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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 20, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead at 7:00 he was once called the most dangerous man in america and became the face of evil. this morning cult leader charles manson has died. >> closer to home, a sexual assault on a local college campus. we're live at american university with who police say they're looking for. >> plus chaos and destruction less than a year after president trump's inauguration which led to violent protests, the first trials finally begin today. >> and it is 7:00 a.m. if you're just waking up here is your live look outside on this fall morning. it is monday, november 20th, thanksgiving week. >> let's get a quick check on traffic and weather at 7 o'clock. erin and tucker are standing by. tuck. >> steve, chilly out there this morning. temperatures right now in the 30's but should be a nice looking day although a cool afternoon. i'll have all the details on your forecast for the day and your travel weather coming up. erin. >> 7 o'clock straight up in virginia getting the worst
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the morning commute. parking lot 66 eastbound. improving just under an hour from 234 to the beltway. delays in college park on the outer loop. a full look at your travel times in maryland and virginia. keep in mind blue and yellow line no longer single tracking by the pentagon but big delays lingering. >> ♪ >> we're going to start at 7 o'clock with news that broke overnight. charles manson the notorious cult leader who orchestrated one of the most shocking killing sprees of the 20th century has died. >> he spent more than four decades in prison. holly morris is with us with more now. good morning. good both of you. charles manton who had been ill and hospitalized for the past week died around 11:15 hour time last night. the california department of corrections said manson died from natural causes. he was 83 years old. manson's followers slaughtered actress sharon tate and five others on the night of august 9th, 1969. the very next night, the cult members killed
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businessman leno la bianca and his wife rosemary. at each crime scene the cult members wrote on the walls in the victims' blood. the crimes shocked the l.a. area and the entire nation for that matter. manson and his followers were arrested three months after the killings. their trial lasted nearly a year and revealed a frightening motive that prosecutors in the case later reflected on. >> they committed these murders in an attempt to start a black-white race war to take over the power in this country. they wanted to destroy society. >> they enjoyed killing. death was charlie's trip. manson spoke constantly of death. their life, their life was murder. >> manson and his followers were first sentenced to death but those sentences then were changed to life in prison when california struck down the death penalty. one of his followers died behind bars. three others remain in prison. now, it is unclear what will no
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manson's body. prison officials say he had no known relatives so it may be up to the department of corrections as to whether manson is buried or cream 98ed. steve. >> holly thanks. we are following developing news coming from alexandria. shots fired inside a townhome in the 800 block of north van dorn street. this was about three hours ago at the brookeville townhome community. nobody was hurt. and the shooter is in custody this morning. >> developing overnight in the district police searching for a masked man who robbed the ihop on alabama avenue in southeast. witnesses say the suspect was wearing a black mask, gray suit, was armed with a handgun. no one was hurt during the robbery. >> also in the district, police from d.c. and american university investigating an alleged sexual assault on campus. >> it's an assault that could involve a ride share driver. fox5's melanie alnwick is live at au this morning. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. american university public safety, they tweeted out
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before 6:00 last night. they're also posting warnings on campuswide shuttle buses and bulletin boards. now, this assault, it didn't happen really in a very remote area, actually in what is normally a pretty busy area. we're told this is in the 4400 block of massachusetts avenue, that comes back to the mary graydon center. that's au sort of main student gathering building right there on the main campus. it was reported between 3 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. sunday. the victim told police that he or she believed the suspect was operating a vehicle for hire, so that would be like an uber or a lyft car. there are no other details except that the two did not know each other and police are calling it a sex offense. now, we've had stories in the past of mistaken drivers or imposter drivers. american university's public safety department is putting out some common sense tips for people if they are considering using one of these ride services. they say use only the company's app to request the ride.
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the driver before getting in. share your ride details with friends and family either through the ride sharing app or text that information directly to people who would need to know. travel in groups, if possible. and if assaulted, try to take note of the perpetrator's clothing, appearance or other details so police will have something to go on. we don't know if there are any security cameras involved here but again the fact that this was sort of on a main campus area, it is possible that there may be something out there, because as we know from stories in the past, american university does have a pretty robust security camera system so we'll be checking on that a little bit later today. also, we're going to let you know that d.c. police are working with au police on this investigation. live in northwest, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> in northern virginia this morning, the fbi is now stepping in to help local officials search for these three missing teenagers from prince william count
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investigators say they're worried the teens could be in danger. you see ashley lemus breonia thomas and chamareya wright. call police if you know where they are. >> tuck is back with us with a check on the forecast. today looks like a good day. >> the entire week looks nice and quiet as far as storminess but some chilly temperatures here and there. >> okay. >> including this morning, we got cold. >> well, it is november 20th. >> exactly. i've always said you want it to be cool for thanksgiving week. it's better eating weather. >> and gets you in the spirit. >> cold this morning. current numbers are dipping below the freezing mark in places like culpeper down to 29, fredericksburg, you've reached 31 there, 32 in winchester. 34 in gaithersburg. so, right around freezing for many spots. in the city we're 39 degrees
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a whole lot today even with plenty of sunshine our daytime highs only about 50 degrees. looking at the satellite and radar still some lake effect snows across pennsylvania. we are not expecting those here locally but we will have a little bit of cloudiness on that strong northwest flow and let me mention the breezes will still be with us today gusting at times to about 20 but otherwise a nice afternoon. plan on having fun. unless you're on the roadways. 50. >> i'll just go slow and hopefully they're going somewhere other than work and fun awaits on the horizon. >> that's the right attitude. >> right? >> monday motivation right there, guys. 7:07. skyfox over a crash. things are improving on 66 but still getting the worst of the commute from gainsville into manassas and centreville. crash blocks the right shoulder by sudley road. another blocks the shoulder by 28 in centreville. traffic still at a crawl. westbound side looks good. eastbound side pretty nasty. let's take a look at our travel times. 66 dealing with -- look at that, just 19 minutes between 29 gainsville and 234 prince william
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that was over an hour earlier so now that all lanes are opened you can start to see things easing a bit. keep in mind if you're planning to detour 29 is still dealing with a lot of bailout traffic's. same story on 234 sudley road and 28 northbound. give yourself extra time. 95 northbound earlier crash any dale city by prince william parkway cleared. 27 minute ride from dale city to the beltway. on the outer loop we have a crash at 450 blocking the right shoulder. we're also seeing a lot of southbound bw parkway volume as you make your way from the beltway down toward 50. 50 jams from 202 to to 295. 210 northbound from livingston road to the beltway very slow roll this morning. we also have a crash on jefferson davis highway. northbound side after rosedale court crash with police on location and you can see heavier volume 95 northbound through woodbridge this morning. in washington right now in the district independence avenue before 12th street in northwest, there's a crash reported there. you can see the freeway in both directions dealing with some volume especially as you come off the 11th street bridge heading tar
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third street tunnel. as you make your way out again southbound bw parkway it's 13 minutes just to get from bw parkway to the 11th street bridge as you make your way down south of 50 down toward east capitol. be prepared for that. and then 270 close to 40 minutes to get from 109 to the local lane split. one of those mornings in college park, the outer loop is really jammed up, 95 to 270 with about a 30 minute delay. blue and yellow line residual delays from earlier single tracking by the pentagon. steve and allison. >> thank you erin. happening today, opening statements getting under way in the trials of several people who were arrested during the inauguration protests. >> among them a journalist who faces felony charges and decades in prison if convicted. our bob barnard is live at d.c. superior court in northwest with more now. bob. >> reporter: hey, allison, steve, good morning to you. yes, it was 10 months ago today, 10 months ago this morning january 20th here in the district as president trump was getting ready to be inaugurated, the j20 a d.c. based political organization had its people hit the streets and we can show you the
