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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  November 7, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> if by some chance you didn't know, today is election day in virginia. the tight race for governor is one of the most watched races in the country. you can see the run down on the side of your screen, this is we're talking about tonight on 5@6:30. again, unless yo
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a rock you know the battle between ralph northam and ed gillespie is truly in the hands of the voters. will be a referendum from president trump or other reasons president trump rank in tweets. he's week weak on crime, anti second amendment and has been horrible on virginia economy. vote for ed gillespie he today. virginia senator time cane responded directly to the president's tweet. he wrote actually ralph northam is a great vote. this phony attack is it. we have live team coverage on the big election. fox5's contact clear i is live in fairfax county, but let's start with tom fitzgerald. report report all of us excited to hear the arcadia band tonight
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that was a nice much t. the situation is this. ed gillespie has been trailing insirjfg[q allt advertising stepped in. on the gillespie side they unleashed a series of ads one aiming at record on gangs and another taking on party issues like restoring the rights to convicted criminals. then on the democratic side, a group called latino victory fund came into this race with an ad showing up a pickup truck going down the street with a confederate flag and a gillespie bumper sticker on the back chas ing down minority children. these ads have been in your face they have been rough and in the last two weeks they have dramatically changed the tone of this campaign. ed gillespie for his part cast his ballot today at fairfax county at the washington mill elementary school. that's near where he list. it's in the far
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vernon. but the big story heading into today, it wasn't the polls. it wasn't the ads, it was about what sue palka has been talking about all day today and that is the weather. it is lousy out there. in off, off year elections weather has a very big impact on how and when people go out to the pollsment werñf"rñdoyokstpgé gillespie about what impact he thinks this may play tonight when p polls close at$ilñ 7:00. i have to ask you as a campaign chairman you must have looked out the window this morning and saw that rain and said oh, boy. how does that help or hurt you in >> we want as many voters who want to change the direction of virginia to come out as possible ment i know it's raining in northern virginia right now, but get in your cars, bundle up, come on out, spirits are warm and high here at headquarters. we need your vote. the situation is this.
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the votes up in virginia areas like loudon county, like prince william county he can change how this race looked less than two months ago. that's it from the gillespie headquarters. for more on the campaign we'll send it over tol÷!uhpjñno=9%9ñ éç it didn't just start with the general election, it was also in that primary raisin ralph northam really has changed his tune, if you will. one ofs the most against tom per reel oh was
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northam called president trump a gnars cyst. this general election he says that if president trump is willing to work with virginia he's willing to work with president trump. but we had a moment to catch up with governor terry mcauliffe, a surrogate and a court advocate of lieutenant governor ralph northam and ask him h, which is when it comes to a potential governor northam and what he plans to do when it comes to working with president trump. take a listen. you always want to work with the president. i've tried to work with the president. i've had several meetings with the president. i've been against where he's been on the travel ban. his poly s have hurt virginia. i am so concerned i sent a letter december 1 to 66,000 children if they don't re authorize the chip program. umbxúy@qñ destructive to the state. i always work with the president , if i can. ralph will work
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but i have to keep virginia moving forward. remember i had vote he owed 120 bills, most of any virginia governor in history. most of them anti lgtb. if ed gillespie he will$ google l, amazon to your state. you hear terry mcauliffe into the campaign talking points. the doors open at 7:00 p.m. we are going to be speaking with people about the day andfk tonight. real clear politics calling this race a toss up. the night is just getting start ed, jim and shawn. no doubt about that. by the way we should talk about this. 5lv&]mhshp &c:l ballots. that's right. they decided not to use
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the electronic machines. the question is are we going going to see a lot of late returns. i feel like we've gone back a little bit there. >> the other big story, lieutenant governor and attorney virginia along with some local races and some bond issuesment mayoral and city council races taking part in laurel, l college park of course. their issue being a major topic of conversation. >ñ=yeo/>xé4f virginia. the breaking updates in the virginia governor's race. we'll have the latest results online and on and on our mobile app and tonight at 8, 10, 11 and 11:30. deep breath. let's-on. why does the virginia
