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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  November 21, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪ straight ahead, cbs suspends charlie rose after he becomes the latest high profile person accused of sexual harassment. the veteran journalist now apologizing for his behavior and how his co anchors reactioned to the bombshell report. plus, democrats take another hit on the hill. this time one of the longest serving congressmen has been exposed. we'll have a live report. >> and it is the terrible tuesday of our thanksgiving holiday get away. forget about wednesday or su sunday. this is the day that is the worst of it according to aaa. we're on the road. we'll tell
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going. how to get around it coming up. and later, the most epic photo bomb ever. we'll show you what happened when a bus block the weather channel's perfect shot of history in the making and how the photographer behind the camera reactioned. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> tells the story. >> blood pressure, blood pressure. >> bleep was used often. >> this is normal. i don't know why you would get upset. if you know you're leaving at this time today -- >> right. >> you know what to expect. it's not like -- >> for traffic we were talking about bus. >> it's all the same. >> it's all the same. it's all the same. [ laughter ] >> good day d.c. it is 9:01 on this tuesday, november 21. it is terrible turkey traffic tuesday. >> okay. there you go. >> a bad day. >> yes. a bad day. >> for traffic. >> illiteration makes it fun. >> also ahead this morning we're talking about paris
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headlines for her bold claim the hotel heiress now says invented the selfie. >> okay f we'll show you some fake proof,/proof how social media immediately poked holes in her story. >> okay. brittany spears founded the selfie. >> a cell phone, celebrities,. >> you were just reading into this. >> as her attorney. >> i'm saying she might have case. >> exactly. >> kim k may have something to say about this. >> we'll discuss it coming up first at 9:00 we have to tack about the holiday get away. erin has been talking about it all morning long. thanksgiving now two days away. if you are lucky enough to have the time off and you can leave now, why not just do it? don't wait until this afternoon mother nature has your back of course. we'll have live team coverage from the roads to the skies. bob barnard is on road patrol. check in with bob in can couple of minutes. tucker has the best news of the day today and that is it's actually going to be one of the nicer days we've had in awhile. >> in fact, tempera
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get very close to 60 degrees later this afternoon, steve. and lots of bright sunshine. beautiful out this morning. and again we'll boost those temperatures eight or 10 degrees from where we were at yesterday. all right. now 47. we jumped let's see about 5 degrees the past hour. it is a little breezy out there. winds out of the south southwest at 13. we will have breezes today to contend with. you'll see still want a jacket even with temperatures in the upper 50's to about 60 and again plenty of sunshine here in the near term. little late this afternoon see the clouds back in ohio a cold front back there. that will get in here overnight tonight up ahead of it a few clouds around later this afternoon. so sunny first half of the day and partly sunny late this afternoon before sunset. overnight tonight, possibility there could be a few showers. i think they'll be out of here in time for the morning getting out of town and hitting the roadways time period. so that's good news. and as we get into the weekend forecast looks easy going. like a sunday morning. so it should be fine. i'll show that to you coming up. 60 today. enjoy beautiful afternoon.
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all right, guys that's the latest. baaing to you. >> thank you very much, tucker barnes. sounds like beautiful day to be traveling. but keep in mind if you are headed to the airport or hitting the roads you have to be prepared to wait. nearly 51 million americans are traveling this thanksgiving week which would make it the busiest travel time since 2005. locally nearly 3.3 million people will be traveling more than 50 miles or more and the worst time to drive in the d.c. region will be today between 4:45 and 6:00 p.m. bob barnard live this morning hitting the roads. bob, how has it been looking? i think things starting to pick up more so than they were earlier. >> reporter: indeed. fortunately most of the time we've been going against the traffic. so we are now on bw parkway heading toward bwi martial airport. and later today, during that time frame you were talking about, 4:45 to 6:00 p.m., this where we are right now, northbound near route 100 near 195 which is the access road to bwi martial airport will be the second worst
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traffic in our area this year. the worst being southbound on 95 in spotsylvania county. it's also going to be bad southbound on 95 in prince william county this all according to aaa and we can tell you anecdotally something something we discover over the last few years. now working the morning shift i used to work at night, and you would gear up to do the wednesday of thanksgiving traffic story, and you'd find out that on tuesday night you couldn't get anywhere. especially this way heading north of d.c. toward bwi, toward baltimore, toward new england, it was a parking lot. both on 95 northbound and here on bw parkway. and i think the statistics have kind of caught up to reveal t that. that the tuesday before thanksgiving is terrible. as people not only head out but then they're also mixing with the commuter traffic. so really a lot of times where you're driving to for thanksgiving there's really no other way around the roads you're going, but those are the worst of it. including 270 north in the
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at roughly allentown road is going to be one of the choke spots. so those are some of the top ten of the worst. we're in one of them here, and again, that time frame is 4:45 to 6:00 p.m. tonight. yeah it will be bad tomorrow. it will be bad sunday as well. not so bad on saturday. but keep in mind, if you're trying to get out and beat it all today on tuesday, you're not going to do it because by this time this evening, where we are is probably going to be a parking lot as are many of the roads around or area. guys? >> has it always been like that on the couple days leading into thanksgiving. >> it's usually wednesday. >> it's usually wednesday. i used to work the night shift with bob and i remember we used to do those stories and that night, that's correct wednesday it was crazy. >> yeah. now it's getting further and further back. some at some point it may be the friday before thanksgiving. >> i wish i can get vacation time like that. that sounds present. >> we can all dream. >> i like being here with you all. >> d
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>> and the pay. >> that too. i like getting out of cooking sometimes much that's nice as well. >> let's get over to steve chenevey now. maybe because thanksgiving is on thursday this year. >> oh, funny. >> nice try. i tried to catch. >> yeah. you didn't take the bait. >> we're way too smart for that. talker would have fallen for i the other big story this morning no joking matter whatsoever cbs, pbs and bloomberg all suspending veteran journalist charlie rose now. latest high profile man accused of sexual harassment in inappropriate behavior. the washington post broke the story yesterday. eight women have come forward to share their stories and they're all very similar. the women all of whom worked with the now 75-year-old rose on his iconic pbs show say that rose groped them, talked to them inappropriately and every and walk around naked in front of them. these allegations some not recent some date back to the 1990's. the most recent was in 2011. rose responded to the allegations with a written statement apologizing for his behavior and he also said he always thought he was pursuing shared feelings.
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his cbs this morning co anchors shared their feelings about the allegations and the suspension. this was 7am this morning. >> i have to say, nora, i really am still reeling. i got an hour and 42 minutes of sleep last night both my son and my daughter called me oprah called me and said are you okay i'm not okay. after reading that article in the post, it was deeply disturbing, troubling and painful for me to read. i think we have to make this matter to women. women who have spoken up. the women who have not spoken up that's right afraid i'm hoping now they will take the step to speak out too that this becomes a moment of truth. you know i've enjoyed friendship an partnership with charlie for the past five years. i've held him in such high regard and i'm really struggling because how do you, washington do you say when someone that you deeply care about has done something that is so horrible? >> according to the post rose has had a reputation as a ladies
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accused of him of bad behavior voiced concerns to co-workers, they were told his behavior was quote charlie being charlie. just months ago rose himself weiweighed in on the seual harassment claims that ended bill oh rile polls career at fox in a quote that now could ring hollow. >> all of the cases that raise the issue of sexual harassment area table thing probably been not exposed enough. >> so far no word how long rose's suspension will last or if he will return to the anchor desk. those are still a lot of questions to be answered and to be addressed as yet again another high profile person named in connection with sexual misconduct. >> caught me by surprise, th though. i have to be honest. >> i'm not surprised by anything any more. >> yeah. >> i think really we're just at the tip of this and i think we'll get more and more people coming forward. i just hope that, you know, again and not to poke lightly at any of this because it's such a serious matter but you hope that it's the women who were truly wrong coming forward and
