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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> straight ahead at 6 a new timeline in sex abuse scandal involving children at a prince george county school. a lawsuit is shedding light on the disturbing details and claims of ignored complaints. >> and plus it appears congress has a sexual harassment problem. women sharing graphic story on capitol hill and action being taken this morning. >> live look outside first on this wednesday morning. it is november 15. weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. >> right off the top at 6 disstawshing new details about horrific scandal that rocked prince jorment county schools. >> school officials knew about former school aid misconduct long before he was arrested including claims he had emails referring to it. melanie alnwick is live at school headquarters upper m marboro with more now, mel melanie. >> good rn
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and in this lawsuit the very first reference that someone should have known something was very wrong was december 2014 a fourth grader wentz directly to school principal and told her to check deate's phone there's things with kids on it agents iny things and it's fourth lawsuit now filed on behalf of this unnamed student and in this lawsuit it now says that the board of education also should be responsible and held liable for this abuse. the lawsuit contends that principal and counselors at the school were well aware of the sex abuse allegations noting eight times that students reported incidents involving caroway and eight different staff members that raised concerns about caroway touching and inappropriate relationships with students and also says that the board didn't have strong enough policies that would have prev epts add bus. the suit alleges that nearly 8 months before caroway was arrested principal michelle williams met with caroway and raised concerns about
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inappropriate contact with students in private places within the school. and that was documented in this email contained in the lawsuit that williams september to caroway. the suit also says that among caroway 23 young victims nearly all suffered serious psychological damage. most requiring therapy and some are suicidal. and deate caroway pleaded guilty in september to 270 counts of sexual abecause involving 23 minors and also child pornography with 23 minors and he's begun serving his already begun serving his 20 year as soon as. well how much money is all of this worth? that will be up to a jury. according to the lawsuit they would like a juror write to decide how much money should ab wairded in damages. live in upper marboro, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> let's head to capitol hill first senate and now house with growing claims that sexual harassment is on the hill.
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lawmakers and staffers the malasia flight comes as multiple members of congress reason and democrats are accused of sexual harassment. annie yu is live on capitol hill with the details, annie, good morning. >> good morning, allison, steve, two female lawmakers california congress woman jack jury sphere and virginia representative barbara comstock they both testified during congressional hearing yesterday that they're aware of sexual misconduct within congress and so there's been a lot of talk here on capitol hill about who these mechanics of coming greg are. aapparently they're current sitting members of congress involved in sexual misconduct and congress woman speakers knows of two members specifically democrat and republican they have engaged in sexual harassment and she said harassment ranged from exposing their again tallies to victims having their private parts grabbed on the house floor. and her office told us last night she will not be revealing any names because the victims have signed non disclosure agreements which means these
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be exposed. and during this hearing yesterday it was about sexual harassment prevention and there was also talk about a fund that let's members of congress settle sexual harassment claims in secret on your dime. so between 19 the 7 and 2014 more than 15 million was paid out in setle ms for equal toll hill workplace violationsen including sexual harass m. that was paid to 235 people. so if you look at screen there's let's say there's a member of congress and member of sexually harassed youen he reported it you have to sign non disklosh aarr afwroment and you go through counselling 60 days and if you wanted to sue you have to pay for your own attorney while member of congress would get a lawyer for free paid for by taxpayers and lawmakers identity would remain confidential even if he or she was found guilty as a process that protect the the accusedment. virginia comstock showed a story of a
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hillself to a young staffer take a list. >> a young staffer was asked to go to member's residents to bring documents and was greeted with a member in a towel. who then brought her in and through exposed himself and she left and she decided to quit the off and moved on. >> the disturbing accounts of sexual harassment experienced by current and former mem membersen including one of our witnesses today revealed that sexual harassment is a s soarious problem in our society and congress is not immune from this issue. >> so a big spotlight on capitol hill and moving forward house speaker paul ryan says all members of coming gress including staff will be required to undergo sexual harassment training and up to that point that was voluntary based training. that's the latest here. app an, "fox5 local news". >> and roy moore on attack once again saying he's not withdrawing from sen
