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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 29, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> overnight out of tampa, month day, an arrest made in four people spend twiing month period. >> 24-year-old howell emmanuel donald son taken in for questioning at the mcdonald's where le works after police received a tip from one of his co-workers that he had a gun. that gun was recovered and sent to a lab for forensic testing and hours later they gathered enough evidence to officially take him into custody. >> you know 51 days ago i
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between good and evil. well, tonight goodness won. >> and tonight, is the beginning of when justice will be served. and then process will occur when this individual rots in hell. >> the first murder took place in mid october seminole heights followed by three others prompting intense manhunt. donald son is fashion four counts of first degree murder. >> other stories tensions running high between united states and north korea north korea after they launched another ballistic missile the most powerful ever tested new heights of 2800 miles and soared for 50 minutes before flashing down in sea of japan. this particular missile could reach the united states including east dmooingt d.c.. president trump and south korea president spoke on the phone last night about the threat north korea north korea poses to the world. it's more important than ever to fund government and military.
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hold troops funding hostage. i want on stopping illegal immigration and won big they cannot threaten a shut down to get demand. united nations security council will hold a meeting today to discuss the latest missile launch. >> happening today locally a bomb shell report about the most recent graduating class at blue high school. and class of 2017 gained nation wooivd attention for reaching a huge milestone. every graduate receiving one college acceptance letter. >> new investigation reveals that should not have been the case. melanie melanie alnwick is live i in northeast with this story. what happened, mem? >> reporter: good morning, guys, we'll find a little more about what happened when d.c. schools chancellor antwan wilson addresses media later this morning. but when you look back to june 2017 there was a lot of celebration. there was one of the highest graduation rates that the school had. 86% of high sc
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walked across the stage that day to receive a dip lom axe that given in the prior year it was only 57 mrs and year before that 51%. so while people were celebrating many were questioning the school's incredible turn around. well wamu and npr dug deep near the data and found incredibly high absent teeism rates that probably should have led to many students not graduating. we're talking about one half of the graduates missed more than three months of school unexcused 20% of those that graduated were absent and more than they were present. and april, only 57 students in the graduating class were on track to graduate. so the big question, how did so many of them pass? well a lot of last minute makeup work and extra credit quick classes called credit recovery and then there's this. teachers that report they were under extreme pressure to pass students. they had requests to change f's to
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they would receive four evaluations by administrator if they did not cooperate. and now last year chancellor antwan wilson sat down with "fox5" before confirmed with d.c. council and talked about goals for student success. >> we want to not only catch the national average we expect to put in place activities that lead to us beating national afternoon. in order to do that though we have to have intense focus on that and making sure that the students who are lagging that they're getting all the support they need to be successful. >> and now, d.c. public schools policy says that high absent teeism on part of student could lead to failing grades and could lead to negative affect on their ability to be promoted. and school officials did say that they recognize that many students in d.c. public schools have challenges in their home life that might prevent them from coming to school on regular
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they said as you heard the chancellor saying there they want to give those students every opportunity achieve a better future. live in d.c. public school headquarters i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> the full senate could begin debating about the big tax reform bill today ahead of expected vote on it tomorrow. bill cleared the senate finance committee yesterday along party line vote. there have been republican senators expressing concern about parts of bill and it appears more likely gop has more support for it to pass. over in the house today focus will be on stopping sexual harassment. the house is set to vote on bill requiring all members and staff to get antisexual harassment training. that action comes after several recent allegations of sexual misconduct by members of congress of course including michigan representative john conyers facing allegations from several women including former staffers he harassed them or some cases undressed in front
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several members called on conyers to resign. >> you this this morning ipd nearbyia international airport was opened today it was closed three days because of kol vanic activity. mount agung started spewing lava. 100,000 people near the volcano were asked to eva evacuate. the last eruption was 1960s and killed more than 1,000 people. impressive. >> tuck, good morning. >> good morning. >> weather has been beau beautiful. >> yes, it has. >> we'll keep it going. i notice not as cool this morning as last couple mornings. >> right, believe it or not we have a few spots touching 70 degrees today. >> nice. >> please tell me where those spots will. >> i will share with you. >> warmer day in november. daytime highs 10 to 15 above normal this afternoon. 60s for everybody and a few spots south. fredericksburg thinking of you