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just opportunists who don't like somebody i'll put that it way. >> the dialogue has been started much the cover has been started and should change workplace >> hopefully it changes the culture. >> that's the key. before absolutely. >> all right. thank you steve. >> i left a spot for you thinking you were coming over. >> i'll come over. i didn't want to walk in l front of ya'll. >> 9:10. also now caught up in this growing scandal is congressman john conyers. a report by buzz feed claims that a couple of years ago, conyers had to settle a sexual harassment complaint with former staff and senator al franken is facing new accusations by another woman claiming he harassed her. fox5 months melanie alnwick live on capitol hill sorting it all out. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. in the last month, we've had many staffers here on capitol hill coming forward with their own stories of sexual harassment and lawmakers have been encouraging them saying it's good to get this out here. it's good to name names. and now it seems that theth thanks committees here on capitol hill may be quite busy with
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more allegations to come. back to the conyers issue a former staff says that she was fired for refusing the 8884 old michigan congressman's advance and and was paid a $27,000 settlement in 2015. buzz feed did get the information from a conservative activist says but it independently verified the claims. the website also published affidavits from former staff members who said conyers would rub their backs and legs of women in his office and asked for sexual favors. another staff said she was often asked to fly women into town for the congressman. his office has not commented and second woman has come forward with accusations against minnesota senator al franken. lindsay men's met franken at the 2010 minnesota state fair. men's tweeted that franken grabbed her and she fell violate and embarrassed. unlike the reported incident, franken was a senator at the time of this alleged
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remember the photo. he feels ba badly that men's fet disrespected but all of this may add new momentum to efforts in congress to crack down on these secret cements an issue just raised last week. >> in the last 20 years, there have been 260 settlements at a cost to the taxpayers of this country of $15 million. >> that money has been to silence victims all of types of workplace disclaim yes nation. >> reporter: congressman jackie spyer's legislation similar legislation sponsored by senator kristen jill bran in the senate. that is moving forward a little slowly but it has a number of co sponsors now and it does need to get through committee before it can go to a full house -- vote in both the house and the senate. we'll see what happens with that when congress returns from its thanksgiving break
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live on capitol hill, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> 9:12. mel, thank you very much. let's check the morning briefing now. first up we've learned that russian president vladimir putin plans to call president trump today. this comes after putin down with the syrian president yesterday to tell him that russia was ending its military involvement in syria. reports indicate that putin will call president trump to go over the details of the meeting and he wants to do it before russia has a summit meeting with iran and turkey. next up, the trump travel ban. the white house now calling on the supreme court to let the latest version take effect. the travel ban would put different restrictions on foreign nationals traveling from eight different countries. last month, a hawaii court blocked this but earlier this month, three panel judge in california lifted the order. and finally, thanksgiving tradition at the today. for the first time president trauma many will pardon two turkeys he -- sorry for saying it like
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i'm used to saying jive turkeys much. >> you're not used to saying that. >> i say it all the time. any who these turkeys are not jive and they have been named wish bone and drum stick which i would want to have a name change if i'm not going to be on someone's table. >> i heard you say jive turkey once year. >> okay. >> this day. >> they'll live out their days at virginia tech. after pardoning -- their after pardoning ceremony president trump and his family will head to florida for the holiday weekend. >> everybody gets to go somewhere fun for the holiday. >> one more time jive turkey. >> we heard you. it's fine. i like the tradition but again -- >> it's a fun tradition. >> i just don't get the whole why you got that be fancy hotel room. >> like the fanciest. >> i don't know who is paying for that either. i'd like to go to nice hotel room. >> i think you know. >> picture on the monitor they're like chilling on the bed just re relaxing. >> here's my thing. but they're turkeys. >> there's a story that was on the internet yesterday. one of the school that is has the bulldog as their mascot i'm not sure it's georgia. any who the do you go h
9:15 am
and so they gave him an honorary degree he has a little cap and gown on. >> that's a sweet story. >> that's sweet story, right. >> here's my question. so do drum stick and wink or whatever the other one's name is do they, considering they get an hahn rower degree when they're at virginia tech? >> just think about it. >> a turkey in cap and gown. >> but they're not mascots. >> that is the difference. >> mascots are employees. >> turkey -- thanksgiving mascot does we'll debate more. >> wisdom' face was the best part about his conversation. >> chris says move on. that might be a good idea. >> the look of disconnect. this next story might make your skin crawl. funeral home accused of taking advantage of families mourning the loss of their loved ones as if there's anything worse than that. disturbing details from new lawsuit. >> what every thanksgiving cook watching needs to know about food safety before heading into the kitchen. we'll talk about that when we come back. time right now is 9 9:15. >> wis, you are not ajayi turkey. >> i knew you were going drop one more reference.
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also, accused of operating without a license. d.c. attorney general now suing austin royster funeral home. now multiple families are suing the federal home for charging them for services they never received. such as, one family says the funeral home pocketed
9:19 am
from a deceased man's live insurance payout. according to the lawsuit, the funeral home chief operating officer jamill royster advised the family to sign over $53,000 live insurance policy to pay for funeral that costs less than $6,000. royster said she would pay them back but never did keeping the $47,000 and not the $6,000 n another case a woman allegedly her grandmother was embalmed permission after she asked royster to have the body properly cleansed by muslim women. royster told them the death certificate was not available and royster told her not to worry because the grandmother was still in the freezer. fox5 reached out to royster for comment but phone is disconnect and nobody answered the door when we knock. disturbing. >> very disturbing. disappointing. >> so disturbing. >> okay. it is 9:00 nino right now. coming up later from editor-in-chief at essence magazine to reality show star, checked in
9:20 am
greenwood will join us live. she's a hometown girl. >> yeah. welcome home. >> welcome back. >> shout out for d.c. first the insurance institute is out with its late at the time booster seat rankings. we'll tell which you ones are the best bets plus the department of justice sues to block an at and t merger. we'll tell you why and later the photo bomb that block history in the making. oh, this is a good one. let's just say the photographer wasn't not happy. we'll have those stories and more when we check what else is making headlines next. ♪
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>> she and paris. a team effort. >> 11 years ago. >> 19:23 right to you. erin has a check on some of the other stories making had he lines this morning. look if she says she invent the selfie -- >> she did not invent the se selfie. >> i don't think britt claimed she invented it. i think paris did. we'll check some other headlines first. 9:23. race against time to find that missing argentine submarine with 44 crew members on board. there's another set back this morning. officials now say underwater sounds detected over the weekend on monday did not come from the missing navy sub. we've also learned it's last communication was on wednesday to report mechanical break down related to the batteries. if the submarine did sing it only has enough oxygen to last one week. former uber driver is accused of sexually assaulting a woman on the campus of american university. fox5 has
9:24 am
permanently removed from providing uber rides back in 2015. the victim says the driver picked her up dupont circle area on sunday morning and sexually assaassaassaulted after force hf the vehicle once they got to au. the justice department is targeting commune asian giant at&t suing to block their acquisition of time warner cable. the doj filed the lawsuit yesterday. the wireless carrier struck up the deal back in 2016doj says the merger would harm consumers with hire monthly television bills. at and t disagrees with the assessment and is confident it will prevail in court. the insurance institute for highway safety tested new booster seats for 2017 and 13 out of the 16 earned the agency's highest ratings of best bet. that means booster has a good safety belt fit for four to eight-year-olds in almost any car mini van or suv. three boosters that didn't pass the testing are -- the harm mon knee folding travel booster, t
9:25 am
ride safety delight booster. that's pop information you have kids at home. final al good story. or a bad one however you look at it. photo bomb that blocked history. the weather channel has photographer all set ready to go and short the georgia dome's implosion just as those fireworks listen to them start to see it, the bus block the shot. it was a bus. you can hear the photographer swearing under his breath. begging the bus to move. and of course it did. queue it. right after the implosion ended. i understand that photographer with those choice words that has to be frustrating to explain to the station what went wrong. >> i mean absolutely it does. look i'm willing to guess this is what happened. this would never happen here. in some other places where i work this would have been the case. where they probably said they're drott not credentialed for the viewing area. go down and find a spot where you can see the stadium. found a perfect spot where you can see the stadium.