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in alabama. he stood firm against allegations of six you'll misconduct. they say moore acted inappropriate with them decades ago when he was in his 0s and they were in teens they is taking it's a politically motivated smear campaign. >> i'm now facing allegations and that's all the press want to talk about. but i want to talk about the issues. >> on capitol hill republican leetders including speaker paul ryan not holding back they want moore out of race and in the meantime republican national committee severed fundraising ties with moore and overnight moore took legal action of defamation law firm sendsing a media group to alabama and "washington post". >> and a first check of weather you do weather. >> mostly. >> weather in the 6:00 hour. >> good morning. >> less get to it. hopefully
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better than yesterday. yesterday i feel like it never really materialized. mostly cloudy day. >> it was. >> judging from annie's shots this morning clear skies overnight and we'll number good shape with sunshine the first half of today. we'll see more sun today. clouds return this afternoon. headline afternoon clouds back in forecast along with it another cool day and cold start to day. look at numbers this morning. definitely you want winter jacket reagan national 36. but much of area has dipped well below freezing dulles this morning hard frees there 27 degrees. 1 this morning at bwi marshall. all right. we have clouds to west. we have cloudsyness and moisture east. two of them will team up to give us clouds this afternoon. an by this evening there might be a little bit of light shower activity or drizzle as cold front out to the west starts to move in. so i don't think you need umbrella during daytime hours and but any sun we get is first half of day and definitely
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afternoon and 52 today. 7 or 8 below normal. on the cool side. not a bad day. >> thank you, tucker. >> all right. >> saying good morning to erin como. >> good morning, 6:08 in our taking a look at nasty scene on 95. left lanes blocked right now. 95 northbound after fairfax county parkway. again left shoulder blocked. main lanes a parking lot adds you approach the parkway. earlier crash kleertd. delay 39 minute just to get from dale city to beltway and delays actually starting to extend to dumfries you may want to hop off take route 1 northbound and dealing with bailout as well. as you move to 66 ten minute ride jammed between 29 gainsville and prince william parkway and 10 minutes in yellow zone there and as we make our way to washington we have a crash in northwest. it's 17 street before constitution avenue watch for extra volume around that area. i can tell you gw parkway
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georgetown quiet. no major delays past pents gone on 395 northbound rights now main or hov lanes. southbound 270 looking good by father hurley boulevard and congestion is 7 0 to 10 the. puts us back in yellow from red slow down we're dealing with. not terrible but volume popping up this morning. as we look at wide view of area. 295 southbound red zone 50 to pennsylvania avenue about ten minute delay 50 through buoy looks good and seeing usual delays clinton to brandywine as you make your way to the 301 split. 210 for the washington to beltway and we'll keep you updated on commute and metro rail lines are on time. college park beltway looking pretty nice right now guys back to you. >> military takeover in zimbabwe happening now. why army is in control and stopping shorts of calling it cao. >> desperate search for killer in tampa florida after another murder in the se
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frustrated residents demanding answer this morning. ing.
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>> this is getting too much. >> oh, my god here we go ag again. >> whoever is doing it is familiar
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and able to vanish quickly. >> one witness saw a suspect run from the scene. fbi and tampa police continue to go door to door talking to homeowners and checking car trucks and community meeting last night police urged everyone to continue to be vigilant. >> three ucl amens basketball players arrested after a week of being in china. d'angelo ball, brother of lakers aplan sdo ball and two returned to lax. they did not say how the situation was resolved but thanked president trump top get the youth men released. all set to speak to reporters and school deciding whether disciplinary action will be taken. >> actress rose mcgowan is out on bail after surrendering to police. she turned herself in on month old arrest warrant for felony drug possession. washlt stems from a slight she took
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which drugs were allegedly found in her wallet that she left behind on the plane. mcgowansaid she didn't turn herselfle in when the warrant was issued in 23eb because she felt she was targeted and hired private investigator to make sure the warrant was r real. as far as drugs go mcgowan and liar argued drugs could be planted when they used the bathroom on the plane. she's due back in courted to:00 a.m. let the charge against havby weinstein claiming she was raped by the now disgraced movie producer. >> and new school calendar shorter spring breaks and maryland students are going to have to endure it. coming up the change coming to montgomery county. >> and live look outside as we head to break ob this wednesday morning clearer start to the day. take a look at wilson bridge. on the fives next at 6:13.
