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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00 matt lauer facing more allegations less than 24 hours since he was fired from nbc, complaints from two on the women surfacing. >> holiday travel nightmare. heads up if you're flying on one major airline because they're short on pilots during the holiday season. coming up the snafu that could impact your holiday plans. >> a live look outside on this thursday. hey its a big day on this thursday november 30th. you're looking at the national christmas tree right there. it's going to be a busy busy place in washington as it's all lit up and the holidays officially begin. >> so pretty. >> uh-huh. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. >> ♪ >> first though at 6:00 into new fallout over the firing of today show co-host matt lauer. >> two more women have come u up. one of
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from a former employee who told the new york times lauer called her to his office back in 2001 locked the door by pressing a button on his desk and then had sex with her. she said she felt helpless because she didn't want to lose her job. meantime a report in variety provided even more graphic details from other alleged victims and in one instance lauer reportedly gave a woman a sex toy. women said they went to management but their complaints fell on deaf ears. matt lauer has yet to release a statement himself. >> meantime, public radio icon garrison kehler also says also he was fired on wednesday, yesterday, by minnesota public radio for what the network called allegations of improper behavior. the creator and retired host of a prairie home companion claims he was fired because he put his hand on a woman's bear back while trying to console
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politics in the alabama senate race republican candidate roy moore leading again in three new polls holding a five-point edge over doug jones. this despite the accusations against moore of improper sexual contact with teen girls in the 1970's. the special election now less than two weeks away. >> back here locally and new this morning at 6:02 prince george's county police need your help locating this missing teenager. his name is omari warwick. he was last seen yesterday in the 6700 block of light drive. police say that he is five-seven, 115 pounds. he has as you can see closely cut black hair and dark brown eyes. >> let's update the ballou high school story. d.c. mayor muriel bowser and schools chancellor antoine wilson have ordered two separate investigations now into claims that dozens of students who graduated from ballou earlier this year were not eligible to get their diploma. this follows an investigation by npr that showed about half of the graduating class missed more
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school. that would have automatically failed them in their classes. >> and new video this morning that serves as a reminder to watch out when you're having holiday packages delivered to your door. this is from prince george's county yesterday. you see a ups driver drop a small package inside the door of a home in largo. a little more than an hour later a man walks up to the door waits a few seconds opens it up and then police say takes the package that was sitting there. police say try to track the package so you might have an estimate of when it will be delivered and try to coordinate with a neighbor or to get it from your own porch if you're not going to be home. >> ♪ >> happening right now american airlines dealing with a big old mess and it could affect you and your holiday plans. >> thousands of flights are in danger of being canceled this holiday season all because of a scheduling issue allowing too many pilots to take time off at the same time. fox5's melanie alnwick is live from reagan national airport now with more. potentially a huge mess, mel, good
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>> yeah, that's right, steve and allison. just looking at this board here you can see american airlines is easily the biggest airline here at reagan national airport. in fact, it's the biggest airline in the country so it's going to affect a lot of people. if they don't get pilots into those planes during those critical weeks. right now crew assignments and passenger plans are up in the air even though american says it does expect to avoid mass cancellations. december 17 to 31 those are the weeks in question, they're critical holiday travel times but a glitch in american's online pilot scheduling system showed that crews were already assigned to flights for those days when they actually weren't. and that allowed too many pilots to take time off. so we now have some 15,000 flights without a full crew grounded until those seats are filled. american airlines has a plan to use reserve pilots. it's offering 150 percent of pay to pilots who are willing to pick up open trips but the union, the allied pilots association has filed a grievance over the plan saying it was done without union input. the airline and the
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they do hope to negotiate a solution, though that is not certain. the union representative would only say stay tuned. now, at this point if you do have american airlines tickets for those times, those nonrefundable tickets, the cheap ones like most of us have, you really don't have a lot of options. really your only back upplan is buy a refundable ticket that can cost thousands of dollars if indeed american does get this picked and you can get on your original flight you can cancel those tickets and you'll get your money back but for a lot of people that's not an option. they're really just going to have to hope they work this out. live at rage max, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> who can do that? >> who can do that. >> tough situation. hope for the best. >> the who can do that? >> high, tuck. >> if you fly first class you don't have to worry about that is that what they said. >> you have to value pilot no matter what class you're in. >> yeah, that's
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>> that happened to me a few summers ago. on the plane. >> i remember that. >> we don't have a pilot. sorry about that everybody. good luck. >> have a good day. >> okay, hi, good morning. [laughter] >> still mad about it if you can't tell. 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday. 70 degrees yesterday. here in d.c. >> beautiful day. >> right? >> beautiful day . like to the point of wait a minute what's going on. >> we all agree that was a gorgeous day. 44 in washington. cooler weather is moving in as we speak and we'll be looking at again a day that's got temperatures closer to 60 today. still going to be very pleasant afternoon. baltimore 42. little cloud cover out there early. we'll be kind of part to mostly sunny for the morning hours. late this afternoon the blue line you see is a cold front and that will start to bring us some cloud cover and it may bring us a shower or two or a couple spots of a little bit of rain later tonight as it comes through and that will kind of reinforce the cooler air for the weekend. no big storms on the horizon. that's our best chance of rain for the next couple days. 10 degrees cooler than