9:26 am
>> you can't control traffic. we all know that. the curse of not best planning. >> it's funny in if you're anybody except the photographer. >> but you've got viral and now like it's a whole thing. >> the weather channel gets a boost. >> right. >> always well that ends well. >> thanks erin. >> thank you. >> only thing less believable than that is what wisdom is about to tell us neck f you're cooking for thanksgiving you'll spend time in the kitchen. for those who don't have your turkeys, i know it's on the checklist for today. >> mark is charge of getting the turkey. mark get the turkey, mark. >> mark, don't be a jive turkey, mark. >> here we go. frozen or fresh. >> cook, baby. >> cook. here's the question. can you still get a frozen one today and have time to get it tholed out and prepared properly. >> no. if you have any questions we'll talk food safety coming up next. we don't want to you get sick over the holidays. >> tucker back with everything you know if you are hitting the road for the holiday get away. >> like mark going to the store to get the
9:27 am
>> wisdom. >> probable going to be crowded a that the store trying to get that turkey. >> he should have ordered it already. >> i got plenty of my house if you want to come over. >> thanks. >> anybody can come over. fresh at 10a, did paris hilton tell a a fib when she said she invented the selfie. yes, she did say she invented the selfie, erin. she claims she did it. social media says pump your brakes. we're going to have that back and forthcoming up. pump your brakes. you didn't invent -- she didn't invent nothing. >> she did not. >> nothing. i know it's not good english but you got my point. [ laughter ] >> drama at the victoria secret fashion show. we'll show you what happened when one model went down. down goes the model. down goes the model and why harry styles had to fill some time when one performer was a no show. >> this is the show nobody went to. >> sean a no show. she was banned. >> yeah everybody was banned. >> what's her name. >> katie perry. >> if you're banned you can't show up. >> katie perry was banned. >> it was a no show. >> y e
9:28 am
when everybody else -- >> let's talk about this show. jeff daniels, well, he's done comedy and some drama as well on the big screen and the small screen and now he's doing a western on netflix and this morning kevin mccarthy sitting down with god less star for first look and later, a day in the life of instagram star tank sinatra. >> old blue eyes. >> okay. all right. >> whole segment or just a tease. >> blue eyes and green eyes. >> i haven't done the show for while. i forget. >> it's all right. just sit there. >> more information is coming. >> we'll be right back, real selfie, fake selfie. >> you didn't invent it. >> the phone is not on. hold on. [ laughter ] did you know you can still get a refreshing any size soft drink for just one dollar at mcdonald's? with the days getting shorter and your to-do list getting longer, you'll enjoy this ice-cold deliciousness
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i love della reece. >> me too. >> i loved her in harlem nights. >> i was just going say she is done a million things. >> she's so -- >> chi cone the man all the other shows she's done. harlem nights when she was in there cussing out eddie murphy. >> they were in that fight scene. >> eddie murphy shot her big t toe. >> oh piggy toe. >> chris, find that -- can they play any of that? i don't know. >> no. long career that was a lot of cursing. >> long successful career. hollywood saying goodbye to an angel this morning iconic actress and singer della reece has passed away. she rose to fame as a jazz singer in the '50's and
9:32 am
then became an actress she starred on touched by an angel for nine seasons. >> loved that show. >> she won seven consecutive naacp awards as the best lead actress in drama. entertainer was nominated for two emmy awards and golden globe for her work on that show. reece died last night at her home in california. della reece was 86 years old. >> wow. >> very successful career and successful life. >> absolutely. >> very memorable. >> successful life. well said. and did somebody say successful life. >> yes. i think they did. >> speaking of which tucker barnes, good morning. >> well, i mean intro you've ever had. >> not when you compare it to her. allison, very sweet. >> you're welcome. >> let's do the weather that will be successful particularly if you're going out and about as i mentioned earlier to the grocery store or convenience store or perhaps grandma' house wherever you're going weather will cop. [ laughter ] >> some of us aren't going as far as others. my idea of get out of up to is get something beef jerky at
9:33 am
>> i conveniented you to join us on thanksgiving tuck. >> wisdom just invited everybody to his house, too. >> wisdom invited us all over. >> maybe i'll go up there. hey, sun and clouds today. sun first half of the day. clouds later this afternoon. it is going to be mild get out enjoy this afternoon highs about 60 degrees with falling temperatures late tonight. wednesday and thursday we bring in the cooler air. the good news we'll be dry both wednesday and thursday for everybody hitting the roadways. all right. here are your current numbers. 47 now in washington. nice bounce in the last hour annapolis now up to 50 warm spot. leonardtown 48. we did have freezing temperatures overnight placesigs got town do freezing you can see the temperatures bounced nicely here witness sunshine the last couple of hours. 39 in frederick. 43 this morning for you at martinsburg a few clouds out there early you can see these riding along 81 out in the mountains and some of these clouds will start to move into our region this afternoon. so sunshine the next couple of hours then kind of partly sunny late. but we keep it dry. so if you're hitting the roadways boston, new york look great.
9:34 am
to the carolinas all the way down to atlanta dry conditions later this afternoon non real weather problems locally here if you're traveling next four hours or so. in fact next 48 hours we should be fine. cold front out to the west will roll in overnight tonight and bring us cooler air tomorrow and it may bring i was us a few showers overnight that's our next chance for little bit of rain. that's your set up today. high pressure to our east and temperatures living large here with highs about 60 degrees later today. few showers overnight tonight it will be breezy and cooler tomorrow. highs in the 50s. hey, thursday upper 40s. sunny and bright beautiful for your own football game and if you're going to the skins/giants thursday night, temps will be in the 30s get those cheap seats. friday and saturday for shopping things look great. temp as around 60 by saturday. all right. my work is done. shall i toss it to steve. >> tucker thank you very much. seven dollars will get you into the redskins game on thursday night if you want to go. host most people on thursday wille
9:35 am
just this which is cooking and preparing foods but the question is, we want to make sure we do it safely don't want anybody getting sick out there. joining us janelle good wip with usda to talk about simple safe ways that we can enjoy our thanksgiving holiday and not end up feeling miserable afterward. >> it's good to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> happy, happy hangs giving to you too. >> i want to ask you about the basic. i was in the grocery store yesterday and i saw whole bunch of frozen turkeys still out there. is it too late to still get the frozen turkey get it thawed in time. >> so it's not. you can cook the turkey straight from the frozen state it will take about 50% longer but it can be done. there's also other rapid methods of thawing are the cold water memorial day submerge the bird in cold water for 30 minutes or you can put in it microwave -- 30 minutes or 30 minutes per pound? >> 30 minutes. that's it? >> no. like you got to change it every 30 minutes. >> change the water. >> until it's completely thawed. it take 15 to 20 minutes per
9:36 am
you have to cook it immediately after it thaws. >> that's the key. >> that's the key. do a little math and back timing there. that was the question was ideally with that how long you should plan ahead. >> it is best to plan ahead. if you haven't thawed already that's perfectly fine. fresh turkey today is the day to buy that fresh turkey. so if you haven't bought it already, no worries. buy it today. >> that was my next question. going to fresh route, we want to get it today. if we get that fresh turkey today, say we run out right now after the show we pick up a fresh turkey at noon today what do we do it between noon dan put it in the oven. >> put it in the fridge. >> it's good. >> fresh turkey lasts about two days in the refrigerator. so it's perfectly safe. >> we're good. put it in the oven on thursday and we're good to go. >> yes. that was turkey. let's talk overall sad safe fee for thanksgiving a couple of steps you can walk us through as far as making sure we stay safe. >> at the usda we have four steps to keep your thanksgiving safe and delish. the first step is clean, make
9:37 am
and surfaces often. make sure that you keep your utensils separate from one another which leads me into my second step which is separate. if you don't have more than one cutting board i suggest you get another one or have multiple you want to put -- separate your raw meats and poultry from your cooked vegetables or like trays like your salads and things that don't require cooking. >> all right. >> the third step is cook. your bird is not done until it reaches 165 degrees with a food thermometer that's the most important thing this thanksgiving have a food thermometer. >> and where is the best way to invert the thermometer. >> three places. inner most part of the breast. >> like in here? >> yes. >> the inner most part and then also the inner most wing. >> in here. >> inner most thigh. >> there. >> yes. uh-huh. >> make sure they're all 165. >> they're all 6165, yes. the last step once everything is done, you know, graze around the dinner table don't leave your leftovers out for more than two hours. that's when bacteria begin to grow and multiply
9:38 am
>> put them in the fridge. >> put them in the fridge or put them on bed of ice if you have like a salad and you don't want to, you know, lee fridge and keep going back and forth but it oh and a bed ice. >> not necessarily the open air that's going to hurt it. it's the temperature. >> the temperature. that's the thing. >> a couple quick questions for you that we had when we were kind of talking about this ahead of time. one -- follow up in a statement i love the idea of separate cutting boards because i tend to forget if i'm handling like literally two thicken breasts i get paranoid i want to wash everything in the kitchen we get this like 15-pound turkey and suddenly forget it's the same thing. >> exactly the same. >> multiplied. keep your food safe and everything. >> yeah. >> the question we had is, should you wash your turkey or not -- no do not wash your turkey. i know grandma tells you wash that turkey. cut off that fat but do you not want to do that. that just spreads bacteria all across your chicken the only sure way to destroy the bacteria is to cook it to that 165. >> all right. i'm telling you. >> i'm just saying because you know there are people out there
9:39 am
>> i know. >> look. do you cook thanksgiving dinner. >> i help my mom. >> not a solo job but i do help. >> i was wondering if you had any other tips for people first timers especially who might be a little nervous heading into the big day on thursday. >> in you're traveling do not travel without a cold source. make sure that you have your ice. that you have your to go containers he is special physical you're driving moreg me make sure that you have a good source to keep that food at that proper temperature. >> all right. the leftovers will last you said don't leave them out more than two hours. >> don't leave them out. >> in the fridge. >> in the fridge. >> how long will they last in the fridge. >> three to four days. if you want to freeze two to three months. >> all right. yeah. >> doesn't matter if you freeze immediately or wait two days. >> you can freeze immediately. >> if we don't freeze immediately are we still safe. >> unless it doesn't decide exceed the two days. >> information is on your screen. all the usda contact information. if you have questions on thanksgiving day they're there to help us as well you see the phone number and it is usda -- i'm sorry food food safet
9:40 am
the leftovers for meme take those. janelle, that was awesome of y you. >> thank you. >> send it back over to wisdom. >> you got food over here. i got food over here. this is what my house looks like on thanksgiving, right? all right. coming up, we'll we're celebrating thanksgiving with the burgundy and gold just because you go to the game doesn't mean you have to skip the traditional dinner. after the break we'll show was is on the menu at fed ex field if you want to hang out there all day you still can have thanksgiving. we're going explain when we come back. >> all of this at the field.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> all right. the washington redskins and ten office thousands of fans will spend thanksgiving holiday at fed ex field. as the burgundy and gold take on the new york giants. the sorry new york giants and they're going to win. i said it. yup, there's no wisdom martin prediction occurs. just for the record. if you're one of the ones heading tout la landover to cheer on the burgundy and gold, well you don't have to skip thanksgiving and celebration. because the team is serving up a traditional meal in addition to the big game. for more on what's on the menu at fed he can field, fed ex field executive chef david harvey joins us live in studio with all the fixings and this is the biggest bird i've ever seen. >> it is a big bird. >> very big bird. >> 30 pounds. >> right. and this is the first time time that the game has actually been at that field. >> we're super excited the first home field thanksgiving game our first opportunity. >> they're normally away.
