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tv   The Final 5  FOX  November 29, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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snrv final five tonight. matt lauer fired today. >> and teng was great bri britain. gop takes tax reform message on the road to missouri. new details about what moy be talking to the special probe. this is the final five. let's do this. >> do you wake up you this morning and see the news another powerful man hit with sexual misconduct allegations matt lauer formerly of nbc today show. she was lge
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co-host in history of the today show. today his colleagues were reporting on breaking news of exit and after the news broke this morning variety came out with a series of disturbing details of allegations against lauer and that he once gift aid female colleague shall we say intimate ob just and button installed under the desk to close and lock the door when anyone was inside including women without having to get up and move to the door door. a detailed complaint was lodged monday night and that led to his fire sfwling we learned this moments ago just this morning. as i'm sure you can imagine we are devastated and we're still processing all of this. and i will tell you right now we do not know more than what i just shared with you. but we will be covering the story as reporters as journalists and i'm sure we'll learn more details notice hours and days to come and we promise we will share that with you. >> yeah, certainly a lot of talk about this on social media tonight. you shared your thoughts with me and
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pretty much what everybody is talking about today and that includes the president and there's a lot going on in the tweets. ladies and gentlemen, buckle up. here we go. wow, matt lauer was fired from nrbs inappropriate behavior in the case. check out andy lackpast chairman of nbc news not sure you can be fired over fake news or if it's news the president doesn't like. andy sent out the memo today telling ersers lauer was fi fired. they were close. i'm sure that changed today. as for past the president may be rear fering to 1999 with when date line did an interview and broad rick is called on lack and nbc to reair the interview in its entirety.
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gone what about joe given and scarboro based on what took place in four years ago. >> fill joe scar borough president trump app period. to be referring to 2001 death of lori who worked for scarboro when a florida congressman. her death is not unsolved 34eug9ry. vest sores determined they died after losing consciousness from abnormal heart rhythm and collapsed hitting her head. >> now, as more stories of sexual harass m came out it's tough to ignore a pattern. you refuse to work in the private sector and they all lost their jobs. different story if you work in politics. senator al franken are democrats and republicans like rye moore and president h
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himself have been accused gut in these cases politicians either den irks apologize for call for due process and essentially stale in the current role. we wanted your take in ow the allegations are handled on the hill versus private sector. >> i think in the private sector they have a lot of hr and other systems in place to make sure that happens. forcing someone to resign from elected seat is probably bigger deal than that. it's not just their personal job security but also people elected this person and they're good qualities and bad qualities and everything about him to be there. forcing somebody should be aware of the steps to make that happen. >> i think public serve rants more complicate and were put in office by the tem and made a commitment to the people to serve a certain term. it's unfortunately a little more complicated and private sector has more control. i'm not sure hat all of fr franken's constituency would necessarily
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the hill. he's employ by the people. and i think that makes a whole situation more complicated. >> he's not up for reelection for a couple years. we'll see what the people of minnesota say. and the house in the meantime took a small step in the right direction voting in the corner and sex you're as has m training for necks and staff including interms and fellows. >> sex you're you'll harassment has no place in any work place let he loan in the united states congress. whether it says former student is staffer and walking to the capitol building i cannot tell you that's how so many people feel. but the fact that some people end up walking he's halls are subjectiveed to a threatening or hostile work environment. when they came to sevsht country and ideals that's wrong. >> so it follows owe a move by the senate earlier this month to require training for members and staffers and until
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was voluntary in congress. all right let's go back to tweets from the president now his tweets involving matt lauer were not the most controversial. he retweeted three videos of prettyish group no engaging in acts of violence. they're unverified. one has been de bunked so far and one chose a muslim migrant beatingp a khour. . the perpetrator of the violent act of this video was born and raced in edger land and he received and pleated sentence under touch law and to the dprup that posted the video seeks to dive i'd khupties through use of hateful narratives which penalize and stoke tensions. you uk is friends big allies and the president will delete it and
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no. because he tweeted at theresa may what they out was theresa may he deleted original tweet and correct today and first dry. theresa and this is the difference. @theresa may. focus on the sgrukttive radical terism taking place in the united kung kung dom. we're doing just fine. >> and earlier today the white house press secretary defend enter the president's actions saying it doesn't matter when the videos are real. >> that is what the president is folk on and real threats. that's are real no matter how you look at it. >> there's a real threat. no doubt about that out tlx the question is you know this is basically fake -- if it's not verified t
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one case it was not year. that's fake news. but regardless it's a real threat and we've seen countless examples of actual threats of terrorism cardless there was calls to kiingt to the ux next year. and accepting businesses will still go on inside. ks ks mean while we always track the president and he's back after heading to s st. charles missouri ar missouria de mepding where you are from. he gave you a peach of tax reform. but they have big news ton tonight. alaska go. nor lows amoros is ki you may remember over the summer one of the three boats that sunk that partial repeal to obama ware and expected bill end of
