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tv   The Final 5  FOX  November 28, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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north korea back to launching missiles, you butt president say s it's under control. chuck and nancy backed out of a meeting with the president. a battle over who is the boss and it wasn't tony dance a. more pressure on congressman john conyers to get out. whs, this is whistleblowers. this is the final five, let's do this. it was a pretty good run after a if you months without missile lawn 's. a missile tested for the first time since november. it traveled 100 miles before splashing into the sea. the president says don't
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only tell you that we will take care of it. we have general mattis in the room with us. we've had a long discussion on it. it is a discussion that situation that we will handle. the way he's talking the president may have called in one of washington's best fixer. it's handled. thank you, olivia pope. >> the new president trump loves candle. he has spoken with south korean moon jie and. this is the 16th missile test for north korea this year or as the kids say no could he. with each test the north is getting closer to perfecting the nuclear war head into high temperature erythropoietin's atmosphere. it went higher frankly than any previous shot they've taken. it's a research and development effort on their part to
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to develop ballistic missiles that could threaten every where in the world. you only have to worry about north korea if you live anywhere in the world. we'll talk about that coming up in the next segment. the president does think that the missile launch will bring chuck schumer and nancy pee lowe's i back to the table. they refused to attend a bipartisan meeting today to talk about the budget and more. what romented this, it was a tweet. meeting with chuck and nancy today about keeping the government up and working. the problem is they want illegal immigrants flooding our country and want to uber driver s stanchionly race taxes i don't see a deal. which by the way is sort of getting invited to lunch or dinner over your neighbors house and you tweet out before you get there. not a big fan of the food, i'm sure it will be awful. it seems to be the last line that bother ed chuck and nancy the most. they skipped the mee
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it the president seemed un willing to make a deal. we have so many things to do. we have to fund the government. we have dabbing a, we have the childrens health insurance. who is she. the stone faced. we have to fubd our defense and non defense sides of the government in a reasonable way. there's so much to do. we're eager to get that done in a bipartisan way. obviously the president isn't. but hopefully leader mcconnell and speaker ryan are. >> i want to play poker with that woman. she'd be great. right? this isn't a good look, though, for either side. it's pettiness from all around. from what the president says, chuck and nancy really missed out. we had a good day today. we had a phenomenal meeting with the republican senators. it was very special, that meeting. in many
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have been inside that room. it was are, very special. the comrade dree, it was somewhat of a love fest. while the president was speaking there he was sitting at the table with no one next to him, two empty chairs on either side of him. you may have thought everybody got up and left. no, because the president had paul ryan and mitchell mcconnell leaving site away. leaving the chairs next to him empty. it's probably a move client ease wood would do. empty chairs. what do you mean shut up? maybe president trump is going 230r a slightly more the president is going to the democrats to avert a government shutdown and
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. funding runs out next friday, december 8. if there is a shutdown, i think we all know who the p is going to blame here . if that happens i would absolutely blame the democrats. if it happens it's going to be over illegals pouring into the country, crime pouring into the country, no border wall, which everybody wants. i got elected parksly because of a border wall . you look at the military, we want strong funding for the military. they don't. so many things. as an example they want high taxes. we want to cut taxes. we're going to reform. we're going to simplify. they want high taxes, we want low taxes. there's a lot of big differences. we'll see what happens as to shutdown. two big issues are tax reform and healthcare and they're tied before because as we mentioned before the national's reform of the tax bill includes an appeal of the individual mandate. at the closed door meeting today the president
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support two bipartisan proposals meant to stabilize obamacare markets in exchange of the bill 's individual law in the tax bill. by one of the bipartisan plans to slam the tax bills on healthcare today. republican leaders are hiding behind the bipartisan bill chairman alexander and i put forward with strong support from both sides of the aisle. let's be clear, our bill was designed to help ol the problems that already exist because of healthcare saab tablg we have seen from president trump and republicans all year. it will not do a thing to give coverage back to the 13 million people who will lose it under the tax reform bill or keep premiums from going up by another 10 percent each year after 2019 as they would under the republican tax bill republicans said repeal the individual mandate will give people more
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heading towards a full vote in the senate late they are week. let's check in on the 2017 re make of who is the boss star ring nick muscle vein mulvaney as the tough and loveable and english. a federal judge deciding whether the trument p administration refusing to block the president 's choose to run the consumer protection bureau. it was angela. thank you. the president put nick mulvaney in charge. but the outgoing former director put lee and english. the ruling is not the final decision on the case. earlier today the power struggle continued and why he may not immediately won the hearts of people, mulvaney at least has control of the twitter account. he took over the director twitter handle today putting out this photo of of himself. digging into the details. today both english and mulvaney were at work. she
