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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 24, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EST

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>> chilly out there. we'll get your weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. >> first at 6:00 though and breaking overnight a woman is fighting for her life after being rescued from a house fire in prince george's county. happened on wilbourn drive in capitol heights. >> firefighter was also injured but we are told those injuries are not critical. the fire has been put out. >> due to heavy fire conditions one firefighter did sustain some serious burn injuries about his body transported to an area hospital. the adult female was located by firefighters on the first level and brought outside to paramedics. she sustained life-threatening injuries. cpr w
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was transhospital. >> there is also an early morning kitchen fire in beltsville but that fire has been extinguished. in maryland a tragic tend td after he was hit and killed by a car. it happened at the intersection of metzerott road and new hampshire in adelphi. police believe the victim was hit by two cars. they say the driver of the first car remained on the scene and investigators think the second driver may not have realized they hit the victim. that second car is described as a small sedan. >> d.c. police searching for a second suspect. this is 17-year-old victor hernandez wanted in connection with the murder of of a 16-year-old one of two people shot along rittenhouse northwest. the second victim did survive. another suspect named kevin sorto was arrested charged with first degree murder. police investigating a shooting in southeast in the
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reports two people were shot and one died. confirmed that information. metro red line riders a big project will begin this weekend. starting saturday, a two week shutdown between the silver spring fort totten and takoma stations will happen. workers will be replacing a main line interlocking that allows the trains to cross from one track to the other. officials encourage riders to transfer using green or yellow lines. the impacted portion is set to reopen on december 10th. >> crews in the district worked throughout the night to fix this water main break in northwest. this is at ninth and t streets. we're told at least two homes have some flooding. d.c. fire and ems sustained those residents now. >> all right. time right now is it 6:02. that means it's time to talk weather with mr. tucker barnes. happy friday to you, tucker. >> he's like what? >> really? >> really? already. >> yeah. >> you going to do that five minutes early t
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talk faster than the normal crew. >> and i'm not in charge, tucker so i got no power here. >> i mean -- [laughter] >> the way you looked up from -- you're like what, hm? wait a minute. >> smoother transition than that. just put my pants on like two minutes ago. give me a break. >> we like to mix it up a bit. >> all right. >> happy friday. >> exactly. >> where did steve and allison go? >> they're out shopping that's what they're out doing. >> is that what they're doing. >> do i have to fill all six minutes of time here. >> you might as well. >> erin will help you out. >> should we be going to somebody at the mall. >> we got that set up. >> we're doing that too. >> it's coming. >> see what you miss when you don't come in at 4:25. you get us. >> warming into the weekend. it is cold out this morning but we'll be a little warmer than yesterday. yesterday we made it into the mid to upper 40's. today i'm talking in my really slow voice.
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it isn't even 6:04 yet. low to mid-50's so we're going to is there some degrees to our temperatures over the next several hours. hey, it's below freezing for everybody this morning, so if you're going to be waiting in line -- do they make you wait outside or can you go inside. >> depends on the store. >> if you got to wait outside you got to be ready for the cold. reagan national 32. lots of 20's ou out there. dulles is 25. bw marshall 27. cold front came through a couple days ago. we're looking at bright sunshine. maybe not more than a cloud or two later today. one of those gorgeous beautiful days. >> okay. >> you got up at 3:00 in the morning. by 3:00 in the afternoon you feel like have i been up for every. >> exactly. >> one of notice days. >> exactly. you got some time to go. keep going. >> yeah, i'm going to keep going. >> only 6:04 and 39 seconds. >> hey, that cold front is going to give us a sprinkle or a shower. this is tomorrow afternoon. so, we might get a sprinkle tomorrow. i'm fast
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weekend forecast. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast coming up in ae. o have to stand in line in some places. where our annie yu is in clarksburg there's a fire pit. >> that's nice. >> people can stand in front of the fire pit and stay warm. >> people stand in front of the fire pit. >> yes. >> are we talking about the snooze fest that was the redskins game later on. >> they won. >> we're going to discuss that. >> the jinx has been broken. >> we're going discuss that later on. we got some fill to talk about that. >> until 11 o'clock. >> stay tuned. we got five hours. >> wisdom is not think it was earlier when mike and i were calling him a jinx for the team. he says that's not true. >> it's a sore point. >> look at his face. >> ♪ you're a jinxed one ♪ >> tucker want to help me