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there were more than 200 people arrested and charged with felonies, destruction of property, conspiracy to riot. among those, almost 200 are now being prosecuted and the first six of them go on trial this morning at 10:30 this morning here at d.c. superior court. they are facing these charges despite the fact that some of them say they weren't the ones who actually set fire to the limousine or broke windows but they're all being charged basically the same. seven of nine journalists who were arrested that day had the charges dropped. but two of them are among those who are going to trial. one of them a videographer named alex see wood out of texas was doing a facebook live that day and also taking still images of the rioting and the protests. he told the police that he was a journalist, he was arrested still. the charges are still pending. all of these people facing up to 60 years
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they're convicted. and so, there's a lot of attention to today's first of the trials. the jury was seated on friday. opening statements expected to get under way for the six who are being tried starting today. the opening statements starting at 10:30 this morning and members of the j20 say they want people here arriving as early as 8 o'clock this morning and they want to pack the courtroom to show support for those going on trial for the protests 10 months ago today on inauguration day, guys. >> stakes are high. all right, bob, thank you very much. >> ♪ >> become the party of roy moore and donald trump. we are toast. >> not throwing smoke at you but you're the guy that could just for fun -- think how much fun it could be just to be the foil, you know, and to point out what an idiot this guy is. >> arizona senator jeff flake spilling his candid feelings about president trump on a hot mic. the incident came following a speaking event in
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flake has been an open critic of the president previously announced he would not run for reelection in 2018 and since then has been pretty open about his dislike for the president. well, the president wasted no time getting back at the comments tweeting senator jeff flaky who is unelectable in the great state of arizona >> where the white house stands on big game trophies. it has caused outrage on social media. >> the president changing his stance. a lot of skins fans still wondering what in the world happened yesterday. >> what? >> we'll talk about it coming up. >> the site of many a football game and major event set to come down. i don't get this one. i'm just putting it out there. i don't understand how this is already antiquated but it is. it's the georgia dome in atlanta which i feel like we were working here when they built it. we weren't but it feels like it. set to be imploded this morning in just about 20 minutes
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live on air and streaming on our fox5 d.c. facebook page. progress, the pace of progress. it's 25 years old. [laughter] [laughter]
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>> live look outside. one thing i notice over the
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>> the colors really popped on a lot of trees. >> really. >> i think so. >> i think it kind of came and went. >> don't start this again. >> here's the thing. some looked like they were muted colors. >> yeah. >> seemed to be brighter this weekend but in fairness tucker it could have been because we hadn't seen the sun in awhile so when the sun was shining on them they looked a little brighter. >> i'm all for it. >> that could have been it. >> don't open up this debate between us. we've already gotten over it. >> i'm sorry you didn't see any bright colors this year, al. >> i didn't. >> i'm kind of with allison on this. i didn't see much either. >> i'm not saying it's been one of the brightest of all time. i'm just saying this weekend when the sun was hitting them i saw bright colors. >> i'm sure you said brightest of all time. >> i'm pretty sure i didn't. >> let's go to the forecast. we're traveling right. >> we're traveling. >> where we going. >> i'm going to d.c. >> yeah, i'm going to work, that's where i'm going all week. for everybody else that gets to travel -- >> happy travels. >> yes. we'll be about 50 today with sunshine but it is going to be a cool
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the north and west gusting about 20. make sure you're prepared for a cool afternoon. let's start with weather conditions. i'm upset wawa cou canada is not checking in. >> you have swan river. >> yes, we do. what's the temperature in swan. >> 16. >> plenty of cold air locked up to the north. we'll be in rather northwest flow here. things are going to stay cool across the midatlantic the next couple days but we should be storm free as we get into our thanksgiving weekend. so, there you go. trouble spots right now northern california, oregon, washington. believe it or not, that is likely to be the only real stormy area later this week. we're going to be nice and quiet across the midatlantic with plenty of sunshine this week. our temperatures do bounce a little bit. 50 today. 60 or near it tomorrow and then a cooldown just in time for thanksgiving. it will be quite chilly for the skins game thursday night although you'll have so
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>> yes. >> yo'll be fine. >> adrenaline. >> and adrenaline but it will be cold but it should be dry for the game thursday night as well. >> thank you tucker. >> very nice. let's check in with erin see how traffic is this morning at 7:18. >> things not looking so great for the monday morning ride. we're still seeing really big delays 66 eastbound two early crashes, one by 28 and one by sudley road. about an hour delay just to get from 29 to the beltway as those volume delays increase closer to fairfax county parkway. now top side of the beltway in the outer loop 31 minute ride red zone 95 to the 270 spur. this camera is out by new hampshire avenue. you can see all lanes are just very crowded by heavy volume. inner loop does look good. as we forward things along 95 northbound in dale city 30 minute ride. northbound mains lane because of volume. south that are point you jam up through stafford with that normal volume. southbound side looks pleasant. woodbridge northbound
7:19 am
one crash by rosedale court. if you're planning on hopping off and taking route one north around those 95 north delays through woodbridge be prepared that could slow you down unfortunately. on independence avenue there's a crash in northwest by 12th street. watch for delays there in both directions. heavier traffic coming off of the 11th street bridge headed toward the third street tunnel. fourteenth street bridge crowding. right now it's about a 25 minute delay from the from the beltway to the 14th street bridge main lanes of 395 crash cleared on the outer loop by 450. bw parkway southbound super slow. i'd avoid that as you head into riverdale park. blue and yellow line residual delays because of an earlier issue at the pentagon. back to you. >> well, we want to wish a happy anniversary to queen elizabeth and prince philip. this is anniversary number 70. >> wow. >> seventieth wedding anniversary. the royal couple married on november 20th, 1947. this is a snapshot released by buckingham palace both standing proudly and smiling.
7:20 am
wore to mark the couple's diamond anniversary gold ruby and diamonds a gift from prince philip just a few years ago in 1966. >> okay. this is their platinum anniversary. >> fancy. >> in the uk. president donald trump making conservation advocates happy. the president tweeted yesterday he's putting the big game trophy decision on hold while he reviews all the facts. last week the trump administration moved to lift the ban on bringing big game elephant trophies into the states. that set off a lot of outrage as you might imagine. the president tweeted those big game trophy decision will be announced next week but will be very hard-pressed to change my mind that this horror show in any way helps conservation of elephants or any other animal. >> horror show might be nice compared to what some people describe the game yesterday. once again burgundy and gold snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. >> many fans this morning just scratching their heads trying
7:21 am
being up by 15 points with three minutes to go, how they lose yesterday against the saints. >> wisdom martin answer to that i believe will be because they are the redskins. [laughter] >> that would be the simplistic answer but let's get deep. >> let's get deep. >> the defense was awful yesterday by the way. we're talking about -- >> not really. >> well, at the end of the game. >> yes. >> let's just do the whole thing here real quick because i know we're running out of time. we're talking about washington against the saints. saints have won seven in a row and i predicted that washington would win the game. >> that's the problem. >> that's the problem. all right. and as we just mentioned, as you're looking right here, they dominated the entire game. this was easy. this was an easy win. they were going to knock off the saints, their seven game streak was going to be over until about the last four to five minutes in the game. because that was the -- the game winner right there. they led the entire game 31 to 16 with five minutes left then it fell apart. drew brees had a
7:22 am
pass. redskins went on for it on fouh down. he had been doing well and it didn't work. basically after that every time the saints got the ball they went down the field and scored. drew brees was 11 for 11. running game for the saints was crazy. that's no surprise. that's what they've been doing. we're talking about kamara and ingram running crazy. this was early in the game. think about this. they led 31 to 16 with under three minutes left in the game and lost in overtime. in overtime. that's insanity to me and that goes back to -- i hate to say this because i like jay gruden he's been on this show we talked to him and his staff did a horrible job yesterday. early on in the game when things were going their way. they were doing fine. >> that's enough hate for now whiz.
7:23 am
this. >> channel it into blowing something up in georgia. we'll take a break. >> sad, just sad. (♪♪) (♪♪) it all starts with a wish. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down and a complementary first months payment.