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very pleasant day and should be plenty of sunshine. >> we get spoiled after a day like yesterday. >> i know. but we got to enjoy these days because we got much cold air by next week. we'll talk about it. >> let's say good morning to erin como see how traffic is. >> 6:07. volume building but nothing like the crazy day we had yesterday over the legion bridge. we'll start you off with metro. red line gone crowing issues between silver spring and fort totten for the capitol improvement project. no train service shuttle busing limited replacing trains takoma station remains closed as well as the parking lots they remain closed. take marc trains metrobus around it or patiently wait for one of those shuttles to scoop you up. right now we have some delays building from 50 on down to east capitol street. just keep in mind from the maryland line to the 11th street bridge it's going to take you 12 minutes and again most of that congestion does clear up past east capitol street. 50 inbound slows a bit from past 202 to 295 and then in northeast just keep in mind new york avenue slows a bit past bladensburg road. suitla p
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picking up by naylor road. a little bit of volume five at the the 301 split down in southern maryland as you try to get from clinton to the brandywine area. 210 volume building toward the bottom side of the beltway. as you make your way out this evening keep in mind it's the annual christmas tree lighting at the ellipse. road closures starting at noon lasting until 8:00 p.m. this will affect traffic around new york avenue constitution 14th, 15th streets. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. just be prepared we have a caps game this evening so that's going to show you down out by the capital one arena as well well. >> new images overnight out of north korea's successful missile launch. >> president trump and the rest of the first family taking part in their first national tree lighting. it will be tonight. details ahead of the annual event. it's 6:08. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ ♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way.
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ion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. >> 6:09 right now. there are new pictures surfacing this morning showing north korean leader kim jong un watching his country's latest missile launch and you can see him there, big old smile and inspecting the ballistic missile later crashing into the sea of japan. north korea says the missile could strike anywhere in the united states including d.c. a special un security council meeting the u.s. ambassador nikki haley called on all countrie
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north korea. >> pope francis wrap up his trip to myanmar. similar to his address during mass the talks that he gave centered around healing fresh scars from the recent attacks on muslims and minorities. pope francis next travels to neighboring bangladesh before returning to rome. >> back here in the nation's capitol there are new details into the investigation of russia's meddling in last year's presidential election. we have learned that president trump's son-in-law jared kushner was questioned this month by special counsel robert mueller team about michael flynn and flynn's interactions with the russian government. kellyanne conway america's new opioid czar. attorney general jeff sessions made that announcement last night. he says the president tapped conway to help change the perception about opioids and reduce addictions and death. >> procedural vote on the major tax reform bill has passed in the senate. it wa approved last night 52 to 48. now actual debate on the
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a final vote is expected tonight or tomorrow. president donald trump using twitter to take shots at british prime minister theresa may over her criticism of a series of anti-muslim videos the president retweeted. those videos came from a far right wing british political group. the president tweeted that may shouldn't focus on him but "on the destructive radical islamic terrorism taking place in the united kingdom." >> president trump will take part in a big holiday tradition here in the nation's capitol the first time he will be presiding over the lighting of the national christmas tree. >> fox5's annie yu is on the ellipse this morning where they're getting ready for the big show. it always deli delivers, annie. good morning. >> reporter: it sure does, allison and steve, good morning, everybody. this is a wonderful american holiday tradition. it's the 95th year and it all goes back to 1923 when president calvin coolidge he walked from the white house just behind me to the ellipse when is where it takes place each and every year
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up a 48-foot fir tree in front of about 3,000 spectators and since then, this tradition has rolled on and each succeeding president has carried on this tradition. and so president trump along with the first lady and melania trump and the first family will be out here in just a few hours. the stage is set and it looks great. i think they have a few finishing touches which will happen later on this morning but it looks wonderful. then if you pan over we see the tree, the star of the show and this year as last year, it's a colorado blue spruce from virginia. and it's a living tree that people can visit all year long. it's about 32 years old and stands 30 feet tall and it's got about 75,000led lights on it and this year, guys, the theme is gold, silver and white. you may remember last year it was red, white and blue so a lot to look forward to. we'll talk to the national park service about what you need to know if you come out here. there's going to be about 20,000 people so traffic will be congested a
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afternoon rush starting at 3 o'clock, that's when the gates open so if you are headed out here make sure metro or ride sharing is your best bet. that's the very latest here. we'll send it back in to you. >> all right, fun morning. still ahead possible changes to the gop tax bill. we'll fill in you. >> first though a holiday message from a local military member who is serving over overseas. >> ♪ >> hi, i'm michael with 23 field artillery in fort bliss texas from baltimore maryland and i want to wish you guys a happy holiday. see more greeting from our troops on our fox5 facebook page. getting bread delivered is way easier than hiring real bakers... ...who work all night and morning to bake fresh brioche buns. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche.
