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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 30, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> this is fox5 local news at ten. right now at ten srks a fox5 a exclusive. being on top of ad hood of a car, i feel like someone is going 100 miles per hour. a maryland man is under arrest accused of trying to run over a woman with his car. tonight the victim is sharing her story. an east coast earthquake rattles the state of delaware and it rattled some people in virginia and maryland we'll hear from them. the new developments on the a.m. gas stations of sexual abuse and in hollywood. good news for anyone flying american airplanes lines despite a computer glitch that threatened \million\mills of flights. the holiday season officially kicked off in our nation's capital. the news at ten starts right
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>> we begin tonight with a fox5 exclusive. a woman was trying to save her life when she jump on a hood of a run that she says was trying to run her down. it sounds like a scene out of a move yirks but this actually happened in maryland. corey coffin spoke to the woman who survived an extreme case of road rage. >> she was in shock. that young woman didn't want to be identif ied but it happened right here last night about 10:30 off route 301 and matawan drive. the woman tells me she was headed home from work when a man tried to merge into this very busy part of the roadway. he says that he sideswiped her not once, not twice, but three separate times. she pulled over and estopped behind her. she says at that point she got out and asked for his information. he remained blank face and did not talk to her. so she says she got out her phone and tried to take a picture of his vehicle. she said at that
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to accelerate toward her. she he knew she had to jump onto the hood of his car to avoid being pinned. at that point he took off very fast. take a listen. i was scared when he took off and when i seen that he was going to ram me in the car i really got scared at that point i was shooken up. i jumped off kind of like a tuck and role type of thing. you you just jump off. it was like a life or death thing for me and i would rather break a couple of bones than to be extremely hurt. she says he hit another car in an effort to get her off of the hood. she knew it was not going to be good if slee said on the hood. that man has been identified as 27 year old andre crew of waldorf. charged with first and second degree assault and multiple traffic ' fences. tonight he is being held in the charles county
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pending a bond. he traveled about a quarter mile down this road with that woman on his hood , on the hood of his car at about 65 miles per hour is what she believes the speed that he was going. amazingly, though, guys she only suffered a broken toe in all of this. she and her family are very happy that she's okay tonight. guys. pretty amazing she's alive. very lucky . new tonight a man is dead following a fire at a fairfax county pool house. the victim is 80 year old rita a diser. sky fox over was the scene earlier today along herbert springs road in alexandria. a space heater that was too close to some combustibles is to blame for this. in maryland a pilot of a small plane is doing just fine tonight after his plane crashed in buyy. it happened just before 6:30 this evening. maryland state police tell us the pie lieutenant was returning from ocean city and trying to make his agreement proach to freeway airport when he h
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only person on board. no injuries were reported on the ground. speaking of being on the ground, did you feel the earthquake today, a 4.1 magnitude quake hit just outside of dover, delaware. the quake was initially reported as a 5.1 but was quickly downgraded to 4.16789 the tremors were felt in new york, virginia and m. as you know, d.c. is no stranger to earthquakes. you may remember the 2011 earthquake that damaged the national cathedral and the national monument. how the question is how rare is an east coast earthquake? there was video of things falling down. you saw all the cracks in the monument. >> that was huge. that's probably the biggest east coast earthquake. that was a 5.8. these are exoan nengs. so a 4.1 is rare for this area. we get a lot of little
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or not there was one the day before halloween in the olney area. but it was only a 1.5 so you probably didn't even notice it. there were some reports bit . but this got our attention today, right before 5:00 when we thought it was all about the christmas tree. oh, no, it's not. we need to talk about this . it happened at four:47 today. i was six miles northeast of dover, delaware. there have only been three occasions when we've had a 4.0 or higher between d.c. and new york between since 1950. since the bedrock is almost like a concrete slab it was felt for quite a wide area. in 2011 the 5.1 that was noter west of richmond, that was much more powerful, almost 350 times more powerful. it did so much damage including 25 million not national cathedral, 15 million to the washington monument smg but this 4.1 to give you some perspectives ties for the
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mentioned a magnitude four or higher is somewhat rare in this area. we tend to have a lot of little ones. on the us geological survey they have a spot where you can register whether or not you felt it. these are the areas that felt it . for a small issue sized earthquake you you can see that it was felt all the way down to norfolk, up to philadelphia, new york. not quite to boss torntion you but i think they felt it in providence, rhode island and out on long island. and out toward the norfolk area there were 6500 responses to the usgs page did you feel it. it was 15 seconds of pour terror in 2011. you didn't feel 15 seconds worth of shaking, but you knew something was going on and lindsay watts talked to a few people who definitely felt that going on. i know it's not 2011 version, but it still scared some people today. >>reporter: our phones rang off the hook when this happened.