9:44 am
we've got some giant smoke turkey legs offered at concessions and burger wing company. we have -- >> barbecue sauce. >> that is barbecue sauce. moonshine barbecue sauce. >> keep going. keep going. >> turkey sandwiches at skins pitt beef and green casserole, mashed potatoes, corn bread stuffing, corn pudding. >> okay. >> then we have lots of deserves pumpkin cheesecake, apple pie, sweet potato pie, pecan pie. >> all available in our clubs and in our private sweet areas and -- >> you can get them anywhere as long as you're at the stadium. >> yes. how much do you have? how do you know how to cook for all of these people since this is the first time. >> little over 5,000 people. >> wow. >> having thanksgiving dinner went just dot math. three or 4 ounces of turkey and do the math and figure out. we're cooking over 200 turkeys. >> um-hmm. >> 2,000 pounds of mashed potatoes. 1500 pounds of green bean casserole. 1500 pounds of stuffing. hundreds of pies and cakes and hundreds of cookies. >> is this whole concept based on the fact this is the first time time they've had thanksgiving game. >> it's the first time time and
9:45 am
>> now for those of you who are traditionally go to the games they mate not want thanksgiving you got the other stuff. >> all game day fair, burgers, hotdogs. sodas the whole 9 yards. you go around and if you're looking for any of this stuff, now is it all in one -- i know you said it's on different levels do you have to go searching for it do i want my turkey over here, do i get my legs over here? >> we have maps tell where you the food is located. >> gotcha. >> it's broken up on all three different levels in concessions. >> gotcha. all right. look, for someone like you whose used to doing massive cooking, all right, how long does it take to put this stuff together? >> about five days. >> five days? >> yes. >> five days for all of it? >> for all the pounds and all the stuffing. >> what we start off is five days out and then finish it up. we'll come in bright and early on thanksgiving day. >> what time you get starred. >> about 6:00 a.m. all right. because it's a late game. the game is not until 8:00 their. 1:00 o'clock game we start at 3:00 in the morning. >>ou
9:46 am
the morning getting ready for 8:00 o'clock game. >> right. >> wow! okay. all right. look, when you getting i was this stuff ready, now, how do you keep it all -- i know you're a professional. >> yes. >> you keep it all fresh. do you cook -- when you cook this is it already done and then you just deliver or do you keep cooking. >> some of its cooked from scratch from raw and some of its been cooked the day before and we reheat. >> i have team of 100 great other chefs that help me. >> wow! >> i'm impressed by what's going take place at fed he can field. >> we're excited. >> how long will you be out there after it's all when the game is over you got to clean up or does somebody else have the responsibility. >> we'll be there until probably 3:00 in the morning. that's a long day. i'm sure hope we beat the gi giants. the giants stink it will make it better when they win. >> yes, it will. absolutely. >> easier clean up. david, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me so much. >> we appreciate it. what's the best thing on here. >> all of it. >> my favorite -- that's my grandmother's recipe for corn pudding. >> aww. >> that's got to be awesome. if you get a chance to get out to fed ex field out
9:47 am
day come out for the game grab some of this. grab some of this. all right. especially grandma's pudding right there. there's the information for the game right there on the screen. all right. david -- >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. we appreciate it. first time ever at fed ex field. first time game. first time meal. >> i love they're going all out for it for the first time. >> you can get all of this at the game. >> in honor of grand ma i have to taste the corn pudding. >> save me a turkey leg please. i've been eyeing that up. >> there's no way you can eat all of that rear inn. >> i might side on the side of erin on this one. >> i got a nickel that says you can't eat that whole thing. >> you want to challenge italian from philly to eat a whole turkey leg. >> two nickles. >> i'm team erin. if you were trying to decide if you wanting to like a lower level seat or club level seat that might be the game breaker. go for the food. thanks wisdom and chef g luck to the skins on thursday night. take a short break. much more of good day coming up
9:48 am
9:47. >> wisdom, game on. on. a clean oven has to smell like harsh fumes they said. can't clean grease without fumes they said. well, who's crazy now? not the talking turkey with the tin foil hat, there goes my timer. easy off© fume free cleans with no fume smell. because ovens should smell like food. dogs can't see color like we do. but they see you, like no one else can. dogs see more, because they are more.
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♪ fraser is head the out of town for thanksgiving. >> is that right? >> i know. >> she's here with us right now. >> i'll probably miss my flight. whatever. >> it's totally worth it. >> which airport. >> good day. reagan national. >> boston. >> you can get through in ten seconds. >> you should be fine. wisdom invited us ally of us to thanksgiving. >> wisdom martin. too many rules at your house. >> i relax some of the rules on the first floor. on the first floor in one room is rules free. >> how many drinks can i have? you keeping track at the bar. >> none. >> there is no bar. >> there is no bar. >> let's get fraser out here. >> you better lurie up gone. >> that is how he successfully able to invite everyone and know no one will show up. >> no alcohol. >> oh, my god. you are too funny. >> definitely a talker on this tuesday. >> should politics be left off the table? we talked about this earlier. we wanted to bring it to our more of our
9:52 am
steve and i say absolutely not. >> we say no. >> i say my small family were all pretty like minded and so we're not going to be on different sides. we were just get all emotional about whatever side we're on. >> allison growing up my dad and my grandpop would scream at each other the entire afternoon over politics. heated arguments and my grand month -- >> over thanksgiving. >> yeah. my grandmom would ban politics talk around the table. >> your dad and his father. >> yes. they would battle over politics. >> evident thering. i would never do that. >> a third -- >> in loving way. >> it was disruptive. >> third of americans are not going to talk politics at all. or family business or religion. >> you talk about those things 364 days year. >> take a break. talk about football weather you like the redskins or the cowboys or michigan or ohio state. >> probably some outdaring. >> what you're grateful for. >> there you go. >> that's a short conversation. >> really nice to share
9:53 am
>> no conversation about politics. no. >> really. >> don't come to my house talking politic new york city. >> i agree. >> my house, my rules you want to talk politics go outside in the open off my property and you can talk in the street all you want but don't come in my house with that conversation. >> here's what you should do on thanksgiving. you should be -- people you're with your family how often you talk to familiar wal do you do you complain about things you gripe about things. why is this happening? take the time to ask questions about -- ask your parents about thing you never asked your parents about. >> look at old pictures. >> yes. >> talk about things. bring family things up. >> old family videos. >> life is so short. >> you're absolutely right. >> get that information out there now and learn about it. >> that was a big one on the list of suggesions was old stories. >> old stories is fun. >> thanksgiving is a great time to talk about old family stories and bring up old pictures haven't general interest more in what people are doing. >> when you're younger you're like here they go. telling their old war stories again. then at some point you're like -- >> tell me more. >> tell me more stories. i want to know about the
9:54 am
so they last forever. >> that would be nice, too. >> so good. yes. >> enjoying the food. >> true. >> the food and the fellowship because like we were just talking about that's what it's all about. it's not about solving the world's problems through politics at the dinner table for the next three hours or whatever it is. >> since we're on this topic walk us threw a wisdom martin thanksgiving. >> just the food? >> it's real simple. it's just -- >> tell us the story. [ laughter ] >> do you say stuffing or dressing? >> see, our producer says we don't have time. >> we have 30 seconds. >> it's pretty simple. just come in you say what you're thankful for and sit down and eat. >> what is wisdom martin doing on this thanksgiving. >> watching a lot of football. >> i'm relaxing. i'm in recliner. >> you dress up. >> there's no dressing up. if you want to dress up, that's fine. i don't dress up. i don't wear sweat pants either. >> do the kids still have to do the dishes. >> oh the kids still have to do the dish. >> oh lord. >> can you use chain net or do you have to use china
9:55 am
>> real dishes. fine china. >> fine china it still has to be washed. >> what's your favorite -- >> why are you trying -- >> fraser have a safe -- >> i'm not done yet. i'm coming back for celebrity dish. >> you're to the going yet. >> no, no, i'm pushing the flight. just remember no liquor at my house. >> that's a crazy rule. >> speaking of celebrities jeff daniels actually has been on our show in the past he's often to doing more and more good things. he has a new netflix show called godless he's taking on the role being in western this time around. >> we're also talk with very successful social media star tank sinatra. that's live -- not frank sin sinatra. >> oh -- >> i was -- same blue eyes. different dude. >> my bad. my bad. >> oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] >> that was funny. ♪ ♪♪ it's coffee time on good day d.c. if you've been e eyeing our cool day good day mug listen up we have a new dunkin' donuts mug to give away the perfect
9:56 am
that great dunkin' donuts co coffee. head to or facebook at to end our mug contest. one lucky winner selected by random drawing. hurry you only have now until 11am to end. it's 9:56. we'll be right back and sarah fraser sticking around for the 10:00 o'clock hour. >> i just realized why wisdom invited us over. dish duty. >> oh, god.
9:57 am
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♪ it's a november to remember right here on good day at 10a. the red hot topics this tuesday. troubling allegations against ryan seacrest. police rush to tyrese's home. why kanye is mad at jay-z and beyonce' one man in a town filled with women it's a western with a twist.
