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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 21, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> a charlie rose bomb shell. veteran tv host off the air this morning as he addresses claims of inappropriate behavior involving eight women. >> what a beautiful day outside today. traffic not great this morning. here's a look from sky fox above some of the area. we're just hours away from big old rush to get out of town thanksgiving holiday. it's a little hurricaney jerky with the motion. let's go back to us right now. >> they're playing right now. >> let's start with quick check on weather and traffic. tuck will start with erin. sorry, tuck. >> hey, erin. >> we have overturned
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cabin branch drive before columbia park drive. caution 295 backing up heavy volume. it is terrible turkey traffic tuesday. this morning getting heavy. we you have covered. >> chilly temperatures to star the day. 30s now. pileder air on the way. how warm will it get i'll have that coming up, back to you. >> erin, set it up for us. terrible turkey traffic tuesday. big story this morning and thanksgiving get away. >> if you try to beat the traffic or long lines at the airport you probably won't this area. today is the worst day to travel and we have bun of the worst holiday travel boble necks in the -- bottle mek its in the entire kupty. we have bob barnard hitting the roads. you gotta assignment this morning. are you headed to the worst bottle neck in our area. >> it's just ahead of us, yes, we are allison. it's basically i 9
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in spotsylvania county. if you head that way as we are not so bad. if you look across the way northbound traffic commute rz on this thanksgiving tuesday that are bottled up now heading to d.c.. but, this terrible tuesday has minimum of afternoon commuters and those getting a way from tank living weekend. more than a million will be traveling by car this weekend. 4:45 to 6 p.m. will be wovrlt of. it and yes i 95 south in spotsylvania county and prince william county are two of the worst in between them is bw parkway northbound at 195 the exit towards bwi airport. i used to work at night and i'll tell you, wednesday before thanksgiving was traditionally the worst of. it we would see it on this tuesday night. the tuesday night thanksgiving week. wovt of traffic for holiday we would see.
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still going to be bad. and we in this d.c. area have the sixth worst thanksgiving holiday traffic in kupty. it won't make you feel any better. right now headed southbound on 95 not so bad. but late this afternoon early evening if you're headinging out of town going north on i 270 and south 95 and northbound on bw parkway or 95 expect to be in a lot of traffic, guys, it will be bad. but you're going somewhere happy hopefully. so maybe keep nat your mind as you sit in traffic today, guys. >> look if you get a chance to get out of town:00 tuesday you should think all positive things it. bob, thanks very much. first up growing sexual harassment scandal. >> john conyers on the growing list of national figures facing accusation, live on-call
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more on the story, good morning, mel. >> good morning, guys, 88-year-old must be mish representativeon con squn yers in often house democrat committee an he may be facing ethics review afteries his over own of all this she was fired after refusing conyers advances and buzz feed got the information from conservative activist and verified claims. the web site published affidavits from former staff members that said conyers would touch women in the office inappropriately and ask for sexual favors and another staffer said she was often asked to fly women into town up to for congress woman and a second woman came forward againstal frank ep. 2010 mip money state fear and franken grabbed her and felt
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frachingen was a nor senator at the time of new alleged incident. frachingen told cnn he remembers the photo and feels badly men's felt disrespected. this may add momentum in congress to crackdown on secret saidlements and issue lalt fee week. >> in last 220 years there been 160 settlements of cost to taxpayers of this country of $15 million. that is 50 million that is there to silence victims of all types of workplace discrimination. >> now, that bill now has cosponsors in the house and senate. it's called the metoo bill. and it will need to work its way through committee before it would come up for a snrot either house or senate. by the way
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seven women who used to work foral frachingen that said during their time as him as a senator he was a cham feign for women. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> veteran broadcaster charlie rose accused of groping, lude telephone calls and unwanted advances to women that worked or wanted to work ob interview program. >> rose says he didly apologizes and takes responsible and adds he always felt he was pursuing shared feelings. only a few positive ago rose himself talked about sexual misconduct being under reported. >> all cases in issue of sexual harassment is a terrible thoing and has probably been not sxosed enough. >> and rose's show has been us is spened and he's been removed from his broadcast duties. >> and 7:06 now. tucker barnes is back with us once again with the forecast. hi, tuck. >> good morning. yeah.
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okay. and there we go. tucker barnes with a check on the forecast, hi, tuck. >> bottom line 60 later today and cold this morning. >> okay. >> cool some fots. cold if others. take a jacket and we're also all systems go for the next few days. >> you may not leaf that late sgler how is it this evening. >> i'm going to a tree lighting. >> overnight tonight we may have showers. we'll talk about that in a second. 60 later today. jacket off this afternoon and beautiful afternoon to go for a run if you rather do that than sit in traffic. 41 in wash done. 3 had dulles. parts of area below freezing. so you know, just make sure have a jacket here earlier and headed off to school and bus stop and dress accordingly if you wait outside. breeze as well. sunny, bright, beautiful, clouds later today and cold front allison will move in tonight and after mid nights a period of showers between midnight and 6 a.m. >> it will be long over by then. >> 60
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big day and weekend big day as well. >> if you get too warm today al cool off refrigerated section of of your local grocery store. >> that's where i'll. >> i know. >> you may see erin as well. >> i have a shopping sglis that's what i need to do now. >> commercial breaks that's what i'll do. >> it helps a lot then you know what you need to get. >> get n. get out. >> that's the goal. >> beautiful view. 270 southbound heavy volume beltway to frederick. beautiful sunrise. there northbound side looks good. give yourself extra time on southbound side to get towards beltway if you head to work. let's go ahead and move things over for maps. crash hyattsville area. cab up branch drive involving overturned area all lanes blocked columbia park rot. in the district maryland line down. slow roll. earlier crash northbound 95 before triangle moved to left shoulder. heavy traffic main lanes and improved if earlier.
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after 13. heavy traffic eastbound making way toward beltway. atypical volume beltway to centerville at 128. please leave early. rubber neck delay slowing you down a bit. there take a welcome at overview of virginia drive times. 395 earlier northbound crash at 14 street bridge cleared. 18 minute trip beltway to 14 street bridge. we have southbound 14 street bridge crash reported as well. we'll let you know if that closes slow downs. heavy traffic st. barnabus to wilson bridge and 66 because of crash at 123 sutly road to beltway 47 minute ride as we look at mar ar drive times 31 minute trip. camera behind us by new hampshire avenue ever hade traffic there and 270, 50 inbound and out from buoy heads up from metro. >> good news there thank you very much. good news here update on the three missing teens from prince william county virginia police tweeted an update overnight
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saferly located. brianna thomas girl in the middle found in washington d.c.. however the two other teens, 17 years are still missing. >> in fairfax country school bus driver and bus aid accuse of assaulting 11-year-old with awe tim. la last month a staff member witnessed student be assaulted and intervened. a supervisor looked at surveillance and showed assault two days before. lisa rested and charmed edmund bailey and james duvrfy iii with assault and battery. the bus driver is on administrative leave and the worker resigned. >> mc henry lane that house wentz up in flames last night. fortunately nobody hurt. family of 7 now homeless. no word yet on what sparngd that fire. >> 7:10 let's head overseas. breaking overnight 50 people dead after suicide bomber detonated explosives in ni nigeria. bomb went off in a months
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a teen a.m. er was mingling they believe it was poke poke aharam extremists. >> and time to find the missing average teen submarine with 44 navy crew members on board. this morning another setback as officials say under water sounds they detected over the weekend and monday they thought were subwere not and did not come from miting navy sub. also we learned last communication wednesday was to report a mechanical breakdown related to its bat rays. in subsank to bottom sailors will be alive but only vl enough oxygen to last one w week. >> fire in west chester pennsylvania and this morning four elderly residents remain unaccounted for a 92-year-old man and 89 yerd wife and fire injured 20 people, eight are still in the hospital. and in response to plea for help one organization delive
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and clothing to the residents. >> well new this morning we learned that russian president vladimir put inplans to call trez trump today after the russian president sat down with syrian president that russia was ending military involvement in syria. russian president will call president trump to go over details of the meeting and before there say summit meeting with iran and turkey. >> thanksgiving tradition. president trump pardoning two turkeys at lavish hotel with they aivd rivd over the weekend. they've been spening last few days at the the willed hard. the first family will take off for mar largo the golf resort in balm beach florida where they'll spen the holiday weekend. >> funeral home accused of taking advantage of families mourning loss of loved ones. lawsuit reel vooing nor many morning. >> boost
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beds and also three boosters did not make the cut. 7:1512. stay with us.