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heard from people in d.c., maryland and virginia. the center of the earthquake of course in delaware, but over here in our region people were impacted as well. it was it subtle enough that plenty of people did not feel it. i was on the road at the time. i did not feel anything. i'm told that people here at the station did not feel anything. i talked to some women who lived just down the street who said they did feel their house shake. you can hear from them and a few other people about what they experienced. i was listening to the news and then i dosed off and then i felt the bed go and it did like this. the first time i've been scared in a long time. it caught me off card guard. it's the regrouping from the day. the whole house was shaking. we were about to start the lesson and then we felt a shake and miss town had to stop she started texting people and she just kept coming in from door to door and they told us
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then i felt it again. and then here comes sue palka to save the day to say that we've had an earthquake. all the kids in my class were surprised because i've nerve actually felt an earthquake before. it felt really like some large rack oons had crawled through the crawl space. first time hands on sitting somewhere and feeling the earth shake in a house. that made me stop, think, pray and all, et cetera. a lot of of some of the people we spoke to were concerned about all the earthquakes that have happened recently across the world wonder ing is something up, is there something deeper to this. i spoke to a skies mol gist at u sgs tonight and was told while earthquakes were definitely rare for this this area, they are natural, normal occurrences. >> lindsay, thanks. here's a look now at our top
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the senate ethics committee has opened an inquiry into groping allegations against senatorial franken. six women have come forward accusing him of from 2003 to 2010. the latest one to come forward is army staff. she claims franken cupped her breast while taking a photo. senator franken's office says they, congressman conyers should resign. nancy pelosi is calling on john conyers to re sign. the move was a major change in her position from just days ago. although conyers is facing several allegations of sexual misconduct, his attorney says he has no plans to step down and instead plans to fight the allegation. the 88 year old is
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>> matt lawr apologized today. he issued a statement that the today show team read on air. there are no words to express my sorrow and the regret for the pain i have caused others by words and actions. to the people i have i am truly sorry. lawr also denied some of the allegations against him and said others were mischaracterized. but he did admit there was enough truth in the stories to make him feel embarrassed and shamed. a screen writer jenny large audience may accused of him. large audience may wrote about an unt encounter she hood with simmons in 1991. when she got in his car simmons told his driver to lock the doors. then he took her to his apartment. simmons said his account of the encounter is very different than what she said. he also apologized and says he is re moving himself from his businesses because he doesn't want to be a
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white house shake yup may be coming. secretary of state rex tillerson could be on the hot seat once again. the white house is discussing a plan to re place tillerson with cia director mike pompeii on. in return, pompeo would be replaced by tom cot cotton, a senator from arkansas. it's unclear when the change could happen. secretary tillerson was set to speak today. but his deputy replaced him at the last minute a man pretending to be a police officer, yes, is accused of stopping a man and raping him. tonight prince george's county police are concerned there could be more victims. plus, the war of words between maryland's governor around the head of prince george's county over the grade fixing scandal. and some. q. news, pilots are coming to the rescue of american airlines after a computer glitch threaten ed hundreds of flights during the busy holiday travel season. we'll be right back.
