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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 28, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ahead at:00 major bad lash over the president's pocahontas remark. calling it a racially charged up sult. >> and top aid to muriel bowser under fire accused of using city employees to provide care for her child during the workday. >> and red line commuters hoping for easier ride today, bob. yes, steve, there are buses plenty of them. but there are lines. people waiting to get to work today because of station closure. track work facing long faces at silver spring this morning. >> if you just are weighing up this morning how about relief. that's a gorgeous live look outside on this tuesday morning november 28 month just winding down now. >> let's get a quick look at warm and traffic. >> steve, beautiful sunrise. gorgeous day. low 60s daytime eyes. we'll keep mild streak going for how long? >> straight
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marshall tracks shut down on red line as bob barnard shows delays shuttle buses to tacoma and big plays picking up eastbound side of 66 truck fire on westbound side and lot to get to with traffic. we'll have a look in a few, allison and receive. >> and a day on capitol hill instead deals with latest controversial remarks. >> some say he used a racial slur when referring to elizabeth warren as poke owe hon tas. maureen is here with the fallout. >> the reaction is loud and shift after president trump ignited controversy over poke owe hop tas statement. they were honoring vet yapz of word war ii and he launched an attack against one of his critics senator
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ep. the president called her poke ahop tas. s it the same name he used throughout the campaign when he questioned if she was part native american. and led vocal critics to speak out. >> you are very, very special people and long here before us before any people although we have a representative in coming gress they say was hoor a long time ago they call her pocahontas. you know what i like you. >> what most this is up fortunate that the president of the united states cannot make it through ceremony hon are owing these heroes without ring a throw out a racial s slur. >> in a statement the navaho nation did not want to get
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tribal nations battle ill sensitive to their nations. >> and the great nephew of one of the navaho talkers the president can take say what he want among his people. when it comes to honoring ved ranz he needs to grow up and quit saying things like that. steve, allison. >> the the president headed to capitol hill to rally senate in more than 30 years. it's not certain whether there's enough gop support to pass. gop leaders can only afford to lose two vote. steve daips and ron johnson are not on board because they say the bill favors large corporations over small businesses. and that's not the only concern among republicans. >> it is very important to me to know we're not increase
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>> the ma'amty should not be m raking through surprise an ill convened backward bill. >> nat version of the cam ror app they would appeal the affordable care act mandate. >> 7:04 now in other news. friendp pay respect to shawn suitor today at the vaughn green funeral no randlees town maryland. a funeral will be held tomorrow h he was shot in the head earlier this month the day before he was set to testify before a grand jury on corrupt squad of officers. there's a $215,000 reward for in addition leading to an asgleingt in northern norp virginia fair fach cokd down on holiday thieves. they busted four women with
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that hit stores across the kupty. when when they arrest the women they had more that 2,000 goods. >> legitimate shopping pr predigs of cyber monday sales lid up to hype. >> released data showing online sales under 6.6 yilon that's one day on line sales record and mark best online sales every. are got first time those uing desktop computer. my first purchase. on to the smart phone. >> still rocking with my five. >> and we turn attention to giving tuesday. you're encouraged to help others by volunteering at a charity or donating to a ca cause. your giving tuesday gift could go twice as far if you use facebook. all donations
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will be nachd. nice guest your on their part. >> it's uk iter time. >> it's all tucker team. i like to think so. beautiful today, solt ward to the day. >> well we're giving everybody a window. >> mag any september. >> newspaper i any and mild, low 60s. chill" over night and warming up this afternoon. couple hours as temperatures still certainly on the freezing side there. many spot. look at dulles. 31 baltimore and 33 here reagan national and 39 with temperatures in places like mannasas and culpeper still in the 20s. you need a jacket early. you can shed the jacket later this afternoon. nice fall afternoon expected temperatures about 10 above normal and should be plenty of sunshine. will be a dry afternoon for you and just enjoy the next couple days. today and tomorrow temperatures back in the 60s. steve get out there and go for your run. >> nice looking forward to it. >> sounds like a plan. >> the weekend forecast in a minute. >> go
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>> good morning, 7:06 now and a mess out there you're talk a look at active scene. this is 66 westbound the off ramp to nutly street still blocked. earlier truck nair a little smoke. but not billowing like it was just about 15 minutes ago. and scene is still pretty active there. you have to find a different point of excite from 66 westbound and truck choir there and eastbound side volume sutly road and beltway you can see the heed hines coming at us and crash light the right shoulder a 20 point delay springfield interchange and a crash river road. crash blocking left shoulder an you can see because the left lane partially blocked coming up at witnesser as well e and a disabled semis blocking right shoulder there.
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several cars blocking right line. that's cause delays off the spur there. 270 deal with heavier volume look at all those backed up brake lights. that's a 29 minute trip to get through the little stretch of 270 southbound. you may want to bail out and take 355 southbound. aside from that bob barnard letting us know about the free shuttle buses replacing red line between silver spring and fort totten. tacoma station closed. metro bus a better bet. let of receipt mow rail line commute that on time back to you guys. >> major adjustment from metro riders. >> metro hub will stay close for two more weeks and that's a good headache for commuters in the area. bob barnard live at the silver spring metro station with a look at how commute it now. good morning, bob. good morning, steve, allison. and waiting for buses.
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some off to street and border buses. e9 row chartered who us ab abouts. and people are having go to go the bus to tacoma fort totten wrp they can go to work there or hop another red line strain and get to city. it's just a long process here and they have a lot of buses metro does and still people are having to wait. they get 30, 40 people on each bus and when the trains let out this is what happens. you get all the people how are you doing sir. what did you make of this. >> i think it's fine. if they're going to fix up the metro i'm happy to do this. it it's okay. >> it's only until next sunday week from next sunday another day days or so. >> it's not that much of burden. >> very cool. glad do hear that. i'll tell you guys you have not seen a lot of angry pe people. they're used to this. metro doing a lot of infrastructure track work the attack home aand over the course of coming weekend they will have glenmont
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and wheaton and silver spring stations closed as well. on the weekend a number of stations closed to do the work. in the meantime you're seeing it here. some long faces and petty much people have got emused to this. metro riders than is what they're doing having to gets off a traen and get on the sidewalk and board a bug and then get back on a train and get to work. so, metro is saying if you can, if you can hop over to the other side ever the red line and get a bus along shady grove side avoid this or take a mark train. those that can't this is what they're doing guys until december 10 a fwreek this coming sunday. >> all right. bob. well, positive attitude helps right goes a long way. >> that one commuter had a great attitude. >> sure did. >> others feel differently. >> maybe you can spread got vibes. >> another transit line under construction purple line largest infrastructure project in maryland and today prince george county and montgomery county executives along with university of maryland president will sign a
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the goal is to use purple line to help build a better labor market and support housing and community markets. >> and a batsle over school boundaries over now. last night the school board took steps to avoid school overcrowding. they decide to rebuild bon bonldryes the to spread out low income students. many are not happy and they say the move doesn't keep neighborhoods together. the policy would be implemented next school year. >> a couple if silver spring facing a long prison sentence for stealing 1.5 million from a 99-year-old man with dementia. >> shapiro was born in the great depression and according to son spent life scrimping and saving the housekeeper and her husband decided to take advantage of him and convinced him to change will to make ava sole beneficiary and leave his son out of the will and that meant molina cut off communication between shapiro and only living son. >> it's been a difficult few
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being alienated from his father and you know having to go through that trauma. and then having to relive it through the trial. >> shapiro son hopes what happened here can be prev prevented. the couple convicted now face 55 years in it prison. >> 7:12 let's head overseas now. brand new video in of pope francis on overseas trip to myanmar and first time the mondaytive visited. scheduled to meet with myanmar defact toe leader and they'll discuss the ongoing crisis with muslim there's and myanmar is accused of ethnic cleansing and leaders there deny any wrong doing. >> and island of bali closed second straight day because of threat from volcanic ash, mount agung. it's a 6 mile radius of ash. it erupted in 19
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killed more than 1,000 people. >> and spotlight shipping on d.c. mayor's top aids after it was revealed city employees were used to city employees were used to care for her child during the workday. >> and it's not the first time her name has come up with investigation. melanie alnwick will have more on that next and this video raising questions about d.c. no chase policy for atv and dirt bikes. we'll be right back