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sdmrv it willen beautiful the next several days. various levels of warmth but nice. >> good for black friday you too. i was telling steve his niece skylar says she wants to go black friday shooping for the first time ever. >> 4 a.m. thing. >> 6. >> put her in ub are i told allison. >> i did not say that. >> he ha has an answer for everything. you can skype or face time. >> no. >> i understand. >> let's go to the forecast. >> some of us work friday morning 5 a.m. >> i'll text you but not skype. >> 41 washington. 60 for us today. and sunny and bright for much of day. cloudyness late this afte afternoon. lurking north and west yes ipt were time in the form
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there international falls. 17 ten win peg and three virginia this morning. we'll into that sort of repeatedly over the next week or so. and we'll get correspond edly cooler. today is warm-up. cooler wednesday and thursday and we'll warm it up again saturday and cool it down sunday monday we'll get the idea. sunny, bright, 60 daytime h highs and 0 where wear at now. clouds late day. ohio slips in late cold front bringing you few showers early tonight, tomorrow, cooler weather for wednesday and for the day on thursday. vl froming on thanksgiving day or making plans to be outdoors. rally the only trouble spot pacific northwest with good storm system out there and thunderstorms along the florida coastline. that's about. it otherwise sunny, dry, beautiful and temperatures should be cool around here and nice. >> once again one of the best places in country to be.
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>> thanks, tuck. >> let's check in with erin and see how we're moving today. >> not so great. 7:17 volume 6 east and westbound and upper loop jammed branch avenue and wilson bridge. 295 sluggish to laboratory road and 50 inbound 295 split. heavy traffic there. new crash after pept gob blocking left shoulder and lane. after clark street specifically. again give yourself extra time in main lanes. not terrible traffic now heaviest pent dwop top 14 street bridge. crowded traffic out by third street tunnel as well. take a look at this. 66 eastbound crash blocks shoulder 123 crawl east and web side 66 atypical volume web side 66 heavy vienna metro on time. 95 northbound backs up dale sit question and 66 eastbound from fairfax county to beltway 31 minute. red zone on ramps as well backing up watch for that. taking
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branch drive in hyattsville road and over turned vehicle blocking all lanes. jammed 50, 202 to 295. heavy volume in district new york avenue past bladeensburg road and sluggish 295 southbound and outer side of beltway. getting worst of it. 3 minute ride. jammed packed. upper loop okay. 39 minute trip on 20 southbound. 1 minute trip beltway to new york avenue. 50 inbound. no metro delays. it's terrible turkey traffic tuesday. >> thank you for that i needed sglat it's a new one on me. >> it's worst of commutes from 4:45 p.m. toe 6 p.m. if you plan to head to gressry store like we are get an early start. you don't want to get stuck in that mess. >> 7:19 former uber driver accused of sexually assaulting
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university. "fox5" learned that he was removed from providing usher rides in 015. he picked her up in due hospital circle area sunday owe morning and sexually assaulted her after forcing her out of the vehicle once they got u. >> massive fine for uber call kol regulateers the questionable driversen include former prison escape he. major traffic violations or problems with licenses, regulators found uber allowed them to drive despite this background check. >> developing this morning a home in michigan levels last night after gas main explosion in ocean land country knowledge of detroit. neighbors say it sounded like bomb went off. fire burned for hours and local homes in the area have been reported and no injured reported
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>> developing story. d.c. funeral home accused of taking advantage. grieving families and operating without a license. they are now suing austin r royster funeral home and pane families are charging for funeral they didn't in evidence. according to lawsuit funeral homes cheapp operator officers he asked them to pay for a life jurns policy to pay them -- >> a woman alleges her grandmother was involved without permission after she asked to have the body properly klepsed. a month later royster said not to worry because her grand mother was "still in the freezer ." we reached out for comment and
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knocked on the door or called. we'll take you to break now. a live look reagan international. keeping a an on roads this morning. just the beginning as folks begin that several day travel period.. we'll have live team coverage coming up next
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snrv 7:24 new this morning insurance unsti tut for highway safety
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booster seats for this year and all but three earned highest rating of best bet. some of those seats look like nascar seats. three boosters did not pass the test. harmony folding pooingter high back and rider safety rider pooingter back less. they're fancy steve sfwlxt he's here laughing. >> all passed but three. >> the kid looked like at the wanted to be anywhere but in the seats. >> booster seats are cooler then they used to be. i like the
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had. >> to go with non seat belts back in the day. >> that's actually true. >> you sat on parents sglap seat belt was mother's arm over my chest. >> exactly. >> right. >> i'm not proud of of it that's what it was. >> those were old days. >> winds south at 10. 60 today. we'll warm it up nicely. adding two to current temperatures. and lot of sunshine. high pressure you off the coast and late day klouth. and today late day clouds and there may be a few hours overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. and we'll clear it out 60 today enjoy it. airport, jam
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as make your way out we're up against top sood of beltway in college park. also seeing big delays 95 over to 270 spur. traffic bwi packing up as w well. metro rail lines are on time.
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♪ yeah, the great get away. >> nice little get away vibe. >> that's right. >> early morning. 7:30. grooving your way into the holiday weakened. >> it looks pretty good at least in the mailbox. >> don't look at the right side of the screen. >> bob bernard out and about. >> bob is on 60. we will check in with erin for those details. but on the left, reagan national airport obviously in the center we're cruising along 95 south. get you cover this morning. no doubt about it. hope everyone has great holiday weekend. let's check our top stories this morning. ♪ first up, congressman john conyer the latest high profile politician caught up the sexual harassment scandal. according to buzz feed the 88-year-old settle add clint from a woman who
7:31 am
fired from his washington staff because she rejected his sexual advances. >> veteran broadcaster charlie rose has been accused of groping, lewd telephone calls and unwanted advances towards women who worked or wanted to work on his interview program. rose says he does deeply apologize. he takes responsibility but he adds he always felt he was pursuing shared feelings. rose's show has been suspend and he has been removed from broadcast duties. arizona scientists say dark streaks on the surface of mars may be flowing sand. not water like research in 2015 suggest. nasa says the jury still out. agency's top mars scientist said the newest study did does not rule out presence of water on the red planet. just might be something else team. even if there is water on mars though it's likely not enough to support life the arizona team says. it's kind of poo-poo the last study. >> redskins fans here's the deal. this looks bad on the surface like nobody wants to go to the game on thursday night
7:32 am
but in the spirit of thanksgiving, and looking at things in a positive way, allison, as two of us are doing this morning, tucker not included tickets for the game on thanks give against the giants an out right steal. >> maybe it's a gift. some going for less than ten bucks. and those aren't even in the nose bleeds all of them. >> no. >> yeah. okay. maybe some fans not wanting to spend their holiday with the skins. >> but wisdom -- >> yeah. >> i'm saying, for those who may not have been means to ever afford my opinion overly priced football tickets. >> yeah. good great opportunity to go to a game. >> it's a holiday gift. >> it is a merry christmas come early for the we are gundy and gold nation, right. >> i agree. >> if you're fiscally conservative like i am it's pretty exciting news. pretty exciting holiday gift from the redskins. search on stub hub shows some of the tickets are going for as as low as seven dollars for a standing room only spot in the upper deck. we also saw some lower level seats selling between nine and $15.
