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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 29, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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sfwlv a bomb shell report that a d.c. high school every kid ghoot college and. >> legal action against the metro for not posting ad for the holidays. >> and live look outside at 5:00. it's pretty comfortable out there. mid 40s on way to perhaps mid 60s today. mike, of course, will update the forecast in a few moments. first we want to say good morning to you
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joining. >> today is wednesday, november 9, 2017, airport erin is there and michael thomas is talking about weather. good morning. >> good morning to you as well. holy called it a beautiful day today. lots of sunshine. temperatures middle 60s later this afternoon. change ahead and we'll talk about those coming up. hey, erin. >> red line partial segment shut down and closure the attack home a. look at roads we have volume building. >> thank you bodily injury. see you in a bit. if you're just getting up now at 5 a.m. here will the top stories. we begin with breaking news florida where tam ma police believe they caught a serial killer that terrorized more than a month. >> a stripping of recent homicides donald son was picked up yesterday about a tip about a man with a gun at a local mcdonald's and brought in or questioning and several hours later they announced donald son would be charged with four count of first degree murder. they began tampa seminole heights nei
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october 9. thousands will gather today to remember baltimore city homicide detective shawn suitor shot and killed earlier this month while in the line of duty. portions of 95, 65 and 38 among other roads in the baltimore area will be shut down in the process. officer suitor was killed a day before set to testify before a federal grand jury in a case involveing a sergeant indicted in police corruption case. his funeral will be healed at mount pleasant church, timonium maryland. >> tengs running high as north korea north korea launches another palacetic missile. the missile reached new heights of 2800 miles soared for more than 50 minutes before splashing down in japanese sea. officials say this particular missile could reach the united states including right here in d.c.. president trump and south korea president spoke about the launch and t
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world. president trump also tweetd after north korea missile launch it's more important than ever to fund our government and military. dems should not hold the troops funding hostage for am nesty and i will legal immigration. stopping illegal immigration they cannot threaten a shut down to get demand. emergency council will hold a meeting to discuss the latest missile launch >> revealing more about the recent graduating class at blue high school. the class of 2017 gained nationwide attention for reaching a huge milestone when every single graduate received at least one college acceptance letter. >> an investigation by npr shows most of them did not have requirements to graduate. "fox5" melanie alnwick live at school headquarters northeast with the story. mel. good morning, guys, d.c. skools chancellor antwan wilson will address those questions brought up to the media later today. as you mentioned, it was june
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across the stage at blue high school and received a diploma and college acceptance letter. 86% of senior class and that is incredible turn around considering that just the year before only 57% of the senior class graduated and year before that was 51%. while they were celebrating many people were questioning this incredible turn around that now an investigation by wamu and npr found that many of these students as you said probably should not have graduated if d.c.p.c. held strong to attendance policies. high absent see imamong the senior class. one half of students graduated having missed more than three months of school unexcused. 20% were absent more than present. and in april of last year, only 57 students were on track to graduate so how did all the students passment a lot of last
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extra credit quick classes called credit recovery. mean while teachers reported they had extreme pressure to pass students. there were requests for them to change f's to d's and they had a fear of poor evaluations by administration if they did not cooperate. and now d.c. public school policy is that if a student misses 0 days or more of class they should fail that class. and we can tell you also that zoo school officials recognize there are many challenges that d.c. public school students have in some neighborhoods. the challenge is at their home. in their home life it makes it difficult for them to attend school on regular basis and they say that they want to give these students every opportunity to see that they can have a better future. live at d.c. public school headquarters, melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:05 now archdioceses of washington is suing metro because transit agency refused
