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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a top aid under fire accused of using city employees to provide care for child during the workday. >> live look outside on tuesday morning it is november 28. weather and traffic on the fives at of:05. >> first up this morning president trump heads to capitol hill making a push to get a tax deal through congress set to address republican senators this afternoon ahead of possible vote on senate floor later this week. gop leaders can agourd to lose two votes and republicans on the fence this morning. senate version of tax reform bill cuts the tax rate from 20 to ha. city ukz warn it would add more than one trillion to the federal debt. this morning reaction loud and swift after the president ignited
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pocahontas comment that went viral. >> during a ceremony at the white house the president once again used nickname to refer to senator elizabeth warren. he long mocked her by being part native american and was not able to prove it. >> you have very, very special people you were here long before any of us were here. although we had a representative in congress that they say was here a long time ago. and poke he hon tas. and senator warren lying about her heritage to advance her career. >> it's deeply unfortunate that the president of the united states cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a racial
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nation did not wanted to get involved in the feud between senator and president but said all travel nations still battle insensitive references to our people. prejudice that native american face is unfortunate historical legacy. a federal judge will now decide who will lead the federal agency in charge of protecting consumers. two dualing acting directors are battling for control of the job confusion after former director resigned and successor leandra english and president trump named 134-b else to takeover mic mulvaney who has been critical of the office in the past. >> mayor becauseer's office depending one of her top aids. >> an investigator found courtney snowden used city workers to provide care for her child during the workday
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"fox5" melanie alnwick is live at the while house with more. >> good morning, steve, allison. this was contained in inspeingt tore general report contained by the "washington post" and confirmed by to 678 from the mayor's office all stemming from a complaint lodged in 2015. let give you particulars here. there were three instances that the post reported on. one said that snowden once asked interp to take child to a relative's office in norm west d.c. chb the intern was paid for the time and the trip did take place during the workday and there was another snaps snowden had staff pick up her child at school because she said they emask aid meeting for her during pickup time and another instance where the-year-old child was left at the office unsupervised while snowden attend aid meeting and she said a relative was supposed to pick up the child in 0 minutes and was late because of car t
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direct anybody to look out for child but inspector general's report said it would be understood if you left a app-year-old child at the office somebody would look after that child. neighbor bowser a-- remained the communications director says he helped vulnerable citizens reach their full potential going on top say any issues raised go on to full address and now also in that anonymous dmraint was a charge that snowden apparently had improperly met with some clients of former employer who was pr and lobbying firm. inspector general report found no edge rikz rules were broken in the meeting. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 6:04 now in montgomery county maryland a battle over school boundaries is over. last night the school board took steps to relief school overcrowding and voted to redraw school bouar
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an effort to help spread out low income students. many students are not happy and they say the move doesn't keep neighborhoods together the policy will be implemented next school year. >> red line commuters hoping for easier line today. and the next two weeks there's no red line service between silver spring and fort totten because tacoma park section is closed for majr work. it added extra shuttle buses on fly yesterday once the lines grew. >> empty tables. >> i need learn that song from lesmis. >> a little weather intro or cover or something. >> i'll tell you later. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you doing? >> i'm good, how are you? >> i'm fine, yes. >> i love the red today. i love your red. >> can't see the poinsettias but we match. >> that red. >> 6 today. how about that? >> sous
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>> warm actually. >> i saw people out delivering packages yesterday and they watch every day i want to say hi to them and they were happy about the weather forecast. >> amazing. >> sunny, mild, today and tomorrow with daytime highs in the the low 60s. we have nice weather to look forward to. let see if we can make the maps move and we'll be impressed with what is happening out there and maybe we won't make those maps move. okay. so temperatures right now, 40 in the city and 0s other places and satellite and radar is quiet and will be sunny, bright and 6 today. >> imagining it all. >> that's all you need to know. >> apparently that's all you need to see. >> 63. >> maybe a surprise at 6:15 we'll find out. good morning, airport erin how are you. >> on the bright side you did a great job tucker very descriptive language there. we're looking at sky fox over the beltway to pass 50. volume building inner and
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park and to oxon hill. beautiful view almost like a christmas card there. still dark. relatively quiet. replacing red line trains between silver spring and fort totten. tacoma section remains closed. you can take mark trains and metro bus car pool to get around that. the rest of metro rail line commute looking good this morning i'll let you know when that changes. we'll see if we can forward things along. eastbound 66, 3 minute trip 34 to beltway and red zone there as we make our way gainsville to 234. heavy traffic. no crashes, earlier disabled vehicle cleared. red sewn up through dale city now try answering toll occoquan bridge. 2 minute trip and volume in main lanes and southbound section good through staff order as well. still see green zone but that changes quickly because of amount of traffic out. 2
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northbound through for the washington. southbound 270. 70 to 121. close to 30 minute ride because of vol uming. urbana pike picking up with usual volume as well. icc to beltway and minor delays. if you have questions about particular areas@erinfoxdc on twitter. >> update on erupting volcano in bali and stranded tourists. >> roy moore speaking out overnight coming out swinging against his accusers, we're back in 0 seconds.