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>> well, that's pretty. >> star on top of the national christmas tree at the ellipse. >> midafternoon, 4, 5 o'clock what are we looking at temperature-wise. >> steve, you've come to the right place because i have the unofficial forecast right here, okay. right here, i mean, right here. look at that steve. national tree lighting thursday. partly cloudy conditions and a light south wind temperatures in the 50's. bring your jacket. you going to go. >> i wish. i would love to go some year. >> i've never been either but one day we'll get there. >> one day, tuck. >> we're not like allison. >> i've never been, i never get lottery tickets. >> but you did the easter egg roll. >> yeah, i did that. >> now i'm jealous. here's your bus stop forecast. temperatures have fallen back into the 30's, low 40's. after school still going to be a beautiful day. highs uppe
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about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. yesterday can you believe it we hit 70 degrees at reagan national, 68 at dulles, 67 up in baltimore. our normal high 52 so we were 18 degrees above normal yesterday. all right, 44 now in washington. you can see lots of 30's off to the west and north. jacket as you're getting ready for school here. 43 in leonardtown. 37 fredericksburg. 34 culpeper t hagerstown good morning to you, 37. you know what, front royal you're not on my map but i'm going to say hi to you too. 34 degrees in front royal. i just looked. here's some cloud cover. we'll be kind of part to mostly sunny today. we're going to have more cloud cover than yesterday. a little cloudiness early this morning. then we'll get sunshine, then more clouds and this cold front will come through tonight. this is our best chance for a little bit of rain over the next couple days but by a little bit i mean just a spotty shower, really just not going to get a lot of rain with that and then that will kind of reinforce the cool conditions for the weekend. upper 50's to about 60 for us today with kind of partial sunshine and there could be a very early shower tomorrow morning. notice t
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for the weekend but nothing extreme. we'll keep it going into early next week. i do want to mention that system by next tuesday and wednesday will bring in much colder air. in fact our daytime highs probably don't get out of the 40's after next wednesday with overnight lows in the 20's. so, get ready for blast of some very chilly air by the middle of next week. all right. i've updated. erin, where art thou. >> i am getting everything straight because we have a bunch of accidents, tucker the. i know you love when you hear that news don't you. skyfox over the beltway cruising down past the legion bridge towards 66. really heavy volume increasing. nothing like what they were seeing yesterday but heavier volume on the inner loop and outer loop side of things. want to switch to our cameras because there is a crash bottom side of the beltway big scene blocking the right lane right shoulder. this is the inner loop before braddock road. it's blocking the right lane. traffic is really crowded. from the springfield interchange up past braddock road give yourself 15 extra minutes. unfortunately a big scene there. as we switch things over that's not the only crash we're up against right now.