7:33 am
fans, well, they may take a pass on this because some of them are still feeling the stink of sundays loss to the saints. skins look like they had this game well in the bag against the saints but then they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. >> why are we going back in time. >> we got to give the whole story, allison. >> all right. 15-point lead with under five minutes to go. >> we already know this terrible history. >> like kevin giving a movie review. >> the defense collapsed in the final three saints drives they got beat in overtime 34-31. coach jay gruden couldn't hide this disappointment at the press conference yesterday. >> i'm not going to stand up here and blame the calls or blame the players or anything, just let's credit drew and their execution and our execution wasn't good enough against, you know, heck of a quarterback hall of fame type quarterback. >> he kind of did blame the refs. >> is that shade towards our guy? >> he also said i'm not going t
7:34 am
blame a non call i'm going to blame -- they can't say bad call but a caltha was in the bin. >> a lot going on. >> here's the bottom line, wis. >> is the season over or? have we reached the breaking point for the skins. >> the season is not over yet. >> it's not over. not officially over. >> it's not over. >> the party is not over. >> all right. now here's the thing. there's talk over whether or not coach gruden should be fired as always happens every time the burgundy gold lose two or three games in a row they want tonight coach if the read since don't make the playoffs after this epic fail they were probably need to win their final six games to have a shot at a wild card spot. it's possible. those odds not in their favor. the burgundy and gold decimated by injuries on the offensive line. we've got rob kelly who is hurt and their best offensive player running back chris thompson hurt out fort entire season. the good news, though,. >> i'm coming with more good news this morning because the burgundy and gold the redskins play the giants on thursday, guess what 80 giants one of the worse teams in the nfl c
7:35 am
off a surprising win against the kansas city chiefs. >> right. >> still an nfl team. >> and it is a short week. >> any given sunday or whatever day. >> he is special old and short week. >> i know. >> which is a thursday. eighths rifle game. redskins you have to play the giants. they're terrible it should be an ease so win for the burgundy and gold that game 8:30. >> do they not get to eat. >> they'll have food at the stadium as well. we'll talk about that later on at good day. >> i'd be running a 8.540 if i eight a whole turkey dinner. >> it will be cold in the 30s. i asked the weatherman. he said it was going to be in the 30s. >> you asked tucker. >> yes, i did. >> 30 degrees. they're playing against a bad team. on a thursday on thanksgiving. that could factor into while all these tickets are available. >> it's at home. >> it's at home. >> okay. i don't think you can -- i don't think you can get rid of jew you gruden right now. this team had way too much, new york city consistency you finally have consistency. troy aikman was calling the game on
7:36 am
quarterback like jay gruden he loves his play calling. some redskins man's may object to that when you lose you hate the play calling. when you win you love the play calling. >> absolute. in the first half when he calls all these tricks plays and they work, he's a genius. at the end of the game when the fourth and one didn't work he's a bad guy. >> he said he got out played. could that be true, drew brees is drew brees. he's pretty amazing. >> last three minutes they did. >> clearly they got out played and got out coach. every time you lose you get out played and out coached. you can't have a knee jerk reaction every time you have a bad -- think about all the injuries they've had. think about all of that. i'm not making excuses think about the injuries they're dealing with. this season even if you don't make the playoffs i don't think you go and start firing coaches and doing all this stuff. >> let me give the viewers news they can use. if you've never been to a skins game, don't buy the 200 tickets. pay the extra five bucks for 100 level ticket. all in the 20 to $25 range. much better seats. >> there you go. >> you get t
7:37 am
allison i know you'll be out there. let me know how it goes. >> okay. >> wait on that. [ laughter ] >> mr. barnes, sir. >> thank you wisdom. >> just think about it. if you can get ten-dollar ticket you can hold your whole night down to $200 a person. >> if you drink beer or park. >> parking is regular price. >> that's true. parking will be $500 to park. >> beers are still 20 bucks. >> let's go. forecast, yes, temperatures right now are in the 30s and low 40s. we'll be 60 this afternoon. mild temperatures to look forward with bright sunshine later today. 41 now in washington. let's see. 34 binghamton. parts of pennsylvania got a little coating of snow with lake effect snows. >> oh. >> yeah. huh? >> binghamton. >> we're looking at bright skies and quiet conditions. do have a cold front which will move in tonight. give us late day cloud cover and it's possible we can have a few showers overnight tonight. i think they'll be after midnight and before the morning commute tomorrow. but that will bring us cooler temperatures for the
7:38 am
thursday. we'll look at the seven day momentarily bow 60 this afternoon enjoy a beautiful tuesday afternoon. all things out bound, right, erin? >> for sure. got a lot of errands to run today. i'll try to be off the roads by 4:00 p.m. because it's going to be really heavy traffic this afternoon. aaa anticipating around the d dmv4:45 to 6:00 p.m. the worse of the volume especially as you head out of town. northbound 395 right now after clark street a crash cleared it was previously blocking the left lane. volumes improved a lot from the pentagon up to the 14th street bridge. as we move things over, this is the 14th street bridge, however, slow. 21 minute trip yellow zone from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. traffic on the way to bwi is picking up on bw parkway. things picking up around reagan national as well as dulles. >> now you can order your pancake to go. >> very nice. >> cool. ihop rolling out something new. we're going to fill you in. we'll tell you how they don't get all soggy either. >> the thanksgiving edition of tuesday talkers. how do you
7:39 am
around the table. >> no buono. >> i agree but others be, maybe not. 7:38. ♪
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toasting dad: i'm not one for speeches. but here's to... to many more years of friendship. and feasts! crowd: [laughing, cheering] to presents! a mi familia que lo es todo. ♪♪ to being right here, right now, with you. sfx: dog bark. and you. toasting dad: i guess what i'm trying to say is, here's to family. we're proud to bring your family amazing value every day. t.j. maxx. marshalls. homegoods. family is the greatest gift.
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♪ all right. you can ihop and go now al. the restaurant chain will accepting online orders and to go orders on the website
7:42 am
it is rogue out a mobile app by the end of the year even adding a delivery service through amazon and door dash. >> okay. >> right now -- to your question. >> keep in mind they're only being tested in selected cities in california, oklahoma and washington state and utah. but if it goes well, it will come here. earlier this year. here's the thing. do you want soggy pancakes. >> this is what you were talking about. >> no you don't. earlier this year ihop introduced custom packaging designed to ensure that your pancakes don't get sog good in the to go boxes. packaging supposedly keep the food warmer and allows for easy transport. it will be a little bit until it comes here. >> you were jonessing for ihop and you can call and get it, you're winning. because ihop gets pretty crowded. >> it does. >> okay. well, you can celebrate thanksgiving early with a side dish staple. it is national stuffing day. um-hmm. thanksgiving of course in a couple of days and it's the perfect time to indulge in a festive dish. stuffing
7:43 am
felt turkey before it goes in the oven also used in dishes like pork chops, meatloaf and chicken breasts. >> little debate. do you call it stuffing or do you call it dressing? >> ooh, good one. >> hmm. is it geographic question? probably so. probably so. >> weigh n tweet us or hash tag team stuffing or hash tag team dressing. >> what are you. >> i'm stuffing. >> me too. >> we'll dish about it later on good day. >> who has dressing actually. >> we'll fine out. after the break, czar are fraser is back with tuesday talkers. the thanksgiving edition. >> i don't want to put generalities into it. i want to hear from the people. see what they have to say. >> i want to hear who are the dressing people. >> we won't call them out. they can let us know. >> here's flight delay misery map. as long as you're not in one of those bigger circles out there you're fine. like right around d.c., ahh, dagger. all right. there's your
7:44 am
give yourself some extra time. 7:43.
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♪ >> 7:46. let's look ahead to good day. little more than an hour away from the big show today. >> check out the guest list. >> who do we have al. >> moan knee greenwood the former editor-in-chief of essence magazine but she's always been inn keeper. it's in the family and now she's becoming a reality star but they're calling eight docu drama type of thing not total reality much we'll find out what it
7:47 am
she's starring in her new show called check in. >> inn. >> inn. yeah. >> docu series not docu drama on the own network. she'll join us life. >> very cool. also in the good day kitchen the redskins executive chef david harvey will join us much this really cool. if you are going to the game on thursday, he's going to share some of the thanksgiving fixings that the team plans to serve at fed ex field so it's not just going to be hotdogs and nachos. some thanksgiving dealings. they're actually getting whole bunch of turkey and trimmings for fans at the game on thu thursday. >> very cool. >> i never had that at a football game before. > that's why you got to go with the cheap tickets on thanksgiving. >> there you go. 8:30 p.m. >> all right, tuck. >> steve back in the day when john madden used to give the turkey leg at the end of the game? >> of course. >> that was i was m the player would eat the big turkey leg. it was great. >> hungry after all that work out. >> here are your headlines. sunshine today. with some clouds later this afternoon. we'll have cold front approach tonight. look at that here. but i do want to mention the mild