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>> welcome back. 39 degrees in washington. about 50 today for daytime highs so a cool day and your winds which are out of the north and west at nine. they'll be a little breezy up to about 20 later today. otherwise sunny bright and beautiful. see a little leftover lake effect snow there to the north but for us again it will be a cool afternoon but a sunny and bright afternoon an
7:26 am
for traveling. all right, plenty more weather momentarily. erin. >> ♪ >> jam cam 66 getting the worst of it. another crash, this is the third this morning eastbound 66 before fairfax county parkway. it's blocking its shoulder. right now just to get from 234 to the beltway, it's a 47 minute trip. give yourself extra time there. keep it to fox5 news morning. coming up we'll have the very latest live coverage of the georgia dome implosion. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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♪ welcome back. we are waiting for the implosion of the georgia dome home of course to the falcons before they moved over to the swanky merchandise benz stadium right next door my colleague and i steve is in the other studio and we're watching this together. right, steve. >> fascinating al when you think about just how much the costs of stadiums have he is indicated la over the years much this is not a soldier feel. this is not wrigley field it's not a fenway park been around for 100 years much this stadium is only 25 years old. it was built in 1992 at the cost of just over $200 million. and the new stadium the merchandise benz stadium built at a cost of $1.6 billion. in 25 years the cost going
7:30 am
200 million to 1.6 bill john. >> the space will be turned into parking. >> and tailgating. >> tailgating space. all righty. here we go. the implosion of the georgia dome. >> that sounds like the bl bla. it takes usually four seconds to fall. you'll see a quick puff of smoke and typically from the corners and then you'll see the entire stadium just fall apart literally takes a couple of seconds to do so. >> steve, fascinating how they can do it in so safely. isn't it. >> it's so close. >> it's around everything else. residence there and the new stadium right next door. >> i was in pittsburgh when they imploded three rivers. it was literally 20 yards away from the new stadium and they had glass windows on the new one. they literally put up curtains over the glass windows and win 20 yards no damage not even a scratch. >> right. >> they can just orchestrate
7:31 am
go off perfect also always the chance they won't but they've got it down to a pretty close science. >> still waiting. i mean in its 25 years it had ill luce industrious history with all the bowls played there, right? >> peach bowl. celebration bowl. >> peach bowl played there. georgia tech's home field. it was the home to two super bowl, 27 and 34. interesting, too, allison, atlanta likes to destroy their stadiums in short amount of time because turner feel the baseball stadium was only around for -- that's a warning right there. >> turner field was around for less than 20 years for the braves. braves just moved into new stadium last year as well. georgia tech which had played here in the georgia dome now moving over to turner field which has been reconfigured for football. so georgia tech moving out of one old stadium into another old stadium. but it's just bizarre to me how the city of atlanta and this dome was built with a los
7:32 am
money how the steve atlanta can get through its football and baseball stadium both of them blow through them in less than 25 years. >> right. i wonder where people are. if there's much more fanfare going on it. doesn't it seem pretty still. i guess people are away watching this in a safe distance but as we wait i guess everybody else weights much this was supposed to happen at 7:30 just 7:32 right now. >> a lot of times when they do this in cities it depends -- >> here we go, steve. >> here we go. >> here we go. >> they'll have parties up above in the skyscraper. >> here we to. in four seconds we should see the end of the georgia dome. >> there it goes. >> whoa! >> that's incredible. of course we're showing two different screens you can see up close on the left and a birds eye view on the right. with that 25 seasons up in sm smoke. >> doesn't ache take long at all. >> no. >> stadium, you know, just a couple years after opening day had weather problems and then they got hit by tornado tha
7:33 am
ended up being the beginning of the end for the georgia dome. now officially imploded it will be them knew tailgating facility and put up some hotels kind of like what they're doing in dallas right now to make the game day experience even better. let's switch right now gets to politic. 7:33. opening statements begin today in the first trials related to the inauguration day protests and the riots here in washington. it was ten months ago today that president trump was sworn in. some protests as we saw became violent with injuries, property damage in all more than 230 people were arrested. 200 now facing felony or misdemeanor charges here to help sort it former federal james kook yo who serve as counsel to robert mueller now partner at morris and forward. >> go good to see you this morning. first of all, why take so long or is this not a long amount of time? >> it's not that long. there's incredible number of defendants in this case, 200 total. very complicated legal issues, first amendment issues and
7:34 am
logics jess ticks of bringing this many people to trial is complicated. >> some of the defendants taking a big chance. some opting to not taking individual trials or deals. we're in this in group. smaller groups that were put together. big risk for them to do this or is it -- they're safety in numbers. >> sure. they all face multiple charges, those charges statutory maximums and some of the folks are facing up to possibly 60 years but that's unlikely anybody will get that much time. zen tension guidelines and the judge has discretion to go down i think they probably are teague ago risk here they have a first amendment defense that they feel like they might be able to boat this and maybe just the principal is worth it. >> so just to put this out there and no real easy way to say this ask except for the fact we heard the president's stance when it came to protests in charlottesville, anti fascists. some of the people arrested. any nouns from the white house on this because this was at the presidenti
7:35 am
people hearing this case or can these folks literally get, you know, legitimately get a fair trial. >> the folks who are bringing these cases are career professionals. there's not too much political influence. obviously it's d.c. and there's going to be some oversight but i think this is a message from d.c. that we'll try to take care of these things. keep our city a little more, um, sane during these types of thing. so i don't think it's really politically motivated in that regard. >> some of the folks here as you mentioned as well could face lengthy jail sentences. dozens of years, some potentially up to 60 years will we see that, anybody as an example or can somebody get it and then somebody else get probation or shorter zen tans. is that possible. >> yeah. >> it's unlikely anybody would get 60 years. it's possible and so you're always taking a risk when you go to trial that way. probably unlikely. obviously some folks dec decided it's better to try to get a lower sentence guaranteed than to try to take the risk, roll the dice and get a higher sentence there's been 20 guilty
7:36 am
which will guarantee a lower time in prison if any. >> do prosecutors want to try these people individually or do prosecutors want to try everybody as a group? >> there's always some benefit to getting people altogether. because then you can bring a lot of evidence against person a that you might not be able to bring unless you had person b at the table. on the other hand, it can be very complicated especially if the proof against one defendant is much greater than proof against another defendant. it may be more likely for that other defendant to get acquitted. there's a lot of tactical moves here. and i think there's -- the judge also broken these up into different pods to be logistic klee easier to bring as well. >> we'll seat first group go today but these may extend well into the new year, right. >> absolutely. i think i've heard there's been trials scheduled as far out as november of next year. with 200 defendants a lot of people to get in, give them tried, get them together. get the juries together. quiet bit undertaking. >> right. one of the people who
7:37 am
lot of names have come out or pries zen to the top at least in the public inspector one claims to be journalist who is facing the same charges as lost other people who were there. any leeway for that person in this or not? >> there's lot of fascinating first amendment issues here. all the folks in number one they had the right to protest under the first amendment the people who said they were journalist assert their right to cover it as a press. very interesting to see how that works out. the judge rejected a pretrial motion to say that all this activity is protected with the first amendment but the defendants can raise that at trial. i think that's going to be a big theme. even if it's not legally sufficient that may hit home for some juries to say, you know, this is protected right. we shouldn't be holding people criminally responsible for exercising that right. >> if the first group goes today, say the first group gets probation, very light sentence does that impact the rest or look at in individual ways. >> i think if you're prosecutor you'll think about this and defense attorney you'll think about what precedent to sets. are they
7:38 am
fall they're acquitted maybe u.s. trance office rethinks going forward f they're convicted maybe more people take a deal. i think you're right. the sentencing which also affect that as well. it will be a lot of press dental value in terms of predict wagon will happen in the future rounds from this case. >> that's fascinating. keep a close eye on it. thanks james for joining us this morning. 7:38. take a short break. back with more fox5 news morning coming up rider aft this. ♪ i used to feed off the adrenaline rush of black friday. i was mainlining 5 or 6 sales in one day.
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♪ vehicle recall to talk about on this monday morning. honda recalling about 900,000 odyssey mini vans after reports of multiple injuries. problem is, the second row seats might tip forward in they're not properly latched after they're a adjusted. recall covers add desi mini vans dating back to 2011. all the way up to 2017. for directions on how to fix the issue, honda says there is a safety instruction sheet found on its website. airlines are reducing flight bumping according to the department of transportation companies are now bumping a record low number of passengers from over sold flights. during july, august and september, airlines hit a record low since 1955. spirit, frontier and southwest bump the largest share of passengers
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jet blue and united boast the lowest. americans getting cheap this holiday season overall holiday spending expected to rise. nearly half of americans don't plan on purchasing any gifts worth more than $50. this according to new survey just 20% of respondents plan on spending $100 on single gift. 12% say not buying anything at all. >> what? >> there. >> don't you ascribe to that. >> not in the 12%. maybe in 20%. >> coming up next, octavia spencer sits down with kevin mccarthy to talk about her new movie the shape of water. >> plus newly elected virginia lawmaker danica roem hits the red carpet. did you see it? >> we'll be right back.