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disaster zone is six mile radius of volcano. that reuption killed more than 1,000 people. >> it's day two of pope francis trip to myanmar. he is scheduled to meet with myanmar de facto leader and they'll discuss the ongoing crisis with the muslim group there. they've been accused of ethnic klepzing and leadsers deny my wrong doing there. >> scare on the water for more than 100 passengers aboard a
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they had to be escorted after the boat hit a sand bar in the east river. cause today take on water. rescue boats were able to transport everybody back to the pier. they were able to board another ferry. nobody was hurt. >> 6:10. today lawmakers plan to introduce a bill to areas in need of desperate hurricane relief. they will present the bill to rebuild paraparaand u.s. virgin island and plan to make sure islands are rebuilt in a way that empowers them to thrive. when a young lady is abused and i've represented many victims in cases such as this. i have not seen one who wants her picture posted on national
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tv he advantage atrump arrived in india overnight and will have a summit empowering women. she is racing questions about her own fashion line made by mostly female workforceness india her brand refuses to identify the factory that does her goods or gives details on how the workers are treat order paid. >> tax reforms is big deal for republicans. headcount coming up short. can the president change mind. we'll talk more about this in today's "business beat". >> live look outside as we head to break early this tuesday morning. great look at monument. temp, 39, weather and traffic on the fives coming up
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snv with that comes warmer temperatures. >> after a few days of cashing in on deals we turn our attention to giving tuesday. and ited is giving tuesday. and they wanted to donate money to i acause. something new this year. your giving tuesday gift could go twice as far if you use facebook. thanks to the bill it has foundation. all donations made through the site will be matched. >> very nice. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> allison good morning. >> bus stop forecast getting back to sdhool morning.
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we'll do that again today. that's my way of saying i'm not sure what we made it to but i'll double check. notice with are looking at freezing temperatures in maces like out to the west here. fredericksburg to the south here is 31 and 27 mannasas and 32 dulles and 30 this morning in frederick and 30 win chester and so temperatures no gout it on cold side. little warmer and chilly start to day. should be a beautiful finish. lot of sunshine expected. few clouds passing through and just like yesterday we'll be mostly sunny. high pressure in charge. and that's going to deliver a couple more nice days. we'll get changes by thursday. today and tomorrow, temperatures about 10 above normal and lot of quiet companies. let's enjoy while we can. looks like changes offer the next couple weeks. planner for today, temperatures again about 10 above normal with lots of sunshine and 7 day forecast features temperatures well above normal until this weekend with maybe you know
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week will be late thursday. early friday and cooler temps. all right. that is a sunny and bright and mild forecast erin. >> you have a wonderful tie on. >> i like the color it pops. >> good stuff. >> good for tuesday. >> we have a crash southbound gw parkway ramp memorial bridge blocking shoulder no major slow downs yet. still dark and quiet out. i'll let you know if that changes. as we make our way bottom side of beltway. inner and outer loop past 210 laboratory road looks g slow downs on northbound 210 coming in from for the washington. livingston road to beltway we're seeing a 20 minute de delay. southbound 210 before the beltway oxon hill a crash with police on scene. so south and northbound side 210 dealing with issues outside the beltway this morning. as you make your way 270 southbound, 70 to 109, 19 minute trip, yellow zone. urbana pike deal
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traffic as well. topside of beltway to crashes to report and nasty backup by new hampshire avenue and 95 to 270 smur and majority of slow down is 95 to georgia avenue and things break up a bit. southbound to and from the baltimore beltway this morning and if you dig met wrote big project on the rail line no rail service it's between silver spring and fort totten and tack i'm station is cl closed. shuttle service is limited. replacing those trains. you can take mark trains metro bus or car pool to work. any questions fox d.c. twi twitter. the rest of metro rail line is on time. i don't know guys i'm ready for a second cup of cover he. back to you. >> good to see you too. welcome back. >> time for more gtl. popular m tv reality show making a came back. details later. >> plus numbers on are anyone cyber monday did not disapoints. we'll head to fox business network in new york business update next at 6:17
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>> i'm looking at numbers from explosion bell yesterday. i can call it mixed bag or was it more bad news. brick area morter and amazon doing well. oil prices down slightly and you know, investors still watching out for tax reform. >> let's talk about it. hopefully movement in the senate on tax reform. but numbers still need to get up for the president. >> absolutely, you know, the