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>> this is where the truck fire was earlier this morning. it looks like fire itself out. the ramp itself not moving and all those emergency vehicles are ro still there. causing problems earlier. i want to bring you updated picture from sky fox and erin will joining us in a minute with all the dae tilz
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>> you're welcome. >> we were not paying attention steve we're sorry. >> i'm aware. >> now we're taking attention. let's do weather. it will be beautiful today. low 0s yesterday. we'll do it again this afternoon. >> i wish i could go back and enjoy more of it. >> you can today. >> okay. >> you cannot get yesterday back but you can enjoy today and tomorrow. >> deep thought. >> 9 washington. lots of -- hor much of the area low 30s and upper 20s. definitely a jacket early. and if you have been watching the show at all and seeing live shots people start to the day. mostly sunny this afternoon. dry, peaceful and wonderful. and it will be. >> one of the last days of november. >> yes. >> and well above normal next couple days. chilly tonight. back in low to mid 40s. 30s by tomorrow morning north and west and really it's a dry pattern. chance for shower thursday nights and friday. that's about it and we'll cool it down a little this weekend. and those of you who like snow winter few o
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may turn decide edly colder in a few days. >> that should make you happy then. >> i want it to feel like christmas. >> it would be very nice. >> hi, erin good morning. >> you saw that big nasty truck fire cleanup on 6 westbound off ramp nutly street and we have a water main break causing problems prince george country westbound central avenue water main break blocking two left lanes. seeing problems out there. sky fox right now headed to this scene an you can see that backup on 14 central avenue inside and outside of beltway right now. this is camera of that truck fire cleanup. again truck fire under control and huge pile of debris they need to get cleaned up. on ramp putly street looking good. if you head out vienna find a different point of exit 66 westbound. aside from that 66 eastbound to get from 29 gainsville to 234 prince william parkway 20 minutes hea
7:18 am
as you make way inner loop crash blocked right shoulder low down spring field inchange to 6. more congestion over the upper leemingon bridge. and cawsh before river roadblocking left shoulder and disabled truck blocks sho shoulder. river road both sides of belt we montgomery county and look at nasty delay. you're parked on 270 sob 109 to local lane split 47 minute trip deal with a crash 370 bail out traffic on 355 southbound. early start to gaithersburg this morning. bob barnard showing us lines to shuttle buses each rae placing red lines and metro bus plan ahead give yourself extra time and receipt of most row rail line on time allison and steve. >> montgomery country police investigating two bank incidents it happened ten
7:19 am
afternoon police tell us would be robber said he had sxlos avenue device on him. left without taking any money. he walked in td on shady grove money demanded money and got away with cash. >> no chase policy for d.c. police which makes it illegal for officers to go after atv and dirt bike riders. this video shows police following group of atv riders and you see one of the officers on bicycle run ms and falls at failed attempt to stop the riders rights there. the person who shot the video can be heard laughing before speeding off. we caught up with muriel bowser to talk about the pursuits. >> you cannot comment on anything i have not seen. >> i have the video. >> no thank you any other questions about the event. >> i do have a question. >> okay. >> if you don't want to see the individual quo what would you suggest be done to address this issue in the district. >> i think our
7:20 am
>> i think our policies are clear around illegal atv use. >> and no chase policy was not violated in this case and they standby the officers' actions and so far no arrests have been made in the inc incident. >> no more news involving mayor bowser who this morning is defending top aids. >> courtney snowden who was a guest on show earlier this year used city workers to provide care for child during the workday. "fox5" melanie alnwick is live at the wilson building with this story, mel steve and allison this is revealed in inspector general report obtained by "washington post" and confirmed to "fox5" by mayor's office all based on anonymous complaint back from 2015 that said snowden did use some of her staff to take care of then 8-year-old child from time to time. and they're three instances that are outlined in the washington post article. first that snowden asked in
7:21 am
relative's office in northwest d.c.. apparently that intern was paid for his or her time and the trip took place during the workday. also she had staff pick up her child at school because they she said schedule aid meeting for her during the pickup time and also incident where she left her 8-year-old child at the office unsupervised while attend aid meeting. she told investigators that relative was supposed to pick the child up in 30 minutes and was late because of car trouble and said she never asked anybody to look after her child and investigators found it would be realistic that people would expect they would have to pay attention to the child if there was no one else. there mayor bowser as you mentioned remained supportive of snowden. her communications director telling "fox5" deputy mayor has been helping vulnerable citizens help their potential. the mayor has full confidence in her ability to deliver for district residents. in thatom
7:22 am
that perhaps snowden had improper meeting with some clients of former employer are she used to work for pr and lobbying firm and ig report does not find any edgeics rules were broken in those meeting. live at the wilson building i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> mel we do remember snowden if an earlier investigation right into preferential treatment in the school sy system. >> that's right. so her name came up before. it surfaced in another ig report. that really was focused mostly on then school chancellor kia henderson and preferential treatment she gave well-placed d.c. residents and a couple of city officials in allowing their children to attend some of d.c. most sought after schools and really skipping over thousands of families on waiting lists for those schools. and at the time our matt ackland did ask the deputy mayor about that and snowden did admit she asked henderson for the help saying that basically
7:23 am
any parent would do in order to get their child into an appropriate school. now, kia henderson up suspect tore general report found she acted improperly and city council did put more restrictions in place on the current chancellor so that that sort of preferential treatment cannot happen again. >> melanie alnwick, thanks so much, mel. >> mane tile more fallout involving michael flynn. in-depth look ahead at 7:30. >> roy moore coming out sw swinging against his accusers. we'll hear from him next 7:23 now the arctic national wildlife refuge.
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>> welcome back. 39 degrees. chill stloy start the day. winds out of the east at 3. it's all good news forecast if you like mild conditions and sunshine both today and tomorrow. low to mid 60s. yeah, temperatures ten above normal and bright sunshine. all right, hagerstown baltimore, d.c., we're all in good shape. sal burlingy too as we have a few clouds out there and it will be a very quiet afternoon for us. so, temperatures again going to surge mere. give it a couple hours and should be a nice afternoon. 63. chilly again tonight. temperatures in the 40s. 0s off north and west by tomorrow morning and sunny and mild wednesday and bit of change as we get a cold front thursday night. that may bring us showers. best chance for rain this week as we get cooler into the weekend. and as far as you know december like cold not on that 7 day. >> yeah. >> great
7:27 am
>> this is the worst of the the worst rights now. southbound 270, 109 to local lane split. close to hour delay because of crash 370 mixed with volume and couing along. you may want to bail out at that point. watch for local traffic there and bailout traffic lowing you down. leave early fredericksburg to gaithersburg to rockville getting beltway. more traffic in a few keep it to "fox news morning" we'll be right back.
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>> back now 7:30. he had president heads to capitol to push to get attacks deal through congress. gop leader which is only afford to lose two votes and there's still a lot of republicans on the fence this morning. for the first time
7:30 am
weeks, alabama senate candidate roy moore speaking out against his accusers during a campaign event last night he connelled to deny sexual assault allegations against him calling the claims completely false and malicious. >> when young lady is abused and i've represented many victims in cases such as this i have not seen one who wants her picture posted on national tv especially in political advertisement. the truth is, this is not really odd at all. this is simply dirty politics. >> meanwhile the white house says president trump will not campaign for moore because he's too busy. his schedule just won't allow for it from the white house. special election is set for december 12th. >> in the meantime ivanka is in india she arrived overnight attend a global entrepreneur summit focuses on empowering women. the first daughter's visit raising questions about her own fashion line which is made by a mostly female work forc
7:31 am
india her brand refuses to dent fight factories that produce her goods or give details how the workers are treated or paid. lawyers for former national security adviser michael flynn reportedly met monday with members of the special prosecutor's team investigating russian interference in the 2016 election. >> the meeting has led to speculation about what is going on behind closed doors and what general flynn might be willing to negotiate or reveal in order to avoid legal troubles for himself and for his son. joining us former federal prosecutor jacob frankel now the chair. written extensive bowel michael flynn on his blog. first of all do we have a meeting has taken place. what's lead people to believe these meeting mike taking place. >> we only know that from the reports. but the fact is prior to any plea discussion particularly high profile case a lot of contact that goes on between the prosecutors and the defense counsel so this lee system natural and even someone such as
7:32 am
