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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 11, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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looks like there was a hold in the middle of the line of scrimmage. number 71. bobby evans. >> referee: holding period offense. number 71. the penalty is declined. it's fourth down. >> gus: number six was trying to blitz up the middle and bobby evans grabbed him and threw him down to the ground like a wrestling move. >> joel: we've had so many of these in this awkward territory. they are out of field goal range. don't essentially want to punt it. >> gus: the clock is dwindling down. i think you try to put it inside the 10-yard line. and 18-point game with 3 minutes left? >> joel: that is long gone if you are a tcu horned frog. >> referee: delay of game, offense. 5-yard penalty. fourth down.
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a little bit more room to work with with 3:02 remaining. >> joel: i tell you what, partner. if i was any defense in the country, the last team i would want to see is oklahoma. i know they haven't scored in the second half, but they have been clearly been in a second dt mode in the second half. we saw in the second quarter against oklahoma state? my goodness. the explosiveness with which they played is uncommon. >> gus: seibert sends it away. going to take the big bonk and down at the 1-inch line. how about that? all three phases of the game. parnell motley grounding the football. and with 2:55 left to go, tcu will start deep in their own territory. >> joel: well, this is a certainly a resume builder for oklahoma as tcu came in sixth in the country
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iowa state. playing great football particular on the defensive side. that's one of the things i think is most impressive on tuesday night for that committee is the fact that tcu in the last four games have been playing such great defense and for oklahoma to be dominant in the first half offensively, i think that's going to carry huge weight. the big question was around this on the field. the defense for they have certainly shown up and played very well. >> gus: first down. and incomplete. on the far side. intended for reagor. so if oklahoma is able to hold on and when make this game, based what we are seeing in college football today, the number one team in the country falling, georgia, looks like nora game is going to lose to the number three team in the country. oklahoma and clemson at number four, oklahoma is going to move up. >> joel: no doubt. he wonder if the c
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>> gus: is that a possibility? >> joel: a possibility based on how dominant miami has been in their win over notre dame, 48-8. inside a minute. they are undefeated. two big tends that people didn't think, me included, that people would and clear. notre dame this week, both down in miami. they have done that. but even if they do, oklahoma is clearly one of the four best teams in the country. they have proven that. the question is completely surrounding their defense, whether the defense could be dominant. maybe they have not been dominant, they've been very consistent tonight and they've done a great job. >> gus: here is hill running. coverage up, goes down to the 15, make it a 16. hit hard, kenny hill. as gallimore got him again. >> joel: the biggest difference i've seen
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tonight is it hasn't necessarily been schematic, but the effort with which they are playing with. >> gus: hill hit as he throws. and incomplete. jarrison stewart just couldn't hold onto it. >> joel: a smart play by steven parker. because stuart was in an awkward position quickly defensively and parker was coming up from a safety position and had an opportunity for a big hit and didn't take it. last week, johnson was ejected for targeting. >> gus: second down and 10. kenny hill. and incomplete. white the intended receiver. that was thrown way high and that brings up third down and long. >> joel: the changes we've seen defensively tonight. the corners. trey brown, tre norwood.
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they've come in and played really good for lincoln riley and mike stoops. robert barnes, the safety, and freshman. they semper fi the scheme a little bit. they got neville gallimore back in the defensive tackle position, so they've got more stout at the defensive line that will open up reagor to play faster, covering players better down the field. that is a recipe for more quality defensive plays. >> gus: 3rd & 10. kenny hill steps up, delivers. and this is olonilua. and he won't go very far as he's wrapped up again by the fonte du'vonta lampkin. >> joel: another freshman there, kenneth mary. he's been a starter all season long, one of the most talented players of the freshman class and all of america. he's been starting middle linebacker for the sooners all season long. he's done a nice job, came into the game
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for a loss, he's played a great game tonight. committing key components and oklahoma being able to hold this rushing attack, this game intact for tcu. >> gus: and a time out called by a tcu with 0:58 left to go. so why repeat it? because you just retired, your name ends in senior. done. wow! wha-huh? check the replay, larry. wow. guacamole? you are showing amazing potential. ice-cold dr pepper here, ice cold!
