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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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veteran host off the air this morning as he claims he inappropriately behaved involving 8 women. >> rocking capitol hill. democratic law maker exposed. money laid out over sexual harassment complaints. >> live look outside on tuesday morning, november 2 1. hours away from crush to bet out of town for thanksgiving holiday. airports and roadways both expected to be packed later today and tonight. >> and all right, they are calling it terrible turkey traffic tuesday. so let's get a quick check i know it's a lot of tease. let get a quick at weather and traffic. >> good morning you guys. right now you can see we very several live looks to keep our eyes on the roads. things reagan airport picking up now. majors quiet and quite a bit of traffic get there early. make sure call your carrier ahead of time to check the flight. aside from that one traffic on the beltway driving shot traffic increasing and inner and outer loop now no major congested areas. worst time today anticipated between
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my eyes on roads. we'll keep you dawpited. tucker what can we expect on weather. >> sunshine. chilly. lots of sunshine. warmer temperatures. we'll have the details coming up, steve. >> thanks very much rjt first at 6 growing sexual harassment scandal claiming another high profile politician. >> congressman john conyers joining franken and charlie rose own growing list of national figures facing accusations. melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill this morning sorting it all out. mel, seems like another high profile case day after day. good morning. >> that's right, steve, allison. this time talking about 88-year-old michigan representative john conyers he's top democrat on house judiciary you committee and he mace be facing edgeics review of his own. she was fired for refusing c conyers sexual add vaptss and paitd a $7,000 set
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2015. buzz feet got the informs from buzz feed activist and confirmed the allegations and former staff members said he would touch women in his office up appropriately and another staffer said she was often asked to fly women until it town for the congressman. his office has not xhptded. second woman came forward with accusations against minnesota senator al franken. lindsay men's said she met franken 010 minnesota state fair. men's tweeted franken grabbed her and she felt violated and embarrassed unlike earlier report. franken was a senator at the time of alleged incident. but, franken told cnn he deposit remember photo and felt badly that the woman felt disrespected and also our fox colleagues have spoken to seven aids of senator al franken so said during their time working for senator he treated them with utmost respect and felt he
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champion for women. now, back here on capitol h hill, we do know there's legislation moving forward however slowly that would end sox protections for harassers here on capitol hill. congress returns from its thanksgiving break next week. live on capitol hill. i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> veteran broadcaster charlie rose accused of groping, lude telephone calls and unwanted advances to women who wanted to woke him his program. >> he deeply apologizes and always felt he was pursuing shared feelings even though he realize his was mistaken. it was only a few months ago going rose talk youeded about sexual misconduct being under reported. >> they raise the issue of sexual harassment, which has been not exposed enough. >> rose's show was suspended and he's repoovd from broadcast duties as well.
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switching gears. update on missing teams from prince william country police tweeted this update overnight. satisfying one of the tends was safely located. fee own athomas girl in middle found in washington d.c. and other two teens are missing. >> in fairfax country school bus driver and bus aid accuse of assaulting 11-year-old girl who has awe tim. that happened last month. staff member witnessed student being assaulted and intervened. a supervisor look at surveillance from the bus and it showed another assault two days prior or before. police arrested and charmed edmund bailey and james duffy iii with assault and battery. the aid resigned and bus driver is on administrative lead. >> forelady uber driver accused of sexually assa assaulting" woman on the american university campus. ella house even ababi. they said the -- after forcing her
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they got to au. >> take a look at video of raging house fire in 3reu7s george county mc henry lane in lantham it went up in flames yesterday afternoon. no one was hurt and family of 7 is homeless now. no word yet on a cause. >> quick taste off the top forecast for today. tuck, how are we looking. >> great being, sunshine 60 later tt. i've been in state of denial i have to go to the grocery store. >> good luck. >> that's a good place to meet people. >> yeah. >> let's do it. >> i can guarantee you parking lots of grocery store will be on the full side later today. >> yeah. >> that's what i was thinking. >> good news near 60 and rain free. lots of sunshine to look forward to today. told out. 41 reagan national and 0s dulles and bwi marshall