indicted realistically there are discussions that go on to see if a deal can be reached because it's always in the interest of both sides to try to work something out if that's pos possible. >> would in this case they might be holding out for that bigger fish or that higher profile person here and if so, who might not. >> we don't know who who that person is. it depends on the information that someone such as a michael flynn actually has. and part of this discussion that actually goes on interplay is do you have anything that's worthwhile? are you in a position to give us information that we can then use to prosecute as you describe it a bigger fish. that bigger fish can be anybody within whom -- with whom michael flynn met. obviously there's a real interest for michael flynn to protect his son. in other words for his son to avoid prosecution. but in terms of the who, a lot of it really depends on the contact. the other piece of that is, let's not forget the government has appending case with a
7:33 am
case against paul manafort. while there may have been some expectations the fact that michael flynn may be in a position to help them as a government witness as well against paul manafort. >> still michael flynn has not been charged at this point. you mentioned his son is involved in this as well. pitting family members against each other is nothing new. but with no charges what is the -- i guess the inn ken seive for michael flynn to cooperate at this point? >> to avoid being charged. really what this is all about. because typically what happened in this situation the prosecutor says, here's what -- here are the charges we are preparing to do you wanted to a deal with us or don't you wanted to deal? ultimately that's what it comes down to. the person has to make that decision. i mean in what i wrote, you can go back to the andy fastow, lee fastow enron going back 15 years but some of those prosecutors part of really part of this team as well so there are comparisons to be drawn, the fact is, those discussions actually took
7:34 am
and the discussions broke down. ultimately andy fastow and lee if as tow both were charged criminally and a plea deal was work out where lee plead guilty, end plead guilty. lee went to jail first and andy went to jail second for much longer sentence much there's no assurance that there will be a resolution but this is the process to figure out if there can be one. >> so in a situation like this, and you're former federal prosecutor, you've been in these situations before, if michael flynn is to cooperate, and this is all at this point speculation. if he is to cooperate would he do it more so as history plays out to safe himself or safe his son. >> the answer is part -- yes and yes. in other words, obviously he has a interest of saving his son but the government has to have an independent basis -- >> is there a strong case against his son, though? >> the short answer we don't know. >> what is his involvement here, because we've basically heard it's michael flynn and now -- >>er
7:35 am
because all we've ever heard is that michael flynn's son attend meeting in russia with the chi of staff at flynn's company. so it could tie into, you know, it could tie into the disclose insures that were made on the various forms that have to be filed witness government. fair registration, you know, security disclosure. i mean,. sf86a lot of possibilities as to what it may be. but the government has to have an independent ability to prosecute michael flynn's son in order to threaten the prosecution one of the things that flynn's lawyers will do is evaluate whether they think that threat of the prosecution of flynn's son is credible. but that's totally independent of whether there's a basis for prosecuting the elder michael flynn, and that, too, that's where michael flynn goes in and looks at what is my potential liability here? am i going to be better off cooperating? what is the deal that is being offered to me? in the mix of all this we always have to think about at what point in the process could we see
7:36 am
presidential pardon? >> going on hyped closed doors. >> it seems like we saw twist action with paul manafort and his sorry. michael flynn's name has been floating with this whole russian investigation. what don't we know in the couple of seconds. >> i know it's a were big question. what don't we know the public as far as sees swift action, who is still out there waiting for a decision. >> what we don't know criminal intent to be able to bring these cases to prosecutors have to be able to establish there was criminal intent involved. it's pretty -- it's pretty challenging when you're talking about these disclosure forms where people were active participants in meetings. and are not disclosing them. i think we've always seen that the risk to lot of individuals whether we talked about martha stewart, talk about others over the years, it really boils down to if they make a false statement, that's where the liability attaches and that's often where that leverage is. false
7:37 am
be the two touch points for a prosecutor. >> jacob always good to talk to you. get your insight as well. 7:00 arthritic. let's neck with tucker barnes. >> overnight lows back in the 20s and 3 30s outside the beltw. featuring another wonderful warmup with daytime lose in the low 60s. lots of sun soon to look forward to. 39 in washington. take a jacket or winter coat as most of the area here is waking to temperatures around the freezing mark earl. boston this morning 23 degrees. 39 in pittsburgh. 37 in columbus. so chilly temperatures out th there. we are featuring sunshine, dry conditions, quiet conditions, tranquil conditions and temperatures about 10 degrees above normal later today with i love this time of year bright sunshine. enjoy it. >> me, too. >> 63. >> few changes on the seven day. details in just a minute. erin? >> that forecast makes me happy. right now unfortunately westbound central avenue there's a water main break blocking two left lanes. sky fox should be there shortly if we have we'll pull i
7:38 am
you if not we'll bring you sky fox in the next report. a lot of congestion on 214. outer loop hef vo past central avenue as well. aside there that one, you can see that the off-ramp to nutley street from 66 westbound still closed right now. cleanup from an earlier truck fire. you'll have to exit at a different point out in vienna. as we move things over, 66 eastbound parked traffic to just to get from 29 in gainsville to 234 prince william parkway 18 minute trip. over an hour to get particular 29 to the beltway this morning. and look at that traffic unfortunately 95 northbound dale city to the beltway 36 minute trips with some very heavy volume hov lanes look good. main lanes look terrible wolf 70 southbound very backed up and gaithersburg as well. red line delays, allison. >> thanks. next disturbing new research about pokemon go players and car crashes. plus, still waiting to book that winter vacation? well, not only is it giving tuesday but you can also score great deals on flights. on this travel tuesday. a lot of tuesday
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on cyber monday but 180 flight sales on travel tuesday. so if you're planning on taking a trip sometime this year, today might be the date to get your plane tickets. new study estimates that pokemon go has raked up more than $7 billion in damages. we're talking about car wrecks, injuries, even death. researchers at perdue university said there were more than 37,000 motor vehicle deaths in 2016. that's right around the same time that pokemon go came out in 2016. in the game players are supposed to collect digital creatures and add them to their collections. although the game was supposed to be played by -- on foot a lot of people got into their cars and became distracted. budweiser trying to make a beer literal rally out of this world. their sending a barley to the iss. they want to see how it responds to zero gravity and help improve
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i don't think that will be brilliant. bring it back and brew barley that was in zero gravity. i don't know. we'll find out. what we do know our kevin mccarthy is not with us today because he's in hawaii. >> so hard. >> he got to check out really cool filming locations including the spot where they're filming the new jumanji movie where they film it and he'll show it to us next and probably look familiar. time for more gtl. popular mtv reality show making a come back. we've got details after the break. yup, they're back. ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million
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♪ welcome back everybody. it's 7:45. do you guys realize on friday it will be december 1st. >> i know, right. >> yes. >> i don't know that just because it's pay day either. i just happen to know that. >> i for one can't wait for 2018. >> christmas 22 days from fr friday. >> 2018 will be a great year. >> i love the year in reviews we show before new year's. >> that's fun. >> start fresh again for the new year. >> start fresh. >> there we go. start fresh today. we cooled off overnight back in the 20s and low 30s but it will give way to a beautiful afternoon. >> yes, temperatures will be back in the 60s and mild air, not only today but tomorrow as well. so we got it going yesterday with temps in the 60s keep the stretch going for couple more days. next chance for shower, thursday night it is not looking terribly impressive that storm system quick moving cold front and the dynamics are
7:47 am
area. we'll get light rain showers. no signs of winter yet --, but there are occasions in about ten days the pattern may do a flip and get into much colder pattern so enjoy these warm days while we got them. okay. 39 now in washington. much of the area waking up temperatures at or blow freezings just about everybody out to the west. looks like i have a little bald spot there. >> 30 in frederick. >> a sleep bum. >> i node to move that around a little bit. 32 in winchester. leonardtown 34 degrees. we are looking at bright sunshine and quiet conditions out there. it will be a very nice afternoon. again we're not expecting any rain until perhaps thursday night. so nice quiet afternoon just a nice late november fall feel out there to enjoy. high pressure in charge. yeah, the same area of high pressure around yesterday and just kind of parked overhead. it will gradually get push out to the east, but it will deliver a couple more really nice afternoons temps in the 60s both today and tomorrow. >> here's your forecast enjoy it. 63. if you're curious about 10
7:48 am
nice and mild out there this afternoon it will be chilly tonight with temperatures back in the 40s in the ski and likely some mid 30s by tomorrow morning in the colder spots. 63 tomorrow and then we'll get some clouds thursday that will hold the numbers down a little bit with some showers late thursday and early friday. this weekend looks nice. but a little cooler. temps in the low to mid 50s. all right. i'm done. >> all right. 7:48 right now. starting off with metro problems just keep in mind free shuttle buses replacing reid line tr trains. tacoma station remains shut down as well lasting through decembee the red line. bob barnard was out there this morning. free shuttle services so you can always take metro bus or marc trains to get around that or maybe carpool. as we take a look at 270 look at that scene by father hurley from earlier crash at 370. close to an hour just to get from 109 to the local lane sp split. the on ram from that father hurley merging in that mess of slow-moving traffic.