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are still some wheeling and dealing going on. president trump will meet with republican senators on tax reform this afternoon. and of course, ahead of a vote hopefully later this week maybe. maybe thursday, maybe friday, but, yes, still trying to get some of those nos to a yes and the president tweeted thank you rapped after a senator ran paul said he would support the bill and bob quarker expressed some concerns hoping he may you know work those out and that's what this time will be. it will be spent talking about these issues and talking about sticking point and trying to come to some sort of agreement for senators. >> you know, every day sadly we are reporting or looking at numbers of suicide just way too high for variety of reasons now. and something that we mostly do every day is check on facebook. and facebook is trying to get involved with saving lives here lost to suicide. tell us about this artificial
6:22 am
>> yes, so, they are using artificial intelligence to scan facebook posts for words for phrases for things that may be a cry for help. it might be someone having suicidal thoughts. and they're using this artificial intelligence to flag posts and pass them on to real person a team member who can look at that post and kind of examine other foingts see if there's a pattern here. and they been they'll reach out to this person via messenger or if some cases extreme send first respond others to try to intervene in this case. so, you know, facebook they're trying to use this ai for good. they're trying to make a difference here and take this first step in suicide prevention. i think this is a great things they're doing. >> just looking at some of the statistics it's mind boggling when you look at it. every 1
6:23 am
american dies by suicide. hopefully this push looks to lower it. >> especially with billions of users facebook has. >> speaking of billions we were hoping for big numbers cyber monday i went the entire day treacy and could not pass up a deal. it said you can still get in. get it i made one sale and added to that 6.9 -- 6396. >> billion dollars. >> around it up. 6.6 billion dollars as expected to be a record breaking day. >> and that's a huge climb that we're seeing there.
6:24 am
and cyber monday, toys and t tvs. so something to keep in mind for next year. and yeah it was huge re record-breaking day and adobe analytics expecting this holiday season to break records as far as online sa sales. they're expecting 100 billion dollars. >> i'm cure us in how we k knew. it's right where we said it would be. largest online sales day in history. and do you look at friends from last year in employment numbers or how does the market or business community figure we'll do almost exact numbers they predicted. >> adobe an will theics they're a firm that analyzed data and they collect data from so many different places and they run their systems and they're able to come one these numbers. and i think this is really the first time we're seeing some
6:25 am
and sales tracked from smart phone devices and he think as we start do this type of shopping, on our smart phones more, we'll see more concrete facts of how they -- how they get all this information. >> and it's right on target. all right. treacy, thanks so much. >> twitter gil on twitter is airport tell you what i bouxingt you would never believe what i bought yesterday. see you later. >> i'm curious. >> i'll let you know you would never believe it. >> leaving us hanging in and out. >> it was i gift -- it's a throw back. every old is new again this sounds ridiculous i'll say it don't judge me. a track suit like velour track suit. sydney wanted -- you think old school right. >> i guess they're back. >> they're back. >> was it a good deal. >> half off. >> i was not going to buy for full price. >> it went out
6:26 am
>> for a little bit. >> i can bring back my vin tanl version. >> i participate in black friday as well. >> what did you buy. >> i went to convenience store and went to dorito. >> they were not on sale you did not get the good deal you. >> don't get good deals at convenience stores. >> 60s later today. much of the area at or below he's ing and lots of lots of sunshine. if you look yesterday you will love extra today it will be just as nice. >> i was in disbelief yesterday i kept going out like what's going on out here. >> today, tomorrow fantastic. cooler thursday and friday. this is easy going week. >> good. >> we deserve it. >> like it. >> and let's check in with erin como. >> di black friday shopping myself. terrible. >> i did one thing and it was not tore me, i feel a little better. >> i'll hit online shopping this week. >> there's a crash outside the beltway down to 16 miles an hour average as you make your
6:27 am
coming down from baltimore beltway hop over to 95 southbound and college park we have usual delays right now on outer loop by new hampshire avenue and also a crash southbound gw parkway ramp eastbound memorial bridge. no major delays on the bridge. 14 street bridge volume increasing and look at nasty red zone now. eastbound 66. 29 gainsville to 234 prince william parkway and 15 minute delay towards 28 as you pass to 34. heavy volume there. same story northbound 95 main lanes backing up dale city to beltway, 30 minute ride sore so. red line delays next