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to nut holiday od on buses. metro says it qualifies as a so-called issue ad chin includes political, religious and advocacy messages. the agency banned such ads in 2015 after activist tried put antiislamic ads on buses. their ad promotes peace. some metro riders believe there should be a balance of religious ads. this is not the first suit they are facing. there was one in august citing the first amendment. >> getting nervous, holy. >> why. >> a lot of colds going on in this place sfwli don't know who to sit next to. >> i know, we need orange juice. >> it's like a petri dish. >> send well wishes to wi wisdom. >> we hope he's feeling bet sfwler what's your twitter handle. >> i don't know
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remember that. >> look him up if you can send chicken soup that would be good too. >> we'll make you hot tea i have some in my office. >> that will do it. >> it's crazy there's a lot of people with colds and stuff it's warm, cold, i don't know if that does anything. >> i think it does. your body gets used to one things and around here especially we change it up so fast. >> right. >> today is warm, we're getting chilly tomorrow and sorry, wiz. >> hopefully that cold weather will kill that virus. >> hope so. >> fingers crossed. >> yeah. >> 44 degrees. get you healthy. 27 in nras and 29 culpeper and chilly out there in suburbs. and but here in d.c. especially not as cold as it could be to start the day. jacket weather this afternoon. you may not need the jacket. feeling warm. satellite and radar dealing with nothing. it's been a quiet week and will continue to be quiet here as we head through the next couple days. here's
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day. it's a good one. 66 degrees. later on this afternoon. another sunny and gorgeous day and get out there and enjoy a warm afternoon and changes on the way for tomorrow we'll talk about that coming up in a few more minutes. first, though, check of traffic and metro with erin como, hey, erin. >> 5:08 now taking a look at metro in the roads. don't forget metro is on time except for the red line delays closing tacoma park section. no train service between silver spring and fort totten. look at green on the map. camera be neeming us 95 dale city looking great and no problems at the 01 split, 10 through for the washington quiet. speeds 295, 359 and arlington. good news there. let's see if we can forward maps and see what we're dealing with. i'll tell you all the drive times look g construction web side of bay ridge and even though to that construction zone is active look how light volume is moving along long in both directions through queen ans, i'll
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changes. at airport fox d.c. on twitter. we're off to a relatively quiet start in terms of volume on all the maim orr's on the dmv. holy and wisdom. >> comingp eye scary situation in reno as police respond to active shooter overnight. >> airport in indonesia shut down for erupting volcano is now back open and officials are warping the threat of daipinger is still very real. we'll have details on that. >> all right. "fox5 news morning" taking a live look outside now. we're back
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sdmrv in one of the building united states it was once records show he sole the property in last december. >> developing
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ipd nearbyia airport is back open after shut down for three days shut down because volcano in bali starting spewing clouds of ash five miles into the air. at times splashes of red lava were seen he mouth of the creator. 100,000 people near mount agung were ordered to evacuate. the last eruption was in the 60s and killed about 100 people. >> associated press is reporting mississippi state plans to hire offensive coordinator joe moorehead. >> morehead has been with penn state the last two spz and would replace dan mullen who left mississippi state after nine years to become florida's coach. how about this? first for lebron james and this one is not one to brag about. king james ejected during 3rd quarter of last night calves heat game for arguing with referee
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james drove to baskets missed looking for a foul and led to first ejection of nba career in 1082 games. the cavs by the way ended up winning. >> wow. >> okay. >> he was mad. >> okay. >> coming up on "fox news morning", snow in paradise. hawaii becomes a winter wonder loond and we have pictures to prove it. >> still paradise then. >> still paradise. >> 5:12 is the time now and on this hump day morning we are at 44 degrees. but we're on our way to mid 60s. it would be a nice one today. "fox5 news morning" coming right back
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sfwlv tam pap police believe they have suspected serial killer in custody. howell donald son iii was arrested to a string of h hurders. all our killings happened in the sameei
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police received a tip about a man with a gun. >> tax reform. bill is headed for full senate for consideration and vote is expected sometime tomorrow. some lawmakers are concerned that the proposed bill will make deficit dpro and they want a trigger toen crisis taxes of economic growth doesn't offset the goming of tax cuts. yesterday president trump met with republican lawmakers to drum up support for the bill. >> all right. live look outside rights now at 5:15. >> come on you're the little engine that could. >> trying to powerful. >> michael thomas said it will be nice today. maybe that quil give me en energy. >> i need food that will make me feel better. i don't have a appetite th though. >> you need food you can keep down. >> second part of that. >> you need soup, tea. come on wisdom we have to make you smile by the end of the hour. >> how about that. >> that's it. >> yeah. >> we need a better one than that. warm for late november. coming up later on today
