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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a traffic nightmare in annapolis. an overturned tractor-trailer causing a big mess and all sorts of problems. we're live on the scene with what you need to know. >> also another tough night on the front lines of those california wildfires. southern california. crews trying to save as many homes as possible as a new fire enters the heart of los angeles and the worst could be yet to come. >> live look outside in our area on this thursday morning. it's december 7th. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. >> christmas tree all lit up now. >> what a pretty sight. just a little less than three weeks until christmas day. >> lighting for the capitol christmas tree yesterday. we take the good with the bad. started with the good with the christmas tree. now breaking news out of maryland this morning. an overturned tractor-trailer. >> lane closures to tell you about along u.s. route 50 in annapolis. annie yu is live on the scene with the latest. what's going on there annie? good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, steve and allison. well, for about four hours now traffic basically on the westbound side of route 50 came t
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tractor-trailer somehow overturned along route 50. we have made some progress so that's good news. it also will they have the tow truck on the scene here with the tractor-trailer back upright so that is good. i want to show you a little bit of a closeup here as close as we can get. the accident is on the westbound side of route 50, it's right after saint margaret's road. all lanes still blocked. those of you traveling from the eastern shore headed back to d.c. you'll be forced to get off at exit 29, cape saint claire road. a few miles of backup so please factor that in your commute. if you're traveling eastbound you can see one lane is getting by there on route 50. you're getting by with just one lane to the right. and just in case, if you need to get to the businesses including this gas station, the service lanes are opened. i know some of you were wondering about that. now, crews shut down part of the eastbound side because of large debris that basically scattered and flew from the westbound side as a result of this crash and
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police that this truck was carrying a bunch of meat products so, in addition to a fuel spill, you had product scattered across the roadway, so they are working to clean that up. you also have the department of environment out here assisting with the fuel cleanup. so, this is going to take still i think another hour or so before they can fully reopen the lanes, but once they do, miles of backup from the -- on the westbound side will be able to finally get through here on route 50. that's the very latest here from annapolis. we'll send it back to you all in the studio. >> annie thanks very much. in the meantime also developing overnight here in the district smoke inside of a homeless shelter forced residents out into the streets. this was northwest d.c. fire activities say they traced that smoke back to a small smoldering fire in one of the ducts. no injuries reported and that building has since been deemed safe. so right now they're working to get all the residents back inside. >> also in d.c., police investigating a deadly shooting in southwest. this happened around 11 o'clock last night on forrester street. officers on the scene found man
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chest. now, he later died. at this time there's still no word on a suspect. also in montgomery county overnight, firefighters investigating a possible case of arson. crews responded to a townhome on cedarwood drive in rockville just after 2:00 this morning. they say that someone was taken into custody. that incident is under investigation. >> let's get to the breaking news out of southern california overnight. fire crews battling strong winds try save as many homes as possible. more than 100,000 acres of land corch mostly from the thomas fire. another fire broke out threatening belair just outside of l.a. it's the getty museum right there. look how close it is. evacuees found plenty of company on the road last night driving by the flames swallowing the hillside and back in ventura county some people digging through the rubble of what used to be their homes. >> the photos mementoes family heirlooms they're gone and they're not coming back. >> that's all that mattered was that. we were okay and our d
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now we just have to -- we got to start over. >> start over. makes it sound simple but you know it's not. toxic smoke from the fires forced the closure of nearly 300 schools in southern california. and the believe it or not, hurricane force winds up to 80 miles an hour expected in some areas later today as those flames are continuing to spread. back here in washington, we are hours away from a huge announcement on senator al franken's political future. >> a chorus of calls for franken to set aside in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations grew very loud yesterday when more than 30 senators said their colleague needed to go. fox5's melanie alnwick is live on the hill this morning with more. so, what do we expect from senator franken this morning? >> reporter: hard to know because we received mixed signals from his office and from people surrounding him. yesterday two more women accused franken of unwanted kissing and groping bringing the total number of accusers now to eight and with that,
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the senate has vanished. now dozens of democratic senators men and women are calling for the minnesota senator to resign after the first accusation, franken apologized and said he would cooperate with a senate ethics investigation. then, more women came forward with stories of franken groping or trying to forcibly kiss them on the mouth. >> senator franken's conduct was wrong. he has admitted to it and he should resign from the senate. >> i do not feel that he should continue to serve. everyone will make their own judgment. >> reporter: now, after that rebuke from his colleagues on capitol hill, franken's office said that he would make some kind of an announcement today, then they followed it up with this tweet about 6:00 p.m. wednesday saying "senator franken is talking with his family at this time and plans to make an announcement in d.c. but any reports of a final decision are inaccurate." now, we should mention that only one of these alleged incidents occurred when franken was a sitting senator.