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35. we are looking at quiet conditions and sunshine for the first half of the day. we have approaching cold front. off to the north and west which brengz us cloud cover later this vrp ach and really this evening quick moving shower as it comes on through. and but that will be about it. most of the day should feet fewer you tour sunshine. clouds coming in late this afternoon. sun mitching with clouds la later. breezy at times. and mild. winds out of the south an w west. 5 to 20rbgs gust to 25. look at that daytime high 60. feels good. >> real nice. >> redskins thanks give iting holiday. >> uh-huh. >> black friday. >> we have a lot of weather to talk about. >> 6:15 we'll to that. >> erin is here with traffic. >> a lot of traffic and allison i'm headed to the dprosry store this afternoon. >> sue he there. >> see you there in lien. >> as you can see sky fox weren't out and we
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crash motion granteding left lane northbound between stove ford. hov lanes quiet. southbound commute if you head through fredericksburg and maybe virginia beach for holiday you're in good shape southbound side. 66 eastbound. it's a 27 minute ride between 234 and beltway. very quiet now. that's what we like to see through gainsville, mannasas, centerville. 28 looks good. i'll let you know this that changes, 20 normal compute is pigging up this morning if you head to work as you make your way 70 to 109, 22 minute ride and nobody conditions are questionet if you head out of town towards 0 all mail orr's bwi. reagan national and dulles look good. up fortunately a big jam-up outer loop knew you ham share
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but keep in mind after george aavenue you will have a five minute delay. additional volume upper loop. usually quieter than there. volume increasing 95 to and from bwi. looking good now. i'll keep you updated on morning commute. metro rail lines on top. but with terrible traffic turkey tuesday you never know what can pop up this morning guys. >> thanks, erin. let's get back to politics. trump administration wants supreme court to allow later version of travel ban to go in effect. twhoot put rehaves on foreign nationals from eight different countries. last month a hawaii court blocked this version from taking 'febt and earlier this california judge lifted the panel. >> and a judge from san francisco blocked president trump's executive order to block funding from sanctuary cities and rehe investigate and said a small portion of federal fund would be involve. he ruled the president cannot
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set new kptionz on spend ago proved by congress. trump administration says it will relegal, appeal. >> thanksgiving dadition at the white house the president pardoning two turkeys offer the weekend in min mip. they've been spping past few was at luxury willard hotel. that's where the video is from yesterday. bob barnard was petting electronicyesment elect electronicyes named wish bone and sdrum stick. he live out daez of virginia tech partnering ceremony and turkeys go to virginia tech and first family goes to mar largo and florida. and the first family will spend the holiday weekend. >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house. first lady melania and son barron trump accepted the tree at the white house. >> latest update as time isticking to save dozens of crew members on board a submarine.
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best bets and those that did not make the cut. >> 6:10
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people dead after teenage suicide bomber detonated in nigeria. the bomb went off at monthsing in the town of mobai. the investigators say the teenager bomber was mingling with worshipers when it exploded and nobody claimed responsibility and officials believe it was poke ahar am. >> and race against time continues to finds missing average teen submarine with 44 crew members on board. this morning a setback. officials say under water sounds detected over weekend and on monday did not come from that missing subis. we also learned last communication on wednesday was to report mechanical breakdown related to batteries. ft. submarine did stink. has enough oxygen to last one w week. >> days as soon as the nursing home fire in west chester pennsylvania four elderly residents remain unaktd for a 92-year-old man and 80-year-old wife. in response to
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one organization delivered canes, walkers and clothing to residents. new york city gearing up for macys thanksgiving day parade. and security beefed up across new york city. bag checks, mounted prolingz. aviation moments and heavy weapons teams as well. most seeing those as well. >> it's a pokemon. >> new this morning at 6:12. insurance institute for highway safety tested 16 new booster seats for 2017 and all but three erndz agency highest rating of best bet. best bet rating means booster has good safety fit for typical four to eight-year-old in any car, mipy van or suv three booster not passing harmony folding booster high back. kitty cruiser three and also a high back and rider safety delighter booster which is backless. >> check your makers folks. >> iphone
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way to shop this holiday season. details ahead. >> live look outside tuesday morning. weather and traffic coming up on the fives next. lots to talk about in weather development. tuck is up next
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>> folks getting into city 9 a. the northbound triangle area we have to see a lot of taillights and you will not be moving quickly. we have a problem there as you can see from flashing lights