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temperatures getting nice and warm. and mid to upper 60s around the region in a few spots. 44 d.c.. we are starting cool. 39 richmond and several suburbs dealing with temperatures in the and even a couple throughout to start the day. pittsburgh at 52. columbus 46. unusually warm this time of year to start the day in those locations and satellite and radar here locally showing absolutely nothing going on. and wisdom, it's spreading excuse me. we're dealing with again just absolutely nothing. it's queue eight cross the eastern half of can'ty. little things area of cloud cover coming through ohio there. that's a cold front that slides through later tonight. won't bring showers but brings us from the 60s to middle 50s tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow afternoon 10 cooler than they will be today. today is the day to enjoy. high pressure off the coastline nice southerly breeze coming up pulling in some of the southern warmth that cold front coming through later will change things
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today at least absolutely georgous. mrementty of sunshine. temperatures in the 60s later on. here are today's eyes. 66 for washington and qua quantico. fredericksburg 68. that will feel fantastic. 65 mannasas. today is the day you eat lunch outside and enjoy one more day here. yet we have changes to talk about on the way. not major. ten cooler tomorrow and few more clouds in the sky. we head to early friday morning and maybe we squeeze out a free dawn shower before we clear it out in the afternoon. weekend looks dry but seasonal. 53 saturday and 57 surprised and back to 60 tuesday however beyond tuesday things look like they may crash in a big way. we'll talk more about that coming up in the days to come. that's weather. erin is back with a check of traffic. how does it look, erin. >> 5:17 now keeping eyes on roads and rails starting off with a look at 270 looking nice from 11 to beltway knowledge of that point. we don't have usual delays p pigging up yet as you you make your way out from 70 to 121 either.
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the beltway. green zone 95 to 270 spur. inner loop volume picking up and not enough to cause slow downs as you make your way past 9 a5 get ago around the curve there. 95 outside of the topside of beltway looks good to and from the baltimore parkway. second are in silver spring as well as bethesda atrophied as well. teing a look at the side of the beltway 20 all green all good oxon hill and inner loop quiet. in fact st. barnabus to wilson bridge at speed. all area brims right now this morning are in great shape. we're problem free 14 street bridge and 11 street brim and things look good third street tunnel and memorial to minor crash blocking shoulder eastbound arundel hills mall boulevard and metro dealing with red line issues. looking at that next. back to you, guys. >> 5:18 is the t
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the realtime news tracker. >> first up to north carolina where a family is pleading for help in finding missing t toldler that vanished over the weekend. new surveillance from a walmart could be from a break in the investigation. a woman with blonde headed toddler looks like 3-year-old missing mariah woods. the little girl's mom noticed her daughter was missing monday morning. the family does not believe the girl wandered off because she uses original periodic leg and has trouble walking on it. >> trauma folding hupd the scenes on capitol hill. lawmakers meet to the work out the details of tax reform bill as president met with lawmakers yesterday. where there were two conspicuous empty seats. democratic leader chuck shumer and nancy pel'sy bailed out of the meeting. white house released pictures of two empty seats and president trump spoke to reporters about their absence. pel'sy said he now knows his verbal abu
5:20 am
tolerated this empty chair photo on shows he's nor interested in addressing students than needs of american people. >> trump is saying that the muller probe will be done end of year. robert hull muller was appointed to vest possible collusion. three with ties to trump are involved is in in the investigation. >> hawaii nonas beach destination and it's snowest place in country fright now. two of big island vol kapo summits are covered in snow. winter storm warnings are in place for the summits, between 6 and 8" of snow are expected to fall. >> don't go to the summit. >> all eyes in hawaii. >> and timely, remember the story from last year. grand mother thought she was texting grandson to invite him to thanksgiving dinner and texted wrong number and ended up inviting a complete straichinger. he asked if he could
5:21 am
jp way and she agreed. well, this year the two met up for the holiday once again and even introducing each other to more members of their own respective families. >> keeps on giving. >> that's good that's a great story, love it, love it. >> coming up on "fox news morning" barbie takes a st stance. what her new look says about marriage equality. >> time now is 5:21. live look outside across the the region. we're back in a moment ♪ music ♪ i was diagnosed with hiv in 2016, but i didn't want my life to just...stop. i wondered if starting treatment would put my life on hold. my doctor and i chose triumeq, it seemed like the right fit for me. triumeq is one pill a day. any time of day. with or without food. now, i'm moving forward with triumeq.
