am
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you possibly do this? and we say, how can we not? if these kids go through what they go through, we can support them. dr. ralph northam has been our volunteer medical director for the last eighteen years. he's made such a difference in so many families' lives. ralph northam: these kids have given me more than i could ever give them. and i wanna make sure that every family in virginia can afford good healthcare when they need it. >> 8:13 right now. la was setting up for big party and then the astros spoiled the party dodgers stadium. nail biting back and forth world series. and game seven arguably the least suspense full of all of them. astros dominator game seven. scored twice in the first inning, three in the third. dodgers finally got on board in the sixth final score was five to one. houston's first world championship in team history. they've been going at it for more than 50 years without a
8:14 am
title. tucker there's hope for us if the nats take 50 years who knows if we'll be here to see it. >> i won't be. >> meantime victory owe so sweet in houston fans went wild pouring into the streets celebrating at minute made park. a lot of these fans we were to the astros ballpark to watch the game own though the game wasn't there. would you rather go there, watch at a bar, watch it at home. how would you celebrate your team being in game seven. >> that would be festive and f fun. >> watch on the big jumbo tron with everybody else. >> that's really cool. >> what a good idea. >> go out in the streets and celebrate. >> look at all the people that filled the stadium. >> we have to remembered to that when we go. >> when the nats are in the series. >> we'll have to throw we're a great city parade. >> did sports illustrated predict when we will win the world series. >> they did not. let's give it until 2020. >> okay. >> if we don't have championship by 2020 -- okay. >> we'll throw a participation parade. >> now it's going to happen. i hope so. >> we'll find this video this tape and it's going to be mazing. >> we have five teams here. >> steve predicted
8:15 am
right, one of them can win a championship. >> yes. >> give it until 2020. if not we're throwing our own parade. >> we'll throw a parade. >> a place for hurricanes. maybe they'll win. >> technicality. that's basketball. >> meanwhile let's get cute. >> let's do it many fox5 first five photo of the day. aww i do love that. that is super cute. layla everybody. >> can you take that banner down. do you see her cute little sign. >> what does it say. >> it says please feed the lions. >> i'm going to feed that lion kisses under that little cheek. >> i'll bet that lion loves candy. that is super cute. we love it. >> perfect. >> i'll bet that lion got all the candy. >> yes and all the aww. >> this is layla. she is 11 months old. >> okay. >> and recently celebrated, work days ago celebrated her first halloween dressing up as lion. >> that is so precious. look at the little red wagon and the leg bug. >> she's a
8:16 am
>> job parents. >> little a gets up every morning and tunes into fox5 with her family. layla, we love that you watch. >> yeah, we do. that is just the cutest thing ever. >> if my parents can been clever to put me in a lion i don't think i would take it off. >> look at her holding on. she's just doll. >> that is adorable. >> she's a doll. >> steve mentioned i want to thank everybody for sending all the cute pictures we got all of our area. >> we should continue the rest of this week with like -- tomorrow needs to be another costume. >> i agree. >> layla, we love your picture. >> we do. >> to send us your picture go to fox5 d.c. and send it on in. we love pictures like that. super cute. >> precious. >> let's do some weather. layla the lion outfit you can shed that late this afternoon. might want it this morning to stay warm. later today we'll be in the 70s. 54 now in washington. lots of 40s off to the west here when you get outside the beltway lots of 40s. cool em to hers most of the country kind of seasonal. the exception parts of the upper
8:17 am
there you can see temperatures in the 20s and theirs. that cold air will stay off to our north and west for a couple more days. start to get cooler as we get into the weekend the next couple of days hey we're going to be partly sunny and very warm around here for this time of year. 75 today. again, partly sunny this afternoon. we are going to be cloudy this morning. partly sunny this afternoon. tomorrow 78 with some sunshine and then some clouds this weekend. clocks roll back early sunday morning. don't forget. clocks roll back. >> extra hour of sleep. how can we forget. >> extra hour of sleep. >> that's the half full approach it to. >> right the sun sets at 5:04 on sunday. >> half empty approach it to. >> erin, it will be darker sooner. >> that's okay. bigger dinners. main it all better. >> 95 southbound big delays right now from 32 to the beltway it will take you 22 minutes we're dealing with crash 95 by 212 blocking shoulder. you can see that heavy flow of traffic. bw parkway might be a better bet volume heavy but not as heavy as what you're seeing outside the top side of the beltway
8:18 am