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welcome back, everybody. let's check out what's coming up on good day. shall we, steve? okay. [ laughter ] who stood out and who bombed on the red carpet at american music awards? we've got our fun fashion panel assembled. >> and wisdom and kevin going head to head over justice league. this should be good actually. i already am getting a sneak peek that there may be differing opinions here. eighths movie matchup sure to be entertaining. >> and forget the oven and friar, why not smoke your turkey this thanksgiving? the folks from smoke house live in leesburg are going to be here to show us how. >> wow. plus a very special pay it forward you do not want to miss when fox5 gets help for a local chess cb
7:46 am
girls. >> very cool. >> near and dear to my heart. local toy maker gets a huge break thanks to shark tank and her signature toy is flying off the shelf. >> how about the forecast? >> when you fry a turkey you stick it on the grill. >> that picture -- we were smoking a turkey. not frying it. >> okay. >> we'll show how to smoke a turkey. >> that look like put it on like a cheeseburger. no don't do that. > might take awhile. >> pay close attention. >> no, you don't. not even close. >> let's go to the forecast. we're starting sunny today. it is little breezy and chilly out there. overnight lows back in the 30s even here in the city 39 degrees. cool afternoon. about 50 later today but again with the sunshine it will feel pretty good. and most importantly we'll be dry. not only today but the next several days. so hopping in the car to grandma's house wherever you may be going in the next couple of days, locally we look good. by locally i mean up and down the eastern seaboard. dry but chilly
7:47 am
40s for daytime highs. cold enough we hit freezing here now in winchester 32. culpeper down to 28. fredericksburg 30 degrees. 39 here in the city this mor morning. 37 in leonardtown. want to give quick shout out to hagerstown. hagerstown made the through your region this weekend beautiful. 36 this morning for you in hagerstown. all right. looking at a wind chill again winds out of the north and west about ten. making it feel like 20's for everybody. you'll want to winter coat this morning and not a whole lot in the way of warming temperatures later today. cool afternoon with highs about 50. lake effect snows continue across northern pennsylvania. that's about it. we've got high pressure to our south that will deliver plenty of sunshine today with dry conditions and cool conditions lter today. we'll be cold tonight and then a bit of a warmup this area of high pressure had slip offshore and our winds will shift out of the south and south and west tomorrow. near 60 tomorrow with dry conditions. again most importantly i know everybody is traveling the next couple of days, we got dry conditions to look forward to. thursday 48 for daytime high it will be chilly at night
7:48 am
the skins giants game thursday night 8:00 their. temperatures falling back into the 30s bundle up for that. otherwise, we look great next couple of days. next weekend look good too for all things shopping erin. >> started my shopping i would like to proudly say. tucker i got your present on friday night. >> did you really? >> i really did. i saw it and i said that screams tucker barnes. >> did you already drink it? >> what? did did you bring it already. >> it's not drinkable but a good one. >> he's not going to like it. >> cliff hanger. [ laughter ] >> steve, he will like it. unfortunately we don't like the traffic right now. 66 eastbound 234 to the beltway. 51 minute trip. still getting a worse of the commute from gainsville, manassas and centreville much northbound route 1 after rosdale court there is a crash blocking all lanes you'll are have to detour around that keep to 95 through woodbridge. up to 35 minute trip 95 to the two spent spur on the outer l loop. bum to per to bumper traffic a lot of congestion. no crashes up there. give yourself extra time. inner loop looks nic
7:49 am
crash cleared northbound bw parkway at 450 but southbound side remains really heavy down toward fief team i would say your best bet beltway to different point of entrance for 50 on through keep it in mind 50 dealings with lot of traffic from 202 to 295. new york avenue very heavy northeast past bladensburg road as usual typical volume suitland parkway inbound to south cap capitol. 210 northbound in fort washington heavy traffic from livingston road to the beltway. southbound 295 from the maryland line to the 11th street bridge ten minute ride average speeds 13 miles an hour and there's look at that commute on 210, 10 miles per hour average. allow for extra time once you get to the beltway. in your opinion jams to 295. 295 sluggish off the bottom side of the belt wage look at the red zone 48 minutes 270 from 109 to the local lane split. again leave early we're seeing metro on the blue and yellow line getting back to normal after earlier issues outside pentagon. back to you guys. >> 2500 prince george's county familiar unless need will get a turkey dinner c
7:50 am
washington redskins it happens today the redskins charrable foundation will gift thanksgiving food baskets to those residents at 15th annual harvest feast. great thing the skins do of y year. current redskins an lump night will join more than 150 volunteers to distribute those baskets at fed ex feel. so one of those folks get a chance to meet some of the players and team officials. >> yes. >> get that much needed holiday meal. >> winning off the field. >> great thing the skins do. time for the fox beat right now. the new movie the shape of water hits theaters in couple of weeks. >> set in baltimore in the 1960s. our kevin mccarthy sat down with one of the stars of the film octavia spence. >> i did. here's the thing. beauty of this job i get to talk about movies before they become huge. earlier on friday i reviewed three billboards which is new film coming out as well. this is going to be a massive oscar contender called the shape of water. let's take look at a slip of this new sci-fi fantasy film. watch this. >> ♪ come
7:51 am
hurry, hurry. >> she deaf? >> mute, sir. she can hear you. >> you clean that lab. you get out. >> all right. so the movie tells the story of a human -- getting involved with a sea creature. that is the story of about the film they fall in love directed by torro. >> wait a minute. she calls in love with the sea creature. >> she does. is that jason mamoa. >> no. >> we've seen this before. >> aqua man. >> remember splash. >> yeah. that was like a mermaid. still a sea creature. >> go ahead. >> in it ways the movie stars michael shannon, sally hawkins and octavia spencer. sally hawkins an oscar nominee and she
7:52 am
communicates through sign language i spoke to her and octavia spencer about the challenges and i surprised octavia with one of the best quotes she ever received from director. watch this. >> there's a great scene where is obviously you're doing the incredible sign language i know you learned how how to do that specifically your character is translating for her. >> um-hmm does that mean both of you fully know how to sign or were you performing knowing what she -- did you learn that as well? >> we -- ooh learn all of the dialogue in our scenes her dialogue and my dialogue. so that i can understand what she was actually saying and i won, you know, you don't want to go too fast because you know people who know sign language would know she hasn't said that yet you interpreted it. you want to be at her pace. >> yeah. it is so much -- so complicated and detailed in that way that you have to do -- you have to real dollar it justice. >> um-hmm. >> and yet, her own sign language is not contemporary sign language it's of the time, and how
7:53 am
>> yes. >> you want to, um, honor that and honor the asl community but she's not deaf. >> right. >> so you sort of learn it, you learn as much as you can and i tried to worked with a deaf, um, two definite teachers. >> i love this quote so much. this is quote from torro. when octavia looks at uh-uh feel like you are forgiven for your since. >> have you read -- have you heard that? >> no. >> say it again. >> when octavia looks at uh-uh feel like you are forgiven for your sins. >> i love him for that. >> and this was in reference to the idea that he casts people a lot on their eyes. i was wondering if you could speak on that what quote means to you but also the idea of like he says 50% of his casting is really is eyes. >> i didn't know that. um, that's so beautiful. somebody said something about the eyes before you came in. but that right there just -- >> here we go. >> moment where you're
7:54 am
interviewed by michael shannon. >> he says i'm interviewing the help. i was just wondering as you were standing there shooting that scene, does your mind go to the movie only because it's such iconic role, i'm wondering what happens in your head when he says that line? >> i loved it. i love it. because, you know, but there are a loft those in the film. when you watch the footage, you know, when you watch giles and he will liza i love we get -- the help gets to be part of this filmography and his love letter even if it wasn't -- i don't know if it was intentional. but i loved it. i thought it was great. >> so here's the basic idea behind this film. octavia spencer and sally hawkins they are custodians in a government lab a sea creature is brought in and that's where the relationship starts with sally hawkins character and the sea creature played by her doug jones. everyone is looking at me like i'm crazy. >> in baltimore. >> in baltimore. >> right. >> the director if we can show his photo
7:55 am
labyrinth, pacific rim and also a film called -- he's an mazing the devil's back bone. the movie opens december 8th. mark my words best picture nomination, director nomination, best actress nomination. no question. >> we'll trust you. >> for octavia, g sally hawkins. >> octavia could get nominated. doug jones who plays the creature himself 90% prosthetics, really there,. >> best baltimore sea creature movie you've ever seen. [ laughter ] >> hands down. one of the best of the year no question. opens december 8th in the d.c. area. >> allison's face when i said n,. >> it's nasty, kev. it's nasty. thank you very much. >> beauty and the beast. splash. >> that's nasty, too. >> if you watch the ama's newly elected danica roem on the red carpet. center stage at the american music awards. >> looking pretty. >> how in the world did she get there? got a personal invite from singer lemme lovato. that's how you get totterer carpenter at the ama. lovato
7:56 am
together. she says her addition to attend with roam em was in line with the anti bullying message of her song "sorry not sorry". >> big moment locally at the ama's last night. >> way to go. >> okay. tucker barnes, good morning, sir. >> did they pull that sea creature out of the baltimore harbor i believe it then. >> i'm getting a lot of tweets from our viewers saying i love octavia spencer and sign language i'll definitely see this movie. >> people are excited about the sign language. a fully mute character. >> 40 now in washington. chilly start to the day. chilly afternoon about fief tow for daytime highs but plenty of sunshine and nice quiet weather conditions. here's the good news only today but the next several days. traveling we're in good shape weather wise. can't promise the roads are going to be car free. i'll let erin tell you about that. 51 today. >> i think love is blind. i want to see that movie. >> right now, as we take look at silver spring, we are dealing with a crash it's randolph road at new h
7:57 am
vehicle blocking the left lane. back up traffic in montgomery county. 66 eastbound still nasty nasty ride this morning. getting the worst of it from 234 to the belt wage it's going to take you just under an hour. very heavy traffic. 29 bail out traffic and 234 as well as 28 dealing with a lot of heavy traffic. we'll have more on your commute next. back to you guy. >> still ahead 8:00 o'clock most people are planning to stuff themselves with turkey and all the trimmings on this thursday. >> and we have some thanksgiving swaps for to you take a look at so you don't have to worry about the scale on friday. we'll see. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> 8:00 a.m. on monday, novembes what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> almost a year after chaos interrupted during the pres presidents to inauguration several people arrested for rioting will go on trial today. what might they face? live report coming up. plus, notorious cult leader charlie manson dead at 83. a look at the dark mark that he left on american history. the search is on for the suspect behind a sexual assault and a local university. police say the person behind the crime could be a ride share driver. we have details on the investigation. first though live look outside at 8:00 o'clock on this monday morning. we'll have weather and traffic coming up on the 5's
8:01 am
8:00 with what is happening now. support the of several people due to go on trial today for their roles in the inauguration day riots here in d.c. are beginning to show up at court. >> ahead of openings statements which begin in just a few hours. among those on trial today, a journalist who faces felony charges and decades in prison if convicted. bob barnard live outside of d.c. superior court with more. bob? >> reporter: hey, steve and allison. we were here last week for jury selection which is a rather mundane part of the trial process, and the courtroom was packed then. opening statements due to begin at 10:30 this morning. we're expecting the same hear members of the j20 d.c. based protest organization that led the protests. we can show you the video from ten months ago today. the morning of january 20th. these were protesters upset that donald trump was becoming president that day. more than 200 of them were arrested. charged with felonies destruction of property, conspiracy to riot, and all of
8:02 am