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a group of staffers in his office also signed letter of support for franken. senator franken did -- he did deny the most recent accusation of forcible kissing saying that it was "preposterous." he also told a minnesota radio station that he is a warm person who hugs people a lot and he has since learned that in some of those encounters, he has crossed the line. live on capitol hill, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> mel, thank you very much. six after the hour now. the other big story on capitol hill today action to avoid a government shutdown. federal agencies run out of money at midnight tomorrow. house leaders have planned a vote for today on a bill to keep the government running at least through december 22nd. the senate is due to take it up after that. now, avoiding a government shutdown will likely be a big topic when president trump meets with democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer later today. >> tuck is back with us and it's not too bad this morning, 42 degrees. >> yeah, some cloudov
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holding the temps up a little bit but it's going to be chilly today. you know, cold again tonight. maybe a flake of snow by tomorrow. so, the wintry pattern is here to stay. >> okay. >> okay. >> yes. >> nothing too extreme though. feeling like december early this morning. again temperatures back in the 30's and 40's. and we won't warm it up a whole lot today. upper 40's to about 50. all right, 43 warm spot reagan national, look at what's going on at dulles where we've got some clearing skies, 31 now and 35 up in baltimore, bwi marshall. mix of clouds and sun today. a lot like yesterday although i think we'll get a little more sun than we did yesterday. we'll see some high clouds, what what was call cirrus clouds moving in from the south and west and that will help keep things kind of partly sunny around here but otherwise we'll keep the northwest flow going here. places like syracuse, rochester, lake effect snow so we're firing that up so snow off to our north. for us, chilly this afternoon. take a jacket. mix of sun and clouds. and breezy there. winds out of the west at 10 to 15, gusting to 25.
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speaking of breezes, i was just looking at some of the winds out in l.a. overnight, 85 miles per hour wind gusts in ventura. sasasanta anas. first flakes of the season in the forecast coming up. >> good morning. >> good morning. already a mess on so many of our roads. this is a look from skyfox our first view of the actual tractor-trailer crash. as annie mentioned, it was overturned, just got turned upright. they're getting ready to try to tow it out of the way. 50 westbound all lanes closed at exit 29. traffic being diverted to cape saint claire road. because of that crash. one lane is getting by on the eastbound side. debris spilling into those eastbound lanes. so you may want to exit at 28 to get around that. otherwise, continue in that one lane. just have some patience. big delays a few mile backup on that se westbound side. luckily no injuries reported. you can see that backup in the off-ramp to cape saint claire
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take that over to college park way hook onto two to get back onto 50. 95 northbound crash in virginia. this is coming up through woodbridge at prince william parkway. it's blocking the right lane and we are seeing a lot of crowded conditions in the main lanes because of that. now, aside from that, as you make your way out in the district in northwest, earlier crash -- excuse me earlier fire 400 block of second street northwest. that has cleared. that road has been reopened so things getting back to normal on the third street tunnel as well. now we have a crew on the way to this scene. east-west highway at fairview avenue all lanes blocked. a pole down in the road from an earlier crash putting buses on delay. keep it to fox5. we'll have more in just a few. back to you steve and allison. >> new pushback this morning over the president's decision on jerusalem. >> plus, can a new extreme diet help fight type two diabetes? the results of a new study next. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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ing. >> tension high in there middle east this morning as the fallout continues from the president's move to recognize jerusalem as the capitol of israel. several world leaders calling for an emergency session at the united nations to discuss the asian. the united states issuing warnings to americans abroad about the possibility of protests and just hours ago the leader of hamas has called for a new uprising against israel in the wake of the president's decision. >> as the pentagon prepares to accept
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beginning in the new year pushback from the department of justice. last night the agency asked a federal judge top put on hold her order requiring the military to begin the process on january 1st. while the department of justice appeals the ruling. now back in august you'll remember president trump ordered a ban on transgender individuals from serving in the military. shortly afterwards defense secretary james mattis said he would work to determine how to implement this policy change which is expected to be announced by march. >> today marks 76 years since japan surprise attack on pearl harbor. more than 2400 americans lost their lives in that bombing. today remembrances will take place across the nation including here in d.c. there will be a wreath laying at the world war ii memorial's freedom wall. redskins president bruce allen will speak at that ceremony. he will be joined by veterans and pearl harbor survivors. >> more fallout this morning in connection to sexual assault allegations against harvey weinstein. six women
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and the studio he co-founded. they claim weinstein and his company functioned like an organized crime group using agents producers and others to prey on young women and cover up weinstein's actions for years. now since the new york times big report on weinstein in october, more than 80 women have publically accused the former movie mogul of and sexual harassment and assault. >> big health news this morning when it comes to fighting type two diabetes. about 27 million americans suffer from the disease. a new study says some of them could beat that disease by a radical change in diet. british researchers divided patients into two groups. the first stopped taking medication and went on a strict liquid diet consuming dig that's it. they underwent behavioral therapy. the other patients stayed on a conventional treatment plan including medication. the results, about half the patients who went on that diet saw their diabetes go into remission. 86 percent who maintained a weight loss of about 33 pounds achieved remission.