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>> gus: 38-20. 0:58 left. and that the horned frogs will punt. nobody back for ou. at the 35-yard line. our dickies performance of the game goes to mr. anderson. >> joel: this guy seem so good tonight. rodney anderson. 151 rushing yards. great inside and outside. maybe even better on the outside catching the football, though, because that's where they really hurt tcu. five catches, 139 yards. 37.8 37.8 average for two to, he's been sensational, folks. first player for the 130 plus in
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big 12 history, so a historic performance for rodney anderson tonight in what was the biggest game of the season so far for oklahoma in november, the championship month when they needed it the most. >> gus: here is my question for you. did baker mayfield win the heisman trophy tonight? >> joel: well, i mean, he certainly didn't do anything to hurt that cause. he came in with a pretty wide lead. bryce young was great last night. all due respect to david shaw who was bleeding from a soapbox for his player last night after the game, number six is the best winner in america. he leads the best offense in america. and he, by a wide margin, is your husband front runner. >> gus: the magic man baker mayfield. 18 of 27. 333 yards passing. three touchdowns. he carries the ball 11 times for 50 yards. no picks.
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and the standings are in the big 12 now. ou. 6-1 in the conference and the only loss coming to iowa state. tcu 5-2. oklahoma state had to survive. west virginia, don't sleep on the mountaineers. >> gus: tcu controls the tiebreaker, so they control their own destiny need to the dallas in the rematch with potentially's okemos sooners. tonight was more about the playoff that it was about the big 12 championship. now tcu is behind the eight ball, but oklahoma, they are stealing a playoff >> gus: jenny taft standing by with coach riley. >> jenny: gus, thank you so much. baker mayfield continued to dominate tonight, but you guys like rodney anderson, marquise brown last week, the offense as a whole is clicking. how impressive was it tonight?
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in the first half. we got on a good run against one of the best defenses in the country. what the story tonight is how well our defense played. wilde us to play conservative in the second half. we've been hearing all about that. against a good offense night in a big-time game. >> jenny: that's what they told me, we did a complete performance from our defense. >> they got it tonight. they had some young guy step in there and played well. had great fights. really proud of our defense. led them to victory tonight. >> jenny: controlling your own destiny? what's next for this team. >> we tend to do this this time of year. we look forward to getting back at kansas next week. back here to west virginia. >> gus: 38-20 of the final score. ou defeats tcu. we will be back with more postgame coverage right after these messages.
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>> gus: 38-20, the final. oklahoma improves to 5
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knock off sixth-ranked tcu here in norman. gus johnson along with joel klatt. just a slick performance on all three sides of the football for ou. >> joel: i like what lincoln riley told us before we went to perform commercial. there's clearly some offensive performances we will talk about, but the defense really was a great story for ou because that was the big question mark. they did that tonight. >> gus: there was some good offensive performances as well. a couple of guys in particular, mr. mayfield and mr. anderson. >> joel: mr. anderson -- i love it. >> gus: that is the sound of inevitability... >> joel: it feels like that! mayfield was terrific. always efficient, 330 plus yards. this is the type of guy -- he's kind of like the conductor, you know? we've talked about that with j.t. barrett earlier in the season, but this guy, he
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distributes the ball, executes the game plan, and tonight, the game plan was getting the ball to rodney anderson. he did that beautifully. when he needed to make a big play on the field, he was able to do that, accurate throwing, beating the defense, right there on the one-to-one match up over there to travin howard. they game plan wasn't really about mayfield, it was about rodney anderson. it was about getting him in matchups and a space in the passing game, and he delivered. i tell you what, for a guy who was not the featured back coming into this season or even the month of the season, he burst it onto the stage and has been terrific in the month of october and the going into november. >> gus: anderson 23 carries, 151 yards, two touchdowns, five catches, 139 yards, two touchdowns. >> joel: against the number one rush defense in the country, folks. those are not random 150 yards on the ground. he did that against tcu leading the nation coming into the night. >> gus: anderson with a great game, baker mayfield with a great game as well be in