the first six being tried together this morning facing up t 60 years in prison if conv convicted. now, one of those going on trial today is one of the nine journalists arrested on jan january 20th. charges were dropped against seven of them. still two of them are facing trial now. one of them alexa wood a videographer from texas was here he was doing a facebook life that morning also taking still images. he is also being tried with -- for conspiracy to riot and destruction of property. again, one of those facing up to 60 years in prison if they're convicted. trial gets underway with opening statements at 10:30 this morning, guys, here at d.c. superior court. and they are expecting the courtroom on the second floor to be crowded again this morning. >> no bout, bob, thanks. another big story this morning. notorious cult leader charles manson dead at the age of 83. >> manson spent nearly his entire life in prison, died of natural causes. our maureen umeh joins us now with
8:03 am
leader. mo. >> charles manson will forever be known as one of america's most knot notorious criminals in the 1960 he start the cult known as the family. preached to followers he was the second coming of christ. and was able to convince them to commit horrible acts of murder. in august of 1969, he masterminded infamous killing spree. he persuaded his followers to slaughter actress sharon tate and in her home and five others. then killed two more the next day. >> almost unbelievable. because more like a absolute house. >> they committed these murders in an tempt to start a black white race war to take over the power in this country, they w wanted to destroy society. >> manson's call to that race war helter skelter he was arrested for the killings in december of 1969 and he never took responsibility for the murders. >> i never broke nobody's will. i never told anybody to do anything other than what they
8:04 am
wanted to do. >> manson was sentenced to nine consecutive life terms. he was denied parole 12 times and he died prisoner at 83 years old. one of his followers died in prison eight years ago. three others remain behind bars. allison and steve? all right, maureen, thanks very much. time is now 8:04. 17-year-old who was shot in the head over the weekend in annapolis has died. it happened along president street on saturday. investigators believe the teenager terry bosley knew his killer. reports indicate that bosley was walking with a group of people when someone in the group shot him. the group then got into a car and drove off. a gofundme page has been set up for bosley's funeral expenses. the page is already raised more than $6,500. ♪ all right. well, that used to be the ba goodell. crumbled down to the ground you saw it here live on fox5 just about half hour ago much the dome was home to the atlanta falcons for 25 seasons. the falcons current home
8:05 am
mercedes-benz stadium opened this summer right next door. took 5,000 bounds of explosives to bring the dome down. the only stadium in the world to have hosted an olympics, a super bowl and a final four. >> wasn't around long. >> 25 years. >> all right. >> all righty. >> i had girlfriends younger than that. >> what? >> that might be the most awkward transition we've ever heard. >> some thing we -- >> do you want to follow up or let that one go. >> yeah. >> i'm just kidding. >> let's go to the forecast. >> tucker barnes. >> sunny and 50 later today. >> we have no idea where you were going with that. >> weirded out. sun night and cool. temperatures they're not going to budge a whole lot later this afternoon. 40 at reagan national. 36 dulles and 38bwi marshall. cool overnight and we're in for a chilly one this afternoon with still breezes out of the north and we have about to ten to 15 but lots of sunshine to look forward to. quiet weather not only today but next several days keep it nice and quiet weather wise. i know everybody is hitting the roads the next few
8:06 am
at the seven day coming up in just a minute. 51 today. >> now i can't wait. >> the stadium wasn't that old. 25 years. >> okay. just your way of analogy but that's okay. erin g morning. >> good morning. some updates for you on your morning commute. earlier crash all lanes block temporarily northbound route 1 after rosdale court has cleared. delays linger. 7-mile per hour average as you make your way through woodbridge on route 1 northbound. 95 northbound clearing up a bit but keep in mind boulevard in both directions heavier traffic. eastbound 6650 minute -- 51 minutes actually holding strong between 234 and the beltway. ton of congestion left over from earlier crashes. 29 unfortunately dealing with bail out traffic so get an early start. backing up on randolph road at new hampshire avenue in silver spring in the distance there's crash so very heavy traffic especially as you make your way inbound on randolph road at new hampshire avenue that crash involving an overturned car. again, 66 dealing with those delays. the 270 stretch of thing really backed up as well this camera by shady grove. so watch out for
8:07 am
minute to an hour slow down from 70 down to the beltway. outer loop 40 minute red trip from 95 to the spur a lot of heavy congestion there. you can always take eastwest highway if you want to do that. then as you make your way out on 210 livingston road up to the beltway average speeds under 15 miles an hour. just a lot of extra congestion there as well. things in brandywine backing up five at the 301 it there split. inner loop not terrible across the wilson bridge. we do have volume to the key bridge from georgetown, fresh rosland into georgetown rather and we're still very heavy passed east capitol street down to 10 miles per hour as you make your way 295 southbound. keep up you updated on your commute. suitland parkway to south capitol back to you allison and steve. >> thanks very much. seven minutes past the hour. in northern virginia, federal investigators now involved in the search for these three missing teenagers from prince county. they are worried that the teens could be in danger but not really doing any mr. details than that. their pictures on the screen. ashley,
8:08 am
shamira wright left the bristow area maybe driving a silver lon today crv. >> the search for sexual assault suspect who attacked someone on local college campus. >> that suspect could be a ride share driver. fox5's melanie alnwick is live at american university now. mel? >> reporter: good morning, city and allison. yeah it really isn't clear whether this person was actually a ride sharing driver or just pretending to be one. not a lot of details forthcoming at this point from menu. however, their public safety office did tweet out the campus wide alert that you'll see here. tweeted this out little before sick p.m. last night warnings are also being posted on campus wide shuttle buses and bull ton boards now the assault happened not real until a remote area. this was outside the mary gray den center sort of the student union the main gathering hall there and the main campus of american universit
8:09 am
and 4am sunday so perhaps it wasn't very populated at the time. now the victim told d.c. police that he or she believed the suss suspect was operating as they call eight vehicle for hire. so that would be maybe a lyft or uber driver or some sort of service like there. there are no other details. except to say that the two did not know each other and police are calling it a sex offense. we have had instances reports, stories we've done in the past where there was a mistaken driver or an imposter driver somehow involved in a crime or an assault. so american university public safety is putting out these tips for people who do use these ride sharing services. many of them just common sense but good to keep in mine. only use the company app to request a ride. verify the idea of the driver and the car before getting into the vehicle. sometimes weeble just assume it's the car and they go and jump in and want to get going. if you're using a taxi company, use only a licensed company and then share your ride
8:10 am
threw the app or text that ride info including the driver, the company you're getting in with to people who need to know and travel in groups in possible if assaulted try to take note of the perpetrator's clothing appearance or any other details that would help police in the investigation. so the way we understand itty dc police initiated this investigation. they are continuing to work the investigation. but they are sharing all the details with american university police. live in north we have, melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> mel, thank you very much. republican senator gets candid about the president without realizing it much coming was that senator jeff flake said when he thought his mike was turned off. >> jeffrey tam burn leaving his show. what the actor is saying about the move this morning. what if there was only one paper? now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
i see that. i'll bet laugh, too. >> yup. you can see from this picture she's also extremely and i do mean extremely photogenic. >> she shower is. >> super duper cute. looking good in pink this morning. congratulations to her mom valerie who nominated her this morning. we think you're great and we thank you for watching us every morning waking up with us. >> absolutely. valerie, hope you have a fantastic day today. go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. and we like cute pictures like hell lanny'. >> you need to wear outside today. >> not the right outfit for outdoors today. 40 and we still got brisk wind out of the north and we have this morning. our daytime highs about 50 later today. it will be a nice looking day. plenty of sunshine and winds will lighten up this afternoon which is good news. all right. let's see. let's talk about the rest of the country. a lost people are traveling. not terribly extreme. i mean it's cold in spots it should be and correspondly in places it typically is like in florida. as far as traveling today, getting out of tow
8:15 am
trouble spots really north of san francisco, oregon, washington, more than cali california, a big storm up there and most of the country fairly quiet. going down to florida today or texas or out towards chicago all systems go for easy flight. i can't guarantee you the flight will be easy but at least weather wise should shouldn't many complication. 60 tomorrow. cooler by wednesday, thursday and friday. however, notice the sunshine all week long. nice, quiet work week, and that means perhaps less trouble on the roadways. >> we? to get through this morning. erin says that's the challenge right now. >> yes, steve. that is 100% accurate. we have crowded roads. we also have new metro delay for you. huntington off loading at the airport. there's a medical emergency. watch for some delays picking up for your metro rail line the yellow line once again. also 47 minute trip 234 to the beltway on 66 eastbound. easing a bit but still very heavy 66 threw manassas in centreville getting the worst of theom
8:16 am
top side of the beltway outer loop 95 to the 270 spur we are dealing with a 38 minute trip because of congestion out there. also a crash on eastwest highway out by beach drive so if that's your bailout, just keep in mind that could be causing additional slow downs on eastwest high wage inner loop looks good as you make your way toward bw parkway. 41 minute trip taking live look by shady grove road lot of stop gone traffic local and main lanes of 270 southbound. so again red zone toward the beltway and spurs backing up. american legion bridge dealing with heavier traffic as well on the in your opinion. things on 210 coming up from fort washington down to 16 miles per hour. dealing with a lot of congestion there. other than that in alexandria old town dealing with typical congestion on the secondaries. inner loop from branch avenue to 210 dealing with some shop and go traffic. and then as you makeover way on 295 keep in mind from 50 on down once you get into the district this is out by kenilworth avenue, 11 minutes from the maryland line to the 11th street bridge. eleventh street bridge heavy. 395 hasn't been getting the worst of the commute this morning. 25 minute throw slow down in the
8:17 am
the 14th street bridge. 50 inbound slow 202 to 295 from the beltway to new york avenue northeast. nine minute ride. most of the congestion before 295. we'll keep up it dad dated on your commute. outer loop congestion coming up to and from if you have tee. that's your traffic. back to you steve. 8:17 right now. the depth of homeland security investigating the death of us border patrol agent. 36-year-old agent martinez died of injuries he sustained while respond to go border activity yesterday in texas' big bend area. after the incident, president trump push the need for his proposed border wall by tweeting, we will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. we will and must build the wall. >> come the party of roy moore and donald trump. we are the host. >> i'm not throwing smoke at you. you're the guy that could just for fun think how much fun it would be just to be the foil and to point out what an idiot this guy is. >> arizona senator jeff flake spilling his candid feelings about the president on a
8:18 am
mike. the senator not aware that that mike was still on. the incident came after a speaking event in arizona now really not a surprise here because flake has been an open critic of the president in previously announced he will not run for re-election in 2,018 the president waste nothing time hitting back at the comments tweeting senator jeff flaky who is unelectable in the great state of arizona was caught purposely on mike misspell but in quotes saying bad things about your favorite president. the president making had he lines for tweeting about through u cr uc la basketball players a reffed in china for shoplifting and release only after president trump intervened on their be behalf. after lavar ball brush off the extent to which the president helped his other the president responded and said he would have left them in jail. shoplifting is a very big in china as it should be but not to father lavar. should have got his son out to my next china to -- trip to china instead.