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calling it a cure if the weight goes back on, the diabetes will return. proof that if you get yourself healthy when it comes to weight management might help out with the diabetes as well. >> that's extreme but somewhere in the middle. still ahead. >> details about who uber played to keep last year's massive data beach secret. >> first though a holiday message from overseas. >> ♪ >> i'm lieutenant jack georges. want to wish all my friends and family back home a happy holidays. holidays.
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>> ♪ >> well, another day another traffic update for you, another closing this time on east-west highway is closed between fairview avenue and new hampshire avenue. this is in takoma park. they have a downed pole right now so there you can see they have the big trucks out there blocking off the road but just a heads up east-west highway shut down between fairview and new hampshire avenue. hopefully this one doesn't take as long as the closings we had yesterday but that's the latest. we'll check in with erin in a minute. first here's tucker. >> thank you steve. bus stop forecast. temperatures getting chilly early this morning back in the 30's for much of the area and low 40's here in the city. after school today it's going to be a cool december afternoon, daytime highs about upper 40's to about 50. 50 will be here in the city. much of the area doesn't get out of the 40's so it will be a chilly afternoon. 43 in washington. leonardtown 37. 37 in fredericksburg. manassas, you're now in the 20's. 28 for you. 31 dul
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32 culpeper. winchester 36 degrees. 38 up in hagerstown. and you can see temperatures correspondingly chilly overnight. want to take you quickly to los angeles. the reason why i want to show you some of these winds. steve and allison were just talking about the wildfires out here and they have santa ana conditions. look at some of these winds that are currently blowing out there. this is at about 1 o'clock in the morning for us. 85 miles per hour wind gusts and all of these are wind reports over 50 miles per hour so unfortunately that's just fueling the fires as they're going to -- they're expecting or forecasting winds to continue to be that strong for another 24 hours or so. all right, locally we got a little cloud cover off to our south. very strong jet there and you can see the lake effect snows kicking in and our northwest flow will keep things cool around here later today and kind of partly sunny. i think some of these clouds will kind of come and go across the area a little later this afternoon. so it will be partly sunny and kind of cool. all right, this is the setup for not today. this is tomorrow, late tomorrow night and early saturday. area of low pressure, our old
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enough precipitation will get close enough that we may have a few flakes. best chance will be south and east of town. southern maryland i'm thinking you guys, lower eastern shore it may be a very light bit of shower activity and a couple snowflakes. not talking about accumulations. perhaps our first flakes late friday early saturday. a clipper system could bring a couple snow showers to the rest of us during the day on saturday. cool temps here to stay. 50 today. 30's by the end of the week. that is the weather update. >> wow. >> erin, your turn. >> oh, let me just tell you, traffic is a nightmare this morning. >> already. >> this is a view from skyfox out toward cape saint claire in annapolis. 50 westbound closed. all traffic diverted to 29. cape saint claire road to college parkway back to two because of a tractor-trailer crash initially overturned. they got it upright. carrying meat products. there's a fuel spill. one lane gets by eastbound. so big delays
6:19 am
standstill traffic leading to the exit where you have to detour at 29. on the westbound side to and from the eastern shore this is a nightmare. let's switch it over to our cameras. this is a look at that delay building where you're forced to detour at cape saint claire. again just one lane get buying so eastbound volume looks light because it's bottlenecking past that closure. not the only big problem. as we look right now at 410, that is closed in both directions at fairview avenue. let's take a live look out there. we have a fox5 photographer dave just got to the scene. you can see those cones set up. they're diverted traffic. east-west highway closed in both directions between fairview and n new hampshire avenue. you can see the closure and police activity. big problems aside from that bw parkway northbound by 197, a crash on suitland parkway inbound at stanton road and we also have a disabled tanker truck reported on new york avenue inbound after bladensburg. back to you. >> that's a mouthful. that is a mouthful. >> lots going on. >> thanks erin. 6:19. the winter travel forecast is out. airlines already busy
6:20 am