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you see the washington monument. weather and traffic for you coming up on the fives at 6 6:35. first 6:30 friends and loved ones pay their final respects to baltimore detective suit or at the vaughn green funeral home in maryland. a few ral for suitor will be tomorrow. suitor was shot the day before set to testify before a grand jury on corrupt squad of officers. there's a $215,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> a couple from silver spri
6:31 am
facing a long prison sentence for stealing 1 .5 million from 99-year-old man with dimentia. he spent his life saving and scrimping, shap hero and his housekeeper took add rap kailash satyrathi of that. changed his will to make ava sole beneficiary and leave his son out of it. this meant melina cut off communication between shapiro and only living son. >> it's been a difficult few years for him. being alienated from his father. and having to go through that trauma and having to relive through the trial. >> they're each facing 55 years in prison.
6:32 am
and investigators believed they're part of organized retail crime ring hitting stores across the nation and when they arrested women police say they had more than 29,000 worth of stolen goods from 13 different stores. 6:32 the ribbon will be cut on maryland first dispepsry. rise silver spring looked the 3900 fenton street. after the ribbon cutting public can tour the facility. no marijuana will be on site for opening or tours. >> after a few days of c cashing in on deals the world now turns attention to giving. it is giving tuesday. it's a day devoted to giving back. you're encouraged to help others by volunteering at charity or donating money to a cause and there's something new this year. you're giving tuesday gift could go twice as far if you use facebook. thanks to bill and melen day gates
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made to the site will be matched. >> cool. let's get to the morning line. starting with "monday night football". ravens improve chance endplayoff. 2016 victory over texans. tyrell suggests had both raven sacks and forced to fumble be. justin tucker had 49 yard field goal and ravens defense came through with interception to seal the deal. ravens now 11 games in 6-5 sitting in wildcard spot now. playoff hopes still alive. >> our guys did what they needed to do to win a football game. i thought we played whipping football. we got turnovers we didn't turn the ball over we made plays when he had to. >> punishment for the brawl between crab tree and talib. both players get a two-game suspension. nfl that's pretty big. they did it again when they met sunday. they have a couple weeks to sit o
6:34 am
think about it. college basketball maryland lost close one to syracuse ten second left on the clock. made it a one point game. like 23. off inbound pass syracuse orange with two handed dunk. syracuse once 7-70. acc challenge number 18 virginia getting past wisconsin and holding badgers more than 7 minutes. cavaliers going on to win, low scoring game, 39-37. >> kyle guy finished 17 points. uva off to good start as well. >> they score low. >> they don'tp have good defense they keep the score low. >> it's a strategy. >> it is. >> life is about strategy. >> right. >> that's the strategy. play good defense. >> it's always important. >> take that lesson with you early this morning when you head out the door. >> my old basketball days. >> i may get out and play today with the girl after school. >> basketball
6:35 am
>> you have a couple moves you can show the girls. >> yes. >> glory days. >> let's go to it. they'll pass you by you know that. >> i know. >> 40 washington. >> we'll be in the 60s later today. locally we have a lot of temperatures in and around freezing definitely want the heavier jacket. nice, mild afternoon temperatures ten above normal. lots of sunshine. quiet weather. you know at some point we pay for this weather. that's my take on this. >> why? >> i'm suddenly having a take on it. >> it's pessimistic. >> it's been smooth sailing for months and months. >> do you know something or it will likely even out. >> i happen to know that things will change a bit in the next week or two. >> tucker we need to learn how to accept good. >> enjoy your beautiful day. >> we'll enjoy today. >> and enjoy it more if we know the bottom falls out next week. >> oh, no. >> it won't be next week maybe week after. >> good morning, erin. >> were u
6:36 am
to the morning meeting yesterday. >> how did you know that. >> there's a picture circulating on the internet. >> there it? >> and i what not at work and i thought that has to be tucker. >> my feet were hot i don't know what happened. >> we'll get to that later and i'll concentrate on the mess behind me. had to ask. crashes blocking left lanes. you can see actually blocking center lanes. right lane left lanes getting by. hov lanes getting by. right lanes -- here's the deal let me reexplain this hov lanes getting by and right lanes of main lanes getting by as you can see it's blocking left lane of the main lane. so a little confusing there because of the way the camera is positioned but slow downs on the inner loop. use caution. unfortunately a crash sherylington. right shoulder blocked there allow for extra time and as you make your way on 70 southbound just before 370 crash blocking right lane and big delays as you head to the split right now. earlier
6:37 am
upper and outer loop looks good. big delays because of crash. 95 southbound dealing with bailout traffic. extra time there. red line dealing with partial segment next. that's a look at traffic. we'll be back on "fox news morning".
