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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 22, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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there. we've got you covered whether you're driving or flying. >> plus a holiday story you need to see. we'll show you the special surprise delivery from a local gold star family. >> and. >> if you're just waking up this morning happy friday to you. here's a live look outside on this friday morning, december 22nd, 2017. >> let's get a quick check on weather and traffic. tucker and erin are standing by now. tuck let's start with you. >> allison cool temps to start the day but we'll soar into the 50's later this afternoon. nice afternoon. mild temperatures tomorrow. talk all about the weekend forecast and what's happening weather-wise coming up erin. >> light volume on the beltway. we'll keep you updated. metro is on time. we'll have everything you need to know for this busy holiday travel friday. >> straight up 7 o'clock is your time. weather should cooperate today for the all the trains planes and automobiles rushing out of town in time for christmas.
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airplane there's plenty you should know before you get to the airport. fox5's melanie alnwick is live at reagan national with some of those details. mel, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. still only seeing really delays out of los angeles this morning and even then not that many. so, things do seem to be moving pretty well given the fact that this is supposed to be a record year for holiday travel. this seventh year in a row travel has increased. it's not your imagination if you think there are more people on the airplanes and the security lines. we've seen a couple of different configurations here going on in these t.s.a. lines. right now this is pretty normal. passengers are moving pretty steadily. now, when the k-9s are in operation, then it's a little bit of a different scenario. they come back and forth and they sniff the shoes and the bags and those instances then people don't have to take off their shoes at security and it really does make things go a lot quicker. we timed one group and it took them less than 10 min
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but got a few more people coming on line here now so maybe a little bit longer than but not a terrible wait. t.s.a. says because of the additional holiday travel, that is meaning about 400,000 extra passengers per day during the holiday travel period which runs through january 1st. they've also put additional t.s.a. agents on the job as well as additional k-9 officers, too. a lot of advice that they have really hasn't changed much over the last couple of years. really if you're going to travel domestically they do say to give yourself two hours. that hasn't changed in quite some time. international three hours. just, you know, you don't want to be rushing around. you want to make sure you give yourself plenty of time and then you can relax on the other side of the security gates and just chill with your family until your plane takes off. also a couple of tips as far tir because the holiday season is a little different. people tend to carry different things than they would on other times of the year. they say don
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because even though you're allowed to bring wrapped presents occasionally security might need to unwrap them to check what's inside. baked goods are okay. for personal electronic devices there's a new policy you ma it have heard about it electronics larger than a cell phone they need to go in the bins for x-ray screening in the standard lanes but one of the things we did notice was when they had the dogs here, when the dogs were sniffing the lines they were telling people don't take off your shoes and leave your laptops in your bags so that did help things go a little sooner. so, i would say, you know, just really listen, pay attention to the directions from your t.s.a. agents. they'll tell you what is going to be in operation at whatever take time so again so far so good here. let's hope everyone gets to their holiday destinations on time. live at reagan national, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> let's hope so. hope everybody has a safe and uncrowded travels. 7:03 is the time. a
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trump and congress as they get ready to head home for the holidays. >> the president is due to sign some big bills but he's also out spreading some christmas cheer. fox5's bob barnard is live at the white house to tell us what is on the agenda today. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, allison and wisdom. yes, before the president heads to florida for christmas, he is expected to sign that stop gap spending bill this morning here at the white house. that is the one that will fund the federal government through january 19th. this was the continuing resolution signed by both houses of congress yesterday before they left town. this does fund the children's health insurance program providing insurance for some 9 million less fortunate children, low income families. it does not, however, provide money for disaster relief for puerto rico florida and texas. that they'll have to deal with after the first of the year. there is talk that the president maal
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new tax bill into law, although that plan has been to do that after the first of the year. so, we'll see if that happens today. more than likely that will come after the first of the year. yesterday for the first time since april president trump visited wounded warriors up at the national military medical center in bethesda at walter reed. he visited with sick and injured members of all branches of the military and called them some of the bravest people in the world. while he was at walter reed the president also awarded the purple heart to army lieutenant victor prato who was injured in an ied blast in afghanistan last month. so, the president visiting with wounded warriors, troops, a tradition that presidents have done before the christmas break and again, guys, after some of the bill signing here at the white house this morning, the president will head to palm beach to his club at mar-a-lago. >> bob barnard thank
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all right. 7:05 right now. tucker is here. he's talking about snow on christmas. >> i know. it wouldn't be bad to have a dusting. >> a dusting. >> that's what we're talking about. >> okay. >> that's like the high end potential here. >> just enough to go outside take some pictures and say it snowed on christmas. >> it might be over. like it's really for santa. >> got you. >> it will be late christmas eve early christmas morning. by the time you get up it might be out of here. i'll be here monday morning. if anything happens i'll let you know. >> all you got to do is look over and i'll be right with you. >> all you got to do is look over and i'll be right here with you, too. >> maybe we're there and we don't already know it. >> too much on a friday. >> let's go to the forecast. warming into the weekend. yes, mid-50's later today with quiet weather locally. so, again, if you're traveling on roads here anywhere in the dmv you'll be in great shape. 39 reagan national. 34 dulles, 36 bwi marshall. in fact, most of the eastern seaboard in pretty good shape. the exception extreme northwest pennsylvania,
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upstate new york vermont new hampshire, western massachusetts getting snow at this hour. that's all associated with warmer air which is being pushed to the north and again, we're going to be on the warmer side of things today so temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. mid-50's expected across our region for our friday and again we'll be dry this afternoon. so, you're in good shape. we have rain showers in the forecast tomorrow along with mild temperatures. and then we'll talk about the sunday monday time frame. and there's been a lot of talk about the potential at the end of next week for a winter storm. we'll touch on that too coming up. we got a lot of weather to talk about. >> i know, suddenly. >> my time of year. >> thanks tuck. >> let's go to erin como and talk about traffic. >> we have a crash maple avenue between nutley and louis street. a fire scene blocking all locations right now at that intersection so please use caution as you make your way out on maple avenue out in vienna. aside from that we're seeing very light volume. we do have a crash right now ooakwood road before van dorn street. things at the mixing bowl looking good. skyfox over the mixing
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really quiet. not seeing any problems out there. if not -- there we have it. you can see just how smooth things are sailing. pretty beautiful shot where traffic is moving in all directions. as we switch over from skyfox i can tell you that elsewhere we're seeing nice conditions, too, on the top side of the beltway. a little bit of volume 295 and southbound kenilworth avenue. 25 miles per hour average by benning road. overall green zone though. 50 looks great. the outer loop and inner loop past 50 quiet. problem free in bowie. fairfax 66 looks good. looks like by reagan national things back up to 44 miles per hour. we're seeing some heavier volume there but looks pretty good. you're quiet on the way to bwi as well as dulles. metro rail lines on time. wisdom and allison. >> ♪ >> 7:08 is the time right now. new this morning, the search for a 12-year-old boy missing in prince william county. now his picture is on your screen right now. this is brendan escobar. he's 4 feet 8-inches with black eyes and brown hair. he was last seen leaving his home on forestdale drive in woodbridge last night around 7:00.