7:48 am
this afternoon. and then we will turn breezy and cooler overnight tonight and it will be breezy both wednesday and thursday with cooler temperatures around here highs on thanksgiving day in the 40s. all right. speaking of 40s 41 in washington. parts of the area hit that freezing mark early manassas now at 30. 32 in martinsburg. 30 up in frederick. so temperatures certainly on the chilly side here. 45 now in leonardtown you bounded nicely in the past hour. 44 in annapolis along the bay. >> all right. sunny, bright, beautiful for the time being. little later this afternoon we'll get high cloudiness our next front starts to approach. this will bring us cooler temperatures by tomorrow. but up ahead of it, nice southerly and southwesterly breeze will pump the temperatures to about 60 degrees. so nice afternoon and again traveling locally boston to atlanta being locally you're in great shape. going up or down 95 today expecting dry conditions. high pressure will keep things very quiet around here later today. all right. pleasant afternoon then again a front tonight could bring us a
7:49 am
get it out of here by early tomorrow morning. future cast want to show that you shower activity developing overnight tonight. there we are at 1:00 o'clock in the morning and most of that should be east of the bay by early tomorrow so i don't think it will affect our morning commute what we have of it tomorrow and then we'll clear it by late morning early afternoon it will be breezy and cooler with temps in the low 50s. there you go. looks great for thanksgiving. look great thursday for the skins/giants game although it will be cold. overnight lows in the low 30s. upper 30s at game time in great shape for shop owing on friday, saturday, sunday. right until christmas. >> my favorite thing to take a couch nap on thanksgiving after i eat while the football game is on. >> i remember you doing few yearsing. >> i believe that happened. [ laughter ] >> that's what happens when you work the morning shift at least you can justify it. eastbound 66 before the beltway there's a crash blocking the left lane and left shoulder. this is causing some big delays coming in from fairfax. it's been heavy any way. so with the left lane blocked keep it to the rye lanes and just ants anticipate
7:50 am
as we take look at the drive time to get from fairfax county parkway to the beltway 33 minute road. out by manassas heavy traffic through 28. in your opinion bottom side of the beltway big red zone from saint barnabas road to the wilson bridge. 20 minute trip. be prepared fort slow zones there. this camera by 210. heavier traffic there. now bw parkway southbound if you're headed from the baltimore beltway down to the capitol beltway 21 miles an hour average from once you get inside the beltway keep in mind 16 minutes from the maryland split to the 11th street bridge. 95 southbound completely jammed from theism cc to the beltway in college park. outer loop 35 minutes from 95 to 270. we're seeing a ton of traffic by new hampshire avenue. in your opinion light right there that's good news. the 14th street bridge remains heavy from the beltway to the bridge. 20 minute ride. yellow zone also keep in mind 95 northbound jamming you through dale city. 270 southbound sluggish from 109 to the beltway. give yourself extra time to get to work this morning. all metro rail lines are on time and have extra patients t
7:51 am
aaa anticipating the worst travel commute from 4:45 to 6:0f town. back to you guys. >> thank you erin. it is tuesday morning of course and we have i look at the clock to so if it was tuesday. we have a turkey day centric edition of tuesday talkers. >> so weird. >> i know. >> if your family members behave less like a norman rockwell painting, you know, all perfect and all of that kind of stuff and more like norman bates all psycho, during holiday events how can you nip bad behavior in the bud. >> sarah fraser joins us with one answer and the hint is skip the side dish of politic. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> i know you're traveling or the holidays. good to see you today before you jet out time. >> i am, yes. a third of all americans are going avoid politic at all costs at the thanksgiving dinner day table. >> honestly i'm thought it would be more. >> that's what everyone was saying downstairs in the newsroom. only a third? >> daypack a pact? i mean how do you avoid it? or win your own spirit, you're like, nope
7:52 am
members so i i'm sure you know where your family members lie. we have certain family members when they go to their house it's almost a joke when you walk up, uncle jeff we're not talking about politics. >> sorry uncle jeff. >> not today. uncle jeff we're not going th there. >> we're to the going. >> when with the big family gathering, do you it every year, when you're at that big family gathering if somebody brings it up to you let them go on or somebody the mother figure in the room that's just like, hey, jeff, um-um not at the table. >> my aunt sally will eventually tell him like enough. but i think the problem s everybody has a few cocktails, and then, you know, you don't see each other for while so everyone kind of wants to debate what's been going on, what do you think about what's happening in life? so i would say we always, n my family any way we start out saying we're not going to talk about politics but once you're three vodkas in. >> my family growing up we were a small family but we never -- i don't remember one meal whereeae the table? >> really? >>t
7:53 am
no but now maybe because being here in washington, i feel like an out liar it's a sport to talk politics basically. you either win or lose that conversation. but where i grew up, just didn't -- it never came up. there were other things to talk about. >> you're so civil. will you talk politics or no politics? >> no way. [ laughter ] >> i have ton honest i have a small family. steve and i are basically, you know -- >> connected in some way. >> right. >> two siblings, two parents and real sort of small and at the biggest it was maybe nine people. a couple of people who weren't family or whatever and we're all pretty like minded. >> right. >> and so, you know, no. even if we did walk politic we would get angry all in the same way. >> oh, my god i love it. >> do you know what i mean. >> come to my house much it's an episode of duck dynasty. >> can i sit next to uncle jeff. >> yes, you can. >> i'll see you on monday. don't do it. moving on. to other topics i wanted to get to. one i love this girl scouts of america put out an article that'son
7:54 am
telling moms to tell your daughters you no longer have to hug somebody as a thank you. and this is a great way of creating boundaries for your daughter so they never feel any sort of like obligation to hug anyone as a thank you. that includes aunts, uncles in the family. i think you and it are on the same page about this article. i felt this should apply for little boys, too. >> for everybody. >> i agree with that. >> did your parents go thank you -- go hug aunt sally or go hug so and so as gift -- for gift? >> no, we didn't real dollar that. there's the running joke that there's always somebody in the family who's got the mustache with maybe some food still left in it.. close. >> give uncle karl al kiss that. kind of thing. >> i thought you were going to go with aunt charlie on that one. >> or that. would it be considered rude? let's be honest. >> if uncle charlie has his arms out and you back away then that's kind of auction war. >> i'm teaching them not to. >> just make sure to thank them. >> we didn't have to. >> it wasn't go hug them. >> i love it. the as a result so good. i think it really makes y
7:55 am
lastly for our talkers -- >> i think it does set up good boundaries, though f i'm honest. >> me too. >> in full disclosure i don't know what i would do in that moment. it -- like i don't want the child or, yorks want to appear rude, but i would maybe, okay, that's enough or okay. >> let me google and see -- my phone is not working. why, sarah? >> go ahead. once again. >> this is great new york times article that essentially says every time there's a new iphone out or a galaxy phone don't you feel like yours slows down and is there a conspiracy. >> does it show though or do we feel like that. >> psych so somatic. >> the article claims it's not true. the only time your phone slows down when there's an update. an update around the time the new phones come out. maybe there's a reason. >> i agree. there is a reason if you haven't -- you don't have to buy a new phone fort update. but if you don't update it's the same time like you connect the two. good if you have too much, f you've got too many pictures and videos and stuff you do the update
7:56 am
>> i'm rocking with the iphone five. >> five, what does that one look like? >> it's very small. >> is that for real? >> weird looking. >> um-hmm. >> mark, that's what she's getting for christmas. >> yeah, because he has a 7g i'm balling with a six. we are on top of the times. >> fraser, safe travels i should say. >> thanks guys. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> tucker is the iphone 2.5. >> tucker was rolling with me for a second and he got upgraded. >> i recently moved up it's night and day allison. i don't spend most of my turning my phone off and ton get it to activate. >> it doesn't go from 30% to 0%. >> it. 42 now in washington. we'll be 60 later today. and we shall be sunny and bright for most of the day although a little cool out here early this morning. again, sunshine today. late day clouds that's a cold front and that will usher much cooler air by tomorrow. particularly by our thanksgiving day on thursday. but generally quiet weather. maybe a few showers overnight. erin
7:57 am
>> okay. it's 7:56 right now. i'm still the proud owner of iphone five. i need to upgrade. >> beautiful. >> i can't save anything to the cloud because i've run out of room on it i don't know what i'm doing. right now northbound nebraska avenue northwest at reno road there's a crash. use caution in the district if you're headed tout work or school this morning. there's also a crash cabin branch drive still impacted with overturned vehicle scene before columbia park road. 295 southbound super jammed up from 50 down to the 11th street bridge. 50 inbound once you head from bowie get inside the beltway long line of traffic there. keep it to fox5 news morning. terrible turkey traffic tuesday. we got you covered. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪ what if there was only one emoji? now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box.