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on the side of the road. 95 northbound triangle area. that's the hot spot. we'll check in with erin in two minutes. >> tuck is here with the forecast. >> my day is easier than erins. cold out this morning. temples mid there before cool and after school. yes we still got -- i'm got surprised how many school districts ra are in school here leading up to thanksgiving. and -- and for a will the of schools after school today. pa dulles and fred rikdzburg and leonardtown 4. 45 annapolis. and certainly cold out this morning. breezes out of south and south and
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and all right, should be lot of sunshine for us today. cold front off to the north an west. it will start to make presence felt in form of cloud cover later this afternoon. but that's about. it i think as we get to nighttime hours every night tonight early tomorrow as the front come through we'll a, have cooler temperatures and b few showers along overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. but again timing after midnight. i don't think it will impact roadways here during the daytime hours or early i evening. chilly, that's for thanksgiving. chilly with temperatures in 40s. today will be about 60. we transition down on wednesday and by thursday that will be cool one and temperatures near 50. upper 40s. and showers developing right along frontal system there. east of washington out along the bay. and out early tomorrow
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and out early tomorrow morning. >> i delivered a perfect forecast. >> you absolutely v black friday deals, football and small business is it a. don't forget about that if you want to head to old down alexandria toe do shopping. >> upper and outer loop volume bw parkway. give yourself extra tie. flashing lights on shoulder earlier crash upper loop bw parkway. volume building both directions. i would get earlier start this morning if you head to work and if simply trying to get out of town buzzest part of today's commute according to aaa will be 4:45 to 6, should be a nightmare afternoon commute unfortunately. let's go to sky fox. fair share of issues going on
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northbound. crash blocking left lane as well as right shoulder. you can see two right lanes basically parked. hov lanes past that point. fredericksburg through triangle leave the house early. you'll need that extra time. aside from that eastbound 66 you can see flashing light on left shoulder right at 234 sutly road and watch for increased volume gainsville to 28 centerville and good news web if you head out of town to gainsville and further to hey market you're in good shape now. as we move things forward 95 northbound through the crash area triangle closer to half hour commute between dale city and beltway. beltway itself through annandale looks good. 270 red zone. 0 minute ride 70. metro rail lines are on time. steve, allison. >> at&t appears to be gearing up for legal battle with the white house. next latest on carrier's bid to cot a immediateedia
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>> calling all redskins fans tickets for thanksgiving day game against sknz a bargains really almost a steal, $7 onsite stubhub gets you in the stadium. standing room. but gets you into the stayed couple. lower level seats were selling between $9 and $15 for the primetime thanksgiving game. if you want to go to a gail and have not about an couldn't afford it now is your chance. >> parking free. >> no that costs $700 [ laughter ]
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>> 6:22. time for the "business beat". iphone x users have a new way to shop this holiday season. and the about network. treacy, we know it's a short week. i expect low volume on a short week. >> trading volume yesterday was pretty light. we'll probably see that carry on throughout the rest of the week. right now, futures are looking good and all pointing to the positive. and just the same way we ended yesterday. the dow is up. nasdaq up. s & p 500 up as well. >> huge cable deal in works now. now apparently put the brakes on it. this is interesting because it seems like the kind of deal that would have flown on through in the past and now whether you're conspiracy theorist or not saying the president accident like this deal or media companies involved in
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what's happening? >> absolutely. you know there are questions about are there political motivations behind this deal. but the doj has kind of put the brakes on and filed suit yesterday on to block at&t 8 5 billion takeover of time warner which would create a huge media communications empire. now this is something pretty unpress departmentsed because this is the first time in several decades that the doj has challenged deal between two companies that are not direct competitors. so this is what is called vertical murm merger and now at&t will challenge this and they don't think it is fair or this is right even though the doj is saying that type of deal if it were to go through would reduce competition and would also mean higher cable bills for consumers. so this we can expect tavrment & to. fight this one. >> i think 99%