7:49 am
getting into gaithersburg be prepared for big slow down toward the beltway. not your best bet simply because of bailout traffic causing slow downs as well. as we take look at our map southbound 295, 16 minute trip from the maryland split down to the 11th street bridge. slowest approaching benning road. jammed up 202 to 295 on 50 issue. we're also seeing a lot heavy traffic new york avenue in northeast. suitland jams to south capitol. 210 in fort washington sluggish from living ton road. 66 eastbound jammed up from gainsville to prince william park wage 15 minute trip to get through that little stretch of 66 eastbound. 95 northbound a parking lot as you try to get up toward the beltway. dale city to the beltway 37 minute trip. hov lanes crowded but not nearly as nasty as those main lanes. fourteenth street bridge officially crowded. 24 minute trip from the beltway to across the bridge. key bridge from rosland into georgetown is heavy a lot of traffic on gw parkway southbound with spout run. we're also dealing with a water main break out by central avenue on the westbound side of bright seat road water main break blocking two lanes. big delays
7:50 am
the beltway. outer loop jams toward 50 this morning and then through oxon hill the inner loop is really slow. a lot of traffic to get through. outer loop in college park remains heavy out by new hampshire avenue. guys? >> ♪ it's time for todays fox beat. kevin this morning is in hawaii because right now it's 2:50 in the morning we thought we'd let him get a little bit of sleep. we did? >> yeah. >> all right. >> he does need sleep because he has been very busy visiting some of the filming locations for jumanji welcome to the jungle which included riding atv' toss each set. take look. ♪ >> we can help each other. >> we all have special skills. ♪ >> weakness, none. >> i hate this game. >> everybody else got good st stuff. weakness, hey -- >> cake. >> cake is my weakness. >> weapons valet. >> i think it means you carry my weapons and give them to me when i tell them to. >> don't let this new b
7:51 am
your butt whooped. >> ouch. >> it's kevin mccarthy i'm in owe a hugh in hawaii wearing crocs for the first time that is because i went on my first atv adventure through these amazing landscapes here and a lot of the filming locations for the new movie jumanji welcome to the jungle happened right here on the ranch. we had atv tours all throughout the amazing area. you will notice a lot of these scenes in the film when you watch the film it's released in theaters. so many famous movies were actually shot here including jurassic park. godzilla. specifically jurassic park by the area sam neal has the two kids under the log as the dine nor source are going over that scene is so cool and seeing those mountains was amaze to go watch. i'm sitting down with the cast with jumanji welcome to the eighty one he will, dwayne the rock johnson, kevin hart, nick jonas and jack black. the movie opens up on december 20th and i'll have my review on that date as well. i'm testify kevin mccarthy, fox5 local
7:52 am
vibe it to. >> it does. >> i've seen this in several movies. >> definitely. i'm looking forward to the mo movie. christmas day i think or christmastime. >> all right. we'll be watching it. >> very cool. kev by the way is talking with everybody all the stars. >> do you remember the first movie? >> jumanji with robin williams. >> i never saw it. >> i mean i saw it then and like one time. so maybe i'll see it again. >> all right g kind of freaky how it comes to life. i was like okay. >> watch again with robin william now you good it to see this one with the rock and kevin hart. >> get your fists ready for pumping. good tl star the. >> stars of jersey shore are coming back. did you know what gtl stood for, i had to like up. >> i knew what it stood for. >> how about fdt. >> fresh to death. >> gtl is gym, tanning laundry. >> dts down to snuggle. they're getting together for new docu series most of them sammy aka sweetheart on the show isn't in the lineup because remem
7:53 am
sammy? >> yup. >> right. well, yeah. new series will be called reunion road trip and the show is expected to air sometime next year. >> it's been off the air since 1220 so it will be interesting to see how they, you know, few years older. >> right. >> maybe wiser? >> dts is one of the tamer acronyms i can pull from that show. >> only a few in you can go with. gtl was the number one. >> okay. >> well from fly girl to music movies and tv mogul to guest girl, that j.lo reign just won't quit. >> jennifer lopez the newest face of guess jeans shield be feature in the 2018 campaign making histories a the oldest guess girl so far. >> she loves that. >> she's 48 years old. >> she's amazing. >> called eight tweet tremendous compliment to have been selected. >> um-hmm. >> well done. >> cute cute cute. former today show host billy bush landed in the hospital after being hit in the head by a golf ball. yeah. >> taken to cedar sinai in l
7:54 am
with the caption fore i think i topped a bullet but sadly not a golf ball. let the jokes begin. not clear when that incident happened. >> disney beauty and beast will be back in theaters just in time for the holiday season. it will be re-released on the big screen for a week's run beginning december 1st. the disney movie was 2017's highest grossing film believe it or not bringing in $1.2 billion the live action musical hoping to draw attention as we get closer to award season. >> in the meantime let's say hello to our facebook fan of the day. today the honor goes to this young lady. seven-year-old clark. >> i love that name. >> great name, right. >> clark is a competitive dancer at c and c dance company in bowie, maryland. she was nominated by her mom. >> her mom says clark has dance the competitively for four years and she prac pack practices morn 11 and a half hours a week. she's committed. she's also doing that while keeping her grades up she's honor roll student, too.
7:55 am
way to go clark. hope you have a fantastic day. you and your mom. >> yes. all right. tuck, good morning. >> great picture. 40 now in washington. >> guess what we'll jump these temperatures almost 25 degrees. low to mid 60 force daytime highs. another beautiful afternoon nice mild conditions expected with light winds out of the south here little later today. all right. satellite/radar got cold overnight much of the area waking up to numbers in the upper 20s and low 30s plenty of freezing temperatures still at this hour off to the west. probably want a jacket but it will be sunny, bright beautiful day to look forward to and no rain until probably late thursday early friday and that rain shower activity will be pretty light. so we're not terribly concerned about any major storms here on the horizon in fact these temperatures stay pretty mild right into the first couple of days of december. yeah. december is on the way. okay. that's a weather wrap up. get erin back. >> i'm right here. 7:55 right now. we have a crash this is adding to the delays on 95 northbound. it's just before the beltway blocking the right lane and ri
7:56 am
as you can see arrow truck out there. slow traffic. there's another crash south at that point in dale city blocking a shoulder. so we do have heavy delays look at that parking lot. 36 minute trip in the main lanes daal city to the beltway this morning. southbound side not terrible really backed up on the 14th street bridge. 25 minute trip as you make your way from the beltway across the bridge. 66 eastbound 43 minute trip from 234 she would road to the beltway also seeing big delays 270 southbound unfortunately creeping up to about an hour delay between 109 and local lane split. completely parked up 355 dealing with bail out traffic. that's heavy congestion earlier crash setting us back by 370 as we take a wide view a lot of slow downs including gw parkway as you make your southbound towards spout run and northbound delays toward the beltway earlier crash on the inner loop lie river road cleared. earlier inner loop crash by little river turnpike cleared but from the mixing bowl on up to 66 still about ten minute delay. heavy traffic both sides of the beltway bottom side especially th
7:57 am
bridge. you can see coming up through clinton and brandywine five of the 301 split very heavy traffic. back to you guys. >> still ahead on fox5 news morning details in the new plan announced by d.c. city council that would troll russian president vladimir putin. >> will you be giving back today? we will have ways how you can do just that and get involved on this giving tuesday. 7:57. 8:00 o'clock. 8:00 o'clock.
7:58 am
heard about eucrisa for mild-to-moderate eczema? it can be used almost everywhere on almost everybody. the face of a fisherman? the hand of a ranch hand? the knee of a needle pointer? prescription eucrisa is a nose to toes eczema ointment. it blocks overactive pde4 enzymes within your skin. and it's steroid-free. do not use if you are allergic to eucrisa or its ingredients. allergic reactions may occur at or near the application site. the most common side effect is application site pain. ask your doctor about eucrisa.