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>> this man right here facing some serious charges accused of impersonating a police officer and raping a man he had pulled over. prince george's county police tell us michael bell stopped the man in langly park early sunday morning. police say he flashed a badge, offered the victim a ride, then drove to a see includedded spot and forc ed the man to perform sexual acts. the victim eventually escaped also snapping photos of the car leading to bell's arrest . now police are concerned there may be more victims out there and ask anyone with information to come forward . new charges have been filed against a rm toker baltimore city police sergeant indicted for planting evidence. wayne jenkins is accused of setting up sean suit o by placing drugs on a suspect. detective suitor was killed two weeks ago one day before he was supposed to testify about the investigationment his murder still remains a mystery. these new charges against the former officer stem from an incident
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now get involved in the case. jenkins is expected to go on trial in january. >> we have an up update now on the grade fixing scandal in pringts. the simmering disagreement between larry hogan rashan baker boiled over today. governor hogan blasted county leaders for not taking the investigation seriously. they pled with him to meet because what it calls an injustice to students. the county executive says the comments were wrong, because the county has 606 days to respond to the grade fixing report. the meeting is set to take place in a few weeks. >> let's take a live look outside tonight. as you know, not too bad of a day out there and sue palka, still 51-degrees at ten:16. we're glad about that because we have some showers moving through the area we're getting into the time of year when we have to watch the timing of any moisture moving across as temperatures descrop, but tonight it's warm enough that the showers have been
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pushing from west to east and are now mainly east of zc are not going to be able to freeze on frozen ground. still seeing the leading edge of that moving across. the chesapeake bay and down through southern portions of charles county into calvert county, this is all going to be out of here very quickly. we have a frontal boundary that's moving on through and that's where the showers are from. they will be long gone by the time you you start your morning commute. you you may have noticed that the roads are a little bit wet. this rain has been on the light side. how about the temperatures today, once again a dislietful finish to the month of november. we got up to 60-degrees at reagan national. so nice for all the folks that were down on the ellipse for the lighting of the national christmas tree. bwi56 it is chilly out there tonight, but not very cold and certainly not too to freezing levels. we're still 352 here. quum beer land 46. frederick 46 greece. not going to be a terribly cold night and we're happy about
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with wet roadways out there. most places will stay in the mid and upper 30s to about 45-degree s and again showers are gone by morning. so for the kids at the bus stop they're in the going to need the rain geerks the sun will be back, 38 to 345. and after school on the first day of december 52 to 56 greece. it sounds weird to say december. >> it does. we'll take it. the temperature is not too bad. >> here's a look at what's trend ing tonight. first up, walmart mart has removed a controversial t-shirt from its website, rope, tree, some had a reference to hang journalists. it was removed after the tv disij tal news association sent a letter to the okay. walmart explained that shirt was being sold by a third party vendor and it clearly violated their company poly s. they better do a better job of knowing what's on their website. colin kaepernick's protests during the
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the muhammad alley. the 30 year old is the honest person who win that award. kaepernick started taking a knee during the anthem back in 2016 to draw attention to police brutality and social injustice. other players have since joined the protest. kaepernick has been out of the nfl since last march and last month he filed a grievance against the league for collusion >> tonight pilots are coming to the rescue of the world's largest airline. american airlines says only a few hundred of late december flights don't have pilots are scheduled to fly them. the pilots union had said that more than 15,000 flights lacked a captain or copilot or both. it let pilots take off in the last two weeks in december even if there was not another pilot available to on operate the flight. >> did i hear a little personal satisfaction with that.
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they still have some that haven't been figured out. you've got time, american, make it right. >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in the nation's capital. we're going to have all the highlights from the national christmas lighting but first a holiday greeting from our members oversees. my name is sergeant aqueued toe alat oh i'm from upper marlboro. i'm in queue quait for american of operation spot on shield. i want to say happy holidays to all my friends in maryland. happy holiday. y.