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goyl up or not. >> let's talk about the iphone ten now. facial recognition there's been complaints whether or not it works. if it works well. some companies banking ton. >> yes, ebay they're actually allowing customers to use that facial recognition if you have the new iphone x to make purchases. so, they've been working on this technology sinceal the announce the face recognition. now all you have to do look at hope to and make purchase. this is kind of speaking to the wave of future. i think we'll see other retailers moving in this direction now that we're satisfying a lot of people shopping on smart phones and use devices to make purchases. you mentioned security. there were some concerns there but apple said this is even more secure than touch screen feature they v they're saying that there
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one in a million false positives using facial recognition. they say it is safe. >> we'll see what happens. things always seem weird at 1st and then eventually if they work they become mainstream. treacy thank you so much we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> sound good. >> bye. >> bye. >> hi, tuck. >> we're getting ready for big week here. 41 washington. cold to start the day. warming up near 60s this afternoon. >> lovely. >> which will feel like 70. >> it's been cold lately. >> it will feel great. 41 now. there's whipped out of the south making it feel cooler. feels like 35. you sit and watch the jacket early this morning. you might be able to shed it depending on sensitivity range later today. daytime highs near 6 0. bright sunshine. in fact most of the several days are quiet. few showers overnight tonight early tomorrow morning with passage of cole front ape think it is out of here
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morning commute and you with do a graph iing varying levels of tolerance to cole. you can tolerate cold you can tolerate a scarf and i'm normal. >> we could do hearty and i tender and like michelin man. >> it's erin kind of cover up day and we'll know what it is. >> that means get scarf, mittens, hat. i like the sound of that we can have allison with fashionable scarf and nice formal jacket. increased volume and activity blocking shoulder. keep it to "fox news morning". don't worry plenty of things to get to in virginia.
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sdmrv welcome back 6:0 this holiday tuesday and trying to get those last couple days in of work. weather and traffic on the fives at 6:5. first at 6:30 congressman john conyers latest high profile politician caught up in sexual harassment scandal according to buzz feed the 88-year-old settled complaints from a woman that alleged she was fired from his washington staff because she
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sexual advances. veteran broadcaster charlie rose has been accused of groping, lude telephone calls and unwanted advances to women that worked or wanted to work on his interview program. rose says he deeply apologizes and takes responsibility but add that he always felt like he was pursuing shared feelings. rose's show has been suspended and he's been removed from broadcast duties. back here local now. to a "fox5" exclusive. shocking allegations of d.c. police department. racially provided a man. this particular incident happened to "fox5" viewer that wishes to remain anonymous the man captured it on camera. d.c. police stopped him southwest demanding to know if he had guns. he think he was stopped because of the color of his skin. >> to me i feel like this is the norm to them. they been doing this and keep doing this and it won't ch change. i felt off
6:32 am
d.c. police watched the video own commented and said npd is committed to removing illegal guns from the disstripingt. if anyone feels they were treated unappropriately they can file a complaint. >> d.c. few ral home accused of taking advantage of grieving families an operating without a license. d.c. attorney general is suing austin royster funeral home and multiple families says they war charged for receives they never received. in one case the family pocketed 47,000 of a man's life insurance payout. and "fox5" reached out to the austin royce for comment and the hope to was disconnected and no one answered when we knocked on the door. >> time for mock line. let's be honest. this week, sports-wise fwot off to ruvr start. we happened picked good news for you this morning. we'll put a good spin on sporty news out there this
6:33 am
better mood for the holiday. wizards good news knee is doing better and milwaukee he missed that trip because of the knee but it was bradley beal that helped wizards get past the bucks. they win 99-88 more good news. you want more good news beihl not only scored 4 point nine in under a minute and became youngest player in nba history to make 700 three pointers nor good us in. he's just 24. wash connecticut continues road rip saturday right. >> maryland's men's team flat out curbing jackson martin state you good news for everybody but bar mun. freshman prun owe fer hand owe. >> career high 18 point and added
6:34 am
undefeated adding 23 point margin of victory. good news. we're on a role here. >> to the ice right now. alex ovechkin and caps at home. first toive good the caps a lead. as good new. okay they got ugly after that. they had five minor penalties and first time in four games castle tried to turn it around tomorrow night. good news it's early in the hockey season and it's fine and early. >> more good news. >> monday night falcons in seattle leading with win. this came down to the wire. seahawks down 11 with three minute to go. >> that sounds familiar. >> rally rustle wilson hits doing baldwin. seattle got in line for a good one and remember tough to play there. they make it because it's a good news -- no short missed it. they skawpd victory. where's the good news before the game. how about this?