8:19 am
ingrateful. they hanged the president for their release last week. >> 8:18. jeffrey tam burr will not return to transparent after two people on the set of the amazon production accused him of sexual harass. one actress who appears on the show said he pressed his body against hers in sexually aggressive manner and made unwanted sexual comments. he denies these claims and said sunday quote given the politicized atmosphere that seems to have a flicked our set, i don't see how i can return to transparent. meanwhile hiphop mogul russell salamons denying allegations he sexually assault add former model 26 years ago. while film maker brett ratner watched didn't nothing. carrie claw son says she was just 17 years old back in 1991 when the incident happened at simmons new york city home. in a statement released on sunday simmons says the incident the model describes as as was completely consensual and with
8:20 am
>> you see the whole thing with russell simmons and terry crews over the weekend, too. >> i didn't see that. terry crews saying russell simmons sent him an e-mail after terry crews thing saying give the agent a pass. terry crews wheat tweeted out nobody gets a pass. >> interesting developments when it comes to that. back now locally want to alert about scam targeting people in loudoun county. business that installs blinds and shutters has been ripped ripping customers off. the business was called economy blinds and shutters. it closed last year. officials say members of the business would go to homes, take measurements and off an estimate and collect a deposit for material but never come back to finish the installation. >> ugh. >> how does a company even stay in business. >> that happened to me one time. >> anybody who has been examined if it's happened to be make sure you call the loudoun county sheriff's office as soon as you can. >> when it happens you file completely blind sided like what could i have done differently, pun not intended that. >> terrible blind sided. it was a real
8:21 am
not my blinds. coming up the flag that cost the skins a win yesterday. >> well, one of the the reasons. but at that moment, yes, ain't period that what cost them the win. why nfl officials might be giving that call a second look because i know we look at 8,000 times. it hasn't changed for us. maybe for the official it will. ♪ ♪♪
8:22 am
♪♪ what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it. ♪♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit.
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and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪♪
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8:23 right now. time for quick look at sports i promise we'll make it quick because we don't want to talk about this any mr. a lost skins wondering how in the world they lost the game yesterday in the fourth quarter. had the game in the bag. um by 15 points. three minutes to go. more than 99% chance of winning. then the epic come back by new orleans tying the game winning it in overtime. but just before overtime the controversy over that up tension al grounding call. skins at the 34-yard line cousins through the ball away the ball -- try to visualize it throws it to the right past the line of scrimmage. why the flag. that shouldn't be intentional grounded. it took them outfield goal range. nfl sources the league will at mid today they blew it and the call should never have happened. >> we'll talk more about it gone day at 9:00 o'clock. >> okay. i need some -- you need to explain it to me. >> well, we all need to learn something perhaps we can teach the nfl officials something. i don't know. it's one job they have. to know the rule book. i don't know how they screw it up. tucker has one job to
8:25 am
the weather and then on the side teach us things. [ laughter ] >> good morning, professor. >> ♪ >> oh, let's see if the coordination is there witness bell ringing. >> what is this? >> the principal says no more bells. >> we get the seven day. >> you don't get the seven day you get the report card! >> good morning, everybody. let's get to it. i like my intro music. yes, sunshine we got that bright and beautiful today. we'll give that great big a. winds out of the north and west about 20 the its it will be a cool day. daytime highs only about 50 give winds a c. give afternoon temperatures b guess where i'm going dad. >> where. >> i'm going to bin bar west elementary school to teach weather. >> that's awesome. home of the pandas. >> all right. >> we give that an a plus. >> they're the pandas. >> yes. >> a plus plus that's awesome. >> cute pandas. overall a b. >> teacher that music was for because that's the club scene in 1996. >> queue my music. ♪ i'm hot for teacher ♪ >> i going ba to 1984. >> let's go back to 1984
8:26 am
>> trying to give him -- i was adding 12 years on to his life. >> absolutely you have come to the terms professor barnes doesn't care about the grades. he only cares about the song and the walk. >> yeah. >> he has goal every day. >> right. >> not to types. but that's okay. we love you any way. right now we do have some delays. 66 lingering all the lanes from gainsville through manassas in centreville. 52 minute trip to the beltway because of heavy volume. aside from that one we're also dealing with really big dough slow downs on 395. not terrible right now the 14th street bridge getting the worst it in that camera from the beltway to the 14th street bridge 20 minute ride. not as bad as some days. as you make your way out 50 inbound ten minutes to get from the beltway to new york avenue. 20 miles an hour and then the outer loop jamming up through largo up to 50. yellow line back to normal after earlier problems. we got you covered for your morning commute. that's your look at traffic. >> plan to stuff your face with turkey this thursday? >> yes. >> you have to ask. >> in case you weren't we have some thanksgiving swaps for to you
8:27 am
won't be worried about what the scale says on friday. >> i never worried about the scale the day after thank thanksgiving. if you are we'll have help for you. gop day erin will show us thou smoke a turkey. >> what? >> options. >> i was exhausted after that. . ...who work all night and morning to bake fresh brioche buns. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be.