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>> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> 8:00 a.m. op this tuesday morning, november 28th, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. first up, the president continues to face backlash this morning following his jaw-dropping pocahontas thrashes leaves many describing the comment as a disgusting low. plus a heads up for our red line commuters details how to eliminate long wait times as you head out the door for work. also a high-ranking official to mayor maurielle bowser under fire accused of using city employees to provide care for her child during the work day. live look outside, though. it is straight up 8:00 o'clock again on this tuesday morning. we're happy you're joining us on fox5 news morning. we'll have weather and traffic on the 5's for you 8:05. let's start this hour with the situation on metro. it was just about this time yesterday huge lines were
8:01 am
forming for shuttle buses due to the partial shut down on the red loin for work will that will continue fort next two weeks. how things are looking this morning. we've enlisted the help of bob barnard he's out there on the ground for us with the silver spring update. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, hey, guys. we're along wayne avenue here which is the temporary bus stop, you can see there's some people here getting on another shuttle bus. metro has got about 40 of these charter buses so we're seeing lines of people, yes, they're having a to wait a little bit as they get off the trains here at silver spring get these shuttle buses free shuttle buses down to fort totten to continue their ride to work. not fun but most of them seem to have a pretty good attitude about it. we've been talking to people and they said they're going to have to get used to this add a little extra time to their morning commute this will continue on until a week from sunday. till december 10th this is what is going to be facing people who normally take the red line from parts north into the city into work. because of track work. they're basically shutting d
8:02 am
the tacoma station and they're doing this bus bridge. you can see i mean a long line of people coming here along colesville road from silver spring train station, guys, as they wait for these buses. metro has got 40 of these buses. so there are plenty of buses but it just takes a little time to get them up here and get people on them and get them on their way. so basically, this is something that metro says people are going to have to endure unless they take marc trains or if say you pick up the red line in glenmont if you can get over to twinbrook or shady grove and come down that way on the west end of the red line that would be the other way to avoid the problems here which again are because of infrastructure track work that is going on around the clock and causing all kinds of trouble for people on the red line for the next week or so much guys? >> all right. bob, thank you very much. president trump heads to capitol hill today to rally lawmakers ahead of an expected tax vote this week. >> the president says he is confident he'll be able to keep this promise of tax reform by
8:03 am
biggest tax cut in the history of country the senate is debating the reform bill and still a lot of republicans on the fence this morning. the president is set to address republican senators today ahead of the possible vote on the senate floor later this week. meanwhile, alabama senate candidate roy moore is breaking his silence. last night at a campaign event he continued to deny sexual assault allegations against him. calling the claims completely false and malicious. meanwhile the white house says that the president will not travel on the campaign trail for the alabama senate candidate because he'll be too busy. the special election is scheduled for december 12th. president trump ignited controversy at a ceremony at a time white house yesterday honoring naiver have a hoe veterans he took a dig at senator elizabeth warren by calling her pocahontas. she came under fire use years ago for claiming she was part american native. checkers failed to find any documented proof. she accuses the pressed using a racial slur. his comment was met with
8:04 am
here's a look how it happened. >> you're very very special people. you were here long before any of us were here although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahontas but, you know what, i like you. >> those are navajo code talkers use native language to help beat out our enemies and help to protect u.s. communications on the balance field during world war one and world war ii. federal judge will now decide who will lead the federal agency in charge of protecting consumers. right now two dualing acting directors are battling for control of the job. the confusion comes after the former director resigned last week and named a successor leandra english president trump named someone else to take mick mulvaney who in the past had been critical of the agency. meanwhile a protest is planned for later today outside the consumer financial protection headqu
8:05 am
the president's pick step aside. ♪ coming up on 8:05. good morning, tuck. >> good morning. absolutely beautiful weather yesterday. made it to the low 60s. got cold overnight we'll do it again today and tomorrow. >> okay. >> yeah. >> but this day i'm not going to let it slip by. >> get out and enjoy it because at that point we'll run out of, you know, nice fall afternoons. >> um-hmm. >> give way to something else. >> good advice. >> something else. >> steve i'm full of good advice. would you like to hear more. >> sure. >> i just want to hear the weather actually. [ laughter ] >> just putting my vote in. >> yeah, i'm kind of with allison on this one. i don't really -- i don't have a lot of good advice. sunny and mild today. absolutely beautiful this afternoon it has been cold overnight most of the region much of the region below freezing early this morning. dulles hanging on to 32-degree temperature. nice bounce at bwi marshall up to 41 now. and 40 in washington at reagan national our official temperature although honestly parts of washington are cooler than that. we're looking at satellite/radar which is got twenty eight conditions
8:06 am
the day. winds nice and light out of the south. we're not expecting any rain until perhaps thursday. so we'll keep the sunshine and nice weather going for a couple more days and again the temperatures this afternoon about 10 degrees above normal. 63 enjoy beautiful afternoon. nice and mile. >> very nice. all right. probably nicer than the commute. good morning, erin. >> good morning. 80:00 sick right now we are seeing a loft back up traffic this is the northbound side as we take closer look at that camera. northbound side of 95 off ramp to dale boulevard crash is blocking the right shoulder there. you can see that police activity right there in the distance. a little bit of lighter volume there but as you get closer to the beltway things definitely pick up. you can see that standstill traffic we have another crash closer to the beltway just outside. dale city to the capitol beltway 35 minute trip. you can see that left shoulder blocked as well. also, hov lanes cruising along despite those crashes. 14 minute trip from 29 in ga gainsville over to prince william parkway. westbound 66 looks good and then as you move it over 395 up to half hour delay from the beltway to the 14th
8:07 am
heavy traffic on the freeway. both directions to and from the third street tunnel on 695 as usual. water main break out in the capitol heights area westbound central of a bright seat left lanes blocked heavy volume on central avenue in both directions. because of that, still just under an hour to get from 109 to the beltway. we're seeing such heavy traffic by father hurley boulevard. earlier crash by 370 really set us back this morning a lot bailout track on 355 southbound as well if you're taking metro today keep in mind this red line issue bob barnard has been giving us great team coverage this morning keep in mind the red line shut down limited shuttle buses are replacing red line trains between silver spring and fort totten. tacoma station closed through sunday december 10th a lost volume around the d in v as usual, guys? >> erin, thanks very. friends and loved ones will pay their final respects to baltimore police detective sean suiter today. a second viewing is schedule this
8:08 am
funeral home in randallstown maryland. funeral for suiter will be held tomorrow. earlier this month he was shot the day before he was set to testify before a grand jury on a corrupt squad of officers. there is a $215,000 reward for information leading to an ar arrest. new video raising questions about the no chase policy for d.c. police. when it comes to illegal atv and dirt bike riders. this video on is it a gram shows police following a group atv riders and one of the officers on the bicycle about to lunch and fall after attempting to stop one of bikers. no arrests were made and dc threes say the no chase policy was not violated in this case and they stand by the officer's actions. this morning, the search is on for whomever illegally killed a black bear in maryland. that bear found shot in frederick on sunday. it is currently not black bear hunting season. so the state considers this an act of poaching. >> fairfax county cracking down on holiday thieves. the county's anti theft team
8:09 am
tysons corner over the holiday weekend. investigators think they're actually part of an organized retail crime ring hitting stores across the country. when they arrested the women polce say they had more than $29,000 worth of stolen items from at least 13 different stores. new this morning, in montgomery county the battle over school boundaries last night the school board took steps to relieve overcrowding. it voted to help spread out low income students, however, many parents aren't happy because they say this doesn't keep neighborhoods together. the board's decision affects five schools and will change which school students attend. now the policy will be impl implemented next school year. >> this morning washington post bombshell a report claims deputy mayor courtney snowden used city employees to provide care for her child during the work day. snowden had been on our show earlier this year. what you see there. the report says snowden asked staff to take her young child to relative's home ton pick up the child from school in august of 2015. it also claims snowden left her child with
8:10 am
attend add meeting outside her office much the mayor release the statement saying any issues raised have been addressed and she has full confidence in snowden's ability to continue for district residents. >> d.c. city council consider a plan to troll russian president vladimir putin has to do with a certain stretch of road the new proposal to rename one block outside of the russian embassy in northwest boris nem staff place. he was a russian opposition leader murdered two years ago. council believes the rename would send a message to the russian president about american values. still to come on fox5 news morning starbucks has the surprise that many had been waiting for, it's so so sweet. >> new details on the royal engagement and meghan markle already creating a frenzy for fashionistas i must admit high to look up where that coat was from yesterday. we'll have more after the break. ♪ ♪♪
8:11 am
getting bread delivered is way easier than hiring real bakers... ...who work all night and morning to bake fresh brioche buns. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be.