6:19 am
nanny hill len b burrows avenue. 17 minute drive time from the maryland line down to the 11th street bridge because of that. most of the delay is from 50 down to nanny hill len burrow. be prepared for that one. 50 dealing with heavy volume. officially a 30 minute delay on the northbound side of 95 between dale city the beltway. heaviest volume through woodbridge. 66 gainsville to 23411 minute trip yellow zone. things break up a bit and you have stop-and-go traffic between 28 and centreville and fairfax county parkway. outer loop in college park parked right now from 95 over to new hampshire avenue. almost a 20 minute trip to get through the 270 spur but the majority of that congestion is from 95 over to georgia avenue. inner loop volume increasing as well. metro is on time right now except for those red line issues that we're dealing with so be prepared for that. allison and steve. >> thanks so much erin. still ahead a woman is suing howard university over
6:20 am
the school didn't do enough when she reported that was raped and harassed on campus. how the school is responding. >> first though there's a festive celebration of lights under way at yard park in d.c. for the next month visitors can check out these giant snow globes just outside district winery. one simulates snowfall inside another snaps pictures of visitors and then displays it on the side of the giant snow globe. >> super cool. >> ♪ pa
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>> slightly above in 24,000 mark which would be huge and if we do close at [inaudible] would be the fifth record close of this calendar year, the most ever and you know, we just hit that 23,000 mark some 30 trading days ago. so, it really hasn't been that long but yesterday the dow up pretty big, 104 points but it was kind of a tale of two market. we saw the nasdaq down 88. tech stocks, investors pulling back from those tech stocks that have been pretty much on a rally this year. so, the big story, though, is the dow and that 24,000. we'll be watching that getting the champagne ready on wall street. >> okay. i'll be watching from afar. very happy about that. meantime the tax bill there could be a vote either tonight or tomorrow in the senate from republicans. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> how are we looking with this getting something passed for
6:24 am
>> reporter: the tax reform bill open for debate right now and they're looking to make some changes, some amendments to kind of persuade those gop holdouts. one of those would be to the corporate tax rate above 20 percent, they're looking at maybe around 21, 22 percent. another would be some changes to the state and local tax deductions. that's been a major sticking point for some of the republicans. and then, you know, the democrats they are still saying that this bill, the tax breaks would be for the rich and then for the big businesses, president trump yesterday in missouri, you know, strongly disagreeing with that but, yes, as you said, we could have a vote maybe today, tomorrow. even as late as monday. so, this is something that also been moving the market, too, investors have been watching for tax reform. >> you mentioned monday. let's talk about this monday this week. cyber monday and we knew that it was going to be huge. >> reporter: yes. >> of course it met all those
6:25 am
online shopping day but amazon of course the winner here. >> reporter: amazon -- this is not a surprise. amazon said that cyber monday was its busiest day of online sales in its history. amazon saying it sold millions of products. no exact dollar figure, though, that i'm seeing. and one of the most popular products, its echo. it also sold many of the amazon fire and, you know, looking at whole foods, one of amazon's, you know, newest acquisitions, they sold turkeys this year. so, amazon had a huge, a huge, huge week with thanksgiving, cyber monday all of that shopping and it was also what i thought was interesting it was also a benefit to those smaller companies that do sell on amazon, also. they had record number of sales as well. >> that's good, right. >> reporter: yes. >> amazon world domination continues and we'll be here. >> reporter:
6:26 am
>> tracee thanks so much. we'll see you on tomorrow, friday, yay! >> reporter: sounds good. >> looking tlooking forward to . tuck how do we look out there today. >> hit 70 yesterday. we're 44. lots of 30's across the area. take a jacket. will not be quite as warm today, about 10 degrees cooler with daytime highs upper 50's to about 60 and we'll have a little more in the way of cloud cover. got a little bit of cloudiness out there. no big storms on the horizon. might be a few showers. blue line you see a cold front which gets in here later tonight. we could have a spotty shower as that front moves through and that will reinforce the cool air for the weekend. nothing too extreme on our seven day. looking for signs of wintertime by the middle of next week after the storm passes next wednesday we'll see daytime highs in the 40's and overnight lows in the 20's. get ready for some cold air. >> okay. >> okay. >> we'll be prepared. thanks, tuck. >> uh-huh. >> how's traffic this morning, erin? good morning. >> , go. 6:26, thursday morning big problems on the bottom side of the beltway inne
6:27 am
crash blocks the right lane right shoulder. jam packed parked back to the springfield interchange. give yourself 15 extra minutes to get through this crash zone as you try to make your way towards 66 on the inner loop side of things. a crash involving several cars 295 southbound right near nanny hill len burrows avenue. keep it to the right. still a 17 minute delay holding strong from 50 down to east capitol street. 270 big delays, 23 minute ride keeping us in the red zone between 70 and 109 on the southbound stretch of things. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back with more on your morning commute. commute.