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close to 70. maybe towards culpeper as w well. 43 now work tan. dulles 41 baltimore. satellite and radar had nothing on it for days and i'll do that again at this hour. >> no complaint. >> no complaints. >> a few clouds north and west. we have a weak cold front coming through today. we may get some more cloudyness than yesterday. that will be the only change. otherwise we'll pump temperatures few degrees from yesterday. mid 60s 4 . not expecting rain today and 7 day looks nice and quiet. although there are changes lurking. i'll have all the details in a minute. >> threatening that for a couple days now. >> like for three months. eventually it happened. >> okay. >> more details next time. >> can't wait. >> yes. >> okay. >> stay tuned. >> good morning erin como how are you. >> good morning, 6:07 now and fortunately we have problems 295 southbound near beping road a crash because of that speeds dipping
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15 miles an hour and give yourself twelve extra minutes 50 to 11 street bridge and we also have a crash in southern maryland northbound 301 before branch avenue and blocking the left shoulder. heavier volume five inbound as well and as we look at delays 210 northbound bottom side of beltway and oxon hill you back up livingston with heavy traffic inbound. inner look looks okay as you pass 210 ands as we look at 270 southbound usual volume 70 to 121, 25 minute trip. there give yourself extra time gaithersburg things clear up. unfortunately a lot of backup developed by new hampshire avenue from 95 to new hampshire avenue and three minute delay and 15 minute total ride still in green zone officially to 270. 95 icc to beltway looks good. metro on time except for the red line issue dealing with silver spring and fort totten a look there next guys. >> tiger woods making a come back. those details next.
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a woman beaten and robbed inside union station. she is sharing her story with us as police continue to search for a suspect. we're back in 0 seconds.
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>> un nonstation. >> a victim end pd up in the hospital and as police tracked the suspect down she's speaking and only tom "fox5". annie yu is live at union station now with the story. annie. >> allison and steve this is just a terrible incidents and you know this morning the victim termea logan is 21 years alleged and recovering from injuries she was badly beaten in the face. and as you mentioned, people come here all the time. it's constantly busy. inside you have the food court and mall which is where she was headed towards and if you look now at this early hour there's a lot of activity. now this happened after 4:00 yesterday she had gotten off work and went inside union station on the escalator headed to h & m on upper level an a man standing to the left was also on the escalator with her. she asked him to move over. he eventually did and the entire time she says he was facing towards her sort of intimidating her as they made their way up the escalator and sh
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told him, one side is the walk up and one side is walk down and as soon as she stepped off she says the man with closed fist bashed her in the face and you can see her face just moments after she was hit. she was left out cold on the floor. hevr face bleeding she says and she was taken to a hospital where doctors checked her out for other serious injuries. she tells us she is curious where security was and whether people saw something. she told marina marraco she's humiliated and wants justice. take a listen. >> i made a right by the escalator he punched me so hard in the face i dropped and i don't know if it was my nose or mouth pleading but blood was everywhere. i looked and when i looked up i could not open my eye i want hi
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>> now the suspect also got away with her shopping bag. but that was later found in union station amtrak said they're looking for a suspect and have little information and they would not provide information as far as surveillance epts video. that's the latest from union station. annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> to maryland now where a sports trainer is accused of texting a nude photo of himself to a high school students. carl joseph charged with soliciting a minor. he worked as volunteer trainer for one of the girl's basketball teams gwen park nice brandywine. >> family of fairfax country man was shot in the head by u.s. park police and died. he was shot two weeks ago after police say he was involved in hit and run in alexandria. and then led officers on eye short chase. his family said he died monday night. fbi is leading independent investigation. >> in ohio a police officer is recovering after partner accidentally fired
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at him. this happened in the city of riverside. one of the officers was attempting to arrest a suspect who was resisting and both ended up on ground and that's when the other officer fired takeser at the suspect and missed and hit partner instead. the officer would was hit had to be hospitalized. >> and 6:13 now a shakeup in the nfl ely manning benched for the backup. emotional reaction coming up. >> live look outside as we head to break this wednesday morning. weather and traffic on the fives coming up next. it's 6:1.
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snrv nice start to the mor
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>> feels like summertime tuck. >> if doesn't feel like it if you look at the picture. >> it will feel like october later today. >> and 15 above normal. unsunrise not until 7:36 and you can see beginnings here beautiful. and bus stop forecast it's another day of school. looking forward to it, too. temples low 40s in sit question and plenty of 30s out the bed way and look at after school numbers. great day if you get get out and play. yesterday reagan national 61 and dulles and bwi marshall and and well above that yesterday. and believe it or not temperatures will be well into the 60s this afternoon and mid 60s daytime eyes. current number 43 washington and notice mrnltty chilly off to the west.
