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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 30, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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construction lingering. wide opened conditions 66. a look at metro service as they gear up at 5:00 a.m. >> thank you both. in the news at 4:30, new details in the matt lauer sexual misconduct scandal that has led to his firing from nbc. >> holly morris with that information. >> reporter: it's been just about 24 hours since lauer's termination of co-anchor was announced. the news he was being let go after 20 plus years at nbc came as a major shock to his co-workers and viewers. now the details of why he was let go are spilling out. you'll remember yesterday. that nbc cite add specific complaint from a staff that led them to fire lauer. since then npc announced two more accusers have come forward alleging sexual misconduct. after the firing variety magazine came out with details of what it says was a two month investigation into lauer. the magazine says the today anchor exposed himself to female colleagues, gave a sex
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her how he wanted her to u use it variety also reports disgraced news anchor had a button under his desk that allowed him to lock his office door without getting up. holly morris live in the news room. wisdom. >> all right, 4:31 is the time. long time public radio host garrison kehler was also fired yesterday following allegation of inappropriate behavior. this morning he said the incident was complicated. he said he put his hands o an female colleague's bear back when he was consoling her. says when the woman recoiled he apologized immediately and then later again in an e-mail to the woman he apologized again. kehler says the woman said she had for given him and claims they were friends up until "her lawyer called" good this morning another victim has come forward accusing howard university of ignoring her rape claims. she's the sixth victim in connection
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lawsuit against the university. the student says she was raped on campus in april 2016 but says when she reported it to school officials they told an investigation would take three months. she then lived on campus in fear. howard officials say the university is committed to investigating such allegations but they do not comment on pending litigation. >> now actual debate on the tax bill can begin. final vote is expected tonight for tomorrow t president trump used twitter to take shots at british prime minister theresa may. president trump tweeted that may shouldn't focus on him but "on the destructive radical islamic thunderstorm taking terg place. he retweeted a string of anti-muslim videos from a french right wing british political group. >> the president is promising morean
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korea after the regime tested a new kind of intercontinental ballistic missile this week. overnight we got in new images of kim jong un right before the successful launch. the missile went 2800 miles high and traveled nearly 600 miles. experts say that could put most of the u.s. mainland within striking distance. also developing this morning a major messup for american airlines. 15,000 flights over christmastime are in jeopardy because of all the airline's pilots mistakenly taking vacation days and having them approved at the same time. >> what is the airline doing about it and what can you do if you have a flight booked with american? fox5's melanie alnwick live at reagan national airport with what you need to know this morning. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, american is scrambling to try to get some of these pilots assigned to the flights and does say -- and says to the passengers that it expects it will avoid mass cancellations over the holiday travel season but right now, those crew schedules and passengers plans are up in the air. the weeks of december 17th t
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the critical holiday travel season, a glitch in american's online schedulely system showed that pilots were already assigned to flights when they weren't and that allowed too many pilots to drop flights they didn't want resulting in 15,000 flights without a full crew grounded until those pilot seats are full. they're operating 150 percent of pay to pilots who pick up open trips but the union, the allied pilot's association says that plan violates the contract. the airline and the union hope to negotiate a solution but that's not certain passengers with nonrefundable tickets and let's be honest, that's most of us, may need to start thinking about backup plans. >> southwest doesn't really have a penalty for canceling. you can use their -- that ticket then on another flight up to a year. but all the other
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pretty much have change fees that pretty much eat up whatever you would pay unless you get what's called a refundable ticket. >> refundable tickets are very expensive. that would be a multi dollar. if you can't avoid to lose the money on that big cruise or big tour that you purchased already, that's pretty much the only way to go right now. >> reporter: so, you're option would basically be you have to pay for this extra ticket, it is very expensive but american is able to get those flights going, then all you would have to do is drop that ticket with absolutely no cost to you. it really is a very expensive option as you heard them say. it is possible, also, that if you purchased travel insurance ahead of time that may work for you in this situation but from what we understand it real is no guarantee. it all depends on that contract as well. live at reagan national, i
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news. >> ♪ >> all right, 4:35 is the time right now. good morning erin como. >> good morning. >> good morning mike thomas. >> good morning. i just noticed our point set >> 'tis the season. >> are you feeling holly jolly. >> doesn't feel like the season. >> it's hard to complain about yesterday. it was gorgeous. sun was out. 70 degrees. won't do that again. >> it got up to 70? >> got up to 70. >> felt it but i didn't realize it did. >> i don't think we'll do it again. i think that was it for the year. >> last hurrah. >> last hurrah with the 70's. we'll do 60's still. fox5 satellite showing you there we have some clouds moving through courtesy of a cold front that's getting out of this warm pattern that we had and kind of changing us over to a more milder pattern. not so much cool for this time of year as average highs should just be 52 degrees. we're already at 45, dulles 38, bwi 42 degrees at this hour. today is another above normal day. just not as warm as yesterday.