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6:9 now tucker sayinging in the background. we love it tuck, thanks very much. diction selected word of year. word is complicit. has political con owe nationtations and the actual meaning is involved with others in illegal activity or wrong doing. but it became popular after first daughter ivanka trump interview where she improperly defined it as wanting to force for good and making positive impact. saturday night live went on to make fun of her for misuse of word an everybody search the it and now it's word of year on diction >> starbucks holiday cup talk. we have not done this for a day or so. if one holiday cup is not good enough for you and you wanted the red cup good for you. launching second holiday cup. the cup on the screen the coffee chain new red one i believe you can get all red holiday cup yes
6:41 am
one a white whaert two hands through it i got confused old one had writing all over it that was number one. this is your second option. so, whatever, have a good time. >> finally mtv bringing back one of most successful series jersey shore is coming back. the stars of the hit show which ran 2008 to 2012 although seems 1999 to 2002 coming back together for new reunion centered docu series. set your dvr now if people still have them set to premiere 201. most original cast will be on board. vinny, ronnie, shooky and of course, the situation. just what you always wanted, al, merry christmas. >> you know what i like. for the most part like okay snooki totally transformed she's vegan now and mom and -- >> we'll see how they with when they call get back together. that's key. >> i don't think it will be hang around daycare.
6:42 am
>> yeah. >> i don't think she's hanging around daycare either but she has kids. cool, i'm here for it thank you. >> kevin mccarthy waking newspaper hawaii once again lucky guy after a packed day filming new jew man jury he join us now
6:43 am
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so we know when these things happen it will affect traffic in both directions. this is off ramp nutly street westbound 66. it will not have too much l lasting impact throughout the morning. we'll check in with erin in a few minute and check the details. >> like low lying clouds at first. >> okay. >> how are we doing today. i really have to admit that yesterday i don't think i took full advantage of warm temperature. >> then you get a chance today and tomorrow. couple days of this nice weather. yesterday we hit 60s. back in 60s later today. it's cold out this morning. even if are you ready for mild temperatures we're not there at this moment. >> i'll enjoy more later. >> and you'll get a chance. >> let's go to head lines. sunshine, gray conditions and quiet conditions here. for a few more days. today and tomorrow look great. changes by thursday. and totally expect temperatures in the low 60s later today. and again tomorrow. so we'll warm it up.
6:46 am
chance for a little rain this week, thursday night, and no signs ever winter yet. although lurking a couple weeks out it looks like we'll have a colder air coming in. enjoy the warm temperatures while we got them. looks like pattern will change up here in another week or so. okay, 40 washington. and even with mild afternoon temperatures we're still getting cold at night and clear skies. 30 out in frederick and 32 and mannasas and culpeper and fredericksburg below freezing and 34 leonardtown. plenty of cold air to start the morning. it will take a couple hours to rebound. just like yesterday by the noon hour well into the 50s and by early afternoon probably low 60s for daytime highs and quiet conditions. look at clear skies out. there lots of sunshine across the area. all right. high pressure in charge. slow mover and twout moving a whole lot here we'll be looking at quiet conditions for foreseeable future. weak cold front out to the west and may bring us a few showers.