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>> well, it is officially the holiday season in the district. the president and mrs. trump flipped the switch today for the national christmas tree lighting . fox5 tion lauren demarco shows us all the festivities at the holiday tradition. >>reporter: an amazing night, just gorgeous out here. not too cold at all. the 95th annual lighting of the national christmas tree, but the first for president trump and first lady melania. take a look at that big moment. ten, nine, ate , seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. applause). >> just like that it was officially the most wonderful time of the year kickoff. we are now celebrating the holiday season. everyone having such a great time because just after the president lit the tree, there was a concert. we talked with folks as they were leaving about what their favorite moments
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ulysses s grant signed legislation making christmas a fed federal holiday and i sort of feel we're doing that again. for christians this is a wholly season, the celebrates braition of the birth of our lord and savor jesus christ. telling us how important chris was in our lives. it feels like the season has really begun. who was your favorite performer. >> the beach boys were great. i've loved what known ament i've loved her for years. >> what was your favorite part of the show. >> the boys with the ties. my favorite part was seeing santa claus. my favorite part is when we saw donald j trump. merry
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to give you an idea, the ornament on top, the star, it is 4 feet wide and weighs more than 40 pounds just to give you a scale of this thing, a 32-foot tall colorado blue spruce now all lit up. the president's what can yard is decked out. if you want to come down here i'm told everything will be open tomorrow, you you may want to wait until monday until they get rid of the stuff. there are 56 tiny christmas trees. they represent each state and us territory. they're all decorat ed by the home state. it's definitely come fun to come on down here yourself and see it as well. >> a massive christmas tree, indeed. >> it's beautiful every year. coming up next, protecting your holiday presents. those packages delivered to your door is a prime target for thieves. the maryland woman recovering after she was shot in the las vegas
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have the new details when the news continues.
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newly two months after the las vegas massacre, good news for tip a frost. the maryland native was shot in the head. she is now in rehab. family and friends have created a go fund me page to race money for her medical expenses. she turns 28 on savment we are rooting for her and we certainly wish her and her family well. the news continues. gym jim and sarah standing by with the ten:30. right now at ten:30 -9s ' an update on a story you saw first on fox5 a. nearly a dozen women are suing after they say a man pretending to be a gynecologist treated them at a local hospital . new maryland's govern or is weighing in on the hospital. you found the perfect gift, what you can do to protect holiday presents delivering to your
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lengths to protect all of that money. how did this guy pull up off a heist. we'll show you. off the top at 10:30 a case of road rage in waldorf. the victim saying she was drying to get another driver rs information after a crash when he ran her down with his vehicle . fox5's corey coffin spoke exclusively to the woman tonight. corey. >>reporter: she accident want to be identified, but she tells me it happened right here off of route 301 and matawan drive last night at ten:30 she says after the man hit her she tried stopping and getting information from hivment she even tried tak ing a picture of his tags with her phone. that's when he accelerated toward her. she had to jump onto his hood to avoid being hit. he then took off at a high rate of speed with her on his car. that man andre crew is now in jail tonight being charg ed with multiple counts, first and second degree assault as well
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well. he's in the charles county jail tonight. we'll have the very latest and the interview from her coming up at 11. did you feel the earthquake today? there was one that shook part of the east kees and it was centered right outside of dover, delaware. it hit around 5:00 and it came down to a 4.1. the quakes tremors were also felt in new york city virginia and in maryland. >> another white house staff shake up may be in the works. the white house is reportedly discussing a plan to replace secretary of state resm tillerson with cia director mike pompeo. and pompeo will be replaced with tom cotton. the change could happen within weeks . secretary tillerson was expected to speak today, but his deputy replaced him at the last minute. >> you know this