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in the history of people being asked how they like their eggs, we're pretty sure no one's ever said microwaved. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be. >> all right. it is time for our cuteness fact of the day. >> york it is. >> a little extra time to celebrate today, tuck. >> i feel like we are getting in trouble a lot today. >> we are getting in trouble. >> so you might have to separate us. >> i'm having trouble paying attention in class. >> next time when we come back. >> put tucker in the middle? >> i'm going to switch with you. >> you have my full attention. >> we're talking about weather. >> he's like dad. >> let's get to fox5 photo of the day. >> okay. can we get cute? >> yes, we can. >> absolutely. >> got a little snow bunny. this is cameron, everybody. she
8:14 am
months old. her grandma reports -- isn't she cute? >> that -- she's ready for winter? >> yup. grandma arlene. >> hi, arlene. >> grandma arlene reports that she's ready for winter. they watch fox5 together in the mornings and are patiently waiting for us for to fore forecast -- >> you've been hinting. >> some snow. >> things might be getting a little chillier coming up in a couple of weeks. >> it will be the perfect outfit. >> look at the little snow suit. she's so cute. >> i have the best news ever. >> what yes. >> it look like as we get into the second half of december we'll get cold weather. >> okay. >> we're patient enough. perhaps snowflakes just in time for christmas. that would be lovely. not an official predict. that's more wishful thinking but at least it's a possibility. >> all right. that's going make somebody very happy. >> we have to go shopping together. >> me and cameron. yeah. >> i thought you men us. >> beautiful smile. >> often is pretty smile. i love it. >> okay. let's do some weather
8:15 am
we are, by the way please send us your picture fox5 d.c. we only like cuteness like the one you just saw. >> so we'll never run out. >> grandma arlene thank you for seng the picture and thank you for watching. >> even though our streak of 100 persecuteness continues. >> cute at the time kids in the country. >> remember tony had to do that one kid. >> i will not play along. >> 40 in washington. i feel better over here already. >> i will not be involved in your shenanigans. >> i'm so kidding. 25 in boston. >> let's look off to the north and west. 52 this morning in chicago. we are going to be enjoying unseasonably warm weather. low to mid 60 today's and tomorrow. yesterday if you're curious you got outside it feels pretty good it was in the low 60s yesterday. all right. only feature of significance a weak cold front out to in the upper midwest that will drop into our region thursday night. up ahead of it we keep things nice and warm. 63 today and tomorrow it will still be cool tonight. so you'll want a jacket if out tonight. you'll need a jack this morning. best chance f
8:16 am
night. >> you're going to behave. stay in your corner. >> i feel more serious right n now. >> tucker, fun time is over. >> they've been bad, erin. they needed to be separated. >> i can see humor tears coming that's a good thing for tuesday. we could all use a little laugh. >> on this giving tuesday. >> giving tuesday. giving the gift of humor from tucker barnes. right now outer loop after braddock road we have a crash. it's blocking the right shoulder. very heavy traffic there on the outer loop so please be cau cautious. 695 red zone seeing from pennsylvania avenue to the third street tunnel. that is going to take you 13 minutes. we also have a crash out by exit 102 right lanes closed so as you can see it's a mess right now. 395, 695 split there to the third street tunnel in both directions super crowd to do forty one the 11th street bridge. half hour delay holding strong from the bottom of the beltway to the 14th street bridge. 395 northbound main lanes just really crowded with heavy volume this morning. and then a
8:17 am
now northbound 95 off-ramp to dale boulevard crash blocking the shoulder. lighter volume there. once you get closer to the beltway you're basically park dale city to the beltway 31 minute trip with a crash that has since cleared blocking the shoulder and hov lanes. 66 improving slightly. 16 minute trip though still from 29 in gainsville as you make your way through 234 prince william parkway. red line still dealing with delays 270 southbound still a parking lot through montgomery county. allison? well the world still a buzz this morning about the new royal engagement britain's prince harry set to mary american actress meghan markle next year. >> holly our royals expert -- goss per with us perhaps to share ale it will bit more. we're getting more details as the bottom line about everything that happened. >> i'm all about the royal gossip. i'm listening to every report. i'm watching interviews. i want to be in the know. >> i know. >> because it's all about the story. i would like to go. but i just want to know every little detail because this is
8:18 am
fairy tails are made of. think about it. you're a commoner. you're cooking dinner. you turn around, a prince is on his knee asking you to marry him. him. proposal went down which we learned yesterday when prince hair recent his fiance' sat down for their first joint interview since news of their engagement broke. >> it's a official. prince harry will marry american actress meghan markle in the spring. the couple began dating in the summer 2016. they became engaged earlier this month but kept it a secret until now. harry pop the question on an ordinary night at home at kensington palace. >> i was cooking chicken. just an amazing surprise. it was so sweet and natural and very romantic. he got on one knee. >> she didn't even let me finish she said yes. >> the prince design the engagement ring which features two diamonds that belonged to his mother the princess of was.
8:19 am
with humanitarian work. >> without question i think she would be over the moon jumping up and down so excited for me. >> the couple says they've been swept up in a media storm since word of the relationship became public. markle expressing dismay at the focus on her mixed race her heritage. >> of course it's disheartening but i think, you know, at the end of the day i'm really just proud of who i am and where i come from. >> markle has already met the queen and the couple has received blessings from both sets of parents. >> we're thrilled. thank you very much. for both of them. i hope they'll be very happy indeed is all i can say. >> all right. so here's a few of the tips that i pick up this morning. all right. okay. so yesterday we were talking about when will the wedding be. right now the go month of is march. believe it or not that's early that's before kate and william have their baby. but may according to the royal experts i was listening to queen
8:20 am
it was bad luck to get married in may because of that those marriages ended up in divorce. so and june though it's still technically spring still seems summer like so right now the going month is march. >> they better get on it though. >> i know. another question will kate be a bridesmaid? probably not. because she is the queen consort so technically she can't serve in a serving role which is what a brides made is, right? so charlotte and george will definitely you know their kids will be a big part of the wedding and they actually said they'll probably have more say in the wedding than people might think. they definitely will get married in church. that's without question. but who will his groomsmen be. >> can his brother be his groomsman? >> hands down it goes without saying that he because his brother is a king that's not necessarily a serving role like bridesmaids, you know, help witness dress and help with the whatever. >> true. >> the best man without a doubt
8:21 am
william. >> planning the bachelor party. >> plank the bachelor party a royal bachelor party probably a pretty good one. >> do you know i asked allison earlier and we did not. it was interesting when they said that made a point of saying he's already met the queen. how far into -- >> she's already met the queen. >> she's already met the queen. how far into the courtship it is until you -- >> has she met the pope. >> i don't think you meet the queen unless she's the one. >> that's what i was wondering. i'm pretty sure i don't think you take her to meet the queen unless that's the one you want to be a part of the royal fa family. yeah. >> he looks so happy. >> they both look happy. if you watch the interview they both look happy. >> his little face. >> yeah. >> it's like a new relationship. >> it's really sweet. >> real quick particularly we go now that meghan markle is about to become royalty this won't be a surprise everything she touches or wears is turning to gold including that white coat. >> so cute. >> she had on yesterday. right at kensington palace during the photo op made by the canadian company line the label. well the stores website got so much traffic yesterday it actually crashed. the coat is now sold out. and the company
8:22 am
the meghan. >> that's good. >> in case you're wondering it's just over 600 american dollars. >> oh really? >> that's not so bad. >> i must have been looking -- >> compare physical you have speaking. >> i must have been looking in pounds everything else was so expensive on that website. >> yeah. >> what? >> they'll be a knock off that you can get for 150. >> from the limited. i'm there. all right. >> exactly. >> price in the thousands for something like that. >> me too. 8:22 right now. we'll be back with more right after this. we'll see you then. ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ >> there's live look outside the white house this morning. doesn't it look pretty out there? >> it does. >> for something with the peanuts. >> peanuts christmas right now. >> i think the snow is falling in this part of the song, isn't it? >> yeah. is he at the piano. the best. i secretly love this time of year. >> secretly? >> i think you're pretty open about this time of year. >> all right, it's an open secret. >> ♪ >> all right. oh, boy, here we go. >> talking about loving. >> yeah. >> my favorite stew steve chenevey loves this part of the year. >> he's your favorite student? >> no. >> i may as well be a bad girl if he's your favorite student. >> don't -- >> let's be hahn never this is mr. chenevey's favorite class. >> let's get to the report card for the day. >> glad you kids made it on time for change. all right. let's do it. sunshine that's a big a. it's going to be beautiful out. winds are light. afternoon temperatures low 60s. a,
8:26 am
hey, i had an opportunity to tape you kids practicing your violin for that concert tonight. ♪ >> sound of an angel. >> you guys are very talented. i'm going to give it a b. it could use little bit of work. >> um, we have on good authority you spelled violin wrong. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> queue my music. >> perhaps -- [ laughter ] >> teacher's aid mike is not here today. have we checked? >> just stand in front of i lynn and block it. there violets. violins. >> it was early, all right? [ laughter ] >> i don't have time for you students. >> mike is back tomorrow. >> okay, good. >> fantastic. >> thanks, teach. >> walk off. we're just teasing you. [ laughter ] >> that was great. thank you. thank you for that. he's not happy with us for mocking him. nobody should tease the professor. all right. eastbound 66 right behind the trees i can't talk now because
8:27 am
eastbound 66 before the beltway crash blocks the right lane right shoulder. it's behind the trees there you can kind of make out that emergency response flashing lights keep it to right lanes and use some caution there. aside from that 166 still parked eastbound with a delay 270 southbound looking nasty. and red line delays steve i'm going to get it together back to you. >> erin thank you very much. >> 8:30 this morning, big ba hum building americans want to stop exchanging holiday gifts? why? sarah fraser joins us with that story and neck with tuesday talkers. former white house usher spilling the beans giving us the behind the scenes look at what it's like to work at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. be right back. ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back everybody. it is 8:30. nice looking shot, capitol dome on this tuesday morning. this giving tuesday. >> it is. encouraged to give give give after spending. >> back to the news now. a couple from silver spring facing long prison sentence for stealing one and a half million dollars from a 99-year-old man with dementia. gustavo shapiro is the man according to his son he spent his lime scrimping and saving. his housekeeper and her husband ava and javier molino took advantage of that. they convinced him to change his will to make ava his sole beneficiary and leave his son out of the will. that means tt
8:31 am
caught off communication between shapiro and his own living son. >> it's been a very difficult few years for him being alienated from his father and, um, you know, having to go through that trauma and then having to relive it through the trial. >> his son says he hopes what happened here could prevent it from happening to another fa family. that couple convicted in this case again ava and javier molina each facing 55 years in prison. >> happening today the ribbon will be cut on maryland's first medical marijuana dispensary called rise silver spring. it is located at 7900 fenton street. after the 11ah ribbon cutting ceremony the public can tour the dispensary. no marijuana will be on site for the opening or for the tours. 8:31 on tuesday. forget being introduced by friends or meeting somebody at work that you like. more and more people are now finding their
8:32 am
live partners online. so can it still be romantic if you're matched by an algorithm. >> sarah fraser joins us for tuesday talker discuss. good morning. >> hi you guys. >> good morning. >> good morning. it's official. so more people -- the number one place people are meeting and finding their love of life a dating app or online. >> don't you think it was just creeping up to this and now it's become more -- >> yeah. i do. don't you think -- tollly -- >> common place acceptable. >> pleatly acceptable by the way people are no longer remember when everyone used to be how did you meet, you'd make up a story you didn't want to say it was we met on match. >> now that it's acceptable now it's the norm now that it's majority, do we even question it any more? is there any reason to not embrace it and just say that's where we met online. >> i think it's great. i think it makes so much more sense. it kind of cuts, you know, i'm sure you guys were go on dates or have been on dates before the past before you were married. >> um-hmm. >> who said i don't go on dates. i'm just joking. [ la
8:33 am
>> okay. you meet somebody and you going into it blind and like you don't have anything in common, right. you feel like online and apps -- >> the blind date. i went on one blind date in my life. it was horrible. >> right? >> like i questioned the person who set us up. because i'm like, do you really not like me as a person? >> isn't that funny. >> the second post popular way people are meeting their significant other social security through friends. so even if you aren't into online the article was saying then you better jump on those friends gatherings because that's the second place that people meet. >> so funny you're blind date was terrible. may can markle's was fantastic. >> i believe it was blind date. >> are you serious. >> that's what i her. >> that's a good one. we did not get the prince. >> um-hmm. >> i ended up with my own prince but not -- >> yes. >> on that blind date. >> i hope you're watching friend me set me up. >> i think the stigma is gone. >> i do too. enjoy it if it's the right person it's the right person. be happy with it. >> it's really good one. any way, that's official. >> i'm more concerned about the next topic. >> don't worry about it.
