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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  WTTG  November 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> in virginia it will take a doctor to heal our diffe differences. to bring unity to our people. and i'm here to let you know that the doctor is in. >> democrats waking up vi victorious. tweep sweeping all the high profile races in the first major election since prison trump surprise victory. what this means for republicans moving forward. >> also the president touched down in beijing hours ago crucial stop on asia trip and before arrival a clear warning to north korea putting kim young un on notice. >> and wednesday, november 8, warm and traffic on the fives at 6:05. >> off the top democratic party the claiming vick toury this morning. virginia race goes toe ralph northam who beat ed gillespie by 9%. >> analyst say this is referendum on the trump administration. others say virginia is
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becoming full time blue state. melanie alnwick in the newsroom now following numbers for us now in election that proved power of northern virginia suburbs. >> good morning, steve, allison. what we wanted to show you was the map that po litic owe put together. ed gillespie won majority of counties in virginia. and as you mentioned it's northern virginia here in larger cities that took big margins, arlington county no surprise there. 80% for ralph northam and loudoun county almost 60% and prince william if we can get that the click down there that's 60% for ralph northam. the difference maker was northern virginia counties and larger cities as well those are the ones that pushed this through democrat ralph nor northam. he, of course, as we know has been a guy who has run a campaign based on his philosophy as
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pediatrician. and he talked about tighter gun restrictions and support for abortion rights and would like to see more school funding and now last night at george mason thrust was a brief moment of chaos. he was rushed off stage by security because there was aggressive protesters in the the coupd crowd. governor elects returned and said voters cents a message to washington that the country doesn't condone diveiesive politics. >> we need to close the wounds that divide and bring unity to prisoner virginia. whether you voted for me or not. we are all virginiaians app i hope, i hope to earn your confidence and support as we move forward. the virginia way is to work together, to get results. >> now, challenger ed gillespie was gracious in his
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defeat. former chairman tried tackic ultimately it didn't work with enough virginia voters. the president things his mess presence would have developed. one other rally important thing here gains across virginia in the house races. as a big deal. its in they would have mow and really big wins in northern virginia as well. many times in corn virginia we had delegates over tupd and democratic candidates put in place. and this means also more democrats in congress in virginia in the future. back to you guys. mel, thanks very much.
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heard from him. let's look at other races in virginia now. justin fairfax ends up w whipping lieutenant governor race can was sdem tratic f feeting joe voguele. >> history made in one virginia state race as democrat danika roem beat bob marshall n and we'll see with roem today and you can watch that at 8:30. >>. >> chris hurst is his name former tv anchor left job in tv in february to run for office. his girlfriend alison parker and her camera man you remember they before shot and killed by a former co-worker. >> virginia voters appve
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millions in bonds from northern virginia schools. fairfax country and city of falls church and loudoun co county approved 515 million in bopdz. it goes towards new schools and renovations. >> other news now developing overnight in the district i 25 back open this morning after police called all northbound lanes to investigate a fiery crash. one person died when the we can no word what caused the cash. >> a double shooting happened this morning and left one dead and another hurt before:30 last night when it actually happened in 1300 lock of rittenhouse street norm west. they're trying to read if they saw four door sedan. >> in the search for missing miss maenl and daughter in fair fach they have
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and are safe. gale and maya ferro were last scene sunday evening. no word where they were located but it would be safe. >> he you enjoy yesterday's cool down. >> i did not enjoy the cold rain. >> cold and rainy. i was being define i had on warm and flip flops. >> then gave in. i noticed people bundled up. probably want to do it again. not only this morning but cool tem ties upper0s and low 40s. this afternoon may get to 50. >> less rain than yesterday should be real eye little better than yesterday as it wop be are powing the rain the hole way. >> we have clouds this mor morning. still breezes. and we can expect that to continue today. further south you get today the better chances you
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see a few might showers and prinkzls and not the steady rain of yesterday. down towards charlottesville couple showers this morning and can't rule out the possibility that we keep the showers around for areas south a little later today. hey, best chance for a little sunshine today if up daytime highs in the 40s. again mention drizzle for you. jacket weather today. in fact jacket weather on the 7 day. it will be nay day you don't need a jacket? >> that's a tease? >> right. >> nailed it. >> i think the apps is probably no. >> good we have problems own metro and roads all right let's get to those delays. this is nasty looking virginia crash locking and because of that you can see you're parked across the pain lanes. south of this part another crash wou
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are delays building. it looks like it improved aquia to quantico. bailout traffic to route 1 northbound to avoid getting stuck endplay. right now moving tracking camera around. they're trying to check owe ut. oyingt now games gil sorry if i am making you dizzy early in the morning. disabled car now. d.c. traffic letting no, i suitland parkway between stanton road and first sterling avenue right lane blocked. extra moments needed to get around that one. silver, orange and blue delays. operating between -- and track outside rosalyn. orange and blue line. prob ahim is single tracking between claireton foggy bo bottom. any way you tut it give yourself extra time.