of travelers. >> first though it's christmastime at the u.s. capitol. a tradition for more than 50 years, got a quick glimpse of this earlier this hour. hundreds of people attend the last night's tree lighting ceremony where house speaker paul ryan hit the tree. this year's tree came from a national forest in northwest montana. back with more after this. it's 6:20. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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well it's a perfect nespresso morning here, george. hold on a second. mmm. ♪ ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else? >> 6:22. wal-mart changing its name. first let's check the market. joining us from fox business network studio tracee carrasco. the excitement meter might be somewhere in the middle or toward the bottom. kind of blah. >> reporter: yeah, yesterday was a little just kind of wavering back and forth between up and down. we ended the day, the dow lost 40 points, s & p 500 down just .3 and nasdaq was up 14. right now futures pointing to
6:23 am
just a very slightly higher open. a lot of this still hinging on tax reform and what is going to happen there. so, we'll be watching today. hopefully we'll get a better day because the s & p 500 hit its longest losing streak since march. >> well, if four days is the longest losing streak then we're off to a good year so far. >> reporter: i know. >> so much if washington dictating what's happening on wall street. this uber story, someone paid to keep the data breach, it might lead to more breaches in the future. >> reporter: yes, so, you know, it's very rare that you hear a company actually paying this ransom but we are slowly finding out some more details about that massive data breach that affected some 57 million customers and drivers. now, reuters is reporting that the man be behind this data breach was 20-year-old man from florida. he also had
6:24 am
now we don't know the names of either of those two people. but they were reportedly paid that $100,000 ransom to get rid of all of the data and to keep quiet about all of this. now, uber did conduct a forensics na analysis on his commuter to make sure -- computer to make sure he did get rid of the information. no social security numbers or credit card information but still a lot of details that could have been used to steal some one's identity. really a lot of unanswered questions from uber. >> be interesting to watch throughout the day today. wal-mart making a name change although this is like you tracee dropping 1e from your name. why would they make the change? >> reporter: you know, this is interesting. so, they will be dropping the hyphen from wal-mart and dropping
6:25 am
they'll just be known as wal-mart. and this is really -- it's reflecting a shift away from the brick and mortar stores. the ceo said the change is to make sure customers know that they can shop at wal-mart everywhere meaning in the stores and online, which is really where their focus has been, that e commerce business because they are trying to compete with amazon. you know, we know amazon is just amazon. so, it's interesting here because we've seen other companies do this, kentucky fried chicken they dropped -- they became kfc, they dropped the word fried because they really wanted to down play that back in 1991. also, coach, they became tapestry because they wanted to reflect all of the luxury brands that are included in the company like kate spade. >> we'll see how it goes. it's wal-mart. it's still wal-mart. we'll see. >> reporter: it's still wal-mart. >> is this record airfare that we're looking at for the holidays or close
6:26 am
airfare. >> reporter: yes, up 3.5 percent from last year. 51 million people will be traveling globally between december 15th and [inaudible] it will be a very busy season despite, you know, more flights and more seats being added this year to accommodate all of those people. >> all right, going to be crowded. >> reporter: be patient. >> i know. going to be crowded. thanks tracee. we'll see you tomorrow. it will be friday morning. >> reporter: can't wait. you, too. >> i loved her color today. >> it matches yours very nicely. >> i noticed that. >> i love that. we're twinning. >> what's happening. >> not so cute. the weather got cold. 43 in washington. lots of 30's off to the west and to the north this morning. jacket weather here to stay. winds out of the north and west at 10. daytime highs mid to upper 40's so we'll keep it cool and kind of a mix of clouds and sun. i think we'll get more sunshine today than we got yesterday but it won't be a perfectly sunny day t lake effect snows to our north. for us again we're just look
6:27 am
maybe a few snow flurries saturday night east of town. saturday night we might get a snow shower. cool, hm. >> yeah. >> just a snow shower. nothing significant. >> as long as it's not a squall we're good. hi erin. >> good morning. good morning.all westbound lanen blocked in cape saint claire. this is to and from the eastern shore that's impacted. overturned tractor-trailer turned upright. all lanes still blocked. traffic on the westbound side detouring at exit 29. one lane gets by eastbound. let's move to our maps. this is the backup so give yourself at least 30 extra minutes trying to get into annapolis. aside from dave our photographer is out here in prince george's county. 410 eastbound and westbound let's take a live look at that at fairview avenue remains shut down. big police presence. dealing with a downed pole from an earlier crash. d.c. police traffic just tweeted me and disabled tractor-trailer inbound new york avenue prior to montana avenue blocking the center lane. keep it to fox5. lots more traffic news and weather to g