8:34 am
i expect a gift. >> exactly. that's why i'm concerned about this. >> this was survey done by sun trust bank essentially they surveyed over 2,000 people who said that if they could give up gift giving if their family and friends all said look we don't want gifts this year we don't expect one, 70% on board with no gifts. are you two down with that? >> no. i am but only because i don't have kids. >> i love to give gifts. >> steve, i'm in. >> you don't want to give gifts. >> i want to give gifts year round and i would much rather give my family a trip, an experience. >> why can't you give it at whatever holiday you celebrate? >> i just don't like the pressure of feeling -- because here's the thing in my house, everybody has got to get a gift and if somebody gets three gifts owe okay does so and so have three gifts you run around and get them all this stuff and it's crazy and you spend tons of money. >> but you don't have to. >> well you don't if you're a family can collectively agree not to get gifts. >> the problem every time you say we're not going to give gifts or just do one somebody feels
8:35 am
going get a bunch of somebody hears about it next thing you know you're loading up same old holiday you always had. >> i think it's sweet. i think we're getting farther and farther or is it further, which everyone it away from gift giving is supposed to be and it's just we create this time it doesn't have to be material. some of the best gifts are like a framed picture or a memory or something whatever. but we're getting away from what it's supposed to be. >> framed picture. >> steve. you give the best gifts they're often sentimental gifts. it's supposed to be the christmas story sarah when they brought the gifts to jesus, remember? >> this is what i'm talking about. this is what i'm talking about. >> okay. >> frankin sense and mhyr and frames. >> got it. >> i'm just saying this. we have, you know, the word i want to say i don't think i can say on tv we've taken this idea and made it something else that's commercial. that's we've got to do this. >> it's religious. >> it's very true. >> not even being super
8:36 am
you're not going to divorce away yourself from that 2017 christmas the idea what works best for your family. is it the kind of thing you can convey that message of look let's do nice things for each other fit involves token gifts some type, then do it. but it's just the pressure like you said when you're in a family or crew in relationship you where you feel like you have to out do or everybody or you'll be shamed if you didn't out do them that's problem. >> right. yeah. >> switch it up but don't get away what made you happy when you were six years old. >> i like all your points. >> i'll pair it down a little bit. allison you'll get a gift. tucker i don't think you'll make the cut this year. >> steve, your gifts aren't that great any ways. >> oh. >> there's a reason allison likes her gifts. you don't like yours. >> the girls say what? >> that is a good look. i kind of like it. >> the opposite outfit. >> all right. guys. let's go to weather. yeah. freezing temperatures overnight for much of the area. made it into the upper 30s at reagan national now 40 degrees. 32 dulles. 41 in baltimore. bwi marshall we're looking at
8:37 am
sunshine beautiful conditions. i just sweeted out that we're expecting temperatures about 10 degrees above normal and it will be beautiful afternoon so no rain in sight here probably thursday night next chance for a shower and until then we keep temperatures well above normal and just beautiful late fall afternoon. 63 your daytime high. enjoy nice day. >> erin is back. >> is it beautiful weather to maybe play a violin outdoors. >> okay. you're cute. >> i'm over it. sorry. don't give me that look. right now 270 southbound by father hurley 21 minute trip one twin to 370. pretty nasty delay holding strong even though earlier crash at 370 cleared over an hour to get from 70 and frederick down to the beltway get an early start 355 plenty of bail out traffic. outer loop right now 28 minute trip much better conditions out by new hampshire avenue but the majority of the congestion right now is 95 southbound down to theism cc and then from basically bw parkway over to georgia avenue allow for extra time there. as we take look at the outer loop right now, between pennsylvania avenue and 50 that's 25 minute trip heavy af
8:38 am
295 southbound backing up from the maryland line down to the district. we're also really slow under 20 miles per hour from the beltway to 295. once you get into the district, inbound new york avenue from 295 to 3,953rd street tunnel there 21 minute trip. a lot of heavy volume right now 695 is backing up both directions to and from the third street tunnel. 66 eastbound still just about ken minute delay from 29 in gainsville through the area of 234 prince william parkway. and then as you make your way out there's that 695 delay. there's a crash by exit ten on the outbound side of 395 closing two right lanes with delays. eight minute trip from pennsylvania avenue westbound to the third street tunnel. red line delays holding strong. so it's been a busy morning guys. gw parkway backing inbound as well. back to you. >> erin thank you very much. still ahead a good reason to do more chores. hmm. >> bruno mars tickets? >> ♪ >> you would do a lot of chores for bruno mars tickets. i know that. experts say at least it helps you live longer and so you can listen to bruno longer. black friday smalls business saturd
8:39 am
all passed but it is not too late to score some major deals. we've got the other dates to mark your calendar coming up. ♪ ♪♪
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♪ live look outside this morning. looks very nice on this tuesday morning. yes allison. enjoying the music, and the sunshine. i don't really put a little housework in with that.