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>> ♪ >> also in the news this morning, let's talk about a disturbing story out of prince george's county. a violent fight at suitland high school caught on camera. >> police are now investigating following reports that someone pulled a weapon of some sort during the fight. fox5's anjali hemphill is live at the school this morning with more. good morning, anjali. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. not only did several students participate in this fight, some of them even pulled out their cell phones and started filming. now at least one student here at suitland high school could be facing criminal charges after investigators say a weapon was used and before we show you the video of all this, wer we do want to warn you that the images may be disturbing. >> back up, back up. >> reporter: this video concerning. you can hear and see certainty students involved in this violent brawl.
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tuesday. really tough to watch especially thinking that these are jus just teenagers. they believe the students planned this fight. they positioned themselves between the school buses after school so they were not immediately spotted by security guards. the fight lasted about a minute before it was broken up. we had our cori coffin out here last night. she showed this video to several parents who told us this was the first time they heard of this happening. >> this year i haven't heard about much. i hear sometimes, you know, from time to time different incidents but this year this is the first that i heard of. >> it's scary i mean, it's soming to think about, you know, having her come here every day and, you know, deal with stuff like this. >> reporter: what's your initial thought seeing that? >> it's rough. it's rough. wow. >> reporter: we did get this letter that was sent home to parents. according there that letter a
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fight. not clear what the weapon was but three people were hurt in all this. minor injuries. the school district says they've identified the students involved. they will be facing some sort of discipline anywhere from suspension to expulsion and again, at least one student may be facing criminal charges. live in suitland this morning, anjali hemphill fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> 7:11 now and a follow-up to a fire that broke out last night in montgomery county. fire crews battled a house fire in germantown on brink road around 9 p.m. crews had to bring in several water tankers because there aren't any hydrants in that area. firefighters say no one was at home last night when this fire started. there is no word yet on a cause. more arrests have been made in connection with the possible gang related murder of a prince william county teenager. police arrested 19-year-olds thomas pena mejia and israel hernandez navarro. investigators believe they're linked to miguel's
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disappearance and death. his body was found in a field in nokesville back in august. both suspects face first degree murder charges. >> still ahead a special delivery for a local gold star family. we've got the touching holiday story and how the family wants to pay it forward. >> the miss america organization in the middle of an e-mail scandal. details after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ ♪ you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> ♪ >> little stevie wonder right there to get it started. that's another one of my favorite christmas songs. all stevie wonder christmas songs. >> you know what, sometimes stevie is so deep. >> that's true. >> you might forget it and just, you know -- but, hey, things still go on -- sadly the things he's singing about still going on today. the melody
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>> the melody and the spirit of the season. >> and the spirit of the season and our tucker barnes very cheerful young man. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> yeah, okay, lots of weather to talk about. let's start with milder temperatures today. as we get into the weekend tomorrow, believe it or not lowly 60's. next couple days mild and then we'll cool it down by the time santa gets here christmas morning. 39 now in washington. 36 up in new york. 24 in boston this morning. i just want to point out that locally we're in great shape if you're hitting the roads today. railways, buses, planes, we're in good shape. here are your airport delays locally. i know melanie touched on this but we're doing fine. so as you get up the northeast corridor there, you can see we don't have any reported delays because of weather. if you're headed to vermont new hampshire there is snow up there this morning. for us partly sunny. daytime highs in the mid-50's so a look at the seven-day but there's your christmas day forecast. low 40's. there may be a wintry mix early christmas morning will no
7:16 am
and there's your seven-day forecast. we'll keep it mild next couple days. there's your sunday, monday time period with a little wintry mix early monday morning. and then cold next week. by the end of the seven day extended there's a possibility of a winter storm next friday, saturday time period. >> okay. >> okay? >> uh-huh. >> possibility. >> okay. >> all right. >> not guaranteeing it at this point. >> good. >> 'cause i don't like that word storm, so -- thanks, tuck. >> all right, let's check in with erin como. >> all right, 7:16 and traffic right now is looking good from skyfox at the mixing bowl just light volume right now. beautiful sunrise there if you're out out and about early this friday. what did you say tuck. >> gorgeous. >> gorgeous. let's show you what else you're up against. 66 eastbound crash is blocking two right lanes before the beltway. there you have it. you can see that fire truck looks like a semi and a vehicle involved. pretty nasty crash scene down to just one left lane and left shoulder getting by. but the thing is volume so light we don't have any major delays leading toward that
7:17 am
i'll keep you updated if that changes as you try to get from fairfax to the beltway. as we move things along once again aside from that we have a fire activity scene maple avenue between nutley street and lewis street. all lanes blocked out in vienna. another crash on the inner loop right now telegraph road crash blocking the right shoulder. we're starting to see a lot of activity on the roads that we didn't have just a few moments ago. speeds looking goodbye reagan national on the way to bwi and dulles. aside from that things by union station are starting to get busy as usual and then all metro rail lines are on time. that's your traffic. back to you. >> 7: 17 is the time right now. notorious killer charles manson died last night month. california still doesn't know what to do with his body. the times reports five people claimed rights to his remains. two people who claim they were pen pals and another claimed to be his grandson. local officials aren't even sure which court has jurisdiction over manson's estate because it's not clear where he would have officially lived. manson's body remains on ice while the logistics get
7:18 am
out. >> much. also this morning a miss america scandal. dick clark productions dropped it last night. leaked he -- in eastbound e-mails the ceo from the pageant was caught ridiculing the appearances, the intelligence and sex lives of past winners. sam haskell the ceo of the pageant apologized to the board for his comments. he's expected to respond to the public today. >> someone is running a scam on instagram peep tending to be oprah winfrey and asking for money from users. oprah not having it, not happy about it at all. she went straight to her real instagram account to warn fans about this imposter. >> hi, everybody. i just wanted you to know that somebody out there is trying to scam you using my name and my avatar on social media asking for money if you sign up for and on own account on instagram its a fraud, it's a fraud, it's a fraud. don't believe it. don't give up any of your
7:19 am
accounts or personal information to anybody posing as me or anyone else for that matter. and have a merry christmas. >> well, oprah says she has been in contact with instagram and they are working diligently to deactivate all fraud accounts including this one. >> oprah never going to ask for your money. >> that's what i was going to say. >> oprah does not need any of our money. >> anything she does she can do on her own. >> you know what, i mean, the love that people feel for oprah and i appreciate that but maybe they think it's going somewhere else or whatever so i can see how you fall for it but oprah says don't fall for it. >> and crooks once again using their powers for bad trying to take advantage of somebody. think about doing something good. >> 7:19 is the time. we have a great story of giving and giving back to share this morning. a d.c. mom who recently lost her husband serving overseas contacted a charity asking for help. >> she told them she couldn't handle preparing for the holidays for her kids this year.