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subordinate official. mulvaney sent out two issues apologizing for the confusion, but put out please disregard any instruction s received by miss english when she's purporting to act as the acting director. >> let's move on tonight and talk about the sexual misconduct allegations in congress. the latest name, congressman john could be yers now facing more pressure to resign. multiple members of the black congress is urging conyers to quit. nancy pelosi is supporting the effort to get conyers to resign. remember on sunday, pelosi drew a lot of criticism for comments on con years because at that point she saitd he was an icon. yesterday she met with one of his accusers. they opened up an investigation into the allegations against conyers. whether it's harmt
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wrongdoing in the workplace problems are often brought to light by whistleblowers. a case will determine whether private sector whistleblowers. the case revolves around paul summers. we thought he witnessed wrongdoing in the company's reported keeping and reported it internally. he didn't tell the sec. the law protects whistleblowers from going to the ec from being fired. it also protects those who report problems internally. the latest case in its ruling will affect the private sector. the obama administration addresses whistleblowers who are federal employees. len schwartz were the fleet readiness. he report ed what he thought was unsafe handling of jet full back in 2015. two years later was he was fired and he believes because he was a whistleblower. he's been reinstated to his position at least until the investigation is complete.
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schwartz' attorney believes there are protections in place if you're a whistleblower you're always putting your job the at risk. you're always putting your job at risk no matter what and you're also putting your money and your family's -- their livelihood in jeopardy. i xiamora legals into what we're seeing today with the sexual harassment allegations. people are very reluctant to race issue s of real concern for fear that they'll be the next one targeted. people like many women who don't want to allege harassment. fer they're of little l solace if you don't feel like you're backed up by management. up next on the final five we're talking more about the nuclear threat from north korea. my guest tonight is predicting wet north's next missile launch will be to the day. we'll talk about that on the other side.
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>> let's get back to north korea right now. the country shot off another missile today. this one we're told was the highest one yet. we haven't heard a lot from the north lately but some say it's just the start that could be more aggression from kim jong un and his ilk. the head of defense centers at the center for national interest. harry, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. let's talk a little bit about this today. whatever you want to call them, kim jong un, little rocket man. we know what the president likes to call them. he shot off a missile today. what's the significance of this one in the significance of this is that the north korea and it have demonstrated the capability that their missiles have the range to hit anywhere in the united states. that's a big deal obviously for us here sitting in washington, d.c. washington, d.c. would be the number one target for
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koreans in any sort of conflict but what this test doesn't tell us if north korea and it missile have the change can they dislifer a war head to the missile. the war head has to come down through the atmosphere through all the heat and all the stressors and hit the target. this test that they did today we don't know if they had an actual reentry vehicles l that could go through the atmosphere and do that. in the next 48 hours we're going to find out if they have this full range to do it. we're learning about diplomacy and atmospheric pressure right now. the fact that they did this test, it seems like it has been a while. it seems like we had a little bit of a lull in between the tests. during the up ser they were firing all these missiles off it seems like every few days. i think what the nor
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taking all the data from all the summer tests that they did. they did the last ibm tests and they needed sometime to go over the data to see what they did right, to see what they did wrong for sort of the next generation of missiles. a couple months is right on time to sort of put all that into the next test and here we are basically. i don't think there was any or the of political motivations. i don't think they were trying to stick it to donald trump or china as people said. it just takes time. if north korea wants to make a big statement, if they want to do a test that the world is going to pay attention to, when would that be, mark your calendar for february 5. you have it down to the day, my friend. that's the start of the olympic games in south door rea. 630 miles away from the north korea reand border. i'm thinking to myself with potentially hundreds
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millions of people watching the opening ceremony at the opening of the games. i'm going to detonate that underground that day and proof to the world that i'm a bona fide nuclear power. that is scary when you put it that way. i think when we look at the tests today and you you said the fact that it's all about the distance it can reach the us, i guess the bottom line, before we go, is this saibor rattling or is this a real who he of force in. >> boat actually. they're anjali that they've been dubbed a state sponsor of terror. they have one goal and that is to develop a missile that could hit the us in the event of war. that's why we're going to watch these tests for years to come. this is nothing new. >> we'll get you back soon. back after this on the final five. five.