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donations were up 0% compared to last year. all right. 5:24 is the time now. we have good news on the way in regards to weather for today. >> yes we gave you good warm an giving tuesday and will give you good weather again today. fair? feel better, wiz. >> i know. that's hard. >> you're over there looking like grumpy cat. >> mike it's a whole thing. you know how it is. >> it's interesting when i get sick i get sick and go down hard. >> we thank you for coming into work today. >> to spread the germs ar around. >> expect none of us here tomorrow we'll all be out. >> all right. guys, today's weather geo georgous. absolutely no problems in the sky. we should have a lot of sunshine and temperatures-wise starting chilly, 44. we'll warm up rather quickly today since sun gets in the sky. clear skies reported in the airport. winds out of norm west warm direction tore any time of year. especially this time of year we can start to feel a l
5:26 am
fading summer warmth here later today. satellite and radar showing not too much going on and across the whole eastern half of kupty and weak cold front to the west will pass through tonight and cool us down tomorrow. today is win to enjoy. by 10 pbg, temperatures above seasonal and into the middle 50s by 55 degrees. by 1:00, 63. by 4:00, 65. it's a day worth enjoying and here's today's highs around the region. 6 washington. quantico, 65 mannasas. and 68 degrees possible later on today in fredericksburg. and you can get outside and enjoy it if you k we have big change ahead more on that coming up. that's a check of the forecast. erin como is back with the roadways this morning, how do they look, erin. >> coming up on 5:27 right now starting you off with rails. red line don't forget portion shut down through december 10 between silver spring and fort totten we have limited shuttle service replacing trains. tacoma remains closed. take mark trains, metro bus, car pool to get around that. let meno
5:27 am
questions and eastbound looks great problem free airport to 66. same story as you make your way to dulles airport quiet reagan national and bwi. volume picking up on 66 both directions through gainsville. and good news we're at speed as you make your way inbound to centerville. 28 quiet. i'll let you know if that changes and 95. look at yellow line we have volume and not enough to cause major slow downs through wood bridge yet between quantico and dale city. watch for a tap of brakes to get closer to springfield interchange. problem free in tysons, any questions again erinfoxdc on twitter let's keep you moving this wednesday morning, holiday and wisdom. >> m coming up a brutal attack of a woman an a live look at the assault. >> and 5:27, tox news morning is
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y2i1zy y16fy you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. police no florida caught the killer terrorizing a cam pa neighborhood. >> brute all assault latest for intense-er isp of the suspect and fox news has exclusive interview with the victim.
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>>. >> we have a good one today. near picture perfect twhaerj afternoon. sunshine, temperatures mid 6 60s. again a few changes tomorrow. details coming up. hey, erin. >> i'll take that mike we have emergency roadwork on the bay bridge and also a partial segment shut down on red line if you take metro. volume increasing on 66. full look ahead next. >> we'll check back with you in a few. right now 5:31 breaking news out of florida. video just ut in of tampa police walking suspect they believe is serial killer that terrorized a neighborhood for more than a month. >> 24-year-old howell donald son the iii is connected with a string of homicides. donald son was picked up yesterday following a tip about a man with a gun at local mcdonald's. he was brought in for questioning and several hours later police announced donald so
5:32 am
counts of first degree murder and killings happened in seminole heights neighborhood on october 9 rather. >> 5:32 now and happening today united nations security council will hold emergency meeting to discuss the missile launch. it happened our time yesterday afternoon taken was the first launch carried in and out 2 and a half months. missile reached 2000 miles before hitting a target. it would have this cape bit of hitting east coast including d.c.. president trump and south korea spoke on the phone about the launch and threat north korea poses to the world. >> developing today on capitol hill we'll be watching for a house vod on legislation to require antisexual harassment training for all members and staff. this comes after several members have been aus kood of sexual misconduct in the past and that includes michigan congressman john conyer
5:33 am
several members are urging him to resign and facing several ago from several womenen including several staffers did he harass them or in some cases undressed in fronts of them. conyers said he did nothing wrong and plans to stay in congress through end of term. >> tax we form a step closer to reality. cleared senate finance commit owe own part line vote. full senate set to vote on it tomorrow. tax bill would have to be reconciled with house version already passed. president trump says is americans will get the largest tax cut in the country's history. the president tweeted yesterday great day for tax cuts and republican party and biggest win willing out great country. >> 5:33 is the time now and we turn to "fox5" exclusive a mana tacked and robbed and robbed inside a place thousands of you pass through every day and we're talking about union station. >> victim ended up in the hospital and as police tracked down the suspe