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>> "live" look now at 95 northbound. oh, boy. fairfax park waext lot of folks trying to come up from south will have a little slow government we have details from erin in a moment. first tucker is here with a check the forecast. >> that doesn't look look a lot of fun. >> chilly this morning. we have temperatures much of the area before freezing and after cool today we'll be mostly cloudy. and we should remain dry later today highs in the low 50s. after school low autos. before cool much of area here below freezing. those are numbers from ye
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p more clouds than sun. and but we still get temperatures up where we thought they would be. bwi marshall if you're curious average daytime high is 58. really falling off here as we get to the fist days of winterment tem eps now 36 wash to be. annapolis along the bay at 40. most of the area here waking up to temperatures which are at or below freezing and mrs. plenty of 0s out there. mannasas 25, 27 dulles, winchester 27, froynt royal 27 as well and 32 haikers town and 2 leonardtown and fredericks bur 31. most of the region waking up to temperatures below freezing to start the day. >> plenty of sun and squeeze play here. clouds of of moving in ais cot ocean and approaching frontal system that to give us clouds.
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as we go to evening hours possible there's light showers or drizzle. pushing in off the ocean and clouds moving in from west. moytly cloudy this afternoon and they been little bit of light trizle or shower activity ahead of the front this evening. if you are out tonight there may ab i little light drizzle or quick moving shower. 52 today. tomorrow we'll wake up with shower and clear out in afternoon and be in for mild day. highs upper 50s. partly cloudy friday and showers on saturday. and saturday night into the first part of sunday with much cooler air for the end of week and another blast there chilly air. temperatures in the 40s on sunday and monday. >> yuck is traffic going on. >> take a look at sky fox tucker hubling crash 95 northbound after fairfax left shoulder left lanes blocked we have big presence there ambulance on location and car ready to get towed out of way. each though three right lanes of main lanes
6:19 am
seeing huge backup. hov lanes in better shape. let's switch to cameras and show awe i different view of the crash. you can see just how bad traffic s 49 minutes dale city to beltway. that's terrible september it hop off in stafford and take one novrnlt watch local traffic route 1 northbound. keep to hov lanes and crowded past the scene of rubber neck delay be prepared for that. southbound traffic springfield better shape. now as you move things over 66 eastbound from 29 gainsville to prince william apartment way twelve minute trip heavy volume there once you get past that point little to ce centerville and beltway and crash in district northwest. 17 street before constitution avenue. 270 delays 70 and metro on time. allison and steve. >> 6:19 thank you erin. >> remember hover board and problems. they're expected to one against bay bridge a holiday favorite. this morning thousands are recaed
6:20 am
we'll tell what you you knee to know. >> two caerz ago. >> yes felt like two years ago. >> first of all pizza and ice cream. mouth watering delivery at the international space station. i hope they tip well. supply ship launched from virginia earlier this week packed with holiday goodyes for the six is crew members including thanksgiving dinner and gifts from astronaut families. is the mail truck here
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a new warning of offer boards. and the way it's looking today looks like last couple days in the wrong direction, treacy. >> and and 134 points not look going as you see here yesterday and ended in negative territory as well and up investigators concerned about tax reform. ge another bad day on wall street for them. >> what's go on with ge. number one u.s. companies here now at the top. >> and investors still digesting news from monday on the investor's meet writing ceo john ran inry saided dividend would be cut by 50% and announced restructuring plans and shares fell yesterday 5.9
6:24 am
tractor-trailer 3 trs on monday and down about 4% of the year and this is pretty staggering. 127 out of 127 days they've closed in negative territory that's out of 220 trading session this year. and so as you said, right, it they are no longer the biggest u.s. industrial company and they've lost that title as of yesterday to boeing who shares our 6 8% so far this year. >> big year for them. >> hoverboards seemed like two years ago they were big holiday gift and now we're still having issues with them years later. >> yes, yes, you know, it's still the same issue, too, it's lithium ion batteries used to charge them and but the u.s. consumer product safety commission added several more brands to a list of those that have already been recalled that were issued warnings most recently lazy hover board wrapped started two fires one of which was fatal. so
6:25 am
rights now. ur star inpouts drone in other words and salvage world these are brands to look out for if you plan on buying one you may want to avoid these. >> we'll leave it there for now. good advice treacy. see you tomorrow morning. >> sounds good. >> 6:5 hi tuck. >> morning. >> chilly. >> and it's old overnight lows back in the 20s. and put on coat. >> we're going out this morning and i don't know that i brought the right coat. >> you guys will go do the red kettle campaign. >> i have our jacket and i don't know if i should layer it up. >> it might be okay. >> it's only 35. >> chilly blood. >> 6 in city. again 20s places like dulles
6:26 am
it's chilly out there. winds out of north at 60 miles an hour. promising sun the first half of day and clouds move in this afternoon. >> okay. >> promise that? >> well yesterday i promed sun and it did not mater materialize. >> shows you how -- shoz you how far the proms go. and i think steve clarion is on your map this morning. >> golden eagles. >> clouds in the forecast this afternoon. might be sprinkle tonight or late shower moving through with warmer temperatures tomorrow and chance of significant rain probably saturday, saturday night. >> okay. >> maybe lanes of 95 northbound as you head to beltway eeing seeing over hour commute dale city and beltway. rubber neck delay past that point
6:27 am
northbound to get around the low slow down. get early start dumfries and dale city to dumfries. 4 2 mile per hour arm from icc down to beltway. 95 southbound. looking good. 55 miles an hour bw parkway northbound to the beltway. outer loop 22 minute ride 95 to 20 spur heaviest delay 95 to new hampshire avenue and spur looks good coming from 270 by father hurley starting to see backup 70 to 121 and we're seeing a lot of co coneston. all metro rail lines on time. keep it to to "fox5" we'll be right back.