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>> ♪ >> let the holidays begin. such an exciting time in our city and across the nation. of course you're looking at the prelit national christmas tree. our annie yu is there. always a fun filled evening. the first family will be there, first time president trump will be there at the christmas tree lighting right outside of the white house not far at all. we'll have the preps for you all morning long. welcome back to fox5 news morning. weather and traffic coming up for you on the 5s at 6:35. first at 6:30, though d.c. police need the public's help in identifying the suspects of an armed robbery. this happened on monday afternoon in the 2300 block of ben, road in northeast. police say one of the suspects pulled a gun on a store worker and demanded money. the employee gave them what they wanted and the
6:31 am
took off. a maryland hospital facing a lawsuit after several women claim they were treated by a man claiming to be a gynecologist. at least 10 women say they were seen by this man dr. charles j. akoda at prince george's hospital center. the hospital admits they employed man by that name and that he used a complex identity theft scheme to become employed. fox5 spoke to a woman who says her child was delivered by the fraudulent doctor. >> to find out that he is actually a fake, i'm very appalled and i'm in disbelief because i wouldn't expect a hospital to any other do a thorough background check on people that's willing to work for them. i would expect them to really do diligent background checks on people and expect those people to be who they say they are. >> akoda practiced medicine at the hospital for a total of eight years from 2008 until 2016 when he was indicted in federal court for having a fake social security number. it is also discovered that
6:32 am
and transcripts. this morning another victim has come forward accusing howard university of ignoring her rape claim. this is a sixth victim in connection to a sexual assault lawsuit against the university. the student says she was raped on campus in april of last year but says when she reported it to school officials they told -- they told her an investigation would take three months. she says that she lived on campus in fear. howard officials say the university is committed to investigating any such allegations but that they do not comment on pending litigation. happening today in the district the mayor will break ground on construction on a new apartment complex that will include more than 100 affordable housing units and also a new whole foods grocery store. this new development in ward one is called the rhem located on florida avenue in northwest. exciting news in northern virginia to report. it's the grand opening of lidle. you know that grocery chain that's been
6:33 am
buzz lately, right? new location is opening in fredericksburg. doors open at 8:00. there will be giveaways and activities for the kids. prices are supposed to be super good. >> we'll have to check it out. let's start the morning line with basketball news for you. unfortunately not the best basketball news. no, the wizard season off to a slow start just like last year ended strong hopefully can do so again this year. whiz back in washington, back to back road games. in philadelphia used to be an easy win. it was an outright gimme. this is not the same philadelphia team. philly has a better record than washington. if you like fouls, this game had plenty of fouls. plenty of scoring in the fourth. washington down by double digits in the fourth. not try the old hack a shack but this time it was hack a ben. fouled every time he touched the ball attempted an nba record 24 free throws in the fourth quarter. only made 12 of them, he's not good at free throws. wizards
6:34 am
need. they lost 118-113. even after scoring 48 points in the fourth quarter. wizards at home tomorrow night taking on detroit. detroit also pretty good. wizard 11 and 10. big thursday night football matchup for the skins fans. of course it is dallas week, the big game is tonight. more about that in a little bit. it's the league's annual my cause my cleats campaign where charitable causes take center stage. chances are one of the your favorite players tonight or on sunday will be wearing special cleats and some of those might have been painted by silver spring artist saved zombrano. for the my cause my cleats week, he's been busy sending out over 30 custom hand painted pair of cleats. >> they get paid to be unique. they get paid because they're exceptional athletes or exceptional individuals but a lot of game doesn't allow them to be individuals. they don't get that. so, making custom cleats for athletes especially for football players where they have a helmet
6:35 am
yeah, the name is it on the back of their jersey but more than anything they're one of 11 guys that are from their team on the field at that time. so, this is just a little something that they can have that's a hundred percent theirs. >> there you saw some of david's cleats that he's working on. let's take a look at some of the cleats that the redskins players will be wearing. bidding is opened on line will close on friday for a good cause. all of the proceeds will benefit the charity featured on the players' cleats. there you go, my cl cause my cleats. ryan kerrigan cleats for autism and stars of pop. >> how cool is that. >> super talented local artist. >> wow. >> beautiful shoes. >> they really are. >> master pieces. >> you have to play on them and get them all muddy. >> we need to get tuck some ties that are custom painted. >> perhaps we can commission him. >> shall we? that would be great. i'm completely thrown off by the skins playing every
6:36 am