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look at all the green. oblem free on 270 northbound up to clarksburg where annie is and that that wonderful warm fire pit wisdom has referenced that i think he's more exc excited about. southern maryland nice and quiet. 66 eastbound look at that wide opened six minute trip. look at those quiet conditions in centreville. if you're watching the news this morning and you're like hey, i don't get to shop today i have to head to work your ride into the district is going to be pleasant. not seeing any problems on the secondaries either. headed to the airport traffic on the way to reagan national dulles as well as bwi looks good. we have a little bit of construction both directions of dulles toll road.les toll ro. just outside the beltway. but no major slowdowns because volume is so light and the inner loop and outer loop across the legion bridge is quiet. gw parkway is a dream. as you wake up whether headed out in bethesda silver spring fairfax
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we're seeing. we'llouuts 'cause we're quiet. headed to old town alexandria later dan today and the roads ae quiet. keep in mind even though all metro rail lines are on time right now starting this weekend, starting tomorrow red line they're doing another track improvement project. similar to safetrack but i've been told it's a little different. no trains between silver spring and fort totten on the red line. limited service between fort totten and silver spring. also no parking at the takoma station. it's happening even during rush hour. tonight we have the caps taking on tampa bay lightning at 5:00 p.m. wisdom and maureen. >> ♪ >> back now with some breaking news from texas. oh, actually, no, we're going to go to annie yu. we're talking about black friday right now. >> yes. >> 6:07 is the time. we've been talking about it all morning long. >> we have been, yes. >> how people all over the country wake up in the morning orta
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>> right. >> and go out and get their shop on. >>ha it's black friday hoping to score a deal. annie yu, our friend, is in clarksburg, maryland at the outlets this morning with the story. annie. >> hey, good morning. >> reporter: hello, hello, maureen. hello wisdom. good morning, everybody. hopefully all of you had a wonderful thanksgiving. clarksburg premium outlets has been opened since 6 o'clock. they'll close tonight at 10:00 and that pretty much goes for the other outlets in the area potomac mills tanger outlets leesburg outlets opened until 10: i've run into the mac squad and these are all guys, friends since high school, they basically went to all of the outlets since they've put down that fork and knife last night and they were like, see ya' mom and dad, we're going to the outlets and here they are. good morning, guys. so, is it worth coming out here this early and what time did you leave the house. >> we left the house at 9:30 last night actually. we went
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montgomery, lake forest and we here. >> reporter: so, where are the bags? where are the bags? are these good deals? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: how good are they. >> i got these socks for five dollars. >> reporter: socks? you left the house after thanksgiving for socks? >> no, i have way more. i spent $500 today. >> reporter: all right. so, some might say, look, you guys are all young, you probably do the online thing, amazon, all of them offering cyber monday deals, why come out here this late -- this early i should say and do this? >> i think part of it is just being together as a squad, you know. >> reporter: awww. >> we are called the mac squad. >> reporter: is it an adrenaline rush. >> some of it. not just the shopping. being together as a gang, as a team, as a unit, the camaraderie. >> reporter: i like that and this is a tradition for you guys. this is, what, the fourth year. >> y-ma'am. >> reporter: all right, guys, thank you so much. the mac squad from frederick, maryland.
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yes, yes. need sleep. >> he work at 9 o'clock. >> reporter: my goodness you work at 9 o'clock this morning. >> i'm about to go and get this two hour nap and then go to work. >> reporter: you are a soldier. have fun if i say, guys. be safe. see you soon. so, there we go, some shoppers here finding deals. i can tell you banana gap all of them offering 60 percent off, crew offering 60 percent off. there are some good deals out here if you're willing to be out here in the cold and kind of put up with the cold i should say. it's just cold out here, guys. back to you. >> it's an annual thing so that people can spot them. >> i love the camaraderie. just fellas hanging out. that's a great group of guys. thanks for sharing them with us this morning annie. >> all right, annie. >> going to take a break and we'll be right back with more news, weather and traffic on the other side.