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>> all righty. 6:30 now on wednesday morning live look at the commute right there. i believe that's wilson bridge and traffic is moving as you would expect it to on a weekday welcome back to "fox5 news morning" weather and traffic on the fives at 6:5. top stories at 6:30 we begin with breaking news we're just getting word of a person killed in a fire this morning in charles county, maryland. this happened in mobile home in the town of brian's road. officials tells us mobile trailers were on fire. no one else was hurt. but again this was a deadly fire. and new lawsuit in the deate
6:31 am
shocking claims. the suit says a school principal and other officials knew of caroway misconduct eight months before arrested and filing includes email in which the principal at judge sylvania woods elementary referred to abuse claims. caroway did plead guilty to nearly 2 dozen counts of child sex abuse and will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> a judge in fairfax county handed down the first guilty verdict in ate gang related murder of 15-year-old girl from gainersburg and wilmer sanchez serrano convicted in the murder of damaris reyes reeves and judge sensed anymore to 30 years if prison gone and she was found dead last february. cellphone shows sanchez serrano walking up to the girl and stabbing her in neck. prosecutors charge aid total of ten people with her murder. >> surveillance captured scary moment a burglar was
6:32 am
northwest d.c.. now the homeowner was asleep in the next room. break in happened adams mill road mounts please enter neighborhood early monday morning and police say the thief stole items from dining and kitchening and area and then took off. >> and d.c. police department finally arming police officers with tasers. and it's part of a pilot program that started a few months ago. for now, only patrol sergeants have been issued devices which also have the ability to activate body worn cameras. >> all right. let'sen up montgomery county families. spring break is shrinking and school barred has voted to shorten spring break in 20 19 by 4 days. spring break will now go from 10 days to six. we have a little while but it's vivrpinging. house of gel gat races ended
6:33 am
leads. stafford county and new port news and fair nax and prince william county all finished county votes yesterday and stafford bob thomas left with 8 volt lead. 82 votes. new port news republican david yancy leads by 1 votes and in fairfax and prince william counties republican tim hugo remains maintains his 106 vote lead. if the tally stand republicans will hanging to majority in the house. >> and let's head to capitol now. attorney general jeff sessions pace facing growing scrutiny. he has a foggy memory when it comes to campaign discussions alleging dealing with last year's presidential election. session denies he lied to congress about the contacts and he flames the chaos of race for making him forget. yesterday he delivered more than five hours of testimony to congress. >> and president donald trump is waking up at white house this morning. he returned to washington overnight after a twelve day trip to asia. and which he
6:34 am
seas and prolsing making or announcement on north korea and trade which could happen as soon as today. meanwhile, we have learned the first family is expected to spend thanksgiving in palm beach at the president mar largo club and faa issued flight restrictions in that area from next tuesday through that saturday. steve. >> time for morning line right now. let's get a quick check on sports 6:34. not a good trip for capitols. for caps, not so much. ended fivrtd period. 18-3 shot advantage an 2-0 lead. t. j. oshe scored twice. braden pulled for game replaced by grubower at the third. damage already done. a trip for denver tomorrow taking on avalanche. >> college hoops kick into high
6:35 am
gw taking on fsu. colonial jets could not get on track. florida state wins this one 86-67. highlight reel terri know land jr.. slam dunks finish with i'm game high 18 points. two huge match-ups in chicago last night champions classic and four good teams going at it. late game number four kansas getting by. good game in the end kansas wins 65-61. first game of double header put number one duke against number two michigan state. house that for early season game. senior gray son allen paced way for duck career high 37 points and tied careerlow zero trips in game. blue devils edge spartans 88 to 81. all the big games out in chicago for now. basketball season getting into high gear. >> going right to temps now. >> yeah. >> just literally blocked you right out of that
6:36 am