>> it's two in a row. >> right. >> getting a little -- okay. mostly because i stay up too late past my bedtime. >> tell me about it, tuck. >> right. 44 in washington. 30 up in boston. we're off to a cool start. going to be a cooler day than yesterday, yet it remain a nice afternoon to look forward to. daytime highs up near 60. we should keep it dry although we'll have a a little bit more in the way of cloud cover than yesterday. kind of a partly sunny afternoon. blue line you see that's a cold front. that could bring us a shower tonight. that's our best chance for a little rain in the next several days. i think it will be the middle of next week before we get our next chance of shower activity. 10 degrees cooler today. today we'll make it to 60. >> still not bad. >> still not bad. >> all right, thanks tuck. >> hi, erin. are we looking better than yesterday. >> we are looking better than yesterday but we have some problem areas that commuters need to be aware of. skyfox over the bottom side of the beltway. this is the inner loop. the left shoulder right now is blocked out by braddock road and that is because of a cr
6:37 am
springfield interchange to past braddock road. as you try to get towards 66 this morning be mindful you'll hit about a 10 minute slowdown. outer loop looks pretty nice. light volume. another crash in annapolis westbound 50. it's right by allen boulevard blocking the left lane. that's causing some heavier 50 volume as you make your way past 97. big crash scene. we have a big crash scene on 295 southbound in the district. this is right near nanny hill len burrows of a blocking the left lane. stay right. style holding strong with the 17 minute delay north of 50 down to east capitol street and then things open up toward the 11th street bridge after that. taking a look at 6611 minute trip yellow zone heavier volume increasing on the eastbound side of things between gainsville and prince william parkway at 234. dulles toll road looks good in both directions and we're problem free on 395. we have some water and sewage repairs going on south gordon street between vermont avenue and duke street. out in alexandria 270 southbound backi
6:38 am
that's your look at traffic. metro is on time subsequent those ongoing red line issues. ♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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>> ♪ >> back with what's trending on the web. more controversy over spending by the trump administration. federal purchase orders obtained by [inaudible] show the secret service has racked up quite the tab on of
6:41 am
things golf cart rentals. how much you ask? nearly $150,000 in golf cart rentals since president trump took office including over the long thanksgiving weekend nearly $7,500 spent on golf cart rentals where? oh, at mar-a-lago. where does that money go. 12 weeks into football season tucker this is for you. as a matter of fact this fan may be you. 12 weeks into football season and the cleveland browns have not yet wouldn't a game. one browns fan says it doesn't matter. i want a parade. >> yeah. >> and i'm going have a parade anyway just like we say about d.c. he's prepping for a perfectly awful zero and 16 season. he filed paperwork with city officials to hold a parade around the stadium january 6th if the team goes o and 16. the last team to go o and 16 the 2008 detroit lions. cleveland you may have an ofer parade. tequila might make you act differently than that glass of merlot. erin in
6:42 am
new research shows different types of alcohol can create different moods in your behavior. nearly half of people after that glass of red wine felt more relaxed. 20 percent after drinking beer, oh they felt sexier and a third after shot or two of hard liquor that's when the aggressiveness kicked in. there's your quick break down. throw them altogether then you have a big old mess on the weekend. >> yeah, you got a mess, period. >> and then you feel miserable the next day. >> all right. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> trending topic. nick jonas in a new movie "jumanji" and our kevin mccarthy sat down with him in hawaii. the fox beat is next. we'll bring you that.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>> ♪ >> that's gorgeous. >> that might be prettier than yesterday's shot. >> purple hues. >> it's been a week of beautiful sunrises. >> and warm temperatures. >> yes,'s been very fall-like. >> 10 degrees cooler today. yesterday we hit 70 degrees. >> so nice. >> uh-huh. >> and then did it seem like it was really warm and then all of a sudden -- >> oh, yeah. >> it was dark and temperatures fall off a cliff. >> i was feeling cocky with my no jacket off. >> we lose daytime heating pretty quick. also we had the front come through. >> okay. >> lots to talk about. somebody was so sweet -- oh, wait a mut
6:46 am
>> i got to give a shout-out. this is really important. >> we got all morning you know that. >> this is really, really important. >> okay. >> our friend here at fox5 tony has unfortunately needed some medical care and our friends at the virginia cancer center nadia and blare who watch us each and every day have been taking great care of him. he wants to extend a great big thank you to them. >> we want to let you know it's not tony perkins. >> it's somebody you don't have the pleasure of knowing because he works behind the scene. >> we all love tony here and nadia and blair have been taking very good care of him. thank you so much in tony has endured my bad english accent for about 18 years. >> tony has been here forever with us. tony get well soon. partly cloudy, light south winds if you're going to the tree lighting on thursday. high temperatures yesterday yeah we hit 70 degrees. 68 dulles, 67 at bwi marshall. normal daytime high is 52 degrees, 52, so we were 18 degrees above normal yesterday. all right, we'll be a little
6:47 am