7:20 am
in a big way. this morning fox5's lauren demarco shows us how this gold star family is being treated to a gold star christmas. >> we're here to surprise you. >> reporter: one local family stepped up in a huge way to help another who they had never met before. >> we're a here to give you christmas. hi, sweet girl. >> hi. >> reporter: christina collins and her children worked with a florida based charity called believe with me to give the gift of christmas to rakita jordan and her family. jordan's husband died recently after serving overseas. >> they were not in a place to do christmas for themselves. there are two daughters involved and the mom and so one week ago last thursday our family sent out an e-mail to our friends in mclean saying we need all these items. donations came pouring in. between that and help from believe with me within 24 hours they had most everything they needed. gifts to pile under the tree a complete dinner. >> we have a turkey and a ham. >> okay. >> and a
7:21 am
there's mac and cheese, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes so you can have a feast. >> reporter: and plenty of decorations. >> so, here's some extra christmas decorations if you don't want to do a little more decorating. >> oh, this is nice. >> and here's a star for the top. >> reporter: our fox5 photographer even got a chance to get in on the action. >> amazing. this was such a great blessing and i am so grateful. >> we're going to put this on your front door in honor of your daddy. >> thank you, guys. >> reporter: believe with me has worked in the past to provide gifts for gold star children but this was the very first family in the d.c. area to receive an entire gold star christmas. >> this was her husband. this is her dad. so, this is the man that we're here for today. thanking him for serving our country. god bless you. you've been through a lot. >> we have. thank you so much. >> we're so happy we can just bring a little joy and a little hope and know your dad is not forgotten. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: jordan
7:22 am
touched she wanted to know what she can do to return the favor next year. >> let me know whatever i can do to be of help to someone else. >> absolutely. we'll carry it on. pay it forward. >> i'm all in. >> we feel blessed that our family can do this. we feel blessed to be part of this loo and the look on that little girl's face and the joy that mom had when i called to tell her we were doing this, that's absolutely what the holidays are about. >> that's just so cool. >> three, two, one,. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> big smile. beautiful smile. >> all right. still ahead 'tis the season for christmas caroling and this morning we've got some added incentive for belting out those holiday tunes. >> but first a holiday message from overseas. >> ♪ >> hi my name's ensign from fairfax virginia. wishing my friends and family a very merry christmas and a happy new year from san diego.
7:23 am
>> see more greetings from our troops on our fox5 facebook page. page.
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♪ give your voice a reason to raise your voice and join the christmas carolers this weekend. a new study found the united kingdom found sinking in group can give your mental health a big
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people singing over the course of six months they say it led to increased rates of happiness. >> yeah. >> i can see that. >> it is fun. because you're singing. your voice -- i'm not a singer but i like to sink it's masked in group. >> right. >> you're a part of something. >> absolutely. it's happy and bringing joy. win/win,/win. >> the deanwood four. >> we saw on the air. we've got to run their impromptu silent night. >> it was pretty amazing. >> it was pretty maze. >> my voice was buried in there but i was giving it my all, too. >> you were singing that day. >> you were. >> i didn't even hear you. >> that's because i have the voice of an angel. >> it just harmonizes naturally. >> it did harmonize. >> um-hmm. >> maybe we'll replay it for everybody. [ laughter ] >> it was memorable. >> 39 in washington. all right. so here's the deal with today. mid 50s. we'll be partly sunny clouds right now. warm front lifting to the north and that's what's response al for the snow you see up into upat
7:27 am
northern new england. we'll be fine. partly sunny for us and mild today. we will have some showers in the forecast tomorrow. but look at your mild temperatures maybe a little wintry mix just in time for santa's arrival early monday morning. >> santa. >> how is it looking. >> the roads are picking up a little bit. this should be a jam cam but there's not really much jamups until now. now we actual dollar have one unfortunately for you. i was so excited i had this whole thing planned i was going to tell you twenty two non jam jam cam but then i spoke too soon. fairfax county parkway to the beltway 26 minute ride. parked because of a crash. as you make your way closer to the beltway right before the beltway blocking two right lanes moved over to just that transition lane. hopefully those delays will ease keep it to fox. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> 7:29 is the time right now. welcome back. happy holidays. happy friday and some decent weather for this holiday season. not bad at all. little andy williams another one much my favorite christmas song. i go a lot of them. have some i don't like as well. i think right now what we should do is, um, talk about our top stories. at 7:30 this morning. white house says president trump could sign the tax reform bill into law today. earlier reports say he might wait until january after funding the government. to avoid triggering automatic cuts in the tax reform bill. congress tweeted the tax legislation yesterday to prevent any such cut. >> magically would some day be the privilege -- >> long time veteran sportscaster dick edinburgh has died. reports say edinburgh died of an apparent heart attack his famous, oh, my, catch phrase helped him on his rise to fame. he covered sports for nbc, cbs and espn throughout
7:31 am
career. he was 82 years old. in prince william county the search for in 12-year-old boy, this is brendan escobar, 4-foot 8-inches with black eyes and brown hair last seen leaving his home on forest dale drive in woodbridge last night around 7:00. so call police if you seen this young man. all right. let's get over to allison seymour now. thanks so much, wis. congress has approved legislation to keep the government funded into january averting a government shutdown this weekend and helping feather recall workers free the small sigh of relief and pushes fights over issues like immigration, health care into the new year. joining us this morning tom, the host managing editor as well of the federal drive on federal news raid eighty seven we're always happy to see you. welcome. >> good to be with you allison. >> what a nice little gift if only through january 19th for federal workers. >> this is definitely something not big under the tree but small in the stocking for federal em
7:32 am
not be fur load come monday. evening this congress one of the biggest do nothing except for the tack bill biggest do nothing congresses could not stomach the thought of a christmas eve federal shut down. >> i want to talk about that a little bit. the do nothing congress. now with the tax legislation and that unification win the party, um, do you think that we're on track to so some more thing get put through and some more unification and less divi divisiveness even within the republican party? >> well there's a couple of things they could do without a budget. because they only got three more weeks. this doesn't go very deep in january only until the 19th. they have to figure out the immigration question, the daca, figure out bake spending for the pentagon and civilian agencies. one thing they did do though yesterday is they added $2 billion to something called the veterans choice program. >> okay. >> which keeps that going until the end of this fiscal year september 30th. that's where
7:33 am
an outside clinic and get help paid for bite va. congress wants to overhaul that program but the overhaul would take place next year, october 1st. >> right. that was one thing slipped in there that was pretty good. >> what are some other things? my ears perk up when i heard about the child insurance program. what are some of the other things including the chip program that will still see the least day even with this cr. >> there's ch. the other big thing is repair of the navy ships that were damaged in accidents in the seventh fleet over in asia. those are in hawaii and united states being fixed now. otherwise pretty much 2017 business as usual. so there's a lot that cannot happen. the defense department has dozens of new procurement programs that good c not get under wage if they pass something on january 19th still mostly the fiscal year. nine months left they can get something started but for federal programs the longer they wait to get their budget the harder it is to really get the program done. >> this
7:34 am
this has been kicked down the road, right? this is the third time in fact with the continuing resolution. correct, this is the third time this fiscal year. >> this fiscal year. now in january, jannieth, what needs to happen to stop gap, stop gap. what needs to really happen here for federal workers. >> what needs to happen for congress to decide to agree republicans and democrats somehow to agree on what they do about immigration. >> they have to grow on what they do about hundred billion dollars or so in disaster relief that also did not pass yesterday. they have to figure -- those are the two big thing. how much they really want to spend and what to do about immigration. and military policy and civilian spending policy. so it's only three or four things but in some sense it's everything. >> right. >> they have yet to decide. >> are there certain things under a continuing resolution that agencies can't really do? >> is there other limits because it is just a cr just meant for a couple of weeks or so? >> they can't launch any knew