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get outside the city. 37 in quantico and 3 this morning in fredericksburg and 28 culpeper and mannasas and bouncing these temperatures particularly south and west later today and few spots give you close to 70. 45 leonardtown and 45 annapolis. not much to tack about in terms of storms and fronts and high pressure overhead. another day of it. quiet. i know you're what waking up you but there's a weak front here with cloudyness that moves in in afternoon. this the gives us wind shift. there may be clouds to contend with later this afternoon. it will not be very impressive stuff. not a whole lot cooler temperatures well in the 50s. 60s today cooler behind that property and our next more significant front will get in thursday night and friday with a few showers. that's best chance for rain this week. weekend looks good too. into the the 50s. >> i love the hair. >> good
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>> i got new volume spray thank you forness noticing. >> wow like me to do your hair too. >> yesterday there was a sleep bump in it today you don't that i'm proud of you. river road we're heavy inner and outer loop. no crashes on the beltway right now however. top or bottom side. let's switch things over for a look at cameras and maps. show you whatel you're dealing with on the roads. unfortunately crash 295 southbound prior to what is nhb avenue let's if i can you're that out i thought it was near benning road. i can not do abbreviations this hour we'll keep you updated. it's been moved to shoulder that's good news we can call that prior to benning road. give yourself ten gentleman minutes to get soults of that point. nobody 0 1 branch avenue heavier volume 5 at the 301 smrait and through gainsville and noos and sutly road right
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minute trip yellow zone we see a lot of backed up traffic because of congestion. once you pass 28 quiet. lot of congestion building 95 main lanes past dale boulevard triangle to occoquan. metro on time except for the red line delay was ongoing track work. back to you guys. >> who needs diapers and strollers and bottle when's you can register at dominos pizza. >> pizza makes everything better. >> it skipd of did. >> french team of dare devils not only jumped off swiss alps from 15 feet without a parachute she used squirrel suits and flew down into a plane. september that a twist on things. instead of jumping out it's like they ran the video in very verse but deposit. timed perfectly if you miss that door by an inch 100 miles an hour. >> long way down. they made it. >> that's
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>> we'll check the market and we loved you to check the markets. ooz we know that's one day. and. >> and it was pretty unbelievable day. dow was up. 255 point and other indexes all doing well. and surging financial shares that really boosted the dow yesterday. and then we saw comments from the new fed sheet jerome powell and another big thing tax reform. you know we finally cleared one hurdle getting out of senate finance committee and that boosted shares as well. and current chairman janet yellen she'll be
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today. >> and it will be a great win for the stock market. if tax reform does go through. that's what investors have been waiting for and watching. and you know, we are getting closer it does team with senate finance committee cl clearing that legislation and even though the vote was very close. 12-11. you know now they're clear to debate the bill with the full senate and then you know getting that closer and closer to getting something passed here as you said the president will be speaking in missouri this afternoon. and about tax reform. >> i want to get to next story this fascinate me automati
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in the business place and this could be literally a revolution in how we work. which we have not seen in the county in a couple hundred years that could impact one third of american workforce and numbers are staggering. >> yes and this comes from mckenzie global institute. by the year 200 automation could destroy 70 million jobs in the united states. that is a pretty staggering number. and you know the jobs most at risk are those in physical ones and in predictable environments. maybe that's someone that operates machinery or prepares fast food or who does a data or clerical work, accounting, paralegal work. you know? but those that jobs that are most stable those are the ones in the unpredictable environments and maybe those that require higher expertise that manage people and you know you think of scientists and you think of engineers and those are the jobs that are safest. and even if our
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now are operated by robots. i don't know how it is for you guys. >> absolutely. >> and that job has been replaced by robot. so, >> yes, it is robot revolution. >> it is i hope this is not going to be the trend. but you know of course there are factors that do change that like the economy like other forces outside and i do hope that that does happen. >> treacy you only have 30 second left i want to get to the dominos story it's kind of cute and let's end on good note. >> yeah, so you know parents to can be register for pizza package was sdom knows. forget the the practical things like strorl and bottles and diapers and parent there are certain pack amounts little celebration for baby sleeping through the night. you can register for that and register for a little date night pizza. so, great thing i think a lot of few and that's available starting today also some pizza accessories, clothing, you if you
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for something more practical than pizza. >> have fun with it. >> see you tomorrow treacy. >> bye. >> good morning. >> it will be actually beautiful today. temperatures back in the 60s and may touch 70 in a few spots. >> no record of any type. >> not quite but still unseasonably warm this time of year. >> okay. >> still beautiful afternoon. >> okay. >> even if not okay that's what it will be. 43 washington. you want your jack they morning as tem sturz in many spots in the 0s. sat lied and radar quiet and we have a weak cold front and if you look carefully you'll see clouds in pennsylvania and that front moves in this afternoon and cooler weather. next chance for shower thursday night to friday nothing to be krped about on the forecast. enjoy the beautiful day. >> lovely. >> as it should be. >> all right. thanks tuck good morning erin.