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taking metro bus to get around that and earlier construction area lingering route 1 young fellow street. 70 to 121, with it minute there. >> let's look live now at vietnam veteran memorial. it was a cold morning but there were 58,000 names on mem roral and read out loud spoken to volunteers today. to honor spasmen heroes ahead of veteran's day this weekending. >> it will last until midnight and then continue tomorrow starting 5 a.m. tomorrow. >> i saw in autopsyy's report earlier are they need volunteers. >> great way to help out. >> absolutely. >> checking in with her in a little bit. >> 3rez arrived in china overnight and been a few busy hours for -- aand dramatic video of passengers inside a terminal cat
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fair. we're back in 0 second. >> during this visits chinese and u.s. companies signs several deals re
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several deals reportedly north 9 billion. this comes hours after the president spoke to south korea delivering new warning on north putting kim jong-un on notice. >> when i say to the north do not under estimate us and do not try us the weapons you are requiring are not making you safer and they are putting your regime in grave danger every step you take down this dark path increases peril you face. >> and a surprise visit to the dmc but they wanted him to turn around due to heavy weather. the visit had to be called o off. >> in texas the red flags continue to file up with it comes in the gunman that killed 6 people in silver spring. he scraped in
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he scraped in new mexico in 2012 and made death threats against military officials and attended fall festival at first baptist church days before the massacre. he says he saw kelly in the crowd halloween night and they're today, vice president mike pence and wife will travel to subjecter land springs to visit survivors and first responders. scary site in washington state a plane engine on fire. passengers inside the terminal caught it on video. you can see the the flames very clearly shooting out from underneath the plane. the airport said there was engine issue as the plane made financial approach when it touched down flames broke out. no merges or on time and newspaper of the crew was khird. >> there will be extra security in place for his arrival at the cook county ur
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he'll learn the standard 17.20 a day. >> do you think he'll be chosen. >> never know. >> pretty distracting. >> unhappy twitter users as they roll out the 280 character limit. >> they did it. live look outside on this wednesday morning. wilson bridge 6:1. some state out there, warm and traffic on the fives m coming up next at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> another look at the wilson bridge. what you cannot see it how cold it is. temperatures around the 40 degree mark. that's chilly, tuck. >> particularly when you compare to where we have been coming from with temperatures in the 70s for last couple weeks. definitely, definitely cooler out this morning. let's do headl
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patchy drizzle out there early. most of the drizzle we get early this morning and most of what we get falling from the sky is south. i'll show what you is happening on satellite in a second. sunshine perhaps later today if off norm and west. that's going to be about it. we'll start to dry thing out and improof conditions around hereby tomorrow. or by friday. we'll end the week cold. in fact looks like we stay along the tack bus stop forecast. lots of clouds this morning and chilly temperatures that moved in yesterday are still out there this morning. upper 30s and low 40s. take a jacket. notice we don't have a lot in the way of warmer temperatures to look forward to today. highs 50s will drizzle out there today. numbers 4. chilly washington. 41 leonardtown and dulles 39, 3 gaithersburg and look at 0s ought along 1 here. 38 haikers town and 8 win chest airport wind noran
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bit of wind chill. lots of clouds. cloudy conditions for everybody here. couple spots and leftover drizzle. notice most is south, south and west. we have a little energy and best chance of rain across central virginia. southern maryland light range sprichinglss or drizzle and that's it as far as measurable rain. >> and a little bit of sunshine and again most of today will be cloudy day for all of us this afternoon. >> hey the cold air typically it time of year start to get going in canada and we'll get a little piece of that action for the end of week. and what's that peen around here. cool temperatures on friday and saturday. highs in the 40s and overnight lows in the 20s to 0. i think even here in washingtoned in the beltway we'll likely have a hard freeze by early saturday morning. blan accordingly here if you have plans you want to keep around. notice i didn't say tender vegetation, allison i sav