7:58 am
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now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box. >> this is fox5 news morning. so glad you're starting your day with us. 8:00 o'clock on this tuesday, november 21. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. the sexual harassment scandal deepens now claiming another high profile politician. >> plus details on the special phone call russian president vladimir putin plans to make to president trump today. >> the great get away begins on what they're calling terrible turkey traffic tuesday. whether you're driving, flying or taking a train, we've got you covered including the worst time to hit the road today. spoiler alert, it's around rush hour. >> okay. so right now, how about this live look outside. yeah. i think that's probably just commuter traffic locally and yeah it
8:01 am
it is going to be, um, nice day to get out of town which means a lot of people will be doing that today. at least weather wise. >> some folks trying to get work the first couple of days take the rest of the week off. terrible turkey traffic tuesday the top story this morning. that's a lot of t'. >> a lot of t's. >> thanksgiving get away kicking high gear from airports to the roads and again the rails as well. if you don't time it perfectly, you will end up stuck today and that's why we're here to help. bob barnard is live on the roads in northern virginia. bob? >> reporter: yeah, hey, guys. we're now northbound on i-95 to give you a sense of what you'll experience this afternoon because you'll be, f you're getting away today, mixing it up with commuters and other holiday travelers. the worst of it this is terrible tuesday as you mentioned is between roughly 4:45 and 6:00 o'clock tonight according aaa. they say that we have the sixth worst holiday traffic in the nation, and this stretch here, 95 actually southbound in
8:02 am
in prince william county southbound is also in the top ten basically. also bw parkway northbound at the bwi airport skit which we've covered in the past at night here on fox5 on the tuesday night, not the wednesday, but the tuesday night of thanksgiving it's just atrocious. you also have 270 northbound in montgomery county and also the beltway in the allentown road area those are the key hot spots that you can expect to experience if you're heading out well more than a million of you from the dmv this thanksgiving weekend and it will be again 4:45 to 6:00 o'clock tonight. you just going to really have to suffer through it whether you're heading to an airport or driving to your destination, yes, wednesday and sunday are bad as well as is saturday of this weekend. but it's kind of creeped up in the past couple of years that this tuesday of thanksgiving week has become a
8:03 am
for people trying to get out of town or get home with people trying to get out of town, and basically there's really no way around it. if you left now and were heading southbound you'd be okay. but this as we're heading north into the city, this morning is what you'll probably see heading out of town this afternoon. the terrible tuesday of thanksgiving week, guys. we'll begin with news affecting all of us at this broadcast and this network. cbs news has suspended our co-host charlie rose over allegations of sexual misconduct. >> cbs this morning just an hour ago addressing the new allegations against veteran broadcaster and show host charlie rose. >> rose has been accused of groping, lewd telephone calls and unwanted advances towards women who worked or wanted to work on his interview show. he says he deeply apologizes and he takes responsibility but he adds he always felt that he was pursuing shared feelings even though he now realizes he was mistaken
8:04 am
rose is show pbs -- has been suspended and he's been removed from as you just saw his broadcast duties at cbs as well. >> in the meantime also now caught up in the growing scandal congressman john conyers. buzz feed claims a couple of years ago he had to settle a sexual harassment complaint with a former staff. >> senator al franken facing new accusations by other woman claiming he harassed her. fox5's melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill this morning sorting it all out. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning steve and allison. in the last month women here on capitol hill have begun speaking out about sexual harassment and now the top democrat on the house judiciary committee may be facing an ethics investigation of his own after these new claims. they come from a former staff who said she was fired for refusing 88-year-old michigan representative john conyers advances and was paid $27,000 settlement back in 2015. now, buzz feed did get the information from a conservative activist but says it
8:05 am
verified the claim. the website also published affidavits from former staff members who said conyers would rub their backs and legs and ask for sexual favors. another staff said she was often asked to fly women into town for the congressman. his office has not commented. a second woman has come forward with accusations against minnesota senator al franken. lindsay met franken in 2010 at the minute men state fair. she tweeted franken grabbed her and she felt violated and embarrassed. unlike the earlier reported incidents with radio host leanne tweet den he was a senator at the time of this allege incident. a leading senate republican doesn't want to get ahead of the fafacts yet. >> obviously i think that will be taken up by the ethics committee and i'll let them begin the process. i share everyone else's view on it and that's unacceptable. >> reporter: now franken told cnn he doesn't remember the photo and feels badly that men's felt disrespected. seven former franken aids did tell fox news
8:06 am
has always treated them with respect and they believe he is a champion for women. now do you know we've also been pack talking about legislation here on capitol that would end the protections for harass sr.s that is still working its way through. it has to go through committee before it goes up for a vote. congress returns after thanksgiving break next week. melanie alnwick, fox5 local n news. mel, thanks. boy i'll tell you that sunshine on the capitol dome looks amazing. >> beautiful day whatever you may be doing. grocery store. >> um-hmm. tree lighting. >> dog walking. tree lighting? >> um-hmm. >> feels earl follow that but okay. >> oh yeah. we have to get to thanksgiving then you can tree light. >> no, sir good we'll tree light tonight. you should be fine for all of the above and near 60. so you can wear the light jack this afternoon. >> nice. >> you saw the bright sunshine in melanie's live shot and we should see sunshine for the bulk of the day. late this afternoon later this afternoon we'll start to get high cloudiness moving in with our next frontal system which will move through overnight
8:07 am
42 reagan national. 38 dulles. 41 up in baltimore at bwi marshall. your cloud cover is back in ohio that will sneak in here later this afternoon. we will keep it dry later today. if you're hitting the roadways it will be dry this evening. after midnight tonight we may get a few showers developing as that front quickly pushes to the east. but there's your forecast for your tuesday. getting out of town tuesday. 60 degrees. >> coming up we'll look at tomorrow and of course thursday and shopping weekend and all of that. >> good stuff. >> thanks, tuck. hi, erin, good morning. >> good morning. 8:07 right now, and we're just seeing a lot of crowded major if's you're headed to bwi reagan national or dulles give yourself extra time. 295 southbound outside the beltway average speeds 18 miles an hour heading down to the cap beltway from the baltimore beltway. 95 backing up from icc on down be prepared for those delays once you get inside the beltway from the bw parkway split to the 11th street bridge, 15 minute delaware delay. be prepared a lot of heavier traffic there. things really
8:08 am
nazi on the outer loop. no crashes but 95 to 270, 40 minute ride. you can see by new hampshire avenue we're just bumper to bumper across all the main lines. inner loop looks good top side of the beltway but bottom side of the beltway through oxon hill heavy traffic from saint barnabas road to the wilson bridge. 270 southbound from 370 to the beltway 22 minute ride. red zone there. it's about a 45 minute commute from 70 down to the beltway it's not the worst of it but we do have a lot of increased volume there. here's a look at the delay on the bottom side of the beltway. saint barnabas road to the wilson bridge, 18 minute trip i should say and you're jammed dale city to the beltway on 95 northbound. 66 not looking great 33 minutes fairfax county parkway to the beltway. have some patience this morning it's crowded but at least all your metro rail lines are on time. not looking forward to this tuesday evening commute as everyone tries to get out of the town, guys. back to you. >> erin, thanks much. fox5 exclusive right now. accusations that the dc police department racially profiled a man. >> this particular incident allegedly happened to fox5 viewer who wishes to remain anonymous
8:09 am
though he says dc police stopped him in southwest demanding to know if he had any guns. but he says he was stopped because of the color of his skin. dc police watched the video but would not comment. they did release a statement in part saying that mpd is committed to removing illegal guns from the streets of the district and that if you if anyone feels like they were treated inappropriately, they can file a complaint. >> bus driver and a bus aid for fairfax county public schools now accused assaulting an 11-year-old with autism. police believe edmund bailey and james cuff fee iii assaulted that student twice in one week. at least one of the alleged assaults happened as the child was being taken to school. both men are now facing charges for assault and battery. ♪ 8:09 right now. update on the three missing teens from prince william county one of the teens has been found. that's the good news. brianna thomas scene in the middle was found in the dis district. now the bad news the other two teenagers two, 17 year olds are st
8:10 am
to contact prince william county police. former uber driver accused of sexually assaulting a woman on the campus of american university. fox5 learned that driver was permanently removed from providing uber rides in 2015. the victim said the driver picked her up and the dupont circle area on sunday morning and sexually assaulted her after forcing her out of the vehicle. once they got to au. the search is still on for the gunman who shot and killed a baltimore police detective. sean suiter was shot last wednesday and had died at, of injuries the following day. investigators say the only ballistics evidence recovered from the scene came from suiter's service weapon. they are offering a reward of more than $200,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the d.c. native. ♪ >> all right. still to come this morning the justice department makes a big move to block a big merger. what all this means for you coming up. plus, the bromance still strong the special message sent to former vice-president joe
8:11 am
biden that broke the internet. ♪ ♪♪
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ all righty. time for some cuteness tucker. >> perhaps thanksgiving cuteness. >> ooh, is that right? >> i don't know. we'll find out together. togeth. >> no we got drummer a musician in our midst. >> acute one, too. >> possibly early ringo star, right? >> psi
8:14 am
>> pretty old reference there. a lot of -- >> but the song. >> oh, okay. i gotcha. >> steve,. >> you're welcome, tuck. >> they are of one mine. p today is his tim birthday and mom says mason loves karate. >> okay. >> you can tell from the picture music. and is extremely excited, i mean very excited, to have his own drum set. >> who wouldn't be? >> that's so cool. >> yeah. i mean -- >> jam on demand. yes, mason. >> yeah. >> happy birthday. >> way way cool. >> mason we love your picture, and i love the drum set, too. >> look at his little t-shirt it said birthday boy. >> that's right. >> he's the big five. >> all right. >> zen us your child's picture go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. we love it mason. thank you for watching. >> jam on, mason. >> yup. send us a tape of you playing the drums. >> that would be great. >> right. >> yeah. >> we'll put him on good day. >> we'd love to see that like a