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>> welcome back. man, erin has been a busy lady. like the last -- feels like week and a half okay but what you're looking at here is our live camera at east-west highway. this is in new hampshire avenue between fairview avenue and new hampshire avenue. erin, where is this in town? >> this is in takoma park prince george's county. >> this is takoma park, okay. downed pole right there. we'll let you know about the progress of g
6:31 am
through that area or not. erin and tucker will join us at 6:30. welcome back to fox5 news morning. first at 6:30 the latest developments out of annapolis maryland where an overturned tractor-trailer on u.s. route 50 causing major backups this morning there. now the crash happened on the westbound lanes at exit 29 just after 2:00 in the morning. there are some lane closures in the eastbound lanes much right now drivers are being routed off at exit 29. again erin will be along with more on the 5s at 6:35. at 6:31 now montgomery county overnight firefighters investigating an arson. crews responded to a townhome on cedarwood drive in rockville just after 2:00 this morning. police say someone was taken into custody. that incident of course under investigatio. let's head to a fox5 exclusive now. metro transit police arresting to teenagers yesterday. they were accused of as soughing a man at the fort totten station. some of the confrontation caught on camera. victim says one of the teens
6:32 am
head with a plastic bottle. the incident caused a commotion on the platform and while one of the teenagers was being arrested, the other teen assaulted a metro transit police officer. this morning they are both facing charges. new this morning, d.c. police hope the release of this surveillance video helps them track down a person of interest in connection with an assault on a police officer. you can see the suspect is carrying a gun. this happened a few weeks ago on november 17th in the 800 block of 51st street in southeast. also in the strict now, the search is on for the this gunman who robbed a convenience store with an ak-style rifle. this happened early yesterday morning on benning road in northeast. the gunman walked into with his face covered, shoved that gun into the clerk's face and demanded money. then ran off after cleaning out the register. well, if your normal drive takes you on 95 through stafford county, you may see some activity tomorrow aimed at solving a painful mystery, fi
6:33 am
butler. fox5 has learned investigators will search wooded areas along both sides of 95 and woods in the medians between the north and southbound lanes. butler was an analyst for the environmental protection agency. she went missing back in 2009. earlier this year her boyfriend, josé rodriguez cruz admitted to killing her. as part of a plea deal he agreed to tell detectives exactly where he buried butler. >> i hope that he's telling the truth. i believe that the district attorney and the police vetted him pretty good before we actually made the deal so i'm hopeful but i do have mixed emotions about it. even though we know what happened to my sister, she's still missing. she didn't have a proper burial. she doesn't have a proper resting place and that's what we want for her. >> this is a d.c. police case but with the body possibly in
6:34 am
the point agency on friday. let's head to capitol hill now where we are just hours away from a big announcement from senator al franken about his political future. several lawmakers are calling for him to resign as another woman has now come forward with sexual assault allegations against him telling politico that franken tried to forcibly kiss her in 2006. franken says he is talking with his family and has not made a final decision. also on the hill, the alzheimer's disease research stamp is the focus of new legislation. it was recently introduced by the u.s. postal service to raise awareness from the money with sales going to the nih. the stamp is set to be in rotation for two years but today maryland senator chris van hollen along with other lawmakers will introduce legislation to make it available for six years. steve. >> ♪ >> time for the morning line. we'll keep it real quick for you this morning. let's start on the ice right now. caps what a great start last night
6:35 am
first period the entire first line scored. they poured it on. three goals in the first. then they won six to two. tom wilson with two goals and two assists being doing great on that number one line. nick backstrom ended his 21 game stretch without a goal. that's a long time for him. about a quarter of the season. 37 saves for braden holtby. caps win for the sixth time in seven games. they're turning eight around. they host the rangers tomorrow night. in the nfl roger goodell taking a lot of heat from a lot of people everywhere except the nfl owners who have agreed that goodell should get a five year contract extension. that means he will be the commissioner of the league through 2024. the deal has been in the works since may. all 32 owners approved and last month of course controversy when jerry