5:34 am
annie yu live at union station with this story. what happened here, annie. >> well, holy and wisdom. you'll see a picture of tramia logan. police are searching for a man responsible for this vish us tack. and the woman this morning is still recovering from injuries as you mentioned she spoke exclusively with us last night and this all happened yesterday 4:00 and there were plenty of people around inside union station and she went there to return klonls at the h & m around 4:00 and she stepped on to the escalator going up. she said a man was to the left. she asked him to move over to the right which she did and he basically intimidated her by facing her as they were going up the escalator and as soon as she stepped off she said with a closed fist he punched her in the face and knocked her cold and left her pleading and she was taken to a hospital where she was treated for that injury as well as just to be checked out for other serious injuries and needless to say she's
5:35 am
trauma tised from this incident and told marina marraco she's humiliated and wants justice and this man to be found. take a listen sfwli made a right by the escalator. an he punched me so hard in my face i dropped. my nose i don't know if my nose bleeded or my mouth but blood started coming from everywhere. i looked up could not open my eye. i want him to be caught and i want justice. >> that's really tough to see that photo there of her face just moments after she was attacked. and now amtrak police told us that they are still looking for a suspect in this case. however, they would not provide any surveillance video to what happened. they're also not giving us too much information as far as suspect goes and tell us again that they are looking for a suspect. that's the latest from union station, annie yu,
5:36 am
>> you can do it wiz, go. i believe in you. >> time to talk weather and traffic with erin and mike good morning. >> you sound like you're a flight attendant we're going to take off. >> it's a soothing voice. >> it had that r & b. >> is that right. >> it doesn't feel r & b or flight. >> it is r & b. >> i feel really bad voice. >> aww. >> that was quick. good. holy. >> all right. >> cup of coffee. >> yeah. >> let's talk weather. >> weather will help you out today, wiz. it will be nice and warm later this afternoon. 4 this morning. chilly. suburbs 27 mannasas and 28 culpeper and even colder. sun gets in sky today and not a lot of clouds if any passing through later this afternoon. it means will warm up quick. quiet across the east coast. not much planned throughout the
5:37 am
and heading into the afternoon evening hours should keep it clear. not until the overnight. thursday, 6 a.m. fy high clouds to greet us. sun to start. clouds to finish. isolated sprinkle to the west before the midnight hour and here in d.c.. maybe a ring havele or two before the early morning rush on friday morning. that the only weather concerns we have nothing m coulding our way yet. here's the two-day forecast of the floorious tomorrow enjoy it ten degrees cooler. here's a check of the forecast over to erin for traffic. hey, erin. >> 5:37 if you wake up and head out and wake up in the same sentence if you wake up and take bay bridge today keep in mind 50 on eastbound side out by bay bridge drive -- bay dale drive we have roadwork. lot of green on the map. heavier volume picking up on 9 5 north and southbound dale
5:38 am
city. and this morning and let you know if that changes.
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snrv 20 minutes before 6. welcome back to "fox news morning" on this wednesday never 29. facebook is using its technology to help detect when users may be considering suicide. social media network says it's expanding pattern recognition software to more countries after successful tests here in the u.s.. spokesperson says that the software detect a potential suicide and alerts a spe specializeed team that handle these reports and also suggests resources to the use are or their friends. >> and u.s. healthcare providers are getting better at de testing hiv and people are waiting too long to get a diagnosis. a cdc report says average time between hiv infection and diagnosis is three years 7 months earlier than in 2001. it's a considerable decrease in time but once the person is diagnosed it can be treated and people
5:42 am
lives. >> warning for dog owners to avoid bone treats. illnesses including 15 deaths. take a look at screen for potentially dangerous bone treats. most of them are available at pet retailers across the country. >> be careful. >> um, sometime tell us. are we going to break now? i think we are. okay. 5:42 is m time, wiz. >> let's look outside as we head to break. "fox news morning" back after this this
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nothing comes before coffee. that's why we're introducing a new line of café-quality espresso drinks from mccafé. get a small peppermint mocha for just two dollars. >> we are back at 5:45. cool story for you as base jumping was not crazy enough this french team took it to another level they jumped off swissalp from 13,000 feet and used squirrel suits and flew two miles down into the open doorway of a passing plane. watch this they reach speeds of 100 miles an hour using head sets to coordinate june weapon pilot. talk about timing that is crazy.