local flit lane. by father hurley stop and go traffic. this isn't the worse of the travel times on 270 all week. northbound side looks nice. as we make our way out on the bottom side of the beltway you're jammed um from the to the wilson bridge. as we move over for look at some of those maryland drive times, big delays on the outer loop top side of the beltway in college park it will take you 40 minutes to get from 95 the camera by new hampshire avenue to the beltway and 50 inbound tenets minutes to new york avenue. close to an hour from sudley road to the beltway in virginia and 395 northbound delays linger to the 14th street bridge. metro looking pretty good right now. allison and steve. >> erin, thanks so much. new image this morning of the suspected person who may have attacked a maryland woman waiting for a bus. >> annie yu live in gaithersburg with the details. this is a little different now when it comes to this composite how dna evidence was really able to bring these pictures
8:19 am
good morning. >> reporter: yeah, steve, good morning to you. good morning, allison. this is pretty remarkable. what police were able to do. they enlisted the help from a company out in res stop, virginia, and using high texas following sophisticated software along with dna found from the crime scene out here in gaithersburg they were able to generate this picture of a suspect. this is where the minute happened back on october 6th about a month ago, guys. the victim says she was waiting here at this bus stop around 5:30 in the morning when a man he pulled her into the woods and raped her. and we have video from the day when investigators were out here. they were out here with k9 units searching for hours gathering evidence from the crime scene, and what they found out here and, you know, along with the victim's description, they were able to use that to create this image of the suspect, and investigators they worked with the company called para bomb in a and know labs this is the third time montgomery county police have work with this company and bic
8:20 am
company helps to solve crimes around the world. its lab is very high tech. it can basically unlock certain information and crime scene dna and then predict what a suspect looks like and then create a model of the person's face as you're seeing here. so just strand of hair or a drop of body fluid can help determine facial characteristics. we're told even down to freckles so it is pretty precise. here's more on how it works. >> eye color, hair color, skin color, face shape, ancestry, we bring that altogether into a composite that can help investigator do's their jobs more fishily. >> this is brand new technology to law enforcement. we're hoping by putting this out there, we will identify them pretty quick and it will be a success story. >> reporter: here's another look at the suspect. police need your help identifying. we're told the victim provided some pretty useful details as well such as the type of hairstyle that he was a black mail in his early 20's and at the time of this incident he was
8:21 am
wearing a checkered plaid shirt or a jacket of some sort. and so montgomery county police they just -- they're putting this out there hoping that someone can help identify this man and track him down. they are also offering a $10,000 reward in this case. if you have any information, you're you were to do call montgomery county police. that's the very latest from gaithersburg. annie yu fox5 local news. >> thank you very much. a woman in georgia suing waffle house she said the restaurant served her a drink with bleach in it. it happened in 2015 when she visit add waffle house in dekalb county. moore leaves the restaurant's drink dispenser had recently been cleaned and that's where the bleach came from the lawsuit claims she racked up $50,000 in medical bills as a result. waffle house says it can't comment on the lawsuit but does it take customer safety ser seriously. 8:21 right now. still ahead from happy hour to miller time or as in robert mueller. d.c. bar poking fun at the russia investigation with drink specials. we've got details
8:22 am
>> you almost do want to make it miller time as the old ads used to say. >> absolutely right. >> this is mueller time. calling on burger fans. smash burger offering holiday deal that you may not be able to resist. al, even you perhaps. we shall find out. it's 8:22. >> what? ♪ >> what? ♪♪
8:23 am
♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
8:24 am
♪ >>
8:25 am
hot shot offering a drink special that is a to do with the russia probe. >> call the moscow mueller. >> catchy. >> catchy. you can cash in on the five dollars drink deal. now that is catchy. five bucks in d.c. for a drink. every time that special counsel robert mueller indicts an associate of president donald trump. the bird d.c. is promoting the offer on their account. it's a play on the drink name moscow mueller. >> smash burger offering the smash pass. now, this let's customers get a burger for just one dollar. >> okay. >> the pass can be used once a day every day from nove november 15th through jan january 9th. you get almost two months worth of burgers. >> how much is the pass. >> it's $54. it's available for purchase now. so -- >> probably still a good deal. >> if you went every day. >> yeah. >> i don't know. fifty-four dollars plus a dollar a day. >> you have to do the math. >> those purgers are pretty expensive. >> just depends how many you want. if you're
8:26 am
four times a week it's probably worth it. >> i think so too. >> i feel like math overload. if only we had teacher here to help us out in class. learn a lesson today. >> meantime this commercial for smash burger. >> that's not really my department. i don't teach math. >> right. what is it that do you teach? >> pe and social activities. >> bell ringing is not a course. >> i teach live skills. >> okay. >> all right. live skills. >> yeah. >> yes. (bell ringing). >> teach us something. mr. chenevey, i'd like a review of smash burger. i've never been. is it any good. >> i've never been either. it look good. >> that will be our first class field trip. >> finally something to look forward to in this school. >> let's do the report card for the day. sunshine, we got clouds early today we'll break out into partial sunshine this afternoon. we'll give that big fat b. hey, that's still a pretty good grade. winds out of the south here at five to ten. that's a b. afternoon temps in the 70s. yeah, in the 70s. 10 degrees above normal that's an a. wear your astros gear, everybody. aren't you excited about the world series victory. >> i'm very h