about 10 degrees this afternoon. you can see overnight we have fallen back into the mid 30's so bring your jacket early. 34 dulles. 35 in manassas. freezing now culpeper. winchester's 32 degrees so temperatures are very chilly overnight here. nice warmup in store. we'll be up near 60 about eight to 10 degrees above normal but not quite as warm as yesterday. we'll get more clouds later this afternoon with this cold front which might bring us a shower but again, scattered showers with this front which will just kind of reinforce the cool air for the weekend. so, high pressure to our north and we'll be kind of partly sunny this afternoon, highs about 60. a shower overnight tonight. notice the weekend's dry. but it's kind of seasonably cool with highs in the 50's and overnight lows in the 30's. next week, tuesday, wednesday, once that system gets through our region, much colder air rushes in. we'll be well below normal temperature-wise by the end of next week. all right. memes coming up. >> good morning. i look forward to it. 6:47 right now. look at skyfox. they are over some heavy volume. earlier crash on
6:48 am
loop at braddock road cleared to the shoulder. as you can see inner loop really heavy from springfield interchange up past 66 over the legion bridge we're seeing volume increasing as well. beautiful sunrise there. unfortunately not so beautiful on the outer loop. about a half hour delay from 95 to the 270 spur. we did have some emergency work blocking a center lane but that looks like it's moving on and traffic is just crawling right now. inner loop picking up but not nearly as heavy. we also have that crash this is westbound 50 at aris t. allen boulevard in annapolis. just the left lane getting by right now so bigger delays building there as you head past 97. and then aside from that one, another crash it cleared to the shoulder 295, this is out by nanny helen burroughs avenue on the southbound side. looks like the shoulder is blocked right now. volume is decreasing but it's still pretty heavy. slow as you make your way out on 95 northbound from dale city up to the beltway. almost a 40 minute trip. 270 southbound 34 minutes to get to the beltway. metro is on time except for that ongoing red line problem. tucker barnes
6:49 am
morning memes. >> he did. >> yes. >> we all benefit. >> let's get to it. many of you may know there's going to be a big football game tonight. >> yes. >> i've heard. >> yes. so, we've got football related memes. let me just say quickly before we get started. >> these will be good. >> i love it. >> this is washington, d.c. >> yes. >> you know it. >> so we're skins centric here. >> yes. >> although i will say over the years i've met a lot of cowboys fans. i don't get it. >> i agree i've met a lot as well. >> so, you know, we're going to throw a little shade at you cowboys fans but that doesn't mean we don't love you for living in d.c. >> let's do it. >> is that fair? there's one meme here that's making fun of the skins. okay, let's go. we like to take it. >> cheers to all the fathers out there who didn't raise cowboys fans. >> that's funny. >> all right. >> looks happy. all right. a list of playoff games dallas
6:50 am
>> the shade is real. >> the paper is so tiny. >> almost see one. >> i don't know if they've won any have they since the irving days. >> that was probably their last heyday. >> oh, cowboys fans we gave you one. washington redskins fans be like lay down, try not to cry, cry a lot. >> is that tony perkins? [laughter] >> no. >> okay, our last one, he's our good friend, tailgate ted -- >> yay! >> watch carefully. i put a dallas cowboys sticker on my broken vacuum, now it sucks against. >> that's funny. ted for the win. >> nice job, ted. #morning meme. enjoy the game tonight. go skins. >> ted is going to join us next hour as well. we'll be cooking up some grub for the game if you're going to do some tailgating on your own. >> get some inspiration. >> exactly. >> coming up on good day, kevin goes
6:51 am
dreamy nick jonas. >> he is dreamy. >> i know you like him. plus we're going to share a little bit of that in just a minute. >> also on good day comedian mark price, you know him as -- skippy. >> yeah skippy on family ties. first he's stopping by the loft. >> he's been with us before. tmz's harvey levin will join us with the latest on the matt lauer scandal. if you are a fan of junkyard band make sure you watch all morning long because they're here setting up and they're going to perform live on good day a little bit later this morning. should be a great show as always. >> ♪ >> right now it is time for the aforementioned fox beat. another trip to hawaii to check in with kevin mccarthy who sat down with nick jonas who has a role in the new "jumanji" movie. >> his character has been stuck in the jungles of "jumanji" for a long time. take a look. >> ♪
6:52 am
do exactly as i say. let's move. >> ♪ >> i'm curious, i know you've written so many great songs and i was listening to a lot of them today preparing for my interviews, is there a song of you that you think speaks to this film and i know that's an interesting question. obviously you didn't write them or perform them knowing you would make this movie but is there one you think fits the film. i do approach my process with an eye towards cinematic story telling. i see the sweeping camera shots and the landscapes as i'm writing it sometimes. and there are some songs on this new body of work in i haven't released that have elements of that. there's one called "hold onto me" which is about friendship and caring for somebody and i think a lot of themes in this film friendship and find agway to kind of see the world around you and take in and be who you are. >> oh, my god, you guys, i am so stoked you are here. you have no idea. >> you are. >> so stoked.