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>> ♪ >> back now at 6:11. breaking news from east texas overnight a state trooper was shot and killed during a traffic stop on thanksgiving day. the suspect fled the scene and
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was later taken into custody. 41-year-old trooper who since 2002 was married with three children. >> two days now since a u.s. navy cargo plane crashed in the philippine sea. the search for three messing sailors has been called off. eight others on board were safely rescued less than an hour after wednesday's crash. the plane was traveling to the u.s.s. ronald reagan when it went down. engine trouble is being looked at as possible cause. devastating news for those on board an argentine submarine. investigators are looking to reports of an under water explosion before that sub lost contact last week with 44 crew members on board. the navy says the search will continue and if the sub is still intact it might be running out of oxygen. >> new this morning an update on the investigation into russian election meddling. the new york times reports that lawyers for michael flynn have cut ties with president trump's legal team saying they can no longer share information about the probe. now some believe this could be
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president's former national security adviser may be with rot muller's special counsel. while that ns i breaking here in washington in florida the president and first lady spent thanksgiving visiting a coast guard station in lake rivera. president trump praised the service men and women for their heroic efforts during hurricane season and later in the day melania's parents joined the first family for thanksgiving dinner at what's known as the winter white house, the mar-a-lago resort. >> senator al franken plans to address the media on sunday. in the past week three women accused him of inappropriately touching them while posing for photos with them. he sent out a thanksgiving day message apologizing saying he felt terribly he could make people feel badly. he learned in some of those encounters he crossed the line for some women and any number is too many. he's facing an ethics investigation and calls for his
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instead of shopping until you drop today there is a new s. >> a live look outside on this friday morning. weather and traffic on the 5s coming up next. >> ♪ ...who work all night and morning to bake fresh brioche buns. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be.
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in the history of people being asked how they like their eggs, we're pretty sure no one's ever said microwaved.
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try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. >> we're back at 6:16 on this friday morning looking at capitol heights maryland where unfortunately a woman has died in a house fire. rescue crews were able to take her out of the house and we understand she did die at the hospital. they performed
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hoping to help her out but the n dying in the house fire in capitol heights. crews still on the scene. we're still gathering information and we'll pass it along but unfortunately a woman has died in a house fire in capitol heights this morning. >> 6:17 is the time. let's get to tucker barnes and talk weather. good morning tuck. >> good morning. now i'm ready. let's do this. we got some headlines. it's cold out early this morning. we'll start with in. expecting another beautiful day. all systems go for dry conditions this afternoon which is great news and we'll warm it up a little bit. passing shower tomorrow. it's a possibility, aren't great but we'll have a week cold front come through later in the afternoon. milder not only this afternoon but by saturday afternoon we may hit 60 degrees in a few spots and then behind that front it turns cooler and breezy again on sunday but nothing extreme here. all right, yesterday made it to 47. 44 dulles and bwi marshall, much more typical of something you might see in late
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december, early january. our normal dayme t 55 later today. we'll be a little warmer than yesterday. all right, everybody, and i do mean everybody -- well, thanks annapolis 'cause last hour you were 31, everybody with the exception of annapolis is at or below freezing. so, let's see, 32 here in the city and then lots and lots of 20's as you look out to the west. 22 this morning in manassas. 23 in that culpeper. 25 this morning in dulles. fredericksburg 27 degrees. frederick 27. so you get the idea. you're definitely going to want the jacket if you're going to be waiting outside for the next couple hours you'll want your jacket but then it turns sunny and the beautiful a-nice quiet afternoon winds nice and light just one of those days where it feels like late fall and in the sunshine it feels pretty good with daytime highs low to mid-50's today. this is the setup for tomorrow. nearly 60 up ahead of our front wheel get a push of southerly air and then that front will sweep through late in the afternoon during the evening hours. it might kick off a shower but it will turn breezy and cooler
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see the temperatures 10 trees day than saturday. 54 today. up near 60 on saturday. back down by sunday. let me mention dry weather regionally and locally and we'll look at some national maps for traveling if you're leaving this area and going somewhere else, if you're coming back to this area or if you have nothing else to do and you just want to look at weather maps we'll have those coming up. >> i think you're the only person then joyce the leisure weather map activity tucker. right now 6:19 and we do have fire activity out in prince georges county county as wisdom and maureen just told you impacting the 6800 block of wilbourn drive. use caution there. you can see traffic is getting through so if you live on that block it looks like you can access your homes but just use some caution and know if you're waking up in prince george's county out in the capitol heights area this is what you're up against and that's why you're seeing so many flashing lights. fatal house fire but it looks like the fire is under control just under investigation. eastbound 66 before the beltway we have a crash blocking the r