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ago, our jenny taft had a chance to catch up with the magic man. >> jenny: baker, all season long, the feel around this team, you want the big 12 championships, you want to get to the playoffs. two of the four teams, they went down tonight. what statement was tonight's performance? >> it was not about anybody else in the country, it was about us. we have a great challenge in front of us. tcu is a great program, they have a great team. we come out and inserted ourselves tonight, it was all about us. that's what we keep saying, be in control of our own destiny. we each worry about ourselves. >> gus: what can you say about the program runs from rodney anderson tonight, over 100 charts russian, only 100 yards receiving. what do you make of his night? >> rodney is an incredible player, finally getting his time to shine. getting better each game. i'm very proud of him, a guy who works really hard. he is going to get better and better as the years go on. >> jenny: i've got to ask you. you a
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in the setting, but on the field, the swagger, what you bring to this, do you expect to be in this position? >> i do. i think the standards and traditions that are out here, it's expected to be out here. where we are at right now, it just comes with the territory. jeez. i'm enjoying the moment. we are controlling our destiny. we are having fun right now. >> jenny: and the fans showed up. >> they did. kudos to them. they made the difference tonight. and defense showed up as well. >> jenny: best of luck. guys? >> gus: thank you very much, jen. your final thoughts on this win by the obama sooners? >> joel: i guess when the sixth-ranked defense comes in and you put up those type of yards, as we expect to do at oklahoma, my goodness, that was pretty calm for a guy. he clearly is comfortable in his own skin. comparable being the heisman front runner. this team is dangerous. i mean, very dangerous. watch out. this team, like i said earlier in the broadcast, they are at staring the playoffs directly in
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better. >> gus: as the season gone on, they halved up their game on defense. tonight, they are on the defensive side as well. up next, kansas on the road and they will wrap up the regular season against west virginia here in norman. 38-20 of the final score. oklahoma defeats tcu. next saturday, we've got another great game lined up for you. we will be at camp randall stadium to bring you the wisconsin badgers taking on the michigan wolverines. that wraps it up from here in oklahoma. for joel klatt and jenny taft, i'm gus johnson. thanks and so long. ♪ ♪
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this is fox five local news, at 11:00... first tonight, bundle up if you are heading outside a chill has moved in but will it last? an update tonight after body of a woman was found in the parking lot in wheat on, maryland whom police say was behind the brutal murder. an incredible journey all in honor of those who served, as we mark veterans day. the news it starts right now. we will begin tonight with the bitter cold out there. >> it is cold, feeling more like winter then fall tonight, with record breaking cold temperatures but how long will it last? >> lets get over to gwenn for details, it feels like a shock when you walk out there. >> it certainly does you need to know today's highs
11:54 pm
degrees cooler then, the average, for the day. so yes, and we actually tied some record, here's the record , reagan national airport, 26 degrees, that is setback in 1973 and 1901 and dwi thoroughgood marshall 21 in 1973 and dulles at 16 in 1973. here's what we did, in terms of the tying the record with those national airport and for dwi. but we didn't get near actually the run for dulles. however it was still bitter cold out there with our highs today, everything in the upper 30's. we could not even make that 40-. i want to tell you that these highs, as i said are from 20 degrees or so cooler then they should be. cold weather continues to stay in place and right now temperatures in the 20's pretty after cross the board. warmer in the city at 35. but we're not loan, that arctic air has settled in. i will let you know when things will change in my seven day forecast, now back to you. >> thank
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tonight, a montgomery county man is under arrest, accused of murdering a woman in wheaton. donya menendez was found dead in the shopping center yesterday, her body was discovered behind some dumpsters. she had been missing since monday and tonight, we have new details, on what, happened to her. fox five's lindsey watts, reports. >> reporter: the victim's body was left undiscovered for days right off of the main road. this is university boulevard west, not far from georgia avenue knew. donya menendez was found here yesterday, right outside of the cvs. police say her boyfriend killed her, and he confessed to beating her after she tried to break up with him. police say that the pair, both worked together at a nearby kf c. she was just 21 years old, was last seen as she left work monday around midnight. police say after she went missing they found out she was dating her co-worker, 37 year-old emma campos martinez. after the body was