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race matter so much? that's right. many people are asking and many people have their thoughts on it what does it mean for the mid terms and beyond. us. thanks foe much for having us. why is the nation watching and why is this race so important. >> i think there are a couple things. first of all there's some really significant policies if you're in virginia. but if you're somewhere else in the the country there's the question of redistricting. the redistricting and jerry maundering in virginia can control the house of representatives in a couple years and then i think there's a larger question. in some really important ways this election is going to set the stage going forward about whether or the not republicans see this path ofville phiing immigrants and latinos as a way they can win in the swing state or something they can turn away in the wake of this election. when you look at ed gillespie versus preside
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trump republican so there's been this narrative that is a referendum on the president. let's be honest, ed gillespie has not campaigned with the president. he campaigned with 0.&3tuy7?rut)eside a fair necessarily characterization to say if this is a referendum on the partnership president. e%
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i think we talked a lot about that ad and that's good. i think we need to look at the context in which that ad came out. i think we're just a few months away from a rally in char lots ville that i never thought i'd see. people who have explicitj- that kind of ed ollie in char lotsville, virginia. then you have president trump saying well, there's good people on each side and ed gillespie to stand with and refuse to distance himself from trump much that's very disturbing. t' ⌟x blow is this for democrats? >> i think that it would be a reel challenge and i think not just in the political sense. what i worry about in democrats in swing countries all across the country would say that's the play book i need to run. i think it's something that is really tearing people apart. i don't think that's the way our country moves forward, whether we're talking about democrats or
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republicans. i don't think that kind of fear monomerring is healthy for any of us. we would like to see a 2009 a sweep by the republicans. times have changed. a lot has changed eight years. thanks for coming in tonight. jñ2ew-afhñ úb ; out in virginia because it has been quickie all day. the weather girl is always a good choice. sue, when i heard fitz say the big issue was what sue palka is talking about it could have gone anywhere. we have spent many weeks this which we need a lot of people to turn out we've had quite the gully washer. bottom line is, it is still rainingment it will get better in the next couple of hours. still plenty of rain moving across west virginia. about two more hours i think and we'll
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and clouds. this is an area of low pressure that has been moving across connect tuck i and virginia and west virginia. at least we don't haveou5 g■usu virginia and we'll get the bulk of rain over with tonight now and what's left for tomorrow morning is just probably lighter shower, a little bit of drizzle, but the bulk of any rain tomorrow will be well south of d.c. through central ralph northam, maybe lower southern maryland and we should top out around 52-degrees. that is still chilly for this et a bit warmer. that is still blow average which is 6 of 2-degrees. back to a bit more sunshine. as we look toward the end of the week, friday, saturday, really chilly air coming in and possibly our first widespread freeze friday night into saturday. that's how things are looking, still i
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to get to the polls, not very much. you can do it. t!úqñvqsof,óp÷7w(úlhii,q,w■pjo■u show up at 6:55 they'll letbkeyu vote >> should they"wç stay or should they go? 5@6:30 coming right back. ♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive.
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>> all right. welcome back to 5@6:30 president trump continues his 12-day trip u( á÷éu in china and the philippines where preparing for his ray rival. they were there burning a us flag. both the democrats and republicans have sn
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share of shakeups. that's right flake, bob corcoran announced they would not run for election. frank low biand oh announced he will not run for election. who else might not be back. bridget beau man and simon join us. did i hear that0z)ép&ñ&lem x representatives since this administration began that have decided they will not be running for reelection >> we know historically that there are a bunch of members who don't return for a bun of reasons, chairing a committee, that they want to spend more time with their family or in the case of a the look of these members they're actually running for higher office. as we look ahead to 2018 you always say that that first ■ takes office is really the true gauge and we saw president obama lose a lot of ground in 2010.