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[000:26:59;00] thoughtful viewers. go a little stump i said what nhb it's nappy helen bureau avenue. it snuck up with me on caught me off guard. i need coffee. thank you to everybody that tweeted me to let mow know. >> it takes a village. >> yes, it takes a village when you have one cup of coffee. that crash cleared and traffic is picking up five minute delay between 50 and many helen bureaus avenue. >> and fortunately heavy volume on five nobody right at the split there. there's a crash causing additional delays. keep it to "fox news morning" we'll be right back and we
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is application site pain. >> gorgeous, gorgeous, sun coming up. 6:0 on wednesday morning in dmv. really stunning. all right. we'll have weather and traffic for you on the fives at 6:35. we welcome you back to "fox news morning". first, though, right now breaking news this is out of florida. this is video in from tampa police. they're doing what we call the perp walk or walking suspect they believe is serial killer that ter rice aid neighborhood more than a month in the tampa area. 24-year-old howell donald son was arrestsed in connection with four recent homicides.
6:31 am
he was picked up yestery tip of having a gun came with him. he was brought in for questioning several hours and later officially arrested. >> and also developing overnight active shooting suspect that led a hostage and fired from nevada highrise on to the street below is now dead. the man who barricaded himself inside a condo in downtown reno last night is dead. thankfully no one was hurt. police initially announced the suspect was detained and later confirmed he died following sdaink of gunfire between him and swat officers. one building units was once owned by las vegas gunman that killed 58 people in october. records show he told the property in december of late year. >> back here holy chancellor of d.c. public schools is expected to add drs a bomb shell new report about the most recent graduating class at bleu high school and class of 2017 gained nationwide
6:32 am
attention for reaching a huge milestone when he every college acceptance letter at least. and report are out and reveal most of them lacked requirements to graduate. >> archdiocese of washington suing metro because trends the agency refused to put holiday ad on buses. it qualifies as issue add which includes political, religious and advocacy messages, agency banned such adds in 2015 after activist tried to put antiliz lambic ads on buses. some believe there should be a balance with religious ads. >> people in the spit of the season and decorations and toys an a positive spirit. i can see it beingfieding a medium ground. it should not necessarily feel like you're just pushing a religious agenda. >> now this is not ivt first lawsuit that metro faces on this issue. the aclu also filed suit in
6:33 am
austst cite >> 6:32 now new this morning maryland inter county connector icc is second b buzzest toll facility in maryland and bringing in mo money. this year projected that the icc will collect more than 64 million. drivers racked up nearly 30 million trips on toll way to put that in perspective the number of trips on the icc is five times the population of the state of maryland. this year that number is supposed to top 32 million trips and that's up 8% from this year. busy, busy, busy on icc steve. >> busy notice wold of sports as well. minnesota does not have a good defense. expected to be high scoring game. it was not. john wall not on the court. expected to miss the next couple weeks. the steam has to step up they did but took a child. trailing most of the game
6:34 am
porter stepped up hitting a shot with 25 seconds left t since 1st quarter and timberwolves could convert and porter shoots. nextp a stop in philly tonight taking on sichers. >> lebron james fist for his career first time more than 1,000 nba games ejectsed. happened during 3rd quarter arguing with a ref. drove to the basket. missed shot. looked for foul. that set him off. 1082 games before first nba he investigation. caps one the game without t them. >> tiger woods teeing offer to the first time in years in albany new york since undergo fourth. >> 2008 tournament open last win 2013. >> skins head for a thursday night match-up with the cowboys.