8:27 am
>> yes! >> a plus. >> it would be great weather for parade if we had one here. >> we'll have a parade here one day. >> 2020. >> queue my music. ♪ i'm hot for teacher ♪ >> nice. an a. >> strut on out of there, teach. well done. >> awesome. eight for awesome and err are inn. >> i like the little extra move with the dance there. that was good stuff. right now as we take a look at the roads we have a problem in southern maryland. cheltenham subtler see one at cherry tree crossing a crash. typical delays coming up on five from the 301 split. couple other problems including delays around the area. we can take look at 95 southbound. 20 minute ride earlier crash 32 to the beltway. crash by 212. keep update. at least metro is on time. that's your look at traffic. fox5 news morning coming right back. ♪ back. ♪♪ ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie
8:28 am
lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
8:29 am
m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers
8:30 am
adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia. two people died in early morning fire in seat pleasant maryland. flames broke out around 5:30 this morning at a home in the 6300 block of foot street. the road is now shut down. nearby
8:31 am
is in fact abandoned and that squatters have been in and out again two people dead after that fire. police in frederick maryland working to notify hundreds of victims after thieves broke into unit tas public storage fac facility. break ins happened sometime overnight friday into saturday on prospect boulevard. police say 250 units were hit the suspects took smaller items like july row, medicine much police believe more than one person was involved considering the amount of units that were burglarized. investigation is underway in montgomery county this morning after a pedestrian was struck and killed. this happened just before 8:00 last night near new hampshire and large avenues in takoma park. police say 79-year-old james burn was struck by a cad look escalade. he later died at the hospital. no word yet on if the driver will face any charges. ♪ 8:31 right now the specter of more homemade terror tax grows after the man who plotted van tack in manhattan. worry learning that from the court appearance for the
8:32 am
suspect. >> joining us now with the latest on the attack and the investigation, catherine herridge fox news chief intelligence correspondent. catherine, thank you so much for joining us today. >> good morning. the latest on the new york investigation really comes from the criminal complaint that was unsealed yesterday against the suspect, and i think one of the dominant headlines is that there was significant pre-planning, premeditation in this attack the documents state it began two months ago and that there was a dry run on october 22nd where suspect rented a van and then practiced making the kind of sharp turns and maneuvers that we saw in the attack itself. also, recovered at the scene was bag that the suspect had in the vehicle with the number of electronic devices, and what those devices show is that he was an avid consumer of the isis ideology, thous
8:33 am
including those that showed the be headings in iran and syria by the terrorist group. using veh vehicles as weapons. also, shooting individuals in the face. so he was an avid consumer of this toll. he was so determined to carry out the attack that there was a dry run, and that really the premeditation began two months ago. the final point i would say based on my experience is that an individual can be a consumer of this ideology and become radicalized but they also need something called a validater. this is someone who either online or in person kind of gives them that final push to go ahead on the mission and really reaffirms this idea that they're acting on behalf of their religion which is of course not correct, and that it is justified to kill innocent people. >> a couple of things this obviously opens up with questions and i think the four a lot of people have, if this is a so-called
8:34 am
manual type that's out there, if that would be more instances of people following, et cetera, and, you know, the other question might be, that -- can you hear us okay, catherine? >> can you hear us, catherine. >> i'm still -- >> okay. i think we lost her there. she's not able to hear us. but we'll try to make that reconnection there. the question i was going to pose to catherine and we'll troy to reconnect with her and see if we can get this, with all of this attention now that is put on these social media companies when it comes to the ads the election and russia and everything else, is there anything that can be done to shut down some of these, you know f it is a known propaganda put out by terrorist groups if they're anything that can be done there. a question that has to be addressed at some point. >> thinking the very same thing witness hearings we have seen and shut down these portals. it's very disturbing indeed. we apologize for the technical difficulties there. we'll try to reconnect watch we can do is give you a lock at the forecast. tucker is here and he has that for us right now. ♪ >> taking the jacket off rolling up the sleeves, steve.