7:35 am
if they were going to buy something to overhaul say a computer program, they can't do that. if they were going to start new construction and there's always several billions dollars for new construction on military basis and federal buildings they cannot statua of in. anything new that was planned for the new fiscal year they're not loud to do. and what's even worse is they tend under spend under the continuing resolution they spend less than they are actually a loud to just in case they don't have enough and get beyond what they're allowed to at the end of the year that's trouble also. people go to jail on that one. >> got to let you go, tom. what are your callers saying? what is the work force out here, are they frustrated by this? are they breathing a sigh of relief really? what are you hearing? >> they're telling us they're ready for shutdown if need be. they figure they'll probably get paid at the end of it with what congress usually does but basically they just want to grind put their shoulder to the grind stone, do their job day to day. so i don't think they spend that much time worrying about it. >> they just want to work. >> they just want to work. >> tom
7:36 am
host and friend to the show. >> happy holidays to you. >> to you, too. >> thank you very much allison. temperatures expected to be about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, and dry locally he so i know everybody is busy hitting the roads and going to the mall that kind of thing we won't see rain this afternoon. 39 now in washington. look at the warmer air working in from the west there. now 50 in pittsburgh. we'll see that warmer get in here across the mountains over the next couple of hours we should see temperatures jump. we're talking about temperatures 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. along with that warmer air there's snow braking out in upstate new york and parts of certainly, new hampshire, western massachusetts even little bit of freezing rain there in northern pennsylvania. that will all stay well north of us. we're in pretty good shape. the big cities, boston, new york, d.c. down to atlanta locally if you're traveling this afternoon in good shape as well. there's your planner for today. mid 50s. we'll look at the weekend forecast christmas eve, christmas day and the potential for a little winter weather or maybe a little winter weather next week. we'll talk about it. erin. >> i don't know,
7:37 am
it could be dice knee weeks. depends, right. >> we'll see. >> he doesn't want to tell us too much more. 66 eastbound before the beltway crash blocks the right transition lane backup because of that leading toward that location. and then we have another issue, a fire out on maple avenue between nutley street and lewis street out in the vienna area. all lanes block much detour around that. backup on 66. another inner loop crash blocking the right shoulder at telegraph road. you can see traffic is getting by okay. light volume there. thurgood marshall, bwi traffic looking good on the way there. no problems on 100, 95 or 295 this morning. getting there things quiet on the way to dulles right now. we're not seeing any slow downs on 267 again that delay through fairfax on 66 because of the crash that's about half hour delay there. aside from that one looking pretty good on the way to reagan national. no major slow downs. 395 typical volume northbound past the pentagon. fourteenth street bridge still quiet. key bridge from rosslyn in georgetown look good. all metro reel rail lines on time. back to you. >> facebook getting into the
7:38 am
>> and holiday treat for anyone hitting the roads this weekend. we'll tell you which celeb is lending his voice to the waz app. app. z2momz zi0z y2momy yi0y
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-- facebook legally host its couldn't at the present time users could already share copyright and music to facebook but over the past few years facebook started removing them. and if you use waz to avoid traffic you could get a hollywood actor to tell you which way to go. anyone want to take a guess where to go. >> morgan freeman. he narrates everything. >> it would not be morgan freeman. >> shallly sheen. >> no. as early as christas, this is early christmas present. waz giving user the option to choose -- >> oh.
7:42 am
skills i will use. >> yes! >> liam neesen's voice for directions. >> good choice. the feature is only available until january 14th to coincide with the release of his new film the commuter. >> i'll see it in the break if my wza has it. a special set of skills. >> i love that line. still ahead, the skins hosting the broncos this sunday at fed ex field. >> they'll beat the broncos. >> well -- >> there is no curse. >> famous words of dwayne johnson, it doesn't matter. [ laughter ] >> tailgate ted is in the house he's in the kitchen with some pre-game eats. we'll check in with him next and i'll going to prove to him there is no wisdom martin occurs. ♪
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> 7:45. we're checking out what's coming up on good day d.c. allison. >> very big show. we're not even joking. a super big show. the last good day before christmas nick cannon will be here. >> what? >> wild in, wild in. >> nick cannon. >> and santa. >> okay. nick can nan will be here. he's in town for the wild and out live tour. it is tonight. also from tv's nashville actor and singer charles he is ton will be here. he will perform live in the
7:46 am
morning you guessed it, tucker, the big man himself santa the clause will pay us a visit. >> so big show. >> that is combination you won't find anywhere else in the world. >> yeah. probably not. >> that's what i'm thinking. >> probably not. only on good day. >> so stay tune. >> do you remember nick cannon's song i'm a jig go low. that's why i was saying that with r kelly? >> no. you always have the most obscure song references. i don't know that one. but do you remember i like, you know, nick cannon is mr. nick load dion. he used to be. all that good stuff. >> he's a renaissance man? just like santa and tucker. >> thanks for putting me on that list. we are 39 this morning in washington. mid 50s later today. so nice warmup. yesterday was a cool afternoon only got into the mid 40s 10 degrees warmer today. 39 now in washington. not to bad out there. warmer air working in from the south and west this morning but we got pockets of freezing temperatures. culpeper, manassas at this hour stil
7:47 am
leonardtown good morning, 37. 41 in annapolis. 36 up in baltimore. all right. warmer air working on in. and the swath of moisture to our north falling as snow for upstate new york, northern new england, western massachusetts. that's really going to be the only trouble area locally eastern seaboard later today. little bit pocket of freezing rain there in parts of pennsylvania as well and we're in good shape here. we'll be kind of partly sunny this afternoon. temps in the mid 50s warmer will lift on in and we'll be in for mild couple of days today, mid 50s. tomorrow low 60s but by tomorrow we are going to have some rain showers in the forecast. so the warm front lifts north then as the cold front approaches tomorrow, this is saturday's forecast. we'll have lots of clouds in the forecast. we will have some showers around here during the day tomorrow. particularly tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. little cooler on sunday. i know we got a lot to talk about weather wise and then as we get into sunday night and early monday, everybody is asking about the potential for white christmas we got pen
7:48 am
for wintry mix around here early christmas morning. maybe we can mix it with enough snowflakes we can call eight white christmas but anything we get should be on the light side. then it will be cool christmas day with temperatures in the low 40s. nothing terrible out there. there's your christmas forecast. 43 with little bit of the a mix then turning partly sunny by afternoon. if you got the big wheel or something cool you want to, a in you bike from santa something like that on christmas day you'll be able to go out in the afternoon and give it a role. >> seven day forecast. there's your seven day. want to mention the end of that seven day forecast by next friday, saturday if you are a winter weather love we have the potential for storm. we'll watch that carefully. >> were was the best present santa ever brought you? >> oh, so many good presents. [ laughter ] >> let me think. >> all right. >> i'll do traffic while you think. >> let me think about that. >> nothing out does for meet bash bow dream house. >> that sounds amaze. >> the best present i ever got. okay. right now, unfortunately, we have a crash. 395 northbound before washington boulevard blocking the right shoulder. some heavier volume picking up on the
7:49 am
still quiet. look at that backup right now it's still just showing up as 14 minute trip in the green zone from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. but i think that's going to quickly increase to a red zone give yourself about ten extra minutes volume is lighter than usual but again that crash scene still slowing us down. 66 eastbound before the beltway crash blocking the right transition lane. we are seeing about half hour backup right now. 28 minutes from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. things out in manassas looking good. 95 quiet from the act quon river bridge to the beltway things in college park wow that looks more like a saturday morning commute. things are quiet on the way to bwi reagan and dulles. you are with tailgate ted doing it up. back to you. >> redskins and denver broncos this weekend. injuries could be a major factor they can get in the way but let's put a positive spin on this with our guest tailgate ted this morning. good to see you ted. >> good morning. i missed you the laugh couple of weeks. >> how you been. >> i can't complain at all. you know, they got denver this week. >> yes.