6:35 am
seattle does twelfth man the twelfth man surprise fan. you have 11 players on field and twelfth is fan they pick someone to raise that twelve flag which team considers part of team and player that. 95-year-old lieu step ept nicoles raising the flag for salute to service. she is oldest living military nurse congratulations fantastic job thank you for junior service and is that the good news snorts morning. >> i like to. >> you you needed it. >> i like it. >> 95! >> i'm concerned about the cavs. >> good news sportscast. >> you want to talk bad news. >> three mupts of pump you up good news. >> i'm worried about the cavs. >> they're losing to not good teams. >> okay. >> okay
6:36 am
>>. >> you can't come back from that. >> no you cannot. >> i have to go back to the warm cap. we're 60 and sunny and pl pleaseen and perfect for traveling it will be all those things when traveling to the 7-eleven to get braeping fast or funnel awe the weather should be cooperating. >> to the goesry store. >> yes, sunshine and quiet conditions. clouds later this afternoon as the cold front approaches and we'll have a few showers overnight tonight in detail at that we'll look at thanksgiving day forecast and weekend forecast just a minute. >> around i want the world to know i try to bring good news into this and oscar shot it all down in two seconds. >> i'm concerned caps are losing to bad teams. >> it's a good moment. >> i like to look at florida keys not all empty tucker. >> florida keys should behalf full of coffee
6:37 am
crash blocks right shoulder and left lane because of that. miles of backed up traffic takes to hol id 30 minute dale city to bell way is slee. squameded packed pept gop to 14 street bridge you have i ten minute lay it. crash sutry road you see long throw of traffic gaipz will to back way this is 66 oob side as things as well before vienna met the row station. volume up coo creasing there's as well. handcuff write delays out are loop. 25 minute trip. 95 to 70 spur new hampshire avenue. you're parked out there. for terrible turkey traffic tuesday we want to bring you team coverage top keep our eyes on the road. bob barnard how
6:38 am
commutes shaping up. where are ayou at? >> so far not bad. right near the washington cathedral headed to worst of it. kha later today is spotsville montgomery county and it's bad people getting into city. this is terrible tuesday because us have commuters and people headed for holiday. we'll number middle of it all morning long, guys, we'll be back in just a bit. getting bread delivered is way easier than hiring real bakers... ...who work all night and morning to bake fresh brioche buns. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be.
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in the history of people being asked how they like their eggs, we're pretty sure no one's ever said microwaved. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be.
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snrv powerful treatment for cancer could be jelly infused with alcohol. researchers are working on implant injected to can sirs tumor that releases ethanol. ethanol destroys tumor cells by poisoning protein that the cells need to replicate. >> and all right. talk about a show stopper two million tlar fantasy bra was revealed at the victoria secret fashion show in china yesterday. brazilian model showed off 18 car at gold champagne nights fantasy dra. super pretty. he's made of 6,000 gem stones including die monts, yellow sapphires and blue topaz. it took 350 hours to make and the show airs on cbs
6:42 am
this month. okay. who invented the selfie. steve shen i have said he d but he showed me former tv reality star and hairs said she and brett any spears up vented it. hilton post twod pictures on twitter yesterday. these pictures are internet sivrt selfies ever taken 11 years ago government i'm calling foul on this picture here. don't you need a hand. that's not. >> that's not a selfie. >> that's a picture of her and britt. >> that's not actual picture. >> of course, people had a field day with this posty selfies older than paris's pictures some before she was born. >> here you go. >> this is the selfie -- >> if you're here this is action. >> they do have one of the two of them. but -- >> 11 years going. >> that's what it said. >> 11 years ago. >> i've seen it i'm questioning that was first severally.