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for thieves looking to do a little holiday shopping at your front door. if you've ordered a package online and it's delivered to your home when you're not there, it might get snatched up by thieves. it happened to one guy who watched the crime play out on his phone it's crazy. this is just crazy dana forth site still can't believe the nerve of a thieve who allegedly stole a pack oij from outside his home in largo wednesday afternoon. >> it makes me like somebody breached my privacy. the crime was captured by this security camera outside mr. foresight's front door. first you see the u ps driver come up to the house and leave a small package inside the storm door. it was two echo dots dana ordered on cyber monday. then a half-hour later the cameras triggered again when that man approaches the front door and appears to steal the
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minutes behind by the time i actually sought footage. it wasn't live so i couldn't use the little voice thing. while we were in the neighborhood this morning, tan yeah lewis flagged us down to say the guy was back he seen him yesterday not knowing what he was up to and then spotted him in her front yard. the way that he stuttered in his footsteps when he saw the camera sitting up here on the sidewalk it was more a notion that it was definitely him just the way he froze when he saw the cameras. it's estimated some 43 million packages will be stolen from outside homes this holiday season. prince george's county police releasing this radio of a crime caught on camera two weeks ago in camp springs. the postal service and police say there are things you can do to help protect packages delivered to your home. you can go online and physical therapy carrier not to leave the package on your door step, but in some specific loc
10:34 pm
a burb or leave it with a neighbor at the post office or u ps store for later pickup. a stay-at-home mom tan yeah lewis says she is helps her neighbors i'm home a lot of time so a lot of people have their packages dropped off at my door step. something else to keep in mind this holiday season. in largo, maryland, bob barnard, fox5 local news. >> two roashes thought they had the perfect scheme. this is not in prince george's county. this is in georgia. two robbers dressed up as elderly men. the suspects pulled off a heist. you can see the bald head, hunch overred shoald soldiers. held two employees at gun point while making a third employee unlock the safes and cases. the crooks made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in rolexs. police in las vegas release some new surveil video
10:35 pm
who robbed the belagio. the thieve walked in the casino enters a poker room with a gun demanding money from the car cage. the man then runs out of the cuisine '. he manages to escape. police have found the get away car, but the suspect is still on the loose. despite surveillance video and a crowded casino full of witnesses. take a look at this brutal assault that was caught on camera in california. you can see a man approaches an elderly man and then hits him over the head with a backpack causing him to fall to the ground much the assault happened on a very busy street in holiday wood. los angeles say the attack was unprovoked and the suspect is still on the senate republicans working fast and furious, to get the bill passed by the weekend. no stalling the month of december, jim and sarah, it begins tomorrow. we'll
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gays to get into some winter like cold much that's in the forecast, too. guess what 21 gays until the winter solve tas and we'll have a pattern change that will have you feeling like winter is right around the corner. that's coming up in just a few minutes. another milestone for your money, the do you surging past 24,000, as senate republicans move closes to pass a tax cut bit. it is the six time since president trump's election the do you has cracked a thousand point preparier. the do you up for ate straight month s. the longest streak in 22 years. are you tossing and turning at night over death. more than half americans living with debt say it has a negative impact on thrawr lives, includ ing stress. it's causing one and four people to lose sleep at night. it loose like junior is putting a lot of money under the
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mattress says the average kid will get 630ed in cash gifts most of it coming from relatives . the kids are expected to save more than 40 percent of that money much that's business, i'm connell mcshane.
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>> now to a fox5 followup. we first told you a fake doctor claiming to a gynecologist. now the hospital is facing a federal lawsuit and now we're hearing from state and local leaders about the allegations. marina maracco live in the news room with more. >>reporter: just yesterday one of the patients in the case was the first to go public. today maryland governor layer humidity and is reacting to the news that for years prince george's county center treated dozens if not hundreds of women
10:41 pm
deliver their babies. governor hogan did not hold back in his comments about the prince george s hospital center. he say s at the issues at the county hospital are some of the reasons that make him ground today at the new m d.c. medical center. when you have people practicing licenses and get away with it for that many years there's something wrong with the hospital system and something wrong with the school system when they won't do anything with these scandals. prince george's county executive rashan baker was asked if there is an issue with the leaders of prince george's county county turning a blind eye with the health, welfare and overall safety of the residents in the county. no , absolutely not. i think, you know, like any large jurisdiction, you're going to have challenges and you're going to have issues. it's how you deal with those challenges and issues. much like with the hospital immediately