7:50 am
>> i mean we don't know who -- i think trevor simeon is out. who was the other guy that was quarterback for them? >> jodi policeman from episode& of what's going down, mama. >> this should be an easy win. >> you would think so. there's no thing as easy win with all the injuries they h that patchwork offensive line going against vaughn miller and the defense. >> we're favored but p ryan got hurt during practice yesterday. >> i mean p ryan hurt. chris thompson hurt. rob kelly hurt. i mean who is running the ball? maybe joe the policeman of the episode of that's my momma is running back this week. >> we could use him. there's room on the roster. but bibs and daniels are possibly -- exactly. >> okay. bibs and daniels. well go with that. >> so what's the key to this game this weekend. >> other than we don't have any running backs. >> we need to be able to stop cj anderson and that broncos rushing attack. they o
7:51 am
run defense actually has not been solid for at least five or six games. >> right. i mean we won last week but that was against the cardinals. >> yeah. >> so this week daniels coming in town, that rushing attack from denver, we got a chance to really do something if we can stop them. >> now here's the deal though the season, you know, for most part is over just playing just to be playing at this point. there's no playoffs is what i'm saying here. so at this point what are you looking at when you're the coach. what do you think if you're a fan watching this? what do you looking for in this team? i know you want to win the game but what other things are you looking for? with your team? >> to me it's about the youngsters that wouldn't have gotten a chance to play with all those other veterans if they were healthy. >> right. >> near last week had three batted balls down. had a sack. i mean kids playing lights out. >> right. >> he never would have had the shot if jonathan allen was in there and some of these other guys were in there. seeing that talent that you've drafted and you pick up, they're getting live reps. >> yup. >> you can't simul
7:52 am
practice. >> right. >> how are they going to do going into next season? >> evaluating talent because you got to have depth. >> you do. >> you got to have depth. you also have to have some food. what do we have here right here on the table. this is a denver staple apparently. >> today we've actually got some stuffed peppers with some beef and some rice. and a chili sauce a christmas chili sauce. we've got a green chili sauce here. chill list and red chili sauce from red chill list i cooked down. dehydrated, pureed them. we've got some cilantro on top with sour cream and cheese. >> wow okay. this is a denver thing. a denver thing. so this is what we're going to deal with this week. let's spin it forward to next week. on the football field. after they beat because there's no wisdom martin occurs they'll win this week. i'm telling you they're going to win this week and beat denver. spin it forward to next week against the giants. should be a win because the giants sting. >> division game. >> and they are rivals and they are rivals. so i'm just saying.
7:53 am
>> i do. >> you believe in the wisdom martin occurs. >> i'm hoping to find a wickipedia page for you and put that on there. [ laughter ] >> tailgate ted, thank you. >> always good to see you. >> all right. anybody in studio, this is all for you. come on over. >> i love ted. >> redskins victory meal. [ laughter ] >> okay. back over to you. >> there is no curse. >> there is no curse allison. there is no curse. no wisdom martin occurs on predictions. >> thanks wisdom. all righty. how cute is this? >> this is mike tomkins he's a youtuber flexing his creative muscle on this season. he perform the home alone sound track act pella so the video was up loaded yesterday and sometimes you have to depend on yourself to get in the christmas spirit, right. all these different parts that is amazing. think about the time, right, he had to do each part. and then put it altogether and there it is. all right. so we appreciate it. helping us get even more into the christmas mood. mike, thank
7:54 am
and check this out. the internet is loving the now viral photo posted on facebook by wagons to riches pet service. they recreated a nativity scene with sick dogs wearing towels and blankets over their heads and robes and a tiny puppy laying in a manger. >> look at the puppy. >> cute. >> that is the cutest. how did they get ought those dogs to look at the same time? >> right? >> i can't even get my two to look at the same time unless there are treats involved. >> photo shopped. >> look at the puppy though. >> i think they're real. >> that is the cutest thing. >> all righty. so there it is. >> i love those faces are great. >> the puppy is like -- >> right. >> yeah. >> they're taking eighty four their job seriously. >> i love it. 38 in washington. we're starting off cloudy but we will eventually get little sunshine in here a mix of clouds with sunshine and daytime highs in the middle 50s so it should turn into nice afternoon. at lost a mild afternoon. i'm not sure it will be full sun but mild afternoon and dry day if you're traveling or doing last minute shopping that kind
7:55 am
snow to the north that's the only real trouble spot upstate new york or parts of vermont, new hampshire otherwise boston and new york, philly d.c. get down to atlanta really out west towards chicago. we've got quite conditions and that's great news i know a lot of people are traveling today. 64 tomorrow with some rain showers. particularly tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow evening with a cold front. cooler by sunday. might be a bit of wintry mix early monday morning just in time for santa's arrival. that would be very light and then cold next week. and there are some indications that there could be winter storm bite end of next week. that sort of friday, saturday time frame. so i'll be here all next week. we'll tack about it if it look like it's going happen. erin? [ laughter ] >> i was looking at a picture of mike thomas dressed up like a christmas tree and it was making me smile. i'm sure you could use smiles if you're traveling on 395. that's getting the worse of the morning commute right now unfortunately we have a crash before washington boulevard blocking the right shoulder only about five minute delay from the beltway to past that point. you can see that slow down still overall green zone. from the beltway to the 14t
7:56 am
street bridge. but just a tap of the brakes passed that scene. fourteenth street bridge is wide open. 66 eastbound earlier crash cleared before the beltway. blocking the right transition lane. all lanes are opening we're hoping that delay that popped sun starting to seize in fact it is. cleared for about -- by about ten minutes so 20 minute ride from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. inside the beltway through arlington you're nice and quiet. and then as you make your way out on the in your opinion crash blocks a shoulder by telegraph road. the good news all lanes are open moving along. 270 cruising at speeds 70 to 121, as well as 121 past montrose road to the beltway. metro rail lines are time. guys, it feels like a weekend commute. you can call it a holiday friday. back to you. >> perfect. time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. good morning renee' carter. here she is. she's dressed as -- okay. if you thought christmas tree you're wrong. >> that's what i thought. >> i thought big old wonderful sparkly present. but renee' says, no, this is what she's dressed as
7:57 am
>> a bodacious bow holiday vest it took over 300 bows to make it. she's feeling the christmas spirit and good for you renee' for the skill set of making that with bowes. renee' is a big fox5 fan and can't start her day without her fox5 fix. >> love it. merry christmas to you. ahead at 8:00 what's your favorite christmas tune. >> coming up we'll take a look at our favorite christmas classics ♪ >> there's one them. it's santa's time to shine how does he do it year after year? those details and more coming. how does he do it? >> forever young. ♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
well it's a perfect nespresso morning here, george. hold on a second. mmm. ♪ ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else?