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8:29 am
in the history of people being asked how they like their eggs, we're pretty sure no one's ever said microwaved. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be. 8:29.for those who are not n seymour you'll notice a red tree in the bottom left. that does -- >> orange tree on t
8:30 am
>> that does look very -- >> proving to my theory the tree leaves did change color this year. >> y. >> as much as you like to try to prove me wrong. >> that looks better. >> we've been doing this for 15 years, al, sometimes we agree to disagree like we'll do now when it comes to food. some of us stretching looking fog stretch chest sweat pants we need the turkey pants. >> yeah we do stuffing pants. >> after thanksgiving. certainly all day all evening affair not even to the leftovers talking about cocktails, appetizers, the main course, the dessert and midnight snacks. >> you cannot insult the cook. you have to eat it all. you don't have to eat the scale. our friend or frenemy dr. shilpi agalwar joins us now with some painless swaps that your guests will probably enjoy. >> yeah. >> we still want it to taste good. maybe either eat little more or -- >> you looking for the bean casserole you might not get the bean casserole good what are we looking at? >> thanksgiving you don't have to give up that taste, right? i just want you guys to be aware
8:31 am
you can spend your calories where you really want to. you don't have to blow them all in one thing. >> okay. >> two main things you have to remember. when it comes to saving cal calories, don't sacrifice the taste but if a recipe calls for something like butter or something heavy cream, you can always swap out about half to a third of that for yogurt. that's your healthy alternative. >> how does that taste. >> and texture. >> sounds gross. >> similar taste. most of the main fat is coming still from that butter g what kind of yogurt are we talking about? >> either use greek yogurt or 2% to full fat yogurt that's still going to be healthier than using all of that butter product. >> all right. the second thing we'll talk about the sugar swaps for that. but the green beans themselves, two versions, right. your typical green bean casserole or thick green beans way lot of butter all you have to do is sub that out by cooking it in olive oil and springily crispy onions that cut your calories in half. >> i get that. >> over 200 calories on the green bean casserole with all the nuts and the good stuff
8:32 am
same flavor under 100 calories. >> okay. >> big difference there. >> thumbs up to that one. >> save hundred calories we can put elsewhere. the cranberry. sauce, it comes in little slices add it on. >> this is what i normally do. >> from the can. >> famous. >> instead of that, tons of sugar 24 grams of sugar straight out of the can. >> what about the light cranberry sauce in the can? >> i still think sacrifice taste. better off doing the relish which people cook on the stove. it makes that cranberry have its natural sweetness a little bit tart which people say they like. >> it is a little tart. >> yeah. the. >> time saving of opening that can though. >> i just like the taste of it if i'm honest. >> 67 calories less than 10 grams of sugar this is 24 gallons grams of sugar. save all of that for dessert. >> that's good point. we'll give that you one. a spoon of that. >> on to potatoes. everybody hits the mashed potatoes no matter who you are. but mashed potatoes there's a lot that stuff goes into it you put cream cheese and things like that. >> to make them glares. >> shows you how much i cook but the regular mashed potatoes better option is going to be a sweet potato version g
8:33 am
>> potato is healthier. instead of using all of that cream and butter that i was telling you guys, half a cup of the greek yogurt gives that it thickness. added protein and you don't have as many calories. this is 100 calories versus 220. >> i feel like you need to test these meals on small group first. >> yeah with the yogurt. >> not family members. >> you would actually like this. you couldn't tell the difference except for the color. >> okay. >> all right. so everybody's favorite part dessert. >> yes. >> i'll safe room for dessert this will shock you guys. the pies, everyone hits the pie station. pumpkin pieces versus pecan pie. we always hit up the pecan pie. >> so good. >> almost 700 calories. >> yeah. that's a killer. >> 250 calories if you pick pumpkin pie and whipped cream on that. i would suggest going with that. much less sugar. much less fat. fewer calories and you can have other stuff. >> as long as you're a sweet potato family and not a pumpkin pie familiarly. >> that's better. pecan pie, the problem is this. the nuts are healthy but the way that they're presented
8:34 am
>> i mean -- >> carl mobilized. >> the crust is thicker the filling in it is all sugar. >> i didn't know how many calories. >> it's a lot. >> 800 depending how big your slice is. >> don't tell me i'm trading in my apple pie for of a apple with cinnamon. >> very healthy alternative. >> i have no doubt. >> yes. so this you can brown up an apple in the oven with brown sugar, cinnamon and then you can put the whipped cream right on top. >> ship pee, we're to the doing that. >> let's tack about the turkey. what about the turkey. >> that was solid no. >> a no on that one. >> what about with almond butter. >> no. >> move on. >> turkey, gravy, let's get to the good stuff.& >> and the stuffing. >> turkey pull off the skin. that's where lost calories are. that's where a lot of high fat couldn't ten lies. >> okay. >> the stuffing -- >> is there good way to prepare what's the best way? a lot people like fried turkey, smoked turkey. case cajunur
8:35 am
>> baked turkey will be or healthiest option if you have bake and deep fried limit the am on the deep fried and be very careful you guys we always hear those accidents with the deep friar. >> how about the stuffing and gravy because gravy is key. >> yeah. >> so for those you want to lighten them up. by adding lighter oils you don't have to add as much butter or margarine, hopefully not margarine don't use those butter products light on the sodium too. remember that. because it's not going to be assault tee. then for the stuffing, you can useless bread and you can add more of the sort of vegetables or things that you add to make it beef it up. >> might be get a hard know no on that one too. >> we love you for it. >> we're giving i was hard time. being a doctor downer. >> if you can pick a few of these you saved yourself. >> you can save four or 500. >> as long as there's no greek yogurt in the turkey. >> yeah. >> tucker barnes this is how do you it better. thanks shilpi. >> drink you only drink six coor lights instead of 12 you save a
8:36 am
>> the light beer helps. >> half the amount that the this weekend. 40 in washington. 50 this afternoon notice all the 20s off to the north and west. we've had a few spots including manassas and culpeper hit the freezing mark. my camera moving. certainly cool enough that you'll need a jack later today with daytime highs about 50. there's your satellite/radar. little bit of lake effect snow still to our north we're looking at sunshine and quiet conditions today. here's the great news. traveling this week, weather wise not going to be a factor. we are going to have a couple cool days. but for most part dry conditions expected right through next weekend. 51 today. take a jacket. you'll want it still breezy out there with winds out of the west there up to about 20. >> all right. my job has been easy. erin not so much. >> you're doing great job today. >> thank you. >> motivation monday. >> that's tweet. right now unfortunately more metro delays pick up again. wiehle bound silver line off loading at greensboro a door problem next train at tyson's
8:37 am
place now it's 8:36. yellow line delays to hunning ton. earl err yes medical emergency at national airport. aside from metro problems let's move over to the roads. look at in silver spring. dealing with delays northbound connecticut of a viers mill crash blocking the right lane there. then as you make your way out nasty crash 95 northbound at back lick roadblocking receipt lane. it looks like two right lanes block. left lane getting by in the main lanes not adding to the nice conditions tour the beltway and 66 still just about an hour commute from 234 to the bell way. heavy delays headed inbound 29 still dealing with bailout traffic. 270 southbound about 45 minutes from 109 to the local lane sp split. then college park the outer loop heavy knife to georgia. back to you guys. >> erin, thank you very much. we'll check on what's coming up on good day next. >> yes, we are. we'll be right back. stay with us. don't go any. where happy thanksgiving.
8:38 am
8:39 am
well it's a perfect nespresso morning here, george. hold on a second. mmm. ♪ ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above?
8:40 am
nespresso. what else? ♪ this holiday season the the around the national christmas tree. they will will headline this year's annual christmas tree lighting ceremony. why then nan the texas tenors will be featured. the tree lighting is november 30th the whole ceremony will be broadcast on hallmark channel on december 4th. >> very cool. always an exciting time here in washington. >> it is. always an exciting time at 9:00 a.m. every day monday through friday. let's check in with holly and wisdom find out what's
8:41 am
on good good day. >> it lab good one. good day dc all over the big stories including a sex assault at a local university and get this, the suspect could be a ride share driver. we're live. >> we're also following a big national story one of the most notorious serial killers of our time is found dead. we have much more on the death of charles manson. >> plus we are going to start off thanksgiving week we'll do it right. do it with a special pay it forward. shhh. do you want to miss how fox forward hopes one program empowering girls. >> what time is it? >> it's that time. >> time to put up that good day guest list. holly? >> i'm going to take it a it way. here we go. good day fashion police activated aft late noose's american music awards. fab or fail sleigh or nay time whatever you want to call it. we're talk about who rock it, who bombed it on the red carpet. you can find that owl out 10:15. >> also at 10am, i'm going to head to head with devin mccarthy over the new justice league move z you know i love super hero movies much i love them all it's a
8:42 am
and better than superman versus batman. >> hmm. that some hype there. forget the oven and the friar. how about you smoke your turkey this thanksgiving? the folks from smoke house live in leesburg will be here and show us how it's done. >> a local toy maker gets a huge break thanks to tack shank and now her signature toy is flying off the shelves. she'll be here with us and she'll be life. >> number one good day dc only 18 minutes away. >> wisdom, i got the bell from tucker i've been practicing it's still works. so i can ring that -- there it is. >> i can ring eight bunch for you and kevin. >> you know i always whoop kevin any way. >> look, i know that. everybody knows that. but he's right here and he doesn't know that. >> oh, okay. >> we'll see. we'll see. >> we'll talk about justice league coming up we won't give spoilers like allison and kevin are doing us in the studio right now. >> you weren't going to see it any way. >> that's also true. >> yeah. >> you don't scare me. >> what' c
8:43 am
morning. >> good morning guys. i was wondering when we can start talking about spoilers on the show. maybe a couple from now. coming up next justice league under performs at the box office this weekend and the big question is why didn't it make a ton of money? plus, last night's american music awards had massive connect to the washington dc area. i'll explain more coming up next right here on fox5 news morning. stay tuned. ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> 8:45. >> look who is over the
8:46 am