10:42 pm
and the teams are looking into it. they're going to make teams there. i think with the university of maryland medical system coming in and it's a combination of a new system, you'll see that. >> prince george's county hospital center maintains they completed a thorough and diligent background check by the fake doctor. his side ticketed event theft scheme was quote, complex and sophisticated. the presidential push to move tax re form in the senate slowed down bit a bit tonight. in the last switch they dwee sided not to vote, p putting off more votes until 11:00 tomorrow morning. republicans have to retool the entire bill. the goal was still to get into the president's death by christmas. the fight on the senate floor revved up with democrats still objecting to reworked versions of the bill . i am not going to support any cuts to people who are on the program. i want this program to survive
10:43 pm
this program. >> that's senator pat toomey. democrats plan to hit the bill hard with amendments tomorrow morning. if the senate passes its version they still have to reconcile it with a house version and those two bills are still very far apart. >> president trump may be find ing some middle ground on one of his campaign promiseses. the president is expected to de delay moving the us em bays in injurious leem. president trump has tabled the sensitive issue. previous admissions had postponed the embassy move in an effort to have a piece deal. >> former trump paul manafort is reaching a bale agreement which could lift the house arrest he's been serving on for the last month. it includes pledges four of his properties. the terms are unsure that manafort won't skip out of the country. efface
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in the history of people being asked how they like their eggs, we're pretty sure no one's ever said microwaved. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be. q. we got a health warning for you tonight for men who go bald or develop grays in their 20s or 30s, more research shows you could be three to five times more to develop heart problems. prematurely bald or men with gray hair were affected by heart disease more than those who did not experience either of the two . baldness and early gray ness. you're looking at the ugly sweater in this story. okay. apparently they are at a greater
10:48 pm
disease than obesity. >> i was caught off guard by that. thanks for your distracts . i'm sorry. surfing the web on your health phone could be bad for your health. they told another guy go out and find bald guys. using your cellphone too much could be causing an important i am imbalance in the brain. the research looked at people who are constantly locked through the internet on the phone and it appeared to do damage on the way their brain works causing a chemical imbalance that leads to severe anxiety and tiredness. amazon wants alexa to be your new co-worker, they revealed plans to make the new office assistant office friendly. they're working on new apps that will allow alexa alexa to order spplies and even bring voice computing. you can join me and alexa for the news
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>> they have to brew beer somewhere. when space ex falcon nine goes to mars they'll bring barly seed in an effort to produce beer on the planet. >> i hear matt damon is interestinged in that. see if he can do something with a little barly. >> how are you in. >> we saw lauren down there on the president's park for the big tree lighting. i was out there last year and it was brutally cold. today was a bargain in comparison. >> too t bad you didn't get that assignment this year. >> we would have cut from you and said what about the earthquake. who cares about the tree. the tree got up staged at 5:00 by a 4.1 earthquake as you heard about in dover, delaware, but now we're back on track. if it's loo a little misty out there, the last of the rain getting east of the city. this is not going to be around for your morning c
10:50 pm
going to be cold enough to freeze on these roadways, the wet spots that may be left behind. this is frontal boundary that's been passing through our area and a little left on the west side of charles county. most everything here across the bay now and just a few little sprinkles still left in prince george's county. that is about it. we'll take a little bit longer to get the clouds out of here, but as you can see as we put everything in motion and large audience at bigger view moving along nicely and we start to see the clearing showing up here through western pennsylvania and that will work its way through our area overnight so you're back in the sunshine tomorrow. let's check the weather headlines because we know the showers are gone by the morning commute but what can you expect. welcome to december. i don't think we hit 606, but we could do mid 50s, maybe some upper 50s again. we're easing our way into t first week of methodological winter. seasonably cool. mid 50 #-s and it looks of the two days
10:51 pm