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8:00 am
tarts with a wish. the final days of wish list are here. hurry in and sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment. good morning thanks for joining us. >> it is 8:00 a.m. on this friday december 22nd, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. first up, shut down averted. for now. what's needed from the president today that will officially avoid a government shutdown. plus, another busy travel day for the united states. millions headed to visit loved ones. what you need to know ahead of your holiday get away. and a violent fight at a prince george's county high school leaves students facing charges. we'll have details on why coming up. fi
8:01 am
outside on the friday before christmas. weather and traffic coming up on the 5's. nice looking sky at 39 degrees. it's been a bessie 24 hours for president trump and congress as they get ready to head home for the holidays. the president due zone big bills but out spreading some christmas cheer. fox5's bob barnard is live at the white house to tell us what's on the president' as jenn da-da. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning allison and holly. yes he'll be heading to florida today for the christmas break but first he will sign that stop gap spending bill that congress passed yesterday that will fund the federal government through january 19th. now, it does not include disaster relief for puerto rico, florida and texas but does provide funding for the children health insurance program that takes care of some nine minute million poor children in this country that program will be funded until march. so, again, the stop gap bill funds the f
8:02 am
till january 19th. money for the children's health insurance program through march. the president we are told may sign the tax bill into law today. that's just a maybe because the plan has been for himmed to that after the first of the year. but that possibly could happen as well today. yesterday the president paid a visit to wounded warriors up at walter reed in bethesda. a tradition for presidents before christmas. something they'll -- president trump hadn't done since april. he called the wounded warriors some of the bravest people in the world. he visited with members of the all branches those who are sick as well as wounded. and he awarded the purple heart to an army lieutenant from new york victor prado who was injured in an ied blast in afghanistan last month. so a day for the president to spread a little holiday cheer up at the national military medical center in bethesda. signing some important legislation today and head
8:03 am
palm beach mirror lag go later today to spend christmas in in order. guys. >> bob, thank you very much. >> our other big story of this morning is of course the great christmas get await. check it out. airports from coast to coast you're seeing daal loss, chicago and right here at reagan national as you can imagine they're already business cease this morning. the skies are full in fact. and this is a look at all the flights in the air right now across the united states. that is amazing. the planes taking on hundreds of thousands of extra passengers what will you face today if you're traveling? great question. melanie alnwick is at reagan national this morning. she has the answer. hey, mel. how is it looking out there today? >> reporter: hey, look, i want you guys to mark this down. 8:00 a.m. on a friday take look at the tsa line. do you see anybody in this line they are doing a fantastic job of moving people along and i think probably what happened you had a lot of people who wanted to get out on those early morning flights and you have people on
8:04 am
and this i'm going to start booking my travel i tell you this is something i am going to definitely remember. they've been doing great job as far as moving people through, following -- telling people in some instances they've been having the dogs come through and then people don't have to take off their shoes. they don't have to take their laptops out if there are dogs. always follow the direction of the tsa agents. this is the record travel according to aaa record holiday travel we've ever had. they said there's going to be more than sick million people going by air. 97 people -- 97 million people traveling by road. tsa says an extra 400,000 air passengers each day. they're putting on extra tsa officers, extra k9 teams and so it's going to be pretty crowded in the planes but again right here at reagan national things are going really well. even when we've seen people b backing up into
8:05 am
really is only taking them about ten minutes to get through security. we've also seen a couple of notables coming through. i think capitol hill business is done because we just saw senator richard shelby from alabama and senator bob corker from tennessee coming through here. i also talked to couple of other people about what their travel plans were for today. >> we're going west palm beach, florida. >> nice. what's in west palm for you. >> we go away every christmas with my brother-in-law and his wife and we just relax on the beach for week. >> nashville, tennessee. >> reporter: what's in na nashville for you. >> it's a beautiful country side city and my daughter is there. i love being there. so i spend most of the christmas and easter holidays there. >> reporter: no surprise that the top year end holiday travel destinations are all warm weather places. even when i was here at the airport on monday, people were
8:06 am
leaving for cruises or going to the caribbean. so that would be probably a good place to be going right now a lot of people coming back here to washington, d.c. to spend the time with family and friends and hopefully they will all make it to their holiday destinations on time and with all of their gifts intact. live at reagan national, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> that is our christmas wish, too. mel, thanks. >> absolutely. and we wish obviously for fair skies for possible that are traveling. looks pretty good, right. >> very quiet. in fact, up and down the eastern see bore we're in good shape. >> good. >> mountains of northern new england are getting snow right now that's about it. local physical you're headed out malls or any of our local roadways we're dry. >> perfect. >> all right. not bad at al. >> knock on wood. >> right? >> um-hmm. >> weather is cooperating. and did i mention the warmer temperatures? yesterday mid 40s today mid 50s for daytime highs. little milder than yesterday. currently we are 38 at reagan national. so you'll want your jacket.