6:35 am
it will be filled with students tonight from prince george county schools. they'll help kids learn about physical call activity, food and nutrition. >> did you like the yell on on yellow look. >> no. >> yes, >> yes. >> two yeses and two knows i'm not a fan and pa parentally neither is leadership of the team. for the past two years the league made a rule they have to wear jury when's they play thursday night. allen doesn't like the yellow look and want aid pass and tried to make it a rule earlier in the year. >> why can't they do all burgandy. that could be sharp. >> maybe i don't know al. penalty for not wearing them is only $5,000. i have a feel they'll suck up five grand. >> and big news nfl gind 2-9. far from. it 14-7 touchdown pointception
6:36 am
ra thrown for 240 yards this year and won two games so the giants benched him. giants going with gene owe smith when they take on raiders surprised. first time hely will start on bench since rookie season 13 years ago. >> i told gene owe i'll be here for him and sat down with him today and going over the the script and going over plays and just making sure you know he's comfortable with he everything and knows how to go out there and you know give him a chance to be successful. i don't have to make sense of it. this is what it is and like i said, i have to deal with it. hard day to handle this. but, you know, hang in there and figure it out. >> giants coach mack adieu trying to save his own job with the switch. this gave manning option of
6:37 am
starting to keep streak of 210 consecutive starts. no the only one top start more consecutive games is brett favsh. >> he's 36. >> the question is -- >> what's going on. >> he's never been premiere. heeds found a way to win. question always is though is the guy you will replace him with better? >> right. >> that's decision bosses have to make. >> wait a minute tucker barnes has something to say. >> i don't have anything at all. >> i was sad to see. it i'm not a giants fan but he does. >> interesting 2-9 if you think gino smith is future of franchise go for it he's been kicked around the league for years. >> i like his attitude. >> and i i -- >> fan of another team nfc east. >> i like the skins costs tombs hot yellow muingt tarred. >> i would rather they be all burgandy. >> i have to be quick. 43 washington. mid 6 later today. it will be a beautiful day.
6:38 am
much of the areas in day. and mid 60s later this afternoon and dry conditions. it should be nice. it should be nice day. sorry i'm trying to go fast and my mouth won't. 66 this afternoon. >> good to see dying tiger in the news. tiger is never in the news. >> i know think he'll come back we'll dish later. >> unfortunately beltway right now no lanes moving on upper loop. take a look at this crash. it was previously blocking left lane and right lane and center lane right now. no traffic is moving at least four cars involved. this is the upper loop side of the beltway at the leemon bridge. heat le get out of the way. huge huber neck delay. all outer loop lanes are open it's parked as they take a look at crash scene. we'll keep up updated on that and found out the exact point they're diverting traffic. inner loop lanes moving on leemon bridge. we'll be rights back on
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fovrming news morning. we have the latest for you. ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million
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dollars to those in need. snrv we're back with what is trend opening the web this wonderful wednesday morning. trending on the web. a college student tweeted she would donate 25 cent to st. jude children's hospital for every favorite and that she would donate 50 cents for
6:42 am
every retweet. well, what the student didn't know was tha go viral. got more than 193 retweets that's more than 200,000. the college student says she would donate 1,000 dlrz and start a go fund me to raise more money. >> you don't know the power of of yourself girl, you go. >> all is right with the world again. google has fixed hamburger emogi. in recent 8.oreo update cheese was moved to above the meat patti. and in older version the cheese was on the bottom below the meat patti. above the meat patti was let us and toe nate owe. this caused major backlash. google fixed the beer emojis and topped off the stein of beer with froth on the top. >> oh, good. >> are you looking for love listen to item any. zues found if you mentioned
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food in online dating profile that increased popularity. messages and found three foods that stood out increasing likelyhood of getting mes messages. >> shout them out. >> i don't know. >> guacamole, no pork rindz, potatoes and chocolate. not mentioning fried chicken or jams. those two foods are bad more mating. >> and don't have the dispute whether cheese goes on top or -- >> it was a big thing. >> of course i remember. >> do you like yams or not. >> i do. >> you're okay with me. >> i'll take cheese on top and bottom. >> an update from kevin mccarthy. he's still hawaii. how does this happen. he meets with the roing, jack black, kevin mccarthy. coming up next. as we head to break now. oh, my goodness. good luck, everybody, this is breaking news sky fox over
6:44 am
american leemingon bridge all of the lanes in oneir
6:45 am
6:46 am
we'll vup date from erin coming up in a minute. that's a big old mess
6:47 am
