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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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. this is fox 5 local news another 11:00 at. at 11:00, complaints of police profiing me in a local neighborhood. hear from the man who recorded this and how police are responding. a local funeral home accused of taking advantage of grieving families. are there more out there >> disturbing allegations against talk show host charlie rose. tense moments at a local airport. and following that brutal loss, wait until you hear how cheap
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thanksgiving. news starts now. it is an issue that hits communities nationwide police profiing people based on the color of their skin, tonight, some local people are accusing the dc department profiing them >> what he called dc police targeting him for no reason that he recorded it and is questioning the officer's motives, evan lambert is live with the story. >> reporter: tony, in the video you're about to see shows that the police officers never got out of their suvs, they were questioning that man through an open window. he said that they pulled up out of nowhere, started asking if he had guns, he said he felt he was being racially profiled. here's the video. >> everything good >> everything good with you all? i'm good >> you don't have a gun on you >> i don't go not guns, you all got the guns. >> i didn't catch that >> i said
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>> i do but i want to make sure you don't have any either >> no, i don't consent to any search of anything, you all can go ahead. >> let me see your waistband and we move on. >> that doesn't really count. >> i'm good. appreciate it have a great night, man. >> you all do that to white people? >> have a good night. >> thanks, sir. >> the man who shot that video does not want to be identified but he tells us he was walking home on atlantic southwest an mlk junior avenue southwest in ward eight when the officers came out of nowhere. he said this happens to people in his neighborhood all the time. police stopping and questioning people about guns without any reason to believe they have them. >> i feel offended. because what makes you think that i have a gun on me other than me walking and
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>> we asked dc police to respond to this video and asked if this stop and others like it are appropriate. they wouldn't answer those questions. but here is what they did say in a statement, quote, npd is committed to removing illegal firearms from our community, if anyone believes that they were treated inappropriately by an npd officer we urge them to file a complaint with npd or the office of police complaints so the matter can be fully investigated. and i should note that records of those investigations have not made public. over the last couple days, we've been trying to get an interview with council member over award eight where the video was shot. he said he didn't have time at a r to talk with us but he has seen the video and e-mailed chief peter newsham about it but they wouldn't tell us what they discussed. live in northwest, evan lambert fox 5 local news a bus driver and aide are accused of
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11-year-old who has autism. police believe edmund bailey and james duffy the third assaulted the student twice in one week. at least one of the assaults happened as the child was being taken to school. both men are now facing charges for assault and battery. the aide has resigned from his position and the bus driver remains on administrative leave while the county works on removing him permanently from his position. new tonight, a federal judge in san francisco permanent's blocked president trump's executive order that would cut funding from so-called sanctuary cities. judge represented the argument that only a small portion of federal funds would be involved. judge ruled the president cannot set conditions on spending approved by congress. same judge previously issued a temporary hold on the executive order but making the permanent. however, the trump administration will appeal. a dc funeral home is
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for services they never received and also operating without a license. dc's attorney general is now suing austin royster funeral home. cori coffin is live in northwest with the details. cori? >> reporter: and tonight multiple families still trying to get their money back from this funeral home. we've been trying to get in touch with anyone who operates the funeral home, they've shut their doors and haven't been able to get ahold of anyone. in this lawsuit that was filed by the the attorney general's office today, there's one case which they allege that this funeral home right here and the owner pocketed $47,000 in one of the deceased man's life insurance payouts, that's in one case. alleges in the lawsuit that the funeral home's chief operating officer, this is ja mel royster advised him to sign over his father's $53,000 life insurance policy in order to pay for a funeral that cost less than $6,000. haze
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she'd be paying him the remaining bam of $47,000. several calls, several months, text messages and two cross country trips later, haze only got a bounced check. in another case, gregory says she requested her deceased grandmother be properly cleansed and prepared by muslim women as dictated by tradition, she alleges that royster empty bombed her without permission and when gregory learned of the death certificate that it was still not available a month later, royster allegedly told her, quote, not to worry because her grandmother was still in the freezer end quote. this is just two cases of 118 pages cited in this lawsuit. talks about several accounts where customers say that royster promised refunds for services that she did not properly provide here at the funeral home. things that she did not end up paying for returning, rather, for these refunded
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if you feel like you are a victim here you're urged to contact the attorney general's office, they got the information and we got the contact information on our website at we've also reached out to royster tonight to find out if she has any comment about these allegations. we have not heard back from her just yet. live in northwest this evening, cori coffin fox 5 local news. a former uber driver is accused of sexual assaulting a woman in his car on the campus at american university. he's charged with fire department sexual abuse, today we learned he was permanently moved from providing uber rides from 2015 but uber won't say why. the victim said he picked her up in the dupont circle area and sexual assaulted her before she got out at american university. >> when the vehicle and the suspect got to the 4300 block of massachusetts avenue northwest, he ordered the victim to exit the vehicle and proceeded to sexual assault