11:56 pm
friday afternoon investigators say he confessed to assaulting the woman when she tried to end the relationship on monday he punched her three times, pushed her to the ground, and then she hit her head, and became unresponsive and he left the area. according to family, she's married, about nine months ago she moved here from el salvador to join her husband and two of them have a four year-old son. in the days, she has been miss ing there has been a huge search effort, in this community. >> everyone was looking for her, close family, other people were looking for her, we saw her missing, and what came out on monday. >> reporter: he says that he knew, her and cared for her son at a community center day care. >> i think about her child, i think about her family, her child, and i think about, how she will be see, how they will respond and the family, and hurt they are and to the family. >> her family started a go fund me page to
11:57 pm
money to be buried in el salvador. her sister in law says her family is heart broken. she didn't know her very well, she only knew that her brother loved her very much. suspect is now charge with second degree murder and he is being held, without bond. in wheaton, lindsey watts, fox five local news. and in virginia, manassas city police are investigating a deadly stabbing. they say a man was found lying on the sidewalk around 9700 block of brad lane around 5:00 d dead at the scene. police believe he was targeted and they have several persons of interests. fire fighters in the district had to battle the bitter temperatures to put out , this house fire, in northwest. the fire broke out in the 200 block of elm street early today. fire fighters, say that it began, in the basement but then quickly spread due to the design of the home. three people living there, were not hurt. and, a maryland state trooper is recovering after he was hit by an alleged drunk driver, it
11:58 pm
happened around 1:30 this morning, on the outer loop of the beltway at allentown road. and investigators say trooper angel ortiz was responding to a crash, and was sitting in his patrol car, when he was hit from behind, the man driving the car, that hit him, was 51 year-old maurice of atlanta he's charged with dui tonight, the trooper was taken to the hospital, for treatment . across the country today people pause todd honor those who served in the military. president trump is overseas on this veterans day so vice-president mike pence, filling in at this morning's ceremony at arlington national cemetery. he plays aid wreath at the tomb of the unknown solder. the vice-president addressed the crowd that turned out despite chilly temperatures. he says that the trump administration will always, support service members. >> grateful for your service. we're grateful for your sacrifice and i'll make you a promise, just as
11:59 pm
for us, we will always fight for you. >> and, before he arrived at arlington the vice-president, took part in the annual washing of the vietnam veterans memorial to help mark veterans day. volunteers, used spray bottles to clean memorials but with the temperatures so cold they had to use sponges and buckets instead. meanwhile president trump recorded a veterans day message that was posted on his twitter account. here's a portion of it. >> american's veterans they're country's greatest, national treasure, there is nothing close. you are the best role models for our younger citizens and you are the constant reminder of all that is good, don't, and brave. you have given this country all that you have had to give. >> and virginia man, completed an incredible journey this morning. thirty-one marathonness 31 days, across 31 cities. the man behind the mission is a marine who w
12:00 am
fox five's tisha lewis reports >> reporter: on this bright saturday morning rob jones prepares to complete the final stretch of the month long mission. >> yes, he was just doing his final preparation, he is putting his running legs on and making sure that he has got food in his pockets and wearing a hat because it is so cold today. >> unaudible. >> get a story out there about a veteran that has been experiencing afghanistan and was able to come back and find my new way of contributing and find my way to stand up. >> reporter: jones fridays virginia but over last 31 days he has travel the world, running to raise money and hope, for veterans. jones is a double amputee after encountering and improvised explosive device in afghanistan but he didn't let that stop him. he push, through the pain, obstacles and adversity. >> i'm motivated by my brother veterans that have come before me and for the for the country and i'm doing this for them. >> he


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