10:00 am
netflix new show this holiday? we'll have preview. plus, a day in the life of a social media star. millions love his memes but it doesn't mean money for him? we meet tank sinatra. let's do this in three, two, one good day at 10a starts right n now. >> it's almost thanksgiving. >> look what we have here. >> pies, pies and cheesecake. >> pumpkin cheesecake. >> that's absolutely right. >> i'll try the pecan pie. >> this is courtesy of the redskins. >> buzz bake shop. >> this is buzz -- these are the -- >> these are the redskins pies but we have the bake shop coming in. >> messed it all up. >> we can eat these. >> allison i'll take this over with you 'cause -- >> they'll want some. we'll leave it there here. >> let's just wait. we have tips for make the perfect pie at home if you didn't get a chance to buy one or you want to try baking. >> it's so -- i've n
10:01 am
pie from scratch. >> me either. >> that was my mom's job and now i got to search and see if i can find recipes. they are. i don't want to come out tasting funky. >> i'm a confident cook. not a confident baker. >> in her memory. >> mighty to have been to be passed. i don't think i'm ready. i'm only 51. we'll see. >> outride to make my mom' german chocolate cake one time. >> i love it. >> i tried it. >> how did it go. >> it was okay. it ain't my momma's i'll never do it again. >> did she do the dip cal mom recipe a little bit of this and little bit of that. >> i actually called her on the phone and she walked me through it. >> i'll never do it again. >> something about grandma's and mom's cooking. >> in their mind add a half a teaspoon they know it's like a teaspoon. >> i remember growing up with the sister. >> yes. >> i don't have a sister. with the separation of the -- >> kitchen aid mixers. no. >> i don't have the tools. next thanksgiving i'm going to be ready. >> you have the memories. >> and it tastes so good.
10:02 am
making homemade pasta i asked my aunt how long to let the dough sit. >> she said a grass of wine. >> your wine or my wine? is it national stuffing day today. or is it? what? >> is it stuffing or is it dressing? wisdom stuffing or dressing. >> dressing. >> stuffing. >> stuffing. >> stuffing. >> renee' moore let us know from new york -- >> i just want to say, renee' is from new york. i thought it was more like a regional thing. i know a of the of friends from the south call it dressing. you grew up in the south. >> we all call it dressing. >> renee' is from new york. renee' is from new york she gets this from her south carolina stuffing is in the bird. dressing is on the side. >> that makes sense. i never new there was that -- you could have both. >> i don't know that either. >> okay. #gooddaydc. also how about this. pecan or pecan? >> i say pecan pie but pecan if i'm saying it in sentence. >> give me some pecans. >> i say pan
10:03 am
>> pecan is down south. >> i aunt and you say aunt. >> i think it's regional. >> mut my never fee calls me antti. >> i don't know. we've solved nothing. >> i'm team aunt pecan. >> there you go. >> whatever that makes me. >> i do love some pecan or pecan pie. >> either one. >> i'll take two slices and tell you. >> before we check what's trending this morning let's fine out what's making headlines this morning. erin you get the honors. that's right. first up if you're heading to the airport, be prepared to wait. nearly 51 million americans that's a lot of people traveling this thanksgiving. which would make it busiest travel time since back in 2005. nearly 4 million people will fly to their destinations airfare costs are down 23% from last year at least that's good news. cheapest since 2013. delays at most major airports are expected to be twice as long as the normal rate so get there early he is special physical you're checking a bag locally nearly 3.3 million people will be traveling more than 50 miles or more and the worst time to drive in
10:04 am
between 4:45 and 6:00 p.m. so even if you're not heading out of town, that could impact your evening ride home from w work. in other news veteran broadcast charlie rose accused of groping lewd telephone calls and unwanted advances toward women who work or wanted to work on his interview program. rose says he deeply apologizes and takes responsibility but adds he always felt he was pursuing shared feelings. rose's show has been spended and he's been removed from broadcast duties. also now caught up in the growing scandal, congressman john conyers and yet another accusation against senator al franken report by buzz feed claims a couple years ago conyers had to settle a sexual harass many complaint with former staff and senator al franken is facing new accusations by a second woman claiming he harassed her. so growing list there. holiday shopping christmas came early when they discovered a major sale on of t
10:05 am
website it turn out to be a big mistake instead. the whole issue was discover after thousands of customers placed orders. the glitch allowed customers to stack coupons together for a total savings of get this 60% off. once the company started canceling all of those orders once they found out so unfortunately a lot of disappointed toys r us shoppers there. finally, if you didn't know, i know this is shocking news, beyonce' is filthy rich. queen b takes the forbes crown for the highest paid music in woman this year earning $1.5 million. she likely earned that cash from her hit visual album lemonade and her formation world tour. adele finish second on the list followed by taylor swift, celine dion and jennifer lopez. >> flawless. >> obviously we get she's call the queen for a reason. >> the other thing it shows, it shows the trend in music these days. making money in music these days. album sales was your money maker if you're not touring you're not making. >> tours, merchandise, all of
10:06 am
if you can get those people to pay the $300 a ticket to sell out arena, well, in the back, right. if you selling out m and t bank stadium thee hundred bucks a tick. >> yeah. >> you're making millions. >> crazy these ticket prices. >> people are willing to pay. >> i sort of thought you're paying for the experience. >> exactly. >> because it doesn't make any sense. >> no. >> to pay -- >> it really doesn't. as i look for tickets for my third -- >> how many times have you seen that bruno mars experience. >> we'll always have that. >> exactly. >> you'll always have the memories.memories. you won't take a vacation. >> you pay for concerts, steve. idol sometimes more than i re really want. i complain about it but sometimes i do. >> because we all like good music. >> wisdom is like nope kids are going. >> back to thanksgiving dinner discussions right now can be a mind field for controversy especially when it comes to things like politic we just talk about. so for millennials, what is the most popular table topic? apparently
10:07 am
the video streaming service says more than half of millennials surveyed are looking forward to talking about their favorite shows with their parents. millennials talking about their shows with their parents more fun and meaningful way to connect. three in four pass along new show suggestions to mom and dad and nearly just as many parents take their advice. about 70% of parents havents hae recommended so there's another use of table talk right there to talk. >> learn from each other. >> that's a good subject matter you can learn about different shows if you're not watching them. >> that's happened on a couple of shows in my house. i don't know if they're netflix. >> stranger things. >> stranger things and 13 reasons why that was a big hit. they were watching so i wanted to watch. >> you might not have jumped into at first. >> right. >> probably wouldn't have. >> part of i want to see what they're watch ugh get sucked up too. >> they want to talk about it. >> no game of thrones? >> no. mark is a game of thrones pe person. >> mark is.