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>> the au public safety department suggesting people verify the id of the driver and car, you should share details about your ride and family with your friends if you can it is best to franklin in groups. developing, the search still on for the person who shot and killed a baltimore police detective. detective shawn suiter was shot last wednesday. he died of his injuries the following day. police locked down the neighborhood after suiter was killed. now, the aclu and others question the police tactics saying authorities went too far to find suiter's killer. today, police defended that decision. >> i would much rather endure some predicted criticisms from the aclu and others about that decision than endure a conversation with detective suiter's wife about why we didn't do everything we possibly could do to recover evidence
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identify the person who murdered her husband a baltimore police officer. investigators say the only ballistics evidence came from the officer's service weapon. police have offered a reward that tops $200,000 for information that leads to the killer's arrest. also developing tonight, >> i'll take it. also developing veteran talk show host charlie rose is the latest high profile personality to face allegations of sexual harassment. fox 5 marina marraco is in our newsroom with the new details, marina >> the 75-year-old journalist has been sidelined from his media jobs, charlie rose who serves as co host of cbs this morning and as a 60 minutes correspond has been suspended by cbs. he's also been suspended as main anchor of charlie rose which airs on pbs, no timeline has been given for suspensions this comeses following allegationses of sexual misconduct reported by the
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eight women tell the post rose exposed himself to them, groped and made other unwanted sexual advances the post also reports the women worked for the charlie rose inc. which produced the charlie rose show on pbs. pbs and cbs saying they have no records of sexual harassment claims against roses and since the news broke, pbs halted production and distribution of his show, tonight, charlie rose apologized for his quote, inappropriate behavior tweeting in part, i am greatly embarrassed i have behavedin sensitively at times and i accept responsibility for that though i do not believe all of these allegations are accurate. i've always felt that i was pursuing shared feelings even though i now realize i was mistaken. and tonight one of the reporters who wrote today's "washington post" article said since the story broke, quote, my in box is already flooded with women who have had similar disturbing encounters with charlie rose. shawn?
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>>. a second woman is accusing al franken of touching her inappropriately since he took office. lindsay mens told cnn the senator grabbed her bottom as they posed for a picture for the state fair in 2010. she said the interaction made her feel gross, franken released is a statement that said he didn't recall meeting her but felt badly how she felt following their interaction. there are new details tonight about an emergency landing that happened in st. mary's county. this was scene from skyfox, the piper aircraft touched down in leonardtown around 4:30 this afternoon, the pilot told air traffic to controllers that the landing gear was stuck but still managed to land the plane safely without the landing gear, ham hurt, no one was the was hurt. the faa is investigating. new video tonight of a raging house fire in prince george's county. the house on mchenry lane went up in flames this afternoon. no one was hurt but a
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seven had to find somewhere else to stay, no word on cause. the feds are taking on at&t? what will this mean >> keeping the crowds safe during a holiday tradition. the last minute preparations underway in new york ahead of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. on final five both known for public few days and taking shots at each other. it's president trump versus basketball dad lavar ball tonight on the final five at 11:30.
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there's fire from a gas main. in the shopping complex from behind what you see is myers which is a like a big target store, they believe the fire again coming from the site where a new minard is being built.
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feet in the sky. at this point tetrahydrocannabinol there are no reports of any injuries. again, this is just north of the detroit area in oakland county, a massive gas explosion and fire burning right now. meanwhile, or a news tonight, at&t's proposed merger with time warn is on old, the justice department sued to block the deal saying it oh violate anti-trust laws, at&t may challenge the decision in court >> this merger will not eliminate a single competitor, the tv bill will not go up. and the combined company will not keep cnn, tnt, hbo or any other network to itself. >> at&t says it wants to find out if the move is politically motivated. because president trump has been a frequent critic of cnn one of time warner's properties. the justice department said it's
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concerned the merger will mean higher cable bills and will slow innovation in online services. the preparations are in full swing for mace's thanksgiving day parade. more than a million people are expected to line the streets for the tradition. the parade comes less than a month after the halloween truck attack in lower manhattan. the new york police department spoke about tight security measure that is will be in place. they plan to have trucks and other vehicles at every intersection >> the bottom line is we want everyone to come out and enjoy what is great tradition every thanksgiving. i know that the layers of security protection will provide again this career have been in the planning stages since the end of last year's parade >> police say there are no credible or specific threats to any events this holiday weekend. >> i have never been to the thanksgiving day parade. >> it's great. it's really great. it's -- but you know, the best view on tv >> you don't have to brave the wind and the cold >> that's right. i checked t
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will be sunny, dry, temperatures in the upper 30's to about 40 during the parade time. >> one of the main things they're concerned about wind. >> wind look like they were under ten miles an hour >> that would be good for the balloons. >> it's a bill palka family favorite. i've never seen it in person either. >> i'll stick to television >> me too, sue, i'm with you there. >> tonight is a cold one, shawn and tony, we've seen a lot of places drop in the low 30's, a chilly start on tuesday but a nice afternoon with temperatures getting close to 60 degrees in many areas, so enjoy that. if you got holiday shopping to do, maybe pick up groceries for thursday, weather is cooperating this year, we see a little bit of a thin blanket of clouds coming in. hopefully temperatures won't get a whole lot colder than they're at right now and pretty chilly but i've seen a couple places like culpeper come up a degree or two in the last two hours, good sign maybe the wind direction and the cloud cover wll help out a little bit.