>> that's called transition. >> that's called hurry up. >> that's saying i'm better on rateo. >> throwing a screen literally. >> cold out, 6 washington. most of our region if you're outside the bement way is in the low 30s and upper 20s. definitely want the heavier jacket. sunshine at least the first couple hours of morning and then we'll get clouds this afternoon as we get some moisture off the ocean. clouds moving in east and frontal system out to west. we'll team up to give us clouds this afternoon. i think we'll deep dry from daytime hours later today. quick look at forecast. we'll be back and focus on the weekend. right? >> let's do it. >> is it too early to focus on the weekend. >> i don't think so. >> low 50s this afternoon. this evening if you are out and about there could be light shower activity or drizzle as lerl i as 7 or 8:00 tonight. type for the daytime hours. >> fantastic. >> getting work today erin, how are we looking. roads making me cranky today. there's a lot going on. rail problems now. yellow line residual delays huntingdon
6:37 am
malfunction and watch for joel owe line delays. as we move over for a look at southbound 95 before boundary channel crash on right lane and right shoulder and traffic southbound side slowing a little atypical delay past that point and northbound side normal volume in main lanes coming up past pent gob. as we switch it over this is is a mess. 95 northbound coming up from dale city to the beltway. it's going to take you an hour and 15 minutes. we have eye crash after fairfax county parkway blocking left shoulder and left lane rubber neck delay hov lanes and delays skepingd past dumfries now and could take you an hour an a half to come up from stafford to beltway. if you don't want to sit in the mess take route 1 northbound and factor in extra time you're dealing with local traffic and bailout traffic for the alternate. this is look right now 66 eastbound where we have sonl delays gainsville toil prince william parkway and red zone 14 minute ride you sauconeston southbound 259 maryland line to 11
6:38 am
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>> we are back 2340u with what is trend opening the web this wonderful wednesday morning. first up, it is something that all of us ladies already knew and but now science is out that reveals that girls make boys smarter.
6:41 am
so it's a new study. and boys get better grades when classes have a higher percentage of grades in them. they don't know why girls have a positive influence. they're showing off with girl classmates is twhat with you are going to say. >> a we like competition and b we want to impress people. >> researcher say they need more money. >> this is my favorite story ever and not for i'll tell you why. buzzing on web musical legend icon the boss and diana ross paying it forward. why, because she lost her fanny pack at los angeles waits for it marshals is woman diva after my own heart. so world turned upside down when she lost fannie pack at marshals. you know marshals. she was saved by a guardian angel when returned and later tweeted thank to you angel i
6:42 am
turned it in. what a blessing i'm so grateful i will pay it for forward. >> she kept going around and round. >> tun the place inside out. >> i understand that. >> all music references do you understand she -- mar marshals. >> they're just like us. >> just like us. >> just in time for holidays weight watchers unveiled a new line of diet wines, they say they're savoign blanc and they're working on rose and if you don't want guests to know you're serving diet wine there's a weight watchers sticker that you can pull off. >> rose all day. >> diet or no. >> still ahead the the sexiest man alive is revealed is. could he be right over there. also random act of kindness courtesy bill murray. what he did for country music fans. fox beat is
6:43 am
right over
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> things we talk about the commercial breaks. insurance. your taxes. >> just like everybody else. >> 6:45 right now. >> traffic. >> traffic. >> weather. >> 35 degrees on a wednesday. >> yeah that's warm spot here in the city and much area in the 20s this morning so you know --
6:46 am
ross story i'm sorry. >> i'm aware after commercial break conversation. >> shop at marshall. >> everybody lovers a good deal. >> bus stop forecast if you run out the door as we speak here make sure you take a jacket. temperatures most of the ear in the 20s. clouds move in quick. by the afternoon and daytime highs in the low 50s. cool afternoon and looks like yesterday. but it should be dry afternoon for us. those are numbers from yesterday. and about ten degrees below normal normal daytime high is 58 and you can see upper 40s and low 50s yesterday. another cool one yesterday. that trend keeps going. 36 washington. look at 0s. everybody outside thebility way west and norm is below freezing to start the morning. 31 fredericksburg and 21 mannasas and winchester 48 and 2 haiingzer towns and everybody off to a cold start rlt we'll warm up. sun should feel good and low
6:47 am