8:15 am
solo drummer. >> okay. >> i have no control over that. but if i can make it happen i would. >> now you'll you're making promises. >> you'll try. i can try. 42 in washington. 60 today with lots of sunshine to look forward. mild temperatures add 10 degrees to where we were yesterday. technically 8 degrees. there is your high resolution satellite/radar it's finding almost nothing out there. so we've got a few clouds to start the day. we will see more cloudiness later this afternoon. all right. want to talk thanksgiving day. the only real storm systems pacific northwest and thunderstorms down along the southeast coast florida coastline. that is about it. most of the country going to be very quiet so traveling the next couple of days we really don't have a lot of weather worries which is great news. it will be chilly across the northeast and mid atlantic our daytime highs on thursday will only be in the 40s with milder temperatures out to the west. but you know, considering i've been doing this job for awhile and plenty of thanksgiving weather weeks where the weather has been absolutely terrible
8:16 am
this one will be smooth sailing. 60 today. cooler wednesday and thursday. it will be chill physical you're bog to the skins/giants thursday night but it should be dry. >> thanks for giving the people a great forecast for thanksgiving day. >> i like to feel like i had something to do with it. >> you did. >> it should be very nice. good morning, erin. how we looking? good 8:16 we're keeping all right eyes on the roads. feels more like a typical tuesday morning but for terrible turkey traffic tuesday 4:45 this evening to 6:00 p.m. will be the heaviest traffic as everyone starts their holiday get away. right now northbound 95 before quantico there is a crash blocking the right shoulder. lanes looking pretty nice. little bit congestion in stafford as well as north at that point in dale city. however, not as terrible as it could be right now. just 22 minute ride. 21 minutes improved in the main lanes dale city to the beltway give yourself a little extra time there. southbound side wide open starring your holiday get away maybe heading down towards virginia beach. traffic on the way to reagan national little crowded for morning congestion 14 street bum eight minute trip from the
8:17 am
pentag tunnel. closer to the beltway much lighter. to and from the third street tunnel 6695 is backing up. 66 eastbound improving volume lightening a 30 minute trip from fairfax county parkway to the beltway and just outside that point between manassas and centreville crowded conditions as usual. as we take look in southern maryland 210 normal congestion toward the bottom side of the beltway and five at the 301 split. a lot of green on the map. if you are heading out right now the time to do it before things back up later. back to you. >> thanks erin. u.s. taking a big step to put pressure on north korea. >> treasury department today expected to announce new sanctions against the communist regime after the president said on monday the us was putting north korea back on the list sponsors of terrorism. north korea was taken off that list in 2,000 when president george w. bush tried to open diplomatic chance channels to halt development. >> surprise visit president vlim
8:18 am
the syrian president. he plans to call trump to to brief him on it. he told the syrian leader that russia was ending its military involvement in syria. that came two days after syria announced that it captured the last major city controlled by isis. reports indicate that putin will call president trump today to go over the details of the meeting and wants to do it before russia has a summit meeting with iran and turkey. ♪ the trump administration wants the supreme court to allow the latest version of his travel ban. the president's travel ban to go into effect. the travel ban would put different restrictions on foreign nationals from eight different countries. last month a hawaii court blocked this version from taking effect but then earlier this month three panel judge in california lifted the order knacking parts of the law. >> meanwhile a federal judge in san francisco is permanently blocked president trump's executive order that would cut funding from so-called sanctuary cities. the judge rejected the administration's argument that only a small portion of federal fund would be i
8:19 am
will appeal. justice department now targeting communication giant at&t suing to block its acquisition of time warner cable. the department of justice filed a lawsuit yesterday. the wireless carrier struck up the deal in october of last year looking to bundle mobile service with video entertainment. doj says the merger would harm consumers with only hire monthly television bills. >> the keystone xl pipeline overcame a major hurdle in nebraska regulators gave the green light to alternative route through that state. approval on the long delayed $8 billion project gives the developer trance can in a dat power to bury the pipeline on land even if landowners say no. the line would move more than 800,000 barrels of oil every day from the northern u.s. border to gulf coast refineries. 8:19 right now. the entertainment world mourning the loss of another star. actress and singer della reece died over the weekend. reece was also widely known on television for her roles in
8:20 am
including "chico and the man" and touched by an angel much reece died peacefully sunday evening in california. della reece was 86 years old. well, beyonce' is the highest paid woman in music. forbes magazine says the singer earned $105 million between june of 2016 and june of this year. beyonce''s earnings boofed by her formation world tore last year. a dell came in second place followed by taylor swift and celine dion. >> go, queen. joe biden may be another year older but the bromance memes never get old. former president barack obama wished former vice-president joe biden happy birthday with a meme. the picture shows mr. obama the former president giving an address with the vice-president behind him. the meme jokes that the former president is about to give a speech and tells jill that he will wish him a happy birthday during the speech but then the
8:21 am
by shouting, it's my birthday. >> the bromance leaves on. yes. really cute. presidential pardon we'll introduce you to the two turkeys -- to the two jive turkeys you got to do this. >> i understand. >> that won't end up on the dinner table this thanksgiving. >> happiest turkeys out there. >> happy turkeys. brewing up controversy the starbucks holiday cup at the center of a scandal. what would the holidays be without a star buck holiday cup scandal? apparently there is one. 8:21. ♪ 8:21. ♪♪ did you know you can still get a refreshing any size soft drink for just one dollar at mcdonald's? with the days getting shorter and your to-do list getting longer, you'll enjoy this ice-cold deliciousness more than ever. hurry over to mcdonald's. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else? heard about eucrisa for mild-to-moderate eczema? it can be used almost everywhere on almost everybody. the arm of an arm wrestler? the back of a quarterback? the face of a fairy? prescription eucrisa is a nose to toes eczema ointment. it blocks overactive pde4 enzymes within your skin. and it's steroid-free. do not use if you are allergic to eucrisa or its ingredients. allergic reactions may occur at or near the application site. the most common side effect is application site pain. ask your doctor about eucrisa. they're looking at the mcpick 2... ...two for five deals all across the board!
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a big mac and 10 piece mcnuggets! they got em! get your fan favorites on the mcpick 2 menu. choose any two for just five bucks. they did it! unbelievable! ♪ let me get a mcpick 2 ♪ all right. here we go. got to dig deep for this one. starbucks holiday cups once again the subject of contr controversy. here's why this time. that what you're looking at right there some people are offended by. the part of the cup -- erin keeps asking why as do all of the viewers at home i'm sure the part of the cup that shows two gender neutral hands holding one another. >> how do you know their -- >> i don't know, al. some people online say it presents two lesbians or promotes a gay agenda and they are now calling for a starbucks boycott. >> give me break. i can't wait for the day -- >> stake a stand ourselves. >> stop talking about this. >> let's take a stand and not do it. >> i don't want to report that any more. >> we're not doing it. well did he. i'm saying we're not. let move on. >> i'm done. >> happening today,
8:25 am
turkeys won't end up -- they got a whole happening today graphic. got a pardon wish bone and drum stick as they're called will get an official pardon from the president today in the white house rose garden. the pardoning of the turkeys is a presidential tradition of course that dates 70 years back. the white house is also donating two turkeys to the d.c. n non-profit martha's table. >> here's where we are in this country. you can't put two non discriminate hands touching each other on cup but you can pay thousand dollars for two turkeys to spend the night in hotel r room. >> totally reading into it. if you have the problem with two same sex persons holding. whose to say i'm not me holding my teenaged daughter hands. >> it's what somebody views it at. i wish we can learn something today we can all take home. >> it's not going to make us angry around the holidays. >> the only way to do that is to go to school. ring the bell. 8:25. time to go to weather school. >> hi, teach. >> stevie, how many times have i told uh-uh don't come to this classroom to
8:26 am
okay. >> you back up your words. >> i do deliver on a daily basis, don't i? all right. let's do it. time for your weather report card. sunshine, that will get a big fat a. we love as in this classroom. lots of sunshine to look forward today. the winds are out of the south that's a b. it will be a bit of a breezy day afternoon temps near 60. >> yes, stevie. >> i have a question. >> yes. >> is this tomorrow's weather report card or today's weather report card. >> i'm leaving our class out early this is our last day before thanksgiving. >> unless you change the day of the holiday -- >> it's last day of school before thanksgiving. >> oh the last day of school before thanksgiving. >> i changed that to an f for you. >> um-hmm. >> allison you get an a. >> yeah. >> over all a. >> we're to the going to have school tomorrow? >> ♪ >> we probably will. >> oh, boy. [ laughter ] >> okay. he was true to his word erin. i learned nothing. >> i would like to say we've all had those teachers in the past always wrong.
8:27 am
>> right. >> professor barnes fulfills that need fours. so funny. right now we do have crash involving a truck eastbound 66 on the ram from that 110 give yourself extra time to get through to area volume lighter than usual. let's see if we can forward things along. this clicker i was clicking but nothing was moving. we can tell you that 395 is crowded. we'll work on that. metro is on time. steve and allison. >> erin, thank you very much. with good news there. 8:27. all right. coming up little bit later on, we're talking about battling the belly bulge a lost restaurants but those calories count on the menus. >> i those. >> i love it too. is it working? that's the key. >> more turkey talk from cooking temperatures to how long those leftovers will last. that's a good question. we've got some helpful food safety tips you need to hear. >> they never really lasted long in my house. >> yeah. but how long can they last? ♪
8:28 am
before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee, with a 2-year agreement.