6:20 am
it's just before that overpass there. left lane is getting by. volume is light enough that this is not posing any major issues yet. dulles toll road construction both directions just outside the beltway. other than that things around tysons corner look good so if you're getting to the mall this morning beltway inner loop and outer loop nice and quiet. i got you covered if any of in changes. that's your look at traffic and metro is on time right now. back to you guys. >> the creative way some malls are luring shoppers away from the internet this holiday season. >> but first, ladies and gentlemen, there's a new best in show. meet newton. the brussells griffon. he beat out the competition at the national dog show showing everybody who is boss. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> back at six:23. the drama surrounding uber and a security breach continues this morning but first a check of the markets. joining us from the fox business network studio tracee carrasco. >> reporter: good morning. happy black friday. market futures looking pretty good right now all pointing up and we ended the day on wednesday a little bit mixed. the dow was down 65. the s & p 500 also fell but the nasdaq, the real big winner of the day it was up five. its 68th record close of the year so far. we've got a short trading day
6:24 am
today, markets close 1:00 p.m. t volume, so we'll keep an eye on that. >> okay. let's talk about uber. i know a lot of people wondering about this security breach and now we're hearing that the ceo may have actually known about this. >> reporter: yes, and you know, this is really troubling because the new ceo he stepped into the position in september and we're hearing reportedly from the "wall street journal" that he learned about this security breach about two weeks after he took over that job. and immediately he did order an investigation. he wanted to get the full scope of things but, you know, he wanted -- he didn't tell the public. he told a potential investor first. he told soft bank. they were at the time looking to invest about $10 billion. it was the company's duty to tell any potential investors about this data breach but as a customer, maybe even as a driver, you have to wonder,
6:25 am
hey, what about me? when. i going to find out about this? >> exactlyou know, it's just another unfortunate thing, this latest scandal. you can understand from one side, him wanting to get all of the details but if the consumer side, you know, you would want to at least know the basics. >> exactly. >> reporter: that there was a breach happening. >> indeed. >> reporter: this all happened back in october 2016. >> which is really troubling. >> reporter: you wonder what happened during those several months. >> tracee black friday a lot of brick and mortar stores doing things to lure people in because a lot of people are shopping on line. give us the lowdown on that. >> reporter: the main thing is these stores create experiences for customers that they cannot get when you're online shopping from your couch so they're doing things like how about a selfie with santa or pictures you can bring in your pet to take a picture with santa. wal-mart is hosting holiday parties. target is
6:26 am
demonstrations,po these are just some things that these places are trying to lure people in, get them off of the internet and intoe b. >> i personally. a brick and mortar person. i've got to see it and touch it. >> reporter: really. >> i really am. i tried the online thing. >> reporter: wow. >> i know maybe i'm in the minority more and more. tracee happy black friday. are you doing any shopping. >> reporter: you know, probably online. >> all right. see. >> reporter: i'm the opposite. i'm not a brick and mortar person. >> all right. we'll have to debate that next time. tracee have a great weekend. >> reporter: yes. you, too, see you monday. >> all righty. >> nice healthy mixture of both is good. >> i'm the same way with my dating. i like to see and touch. >> not the online. >> i don't like to respond online. >> and the hits just keep coming on friday. >> hopefully nobody is watching. >> let's not hope that. i like my
6:27 am
>> i mean this morning. 32 right now in, what. hey, good morning. we got freezing temperatures to start your day. we are in the 20's off to the west and north and we're looking at a beautiful friday. sunshine, low 50's later today so it will be about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and a very quiet afternoon. chilly tonight and your weekend forecast generally quiet, maybe a shower on saturday. >> have you ever heard the expression a hit dog will holler. >> no. share. >> am i the only one in heard that expression. >> maureen. that dog won't hunt. >> that i've heard. >> erin what's going on with traffic. >> i've seen tucker barnes his picture on tinder that means somebody else is using your profile. >> that's a nice looking face. what can i tell. >> i'm totally kidding. i'm not on tinder. i'm giving him hard time. annapolis fire activity fairview avenue cross road possible roadblock catches in the area. skyfox is headed in that direction. crash cleared before the beltway 66 eastbound. keep it to
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>> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> yes, it is, 6:30 on this friday morning. you're looking live at the clarksburg outlet mall, the christmas tree up there, decorations up. people out shopping on this black friday. the hustle and bustle of the holiday season in full swing right now. hey, welcome back to fox5 news morning. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:35. but first now at 6:30 and breaking overnight, an investigation into a