>> volume on the gw parkway. as we get to the american l leemon bridge one semi-truck involved in the crash inner loop side of things on the bridge. and there's dozens of vehicles that are completely parked waiting to get through. they messed that point of exit gw parkway. please have patience this morning. with you may have friends or family late for work or whenever they're headed and earlier loop disabled vehicle and moved to shoulter and another crash blocking two left lanes out are loop side of things. i want to move things over to a welcome at maps. try to help you get around that. just keep in mind because of closure there you're seeing black and best bet detour 267 and take inner loop annandale to 66 inbound and take secondarys and any questions erinfoxdc twitter and you don't want to get stuck in the backup leading to gw parkway
6:48 am
and please give yourself extra time and give yourself a differ and outer loop, we're seeing 270 spur to outer loop and that causes nightmare for drivers as you make your way out of the outer loop side of things. better bet to take upper loop over and work way through bethesda this morning. i'll keep you updated this is a big nightmare this morning again all lanes on the inner loop over the legion bridge are completely blocked right now. and we're starting to see a lot of volume on those secondarys as everyone bails out. again dozens of vehicles stuck on inner loop. aside from that we're dealing this morning with typical outer loop delays on topside of beltway now from 95 over to 270 spur and half hour delay and 95 backing up and as you make your way 20 now look going 70 to 121 back to green and as you get south of 109 that is where that big volume is starting to pig up and externally because of those outer loop lane closures and rubber neck delay leading to closure.
6:49 am
if we more time a messa cross the heemingon bridge. again all inner loop lanes blocked at least four vehicles and semi-truck trovld in the crash and steve mentioned some facing wrong direction. all those cars are completely parked. tucker i'm going to toss it back to you and get you through some sunshine at least. because that was a bad report. >> after that nothing but good news. beautiful sunrise and sunny, warm today, mid 6 . cool it down tomorrow with you know our best chance for shower this week will be later thursday or early friday. yesterday made to 61. but full day. temperatures 60s. step warmer and only mentioned temperatures warmer than that this afternoon. current numbers 43 in washington and definitely take a jaekt. it's cold enough here. it's obviously cold enough to want a jacket here temperatures 20s and 30s. 26 mannasas and 27 culpeper
6:50 am
and 3 dulles and 45 leonardtown and annapolis. so temperatures general ily on the picture. very quite heet. we have a weak cold front here and little bit of cloud cover today. that's about. it otherwise dry companies and nice afternoon. and we just kind of keep it unseasonably warm for one more day. one more day winds out of the south we'll pump temperatures up and front cools us down 10 degrees tomorrow and another front late thursday early friday could bring us couple of showers overnight thursday into early friday. and hey nice looking weekend cooler temps 50s saturday and surprised for all things outdoors. raking leaves, that kind of things. >> erin brought bad news and you brought good news. >> balancep is out and celebrate sfwli was afraid we were not having it today. >> morning meme. >> dwt to do it. >> i need this to get me through the day. >> we all do. >> gives me a smail. >> not everybody can go to work and school until they had their meme.
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>> yes. when your boss comes around the corner and closest thing around you to look like you're working. >> everything is great. >> little reer is is. on cell phone i'm not sho shopping. >> definitely turn top glance at the computer and make it look like i might be doing something other than. >> looking at puppy videos. >> very nice sheila. >> thank you sheila. >> trying to figure out how you buy everyone's christmas frepts for $7.6 in your sglkt 7 scratchers i looked at my credit card bill and see your pain. >> my roommate that doesn't pay the rent on time. >> 7 scratchers. >> that's a great idea. >> that's awesome idea. >> my roommate who doesn't have a job but i love him but he doesn't have a job he gets one gift for family every year and then he has a lottery system who sees who gets it. >> that's exciting. >> he's building excitement. >> it's a game for him. >> my favorite. >> that's the best. >> yes. >> that is my dad every time he face times me. >> who doesn't have the parent
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that feels they have to stick the >> i love this too we all do it. >> me i don't like trauma. say it again. accepted them in. good stuff. >> those are good. >> morgan coming up on the fox beat. let's check in with concern who is in hawaii with the new jumanji movie. >> dwayne the rock johnson, kevin heart, jack black heard of them take a look. >> a wise man once said welcome to the jungle we have fun and games and that could not be truer than now reporting to you from actual young until hawaii a sat down with cast of jumanji welcome to the jungle dwayne johnson and kevin heart and jack black take a look. >> we can help each other. >> we all have special skills. >> quaekness. >> i hate this game. >> everybody else got good stuff. >> weakness cake. >> cake is my weakness.