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>> senator rand paul is now talk ing about the assault that left him with a bunch of broken ribs. paul says he was mowing his lawn with earmuffs on when he was tackled from behind much one of paul's maybors way reas ked and charged with assault . he had talked to the man in nearly a decade and claims to know why that attack happen. after my ribs were broken then he said things to me to indicate that he was unhappy i guess to me the bottom line is , it isn't so important, if someone mugs you is it really justified for any reason. the more people belabored was it about yard clipping, was it because he has it donald trump, he has it you you because you oppose obamacare? you you don't really know what's in someone's mind. it may have, the real question hewed be be
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attack someone from behind in their yard when they're out mow ing their grass. >> i would say no. his neighbor pleaded not guilty to assault charges. his attorney reeted the matter to as a trivial matter, not related to politics during an event to honor native native american war heros he referred to warren as poke hon tas. he has used it to question the nor's history of. join elizabeth to stop donald trump and requesting dough nailingses the page further redirects to elizabeth warren for senate website because she's up for re election next year. cnn plans to boy kowt the white house's christmas party this year and the white house not t
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up about it because why would they be. sarah huk bee christmas comes early, finally, good news from cnn much the annual party is set for a friday at 2:00 because we all know those rangers start at 2:00 on friday. christie, hello, i'm surprised you didn't try out a sarah huk bee sanders impression . i tried to do the twang. you just got louder. i don't really know why any of the media outlets would want to go to this party. i mean i think it's always been -- it's the one time a year -- i've never been invited. i don't think you were ever invited. >> definitely not. >> but i feel like you put the politics aside and it's a spirit of the holiday season. but, yeah, i think it's clear the president is not a fan of the
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relationship there. >> just a bit. you probably don't want to spend more time around them than they have to. the reporters will probably spend time trying to get answers to their questionsment the pie gait story which broke last week , april ryan questioned the authenticity ticketed event of the pier that sarah huckabee sanders made for their family. it was stupid. >> it was stupid. >> pecan pie, it doesn't matter who makes it. >> it's delicious. >> pecan or pecan. >> pecan. >> now we disagree. it's all right. it is okay. we bring people together during the final five. we'll still have a christmas party. >> moving on, senator bernie sanders is now a grammy nominee it's not for a collaboration between sanders and rapper ll
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vermont was nominated in the spoken word category for the audio book version of our revolution of future to believe in along with actor mark rough low. i was published after the presidential election. other politicians who have won spoken word nominees, bill clinton and hillary clinton, but this year sanders will face some tough competition, bruce springsteen and the late and great carrie fisher. we also know there's in the a whole lot of love loss between president trump anal equal baldwin. baldwin took his trump impression on the road hosting a state party in iowa last night. president trump ask ed that in his place i read this letter and i'll do my best to convey his words just as he wrote them. greetings, iowa. with a great state, iowa. i won iowa. i won the state by 50 points. it would have been a hundred points, but crooked hillary and t
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\million\mills of voters from out of state from cities like cedar rapids. alec bawlgd within has to admit the trump presidency has been good for his pocketbook. even a book parady donald trump. we're going to tell you you who is sleeping soundly and who is tossing and turning tonight on the final five.
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>> if anyone is thankful for tweet storms it's roy moore. little mention of the gop senate nominee who is in many polls. about
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>> a the president schedules would. roy mower sound aleap. let's talk about who is tossing and turning tonight probably all of us or at least those of us who had some glimmer of hope after the president's \court\courtship of chuck and nancy just a few months ago much the president's tweet ahead of the meeting apparently quashed the hole thing. then came the dulling statements and then the president sitting in between the two empty chairs. sick of the grandstanding. it cuts both way s here. why did the president bash the two people, why didn't chuck and nancy take the high road and show up anyway . this is the sort of thing why people have no faith in washington to get anything done. the swamp my friends is very deep and it consumes almost everyone. that's the final five tonight. we're back at it mo
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make it a good one. we'll ' you . .
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: i'm gonna show you the most brutal knockout of the month. >> ooh, [bleep]! >> two star georgia tech football players got into a fight. >> it felt like a sucker pinch. >> if you're facing somebody, it's not a sucker punch. >> but your hands are down. harvey: does that mean you can't hit me until i put my hands up? >> yes. >> no. >> yes. >> no, it does not. >> you got to say to the guy, put your dukes up, and then you can hit. >> serena williams and her husband alexis on their honeymoon. >> serena and alexis did some kind of endorsing deal with so at least part of their honeymoon is being paid for by endorsements. >> they're on private islands where you can only get to by a boat or flying. >> that's usually the case with an island.


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