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>> and then of course redskins viking came on sunday. >> is that your way calling us out for chatting sdmri didn't even notice. >> o. >> well then i called us out. >> busted ourself. let's move over to metro updates for you orange and blue line no longer single tracking and residual and silver line trains operating between wheelie, rest dwron, and town center and as we move to roads look at nasty crash before the beltway franconia springfield block way crash blocks left laep and a 5 minute delay and main lansdale city to beltway be prepared for that one. we're seeing heavy traffic. south of that point as well a northbound i-95 before 6 and triangle crash. looks like it cleared out of the way and left shoulder is blocked ow. that's good news. we're hoping traffic moves better from stafford now. disabled vehicle on sula
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it's on the inbound side of suitland parkway between stanton road and sterling. give yourself extra time to get around that area we're starting to see delays build and we have construction northbound baltimore avenue at long fellow street and ongoing there. 0 minute strip red zone, 270 to 121 earlier crash cleared on 66 eastbound sutly road and heavier volume mannasas through centerville and you can fwet to gaithersburg. 95 from icc to beltway and through college park outer loop. allison and steve. >> 6:19 now. snap dmat need of major help help. next the plan in place to make the app user friendly. >> not a good night for d.c. sports fans. wizards and capitals in action and both have work to do. morning line coming up at getting bread delivered is way easier than hiring real bakers... ...who work all night and morning to bake fresh brioche buns.
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users and roll out 280 character limit. joining us this morning in the fox business network studio hillary vaughn. are you in la or new york. >> los angeles. it's really early. >> it's really early we appreciate always. we really appreciate. it how are we doing on the markets this morning. >> well looking at mixed o open. but yesterday the dow gained 8 points closing at 2. 557 and nasdaq dropped 518 closing 6767 and s&p fell half a point closing 2590. >> let's talk about twitter. they said they would do this and finally rolled out and i don't think people liked it when they said they would do it and now they don't like that it's here. >> right. >> when they were testing it out a lot of people thought there's no way they want to go through with this and there was a lot of public outrage about this 280 character and now that everyone has it no one is happy. >> right. >>
6:23 am
twitter thought at first people may be upset because not everyone has ability to have the 280 character limit and still not everyone is happy. there's one interesting thing though they did a survey on the test group that had the 280 character limit and said only 2% of tweets cents from those accounts extended to 280 character. so, i think the idea here is not everyone uses their full 280 character every single time however you of course there's annoying people own timeline or twitter feed that will use 280 every time and you just have to block them from your timeline to not see it. >> and then after that i went to the store and that was a pain the line was so long, right, we'll see how that works. meantime, snap chat this is the one social media platform that i always feel super old when i try to navigate looking at kids and what they're doing. i'm not surprised they need a
6:24 am
revamp. >> right, that's -- everyone i talked to this morning same thing everyone is like snap is the one application that i don't truly get and the reason why is because a lot of users don't understand it or they don't use it as much. and that's causing a problem for snap. after hours trading their stock fell 20%. this is after the news they announced that they have not gained as many new users as they expected. right now instagram stories not around as long has 30 0 million dlailly users they have a little over half that. they want to make it easier for people to use the nralt platform and easier for content create others to make money. remember that is the whole reason why they're going public is because they want to be profitable and want to become a platform people can make money and buy ads and have access to people. this problem of not having a lot of people using it and not a lot of growth and then
6:25 am
people not able to make moniesly off the platform is a huge problem for them. we'll see what the makeover looks like. we don't have any details. at least they're facing music with this one. >> rights, all right. last but not least uber faced share of scandals and ceo says we're releasing company rules under the mantra we do the right thing. >> and right, we do the right thing. is their newman from and they're taking a page from amazon. one of these new rules they're customer obsessed. that's been amazon whole motto for a long time. and so uber is now saying it's all about the customer and also they want all of their employees to act like they're an owner and have stake in the company and represent the company and now a lot of scanlees have hits uber pretty hard. they've been trying to rebound ever since. and one of those about diversity how they treat women and they say one of those rules is that they celebrate diversity and that they appreciate it as well. so we'll see if these rules actually translate