6:43 am
super-duper famous celebrity selfie. >> maybe with a cell phone perhaps. >> cell phone. >> we used to use regular cameras and turn it around and take the picture when we with were not so old cool. >> and getting down with kevin mccarthy on netflix and taylor swift reputation making history again continuing to make history again. ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪
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♪ in your heart. ♪ (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. i used to feed off the adrenaline rush of black friday. i was mainlining 5 or 6 sales in one day. the chaos, the insanity. i lived for it. until havertys showed me a better way. relax, havertys' black friday is almost here. sectionals, sofas, beds and more - all on sale.
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havertys. life looks good.
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>> it is gorgeous. >> yes. >> okay i think i'll go outside for a while. >> forecast can be beautiful. sunshine. >> okay. >> okay? >> yeah. >> quick shout-out i have the opportunity yesterday green briar west elementary school. >> cool. >> in fairfax near chantilly. there's a picture of me with -- >> where are you youthful guy. >> middle of the back. >> you can see barely taller than student. >> i show up in panda hat they're green brier pandas i'm excited about my hat thinking i'm going to talk to second graders being look at thal cool panda weather guy. they were sixth graders and not impressed with my pand hat. >> the young lady in front of you did she have a cow shirt on. >> she did yes. >> how about senate. >> i singleled her out and thanked her for
6:47 am
>> i wanted to thank susan foster and staff. there i had a great time talking to sixth graders out there. as i said before the students are round here amazing how much weather knowledge they have about tv studios. it's fantastic. >> hopefully you inspired somebody. >> good for you tuck. >> always a nice opportunity. >> did you put the hat back on. >> i put it on when i left. >> real quick. forecast. looking sunny and bright. i had to run out of there. task gets bad at 2:06. here we go. sunshine today. beautiful day. mild, 60 later this afternoon. so this will be the one of the warms one of the week. temperatures fall back later tonight and for day thursday. we'll be cool. but we should be dry wednesday and thursday for traveling. 41 washington. lots of 30s. places like frederick are 30. .a culpeper below freezing and leonardtown and quantico.
6:48 am
jacket early. later today should be mild this time of year highs 60. later a cold front will come in and will bring us cloudiness and period of shower activity over anything to. 60 today and cold front tonight will bring us a few showers overnight tonight top early morning. they're out of here for the morning get around tomorrow morning. we should clear it out by tomorrow afternoon. notice cooler temperatures around the front. 60 today and cooler wednesday and thursday. but look at the queue heet weather into the weekend. good for shopping and skips games and turkey bowl. eating, frying turkey out doors whatever you may be doing. >> thank you, sounds good. >> also might be good weather looking for a parking spot if you shop. keeping it real saying it just happens. >> right now, 95 northbound there's a crash on 14 street bridge. look at
6:49 am
quovt of delay come up from pentagon to third street tunnel. just for a wide view of your commute from the beltway to 14 street bridge. 20 minute trip and again most of traffic by pent gop. coming up 11 street bridge we have freeway inbound traffic to 395 other direction yaming and look that crash blocking left shoulder and right shoulder cleared left lane triangle and heavy traffic northbound. 30 minute trip quantico to dale city. look at 66 eastbound. there's a crash 123 blacking left the shoulder. as we head to metro much typical that when you see. the government of commute the today anticipated between:45 and 6 pem have machine eps headed home. blocked shoulder and it looks like it cleared.