5:46 am
how do you keep from hitting front of plane i don't know. >> looks like they hit hard right. >> good for them. >> they probably feel worse than you do after that hit it's pretty bad. >> welcome back, everybody, 14 minute before the hour. >> the twist. >> tell me, tell me. >> come on. >> all right. trying to wake you up on wednesday, wisdom is like you are making me sicker. tying to make you feel better. someone hit me up on twitter an facebook. well wishes. appreciate that. >> almost works. >> now you have to get sprayed down. >> lysol. >> de contaminate sgld
5:47 am
feel better. sunny and warm this afternoon and twigging and turning and joining temperatures later today. mid 0s maybe upper 60s south of town. and cool conditions back tomorrow. still above normal believe it or not this time of year. and ten warmer tomorrow or ten degrees cool are and rain through the weekend. and so weekend looks dry. good too. not as warm today and temperatures still surprise tool slightly above. so december starting off not harshly here in d.c.ment that may change mid december. satellite and radar nothing to worry about. thin area of clouds coming through ohio. there that's a cold front changing us from warm air mass to one that's cooler as we head through evening hours. tonight won't come with rain
5:48 am
tonight in the d.c. region. 44 washington. travel a little south of town to mannasas 27 degrees. culpeper is 27. 36 dulles and 38 gaithersburg and cool spots out there. certainly jacket weather. this afternoon, shorts and tee shirts, maybe. 60s in november. tends to feel warm. nice southwest breeze today. good pointing that we'll hit that 68 kind of early today and most of us willing at work and don't get out of work until 5:00. so you'll miss. it those of you after school with the kids 60. mid 6 coming your way later today. >> the high is 66 in washington and 68 fred ri rikdzburg and what a day we had in store for 29 pbl day of november and starting off bad. and sunday, 57. and that's ahead of cold front. and checking the
5:49 am
back with traffic. >> 5:48 and traffic getting by left northbound certaintyville new braddock road. please use caution and traffic is getting by and that could slowed you down. as we forward things along looking at 66 out there. we're all starting to see yellow zone picking up through 8 right now from fame fax county to the beltway a ten minute trip. keep in mind from 9 in ga gainsville and 28 centerville you'll see a five minute slow down now because of the amount of volume. right now 24 minute trip dale city to beltway. heaviest volume main lanes past dale boulevard be mindful as you head out. eastbound of toll road you're in great shape as you make your way 267. heavy volume there towards the airport you're new good shape. nice and quiet bwi and reagan national and red line deal with segment shut down avoid tacoma station. no train service shuttle service re
5:50 am
you make your way silver spring to fort totten. back to you guys. >> and 5:49 now. federal judge weighed in on back and forth for acting director tore consumer financial protection bureau. the outgoing director who was obama appoint he hand picked successor leandra english. and english filed a lawsuit against the white house seeking to block mulvaney. >> the yj ruled dwens that request saying english case was not strong uv n? met low policy may upset riders that do not carry cash then they have to pay the next time they put money on card. metro says that policy caused transit agency to lose millions. starting in january metro riders will be required to pay up before they leave. the issue is riders can only pay in cash. hope they get the word out to everybody. otherwise that could be trauma
5:51 am
trauma. >> that could be trauma all right. >> back with what is ot on the web. >> and first up charge have been filed now against indiana teacher accused of snorting cocaine in classroom. some an that cox was charged with felony possession of controlled substance and admitted to buying 160 worm of cocaine on way to school. >> nor barny sanders unvalid a plan to help pirt look owe. ambitious recovery plan will provide 77% of energy needs within ten years for renewable power sources such as powder and wind. and the bill includes federal funding or healthcare education and transportation. >> trending this morning a buzzling discovery of the international space statio. russian cosmonaut said he found bacteria linging to the station that was not during launch of iss modul
5:52 am
from outer space. further testing has been ordered and koz month put that insists it's not dangerous and doesn't impose threat to humans bacteria from earth has been found in space before. >> nomination force grammy awards are released jay z has eight nods, album, song and record of year and brup owe mars nominated for the big three. childish game beaten owe up for major awards and rap and r & b dominated nominations and the 60th annual grammy awards will take place january 28 in new york. >> finally more details starting to come up about the upcoming royal wedding prince harry and meghan markle will take the knot in may. ceremony will be held windsor castleest west of london. he'll be baptized church of england before they wed. >> that's interesting. >> i wonder if