6:26 am
different company culture and stickle down effect and if this is just kind of a pr statement about where they want the done go. we'll see if they actually can get there. >> hillary vaughn thank you so much. have a great day. >> thanks so much. >> okay. >> 6:26. >> thanks, tuck. >> a lot of smart people in this country. i was thinking that business report, uber, snap chat, none of these companies were here 15 years ago. >> twitter. >> twitter. >> crazy. >> billion dollar companies. >> we're living in a very interesting time of change you know? we are. >> yep. >> speaking of change. well, actually not much in the weather world. it will be 50 and cloudy. >> it felt cold yesterday. >> i'm working on trans transitions. 42 washington. 50 today, cloud cover. couple sprinkles south this morning. will be mostly cloudy and cool. take a jac
6:27 am
highs in the 40s. cloudy today. sun tomorrow. and then more sun by the end of week when we get cold. all right. erin. erin good morning. >> good morning, tucker ba barpz. >> right now, it is 6:27. we do have a crash cleared shoulder in triangle involving tractor-trailer. delays easing and things getting back to normal stafford, hov lanes looking good and unfortunately dill city look at that dale city to beltway an hour and five minutes. we have a crash north of franconia springfield parkway blocking right shoulder and left lane and because of that a nasty delay. we'll help you get around that keep it to "fox5" we'll be right back
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>> receiptty sort this morning. gorgeous, look at the white house this morning on wednesday morning at 6:30. chilly start. but i think we're in the chilly tucker says. we will have weather and traffic coming up on the fives for you at 6:35. right now at 6:30 throw democrats in the state of virginia celebrating this morning. lieutenant governor ralph northam won governor sit 6.8 percentage point. he ran a campaign and he's often said in his prior career at doctor and pediatrician more specifically shaped his views on policy. he thanked supporters last nigt at george mason university and northam said he sent a
6:31 am
does not condone deviceive politics. >> it is getting more diverse every day. it's that diverse society that makes this country great and as long as i'm governor i will make sure that we're incl inclusive. that we welcome people to the commonwealth of virginia. >> khechinger ed gillespie gracious in defeat. former national republican committee chair tried a tactic of sdan is himself from president trump while embracing his policies and didn't work enough with virginia voters. >> also in virginia one of state's most conservative lawmakers ousted about you a democrat that will become the first transgender in the state legislature. marshall served for 25 years. roem won by 9 percentage point. we'll talk l
6:32 am
roem and her plans for representing people of mannasas and prince william. that interview will come up 8:30 this morning. stay tuned for that. >> checking our other top story this wednesday morningment former charles county middle school assistant accused of sexually abusing 42 minors plead not guilty to teb counts of pornography. charles bell is accused of sexually assaulting students without protecting students nothing he was hiv positive. >> another charles county teacher accused of abusing students latoya parker for sharing inappropriate pictures and electronic messages with a student. she worked at st. charles as family and consumer science teacher. she was put on administrative assignment back in may. >> to silver spring, mar maryland, scare at kennedy high school, five staff members were taken to the hospital complying of
6:33 am
ys after exposed to white powdery substance. when inspended by staff member some of the powder fell on floor. it was first believed to be fentanyl turned out to be another elicit drug. hazmat crew was called to cleanup the spill area. >> happening right now on national mall a special ceremony at the vietnam veterans memorial. a live look at the memorial right now more than 58,000 veterans names are being read out loud and this is all to honor fallen heros of vietnam war ahead of veteran's day this saturday. today's name reading will last until midnight and continue tomorrow starting at 5 a.m. >> all right. al, i'll keep it short. with the disclaimer there's not a lot of good news in the sports report. caps streak ended with-1 loss to sabers. alex owe very much quinn a goal. but it was only one. >> all buffalo. still looking for first one of season.