6:50 am
like rape on that strep of the road. >> it does look like that w way. >> let's settle our differences with memes. >> good one steve. >> i have to hurry through them. >> let's get to it. >> number one, not everybody agrees blake shelton is sexiest mana live. our dear friend thinks he is sexiest mana live. >> i love it. >> yes. >> he's a good friend to us. >> yes he he is. >> looking good. >> erin for you i could not resist. >> hi, we understand -- >> wait a minute. >> still not married. >> you cannot say this is for erin that's not true. >> a, just the meme it sglaevl but if you say it's for erin it looks like erin is a 40-year-old not married. >> i'm closer to 21 than 40. >> i'm pointing out. >> this is my future you. >> that's on the way. >> wow he's so salty today, erin
6:51 am
>> you started tucker it's on. gym on. >> are you reading healthy balanced meals pea. >> especially sweet potatoes. >> there's not enough in the world to get me to rising -- >> i wouldic like to say side note you seem to really love grumpy cats. >> i secretly love data, i do. >> thank you. >> now go make knives. >> capping up in a minute for facebook fan of the day caitlin case. >> indicate lip is huge "fox5" fan an loves to watch as caitlin catches morning crew. >> kevin mccarthy here with today's fox beat. cue the music. >> let's to g
6:52 am
usual. serious story first. charlie rose story broke yesterday. massive story. he has been now suspended from pbs, cbs and bloomburg following explosive article washington boost where he was accused of sexual miss con together that ohio cured you you -- pbs was shocked to learn of droply us is stu stushingals. here's part of the quote here and essential that those women know i hear them and that i deeply apologize for inappropriate behavior and i'm greatly embarrassed and behaved insensitively at times and accept responsibilities for that. do i not believe all allegations are accurate. i always felt that i was pursuing shared feelings even though now i realize i was mistaken. and so that story continues growing only
6:53 am
eight women came in and out that article and we'll see if anything else happens from sfwlxt there will be more. >> netflix obviously big thing right now with tv shows spending billions of dollars producing shows and movies. new show out called godless came out this week jeff daniels in the show. the idea frank grif inplayed by jeff daniels is out law terrorizing 1880s american west and hunt down character named roy good and it's a drama not on comedy. we know jeff daniels starred in dumb area dumber and we have video of that [ laughter ]. >> i think he's done other things but why sglot here's what i brought that up. he started as dramatic actor and from dumb and dumber to
6:54 am
how hard it was to transfer dramatic roles after playing iconic role in dumb and d dumber. listen to this. >> character is very iconic for me in the 90s was it tough to get back to trauma after that role. >> yeah i was offered traumas after that. but, i was also offered stupid comedy. and get laild and pat of the reason it became more difficult to get back to trauma to be taken as a serious important actor which was what you were on the road towards and then you did dumb and dumber and that blow as all up. now you're not bad anymore. it took ten years and maybe all the way to squid and whale in 2005. >> yeah. >> to get them to go oh, yeah right that. he can do that. but because dumb and dumber was so eye doing and was such a huge hit it's like ted
6:55 am
danson in cheers that's who you are and who you are labeled as. but newsroom changed everything. >> m newsroom is a huge show for him and put him back into the dramatic element and new show godless premiers. >> not surprising. her fifth number one toll toet 2.8 billion record and it's 2017 biggest week for album. so far. so -- >> that's it. >> i'll be a bad girl from now on. >> i love that. >> works in your career. >> that's it, ke, thanks. >> that's mean. >> it is mean. >> first up want to say what's coming up on good day today. >> check out the guest list. mon neek green wood tormer editor and chief of essence becoming reality star starring
6:56 am
in new show checked in on the own network. >> and thats checked in inn and in good day kitchen redskins chef harvey joins us and team will serve at fedex field thursday and you won't believe how much turkey and trimmings you prepare for f fans. >> allison i think it's thanksgiving stress that turned this our you bad for us. >> i'm sorry you cannot reach allison because she's dead. >> 41 washington. waipdz south at ten. about 60 later today. 0 degrees to interpret num numbers. cool this morning. mild this afternoon. generally sunny conditions. clouds tonight. may be a few you showers in the night tonight and early tomorrow morning and all systems go for weather travel over the next several days erin. >> right now we have 6:56 a look from sky fox and
6:57 am
building and it's gray and loom dmoomy to 121. it's a 30 minute lay it. we're seeing heavy traffic. as you get closer to beltway you see volume building ga gamersburg through rockville. we'll switch it over and show you maps. hyattsville cabin branch drive before columbia park road overturned vehicle blocking all lanes and detour around that and take sairive we'll be right back.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
>> a charlie rose bomb shell. veteran tv host off the air this morning as he addresses claims of inappropriate behavior involving eight women. >> what a beautiful day outside today. traffic not great this morning. here's a look from sky fox above some of the area. we're just hours away from big old rush to get out of town thanksgiving holiday. it's a little hurricaney jerky with the motion. let's go back to us right now. >> they're playing right now. >> let's start with quick check on weather and traffic. tuck will start with erin. sorry, tuck. >> hey, erin. >> we have overturned


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