6:36 am
of the cowboys tried to fight that extension. doesn't matter. he'll be your nfl commissioner through 2024 for millions and millions and millions of dollars. >> how does one get that job. >> it's like hitting the lottery when you get that. >> there's an nfl game tonight thursday night football new orleans-atlanta. >> all right. >> that's good money, let's face it. >> yeah. >> but then you have to like -- >> you have to massage 32 billionaires' egos. >> people hate you, they love. >> right. >> never mind, i don't even want the job. >> thank you, me neither. steve that's a job for you. i feel like you could be more of an administrator. >> you don't care what people think about you. >> al, you know it. >> 43 in washington. hey, most of our region is in the 30's. even some 20's places like culpeper back into the 20's this morning so take a jacket. not much of a warmup today. mid to upper 40's. maybe we get to 50 in the city this afternoon with a mix of clouds and sun but we'll keep it dry around here later today. we need some more rain or at
6:37 am
least more increased precipitation. lake effect snows to the north. we are just going to keep it cool around here for the time being. maybe a couple different opportunities for a snow shower this weekend. we'll talk about that in just a minute. upper 40's this afternoon. no snow today. no rain. dry. >> sounds like a good day today. >> yeah, it will just be a little cool. >> quiet day. >> yeah, a quiet day. >> check in with erin. her day is anything but quiet. >> i need a second cup of coffee. this is crazy. a live look attack park. east-west highway 410 closed in both directions between fairview avenue and new hampshire avenue. our photographer dave is along new hampshire avenue but avoid 410. want to switch to skyfox. it has been a mess on 50. they're kind of circling around showing delays right now and you can see that backup right now. this is a closure point. you can see how backed up traffic is right now. that backup -- let's switch to our cameras because that's a better view. 50 westbound closed at 29. all traffic being forced to
6:38 am
the exit ramp completely parked. a 30-minute delay once you get off the bay bridge trying to get into annapolis. take that exit over to college parkway to two to hook back on. one lane eastbound gets by a whole bunch of debris from that overturned tractor-trailer. 50 inbound new york avenue it's in northeast before montana avenue, we had a disabled tractor-trailer blocking a center lane. now we just got word from d.c. police traffic ddot was able to relocate that disabled tractor-trailer. all lanes once again opened but delays still extend past 295 now. really big slowdowns under 10 miles per hour leaving past bladensburg because of that. we also have a crash on suitland parkway causing big problems between stanton and alabama avenue southeast. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. a lot more quest traffic as we continue.
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>> ♪ >> 6:41 on a thursday and we are back with what is trending on the web this morning. first up texans are going wild on social media after finding out first lady melania trump stopped by an iconic burger joint before leaving the st state. okay any guesses. they visited whataburger on wednesday. you guessed it. you're so smart. the pair stopped by after meeting with victims of hurricane harvey. the
6:42 am
to host the high profile guests tweeting i hope it was a great meal exclamation point. thanks for stopping by, period end quote. it looks like the most popular dog names aren't dog names at all. what are dog names? turns out 94 percent of americans consider their dog a member of their family of course and the most popular dog names are human names so some of the most popular names of 2017 charlie, bella and ready for this, tucker? tucker. >> what. >> tucker is a popular dog name. i'll catch you up later. tucker is a popular dog name. >> i hear tucker, tucker, tucker. >> and you turn around and you hear good boy. finally tom brady is helping -- [laughter] is helping speeding drivers slow down. a boston physical education teacher calm up with the idea he used cutouts of tom brady's face and then put them on pedestrian crossing signs outside of schools in boston's roxbury neighborhd.
6:43 am
because they would be on the ground. >> you got to know your audience. >> it's working. the signs are helping drivers slow down. this is a fail here. >> yes, that would not work here. sad thing is everything time tucker gets the forecast right we're supposed to say good boy tucker, good boy. you did good. thank you, allison. >> yeyou're welcome. >> kevin will join us with the fox beat coming up. that movie opening up next week already. my goodness. >> ♪
6:44 am
♪ ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
6:46 am