8:35 am
>> exactly where i was going, allison. >> thank you. >> okay. >> you won't need your jacket later. it will be in the 70s. still cool out right now. 54 in washington. 40s outside the beltway. jacket for the first half of the day. but once the clouds get a chance to break up here we should being at partial sunshine. not going to be full sunshine today. partial sunshine and daytime highs about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. low to mid 70s expected very nice afternoon. dry afternoon expected as that warmer air gets a chance to move north here on a southerly wind. all right. here's your forecast. two day forecast much this afternoon 75. look at tomorrow 78. may be a late day shower tomorrow with these temperatures we're living large around here for early november. yeah. weekend forecast coming up. reminder to move those clocks back. we haven't fun, err are glynn having blast. you know why? it's friday eve. >> i feel like we're right there. >> i know. unfortunately for a lot of drivers i don't know if they're mornings are going so great. we delays and some issues. all right. so the inner loop side of things you can see the main and express lanes moving along slow. 23 minute trip from saint
8:36 am
bridge because of volume. we're seeing nice conditions on the outer loop right now. as we forward things along to 270 southbound improved, 40 minute trip from 109 to the local lane split. just jumped to 38 minutes. you be seek heavier volume by father hurley slowing us down a bit. northbound side looks really good. take look at the outer loop. still see really heavy traffic by new hampshire avenue. 95 to the spur it's a 35 minute trip. 50 inbound theen minute ride pretty jammed from the beltway past 202 to get to go new york avenue. new york avenue past bladensburg that is jammed up as well and then in the inner loop we showed you that, saint barnabas road to the wilson bridge dealing with heavy traffic. as we make our way out a crash did clear in cheltenham southbound 30 at cherry tree crossing. earlier crash by 212 blocking shout 19 minute ride. metro back to being on time. i learned an important lesson don't eat almonds before you do a traffic report. it's no the a great feeling on -- i got some things going on. back to you guys. >> thanks erin. >> back to catherine herridge. the point i was
8:37 am
before, apologies for not having the best communication, the point i was trying to make before if this is indeed an isis playbook so to speak available online, social mode ya, lost people fear maybe we'll have more attack the question was, obviously we've seen social media in the hot seat on capitol hill this week dealing with other issues with russia and the elections. is there anything that can be done to shut down these portals putting out information to the masses? >> one of issues you hear privately he is specially from lawmakers on the hill who are very focused, steve, on this issue is that there's a certain amount of helplessness in the sense that you can take this material down off the web but then it's kind of like wack a mole it pops up again, as we license witness american cleric here in the washington, d.c. area anwar al lack wee who you remember was the first american targeted for death by the cia. he was killed some years ago but his ideology continues to appear when someone is self radical life it's one thing to kill a man and another thing to kill his ideas and because these types of plots can happen so
8:38 am
defendant of weapons, intervening especially with a small cell or even just an individual ends virtually impossible. >> before we switch topic quickly the next move, what is the next move to come with this suspect? we know he was in the hospital. what do we expect next? lots of word from the white house on how he should be tried and then pulling back from that. what do we expect, catherine. >> that's correct. there was discussion over whether the suspect would be treated as an enemy combatant and moved to guantonimo bay for extensive interrogations. the white house sort of moved away from that idea this morning with tweet from the president. not necessarily advocating but rec noising that he's already within the federal criminal system in the united states and based on my experience having been to guantonimo bay and covered these federal cases out in alexandria, virginia, for 9/11 they do move much quicker in the federal system so it does look like the case in new york will proceed as it is right now. >> no doubt. catherine, i
8:39 am
change you here we only have 30 seconds left. i know you're working on stuff for fox news when it comes to bob mueller and latest there. >> we'll have status hearing here in washington, d.c. this afternoon. it's about the terms of the bail for paul manfort. the former campaign manager for the trump team and his business associate. they're going to challenge or can challenge terms which include home detention. the key thing to watch for here often in these sort of run of the mill status hearings we learn a lot of information about the case against the individuals and we also get to see how they're coping with the charges and whether they're defiant or whether somewhat resigned to what's ahead with the special counsel. >> catherine herridge fox news channel chief intelligent course respond. >> pleasure. thanks for having me. >> thanks, catherine. be right back.