hey. >> you guys look good this morning in your gold and yellow. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> very nice. >> we appreciate it. >> looks good. >> we're fall colors. >> that reminds me of sunshine an lot of it in the forecast today. in fact going to be absolutely beautiful afternoon. it is going to be a cool day. of course cold moving in yesterday and here to stay for the afternoon with cool temps be about 50 later today. the great news, traveling this week it is going to remain dry not only today but i think right through next weekend right now. it looks like we've got fairly quiet conditions which is great forgetting hitting the roadways and thanksgiving looking cool. daytime highs in the 40s but it should be dry if you've got plans to play football, allison family play football? you get out there. >> we didn't get that tradition going. >> you didn't? >> no. >> i always want to do. >> my family always did. we all got old noun it would be like -- [ laughter ] >> we'd have to go to like -- the emergency room if we tried to play. 40 in --
8:47 am
32 manassas. hagerstown, yes a shout out to you i drove through your neighbor yesterday. 36. 34 in winchester. you get the idea. mixing winds out of the west and north and west at 10 miles per hour. it feels like 20 make sure you're ready for a cold morning and again a cool afternoon with daytime highs about 50 not much happening a couple of leftover snowflakes and snow showers up near state college and northern pennsylvania. looking at high pressure to our south that will deliver a nice afternoon for us. a warming trend, too. so today about 50. and then not quite as cool tonight and then by tomorrow daytime highs will cop out near 60 degrees. we've got warmer temperatures to look forward to. as we get into the mill of the week, and you know this time of year we really need the nice weather we don't need the storms to slow travel and look at that next seven days. couldn't ask for nicer conditions around here. but do notice after a one-day warmup tomorrow we cool it down for the end of the week. just real quick. skins/giants game thursday night bundle up for that. temperatures in the 30s at kick off
8:48 am
okay. that's weather. 51 today, guys. back to you. >> trader joe's recalling packaged salads because of the possibility that could be shards of glass or plastic signed of the packaging the company announced on the website it is include packages of the white meat chicken, occur read white chicken and turkey cranberry salads. those salads expire from november 10th to the 21st. if you bought one the usda says you should either throw it away or return it if obviously you've not yet eaten it. the united kingdom with something big to celebrate to today. happy anniversary to the queen and prince philip. wedding anniversary number 70 that's the platt tum anniversary in the uk prince sell elizabeth 21 years old when she married 26-year-old prince philip at westminster abbey november 20th, 1947. >> wow. >> seven decades later the marriage considered to be the bed rock of british life. queen elizabeth the first monarch to celebrate a platt tum wedding anniversary. >> congratulations. >> thanksgiving this thursday if you ca
8:49 am
it's here. if you plan on hit the road to see family and friends, well you will not be alone. triple p says nearly 50 million americans will travel 50 miles or more this thanksgiving. that's a 3% increase over last year. the highest volume of thanksgiving travelers since 2005. all right. queue the music. 8:49. kevin here with today's fox beat. >> i want to thank tucker he just actually offered to come over and cook my thanksgiving food for me. >> i thought that was your ama speech. >> thank you tucker. >> i'd love to come over. i have nothing else to do. you're more than welcome. >> on serious note you're more than welcome to join my house. come on over man. >> are you cooking. >> we are cooking. we're hosting our first thanksgiving ever. >> so exciting. >> i'm real the excited about. my wife's family. >> making the turkey. >> i'm making our special stuffed mushrooms. mccarthy mushrooms. >> so good. >> heard so much about them. >> they are awesome. you and i saw justice league. >> yes, we did. >> you saw it this weekend. box office was very
8:50 am
this film. >> just the two of you. >> i got to be honest. because i didn't think i was going to be to get a movie ticket. i didn't when i searched there were some that were like, how you can see what seats there are. some were not including my theater not completely packed. >> here's the thing. this is very strange. we live in a world right now where $96 million opening estimated for week zen not good. for this particular film. the budget on this movie was in the hundreds of millions of dollars. now here's why this is considered to be a disappointment in the grand scheme of box office. you look at the other film that is are in this particular universe of franchise, the d.c. extended universe so suicide squad had $133 million opening. man of steel had $116 million opening. batman versus superman had a $166 million opening. and then the arguablely the biggest of the films which should have done much more than batter man versus superman only did 96 million this weekend. a ton of money obviously but in the grand scheme of things it's not a
8:51 am
compared to the avengers, which is a very similar concept, you have all the heroes uniting, that did 207 million in its opening weekend. so big question is why? i've seen a lot of different articles on this. some people are saying that people just did not like batman versus superman did not like suicide squad. so they were tired of this particular universe. >> it's all of these people i blame ben affleck, sorry. >> that's an interesting question, and for me, i was a batman versus superman fan in regards to the r rated cut. i liked justice league. the reviews for this film were actually better than batman versus superman. >> you didn't like the version in the theaters. >> yes, i did i gave it 4.5. >> batman versus superman. >> you like the super rated cut. >> not to get too detailed my actual review of the theatrical edition was four out of five. uncut three hour version on the blu-ray my favorite version of the movie. >> that's not the one everyone saw. >> i'm allowed to say that. i still saw that. it still exists.
8:52 am
>> you're allowed to whatever you want. >> if you saw the movie tweet us #gooddaydc. wisdom and i will be battling it out. >> it was fun. >> it wasn't like, you know --,. >> the expectations -- >> oliver north's jfk. >> i'm shock how poor did it. >> here's my bigger question for the people who are super heroes fans. does aqua man fly is? what is the expectation for a super hero movie. >> fun, action packed light hearted. >> that's what this was. >> that's what this movie was. i'm telling you. because of what happened with batman versus superman left a bad taste in people's mouths they did not want to experience that dark world that schneider created. >> without superman. do you think that's what it is. they didn't want a world without superman? >> we all know what happens with that now. i don't want to spoil anything. >> kev. >> it's really cool. no spoiler. >> note die not. >> maybe more people will go now for the second weekend. >> interesting box office notes. tweet us your thoughts. wisdom and i will be battling in the 10:00 a.m. hour. #gooddaydc if you
8:53 am
league. american music awards has a very big dc connection i'll get to that shortly go through the highlights last night. big show obviously out in los angeles. pink and kelly clarkson open the show with rem's everybody hurts. also diana ross got lifetime achieve many award. ross' daughter tracy ellis ross hosted the show. huge names. selena gomez performed last night. christina aguilar rah perform a whitney houston medley i thought she sounded pretty good. people were -- christina whitney houston medially. >> i was sort of caught up in doing assumption else last night. i always watched these i ward shows. had something important i was doing. i'm surprised to hear -- >> it was the 25th anniversary of bodyguard. >> she was, interesting. >> she's got a strong voice, though. >> he she did decent job. not whitney houston but it was solid. >> i would like to have seen brandy her protegee. >> pink also performed outside of the jw
8:54 am
repelling down that was really really cool. we'll have more from coming up in good day dc. lady gaga was performer last night amaa's. i get to the show. i see these signs on the door saying, that there's going to be a taping for the american music awards be there promptly 8:20 and then she's perf performing . i read during the day i was like how is she going to be in la and unless d.c. at the same time. really cool. the first song of the show was the cure and that was what people saw nationally on the american music awards last ni night. and it was an incredible performance. and then during the middle of the show, she was nominated for an award which she actually won during the show. >> that's cool. >> she gave the speech on our stage in d.c. i will say this. i bought floor tickets for this. >> you're living large right there. >> i will tell you something right now. it was the best show visually and sound wise i've ever seen in my life because
8:55 am
around to differ parts of the stage and her mom was in the crowd her aunt was in the crowd. but the sinking from her life is just beyond belief. but there were parts where she was this close to me singing like bad romance, pop razzie. she did million reasons at the end. i'm telling you what a performance. >> did she sing to you. >> of course she was. i was wearing my drive jacket. she new. i repped. i waived to her with my beer in my hand. i was like yay! >> it was a fun event. >> thanks, kev. >> cool night. >> thanks, guys. >> back with the fan of the day coming up next. ♪
8:56 am
♪ hello sidney. that's said knee dennis. sidney nom mated by mom. >> she's so cute. [ applause ] >> look at the composition of that. the colors in that picture. >> that's beautiful. >> the red, bright blue sky. those teens know how to pose, honey. >> beautiful. mom alyssa is big fox5 fan. she would love it if her daughter could be the fan of the show. >> ask and you shall receive. >> sidney will turn 18 tomorrow. mr. daughter is beautiful not just inside but outside, too. she's very proud and blessed to be her mother. so happy birthday from all of us here. you have an awesome mom, too. >> happy sid birthday, sidney. >> aww. >> great picture final check on weather and traffic. >> the roadsre
8:57 am
up. a lot of heavy delays still on 66 eastbound come in from manassas. outer loop in college park is jammed. bad for hours. >> rough monday morning. get the work day started so enjoy the rest of the holiday week. >> and not have to commute -- the big commute out of town. >> yes. >> weather wise it will be fine. in fact let's take look at the seven day. it's doing various amounts of sunshine the next seven days with relatively cool temperatures for this time of year good eating weather promised on thursday. >> turkey trying to fly on out of here. >> might be a good idea. >> keep it to good day. we're smoking a turkey. >> you'll show us how to smoke a turkey. >> yes. >> good day is neck. don't go anywhere. we'll see you after the break. ♪ break. ♪♪
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what if there was only one haircut? now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box.
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♪ straight ahead breaking n news. he was once known as the most dangerous man in america. and the face of evil. this morning charles manson the cult leader and mass murderer has died in prison. alleged sex assault committed by a ride sharing driver and it happened on american university's campus. i'm melanie alnwick with the details. what a game. saints have won eight straight. >> overtime heartbreak. the saints marching all over the skins in the final seconds of sunday's game. but it turns out a blown call may to be blame for the loss. we'll have the details when we check the good day sports


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