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fire in prince georges county. a woman has died after being pulled from aned on wilbourn dre just about an hour ago or so. firefighters were able to pull the woman out of the house and perform cpr at the scene but we just received word she's passed away because of her injuries. a firefighter was also injured but we're told those injuries are not critical. d.c. police searching for a second suspect in a deadly double shooting. this is a picture of 17-year-old victor hernandez. he's wanted in connection with the murder of a 16-year-old 16-d earlier this month along rittenhouse street northwest. the second victim survived. another suspect was arrested earlier this week. and a big congratulations to ballou high school. they won the annual turkey bowl championship. it was between d.c.'s top two high school football teams. they beat woodson high school who took the field without 17 of their players who were all suspended after a fight a few weeks ago. wisdom. >> it is time now for the morning line. hosting on thanksgiving for the first time
6:32 am
redskins tucker barnes right here, victorious over the new york giants players. >> can i say real quick. >> knock it out. >> just like the skins play with their b team we're playing with our b team this morning. >> all right. let's show some highlights from last night as we pontificate over the situation that took place at fedex field last night. we understand that the giants are an awful football team. they only won two football games. they took care of business. a win is a win. they don't make the schedule. 93 just beat who is on the schedule. >> i completely grow. agree.they had to turn it around after a humbling defeat. personally i thought it was a snooze fest. at least the part i saw. i didn't see the fourth quarter. >> look at this. this is what concerns me right here. this kind of silliness. this was an awful throw. i know it's the giants and we won but those kind of things do concern me
6:33 am
offensive standpoint. because it was a snooze fest as said in the first half. >> unless you're into a punting game it wasn't a lot to talk about. i don't know if it's a combination after the saints game or a big turn around but it didn't feel like a lot of energy early. >> you have to take into account that there are numerous injuries on the offensive line, numerous injuries on the offensive line. perhaps your best offensive player is out for the seasons. you are doing what you have to do with kind of a makeshift offensive makeup. you got cousins, you got the receivers but that line is beaten up battered and they're still table come away with this win. >> yeah, so, every week is not your game of the year sometimes you just win. >> survive and move on. >> going to work for the day. i think that was this game. as far as i can tell they're still in the playoff run for the wild card. >> they're still alive.
6:34 am
and their schedule is fairly soft here over the next couple weeks., you know, i think they can still make a run for it. >> all right. mosmoving forward we don't want to get too excited about the giants they're one of the worst teams in the nfl but let's move forward because dallas cowboys played the san diego chargers, the next redskins opponent. >> next thursday. >> next thursday night. and dam has made san diego look like a super bowl competing team. >> i don't follow dallas terribly carefully but something is amiss in dallas because that is not the same team it was a year ago. i realize they don't have the running back and they've got a couple injuries as well but something -- just not -- ever start up your car, your car is making a funny sound and you keep trying to drive it. >> pull out on the road and wonder why it quits on you. all the grief we give the burgundy and gold they're playing
6:35 am
wounded people,ak and they're still managing to stay in the hunt. dallas meanwhile playing with a lot of injuries and ezekial elliott who is out and jason garrett has no clue what to do. there's no excuse other than the fact that jason garrett is i guesser? p -- jerry's boy. you're trying to tell me a couple injuries to the offensive line the lack of a running back whn you got two others, now all of a sudden you can't score points that's coaching. all of the dallas cowboys fans out there, this ain't dallas first of all and you need to get a new coach. i'm sorry. heads need to roll. if i'm jerry jones, it ain't going to happen but heads need to roll. >> that was a wisdom moment. >> at least it's not directed at washington for a change. >> we'll take the win and real quick i'm going to do weather but you forecast a redskins victory and we wouldn't so
6:36 am
got to celebrate that. >> you guys were sayin some kind of curse because i kept predicting them to win. >> up to this point of the season it was true. >> thank you very much, thank you very much. [applause] >> i predicted they would win 30 to 10. they won 21 to 10 or 20 to 10, whatever it was, they won that's the bottom line so there is no curse. >> want to give us an early prediction for next week. >> they'll beat san diego 28 to 13 next week. >> aaall right, can we do a little weather. >> go ahead. >> i thought they were playing the cowboys. >> no, the redskins are playing the chargers. >> they are? >> anyway. >> let's do the weather. maybe that's something i know something about. i -- i think the redskins and the cowboys are playing next thursday night. >> yeah, you're right. they're going to beat them, too. same score. >> okay. >> 32 in washington. [laughter] 30 in pittsburgh. hey, we're cold to start your day. mid 50 later today. sunshine, quiet forecast later today if you're out shopping out hitting the roadways not only today but the next couple days we keep it d
6:37 am
we might get a sprinkle or shower on sunday. 54 for your friday. >> you know what, they're going to play the giants next year, too and they're going to beat the giants next year. >> giants. >> i'm talking about next season. >> giants are rebuilding. >> all right. that's it. over you to erin como. >> i would also like to say i said it was going to be a thanksgiving miracle the skins will win and we'll have to tell miss alberta who i met yesterday that wisdom is not a jinx for the team. right now we do have a crash in the district. it's seventh street between massachusetts avenue. the 900 block of seventh street is closed in both directions. so seventh street and massachusetts avenue 900 block of seventh street is closed in both directions. police on scene there but the thing is volume is light enough this morning that it's not causing any major slowdowns. i'll let you know if that changes. as we look right now at a crash out in the west falls church area, westbound 50 at leesburg pike crash is blocking one lane. plenty of green on the map. traffic on the way to leesburg outlets looking good.