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be51by 10 o'clock, up to 59 near 60 at 4 o'clock this afternoon. that's a check of the weather;,. erin como is back with traffic. >> despite overnight construction drive times really pleasant right now. this is a look 95 between occoquan river bridge and the beltway. at speed. the inner loop and outer loop through annandale looks good. as we look at the 395 stretch as you cross the mixing bowl pleasant ride in the main lanes to the 14th street bridge. all area bridges looking good. no issues on 66. and also quiet in maryland on 270. taking a wide view there you can see all green all good. i'll let you know if any crashes pop up. metro service picks up at 5:00 a.m. still dealing with ongoing track work impacting the red line. back to you maureen and wisdom. >> coming up on fox5 news morning. >> we know glitter is a popular thing for arts and crafts but now a warning from scientists because they say the shiny stuff could be bad for the environment. >> heading to break, a live look across
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it is 4:37 and it is 44 degrees. we're back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> time right now is 4:40. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media with our realtime news tracker. >> holly morris joining us now live with what's trending. good morning. >> good morning. first up white house adviser kellyanne conway is america's new opioid czar. attorney general jeff sessions made the announcement. he says conway will be the point person in the trump administration's fight against the nationwide opioid crisis. sessions says the president tapped conway to help change the perception about opioids and reduce addictions and deaths adding that the epidemic is a top priority for the administration. not as many foreigners are visiting the u.s. recent data reveals foreigners visiting the united states has decreased by 4 percent during the first half of 2017. the number of international
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visitors declined for nearly every region across the globe with nearly a 30 percent decrease from visitors from middle eastern nations. canada was the only nation that sent more visitors to the united states during the first half of the year compared to 2016. tech giant apple continues to hint that a foldable phone may be in the works in the future. the company filed a patent in september 2016 for an electronic device that could be folded. the patent included touch sensors that would allow a device to open and close like a book. apple's no stranger to unique patents. in the past they have issued patent for 360 degrees and flexible screens. scientists want to ban glitter. they say it's an ecological hazard. apparently those teenie tiny little shiny pieces add to global pollution. it can end up in the ocean and it can be hazardous to animals if it's ingested. glitter has beefo
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great britain. >> okay. back to that foldable phone. do they say how small it could fold into. >> i know, right. >> you already have the flap that goes over some phones, right. >> correct me if i'm wrong, didn't we have foldable phones before we had the -- yeah. anyway, retro. >> thanks holly. coming up. >> happening today, we're in the spirit here in d.c. becuse tonight at the national christmas tree lighting. we've got the details in a live report next. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region. it's 4:42. it is 44 degrees. we're back after this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> time right now is 4:45. here's a look at the stories we're following for you today, thursday, november 30th. disturbing new details coming to light in the bombshell firing of matt lauer. nbc received a complaint from a female colleague monday night claiming the inappropriate behavior started during the 2014 olympics. variety magazine reported three women have come forward with accounts of sexual harassment by lauer. they're accusing him of exposing himself as well as gifting sex toys to co-workers. >> garrison kehler fired by minnesota public radio over accusations of improper behavior
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putting his hand on a woman's bear back in an effort to console her. >> president trump's son-in-law and senior white house adviser jared kushner was questioned by robert mueller's team about michael flynn. we're told the conversation lasted less than 90 minutes. the new york times is reporting prosecutors asked kushner about interactions between flynn and the the russian government. >> good morning to you. thank you for join and us. >> today is thursday, it is november 30th. happy thursday to you. >> indeed. >> good morning erin como. >> beautiful week. good morning to you. >> yeah, good morning. >> can we keep that beautiful week trend continuing. >> won't be bad today. we've done much worse. temperatures chilly outside much like they have been every morning. we had 70 degrees yesterday. loved it. felt great. hope you got it enjoyed it. today's high should be above 50 degrees, we we'll be around 0 last day of november. starting off chilly. 45 in washington. we have