might be a little bit warmer and then you're he going to start hearing us talk about a pretty significant pattern change that we see coming down the pike. our first taste of artic air may be showing up here late next week. stay posted on that. it gets a lot of snow lovers excit ed when we finally have cold air in place in dessments that doesn't mean there's a storm coming just yet. today, nice to have a 606 finale. we have a lot of cloud cover around now a few light showers still bleeg reported at the top of the hour with reagan national with a bonus temperature of 52-degrees this is our average high for the day. thanks to south winds. across the rest of the region we have some 40s out there, but nothing terribly cold. as we go through the overnight hours we'll see that dropping down to the upper 30s to about 45-degree s. showers should be long gone by the time you get to the morning com
10:52 pm
feeling a little more typical of december as high pressure is building in from the west it will bring the north breezy into town t and we're bright, dry, temperature in the 50s. a little bit of a breeze, but nothing you can't handle and that helps us get up to about 5f sunshine here in d.c. the streams could be 52 for hagerstown and as warm as 57 for the fredericksburg area. annapolis about 54 and leonardtown coming in at 54- degrees. shall we talk about the weekend? it's everybody's favorite subject on a thursday, right in? a. a few clouds around on saturday with a temperature of 52. we are a little warmer on sunday at 57. great weekend to do your running around, decorate the outside of the house if you don't want to deal with the cold because next weekend looks a lot colder. we'll have a few clouds saturday. mostly arrested on an outstanding 40s and 50s and then as we head through the sunny part of our weekend which is sunday that's when we think things will be getting a little bit warmer and brighter. on
10:53 pm
we've got lots of 50s. the l cooler day will be saturday. the rest of the days mostly in the 50s and look at this, a bonus 63-degree day on tuesday with some showers possible. we also may have some showers on wednesday at 55 and then we start heading on downhill, thursday, 47-degrees the beginning of a cold wave that could last for a number of days the way things are looking right now. that's your fox5 seven day forecast. what's going on in sports? it looks like great foot football weather. there's a lot of football this weekend. the l college football play off will be set with every college championship to be on the field clueing the big 12 championships. area high schools decide their championships beginning tonight with the maryland state final between frederick taking on milford million from bawlter month. high school students painted up. the kid from frederick wearing that in the rain hoping it doesn't wash o
10:54 pm
gait. boom. out of nowhere. that's a touchdown. the millers went onto a 19-zero lead early much that's on december monday. check this out, they come back, second half, ryan lay, a touchdown. and then devon butler puts them ahead 22 to 19 they came back from 19 nothing. four minuters left, the millers take their own lead, 27-22 and then 14 seconds left, the game winner plunges in. one of the craze yes state finals. miller holds on win, they scored a touchdown, 28-27. >> talk about crazy stories. corey clement is the proud owner of the used bmw courtesy of his ninth craft kowns
10:55 pm
events signed with the eagles. he stuck with the team as an un drafted free agent so his ninth grade counselor paid the bet giving her car to the nfl rookie. clement makes a league minimum $4,606,000. hopefully she he can afford his own beamer soon. a deal is a deal. now he has a slightly used beamer. she still had the car from when he was in ninth grade and gave it to him. love it. >> coming up next at 11 it sounds like something out of a movie. a maryland woman had to jump on the hood of a car that was trying to run her down. once he accelerated i knew he was going to aim to smash knee into the cars. tonight she's telling us how the road rage played out. apple's next smartphone may not look anything like we're used to. we're talk ing zac morris
10:56 pm
out next at 111. ♪ ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need.
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>> you can add the upside down christmas tree to the list of hottest trens to the holiday season. the upside down why is mass tree creating buzz all over social media. home decoration site the spruce claims the tradition started in central and eastern europe. what's wrong with the tradition. thanks for joining us at ten:306789 i'll see you on the final five at 11 thirty. the news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a
11:00 pm
car after a man tried to run her over. now she's talking only to fox5 about the violent road rage scare. i think he was at least going 55 to 606. did you feel it, new details about the rare earthquake that was felt across the northeast. dramatic developments in harassment investigations on capital hill and in hollywood. president trump's comments at the national why is mass tree lighting and the story behind this viral video of a beagle trying to escape a virginia animal shelter . your news trts now. we gin tonight with a fox5 exclusive, a woman who survived an extreme case of road rage is sharing her story with us. in order to save her life she jump ed on a hood of a car that she says was trying to run her down. corey coffin spoke exclusively tonight. i just can't imagine what she went to. >>reporter: she had some


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