6:47 am
60s and we'll keep nice weather here for the time being. sunshine, mice and mild, winds light out of south 5 to 10 and let's do it again tomorrow. why not. 63. little come cooler thursday and friday with cloud cover and weekend a little more seasonable. again nothing extreme here. i think if you look for real cold hang in there and in ten it days will change a lot. yeah. >> cool. >> ready for memes. >> i am but up fortunately look at this it's hard to see the traffic through all that smoke right now. we have an active truck fire. this is westbound 66 and it's blocking the off ramp to nutly street. you can see a lot of flashing lights out there. keep windows rolled up and watch for visibility problems. off ramp closed. you find different point of excite there on westbound s side. eastbound side watch for rubber neck delay. as we move things forward that's not only problem. eastbound delays picking up 17 minutes just to get from 29 in gainsville through prince william parkway and big red zone there. aside from that we
6:48 am
crash inner loop little river turnpike blocking left lane and you can see moved since to the right shoulder and slow traffic in main lanes from springfield interchange to 66. about a 15 minute delay left there and another crash right now northbound 395 sh sherylington blocking right shoulder and main and hov lanes looking good despite the crash and another crash southbound 270 before 370 blocking right lane and heavier traffic bottom side of beltway because of that as well. those are not the only problems. big delays on bw parkway easeing a bit and crash before the beltway causing slow downs 95 southbound dealing with bailout traffic. outer loop college park jammed and 95 northbound closer to 40 minutes dale city to beltway. red line dealing with problems because of segment shut down silver spring to fort totten. shuttle service limited you may want to take mark trains or metro bus to get around that. you waited patiently tucker it's your time to shine. >> we ha
6:49 am
>> we had cat memes yesterday. >> my heart. >> id vr d it i'll accepted that to you. >> i appreciate that. >> teamwork. >> time for morning meme. ♪ >> fist one. >> what happened top inlt re. >> we're having some -- >> tech incomeal diffi difficulties. >> before we go i bapt to give a shout-out to floor director scott he has a bulldog and most of these memes are inspired by him. let's enjoy. >> and miss adele. >> i'm busting with joy. >> aww that's how tucker looks most mornings. >> take me out dad. >> until you walk tucker then he feels better. >> steve this is for you. hello beautiful. you look amazing today. >> that's awesome. >> if you don't believe it who will believe it? >> that's right. >> erin. >> oh, my god i love this. >> it's like i'm one of your french bulldogs, jack. >> and look at his will little
6:50 am
>> fat rolls do it for me. that's cute. >> totally. i see the them. >> allison. >> yeah. >> when the the race car is broken so you have to drive your girlfriend's car. >> still looking good in it. >> he's like shifting gears and everything. that's perfect. >> that's how it looks in my money cooper. >> sendition your memes. >> cool. thank you very much. we'll do it again tomorrow. >> later today, of course, on well we'll talk about good day in a little bit. time for fox beat now. once again let's head to hawaii. >>:00 in the morning there. kevin mccarthy is up and joining us live. why not? kev we saw video you looked like you have having fun on the atvs. >> it was insane. good morning to you steve and allison. it's been a crazy adventure we're out in hawaii and owahu for jumanji and it's been a crazy event because this is huge nrokal press. all press from all ove
6:51 am
world flown in for this and rock is here and kevin hart and nick jonas is here i saw nick jonas walking downstairs the other day he had a body guard with him. the screening that happened on sunday night which was crazy because it was a sold-out theater here in hawaii and the rock and jack plaque actually came in to surprise the entire crowd and everyone was freaking out there were body guards everywhere. for some reason -- i'll admit this. i had my hand up waving to the rock and he somehow called me out during the screening watch this. >> aloha. >> allow he ha. >> we're happy you here in the back who had your hand up forever you're drunk already. is that nerd tears nerd tears up there. >> of course, what's up b
6:52 am
buddy. >> for the record there was no alcohol whatsoever in my system. i had a cherry coke zero with sour patch kids, skittles and pop kovrnlt very healthy dinner on a sunday night. >> little go go juice. >> little sugar. >> kev are the rock's body guards bigger other smaller than him. >> that's funniest thing you can ask, steve, because the gentleman the main body guard i see him with is much smaller than the rocky always found fascinating. it was funny because the other night i was literally leaving the hotel and i was walking to go to dinner. and this suv pulls up be side me and it's his body guard he says hi and goes past me and the rock then apparently drives up with his own suv all by himself and rolls downwind owe and says hey they'll let anybody in here and stopped to talk to me for five minute and my wife is with me and he goes hey you guys got heard married a year ago right how do you know these things,