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lost so many supporters in the senate and the house. is it too early to look ahead and wonder where the it is going toekoq go in 2018. we're a year out in 2018. ■ look at trends. the first midterm of his or her administration. we're certainly looking at all of that. all the energy out there. who is on defense. who is vulnerable. who are some of the names that are on the list that you guys had put together who we might not see come backment sure, on the the senate side we know that .bu3,ñtoi because everyone else on the list happens to be a democrat senate. dean holler is getting it from both sides, a primary threat and a general election threat and everyone else is a democratic. a loft the democrats are in red states, states that tr
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■g■g,■if to be really tough. of most of the numbers are republicans, who we chose as number one is congressman darryl is ethanol from california who came out opposing the gop tax plan which is interesting. he's in a really tight race. he narrowly won reelection last year as well. barbara come stocks you guys have her on the list. largely based on just the numbers of the district. this is a district that obama had won, hillary clinton won it last year of course, but comstock had been able to hold objection to the form the question will be will democrats be a really strong challenger. there are really three or four candidates who are raising money against her. on this station, on natation, every other commercial, barbara comstock, luann bennett. i'm sure a lot of energy --
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thanks for coming in. we appreciate you guys compiling the list. >> thank you. >> coming up, if you want the scoop on what really happens at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, you can hear inside others dish. coming right back.
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>> welcome back. so who doesn't love a good pod cast. thisser ' popular these days, the whether it house historical association getting in on the act. it gives a little inside to america's most ionic residences and office. stuart ma clear and president of the historical association joins us. let me ask you, there's all kinds of pod casts. tell me about you guys pod casts the stories about the white house going back 225 years to when george washington first selected
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to the current administration and our pod cast helps unpack those stories. we talk with people who work behind the scenes, held these integral rolls and find / it's o5cn ,vv5 living■;#dvu1ç ay making white house history. do they feel that there's a certain code of silence that they hold in sort of opening up this avenue that they haven't spoken about before >> of course it's not to portray any confidence because when you're working up close and personal with the white house, the president, the first family there are confidences, but there's way that happen, like how is christmas done in the white hours, the easter egg role , every spring, state dinners, all of these things have an orchestration to them that is fun and interesting to hear from from a behind the scenes perspective. i know you you talked about some folks, former white house members or staffers, who can we expect to hear from in. >> we have three upcoming pod
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history. org. novice the 56th anniversary of the white house historical association. we were founded by first lady jacqueline kennedy in 19616 so we have gnash castro who worked with mrs. kennedy in 19 of 1 who found the association along with 4:jññy talking about the founding of the association and its legacy over these 56 years. we also do one on november 28 on music at the white house. that's our latest books. we publish books. we'll do seven this year. our latest book is this beautiful book on music and that will be with jason feddic, the corneal who is the director of the marine corp band. b-'q%=9■]--4j4(p&c;z'xáhiswí[ i■ mmúo. obviously a busy time for you. we have the pod
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ornament. i hope to come back and talk about the holidays. & >> this is by one of our historians. there were seven psychotic stone masons who came over and did the caution. this come from a quarry just down 395, not far from where we tíj ñhi■uñw ons came over and carved the stone right where lafayette park is today. that's what this book is about and we do a wonderful pod cast conversation. is the plan to sort of build from like the beginning and eventually we'll get up to the current administration. one of the things i love about my job is i could work here the rest of my career and not know missions is education to teach and tell these stories. we do those through our books, througou
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social media. you can learn all about the history. our pod casts actually talk with these people who have lived it firsthand and that's a loft fun. >> all of this at white house history. org. >> thank you so much. we're become after this.
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oose any two for just five bucks. they did it! unbelievable! ♪ let me get a mcpick 2 ♪ announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> kim and kanye have sold their house. the question is, how much money did they really make? >> they stripped it down to the studs. i'm told they put a lot of money in it. harvey: so they're going to move into this hidden hills house they've been working on for like 48 years. >> yeah, we're tol it's basically done. harvey: the contractor said it's basically done. she's going to be quatting in the backyard. [laughter] >> cardi b at the ace of diamonds. she's getting a lot of hate because she hasn't been wearing her $500,000 engagement ring. >> message to the haters who say you're not wearing your ring. >> meow! harvey: what if someone steals the rig? >> she should say you're not -- i think she loves the ring. she literally said you


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