6:53 am
>> weapons valet. weapon and give them to me he. >> there's a great scene you tap and it says strengths and weaknesses if you did that real life and something said one strength one weakness of dwayne johnson what would that be. >> bang tap my chest now one strength i would have would be, um, totally cheese pizza. would be heart. i got heart. >> weakness would be um, the thing that starts with a t and ends with a and called tech he'll a. >> that's your weakness. >> that would be it. >> if you were to hit peck and screen came up be side you what would be one strength and weakness. >> great question weakness would be big mack. it's hard for me to drive by golden arches without sto stopping. strength i'm going to say um, getting up in front of a group
6:54 am
and putting on a that's obvious one. i like to put on a show. >> i would like to say that's obvious strength you? >> my strength, the ability to make people laugh that's strength. and my weakness, um, my weakness would be my weakness would be the the ocean. >> really. >> i love the ocean but at the same time. >> it's scary. >> i like it for ten minutes at a time. i'm in or out. i'm out, i got in o it was a little warm. oh, let me out. i feel like the shark is out here somewhere. >> kevin there's no sharks throughout well it was a turtle or something get me out. >> check out any full interviews. available on you tube channel. i'm kevin mccarthy. in hawaii. "fox5 local news". >> rocking the shirt, too i like the look. >> i was surprised kevin
6:55 am
stuck to script there. >> i thought they would be be going off on a tange. interviewed the rock. >> no. >> kevin heart. >> he was here. >> that's right he did. >> come on back home kevin we miss you. >> that's right. >> in the meantime let's say hello to face back fan of the day the honor goes to amanda pictured here with the kids anthony on left and elena on the right. >> amanda says they're huge "fox5" plans and plan to keep posting pictures of fan of date until selected. amanda, today is your day. happy we could do that for you this morning. hope you have a great day and happy holiday season. >> like a young tucker barnes in that picture. >> handsome man. >> i'll dot warm and my job is easy. erin has problems. temps now are well i don't have temperatures. it was 4 degrees. 43 washington and we are looking at cool start. but really nice mild afternoon to look forward to. highs in the mid 60s later this afternoon and with generally sunny sknz.
6:56 am
few clouds later today. cooler tomorrow. thursday night and friday. erin, break the news. >> traffic right now is at a complete stand still not moving all lanes belonged on the upper loop of american legion bridge. and we have a crash involving five vehicles total. two semi-trucks included in crash as well. some are facing wrong direction and all lanes completely blocked. and between gw parkway and clara barton parkway dozens of vehicles parked waiting for lane to reopen. you may have co-workers late to work this morning and they could be stuck in the backup in terms of outter loop earlier disabled vehicle and also looks like new crash as well. the two left lanes are blocked right now. and so be prepared. you have to keep to right lanes of out are loop. inner loop delays huge. outer loop delays human. let's switch to map. keep in mind inner loop because of closure seeing huge delays. bailout traffic gw park question inbound and old dominion drive and georgetown
6:57 am
pike seeing bailout traffic and you're jammed up and parked back to 7 now outer loop jammed 270 spur to legion bridge only a few lanes moving and again no movement on inner loop across the leemingon bridge. keep it to "fox news morning"
6:58 am
we'll help you gep get around that dear suspicious snackers, we get it. we know it can be a texture thing, and there are lots of brands to choose from. but it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. it's the brand people have trusted for more than 170 years. a whole world of sweet, and savory combinations, like pineapple, cucumber & dill or classic country style. and since it's packed with satisfying protein, you'll want to try all of hood's amazing flavors. don't miss out on delicious.
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new to your local dairy aisle! >> a bomb shell about graduation rates and many question what happened hat blue. we're hours away from getting answers. >> and fit of all, let's start with that traffic nightmare on the inner loop. >> erin como is standing by with new information this morning. good morning, erin. >> that's rite, right now all lanes continue to be shut down on the inner loop at the lu lunchon bridge. traffic force fod divert last point at gw parkway. we're seeing overflow of traffic on secondarys over a 7 mile backup past 7 and annandale you see huge delays and two semi-trucks and at


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