10:08 am
>> but ooh -- and walking dead. i didn't catch one. >> i love walking dead. >> i feel like it's too late. >> how can one member of the family nobody a show, though. >> how many hours somebody spending watching that. >> and not talk about that with you guys. >> he's good. >> once he gets back from the turkey you should talk with him. >> he goes online and talks to the community. >> i had to catch up with him. i'm into the dragons. >> you like that? i got to get into that show. >> you're a little late because it's like almost over now. one season left. >> only 15 seasons in. >> allison always ask where her dragons or. >> where are my dragons because winter is coming. >> jive turkey. [ laughter ] >> say that all day. >> please don't. speaking of thanksgiving tacking a look at the popular opinions when it comes to making the perfect plate. here we go. bear with me here we'll simplify the math. >> let me just say i don't agree with some of these things. >> you can say it as we go along. >> okay. >> new survey found four out of five americans prefer turkey over ham. do we agree or disagree. >> yes. good agree. >> agree for sure. >> unanimous. >> six out of ten masd
10:09 am
>> no. >> i don't believe that. >> disagree. >> i disagree. >> stuffing make the feel. >> i had mashed potatoes all year long. i have stuffing on thanksgiving. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> next. what's next. >> learn from dr. shilpi when it comes to cranberry sauce seven out of ten want homemade. not that stuff with the ridges that came out of the can. >> ridges give me ridges i believe 70% will want the homemade but far less there will actually make homemade. >> i tried homemade can berries once. >> it tastes today. >> i did not want the tartness and the little berry that didn't pop all the way. give me the can. >> how about no cranberry at a all. >> you can keep the cranberries. >> a little sweet pop with the turkey. >> pecan pie. >> it sits in that fancy plate on the table and like one person takes it because nobody else is taking it. they don't want to make somebody feel bad. >> if you try to take off the table that one person, my dad, where are the cranberries. >> excuse me? >> you have to
10:10 am
less if you like them or not. >> and give me the can. i'm sorry. >> maybe that makes me -- >> wisdom martin's favorite story of the day. former tv reality star and hotel heiress paris hilton says her and britney spears they invented selfies. and social media -- >> nonsense. >> they have feelings about it, wisdom. >> can we disagree? >> hilton posted two pictures of her and spears on twitter yesterday and claimed these pictures are the internet's first selfies ever. >> stop. the internet's first selfies ever. >> now we have a disclaimer. >> i think that's true. >> i still say nonsense. >> not the first selfie anyone took but first one shared in the masses witness internet. >> makes more sense. >> of course, people had a field day with this posting selfies much older than paris' pictures including this one of madonna taken in and this mirror selfie taken in 1910 before she was een born. >> okay. >> so that's a mirror selfie from 1910. no honey madonna did it there says she is on the floor. >> madonna took that in 1910. >> mirror
10:11 am
>> they may have. >> i see what you're doing th there. >> is that testify blah? who is that on the right? >> i don't know. quite a hairdo. >> that's not -- i don't know that the mr. tesla. >> buzz aldrich had his own space selfie back on wickipedia. >> that's pretty bad. >> did he put it on the internet? i know. >> 1960. >> i think termite us on technicality here al. >> they took it for the internet and they could be celebrity posting it on the internet. >> i need to know from kim kardashian when she posted her first selfie. >> now dunk that kimmie was paris' stylist. >> really. >> that's how she -- that's her claim to fame. >> didn't they go to school together. >> i don't know. here's another little tidbit about paris milton which i might know too much about. >> tell me more. i you've to love paris and nicky and watch their show. >> their mother kathy and michael jackson best friends. they said when i,, when we have daughters let's name them paris. paris jackson. paris hilton. >> at l
10:12 am
on that then. >> at least kimmie posted the first bulk of self -- book of selfies. >> yes i wouldn't how paris feels her former stylist posted a book of selfies. >> they're split now. i think paris is going to be the first. >> you know what i'm doing right now. >> behind the selfies moment. thank you wisdom. >> flag on our conversation he doesn't want it to land on the floor. >> pocket square. >> intentional conversation on two right here. offsetting penalties. let's move on. >> take two minute penalty. >> thanksgiving at wisdom's house. >> you know what you're being. [ laughter ] >> jeff daniels was in dumb and dumber and did he drama in shows like the newsroom and now he's making the jump top westerns and netflix with a new series called godless. where are the men in the series godless. you know it's all women in the series much. >> what's wrong with that. >> why do you think he took the role. >> exactly. coming up later kevin is giving us a sneak peek from the star himself. >> rya
10:13 am
celebrity to face harass many allegations? plus, kanye jay-z feud hits a new low sadly. later the tyreece video that has social media convinced the star sadly has finally snapped. i'm serious somebody needs to check in on your boy. something is going wrong. >> it's actually pretty good. >> all right. ♪
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
ryan seacrest of demeaning and sexual many aggressive behavior demanded eight figures. if seacrest didn't pay up her attorney vowed to go to the media the woman who work at seacrest stylist alleges ryan engaged in various forms of misconduct from 2007 to 2010 seacrest has adamant the denied the claims. the lawyer contacted his attorney and first demanded $15 million and when the lawyer was told to take a hike, later said somewhere in the seven figures would be acceptable. the statute of limitations civilly and criminally would have run out on her claims older than six years. as a result, the only leverage is get
10:17 am
the allegations public and embarrassing him. the lawyer for the accuser tells tmz his client wanted an apology from ryan and violation -- validation of what had happened and what she got was a complete reject of the allegations idea dark idea dark yadda, blah, blah, blah. there you go. >> i think once you put the demand on it, it definitely cheap pennsylvania it. yeah, so okay. that's a non story then? >> because she did it. he said -- >> he put it out there. it is what it is. >> move on to yeezy. >> okay. kanye west in you know this already beefing with jay-z. according -- beefing. >> beefing. >> according to hollywood, kanye is fed up with the way that beyonce' because it's a b or bay, i don't know. bay. >> bay and jay are treating kim k. you can't make it you. >> i like this. >> he thinks the two think that they are too good and they that kim deserves morrow spec he
10:18 am
thinks he's treating his wife like, you know, less than. so west actually missed serena's wedding so he wouldn't have awkward run in with the power couple because they were there. however sources think that kimmie and beyonce' were super friendly at the wedding. they said hello, gave each other hugs, showed off some pictures and hung out in the vip section. >> i don't know why -- >> this beef is with kanye and jay and he's trying to make it with, you know, beyonce'. >> i don't know why they're trying to win the affection of jaycee and beyonce'. beyonce' is beyonce', great. okay. i mean, i don't know. it's so weird to me that they're -- >> i'm with you. i don't get it. if you don't want to be friends, then why bother? why are you so obsessed. if there is an issue why are you obsessed with it. >> unless jay-z controls so much of the music industry that maybe they have to be. >> want kanye on tidal. >> there's a whole beef about that. >> right. >> i think this is the same beef. like the kids don't play together any more. >> right. >> for the record kim they say that kim and beyonce' never
10:19 am
beyonce' didn't ever really like kim any way. >> kim kardashian is certainly a star but i think the way she became a celebrity in jay-z and beyonce''s eyes is not really in a talented way. >> do you have that on good authority? [ laughter ] >> this is my made up. that's what i think. >> once you're a celebrity you are what you are. any way, they're bigger problems in the wore. >> okay. >> who cares? >> they're all rich. rich people fighting over rich people. >> rich people problems. >> that respect piece, when you're fighting for that doesn't matter how much money in the world that you have, i think, that you always feel -- so kanye basically is saying you're not going to treat my wife like this. all made up. >> don't hang around them then. >> tyrese needs some friends. >> tyreece, let's talk about tyrese tyrese has been going through a lot with on going custody battle with his ex and the feud with the rock over the fast and furious movies. >> one sided feud. >> one sided feud making up the tower that will smith gave him $5 million for legal fees. >> i can't believe that. >> get this.
10:20 am
check this out. median michael black son made youtube viral video mocking tyrese and his drama. then a new video popped up on youtube and that video posted at 3am it shows the man a man bound and gagged and it looks like he was being held hostage. it was michael blacktop. he was on the couch. he was on the guy on the couch and tyrese was walking around you see right here you can see e the video right there. tyrese and his buddy walking around like they're gangstas. like he was mad because michael blacktop was making jokes. >> lapd started getting calls about the video because tyrese voted about michael black ton being gagged and bound at his house. the cops thought it was real. they went to tyrese's house. >> don't play. >> knock on the door. tyrese and his buddies come to the door. michael black ton it was all a
10:21 am
it was all a joke. >> tyreece, you just got shared custody of your daughter whom you love so much and i do believe that. why are you putting any of this in jeopardy? like -- >> wait a minute. wait, wait. you got to see the video. >> it was hilarious. >> but you see what i'm saying. >> i see what you're saying. >> as soon as thecome unreal lies it's a mad move. let me chill out. how do you feel about this? he's selling those shale la rocks t-shirt. he had on this shale la rocks the daughter sweatshirt when he was really being very emotional about wanting his daughter back. and now he's telling them. >> complete self promotion. >> yeah. any way okay. >> he needs some money. >> does he need the money? >> i will say that video was funny. >> i'll check it out. steve, over to you. >> once you act crazy you'll be associated with crazy. it will come back around. >> people will expect anything is possible from you. >> speak of anything possible, how about becoming an instagram star. coming up enjoy
10:22 am
life of tank sinatra a man behind the meme accounts followed by millions gives us how he comes up with his best ideas, which ones he thinks are his best work and why he can quit his day job. >> the holiday get away starts today for the lucky ones. tucker barnes will be back with to expect if you're hitting the road now or later. we'll be right back with the full forecast gearing up for the thanksgiving holiday.
10:23 am
10:24 am
♪ >> really is pretty out there today.
10:25 am
few clouds. clouds look pretty though especially when it warms up. very nice day. everybody in the holiday spirit. tucker i know sometimes you feel bad you don't get to enjoy all of good day with the rest of us. so in the spirit of holidays i brought i was little present. i know you weren't here for the pie segment so i brought you some delicious pumpkin cheesecake. got a little mashed up in the cup but it's there they didn't have forks you'll have to eat it with a knife but the thought was there. >> that's so sweet of you. the presentation is really not all that it could be. >> i could have done a little better presentation wise. >> little concerned about what might actually be in there but i appreciate that. >> it is legit pumpkin cheesecake. in a cup with 95. >> one muppet old man to another. i love it. >> back in my day that's how we ate it. >> that's right. let's go to the forecast. didn't look a gifted horse in the mouth. >> 50 now washington. mild one today. daytime highs 60 degrees. notice the winds out of the south and south and west at 15 miles an hour. it will be a breezy afternoon. but otherwise, it should be very pleasant day wit
10:26 am
highs a few degrees warmer than yesterday and plenty of sunshine next couple of house although we are starting to get high cloudiness in from the north and west and it's not going perfectly sunny afternoon. go with little bit of cloudiness later. either way it remains dry. if you're going out to light a christmas tree tonight, allison, it remains dry for that as well. we might get a few showers late tonight early tomorrow morning with passage of a cold front and that will bring in cooler temperatures for wednesday and look at that, steve? >> yes. >> a big turkey. it's happy. he's one of the pardoned ones. >> i used to eat all the turkey now i barely eat it in my stomach hurts. >> back in my day we grew our own turkeys. >> seven day forecast. 60 today. cooler temperatures wednesday and thursday. but notice we keep it dry right through the weekend. so when you between go out and get me christmas gift earl friday morning we're good for you. >> we're not going together for black friday shopping. >> i have to work and you don't. >> enjoy your turkey with a knife. enjoy it. it's legit. >> it's good
10:27 am
>> back over to you guys on the couch. >> yum. thank you both, gentlemen. 10:26 is the time. netflix newest binge worthy show comes out just in time for the holiday break and coming up next kevin is giving us a first look at godhelp god less when he sitn with super star jeff daniels. >> victoria secret fashion show. not going off without a hitch. but it's not about the fall. it's about how you get up. can i get an all right? p. and this model got one heck of a helping hand. hmm. is it cute little harry styles. we'll see. we'll be right back. ♪ i used to feed off the adrenaline rush of black friday. i was mainlining 5 or 6 sales in one day. the chaos, the insanity. i lived for it.