>> live picture from skyfox right now. there's your bay bridge traffic right now and it feels like it's a holiday get away. >> all of the lights. >> there's an accident on 50 right now and it has 50 traffic really, really backed up. so, that's the bridge coming in there from kent island toward annapolis and the backups very strong this morning. we'll check in with erin in just a minute get you the latest. yesterday we had the wind warnings out on the bridge, today we've got the traffic backups out on the bridge. >> take your time. some areas you have to but it's weird. i think mercury in retrograde. did we talk about it yesterday. >> i don't know. >> just take your time, slow down. >> maybe that's the issue. >> yeah, believe so. >> great point. >> the bar was -- oh, you might have been sick that day. i'm sorry. >> okay. >> uh-huh. >> meanwhile my job is fairly easy. i mean, it's just cool. >> no, it's not easy. it is going to be the first white stuff on friday maybe
6:47 am
>> maybe a flake or two. >> that's exciting. >> erin has got action packed days day after day. here are your headlines. yeah, cool this morning, going to be cool this afternoon. i think we'll get more sun than yesterday although we'll have clouds around as well. could we see a few flakes friday night and maybe again on saturday? yeah, we could for parts of the area. going to reinforce the cold temperatures around here right into early next week. all right, take the jacket. 43 now in washington. look at your temperatures below freezing here manassas now in the 20's, 28. 31 dulles. 36 winchester. my morning shout-out to front royal, it was 35 degrees last hour, so plenty cold out in front royal as well. 37 in leonardtown. fredericksburg 37 degrees. all of us out to a chilly start. all right, i'm quickly taking you out to the l.a. basin. i want to show you some of the winds overnight. 60, 70 look at this wind gust 85 miles per hour in the last couple hours out there so i'm
6:48 am
continue to be having terrible problems with the fires with the winds blowing like that overnight. for us a mix of clouds and sun. our old front is kind of hanging up to our south and we'll get some of that cloud cover spilling north today so we'll get a little bit of cloud cover and yeah, lake efflakeeffect snows kicking in s parts of new york. it was snowing yesterday up towards buffalo. this is our look for tomorrow night early saturday. our old front hung to our east and a little low pressure rising along it but far enough east we'll get some fringe impacts, perhaps southern maryland lower eastern shore will get a few flakes. not sure if it will be enough to coat the ground. there could be a few flakes by friday night and saturday. locally even here in d.c. we might see a few flakes with a little clipper on saturday. notice the colder temperatures right through the weekend. erin. >> 6:48 right now. it's going to be an action packed report unfortunately for commuters starting you off with a look in takoma park. dave out on the new hampshire avenue side of things, those cones right there, that's a closure st
6:49 am
both directions between fairview avenue and this points at new hampshire avenue because of a downed pole as a result of an earlier crash. you'll have to detour around that. want to switch it over because it is just a nightmare as you try to cross the bay bridge. look at this from skyfox right now. 50 westbound is closed. all traffic being forced to divert at exit 29. to maryland 179, cape saint claire road. you have to take that over to college parkway back to two. college parkway is a parking lot. over an hour delay. all westbound lanes blocked. eastbound side one lane gets by with debris. you can see just how backed up things are. it's a nightmare out there. if you're trying to get from the eastern shore into annapolis or towards the district, factor in at least an extra hour. i hate to say that this morning but that's what it's looking like. doesn't look like those lanes will open any time soon. a crash involving a tractor-trailer on prince william parkway. heavy delays from dale city to
6:50 am
aside from that an earlier crash just cleared out by benning road but delays are heavy 295 southbound. new york avenue inbound completely backed up by montana avenue. we had an earlier tractor-trailer that was disabled take, out a center lane. that cleared. only metro delay we're dealing with is the red line with shuttle service replacing trains between silver spring and fort totten. takoma station closed. heavy outer loop delays in college park. 29 minute trip there. 270 backed up. 66 eastbound is picking up through centreville. all right. >> my goodness. >> that's what we got guys. >> need a meme. >> i would love a meme. >> for anybody watching that that says i should go just give it another minute maybe we can leave you on a good note. >> yeah that way you can leave the door smiling. >> let's see what we can do. >> okay. >> time for your morning meme. >> ♪ >> there it goes. all right. this is the erin show. >> yay! >> good. she deserves it. >> thank you to all the viewers who sent this in. >> thank you. >> oh, yay! one of our favorites give yourself some extra time today. go ahead, erin.