8:07 am
full day of winter you missed the party. it was mazing. >> how many possible came? >> well, there was -- >> tucker and mike. >> two of us. but it was still an mazing pa party. >> dulles and bwi marshall. i invited a lot of people. everybody didn't show. >> we were busy. >> busy this time of year. >> hard times. >> partly sunny for us this afternoon. temperatures in the mid 50's. there's that snow i mentioned a warm front that's to our north and again we'll be on the warm side of thing. we'll have showers around tomorrow but along with it very mild temperatures look at the weekend forecast, christmas eve, christmas day and if you're into winter weather at all you may have heard we may have a storm next week. we'll talk about that, too. >> okay. >> thank you tucker. all right. let's he had check in with erin see how the roads are doing on this friday. busy or not, i don't know. >> we've had problems and new metro issue, overall much lighter congestion than a typical friday. delays because of a brake problem on the silver line wiehle-reston off loading at potomac avenue. give yourself a few minutes there. 395 back to normal earlier crash
8:08 am
by washington boulevard didn't cause too much slow downs so worrying good. 66, 15 minute delay yellow zone fairfax county parkway to the beltway. earlier crash right before the beltway did clear. volume is absolutely easing there. inner loop crash at telegraph road still blocks the right shoulder but traffic not slowing down all lanes open. and then as you make your way out just keep in mind a fire scene in vienna maple avenue between nutley street and lewes street. all lanes block you have to detour around that one. red line at 66 delay starting to ease. still green zone kenilworth avenue very rare dollar i get to tell you that a little tap brakes past benning road at 23 miles an hour. pennsylvania of a still looking good. east capitol street looks good and eastern avenue quiet. very light volume. things building by union station if you're headed to the train station and also quiet on the way to bwi, reagan national and dulles. look at all that green, guys. back to you holly and al. >> thank you very much, erin. ♪ we're following breaking news out of the fairfax county. detectives on the scene of a deadly shooting this morning in reston. this
8:09 am
black fur court. police tell us the victim and the shooter knew each other and that there's no threat to the public. we'll share more details as we get them. caught on camera. a violent fight suitland high school in prince george's co county. >> employees now investigating following reports that someone pulled a weapon during that fight. fox5's hasn't hallie hemphill is live at the school this morning with more. anjali. >> reporter: good morning, ladies. police say this fight lasted about a minute long before school security guards broke it up and at least one student here at suitland high school could be facing criminal charges after investigators say they pulled some kind of weapon and before we go ahead and show you this video i do want to warn you these images you're about to see may be disturbing
8:10 am
several students involved in that fight that takes place outside of the school. this was on tuesday after dismissal. and these images really tough to watch when you think that these are just teenagers here. district officials believe the students involved planned this fight. they even hid themselves between parked schoolbuses after school they were not immediately spot beside security guards. again, took about a minute before the fight was broken up. our corey coffin was out here last night showing this video to several parents who all told her this was the first time they heard of this incident. >> this year i haven't heard about much. i hear sometimes, you know, from time to time different incidents but this year this is the first i heard of. >> it's scary. i mean, something to think ab about, you know, having her come here every day and deal with stuff like this. >> reporter: what's your initial thought seeing that? >> it's rough. it's rough. wow! >> rep
8:11 am
district did send home this letter in it it says, a weapon was used during this fight. three people were hurt. however it's not clear what that weapon was. the school district says the students involved in this fight have been identified. they could be facing discipline from suspension to expulsion. and again, one student may be facing criminal charges for pulling a weapon. that's the latest in suitland, anjali hemphill, fox5 local n news. 8:11 now. the search is on for this missing 12-year-old boy from prince william county his picture right there on your screen right now this is brendan escobar he is 4-foot 8-inches tall, he has dark brown eyes and brown hair. police say that he was last seen leaving his home on forest dale drive in woodbridge last night around 7:00. 8:11 is our time. coming up the sports world is saying goodbye to a legendary broadcaster. >> as fans and former colleagues continue to pay tribute this morning, plus a legal vick four for president trump. those stories and more after the break.
8:12 am
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♪ >> well kim back. 8:14 is our time. >> shall we get cute. >> let's just get cute. >> time now nor our favorite time of day. my first five. >> ♪ here comes santa claus ♪ >> classic. >> that is classic. >> got one who can't wait to meet santa and the other one not so excited. >> we got a santa picture. great way to end the week of course. just before
8:15 am
which arrives on monday this is bubs and riley. >> riley is a happy one on the right. >> that's cute. >> adorable little smile and our cutie bubs is on the left. adorable smile that's turned -- >> riley is adorable. >> upside down. >> i love riley holding her hair. so cute. >> okay. these two with santa were nominated by their aunt beth. >> okay. >> bubs was not as we can see in the picture terribly happy camper about visiting santa. >> that is the sweetest. >> okay. that's like the classic santa shot, though. >> right. >> look at riley. >> i love it. >> yeah. >> i get it. santa can be intimidating figure. meeting him for the first time. >> when you're so little. >> yeah. >> of course. >> riley didn't have any problem smiling really cute. >> either way we love the picture. thanks for zenning it in. bucks and riley both super cute. >> that's precious. >> go to our facebook
8:16 am
aallison and i will be here on monday we'll keep the christmas pictures going. >> fox5 d.c. i'm in the sure what i said. >> we know what it is. >> 38 in washington. we'll be in the 50s later today. so we'll see temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. should be a noise day. the only trouble spots locally by locally i mean across the eastern coast or eastern seaboard here are to our north. little bit of freezing rain up in northern pennsylvania snow into northern new england but looking at airline delays and of course melanie as been on top of this seeing big fat zero minute delays from d.c. up to boston which is great news. great news. >> super news. >> you want to get out and see your family. you dough want to sit at the airport. >> nobody wants that. >> there's our christmas day forecast. 43. there may be a little bit of a wintry mix early monday morning. not enough to do more than coat the ground but well keep our finger crossed we can get that and then here's quick look at the seven day. i want
8:17 am
temperatures tomorrow, 64 degrees. and then we are going to be very cold next week there are many occasion at this hour that we can have winter storm by next friday, saturday. so keep a close eye on that time period. next friday, saturday. like a week from today. >> you're using the words possibly significant? >> possibly significant. >> new year's weekend. >> new year's weekend, right. >> okay. >> i mean, look, honestly it could do a lot of different things so let's not -- putting it out there. >> just a possibility. >> right. >> just a chance. >> that's all. >> all right. let's check in with erin see what it look like on the roads. >> an exciting chance, though. we'll take it. right now, we are seeing light volume 95 northbound between quantico and dale city. 11 minute ride there. not terrible. as you make your way southbound from the occoquan river bridge to the triangle wide open. headed down virginia beep or richmond for the holidays looking good. making your way out to charlottesville 66 westbound is quiet. get away traffic still quiet. inbound traffic trying to get to work bite pentagon 395 still at speed om
8:18 am
14th street bridge. look at that. we're back being wide open 66 eastbound between fairfax county parkway and the beltway. since an earlier crash right before the beltway cleared. and then as you make your way out on the inner loop still dealing with a crash blocking the shoulder by telegraph road. traffic looking good on the way to bwi, reagan national and dulles. all metro rail lines on time. earlier minor silver line problem. fire activity in vienna. caution there. outer loop top side of the beltway look way more like weekend. same story 270. more traffic in just a few. back to you guys. >> erin, thanks very much. new this morning, another accident on the rails involving an amtrak train. this time in florida. amtrak train crashed into an 18 wheeler yesterday. this happened in polk county. the train drag the truck for awhile before coming to a stop. the good news here no one was hurt. amazingly. eight woman 181 of the wisconsin girls who tried to kill a classmate to win favor from a fictional horror character has didn't sentenced& judge
8:19 am