10:28 am
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♪ it's a fearful thing to love what death can touch. ♪ >> where are all the men at? >> took them. >> all of them. >> how has the town faired without any men around. >> someone has got to look after things around here. a town full of ladies. >> bang bank. >> bright ripe fruit for the wick. >> frank griffin has been looking for roy good. >> he's going to kill anyone that roy good loves or cares about. >> good people of creed let them walk their streets. now they don't have no streets. >> all right. that's a clip from the netflix series god
10:31 am
he found a new life in a quiet town populated only by women. the series stars jeff daniels as that outlaw and jack o'connell as the man that he's after. kevin got a chance to sit down with the stars before the premier. he jones us now with more on this new western. interesting couldn't september. >> i did. jeff dan gels. >> a town full of women in the west. >> jeff daniels is really one of those act who's has such a huge range. i spoke to him specifically about the range he's had over the years. reallily is a great dramatic actor we know that from the newsroom and movies he's done and obviously this show but to me growing up it was dumb and dumber was the comedic range that i seen from him, but i was going back through this career i'm looking at all the roles he's played. he had a big dramatic background initially and then he wept into dumb and dumber i wanted fong that change his career. >> he got side cast. >> got label as immediate 86 die how could they take him ser seriously if he was harry -- lee and lloyd from dumb and dumber with jim carrey. first we tal
10:32 am
this character. this character is psychopath. he talk about the idea of being an acting and diving into somebody who is just so insane and has a mental diss or. he wanted to talk about that hmm as well. listen to this. >> i am curious as an actor do you like -- this guy is such an interesting person. i'm wouldn'ting how much you build into like -- do you think about why he would take his arm with him? such an interesting thing as a character to do that. >> i don't. i didn't. i as the older i get, the more simple i make it. >> hmm. >> i don't -- i didn't research this to find out just what mental disorder he had. so i can portray the 12 symptoms of it. i just -- he's a confused screwed up guy who needs a sling badly and they aren't available in the 1880s while west. you're walking around with this -- this big mental disorder and you're chasing god, you're chasing killing,
10:33 am
g into leprosy house and you have this christ like thing of what you should be doing and you have to kill the whole familiar until their house and your son be trade you the only perp whoever loved you because you forced him to. it's so screwed up. >> yeah. >> that it was a joy to just kind of play his confusion and search through his thoughts as he had them. >> i've been following your career for a long time. growing up i mean obviously you started off, such great dramatic roles i loved in you dumb and dumber you go back to dramatic roles as well. i was curious i always wanted to ask you this when you made dumb and domineer was something that was hard to get back no drama after making that movie even though you made dramas so much prior to that? because that character is very iconic i guess for me in the '90's. was it tough to get back into drama after that role? >> yeah, i was offered dramas after that but i was also offered stupid comedy. and you get labeled. and part of the reason why it became a little more difficult to get
10:34 am
to be taken as a serious important actor which was what you were on the road towards and then you did dumb and dumber and that kind of blows it all up. so now you're not bad any more. now it took ten years and maybe all the way to squid and the whale in 2005 to get them to go, oh, yeah, right, that. he can do that. but because dumb and dumber was so iconic, was such a huge hit, that's who you are. that's who you're label as. that's who you become. that's all we think of you as. but newsroom changed everything. >> power of sorkin, man. >> power of sorkin. >> we say the power of sorkin aaron sorkin who wrote the newsroom. he was in studio recently for his new movie molly's game. can we just show video real fast of dumb and dumber? the only reason i'm showing this is because really t r
10:35 am
i mean this is him with a scene with jim carrey in dumb and dumber and it is in my opinion just shows you because comedy people will say it's harder than drama or harder than horror because it's hard to make people laugh and get that emotion out of people. but it really is one of those movies with stands the test of time and beauty of him, you know, while he wants to get away from that type of roll and do more dramatic things i bring it up because i think it's an interesting thing to show the range he's had as an actor over these years. godless the new show is premiering on netflix tomorrow, wednesday, you can stream it there. lots of great things on netflix now including that and stranger things and mind hunter. more coming up on this later on this week. >> appreciate it. >> thanks wisdom martin. >> thank you kevin mccarthy. allison? >> i actually talked to aaron sorkin when he was here about jeff daniels and one of first things aaron sorkin said how good of a musician he is. when he was here he brought his guitar and played for us years ago. aaron sorkin said i've been to bunch of his shows. he's a phenomenal musician in addition to being a great actor as well.
10:36 am
>> and western star now. >> can he dance because he'd be a triple threat. >> he would be. >> i'm sure he is all right. let's assume he is. one night of glitz, glamor and gossip in shanghai at the victoria secret fashion show. so let's start with the glitz and the gap more. >> let's it. >> it is up. >> victoria secret debuted the 2017 fantasy bra. covered in 6,000 gem stones including yellow satisfy fires, diamonds and blue topaz stones and it's worth $2 million. so think you go the what it takes. >> do you want that responsibility? you have to kind of not wear a shirt if you wear that. >> that is the cher and the whole thing. >> bra only outfit. >> let's get to the gossip now. much like the weeknd before him harry styles performed at the fashion show. look at harry. all grown up.& just feet, few feet away from three of his rumored exes. >> you date victoria secret models you have to deal with having to share the runway with them later. >> sarah sam pio, georgia fowler and nadine leopold all strutted down the
10:37 am
serenaded the crowd. all right. now, he looks fas fashionable em hill self but he always does. a lot of talk wasn't about who was there but who wasn't there. pop star katie perry and model gigi hadid had their visas denied for apparently insulting china in various ways. perry had shown support for taiwan niece independence in 2015 and hadid was featured in an instagram video being less than respectful towards the buddah and finally getting away there all that drama, let's get back to the catwalk. chinese model took tumble on the runway. >> ut-oh. >> yeah. that's ming jaism she tripped on her long train but like a pro she handled it with grace. let me see. hmm. down goes ming. she got right back up with a little help from gizelle she fixed her costume and kept on strutting. let's see gizelle help her up. >> yike. >> she checks the heat piece. everything good. >> settles herself. >> gizelle's mind she h
10:38 am
>> we're watching the same clip it's not going to change. >> that's a bizarre fashion s show. tow block so many people from going to china. >> right. >> the things with katie perry and gigi hadid they went back through mobile need media counts and found things they deemed you can get aves have a. there were three russian models and lithuanian a models who were block. that's how harry styles got involved in it in the first place. >> i respect how much you know about this fashion show. >> it's cle clearly because he respects fashion. >> sadly i know something about the fashion whatsoever. >> chris is saying it's the highlight of the year. >> you'll be have to be on the jive turkey list. >> i respect your use of jive turkey. >> two more days of this folks. >> bear with us. >> that guy singing didn't beat a beat either jive turkey. >> jive turkey. >> okay. >> okay. >> here we go. >> completely okay with f
10:39 am
allison seymour using the term jive turkey randomly until thanksgiving. >> excellent. >> the kick sorry my 1384 old daughter was like, mommy, like what is a jive turkey? what are you saying? >> you're showing your age. it's -- never mind. >> is there a more current phrase we can use? tell her to watch sanford and son. >> that sounds like hours of fun for teenager. [ laughter ] >> speaking of social media, hes a social media star. binge watch it. has a meme page like by millions a dad with a full-time job that's supposed to make people happy. a life not in -- day in in the life of not frank but tank sinatra. why millions of followers doesn't always mean million of dollars. soap for my plans. >> he looks good. >> he's smiling.