6:34 am
washington welcomes pittsburgh to town friday night. >> wizards plague one of the worst teams in nba. mavericks came in one win. they left the game with two wins. >> brutal right? >> dallas the win just second of season and washington good news. john wall back this the li lineup. 23 points, 14 assists. after coming back from shoulder coming back to le lebron. wiz ar ardz battled back loss. lakeers in town tomorrow night. tip ot after 7. >> trouble for ucla men's basketball after three players were arrested in china. why, well, fist of all why is the team there. ahead of friday season opener against georgia tech playing in china those plea particular players were taken into chinese custody questioned about stealing from a louie vitton store next to a hotel the team was staying. they moved to a hotel in sh shangh
6:35 am
players did not travel with the team. >> reaction of death of roy halladay pouring in. former blue jays and former phillies pitcher former sigh young do ied yesterday when his plane crashed off the coast of florida. he was the on board. his body was pound at the crash site. he said he could not start p plying when he retired because he cannot do it when baseball player. he we'lled a picture of himself next to his plane a two seater that can land on water. halladay leaves behind a wife and two sons, just 40, eligible for hall of fame in 20 19, look for him to be inductd good guy off the field too. >> very active in the community and active in the kids issues. you know, man of faith. >> doing when he loved. >> didn't work out. >> yeah, sad. >> totally. >> yeah. >> so i flew back
6:36 am
>> didn't enjoy either one. >> it was a rough night. >> best sglevrts write it off one bad night and move on. >> we had several bad nights recently. 42 washington. chilly today. upper 40s to 50. that's it and we'll keep clouds generally around. off to the north today you may get sunshine. later today. but for the most part it will be mostly cloudy day. and let me mention quickly here this lay be drizzle or light rain if are you in central virginia or southern maryland here. as you can see we have a little moisture towards charlottesville that hour. forecast for today. take the jacket you will want it. not up many of a warm-up. will feel cool highs in upper 40s to 50 and only real change from yesterday less rain than yesterday. we got a lot of needed rain. coming up day looking at skins vikings forecast. >> dry at least. >> that's good sunday. >> maybe
6:37 am
>> you can't give it all away steve. >> back and forth. >> 6:36 guys. crash cleared just shoulder blocked before 69 and triangle and traffic normal m coulding from stafford. big delays in dale city. there's a disabled car 95 northbound before fairfax country parkway left lane crash earlier there as well left over delays from disabled car leftover from the crash and seeing over an hour delay. 64 minutes between dale city and parkway. give yourself time. so many leftover problems there from the earlier crash. as we look at suitland parkway there's a disabled vehicle stanton road and sterling. keep to wrist and watch for delays there. as you make your way outcomeing from maryland state highway administration pretty far out there 95 southbound crash involving two tractor-trailers wanted to keep you updated on that north of baltimore beltway.
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or have liver problems. serious side effects include lactic acid buildup, heart attack, or liver problems. if you're female, obese, or take nucleoside analogues, you may be at greater risk. if you have hepatitis b or c, it may get worse. tell your doctor if you have liver, kidney, or heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or hepatitis b or c, if you smoke, drink alcohol or if you are, or planning to be, pregnant or breastfeeding. some medicines may interact with triumeq, so tell your doctor about any medicines or supplements you take. the most common side effects include trouble sleeping, headache, and tiredness. i'm moving forward... ...with triumeq. to learn more, get this free kit at and ask your doctor if triumeq is right for you. >> 6:40 what's trending on the web with wednesday morning first up age is a number. and next story is proof. you see, this young man right here is the new mayor in tinton fallsew
6:41 am
population 18,000. not leak a town of 00 people. 93-year-old veto perelo de defeated squerry pereli. he wore out two pair of shoes going door to door. he'll be 97 at the end of t term. >> congratss veto. >> is that former president barack obama? bahhh barack obama. >> scientists used pictures of famous people and not famous people. the welsh mountain breed able to recognize famous people like former president emma watson and jake jillhall take away animals recognize familiar faces over strangers. >> what? >> interesting isn't it? >> no it's weird. >> flight to bali forced to make emergency landing after a woman found out her husband was cheating on her. passengers on board the flight to indonesia says while the man was sleeping
6:42 am