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8:31 am
rose's show has been suspend and and he's been removed from his broadcast duties. d.c. funeral home taking advantage of accused of taking advantage of grieving families and operating without a license. dc attorney general now suing austin royster home. they charged them for services they never received in one case a family says they pocketed $47,000 of a man's live insurance pay out. fox5 reached out to austin royster for comment but the phone was disconnected non one answered when we knock on the door. time now 8:31. so one restaurant started adding calorie counts to their menus consumers eventually paid attention. >> apparently so. dr. mike cirigliano joins us now with the story. first of all, happy thanksgiving week, dr. mike. good morning to you. doing our best to try to, um, save a little room for our calories later in the week. look, the restaurant count when they started doing that at first i said, you're ruining this for me, then i said, it's actually a good thing. >> i love it. >> now i'm
8:32 am
putting in my body. >> well, you should be aware of what's going in your body whenever you put something in your body. that's the bottom line, steve and allison. good morning. here's the deal. the studies show that up to 80 calories were reduced as far as in take if people knew what they were eating. so from personal experience, i'll be there with my family. do i go for the gore began sole la gnoccis which are to die for about 2500 calories. >> or do i go for the fish? and then i look at my wife and i say, well, i don't want her spending my money with someone named ricoh suave veigh too many because i had too many gore gone sole la gnocchis. i have less calorie intake. i feel better and that's the bottom line. >> let me saw question, mike. i don't think this is
8:33 am
i'm just asking. the restaurants, they don't want everybody to say, i'm going to pass on that delicious pasta. do you think the restaurants now that do this create healthier meals or will eventually create healthier meals to put on their menus? >> well, here's the thing. if i have the dr. mike restaurant or just say mike's restaurant, all right, i want people to go in there and have a culinary experience that makes them want to come back. i'm not particularly worried about what their ldl cholesterol is. their lies the problem, and many experts believe that more home cooking will lead to healthier living and healthier eating. but in our society, the trend because we're so busy we don't have time to cook and the amount of cooking at home has gone steadily down. so that's the problem. but you have to
8:34 am
find healthy choices. >> okay. it's working. let's talk about a lot of heart patients sort of shy away or afraid to have a lot of sex i guess the kids are in school by now. but is there really a correlation between heart attack -- risk of heart attack if you're a heart patient? how many people actually die of heart attack after sex? >> surprisingly, allison, very few. about 1% of cardiac arrests this is a study that just came out looked -- you often think about salacious headlines where someone was having sex with somebody and they had a heart attack right then and there and then what do you do? so this study was very reassuring and the other thing that's very interesting from a scientific point of view, you are double likely the hood of surviving if you had a heart attack or cardiac arrest while engaging in sexual
8:35 am
so as far as i'm concerned, one, if you have not been active in any way, you've been a couch potato, probably a good idea to get checked out make sure you don't have any underlying coronary disease and if you can exercise moderately, then go for it. that's my advice. good all right. >> and my recommendation. >> thank you, dr. mike. >> doctor's orders.>> doctor's . >> listen, have wonderful day. don't worry about calories. enjoy your family. carp pay diem. you know, live the moment because you will have a wonderful time. worry about your calories the next day. >> i agree with you 100%. >> mike, happy thanksgiving to you and your family. we'll see you next week. >> 8:35 right now. >> love you guys. >> love you, mike. >> i'll tell was tucker i ran yesterday. it's going to be beautiful day to run today. i'll do it again tomorrow and then thursday, i will have no regret whatsoever
8:36 am
>> no regrets. >> that's a plan. 42 now in washington. we'll top it out near 60 this afternoon. steve, today is the perfect day to go for a run with temperatures about eight to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. it will be a bit of a breezy day with winds out of south. we're looking at clear skies at the moment. most of the day will feature sunshine. later this afternoon we got clouds north and west. some high clouds associated with cold front which will start to make their presence felt but i think it will be late this afternoonth temperatures will get a chance to warm up before then when the highs about 60 degrees. all right. coming up we'll look at wednesday and of course the big turkey day forecast in just a minute. >> erin. 8:36 right now. really not looking forward to this evening's commute, tomorrow's commute. millersville southbound 97 before ben field boulevard crash blocking the left shoulder. heavier traffic southbound 97 in maryland. as we forward things along, eastbound 66 crash blocks the shoulder on the ram from that 110 disable truck there. volume is pretty light right now. but we are seeing heavier volume
8:37 am
in fact just to get from 234 sudley road to the beltway 43 minute ride still in the red zone heaviest traffic manassas through centreville. web side nice and quiet as you make your way through gainsville and may hark. moving things over we have another crash. 95 northbound before quantico. blocking the right shoulder and you can see traffic in the main lanes. so much quieter than what we were dealing with earlier from a crash in triangle. i would say a little bit of extra time needed to get through staff for. volume through garrisonville road. 95 northbound 21 minute ride yellow zone before between dale city and the beltway. southbound side wide open heading down toward virginia beach you're looking pretty good there. traffic on the way to bwi heavy knife and 295. 295. across the 14th street bridge. watch for volume on the memorial bridge. pentagon to the third street tunnel seven minute trip. normal volume around dulles. make sure you factor in extra time the airports are going to be crowded starting today lasting through the holiday. and 37 minute ride outer loop jammed up 95 to the 270 spur. heaviest traffic by new
8:38 am
to 70 southbound jamming up with about 30 minute delay. 109 to the beltway. metro rail lines are on time. that's good news. almost feels like little bit of the calm before the traffic storm. guys? >> erin, thank you very much. still ahead this morning, too good to be true? details on christmas coupon mix up that had customers racing to the toys r us website over the weekend. >> and if you're dreaming of a classic holiday, it's going to cost you. we'll tell you what's to blame for the rising costs of christmas trees. ♪ ♪♪
8:39 am
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(bell rings) - so, what are you in for? - well, according to this discipline slip, i was allegedly talking during quiet time again. but, there were no witnesses except the teacher's pet. - oh, really? - her testimony shouldn't be admissible. so, i'm here to appeal the decision. (door opens) - [tuition monster] oh. (whistling) - [narrator] tame the tuition monster. - well, i'll see you in law school, kid. (laughs) - [narrator] contribute by december 31st and receive a virginia state tax deduction.
8:41 am
>> 8:41 right now. love that song al. >> holiday shoppers, as we look out over folks maybe trying to get out of town at reagan national airport holiday shoppers thought christmas came earl whole they discovered major sale on the. to r us website and turn out to be big mistake as well. >> the whole issue was discover after thousands of customers placed orders now the glitch allowed customers to stack coupons together for total savings of 60% off. >> perfect. >> not out of the world. >> love it. >> exactly. >> happy black friday sale. >> right. once discover the company started cap canceling the orders. >> that's not cool. no, no, no toys r us. >> you know you're struggling. this is not a good pr move. >> um-um. >> spokesperson for the store says customers will not be charged but yet items will not be shipped. >> that's so unfair. >> they are asking shoppers to keep an eye on their statements as precaution. >> and you can rebuy those for 10% off. >> toys r us. >> no thank you. >> other stores now, look you're struggli y
8:42 am
this. >> even when the airlines screw up unget $200 flight to australia they hahn are in it. >> war the prices going to be on black friday any way. >> not 60% off obviously. >> wow. >> that's a fail. to toys r us. that's a fail. let's go place where there's never a fail. because it's always a good day. >> wisdom land. >> on good day dc. y to wisdom land we shall go. hi, wis. >> good morning to you both. good to see you we've got the big stories all over good day dc this morning including more allegations of sexual harassment on the hill and this as a long-time morning news anchor is suspend after troubling claims we're live what you need to know at 9a. also at 9a why multiple families are suing a local funeral home plus don't make your guests sick. what you need to know about food safety as you make that thanksgiving day meal. all right. let's put up that good day guest list for tuesday morning. monique greenwood the former editor and chief of the essence magazine is now becoming a real had the star. starring in the new show checked in
8:43 am
she'll join us live. also in the good day kitchen, welcome redskins executive chef david harvey. he's going to share all the thanksgiving fixings that the team plans to serve at the big thanksgiving night game at fed he can field and you won't believe how much turkey and trimmings they're getting ready for the fans. your number one good day d.c. with all the trimmings, all the fixings just a few minutes away. >> wis, can we agree on the fact that right there is a jam? >> that is a jam. >> is it the jam? >> these little remix. little dj or puff daddy in and it will really be a jam. >> let's make it happen. we'll see in you a few. >> full serving of wisdom with side dishes of awesomeness coming you on good day in a few minutes. >> i like that. >> speaking of i was somebody kevin mccarthy the one, the only, with entertainment news. hi kev. >> we need a camera in here justin allison kevin camera when that song places. >> it's our jam. >> allison was standing up doing dancing. latest on
8:44 am
sexual misconduct allegations that led to his suspension plus jeff daniels and i geek out about his brand new netflix show and dumb and dumber, plus no surprise here. taylor swift's new record is a massive billboard hit. we'll have that coming up soon next on fox5 news morning. stay tune. ♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ >> all righty. those are the hot spots. >> yeah they are. here's the deal. the interior picture on the left is inside reagan national airport. where it's
8:47 am