8:40 am
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>> feeling funky, al. >> yeah, i am. >> eight could 42. i just said that. don't want to be late. i'm repeating the time. chances are you have one friend that is the friend who's always late to everything. i have a friend who's always early to everything but that's not what we're talking about today. >> i thought you were going to bust on me. >> no. i consider you normal. >> what? >> while you may find it annoying that late friend, turns out they may actually be more successful than those who are always on time. >> sorry tuck. >> he's not listening that's according to new report from business insider. researchers found that people who are constantly latening to more creative, successful and
8:43 am
>> i'm loving this story. >> me too. experts say they also tend to have a more late back and re relaxed personality concerned to type a friends constant worried about thing. normally i don't brag about being late. >> no. >> to every event. >> should you really brag about it. >> now i feel validated. >> here's the thing. this is no shade on tucker but tucker is the type if you're supposed to meet 8:30, at 8:29 he's like where are you? >> legit that is irritating, tuck. >> though i love you. >> i do love you though. >> i'm just saying there's some pebble like that and some people like the rest of you. >> how about wisdom and maureen do you run late or early. >> always early. >> i try to get there right on time. >> always ten minutes early. >> i'm a stickler. >> ten minutes early. >> you start to text people when they're not there. >> i don't text them but i look at my watch. thinking where are you? >> here's thing. wisdom is early because wisdom likes to leave early as well. >> that's right. and i just want -- i want to leave you with this since we're on that conversation. i've actually left my wife at home on my way to
8:44 am
time. >> true story. >> he was telling me this this morning. >> true story. >> that's sad true story. >> i'm not waiting on nobody to get my soul right. [ laughter ] >> act right, forgive this later. >> we'll see what the lord has to say. >> let's see what good day these say. >> we'll talk about that throughout the morning i'm sure. but we want to talk about what's coming up up on good day. good day all over the breaking news story including the deadly fire in maryland that has killed two people. bob barnard live on the scene. >> breaking nationally terror suspect in the new york city bike trail attack appears in court as police search for second suspect. >> sexual harassment in hollywood. the list of accused -- of the accused continues to grow and now it includes an oscar winning actor. we'll tell was you need to know at 9:15. >> okay, wis, do you know what time it is? >> time to be on time. >> time to put up that good day guest list which is right on time right now. ahead at 10a moms on the go listen up.
8:45 am
monique sam samuels is back live to tell us the key things in her bag that keep her looking fabulous all day long. >> also at 10a they play for the two legendary bands the foofighters and the red hot chili peppers the drummers from those bands join us live to talk about a new show that's all about the music. >> plus she's written for kelly clarkson, she's collaborating with halsey and get this, her own music video has over 4 million views. rising star molly kate kestner will perform live right here in the loft. >> ladies of the loft, we got a surprise for you. a little bit later on. >> ut-oh. >> you just have to stay tuned and see. stay tuned -- you are going to be so surprised. >> oh, boy. >> so surprised. >> that's a tease. >> just as surprised as trying to read this prompter when those words are over that way. >> come this way. i'll read from this one. >> day d.c. just a few minutes away. come on over here. >> we'll see you guys in few minutes. those drummers in the band they call them the time keepers of the ban.