found texts on his phone. >> why the air quotes steve. >> because she was going through his phone while he was asleep. >> she found texts. >> you don't need air sglots in my pocket. >> she found texts on phone proved he was having affair she unlocked phone by pressing his finger against the device while sleeping. >> brilliant. >> no air quotes kneed. there obviously she was suspicious. the crew said the woman was tox indicated and unreally pie will the forced to land in inia and the woman was not charged with a crime. i don't think this story has a happy ending for the two of them. >> you used my finger. >> ingenius who does that. >> we see how it worked out. >> she got the answer she wanted. >> but it also was a little rough on the area passengers who had to take a little detour on their journey. >> turbulence to come. >> major turbulence. >> first trailer for stephen
6:43 am
drama and the actor that plays superman kevin mccarthy sits with him. the fox beat is next. how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> you know why we're showing mgm and hearing bruno♪ >> yeah a little concert coming up. >> only thing missing showing you while he show mgm. >> two shows. >> bruno mars will be there for two shows. >> why can't he come here and have an interview. >>
6:46 am
six months she should come in here. >> he has an apartment at the harbor that's why. >> we would offer him a place here for a bit. >> i have a bedroom guest bedroom he can stay in. >> don't get creepy. >> i'm not creepy. guest bedroom? you boys, bruno mars i have the utmost respect for you. >> we know that. >> and if you need a place to stay my family has an extra room. >> yes you can kick the family out to brup owe can stay there. >> you're like in the front row of every concert or it won't be creepy. >> i wish. >> let's go to the forecast. >> that's absolutely untrue. >> are you going? >> steve says i can not go. >> i did not say you cannot go. >> steve says i've within to two shows. >> it's a financial -- >> i'm trying to help with financial management. skills tucker. >> it's throwing money away. >> have you to follow your passion allison right. >> rainfall 1.7" in 2340e6 and we picked up an inch yesterday and biggest
6:47 am
since and all the way back in august, august 7 and after dry october we're off to rather wet november. wet and cloudy this morning. done with rain. look at chilly temperatures. 4 washington. 30s north and west. 36 kin chester and 9 dulles and leonardtown 41 degrees to start the morning. take a jaget. you'll want. it we won't warm up much high upper 40s to 50s. wind speeds out of north 10 to 15. that's going to lock down the cool and give us tissues, it feels like 35 washington and 33 gaithersburg, yeah, chilly daep and pattern hereer next couple days. we won't get a lot of warmth any time soon. there's satellite and radar. mostly cloud ci day to look forward to. not getting the rain we got yesterday. again picked up an inch of rain. leftover showers and sprinkles south and best chance for drizzle or lights shower activity central v
6:48 am
as we get down to fred fredericksburg and southern maryland light shower as well. and that will be about. it best chance for couple raise of sunshine later this afternoon norm west gets up towards pennsylvania border there. and all right looking down the road here just a little bit we have another around of very chilly air. coldest of the season set to move in friday and saturday and highs in the 40s and lovr night lows, hard freeze expected saturday morning. again, if you have steve come say it with me sensitive and tender vegetation you will want to move it inside. >> he's not plague games with you this morning. >> skins game cloud question and droy. >> good news thank you tucker. >> hi, erin. >> hi. >> right now 6:48 we're taking a look from sky fox. construction aactivity inner loop dulles toll road. looks like a crash scene as well. we wept to black. we'll take a closer look at that later. use cautionnn
6:49 am
toll road. and improving through dale city, 95 northbound app hour commute to get to dale city to beltway. earlier crash franconia springfield parkway main lanes slow. why are you looking at me like that tucker as you make your oui out earlier disabled vehicle inbound suitland parkway stanton and road and sterling nothing found there but delays. as you make your way out this is outside baltimore beltway and nasty delays 95 southbound tidings bridge from crash blocking lawl apes of bridge. use 40 as alternate. if you head to baltimore to capitol beltway. other than that metro cleared up with earlier delays. 66 eastbound gainsville to prince william parkway. not terrible. your turn tucker morning meme. >> let's do it. >> great shout out to erin. who is playing under the weather. >> how are you feeling after win chip challenge deal. >> i was
6:50 am
tucker was a bully and said what if something bad happens to your stomach. >> one chip challenge nasty results. >> go to the facebook page. >> i felt like little boy in christmas story that put tongue on a pole. >> i think you handled it better than many. >> good morning meme sglim my turn now stop it tucker is like. >> ahha has this ever happened to you. >> that's what you do. >> you ask someone how old. >> 18 months. >> 18 months. >> 24 months. >> it sfoz developmental sames. >> darryl if you must know. >> relax darryl. >> my child is 47 months. >> this is me every day. >> me too. >> that's me every sunday. >> when i was in college my next door neighbor had a pet pig. >> was it george clooney. >> no a pet pig. >> was the roommate clooney. >> didn't stay little did it? >> i
6:51 am