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hesitancy from some republicans. >> in order to receive this bright and blowing fruit fewer the senate must pass those tax cuts. xwring main street roaring back. that's what will happen. and this is done without tax cuten and i'm not sure people have the kax wuts. i want to he what happens. >> the big day is either tomorrow or the next day. this is not good for me. me it's not so -- i have w wellyy friend. not we with me. it was for the welshy any friend don't know about it. >> and buy the way, they can the background american flags and christmas trees. well have only in america and sayingmerry christmas again. >> and it would be a big christmas for the person people. sox lullly. the tax bill is for the
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earlier in the week the non koption gretional system that if you earn less that 30 grabbed a year you'll be worse off under the senate bill by 20 19 and under he let say you make less than 75 grand and it would be 20, 25 hours. there are warning they would get less dpovrment aid for healthcare. that's not house but senate bill and cbo says health insurance premiums will go up if the big cams to law or these 13 millionen shirt by 2027. the house version that doe doesn't. once you get both passed you have to go to conference and figure out what to keep and lose. what happens by the individual man state. the president would like to dismantle that. president trump
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young unand look at that. nice sick puppy never threaten nuclear war would he, no he didn't. let's get back to north korea north korea. the president tweeted he spoke with chinese president peng and used his olivia pope phrase the situation will be handled. headlights energy snetion response to yesterday's missile launch by north korea. in addition to fully implementing all un sanctions, all countries should sever diplomatic relations with north core owe and limit military, scientific, commercial operates and cuts off trade with regime by topping all import and exports korm or even workers. >> setting of state rex sillier sop said
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may impoof sax his can do that over winter at least revolving peacefully. >> on the russia probe tonight there's news breaking tonight for the president son- son-in-law/special advisor jared kushner and melt with robert muller team earlier this moan and report say car cek. former national curety advisor michael mrin and he was main topic ever the kushner's role in firing of fbi director james comey and his lawyer said he cooperate with all relevant visit wes and will continue to do so. >> you caught up on some of the biggest day. we had checking in with another more and where he stand in alabama weather. we're changing burs, take close
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>> all the sex scandals ep sgul offing hollywood and washington it's good news for alabama senate roy moore. we did the show last night and realized we didn't say his name until the last few most of the show. have accusations caused any more discord of voters. latest poll numbers, joining us from baton rouge louisiana tonight. john, how are you. >> very good, good to be here tonight. good to have you back. >> last time we checked in it was first couple weeks after the couldn't vrty broke and you did poling and went to alabama and you were on the ground and i'll ask you right now what you did you find out you. know the thing i've seen since last time it looks like scandal did not really have any additional impact on moore since
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polled number one and number two republican trump are coming home for by evidence of rise to polls. >> speaking of polls numbers again it was extensive poll you put out there one of the questions that stuck out was special election for u.s. senate held today which candidate would you support roy moore 48% and doug 43% and last time around dug jones had a slight lead. >> yes basically the lead is flipped. >> okay. so at this point you're saying concerns voters had if any is over and done with for the most part. >> what i saw when looking at the trump voters it remained the same in alabama for all three times i polled this race in the general election and most important number i saw was those who were supporting trumpp rather approved of job performance. 7
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last time and now that figure is near 90% and that to me is contributing towards moore's rebound in the polls. >> how much of this is people voting for roy moore and say versus voting against a liberal candidate. >> i think it's a little of both. one of the things i noticed too was i asked two questions side by side that was if people thought that doug jones was qualified and if people thought roy moore was qualified and doug jones numbers were not uniformly positive which i attribute to partisan battle lines of hardened a lot isn't last time we polled. because six scandals have run their course and people are returning to ancestral part son loyalties. >> ancestral partisan loyalties i like that. the big story in d. crk the last couple days was report that came out project vertos did their own sting and were
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trying to put a fake moore accuser and the post caught one. it do people buy -- do you think there's believe he in validity of charges or did you they they think it's all hogwash. >> i asked exact same questions about if the allegations made people more or less likely to support roy moore. numbers were identical to what they were self weeks going suggesting to me that anybody who believed charges already was going to vote for -- against moore anyway. and in other words these allegations were not a game changer then nor now. >> i know you're in louisiana and we're talking about alabama race. i thought about a quote from former governor eddie edwards back in early 80s that said in 198 the only way i lose election if i'm caught in bed with a dead girl or live boy. >> live boy yes. >> it seems like times maybe have not changed
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>> well i think to the other thing is that you have to think of the context which is in several weeks since story has broken there really has not been any news per sais on the scandal and you have nextious policies and them g geten snareded in their pob levels and. >> i'm sure a lot of people heard of matt lauer andry moore. >> we're back after this in "the final 5".