8:42 am
>> it does make me feel good. >> that's what i needed to blast that music like we used to do. little housework may be good for your health. that's according to a 18 year study. they did this for 18 years. >> wow that's a long study. >> in the netherlands. so researchers followed 24,000 people between the ages of 60 and 90 and found those who completed 30 minutes of chores a day including everything from doing the dishes to laundry, had lower risk of death than their peer who's were less active. though death is inevitable. >> true. >> they say the research cher is further proof -- research is further proof that even mild levels of physical activity can improve your heart health. so that's what they're saying it really is. >> okay. >> nice commercial for dyson. >> that work out well as far as the video. let's check in with holly and maureen to find out what's coming up gone day dc. hi ladies. >> good day d.c. all over the big stories this tuesday morning including the controversial comment made by president trump. democrats are calling it a racial slur. we're live
8:43 am
inside the white house. not from just one president but from three. a former white house usher is giving us the t about what goes on upstairs. >> okay, mo, you know what time it is. >> what time is it? >> it is time to put up got day guest list. we'll talk live to actress and activist sophia bush you remember her from one tree hill. she has some tips for us on this giving tuesday. plus the girl group formed by destiny's child super star kelly row land and live in the loft june's diary is here and yeah they'll perform. >> wow. also at 10a it is the hot new series on hulu, the run aways and live in the loft today at 10a, one of the stars and local guy ryan sands. he's here to dish all about the new marvel show. plus hottest ticket in town the mean girls musical. live in the good day cafe we are mix something cocktails inspired by the hit movie turned musical. >> whoever was toasting mc in the good day toaster it just popped up. >> pop tart. >> good day d.c. the only place to bero
8:44 am
morning. we'll see in you a few. >> i'll see in you a second. >> that's yours. >> there you go. >> mystery solved. >> thank you ladies. >> absolutely. tis the season for helping others dan is the great day to do that. it is giving tuesday. >> but before you open up your wallet, you'll want to make sure your money ends up in the right place. we've got some helpful tips after the break. ♪
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> it is 8:46 right now. reagan national airport looking nice this morning allison. if you're in the mood to get away that is. why go anywhere today
8:47 am
it's going to be so nice and mild here. >> beautiful out, tuck. >> sunny and mild. >> everybody was out of town this past weekend. we're happy to be here this week, right. >> right. >> yeah. sunshine and mild temperatures. that's why because it's going to be absolutely beautiful around here. yesterday we hit the low 60s. today we hit the low 60s. tomorrow we hit the low 60s. thursday we don't but you get the idea. sunny and mild today. and we keep the streak of nice weather going here. cold overnight these temperatures reflection of the cool temperatures we had early this morning. the sun has been up for a little bit take another hour or so. we shall see these numbers bounce pretty quick. 32 out at dulles 8:00 a.m. 26 in manassas. quantico 34 degrees. 36 in fredericksburg. most of the area here out to the west into the north at or below freezing this morning. we hit the upper 30s here in d.c. now 40 degrees. all right. it's going to be beautiful day. no bout doubt about it sunshine quiet conditions winds nice and light out of the south. and just featuring sunshine for the time being here with an area of high pressure high pressure in charge which is has
8:48 am
parked overhead this area of high pressure will slowly get scooted to the east over the next few days. and that will allow cold front to get in here but not until thursday. so today low 60s. tomorrow low 60s and then we'll get a change up here with some clouds on thursday. but next couple of days temperatures about 10 degrees above normal. so nice way to end the month of november. 63 this afternoon. sunshine nice and mild winds out of the south here at five to ten. and your seven day featuring these unusually warm temperatures next couple of days. still cool tonight if you're going out tonight take jack it will cool off quick once the sun goes down. cooler temperatures for the end of the week and really our best chance for rain this week later thursday probably thursday night into early friday not going to be big deal. fairly week cold front that will bring us passing showers. no big nor'easter nos real signs of winter on the seven day. although there are some occasions here as we get into the ten to 14 day period we play flip the pattern and things turn much colder. enjoy these temperatures while we can, guys. back to you. thanks so much. it is beginning t
8:49 am
christmas at the white house. this year's theme is time honored traditions. first lady melania trump shrek the the theme as a nod of the 200 years of holiday traditions at the white house. the unofficial -- the official white house christmas tree i should say sits in the blue room and is decorated with glass ornaments. it featured the seal of each state and u.s. territories. >> capitol hill also ready for the holiday. a 79-foot engle man spruce arrived on the west lawn yesterday. it took two and a half weeks for that industry to be trucked across the country from its home in montana. the annual tree lighting ceremony set for december 6th. forget black friday. everybody turning to the internet for deals this year in fact this years online sales breaking records. shoppers spent six and a half billion dollars on cyber monday that's all-time high. money spent on smart phones also hit a record of about $1.6 million that means the sales you actually made through your smart phone. adobe predicts online shoppers will break a
8:50 am
for the first time this holiday season. all right. if you missed out on cyber monday there are still plenty of ways to score some big deals today is travel deal tuesday. according to the travel site hopper it is the best day to take advantage of a cheap fl flight. >> hopper says there are 110 flights sales on cyber monday last that number jumped to 180 sales the next day look for the same this year. experts say the discounts are offered during this time because travel demand is down and also free shipping coming up al. >> shoppers can also cash in on free shipping friday which falls on december 15th this year. it's a final opportunity to get free shipping on those online purchases with guaranteed delivery by christmas eve though i am not as familiar with free shipping friday so i'm wondering like if of course just participating outlets, right? >> apparently. >> okay. >> it's becoming a thing i'll take it. >> me too. >> there's also super saturday. my goodness the illiteration continues that will be the saturday before christmas, december 23rd. that is
8:51 am
sales for procrastinators and last minute shoppers. this year it falls two days before christmas should be awesome. the crowds expected to be extra large christmas weekend. now, as for today -- i was looking up some of the reta retailers. >> okay. kohl's, target, you know. >> the big players. >> today is giving tuesday when we are encouraged to make donations to charities and other groups that do go good work. >> before you open your wallet here guidelines we gathered from legal sources. don't give based on emotion. make sure do you the research. research the group that is going to get your money. legitimate organizations will send you information about their group and be able to tell you whether the donation is tax deductible. remember scammers often will make up a fake charity name that's very similar to the legitimate charities name. do your homework. >> avoid donating cash when possible. because cash can be lost or misdirected just way too easily. your better off mailing in a check, made out to the charity. if you're giving online make sure that
8:52 am
the http in front of their address which is a strong indication that credit card information is secure. and when it comes to phone calls don't give into the high pressure. if the caller wants to you donate right now without taking the time to explain the cha charity's credentials don't do it. it could be a scam. it's a pitch that interests you ask for website that you can just read at your own losier before deciding whether or not outwent give your hard earned money. >> another important thing to remember never ever ever give out your birthday. they don't need your social security number never give that out. never give out any other confidential data. experts say you shall never divulge that information when making a contribution. >> and here's something great to share about your generosity. maryland and virginia both rank in the top ten of most charitable states according to wallet hub. good job everybody. let's keep it going. >> all right. how about another heart war warg holiday story for you. young boy from tennessee wants this christmas to be all about helping others. meet ten-year-old houston let butter he wrote a letter to santa
8:53 am
give than get this year. this is what it's about. part of the letter reads "i want nothing for christmas. i want every kid to have a present instead of me. youngster also organized a toy and shoe drive with all the donations going to families that need it. >> i just want everybody else to have something. make them happy. >> i'm glad more than anything that he's got a good heart that wants to out the community. >> houston's parents say that they're sure santa will take note of their son' gas deeds an few presents waiting for him under the free on christmas morning. >> i'll bet there will be. here's something new to hang on your tree. oreo candy canes. suppose to look and taste like the oreo classics but they're getting mixed reviews online some say they taste good. one person said the flavor is very hard to describe. others say it doesn't taste anything like oreos. they still have the peppermint, though? >> i'm trying -- i can't even imagine. >> do like the thin minute oreos or the mint oreos. >> i'll look for some and bring them in.
8:54 am
christmas tree photo that has gone viral. >> big surprise for starbuck fans a second holiday cup in stores this morning and giving coffee fans all the feels of the holiday season. we'll explain. ♪ ♪ trending this morning
8:55 am
wishes come true this holiday season. for those who wand it the coffee chain rolled out this holiday cup earlier this month what was mostly white and green and red highlights. starbucks fans thought that was it for the reason a new red cup is out now. features a white heart with two hands coming around it. the idea to write the name of someone who fills your heart with love over the blank heart. that's super cute. >> really cute. trending this morning one big tree on one tiny car. [ laughter ] >> can't even see. >> that is hilarious. >> police in massachusetts pulled over the car tree huge christmas tree on the roof. >> that's so cute. >> police posted the feet on facebook reminding others to be responsible while decking the halls. police didn't say what the driver did wrong it looks like they covered up the windows in the vehicle and can't really s see. we'll get it there. we'll get it home. don't worry about that. >> old days with our vw beetle and we put couches on top of that thing and everything else. that's really cool. might not b
8:56 am
steve. let's say hello right now to our good morning miss clark. >> hi, clark. clark is just seven years old and is already a competitive dancer at c and c dance company in bowie. she was nominated by her mother danida. >> clark has dance the competitively for four years. practices over 11 and a half hours a week and is still honor roll student. >> wow. >> that's all amazing. congratulations clark. keep it up doing big things. hopefully you'll be dancing at the kennedy center one day if you keep going. i'll bet you get there. >> that makes me happy. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> all right. >> one last check of weather and traffic. >> yes. >> how we looking erin. >> good news or bad news. let's start with bad news. >> okay. >> red line dealing with segment shut down in place through december 10th. shuttle service replacing trains there. still heavy delays 66 eastbound improving by gainsville closer to fairfax county parkway. still take you 52 minutes from sudley road to the beltway. >> erin. >> that doesn't look so bad. >> it cleared up out in ga gainsville but then you get more delays closer to
8:57 am
parkway. >> i just explained tucker but you can tease me all you want because i teased you about misspelling violin and that a lot of great memes. >> she just wanted to share good news, tuck. >> like your sharing good news with the seven day. >> i got nothing but good news. 63 today and tomorrow. absolutely beautiful. >> beautiful. >> and we'll keep the trend going for a few more days. that seven day those temperatures all generally above normal. enjoy the next week because colder air. >> out there. >> that's the spirit. >> yes. >> we'll see you for good day coming up next. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪ really?
8:58 am
really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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♪ straight ahead, president trump heading to capitol hill to talk tax reform. but it's his comments yesterday getting the most attention. >> they call her pocahontas. >> democrats calling the reference to senator elizabeth warren an insult and a racial slur. the white house defensing the remarks. we'll have the latest back and forth. he got on one knee. >> she didn't let me finish and said yes. >> new chapter for the british royal family. prince harry and meghan markle making it official. and opening up about their engagement for the first time. we'll hear from the happy couple coming up. a d.c. deputy mayor under investigation for something she asked staff to do for her child, plus it's not the first time her name has come up in an ig report


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