all throat clouds move in quick. we have moisture and winds out of north and northeast. moisture and clouds right along the coast here. and those will be pushed to the west. and we gotta approaching cold front which might bring us sprinkle or shower tonight. that will kind of team up to bring us cloud cover. you see that here in our future cast. bunch of clouds moving in off the ocean. later this morning and clouds moving in from the west. mostly cloudy afternoon. again i think it will be dry. sports. activities outdoors. late this afternoon. you should be in good shape. we'll get a few sprinkles and showers moving in this eve evening. this we are 10:00. if we're out the west you have a better chance of steady rain and shower tomorrow morning before we clear it out and gets warmer temperatures in here. and for thursday afternoon. keep testimony tours a little on cool side this time of year the next couple days. our best chance for rain kind of second half of saturday, saturday night, maybe into early sunday and another blast chilly air this time of year daytime highs in the the 40s by
6:48 am
and monday. all right. you remember for me. >> i'm so ready. >> i'm getting angry tweets this morning because traffic is bad. never a good things. sorry in advance. yellow line normal service resumed archives metro getting back to normal. big problems 395 crash on right lane right shoulder an as you come off 14 street bridge delays. crew members walking out of vehicles in lanes. so please use caution and flow down past that point. huge problems as you come up 95 northbound. crash blocking left shoulder and part of left lane after fairfax county parkway. it's an hour and 17 minute commute from dale city to the beltway. and you're starting to backup dumfries on up. bailout and take one northbound fredericksburg to stafford. once you cross the mixing bowl things are still jammed up and not as bad on 95 about a 15 minute delay beltway to 14 street brim and charles koultsy dealing with fire
6:49 am
between barry hill road and fenwick road give yourself extra time to get lieu that area and i'll tell you things on 20 southbound backing up and big thank you to tucker because i've been having a rough week and he's been a cheerful presence. >> yes, really. >> he always is. >> it's the role i lay play. >> it's the role he plays. we all play our roles. >> charish that. >> and let's go to the morning meme. >> let's see what we got. cue the the music. qulevr interest roy. >> let's see it. >> medieval. >> i pray not my lady. >> yes. >> and we only get that on tuesday if you happen to -- tomorrow, i'm interesting to read it. i waited 45 minute and no employee -- >> you have to read the top part the sign says employees must wash hands. >> i see. >> and some wise ankle ro. >> i waited 45 minutes and no
6:50 am
hands. >> that's when self responsible takes-over. >> i get it. >> and me laid in bed a.m. and i should have said something else in an argument in 2011. >> that's i believe 11 from straipinger things and i binge that and was totally freaked out yesterday. >> really? >> yes. >> over the weekend too. >> do not do it at night. >> that's all i'm going to say. >> it's really scary. >> frightening, >> technically you finished it after the first episode. >> then i went back and watched all the other episodes realizing my mistake. >> this is so steve shen i have. >> when you get fact checked on google. >> bam. i don't glot and you both know that. >> inside the glot his eyes light up. actually khnks me sfwr then it's on. >> and all right erin take the last
6:51 am
>> and let's take it back to high school. i'm talking older sister. >> we need it back now. >> i dated this girl in college one week and she took half my klonls and i never got them back. >> that was clearly a motive. >> sticky fingers. >> one of my mom's favorite tee shirts is like from a boy i dated in college 'she kept the shirt and is not getting it back. >> i said mom that's weird. >> from college. >> yes, # morning meme. >> those were good. >> facebook pan of the day robert mayville. rob with his dog joe dirt. >> that is a handsome dog in addition to i acool name. rob was nominated business hi father also named rob. >> rob senior says rob jr. is aviation officer who just returned from a tour in afghanistan. welcome home, rob jr.. thank you for your service and i love that
6:52 am
shot. >> job well done. >> sounds like he's a movie fan with name of the dog right joe dirt an old movie with with what's his name. >> if he was deployed out the dog you know how happy he was dog seemed happy too. >> david spade. >> joe dirt made me laugh when i was a kid. good morning to you both. feel good story. this is actually something -- >> finally briping us bad news to start. >> this story happened last week. it's now making roubdz as you of yesterday and officially came out bill murray as in line for a concert in south car line aand it was for a country music band called steel drivers an he apparently walked up to box office and bought the remaining tickets for the show and then handed the them out to people in line who were waiting to buy tickets. and now according to -- all according to a pan on face back the article in entertainment weekly states murray bought remaining tickets to show and handed them out to fans waiting in lane and fan posted