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>> we always like to offer a gift to you brody is back and here in the loft we have holiday joy here. >> yes, brody. >> we don't do packaging but
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>> don't open it and shake it do nothing with it it will make no sound. >> oh, my goodness it's. >> i was trying to. >> it's for glay. >> let's start a little sport and politics off the open. why not. >> new york city mayor race earlier this month and complete audit results are out and new yorkers wrote in alternatives. >> as they want to do. >> yankee star arron judge and christoph borzingus his name, only misspelled once. that's pretty good. >> new yorkers they love the unicorn. the thing is so he just got these votes and then got injured tonight pretty badly. that's the look on his nace all new york knicks fans. >> and other names derek jeetser, daryl strawberry, ely manning because he has not much going on these days. >> he has time.
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>> he aibt never lost. >> that's one of his quotes. >> including mayorship. >> he didn't run. >> he didn't lose. >> president trump company started selling trump related prdz. a new report from daily beast the items are not homemade in usa. >> much like big baller brand. >> is he still charges $5000 for a pair of shoes. >> it's worth it. >> if they were not expensive i would gets them. i'm a huge la bar ball fan. >> if any of you out there have a connection with livar ball please send them. >> we have morals and standards here at fox. >> a 3 hat from bangladesh and trump organization still owned by president and managed by sons done john and eric.
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classy looking. you just love the thing is all he is before he was president was a brand. >> true. >> he is going to brand things. >> his name is trademark rather. you cannot tell sums that sell trumpen on them if it doesn't go through their organization. >> what are the claws. >> immol uments. >> it's nothing political he's selling. it doesn't matter. >> anyway. >> okay. >> that's all we got. >> i thought we had more things. >> we de but we talk a lot. >> i anticipated talking about more things. >> maybe tomorrow. >> bring me more time and we'll do that back after the break. break.
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>> well for once the
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honor of sleeping soundly on final five doesn't go to deny zen of d.c. no it goes to after more this a decade and curry spent a year alongside lauer before the ouster. it's well documented th the two deposit get along they called it vipd occasions for curry it's more likely if she finds anything to celebrate it will be in private. >> and ma'am inbeing theresa may. one can manage the dynamic between may and president trump may not be tight to begin with. seeing as though he could not get her twitter handle right in first place. more seriously how does this affect relations sht fruit fewer if the president sides with british national es rather than our staunch alli. regardless we'll live it there. that's final five and we'll be back at
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have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, hit like an earthquake today, matt lauer fired by nbc. >> we are devastated. harvey: fact is, they must have known about this for years. >> katie couric may have sort of started this unintentionally. she was on "watch what happens live" with andy cohen. >> what is matt's most annoying habit? >> he pinches me in the ass. >> yeah. >> victoria's secret fashion show was last night and they had a viewing party and bella hadid showed up and she's killing it in this dress. do any of these girls do something? >> i pose. harvey: i walk. >> it was kind of interesting for the show, ming xi, she fell and when she gets backstage, they just show her bursting into tears. >> but i want her to be show irl style where she fell down and fell on purpose.


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