unmanageable. >> right. the misery map. >> well -- >> terrible name. >> that's the problem. on the right that is the s so-called misery map from flight aware and the problem with that map is, the bigger the circle the more the misery. >> right. look who has the biggest circle on the map right now. >> how could be that us. >> a lot of flights early in the morning. west coast flights haven't ramped perhaps and d.c. and new york are leader leading the charge when it comes to air traffic. >> four delays at bwi marshall. three at reagan. >> that's in the terrible. >> no. >> we're still green. so just little bit of rode on there. >> okay. >> let's check in with tucker. no need to go anywhere except maybe outside later today. >> that's a cool little chart. i'll study that later. >> it was cool. >> near 60 later today. here are your headlines. sun the first half of the day. let clouds late this afternoon i'll show you why here on satellite picture in just a second. it will be mild today. about 60 for daytime highs then cooling temperatures overnight tonight and wednesday and thursday will both be dry which is great for traveling but noticeably cooler particularly on thanksgiving day per
8:48 am
eating weather with high temperatures in the 40s. all right. certainly cold overnight. 42 now in washington. still hanging on to the freezing tepp hers in frederick, 30. manassas nice jump for you freezing last hour now 37 degrees. 43 in quantico. 46 leonardtown. 47 in annapolis right along the bay here temperatures warmer. the reason why we're getting a push off the water here with winds out of the south. okay. just a few clouds to start your day. you can see those off to the north and west. i think we'll be generally sunny for the next several hours and then this afternoon we'll start to get some clouds moving in from the north and west as we have our next approaching cold front this cold front is not going to bring us a whole lot other than cooler temperatures later tonight we might get few showers with the but that will be about it. we'll get clouds later this afternoon. here's the set up for today. high pressure is now offshore and our winds are out of the south and that means a one-day warm up. up near 60 today. then we'll be breezes to contend with but it should be pleasant afternoon with temperatures again a few degrees above normal. and then we'll get that front in here later
8:49 am
we may have a period of a few showers overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. i think it will be out in here in time for the rush hour tomorrow great news i know everybody going in many different directions tomorrow. we should be fine. look great for thursday. playing football thursday afternoon looks great. if you're going to the skins game thursday night, it will be cold. but it will be dry. and then we're set up for great shopping weather, friday, saturday, sunday. temperatures cool by sunday but we should be dry right through the weekend particularly when you're coming back from grandma's house. all right. i'm done my work. steve, back to you. >> tucker thank you very much. thanksgiving as we know just two days away and this morning we're taking a look at most popular opinions when it comes to making the perfect plate. new survey found 77% of americans prefer turkey over ham so almost eight out of ten. 61% about six out of ten say they like mashed potatoes more than stuffing. when it comes to the cranberry sauce, seven out of ten prefer homemade cranberry sauce over canned where you get those little ridges in the side of the
8:50 am
can. one of the biggest decisions we have to make what do you want for dessert, pumpkin take the cake when it comes -- take the pie when it comes to america's top thanksgiving pie. more than one third of those surveyed by the firm delta dental say it's their favorite rounding out the top three pecan pie and apple pie. pretty much goes without saying if you plan on having any of your holiday purchases delivered be careful recent survey from xfinity home found one third of all americans had a holiday package stolen from outside of your house. city dwellers experience 42% of thefts compared to 26% in the suburbs and 19% in rule areas. finally if you want to cut down your christ pass tree this year, you will pay a little bit more. a nationwide shortage of evergreen trees has led to price hike of about ten dollars per tree. now how there are less trees growing this year than last year when trees take years to grow i don't know. national christmas tree associate says the recession had a huge impact on tree sales. finally seeing the effects on
8:51 am
it seem like if there was recession people would be buying less trees or but whatever. it will cost you more for your christmas tree this year. i'm just the messier is kevin when it comes to entertainment únews. >> how are you, sir. >> i like the no tie look. >> it's actually an accident. claim it own it. >> i couldn't find my black tie. >> 4:30 wake up. i'm not complaining. i love my job. sometimes you forget where your ties. >> done that many times. let's get to the latest on charlie rose. charlie rose suspended from pbs, cbs and bloomberg this morning -- yesterday all fol following an article released in the washington post yesterday eight women have accused of the broadcaster of sexual misconduct incidents that allegedly occurred between the '90's and 2,011. now pbs has released a statement saying "pbs was shocked learn today of these deeply disturbing allegations. we are immediately suspending distribution of charlie rose. now rose did take to twitter also released a statement to the washington post where he said it is search that theseom
8:52 am
i hear them and that i deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. i am greatly embarrassed and i have behaved incentively at times and i accept responsibility for that. though i do not believe that all of these allegations are accurate, i always felt that i was pursuing shared feelings even though i know -- i now realize i was mistaken. so this story will keep growing. the particular washington post article was eight women came forward but i mean this is just -- it's way beyond hollywood now. >> the tip of iceberg a lost experts saying this started in hollywood in entertainment. it's now in congress. in journalism. soon to be in the corporate world. >> yup. >> top execs that type of thing. it's not going to anywhere now that this culture of reporting is out there and acceptable. >> i agree. we'll switch gears now to netflix. obviously netflix is huge with spending billions of dollars on their own shows and their tv shows now. this is a new show called god less coming out which stars jeff daniels he plays
8:53 am
type show. he's terrorizing the american west in the 1880s. a dramatic role for him. but one thing that i wanted to know about him was he started off as a dramatic actor then he did dumb and dumber which kind of placed him in this immediate quake category i wanted to know if he had a hard time getting back into drama after dumb and dumber. this is one of my favorite movies of all time but it is such a dramatic difference from the dramatic roles he's done in the newsroom. obviously role he's doing here. is he i wanted topping were it was like after he played this role for him an an actor who wanted to do more dramatic roles. watch this. >> character is very iconic i guess for me in the '90's. was it tough to get back into drama after that role? >> yeah. i was offered dramas after that, but i was also offered stupid comedy. and you get labeled, and part of the reason why it became a little more difficult to get back into the drama and to be taken as a serious important ac
8:54 am
the road towards sure you did dumb and dumber that blows it all up. so now you're not that any more. so now it took ten years and maybe all the way to squid and the whale in 2,005 to get them to go oh, yeah, right. that. he can do that. but because dumb and dumber was so iconic, was such a huge hit, it's like ted dan son and cheers. that's who you are. that's who you're label as. that's who you bough become that's all we think of you as. but newsroom changed everything. >> yeah. that's just jeff daniels hearing him say dumb and dumber made me happy. i was a kid it came out in '94 i was ten years old. the bathroom scene one of my favorite scenes of all time. >> you put him against the point he was trying to make he doesn't want to be to be known for that. >> we had a six minute interview. we'll have the whole thing coming at 10:30. a bigger part of it at 10:30. >> great musician by
8:55 am
>> t bone brunette did the music for god less. >> taylor swift's reputation album debuted number one. not a prize but it is her fifth number one album. sold 1.238 million albums i don't know where they get the .238 element of it from. >> being specific. >> her album is the number one on the billboard charts and it is the biggest week for an album in 2017. so big numbers for taylor swift. >> fantastic. all right. thank you, kevin. >> see you at 10:30. >> all right. stick around another check on weather and traffic before good day coming up next. >> i'll find my tie if i can.
8:56 am
all right. trending this morning, perhaps this would have been better for halloween than thanksgiving. spooky sight going viral in north texas this is surveillance video from a grocery store near fort worth. mysterious dark floating cloud can be seen moving from left to right. see it right there. >> weird. i saw this video but i didn't see it now i see it clearly. i was looking at the wrong thing. >> see that cloud right above the hood of that vehicle. >> what could that be? in some said it might be a camera defect. some say it's a shadow but others say oh, no, that is a ghost. >> got the chills. >> makes you want to watch at least. >> um-hmm. >> final check on weather and traffic. how we doing on terrible traffic thursday -- tuesday. >> so close. >> things got rll
8:57 am
quick look at our cameras and maps if we can pull those up. we do have this millersville crash southbound 97 before ben field boulevard. aside from let's see if we can move our things along. two crashes on gw park what the northbound one by the 14th street bridge another by spout run. outer loop by van dorn dealing with emergency road weigh work a lot of things going on there. we got you covered for your commute. tucker barnes tell me it's beautiful out at least. >> it's beautiful out. >> it's beautiful out. >> 60 later today. it will be dry. next couple of days look good. >> yay! >> more from tucker coming up right off the top on good day. don't go anywhere we'll join the crew today. >> i'm so excited. >> good day is next. >> what do you mean? >> i'll there be with you. >> come on. >> what? >> it will be fun. >> not me. >> party time. >> you too. >> you too.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, cbs suspends charlie rose after he becomes the latest high profile person accused of sexual harassment. the veteran journalist now apologizing for his behavior and how his co anchors reactioned to the bombshell report. plus, democrats take another hit on the hill. this time one of the longest serving congressmen has been exposed. we'll have a live report. >> and it is the terrible tuesday of our thanksgiving holiday get away. forget about wednesday or su sunday. this is the day that is the worst of it according to aaa. we're on the road. we'll tell


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