8:46 am
time. pizza company losing dough perhaps and blaming the nfl for slumping sales. >> i get it pizza dough, money. plus, is your iphone spying on your photos? >> spying on everything i think. >> okay. newly discovered feature has apple users buzzing on social media this morning. ♪
8:47 am
narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
8:48 am
give joy, get joy at kohl's! with an extra 20% off! cozy up with holiday jammies and plush throws. save on a keurig coffee maker plus, only at kohl's get kohl's cash to spend on your next purchase. presents for them - kohl's cash for you! give joy, get joy at kohl's. ♪ that sun is out. >> sun is pretty right there. >> nice. >> 53 sunny degrees outside.
8:49 am
i bet it feels really nice out there. >> by lunch time it should be great. right, tuck? >> it's great right now. >> greater. >> greater than. >> warmer equals greater. >> warmer. >> i see. okay. later this afternoon it will be the greatest. >> that's right. >> all right. >> doing the most. >> you got it. sun mixed with clouds. clouds early this morning and then we'll break out as we just saw in the live shot there into sunshine later this afternoon. partly sunny day today. don't want to promise full sunshine but partly sunny day. hey, much warmer, yeah, temps in the 70s not only today but tomorrow we're going to tap out in the upper 70s. we can get a few spots fredericksburg thinking of you could get to 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. so we got a nice warm friday afternoon to look forward to and then things will cool down this weekend. we'll have clouds back in the forecast this weekend but in the a wash out a few showers around this weekend with a frontal system that will hang up across the area. all right here are your numbers. 54 in washington. already 61 in leonardtown. 59 annapolis those are your warm spots. temperatures are hanging in the 40s to the west. jacket certainly a possibility for you early this morning. as w
8:50 am
should start to warm it up as we get more sunshine building in. i'm starting to see clear skies moving in from the west. so partly sunny afternoon an dry afternoon for you. we're not expecting any rain today. or tonight. maybe we'll get a shower tomorrow as our pattern will switch up a little bit. cold air off to the north and west that will sneak down here later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. so cooler weekend but up ahead of it nice southerly flow and that's going to cliff temperatures well above normal. our normal daytime high this time of year 63 degrees, and we're looking at numbers ten to 15 degrees warmer than that the next couple of days. enjoy a couple beautiful fall afternoon days. fall afternoon -- okay. i'm not going get that right. 75 today. 78 tomorrow. clouds for the weekend and cool hepler temps. clocks roll back an earl early sunday morning. wisdom that means you'll have to go to bed earlier. guys, back to you. >> tuck, thank you very much. papa john's blaming the nfl in the anthem protest for falling pizza sages pizza call ceo took aim at the n
8:51 am
quarterly meeting with shareholders he said "leadership starts at the top and this is an example of poor leadership" referring to roger goodell the nfl commissioner. papa john's advertises heavily during nfl games and is the official pizza of the nfl. according to business insider in game pizza sales have dropped this season especially since the president encouraged americans to boycott the nfl in september. their sales down 5%. their stock down 24%. i mean nfl viewers are down 5%. their stock down 24%. domino's up 12. can you blame it on the nfl. >> or your pizza. >> we do know all new at 8:00 o'clock appeal cate categog your iphone photos based on different objects apparently. >> the feature has been on i phones for about a year now. but a recent discovery has sparked a social media frenzy. holly joins us in studio with what is going on. what are people in a frenzy about. >> what is going on is the question? i for one did not know this. >> right. >> this is
8:52 am
well. the feature was introduced in 2016 with the launch of ios10 and here's how it works. apple will categorize your pictures based on what's actually in the photo. so say pictures you've taken near the water they can all be found together if do you a quick search. now apparently the iphone can group photos together by looking for shape that is resemble what you searched for. you can seven for a lot of th thing. do you care cars. dogs. weddings. even the word bra. the revelation came out this week after someone posted on twitter about discovering this feature. the girl tweeted about how she searched brassiere in her photo album search bar and she found all her photos of herself in a bra or showing ample cleavage altogether. >> whoa. >> in one spot. >> cool. >> now chrissy teigen didn't think it was so cool tucker she tweeted about the feature. she wrote, it's true if you type in brassiere in the search of your photos it has a category for every boob