6:53 am
surreal knowing how detailed he s and by the way i met his mom last night. the rock's mom is here. i spoke to her for 45 minutes. she carried around a photo album a physical photo album in her pocketbook that has all the photos of her and her kids. it was crazy. it was very surreal peteing her. >> that is so sweet. >> you're there on location and you got to see some of the cool spots where they shot the movie right? >> i did. it was insane. so cool low ran. is an area they shot hundreds of movies over the years. "godzilla". jur asic park famous scene where they're under the log as dinosaurs is juneling over is in that exact location. specific reason we were there yesterday is because they shot tons of movie jumanji there and we did cool atving i never have been atving before in my life and i wore cokz for the first time it was crazy raid around
6:54 am
it was kind of crazy. i've never been on atv before they have good speed to them and locations in this area were incredible. it was build. >> looks like so much fun. oh, man. >> it was insane. i had a go pro on stick and i was like trying to concentrate and also shoot video for the show and it was just insane like running around there. >> so cool. >> my apologies if i sound horse to you guys it's 3:45 in the morning here. >> you sound great. >> are you going to be able to get a fan question in this time around. >> yeah so the cool thing i'm sitting down with entire cast this morning i have dwayne johnson, obviously jack black and kevin hart they're in one room together. i have no idea how a five minute interview will go with those guys at the same time. i might not even get one question in we'll see how it goes. tweet me your questions@kevin maccarriagey tv and sitting down one-on-one with nick jonas exclusive for
6:55 am
d.c. tweet me yours@kevin mccarthy tv i'm pick the best one to ask the the cast. >> i have a feeling that five minutes will not be movie related they're outside the weather is like off and on with rain and stuff like that. i have no idea how the weather will be at that moment. but, yeah we'll be outside doing the interview and see how that goes. >> get sleep and have fun kev. >> i love you guys i'll see you soon the interview will air tomorrow morning make sure you stay tuned and we have exclusive on "fox5". make sure you stay tuned. >> alohakev. >> facebook fan of the day. we'll switch from doch this beauty 7-year-old clark. >> all right. >> clark is a competitive dancer at c & c dance company in buoy and nominated by mom denita. >> clark has danced competitively four years and get this she practices over 11 1/2 hours a
6:56 am
had or roll student. >> good for her. she has to look down right. >> look at you beautiful. >> great picture. >> # miss clark. >> uh-huh. >> very nice. >> 6:55. >> good morning. >> kev is not the only one recognized by stars. >> hurry up and do the weather i have traffic to talk about. >> thanks. >> and scene. >> you guys are getting better and better. >> we're trying. >> we practice that for five minute. 39 now washington. 60s later today with mild conditions this afternoon. cold this morning. make sure when you head out to work and school you need to be ready to go. temperatures will warm up. sunny, bright, and couple of beautiful days around here. cool nights and nice afternoon 63 today and tomorrow. okay, morning weather coming up, erin. >> excellent acting job. >> tucker barnes do the walk he said i'm exhibiting it no. but we tried
6:57 am
>> i was going to say dictate or but he's director. >> when i have a vision i have to go with it. >> look that huge scene the fire appears to be under troll and human response because of truck fire noopd a different point of exit after the beltway and eastbound rubber neck delays keep it to "fox5" and we'll get you around this necessary tuesday morning.
6:58 am
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>> ahead at:00 major bad lash over the president's pocahontas remark. calling it a racially charged up sult. >> and top aid to muriel bowser under fire accused of using city employees to provide care for her child during the workday. >> and red line commuters hoping for easier ride today, bob. yes, steve, there are buses plenty of them. but there are lines. people waiting to get to work today because of station closure. track work facing long faces at silver spring this morning. >> if you just are weighing up this morning how about relief. that's a gorgeous live look outside on this tuesday morning november 28 month just winding down now. >> let's get a quick look at warm and traffic. >> steve, beautiful sunrise. gorgeous day. low 60s daytime eyes. we'll keep mild streak going for how long? >> straight


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