6:38 am
to clarksburg. i combined those words. annapolis skyfox headed here we have fire activiy reported in the area of fairview avenue at cross road so caution there south of 50. 95 southbound nice and quiet down to the occoquan river bridge. not seeing any problems northbound on the way to dale city. if you're headed to work this morning, traffic is quiet out across the legion bridge and looking good out in tysons if you're shopping. metro is on time. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million
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>> ♪ >> back now with what's trending on the web this friday morning. first up, one of finland's largest food companies is selling what it claims to be a first. ready for this? how about some crushed insect bread. finnish bakeries loaves of bread made of dried and crushed crickets and the company says it actually contains more protein than normal wheat bread. they plan on rolling out the loaves of bug bread next week. >> no thanks. >> you know what i'm getting you guys for christmas. trending in new england, a new england mother is now demanding her son's school to take sleeping beauty off the curriculum because the princess doesn't give consent to being kissed and would he ann
6:42 am
lady gaga joined in the thanksgiving scramble on wednesday. she was one of the last minute shoppers to hit a kroeger supermarket in west virginia. she was so undercover we're told no one hardly noticed her. she was in west virginia? okay, all right. >> can we go back to the other two stories. >> the christmas gift? >> you be bugging. get it? all right. i'm moving on. okay. all right . >> [laughter] >> i'm sorry, folks. that was bad. all right, calling all western fans. there's a new limited series on netflix. next our kevin mccarthy sits down with three members of the cast of godless including jeff daniels. back after this. >> ♪
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p to 35% off, you'll get a day's worth of savings in one easy stop. 8 to 11am. boom. done. havertys. life looks good.
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>> back now with skyfox over some breaking news in anne arrundel county. this is an apartment fire on fairview avenue at cross street. officials say the three-alarm fire happened -- it started a couple hours ago in the 700 block. crews arrived on the scene top several apartments in flames. the fire has since been put out. >> 6:45. tucker barnes coming in with our cold forecast. man. >> yeah, got cold again overnight in fact even at reagan national we hit 32 so everybody is at or below freezing this morning but it's going to be a beautiful friday and considering this is a peak travel period these couple days in and around thanksgiving, it's going to be fine. >> okay. >> weather-wise. so, you know, no big storms to
6:46 am
winter weather. all right, another sunny afternoon to look forward to. we have a passing shower in the forecast tomorrow. i'll show you what's going to be moving on in and again it will be a passing shower. i'm not sure most of the area will get much of anything. a few clouds tomorrow. little warmer today and then noticeably warmer by tomorrow with a high near 60. i don't think we'll be well into the 60's. we might get to 60 tomorrow and then cooler and breezy on sunday behind our front so the openly real weather feature -- good morning -- to talk about is the cold front which will be coming through tomorrow. 47 now at reagan national -- this is yesterday's highs. 47 at reagan national, dulles and bwi marshall hit 44. our normal daytime high is 55. we'll be closer to that for a daytime high today. here are your cold numbers. definitely jacket weather here early. everybody but annapolis has hit the freezing mark or is currently there. 32 in washington. quantico is now 29 degrees. 24 up in gaithersburg. 25 out at dulles. you guys out along 81 in the mountains are nice and chilly as well, 28 in
6:47 am
this morning in martinsburg. sunshine bright conditions, a lot of radiational cooling overnight with light winds and clear skies allowing us to really bottom out. our front from a few days ago is out here and we're just focused on high pressure overhead so just a few clouds this afternoon and very, very quiet weather. tomorrow we'll start to get some clouds building but up ahead of it nice southerly flow ahead of this cold front that will will bring us clouds in the afternoon and it might spark off or kick off a shower late tomorrow afternoon. widely scattered and behind that front the breezes pick up and temperatures will be in the 40's by sunday afternoon, so much cooler weather so bit of a warmup here next couple days and then we cool it down again by the end of the weekend but notice that is a very quiet seven day. so, typically we start to get kind of stormy late november, december. not the case this year. nice and quiet for returning from grandma's house at the end of the weekend. hi. ready for the meme. >> i am. i listened to christmas music on the way in to work. >> you did. >> i did. >> anyon