>> pot belly pig. >> look at the doggy. >> cold last night. >> sleeping under the warm door. >> jacob. >> go ahead, erin. >> do you ever hate someone so much but you don't have a valid reason you're just like no. >> yes. >> usually you i always have a reason. >> when you breathe it's like no. >> don't open that mouth. >> when you try to walk somewhere with. >> # morning meme thanks for everyone to end surprise being them in. >> tucker. >> and time now 61. what's to come on good day d.c. that includes man of steal. no, not wisdom martin, kevin will go one-on-one with superman really notice movie ahead of big release of justice league. >> and d.c. legendary backyard band performing liver in the loft. and if are you a fan of 90s music you look at lisa lobe and tmz and celebrity dirt hollywood
6:52 am
that's coming up on good day. for those of who you cannot wait for celebrity news there's kevin mccarthy. >> lot to get through as usual. first this up is really cool photo went viral yesterday. chris hemsworth coming off thor. offer a million life that is his son on the film it's number one movie in the world and made almost 500 million. cool moment there number one movie in world. >> why do i feel like the son has a gym membership. >> he has muscles. >> obviously spielburg one of greatest of all time made a to learn about the "washington post" this is new film based on 70s story of the pen gone papers trying to get them published in the "washington post"
6:53 am
>> so can i i ask you a hype they cat question. >> i don't like hypothetical questions. >> i don't think you'll like the real one either. >> do you have the papers? >> not yet. >> this is a devastating security breach that was leaked out of the pentagon most highly classified documents in the world. >> times said 7,000 pages detailing how the whitehouse is lying about the vietnam war 30 years. >> the way they lied those days have to be over. okay hey people are concerned. >> spielburg directed film and tom hanks and meryl st streep. the first female newspaper publish area and hard driving editor joined unpress departmentsed battle between journalists and government and inspired by true event and has a timely sense to it. that move
6:54 am
january 12. it will have december release to also become oscar front runner. >> may i be honest? >> sure. >> tell me how you felt bone. it i adore tom hanks and meryl streep when i saw them in that i felt like oh, it's tom hanks and meryl streep. did you feel like that a little bit, like so familiar at this poyptd like -- >> i. >> ground house players and we're going to this to community theetser. i'm seeing them so much. >> weird. >> but i feel like they can carry any type of film sdmri know but look i love them i'm telling you how i felt about. it i'll have to disappear into the story. >> auto i'm steven spielberg and i can hand pick something to win an academy award. >> meryl streep is in it they win it. >> i understand and respect your opinion they're telling me to move n injustice league is m cog out novbe
6:55 am
there was back flash batman versus superman and disliked by a lot of people i wanted to get his thoughts on that. obviously that film was deviceive. did anyone ask your personal thoughts what do you think of "batman" versus "spiderman". >> it's part of a arch for whatnot its vision was with or is. and in my mind it's niche style of it reflects. it's deviceive. everything that is niche will be liked and loved by some and disliked by others. and that's the whole point of niche. >> the big question is will superman return taken top juicetis leaguend
6:56 am
out november 17. >> coming up around the corner. >> thanks, guys. >> let's look at the for forecast. >> clouds out there early and cool temps, winds chills in the 30s. that's actual air temperature. take a jacket you'll want ited to today. not warming up much. upper 40s. cloudy wednesday to look forward to. sprinkles down across central vir ver and southern maryland this morning. we'll keep that in the forecast. if you really are south you might get drizzle here or light sprinkles first part of day. there's 7 day. notice cool temperatures here to stay through the weekend. temps friday and saturday only in the 40s. and hi, erin. >> good morning, 6:56 now. we are dealing with big delays in virginia. now because of earlier crash franconia springfield a 47 minute trip dale city to bement way. heavy traffic. there you can always take route 1 northbound. better companies there. with bailout traffic you may be better off keeping to 95 and sucking it up through the delays
6:57 am
twelve minutes gainesville to 234 and 395 beltway 14 street bridge and big delays on topside of beltway college park and closer look at maryland drive times next keep it to "fox5"
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
doctor to heal our differences and to bring unity to people and i'm here to let you know that the doctor is in. >> democrats waking up victorious sweeping all high profile races in first major election since president victory and what this means for republicans going forward. >> plus transgender candidate making history and opponents refused to debate her and she defeated that incumbent that held a seat for more than two decades. >> dramatic video of plane engine on fire passengers here catching it on camera. we'll tell you where this happened. >> may not be fare increase but there's a man for you to pay more tore ride meto roxt this ill impact folks that never step on train or bus. metro sales tax tat may become reality. >> if you just wake up this morning here's a live look outside. it's wednesday


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