6:53 am
facebook showing murry happened walking around hading out photos and even the band manager called did act of again rossty and did not know that the actor had planned to do this. so, kind of cool thing. so apparently they had gone to dinner with the actor and he's just a huge fan. >> cool. >> just ma'am inbeing in line bill murray buying ticket and walking up and sag i purchased the rest of them just take them. >> the best. >> it's amazing. >> total random act of kindness and i love it. >> and more stories about bill murry float around all the tem and that one sounds like bill murray to me. >> it really does. >> one of the west films of year is movie get out. it's my number two movie of the year behind done kick. as of now deserves best actor and picture knowledge naiings and best screen play nominations and best director nominations and here's the thing. this is having
6:54 am
storing up yesterday. get out apparently will be competing in the comedy category at the golden dmrobz. now, this is interesting considering poofy is in my opinion more horror film and social commentary. i will say jordan peel comes from comedy. there's comedy in the film but this kind of make me scratch my head similar to how the marshall being nominated in comedy category and entertainment weekly had that it is is competing in that category to have more in that category. >> can i ask a question when we eptser for local emmy what wards the producers who are executive producers who enter films. >> yes. >> do they choose what category or does golden globe decide we we put in cop di or do he a maybe comedy doesn't have good competition and let's enter comedy instead. >> from what i understand the studio that submits film for nomination i could be wrong
6:55 am
to be submitted many this category. >> studio decide ised a comedy. >> you would assume that there's an assumption from my understanding it has more chance in that category meaning actor of daniel caluy may get a better nomination there that in drama. when it comes to academy award it's one category. golden globes it will and player in the award season i don't think it belongs in musical come dixt it should compete in the drama. >> if the studio made that decision. >> i disagree with the decision. >> it's the studio that makes the call. >> that's my assumption how they do it i don't believe golden fwlobz is the one that makes decision i believe it's studio that puts it into that category. mar tan did the same thing. i think it's interesting. and bird man was considered a comedy and so was wolf on wall street over the years. there's been interesting films that competed. before
6:56 am
alive. >> it's not tucker. >> i don't know how i feel about that this. allison's face says it all. blake shelton named sexiest man alive according to "people" magazine. >> he's not bad on sem appeal meter. >> he's not a bad looking gentleman i don't know sexiest man alive. >> sorry tuck i feel you got robbed. >> i'm okay with it. >> you're okay with it. >> i'll win sexiest old man alive in a couple years. >> oh, that's him. >> let's go to the forecast. 37, allison, 7 in washington. we'll below 50s today. we're starting with sunshine. clouds this afternoon. but it should be a pleasant day and dry day. few showers and sprinkles tonight and warmer temperatures tomorrow. but again warmer sunshine and pm clouds 5 daytime high. >> earn has more roads. >> 56 now and delays and crashes and problems southbound 395 before boundary channel after 1
6:57 am
blocking right shoulder watch for delays south on 14 bridge on 395 southbound. northbound side normal delays 20 minute slow down and huge delays crash cleared fairfax country parkway and you're still in for the an hour and 18 minute commute dale city to beltway. we're tracking a house fair in charles couldn'ty. we'll be right
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> braeinging right now 7:00 a deadly house fire in charles county see the crews battling smoke at this hour. live picture from sky fox right now. we'll have the very latest straight ahead. >> also straight ahead a new timeline in the sex abuse scandal involving children at a prince george county school. lawsuit is shedding light on the disturbing details and claims of ignored complaints. >> plus it appears that congress has a sexual harassment problem. women sharing graphic story on capitol hill and action being taken this morning. >> and new museum in the district. days away from grabbed ope opening, it's devoted entirely to bible. bob barnard takes us inside coming up. >> and straight up 7:00 if you just wake up this morning here's first live look outside on this wednesday november 15. >> all right little clearer out there this morning than yesterday and


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