6:53 am
>> ♪ >> backs against the wall. >> your character is obviously his mind-set is stuck in the 90's and he uses words like stoked. were there things about the 90's that you specifically liked or words you might use in your current day. >> i still say stoked. i'm really stoked about it. what else does he say that i -- because when he talked about cindy crawford. >> yeah. >> just to be clear, like when someone says something like not cindy crawford hot, i think she's still the mecca. >> i completely agree. >> i'm still with my character's opinion. >> on cindy crawford. >> yeah. >> i'm sure you've been asked this question a lot but i'm curious about it. you have a crazy cpr sequence with jack black. you have to do it lots of times. >> lots of times, different
6:54 am
breath mints involved. >> i was wondering that, do you do breath minutes. >> definitely. >> out of courtesy to the other people. it's mouth to mouth cpr. [laughter] >> so cute. >> more from kev. >> kev right. >> kev too. "jumanji" welcome to the jungle hits theaters december 24th. it's a reimagining. i guess it's not important. >> it's dwayne johnson and kevin hart together t there will be moments of hilarity in the movie. >> and it's hard to top robin williams and everything he did. >> last night in new york city, here it is, the big moment thousands of people came out to watch this, light it up. >> wow. >> beautiful. >> that's huge. >> always so pretty. >> it is. >> what a great location -- rockefeller center. the annual lighting, 85th annual ceremony televised by nbc. matt lauer was supposed to host the event. he was
6:55 am
no mention of matt lauer fired earlier in the morning for inappropriate sexual behavior at work. back to the christmas tree, though, 50,000 lights decorating the 75-foot tall, 12-ton norway spruce from where? state college, pennsylvania. home of penn state university. >> all right. >> pretty, pretty. >> let's say hello to our facebook fan of the day this morning. it is any cia snow. she is 15 years old. according to mom arianna an upcoming actress and model. >> like the little professional picture. >> she is a big fan of the one and only not aspiring bit professional actress and model. [laughter] allison seymour. >> she is such a pretty young lady. mom says that she, you know, gets some inspiration from maybe an outfit or two of mine. thanks. and my professionalism, steve. >> and your kindness. >> steve, will you vouch for my professionalism. >> a hundred percent. >> anyway, mom thinks that we look alike. i think that she could be one of m
6:56 am
>> awww. >> mom, i know she's all yours. maybe my niece. >> best wishes on your future endeavors. >> everything you do. >> maybe the best last name out there. >> did you like -- >> snow. >> any time it's weather related. >> it is kind of cool actually. >> let's do the weather. 43 in washington. cooler temperatures today but not cold. we'll be up near 60 this afternoon so another mild afternoon. just won't be the 70 we had. can you believe we had 70 degrees yesterday. we had a beautiful day. few clouds early. that is a cold front out to our west out in indiana and pushing into ohio and it may bring us a shower tonight and some kind of reinforce our cooler air for the weekend but nothing too extreme over the next couple days. 60 today. maybe a shower tonight and then 50's for the weekend but the weekend is dry saturday and sunday. great news. erin. >> coming you on 6:57 we have a crash in the district. twelfth and constitution northwest. it appears a bus is involved in that crash. it's on 12th street near the intersection of constitution northbound 12th street is blocked on
6:57 am
left lane getting by. please use caution there. police activity. big problems if you're coming in from annapolis towards bowie this morning. we have a crash that's still blocking the right lane. two left lanes getting by. this is just before 97. give yourself extra time. keep it to fox5 news morning. 7 o'clock hour coming right up. we got you covered with your news, weather and traffic. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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6:59 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead at 7 o'clock, matt lauer facing more allegations. 24 hours since he was let go by nbc complaints from two other women surfacing. new details about thousands sexual misconduct accusations against him. >> a holiday travel nightmare. a major airline short on pilots during its busiest time of the year. coming up the snafu that could impact your holiday travel. >> and 'tis the season for deliveries and unfortunately for stolen packages with millions being delivered to door steps in the next month thieves wanting to make their move and it's already proving to be a big problem here locally. >> if you're just waking up this morning, here's a live look on the ellipse on this thursday november 30th ahead of tonight's national christmas tree lighting. our annie yu is down there and we're going to check in with her a little later. >> so pretty. look at the sky behind the white house this morning, too, tuck it looks absolutely beautiful. >> gorgeous. not going to feel like winter. daytime highs inhe


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