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washington 43. winchester, clicked down, everybody is clicking down, just saw culpeper head back to 34 degrees as well. so obviously, chilly night tonight, but cool start in the morning, and wind direction changed now we see light flow out of the south. and southwest. and that's where our warm r warmup will come once the sun is up tomorrow. overnight in the district, about 40 degrees, but chilly low 30's in the suburbs, south wind developed. we got partly cloudy skies and i think that's what you'll find here tomorrow morning, but again, more sunshine than anything else. as we head to an afternoon high temperature of 60. and important point out the wind, they will be noticeable. breezy day, ten to 20 miles an hour occasionally gusting higher than that. out of a warm direction so you don't feel the chill as much, you will in the morning with temperatures ranging from about 34 to 43. after school, nice recovery, 50 to 60, and breezy conditions as expected high pressure is off the coast now, so that's where our warm south flow
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but it's a one-day warmup because we see chillier on deck that will be rolling into town tomorrow night after a frontal boundary passes. now, it won't get that cold, won't be to freezing tomorrow night, which is super important because we may see showers after, say, 11:00 at night till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, it might linger on the eastern shore a couple of hours after day break, for our area tomorrow, looks like a great afternoon, near 60 in many places. perhaps you touched 61 annapolis and fredericksburg, we'll show you showers and again not a lot, most of the day dry, most of the night, but we do see the frontal boundary. it looks more likely it passes the 95 corridor, you may get a little bit of shower activity at the beaches, early on wednesday but everything clears out for a really nice wednesday as well. is wednesday going to be a day in which you're traveling? well, you'll run
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and that cold air returns to our area on wednesday. it looks like temperatures will only be in the 40's on wednesday and for thanksgiving as well. of your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. and we'll be up and down a little bit this week, but all things considered this is a good week and it's a great week to travel. 60 tomorrow, cooler on wednesday, 48 on thanksgiving. friday we're up a little bit, saturday is still mild at 60. maybe few showers about a 20% chance saturday night. then here comes more colder air sunday and monday. looks like much. next week will be colder than this week. that's your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. tony over to you. >> thank you. speaking of thanksgiving, we have good news about thanksgiving travel. aaa says flights cost about 23% less than last year and cheap since 2013 leading to nearly 4 million flying this year, you can find last minute deals but the closer you get. the higher the
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will go. president trump will carry on the time honored tradition at the white house tomorrow, he'll pardon two turkeys ahead of thanksgiving. these 20 week old turkeys are from minnesota, and they are stay to go the willard hotel in northwest dc tonight. yep. staying in the lap of luxury. earlier, our bob barnard talked with the head of the national turkey federation about the time honored tradition. >> this is the 70th anniversary of this ceremony at the white house. is that right? >> it is. it's a great celebration and time to kick off the thanksgiving holiday and all the blessings we have as americans. it started in 1947. first pardon was in 1989 by president bush. >> the turkey's name wish bone and drum stick will be pardoned tomorrow before they will live out the rest of their days at virginia tech. >> coming up next, it won't cost you much to get tickets for this thursday's redskins game. >> we'll explain why. tomorrow morning on fox 5 the morning crew
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the common myths surrounding preparing and serving. do restaurants menus with calorie counts make a difference? our own kevin mccarthy sits down with jeff daniels, kicks off at 4:25 a.m.
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the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down and a complementary first months payment. . some tickets for thursday's game are selling for as low as 7 bucks, and that's for a standing room only spot in the upper deck. cheap seats are available in the nose bleed section. we also saw lower levels selling for between 9 and $15 >> you do not analyze that >> people are upset about the loss. it's thanksgiving but here's the problem. it's giants fans who will buy the tickets. it will be full giants fans o
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>> that's exactly what will happen. it will be cold too. >> final five is next everybody. ♪ ♪.
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it is monday and ahead tonight on your final five more allegations against men me washington and one in new york, north korea goes back on the state sponsor terror lift, a's an unclassified terror list on black controversy, keystone x l moving forward, donald trump versus lavar ball, the final five, let's do this. ♪ ♪. me the we'll start with the new sexual misconduct allegations revealed against more politicians, and some big political journalists. another accuser against


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