8:53 am
you've ever taken. why? "the feet he is a ai artificial intelligence taped to find objects or people apple says they made it possible by using algorithms. but not to worry. no one at apple can see your photos. >> right. >> wink, wink. apparently, however, there is also no way to turn the feature off. now, i don't believe for one minute that the brilliant minds at apple that can come with an algorithm that can do this can come up with a way to actual seal the feet owes and don't load, keep them, whatever, maybe that's just me. >> i have 182 water photos. >> i thought you were going to say 182 brassiere photos. i was going to say steve, interesting. i don't know why that feature needs to happen apparently it's there. you can't turn it off so now you know. >> here's what i learn. i didn't know there was search feature in photos. >> i didn't either. >> until you just said that. this whole story has been revealing. >> very eye opening. >> in more ways than one, right. >> exactly. >> thanks, holly. >> 8:43 right now. if you want your dinner,ing. >> you can get it. it's going to cost
8:54 am
troubles, folks. >> one company offering fully cooked thanksgiving dinners delivered right to your door in fairness there are lot of companies that do this. >> right. but not for all these benjamins. >> this one getting a little attention. time is 8:54. ♪ ♪♪
8:55 am
♪ so if you are tired of doing all the work yourself in the kitchen on thanksgiving, neiman-marcus will help. for price they've got your back. the department store will ship the entire holiday dinner to your home. now that includes four servings of roasted turkey, al. >> just four? >> perhaps not the entire tu turkey. >> okay. >> four servings of roasted turkey, gravy, sausage stuffing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry relish, green beans with bacon and pecan bread pudding. sounds like a very good but fairly typical thanksgiving dinner. >> it does. >> whiskey sauce with the bread pudding by the way. sounds delicious. four those four serves it will cost you $495 plus $32 for shipping. >> what? >> i feel like we could go into business and do this much cheaper. >> you could go to giant last year and serve for four to six, 59.99 includes a fully cooked nine to 11-pound
8:56 am
potatoes, stuffing, potatoes, green bean casserole. >> picket up at the store and it's already warm. >> and leftovers for days. >> maybe you get an outfit with it. >> maybe it comes with gold plated plates. >> let's say hi to our thing of the day. look at this. moo goodness what great way to spend your halloween. it's things one, two, three, four, five, six and seven. the cat in the hat and the boss of all things in the middle holding the travel mug that means a nine person trick or treat parade. >> wow. >> it's just one family. sent in by are rin glad well. fox5 is their southern maryland news team and she calls us a must see in the morning to get her large crew ready to go. >> that's fantastic. hope you guys had wonderful holiday. >> a lot of fun out there. >> they're so cute. >> i wonder how they split up all that candy. >> can you imagine how much candy they got right now. >> a lot of candy. >> how we looking this morning. >> roads are still pretty dicey. we have four-way stop because of traffic lights out in the
8:57 am
we're also still dealing with deadly fire closing foot street out in seat pleasant keep updated on that. shout out to erin that's a boss name, tucker. >> giving yourself a shout out. >> facebook fan of the day the mom is erin. >> i thought she gave herself a shout out. i like that move. [ laughter ] >> hey, we are looking at warmer sunshine break out across thehe- area. high temperatures today in the 70s. both today and tomorrow. enjoy beautiful afternoon. parly sunny later today and dry. >> thanks, tucker. >> caps are playing tonight. enjoy the game if you head down. >> awesome. see you for good day next. ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ strata head, the wrong place at the wrong time? this morning two people are dead after a fire at a house in seat pleasant and neighbors tell fox5 they weren't supposed to be in it. send him to get mow. i would certainly consider that, yes. >> tough talk from president trump about the suspect in that new york terror attack. overnight, though, he reconsidered the punish many calling instead for the death penalty. meanwhile, investigators are still combing through clues learning more about the suspect and his plan to kill. we'll have a live report. hollywood nightmare. more stories of sexual harassment and assault out of tinseltown. the latest caught in the scandal and oscar winning legend and the director of rush


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