6:48 am
>> home for the holidays. >> sn the radio. skyfox in annapolis at the fsce that appears to be under control in an apartment complex fairview avenue at cross street. still some fire activity there. you can see the ladder is still raised water all over the roof there. it looks like there is still some activity there so please use caution. no official roads blocked right now simply because it's right against the harbor there in annapolis. unfortunately very severe damage to the top that of building. no reported injuries at this point but we'll work on gathering that information with police out in annapolis and we'll bring it to you here on fox5 news morning but still an active scene despite the fact that fire is under control along fairview avenue. things on 50 look good all the way to the beltway. inside the district we have a crash. it's closing the 900 block of seventh street. crash is at seventh and massachusetts. now traffic's light enough it's not causing any big delays. 695 is nice and quiet and 270 looks good southbound. wide opened northbound if you're headed to visit annie at the clarksburg outlets. metro is on time right now. we have red line adjustments
6:49 am
next. but guess what, tucktory, it's.. tucker it's the friday after thanksgiving let's give you all the time. >> we do cats, medieval. >> kermit. >> today is black friday memes. let's do some shopping. >> very time. >> very timely. we try to get them to be timely. >> maureen is like what am i in for right now. >> let's do it. >> let's see what we got. we'll start it off -- thank you, caleb. >> souped it up. >> that looks good. >> i don't monitor close enough to read what it says. what does it say. >> like a boss. >> you're definitely like a boss if you're hauling around in that. >> like something already. >> wisdom you're talking about getting a new vehicle. maybe that should be it. >> i prefer leather. >> comfy seats. >> all right. black friday shopping you're doing it right. >> that is for all of the walking dead fans out there. >> right. >> okay. >> i think we're getting a
6:50 am
to protect the merchandise. >> protect your merchandise, yes, i see. >> okay . >> [laughter] >> all right, when somebody gets the last flat screen tv on black friday. >> that is so true. >> don't we seem to be -- people like fighting over toys. >> tv's. >> trampled stomped on. >> yeah, when you finally find and buy what you were looking for on your black friday sale. >> but it looks like you're a little beat up at the end. thank you kenny. >> but you survived. you made it. >> thank you kenny. #morning meme. good luck shopping out there. doesn't it look like fun. >> looks like a lot of fun. >> really? maybe i'm just getting old. >> i think it's called priorities in life. some people just don't have time for it. >> also with the internet. >> the phone, do your thing. we want to know what you're finding out there as well so #good day d.c. let us know if you find some great deals. >> speaking of a
6:51 am
take a bite out of d.c. with big names, big flavors and big fun for this week's fox5 contest. a two days only foodies delight. selecting one pe person to win the package including four tickets to the metro d.c. cooking show. >> prize has an approximate retail value of $640 provided by metro cooking d.c. go to fox5 d.c.'s facebook page at starting now until 11:59 and enter for a chance to win. one winner selected on november 27th. all entrants must be 21 or older. complete rules available at you get all that? you got it all. >> i think so. >> there you go. >> ♪
6:52 am
>> it's a fearful thing to love what death can touch. >> ♪ >> where are all the men at? >> took them. >> how has the town fared without any men around. >> someone's got to look after things around here. >> a town full of ladies. >> ♪ >> ripe fruit for the wicked. >> frank has been looking for roy. >> he's going to kill anybody that roy good loves or cares about. >> good people of creed let them walk through their streets. >> that's a clip from the new netflix series godless tells the story of a ruthless outlaw that terrorizes the west to find former gang. >> the series stars jeff daniels as that outlaw and scott mcnary. our kevin mccarthy got a chance to sit down with those stars and has more on the new
6:53 am