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dulles 38, manassas at the freezing mark 35 for culpeper, fredericksburg 38. some clouds coming through early this morning. those will quickly start to break up. we'll get back to a little bit of sunshine. two day of forecast, today. >> keeping our eyes on the road around the dmv construction in fort washington 210 northbound pie livingston road caution there. look at 270 in the camera out by montrose road. very light volume the entire stretch from 70 down to the beltway spur. now as you make your way out on the bottom side of the beltway inner loop looks good, outer loop 295 branch avenue green zone just a is seven minute right. 270 closer and you can see you're very quiet coming through gaithersburg this morning. top side of the beltway is in the clear as well. if you have an early morning flight to catch traffic on the way to bwi reagan national and dulles is at speed. it looks g any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.
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and wisdom. >> ♪ >> new this morning, video that serves as a reminder watch out when you're having holiday packages differed to your door. you see a ups driver drop a small package inside a door in largo. a man walks up to the door opens it up and takes the package sitting there. he waits for a few more seconds before walking away with that package. >> ♪ >> time right now is 4:48 and happening today t-a tradition that really ushers in the holiday season here in the nation's capitol is the lighting of the national christmas tree. >> it's not until this evening but it could cause some issues for how you get around town. fox5's annie yu is at the ellipse with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, maureen and wisdom. that's right, for commuters who aren't attending this event you should know that there is going to be some congestion around t
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and the white house during the afternoon rush. they're encouraging folks who do have tickets to get down here early, well before 4:30 or so so that they can get settled in but this is the 95th year and this is an american tradition that always takes place here on the ellipse in president's park. this year president trump along with first lady melania trump and the first family, they will take part in helping to ring in the holiday season and what typically happens is around 5 o'clock or so which we're here every year for the first family takes to the stage and there are a few remarks and then with the flip of a switch, the national christmas tree is lit. so, it's a very special time here in the nation's capitol. it's been going on again for 95 years. i want to show you the beautiful tree sitting pretty. hopefully we'll get a better view of it later on as the morning goes on but this is the national christmas tree. it's a colorado blue spruce from virginia and it's a living tree that people can visit all year long. in fact, after today, the tree will be lit every day f
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4:30 to midnight this year for the next three weeks leading up to christmas so you can enjoy it even if you can't take part in the event tonight. also, keep in mind there is 56 smaller trees surrounding this tree featuring one of a kind ornaments representing, you know, all the u.s. states and territory in the district of columbia so it's a really fun time in the nation's capitol and this is a huge deal. it's a nationally televised event with big time celebrity hosts and i want to show you a list of some of the star-studded lineup for tonight. kathy lee gifford and dean cane they're going to be hosting but there you see the beach boys, the iconic american band they're going to be here, the fabulous five time grammy wenonah judd. and then the united states navy band will also be performing tonight so just a lot to look forward to. and if you don't have a ticket, it's
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for you to come down here because of all the safety security perimeters. you won't be able to see much but they are expecting about 20,000 people, that's the amount of tickets that were issued through a lottery earlier this year. again, traffic will be congested through the afternoon rush, keep that in mind if you're not attending you might want to avoid the area but just a great time, american tradition rolling on. back to you in the studio. >> annie thank you very much. 4:51 is the time right now. and happening tonight, washington redskins are playing thursday night football tonight at at&t stadium in dallas texas. game is set for 8:25. the cowboys beat the redskins back in october. the two teams are battling it out for second place in the nfc east. we'll have a recap on fox5 news at 10:00. coming up. >> and a alert for people this morning about a scam making the rounds. the target, people who are grandparents. the alarming details ahead. we'll be right back. >> hi, this is