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
♪ i've got you under my skin ♪ >> perfect sound track for this next story. off millennial in your family always on their phone good chance they're passing the time looking at memes one of the most popular meme accounts comes from new york dad who calls himself tank sinatra. allison more friss our sister station in new york got a chance to spend a day with tank and found out millions of followers doesn't mean you're a millionaire. >> i wake up. i drink coffee. i check my instagram. >> except when george checks his instagram he has over 1.3 million followers. long island dad better known as tank sinatra started his account
10:43 am
memes. >> i find the humidity human condition hilarious the fact we all think we're like so involved yet we all get jammed um by the same things that's very funny to me. >> reporter: few years ago he offered to make content for insta star the fat jewish and before long, tank's account was on fire, too. >> he just started taking the content that i was making and finding and posting it and tagging me in it and he had me up to 300,000 followers before i even knew it like knew what was goig on. does. >> reporter: really quick. >> yeah. >> reporter: that's when tank started turning out some of the his best work. >> when the rock reposted me, that was the best day of my life. it was a picture of his face photo shopped in my barack obama and i captioned the rock obama play on words. >> yeah. leo dip caprio inspired another winner. >> when leo won his oscar thing was going on, i made a meme that said leonardo dip caprio should win an oscar for acting like not winning an
10:44 am
him. >> what makes a meme tank sinatra worthy? acute, arc cute animal and a celeb never hurt. >> i don't care like joking about alcohol, drugs, sex, farts, like nine-year-old humor. life is just very complicated and i try and dig into the corners of where i see people struggle and bring humor there. that's it. >> reporter: his all time favorite this post about matthew perry from friends. >> i took a picture of him looking really bad, you know, and the caption was it hasn't been your day, your week, your month or even your year. [ laughter ] >> reporter: tank got started in comedy well before instagram was around. growing up a self proclaimed chubby kid arc joke was his bestie fence mechanism. >> i was i think more fearful people were going to make fun of me i would beat them to the punch. >> reporter: okay. >> i would just make fun of myself first and then sharpening that skill hugh mon is is a skill. >> reporter: it's a skill he's turned into a secon
10:45 am
fencing salesman by day, tank creates most of his memes in his car. often at this 7eleven. >> but i'm in the car 90% of my day any way. >> that's where most of my stuff happens. >> reporter: 2017 provided great content for cam dee but it's also fair share of tragedies. to count that this fall tank started a second instant account tank' ,2 gas news to show off all the good things happening in our world. it already has more than half a million followers. >> so born specifically out of hurricane harvey which was a devastating storm in texas. but almost seems like the more devastating a tragedy is, the more good comes out of it and the am of people that were stepping up to help their neighbors and people that couldn't help themselves was incredible. >> reporter: earlier this year he publish his first book, happy is the new rich. sharing a decade of his life's mistakes and learning. and while all his followers and insta fame make him happy, they haven't exactly made tank rich. >> just because people know who i am doesn't mean i'm able t
10:46 am
>> reporter: casper spend him a free bed in exchange for an ad. he work at brand fire creative agency in manhattan. >> dude -- >> what's up, man. >> what's up bro. >> he collaborates with other meme masters like adam the creator. >> i have great idea about the script. >> oh, good. >> i want to run it by you. >> reporter: black humor rift and the daily lit. >> i did one for donald trump i made a fake tweet. >> the hope here to turn their meme skills into money makers does we started developing an app. we started develop a document reach we're developing a tv s show. >> they're never too busy for a laugh. >> i just saw picture of muscular monk sweeping and i said, dam, bro, how much can you zen? i thought that was pretty funny. >> that's fox5 allison morris reported. tank a recovering click he talks about his sobriety so that other people don't feel so alone doing what h
10:47 am
make people's lives better through humor or just through pointing out got that other people are doing. got a great voice for comedy. >> he does. >> comes across really well. >> i'm just surprised he hasn't found a way to monetize. >> we need to get him some advertising. >> if you put all that on youtube you have several million followers you'll get the money. maybe instagram scheme is money making scheme formula whatever they use is just not the same. >> now he's got 1.3 -- >> except the followers. >> and one more follow we are. >> he's got a lot lot of followers. i like the tank' gas news. >> i didn't know there were meme factories out there. >> i didn't either. >> full-time job. >> tell tucker barnes this because his morning meme -- >> what does that mean? you're doing yet another full-time job. >> with the memes? >> you're putting out all your social median got factories where people spend days coming up think stuff. >> they're not getting paid. >> that's what i'm saying. how many watches could you get them. >> 10:47. where has the time gone? two days to go.
10:48 am
to whip upper if he can thanksgiving desserts and think morning the team from buzz bake shop cooking with como and sharing the secret to a perfect pie. just in time. >> we're sharing a piece of pie, too. >> so good. ♪
10:49 am
dogs can't see color like we do. but they see you like it's the first time, every time. they see a tough day a mile away. and things they can't unsee. they see life. and they see love. every time they see you. maybe dogs can't see color. but what they see is so much more. dogs are more. let's treat them that way. milk-bone. doing more for dogs since 1908.
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♪ >> we know that the turkey is center stage for thanksgiving but in many households dessert gives the turkey a run for its money. if you want to order one for the big mealtime is running out. if if you want to make one yourself we're here to help you out. you're welcome. for details the team from buzz bake shop is in the good day cafe cooking with como. hey, erin. >> allison, i'm joined right now this morning by pastry chef and she'll show us thou knock our holiday suites out of the park this thanksgiving. happy pre thanksgiving to you. >> same to you. >> we have the set up to make the perfect pecan pie. pecan or pecan to you. >> it's tomato tomato. pecan, pecan. >> it's perfect either way. >> so we have obviously our homemade shells here and we're going fill it with pecan halves
10:52 am
so you put the pecans in first. >> i put them in first because i like to get them nice and coated with the filling. >> now this is my favorite thanksgiving pie in the world. >> oh. >> what's the trick to getting the filling perfect? >> well, we put a little bourbon in ours that's just a personal taste. we've got our butter corn syrup sugar vanilla in here. we're just going to pour that over the pecans. so the -- >> looks inn rebel. >> when the filling goes over it sort of helps the pecans stick. >> i see that. i would imagine if you mut them on top they can kind of overflow. >> right. that's a good step. >> so that's a pro tip move right there. >> do you bake it in the oven. >> we bake it in the oven. >> covered or no. >> uncovered about 325 little over an hour just depending on your oven. >> what we were talking about because i love to cook, but i don't really have that many recipes i just throw stuff together. baking is totally different ballgame. >> i don't recommend do you that for pie baking. >> bad idea. that's why i have yet to bake a pie. i'll take your tips and try because i want to become a gd
10:53 am
baker. >> that's great. well, apple pie is another holiday favorite. so we've got our apples here. they've been cooked down with some sugar. >> that looks so good. cinnamon obviously little bit of flower for thickening. now we cook these in advance because it helps with once the pie is baked the apples give off a lot of water so if you sort of cook them in advance a little bit first. >> then you won't have watery apple pie. >> you won't have as much loss, you know, so the pie will stay nice and high and tall. we are doing a dutch apple variety this year so that means it has a views sell topping our views sell has oatmeal in it so it gives a little like home style kind of look and flavor. . how do you cook the apples to get them that perfect consistency. >> we just cook them in a large pot over the stove until they, you know, sort of start to release their water and get a little bit of color. >> you
10:54 am
>> peel them like i said the sugar, the flower, starts to thicken a little bit. >> that looks so good. what's a good pie crust tip because i know a lot of people want to go to the store by the pre made because it's easier. >> sure. how do you begin to start from scratch for that? >> i think making your pie dough is fairly simple. it's the working with it i think that is little did it difficult. keeping things cold is key. >> okay. that's a good tip as well for baking. >> keeping things cold, right. >> so if you want to start your thanksgiving pileup do you suggest baking it the day before so you don't have to deal witness during the mad rush to get the turkey and stuffing and all of that. >> i personally do. you'll need all of that oven space for the day of for all of your turkey and sides. and it's really a lot to do all in one day if you're trying to do your pies. >> for sure. >> or you can come to the buzz bake shop. >> love that option. >> and get -- we have six of our pies that we're offering this season. >>he
10:55 am
tell me about the chocolate one in the front. >> check lat chess pie with oval teen whipped cream. >> yes, please. >> and chocolate pearls. >> you can leave that one for me. i'll try just to make sure. [ laughter ] >> you can still order online for the pies if you haven't gotten your order in yet and taking walk ins as well. >> correct. both locations you can either order online or walk in sales we'll have pies available. >> what are these masterpieces over here. >> we have our classic pumpkin. >> can't go wrong with pumpkin pie on thanksgiving. >> people pleaser. we have pumpkin cheesecake this year with a graham cracker crust. >> allison seymour wants to try that. she loves a good pumpkin cheesecake. this beautiful cranberry one. right. >> this is actually my new holiday favorite. so the cranberry pair pie has a lawyer of pastry cream basically like vanilla pudding. who doesn't like that and we have almond cream, pairs, cranberries, toasted almonds and pearl sugar. so it's fruity and custard dee at the same time. >> these were great tips as well
10:56 am
have to stick to the recipe and we'll try to get the recipes up on our website as well if you want to try your hasn't at baking a pie at home you have the options to do that. always remember this is the most important tip, calories do not count on thanksgiving. back to you guys. >> erin, thanks very much. >> it will be so good. >> great big thank you. >> we need a work out segment like asap. >> i feel like we've done four food segments. >> it is thanksgiving. >> not in a bad way. the food made it downstairs. >> be thankful. >> get it. >> you get it? >> because it's thanksgiving. >> we'll still if you're still thankful when i come over for dinner on thursday. >> no alcohol. >> hank outwit the kids. >> doing your own dishes. >> us against wisdom in that shot. >> i feel like it's really three against one. >> enjoy a beautiful afternoon. might have a shower overnight tonight and it will be cooler wednesday and thursday but getting down of town height hitting the roadways all systems go for dry weather which is great knew. >> how do you fell about bringing back the phrase jive
10:57 am
involved in that. but if it works -- >> moreover used phrase. jive turkey or the weekend is over? >> the weekend over.
10:58 am
10:59 am
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