western. >> i know this is probably a question you're getting a lot but i'm curious how the horse riding works as an actor. is it weird being on a horse and having to perform. >> he's fantastic on a horse. >> i grew up riding horses. >> real. >> yeah, i grew up in texas and we had a ranch up in paris, texas, so we had like, i don't know, seven, eight horses or something put i traded my horse for a motorcycle when i was like eight or nine from my cousin. she had the motorcycle barbara and i was like i want the motorcycle so i could take it back home to dallas. anyway long story short i gave away my paint and took her motorcycle. >> i'm curious do you watch the show on netflix or are you sent to a screening room and do you watch all the episodes. >> let's be honest here. this particular project they send send it to us first and you watch it, you can hdmi it to watch on the tv but it was low graded version of it so i think that, yes, this will be something i will tune into
6:54 am
when it releases to see the final sort of sound picture all that stuff. >> obviously you're a musician and you have burnett doing the music for the show which is awesome. i'm curious how involved you are with him because music is a leading character in a lot of shows. are you involved with him at all involving the score and the music. >> no. that's t-bone and scott's thing. but you know that t-bone being on it you're going to get a one of a kind musical score underneath everything and incorporated into sometimes -- no, that -- that's -- it's like the look, it's like shooting it in new mexico, too, it becomes a whole another character, another character in the series is the landscape. >> oh, yeah. >> another character is t-bone's music. i mean, it all adds up to elevating it into something that we hope is original. >> just a reminder every
6:55 am
available to stream only on netflix. >> ♪ >> time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. good morning debbie felder keiser. >> yeah. >> annie yu and tucker barnes who is real excited about it. debbie says she watches fox5 every morning. she even won a good day d.c. coffee must be. >> hope you're enjoying your coffee in that mug this morning. debbie says this picture was taken at our zip trip in waldorf. congratulations debbie. have a fantastic day. >> love it. >> you know what i think people figured out. if you post a picture with one of us you up your chances of becoming fan of the day. >> you can cut and paste a picture of us. >> want to get clever enough after awhile. i'm seeing the trend, yes. and most seem to be with you. you get around. >> thank you, maureen. i like to think i do anyways. [laughter] amazing thing about that picture it looks so hot and humid in that
6:56 am
it's cold enough that we hit the freezing mark again at reagan national this morning. it was 32 an hour ago now we're 33 degrees. most of the area here waking up to temperatures which are well below freezing. lots of 20's out there so definitely you'll want the heavier coat early. we will warm it up with lots of bright sunshine into the low to mid-50's later today and it's a storm free afternoon. it's a rain free afternoon. and for the most part it's a rain free weekend. we may have a shower around here tomorrow afternoon kind of late afternoon, early evening with the passage of a cold front. up ahead that of we'll hit 60 tomorrow so nice and mild and much cooler air behind the front by sunday. all right, erin. >> yes. >> how are roads? >> 6:56. roads are quiet, man, looking good. >> i'm sure they are. >> 900 block of seventh street closed in northwest because of a crash. that's at the intersection of seventh and massachusetts avenue northwest but look, very light volume so no major delays around that crash scene even though all metro rail lines are on time
6:57 am
disruptions starting tomorrow through december 10. no train service between silver spring and fort totten. takoma will be closed. give yourself extra time. we'll keep you updated throughout the duration of the project. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> ahead at 7:00 a busy night for firefighters in maryland. crews rush to the scene of several house fires and we've learned one location in prince georges county has turned deadly. >> also ahead the rush over the best deals. black friday shoppers out in full force. annie yu is it at an outlet in maryland. we'll check in with her in a couple minutes. >> a live look outside on this november 24th. 32 degrees, not a whole lot of traffic but we'll tell you all about that when we check weather and traffic in just a few. >> ♪ >> all right. there they are right there. erin como watching the roads. tucker barnes talking about weather. good morning. >> good morning. would you like me to talk now. >> sure. >> freezing temperatures to start your day. in the 20's for most of the area. going to be a bright and beautiful friday with daytime highs a little warmer than yesterday. how warm will it get? i'll let you know. stay tuned. erin. >> thank you tucker. look at all the green behind me. wide one


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