5:53 am
baptized before. you're only supposed to be baptized once. >> what if you change. >> you still only supposed to be baptized once. >> in your religion. >> maybe church of england they do it different. >> she'll become a uk cit citizen. >> she's transferring. >> no word if she'll de announce u.s. citizenship. >> maybe dual. >> but will become a uk citizen. that's a tid bit that came out. >> 5:53 is the time. with wrap up of black friday and cyber monday you're bound to come home with a few packages or two a few packages waitsing on door step. today is national protection package day. >> stay alert and protect your homes against package theft. crime becomes more and more prevalent of course during the holiday shopping schbility here's a few tips to keep in mind. track package to see if you can determine when it should be delivered. if you don't think you'll be at home at that time ask a neighbor to look out for the delivery. >> most importantly encourage family and friends you may be sending packages to t
5:54 am
them sps possible after their delivery. >> i have two words for you. >> what. >> amazon locker. >> that's right. you know i i didn't know about that. i find they keep them in grocery stores. >> yeah. >> i had no idea until recently. >> just a thought. >> it's time to say hello to facebook fan of the day. >> hey, good morning amanda raby pictured here with kids anthony on left and elana on right. >> they're huge "fox5" fans and plan to keep posting pictures of fan of the day until they get selected a man day today is lucky day so happy we can do that for you this morning. >> great picture. >> there you go. happy, happy wednesday. >> all right. i think it will be a happy wednesday. everybody will be able to take pictures outside like that today right, mike. >> gorgeous later this afternoon. how about we keep the sunshine going. and temperatures lower 6 . dulles 6. bwi 63 as well. how about we put a few more degrees on this and go 66 reagan national and probably around 65 and dulles and
5:55 am
normal high this time of year 52. we'll be well up above that later today satellite and radar showing why. nothing going on eastern half of country here. couple high, thin clouds possible and other than that should be a great day. bus stop forecast. 45, chilly, still need jack they morning. it's after school that the real warmth moves in. 60 to 67 degrees. get out and enjoy. 66 again the daytime high in washington today. about ten cooler tomorrow and we should deep dry. few more clouds in the afternoon. friday maybe a free dawn shower. sun returns later in the afternoon. weekend dry. seasonal, temperatures mid to low 50s. check of 6 the forecast and erin is back with traffic. >> 5:55 now looking at metro red line delays tacoma section is closed. limited replacing red line between silver spring and fort totten. give yourself extra time. ongoing construction as you make your way across the eastbound side of bay bridge. an exit 28
5:56 am
lane closed and emergency roadwork in place and volume light right now. and as we look at 270 southbound side you can see we have green through gaithersburg and knowledge of that point 70 to 121 yellow zone 22 minute ride because of coneston and as you make your way topside of beltway volume increasing past new hampshire avenue. still seeing green drive time between 95 and 20 that could change as people hit the road and inner loop picking up in terms of volume. second arie and silver spring and bethesda look g northbound centerville road in vir ver in centerville and new braddock there's a crash blocking right lane causing backup at that intersection. as we move things offer to a look at mc complain problem free inner and outer loop to and from american leemingon bridge and looking good in tysonville and no problems dulles toll road. if you have an early morning flight catch traffic bwi and reagan looks good and volume slotting us down. this is between 29 and 28 in centerville and
5:57 am
10 minute delay and only a 10 minute trip from fairfax co county park way to beltway. we'll keep you updated on morning xhit. keep it to to "fox news morning". we'll back with the 6:00 hour on "fox5".
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5:59 am
6:00 am
>> overnight out of tampa, month day, an arrest made in four people spend twiing month period. >> 24-year-old howell emmanuel donald son taken in for questioning at the mcdonald's where le works after police received a tip from one of his co-workers that he had a gun. that gun was recovered and sent to a lab for forensic testing and hours later they gathered enough evidence to officially take him into custody. >> you know 51 days ago i


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