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alex stationed at joint base andrews. i want to say happy holidays to my daughter my mom and my dad here in maryland. >> see more greetings from our troops on our fox5 facebook page. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> 4:54 is the time. the man who organized the white nationalist rally earlier this year in charlottesville is holding another one. kessler wrote on his blog i fully expect the charlottesville government to try and reject it and i'm ready for that fight. heather higher was killed during the unite the right rally when hate groups clashed with counterprotesters. >> a somber farewell for the baltimore police detective killed in the line of duty. detective sean suiter's family friends and colleagues gathered to say their f
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goodbyes. he was killed while investigating a 2016 murder. he's being remembered as a hard working family man. they're offering a reward of more than $200,000 to find his killer. >> an alert for grandparents in our area who are becoming victims of the so-called grandparent scam. two residents in montgomery county both lost $5,000 to the scam. one woman says someone claimed to be her grandson called to say he was in trouble and needed some help, he had been in an accident, someone was hurt, he was locked up and needed five ground get out of jail. the victim sprang into action but it was too late when she realized that it was a scam. >> 4:55 on this thursday morning. mike thomas another warm day on tap. not as warm as yesterday but just as good i think. >> right. not as warm as yesterday. not as sunny and bright either. we'll have some clouds mixing in from time to time but temperatures should be well above normal, about 8 degrees with a high of 60 expected later today. there's satellite and radar showing you the clouds that moved in. let's do futurecast. by 8 o'clock we're
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breaking through that should continue through the early afternoon. then clouds return second half of the day ahead of what may be a few light sprinkles as we head in towards the late evening hours and the very early morning hours of your friday. by the time most waking up to go to work and school on your friday morning you can see there the front has cleared the region and we should be starting the day off sunny and bright and friday itself should be sunny and bright but cooler than today. 32 to 45 as the kids get off to school, clouds out there. then after school little bit more sunshine, 56 to 62 degrees. quick look at the seven-day forecast, weekend looks good. we'll talk about in it detail coming up. that's weather. erin is back with traffic. hey, erin. >> 4:56 right now, drive times looking really good coming from gainsville manassas and centreville on 66. 28 is quiet. secondaries in fairfax moving at speed. no problems 95 northbound from all the way down in fredericksburg up through dale city we're that are great in gr. looking good to the 14th street bridg
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bridges are on time right now. no problems on the 11th street key bridge or memorial. now if you're taking metro service they pick up at 5:00 a.m. no red line trains between silver spring and fort totten takoma station closed. limited free shuttle service. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. maureen and wisdom, back to you. >> coming up on fox5 news morning. >> nearly a dozen women are suing after they say a man pretending to be a gynecologist treated them at a maryland hospital. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ z2i1zz z16fz
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 5:00 shocking details about the disgraced anchor matt lauer's workplace behavior. this as more women come forward accusing the tv personality of the unthinkable. details ahead. >> and your holiday flight may be delayed or grounded thanks to a computer glitch. now major airline is scrambling to find enough pilots to fly this holiday travel season. >> today is thursday, november 30th, live look outside we're expecting slightly cooler temperatures but still a nice day ahead. details just ahead. good morning to you, thank you for jonging us. >> it is thursday november 30. >> for those weather details mike thomas is going to give us a headline. erin is keeping her eye on the road. hopefully a much more quiet day on the road. let's get the headlines. >> starting off with clouds out there. good news no rain showers expected as you just mentioned temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday but still mild for this time of year. hey erin. >> right now the roads look good. we have metro rail line delays on


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