6:51 am
>> seven o to do it. looks i'm growling in that picture. that's a good one. >> i think everyone was growling. i remember that day well. >> that was a tough one. >> this is me many mornings. >> yeah. >> go ahead, allison. >> okay. when you thought coffee would help but you're still annoyed by everyone. >> i hate everybody. [laughter] >> i want you to look at his little hand pause. >> i know. >> look at his little frown. >> oh, hey. >> this meme reminded me of you. >> good morning to everybody that's got a secret crush on me. >> this one is for you. this one's for you. >> all right. and then we're going to wrap it up. erin, you want to take this one. >> when you meet the man of your dreams. no, not you kevin. >> sorry, kev, step away. >> sorry kevin mccarthy. >> kev could you pull that mic back so i could crop you right out of the picture. that would be great. >> darn, no cropping. >> are we going to get more of this interview. >> yeah. kevin did a great job
6:52 am
>> coolness. >> thank you. >> crop that one real nice. kevin won't be offended at all. >> put mike thomas to work. >> let's say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. >> all right. good morning jessica. jessica was nominated by her mom, saundra thompson. she says jessica is 15 years old. and get this. she has made the honor roll for four straight years. >> wow, that's fantastic. >> love it. >> way to go jessica. great accomplishment so far. mom says she wants to be a veterinarian some day which is an awesome life plan as well. hope you have a fantastic day. enjoy your day at school jessica and have a fantastic weekend as well. >> all right, kevin mccarthy with us now. it is time for cue the music the fox beat. would you be offended if erin cropped you out of her picture. >> i need to explain this. true story. full disclosure. i was in a uber ride. i
6:53 am
car. i'm traveling to new york. >> did you leave your whole suitcase. >> no, no. i wear a sweatshirt in the morning on the way to work and i put the suit jacket on top of my book bag when i travel to work but i left it in the back of the cab. i'm going to new york to. >> have you been in touch with the uber. >> his name is cecil. >> see you later cecil. >> real fast, "star wars" the force -- force awakens "the last jedi" is opening up next friday. massive movie. now, people might not know this when they shoot a movie this big and this secretive they use a code name. so, certain films have different code names. the code name behind this. >> nerd tears. >> i wish. it was actually space bear. so i spoke to the filmmaker ryan johnson about why. >> because no one would figure out that space was "star wars." >> why he chose the title space bear as the name. two of the stars check in on that name as well. listen to this. >> one of the things i love about behind the scenes o
6:54 am
a different name onset. i remember space bear. >> space bear. >> is that something you created for the set. >> yeah. >> can i ask what the significance of that was. >> it was during the prep and they said we need a code name. i forget what it was. we had gotten -- i had gotten into some corn there where i didn't know how we would get it and said space bear comes in. there was a dumb little panda in a space helmet and made me happy that on this big official production there was space bear on it. >> that's awesome. >> made me happy. >> i saw some behind the scenes footage of you sitting behind a chair that says space bear. is that what the script says as well. >> no. >> no, but it is very much a more accurate theme of the film. >> not only did it say space bears. >> bears are a big part -- >> we all had bear names like bear -- yeah. >> what's poe's bear name. >> smoky bear. >> oh, okay. >> and laura, your character. >> i don't
6:55 am
>> did you have a bear. >> i had a bear. i don't even remember. >> donald was paddington bear. [laughter] >> those are the cast members of "star wars." the gentleman you saw at the beginning was ryan johnson the director behind the movie. if you haven't seen a movie called looper with joseph gordon levitt and bruce willis. >> when you show the behind the scenes making of the films every time you see ryan johnson he's like a little kid. >> that's the beauty of it. i don't see the movie until monday. laura dern's character we know her name. >> is she new. >> she's new to the franchise. oscar isaac was poe in the force aikens. his character continues. we'll have more from that coming up later on in the show today. but as you mentioned in the memes this morning, john cena will be on our show today. >> very cool. >> interview-wise. erin asked incredible questions so we'll have a dual tag team interview with mr.
6:56 am
mr. cena. we talked about his wrestling career, his engagement. you can crop me out of the photo if you want erin. we're tou tossing to tucker. >> he was here reading to kids in the nation's capitol. >> if my uber driver is watching right now, if you're driving don't watch the show, i need my jacket its in the back of your van. back you. >> there's a little tip button. >> here we have tuck and untucked with kevin here. [laughter] >> might as well have worn pajamas on the air this morning. >> that was a good one. >> 43 now in washington. mix of clouds and sun today and a chilly afternoon. mid to upper 40's with maybe a few snowflakes in the forecast by late friday, south and east of town. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast coming up but notice the cool temperatures. they're here to stay so cool temperatures next couple days. all right, erin. >> never crop kev out of that picture. he's a celebrity. 6:56, great news. 50 westbound that tractor-trailer crash cleared. this is a
6:57 am
unfortunately east-west highway still shut down as you make your way out in both directions between fairview and new hampshire avenue. let's look at skyfox. tractor-trailer crash that had 50 westbound all lanes blocked did clear. delays unfortunately remain back to the bay bridge. you can see all of that light that is parked traffic trying to get past that earlier closure. keep it to fox5. we'll have team coverage coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock, the traffic nightmare in annapolis getting a little bit better this morning. an overturned tractor-trailer caused a big mess for several hours. you see skyfox on the right and the ground level shot on the left. live from the scene with an update on route 50. >> renewed how that for more closure. new details in the case of a local woman missing for eight years. the man who murdered pamela butler may finally lead police to her remains. >> plus, another hard night on the front lines of those california wildfires. crews desperately try to save as many homes as possible as a new fire enters the heart of los angeles and the worst could be yet to come. >> if you're just waking up this morning how about a look outside in our area? this is thursday morning, december 7th, live look across the dmv. chilly start to the day. 42 degrees. >> all right, let's get a quick check on weather and traffic. tucker and erin are standing by. erin i know you got your hands full. let's start with tucker.


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