25 years in mental hospital. back in 2014 we're and morgan geyser lured a classmate into a wooded park where geyser stabbed her repeatedly while weir urged her on. all three girls were just 12 at the time. the girls told investigators they did it to win the approval of slender man. six people facing serious criminal charges stemming from the 2017 inauguration protest were found not guilty yesterday. d.c. police arrested almost 200 protesters last january after violence broke out near dupont circle. store windows were smash and cars were set on fire. but attorneys for the defendants said there was no evidence that their clients took part. they also say there was no criminal intent behind their protesting. 188 other people were arrested that day and you are still awaiting trial. meanwhile, president donald trump is no longer facing a lawsuit that charged that he was violating the constitution because of money from foreign government spent
8:20 am
businesses. federal judge dismissed the suit that was brought by the group citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington. it had argued that the president was violating the clause, a clause of the constitution through money made at places like trump hotel here in the district. the judge says that the plaintiffs had not proven injury in the case. well hall of fame broadcaster dick enburg has died at the age of 82. enburg sports broadcasting career spanned 60 years. he got his big break with ucla basketball and epp burg was supposed to fly to boston on thursday to see his family for the holidays but he missed that flight. he was found dead inside of his home. his family believes he died from heart attack. but they are awaiting official word. >> so sad. >> so sad. he was so great. >> great. >> he was really really great. he'll be missed. >> one of the people you grew up with? >> right. >> exactly. >> still ahead americans aren't naming their babies donald
8:21 am
something to do with that. or the fact that donald is a name people used to name babies awhile ago. >> we'll explain after the br break. first, though, we have a holiday message from overseas. ♪ hi, this is colonel chris not grass from japan. i'd like to wash my wife lynn and my two sons nick and nathan in fredericksburg, virginia, a merry christmas and a hope new year. see more greets from our troops on our fox5 facebook page. ♪ ♪♪
8:22 am
8:23 am
"what if" more of the energy we used came from renewable resources? "what if" the electric grid could detect, fix and even prevent power outages? "what if" our grid were less vulnerable
8:24 am
"what if" all these "what if"s became a reality? well, they are. at dominion energy, we're completely transforming our power grid and the way we think of energy... move from "what if" to "what's next." dominion energy. ♪ and here's live look outside on this friday morning. it is a beautiful day and baby, it is a little cold outside right now at least. it's 37 degrees. tuck will be back in few to talk more about the holiday weekend forecast. even though donald is in the white house it looks like there won't be many parents inspired to name their children after him during his time in office. the social security administration isn't set to release its official yearly numbers just yet
8:25 am
the traffic on baby name web sites 2017 wasn't a great year for the baby name donald and it was even worse for the name hillary. only 621 babies were named donald in the year of 2016. hillary has gone down by 151% as well. you can start noticing a lot more babies named melania soon. sevens for melania have gone up 51% this year. ♪ i don't know what is going on right now. >> there's, um, some -- >> a whole exit happening. >> yeah. there's some pausing going on because there's some slight treppe pi dog. >> right. >> as many of you know school -- >> horror really good school is out. >> oh it is? in here's a quick look at your weather report card for the day. let's go back to the weather report card. thank you. sunshine we give it a b. a little sun. winds a b. afternoon temp as b. the holiday
8:26 am
a plus. ♪ >> hoe,ho, ho, ho. >> merry christmas! >> wait. you went too far. go back. >> go back, quick. >> winter go back. >> i have brought holiday cheer. the main student never showed up so i have to be santa. >> i have presents for you holly morris and allison seymour. >> ho, ho, ho. >> merry christmas. happy holidays. >> tucker is regifting me my own gift. >> did he. >> he's holding the gift i gave him. [ laughter ] >> we wish you all a merry christmas. >> he's giving me my gift back much that's hilarious. >> i have never felt more beautiful. >> i feel like mike is the dog in the grinch right now. >> he's max. >> right there. >> may you all have happy holidays and merry christmas! >> thank you. >> yeah. >> we got literally nothing in
8:27 am
>> this is empty. >> just like tucker's friend ship. >> just tissue paper. never mind i see it now. thank you for the chocolates. >> hilarious. you're nice. >> that's funny. >> that is hilarious. >> exactly. >> that's actually my gift bag he borrowed but you're welcome to keep the chocolates that i didn't know was in there. >> okay. i don't know how mike keeps this on his head much this is the most uncomfortable thing i've ever worn. i feel like a little child right now. >> it's super cute. >> i keep losing it. >> right now just a little slow down by benning road. 16 miles per hour average past east capitol street over all not terrible. 50 looks good new york avenue quite and look at the beltway as we pan out for nice and quiet there. whoo! that's your traffic, guys. we're going to be right back in the next few minutes and i'm going to go carefully remove the tree costume i can't keep up. yay! >> tucker, do you want the gift back i gave you or are you really giving it back to me? [ laughter ]
8:28 am
8:29 am
i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes... just like that. like everything... the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network.
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>> if you're just joining us, let's take a look at our top stories today. a short term government funding bill heading to the president's desk for his signature. the senate passed the stop gap spending bill last night. it keeps the government open through january 19 and prevents a government shut down. >> the president is also likely to sign the
8:31 am
overhaul bill into law today. the measure is the most extensive rewrite of tax code in more than 30 years. once signed into law. today is another busy travel day. not as busy as yesterday but still get ready for long lines at the airports and probably back ups on the roadway. more than 6 million people will be flying over the holiday weekend aaa says. expect normal thank longer lines at security checkpoints. developing this morning, investigators are looking for the cause of a fire that broke out last night in montgomery county. fire crews battled a house fire in germantown on bring road around 9:00 p.m. last night. crews had to bring in several water tankers but there aren't any hydrants in that area. firefighters say no one was home when the fire started. no word yet on cause. rough start to the holiday for dc council member. thieves broke right into council member robert white's car his brother-in-law's car and his neighbor's car. plus his w
8:32 am
altogether. this happened yesterday morning near holly and keepth streets northwest. this morning, he's warning residents and says he believes the christmas season is the reason for incr increased shift thefts. caught on camera police in maryland are investigating after fight was caught on camera at suitland high school. this is according to letter sent to parents. a weapon was used during the fight and three people got hurt. you can see several students were involved in the fight. the students involved have been identified and will be discipline. ♪ 8:32 now. the president bringing christmas greetings to troops closer to hem. the president spent sometime visiting wounded warriors at walter reed medical center. while there the president award add purple heart to 25-year-old first lieutenant victor prado. prado was injured in afghanistan last month. white house chief of staff john kelly haason was killed in afghanistan seven years ago accompanied the president
8:33 am
walter reed. well he is a jolly old elf and beloved by millions of children and grown ups around the world. so here's a question. how does santa managed to all that he does year after year after year? some very smart people at georgetown university have posted some theories. ♪ >> this a santa's time to shine. so how does he do it year after year? without getting any older? it seems that santa doesn't really age. of course he does. it's just that his rather copious amount of fat known as skin tone and decreased rin ringling, heightened bone density and improved cardiovascular immune funk. granted there are still genetic factors that santa and all of suss to deal with and for santa this is seen in his mail pattern
8:34 am
baldness, oh, yeah. and loss of pigmentation in santa's beard, right. >> so he's in great condition. but doesn't the cold weather at the north pole slow him down at all? >> periodic increasing access and exposure to cold can be useful in helpful to broad optimized certain metabolic and neurological processes in phenomenon known as pre-conditioning adaptation. so don't worry about santa. he's presumably already incorporating many of these t tips. >> with all the toys he has to deliver, how does santa pick the right toy for the right kid? georgetown expert says santa needs to be as smart as the super computer watson. >> santa finds the perfect gift for every kid every year. that's 2.2 billion gift decisions every december. considered one of the best intelligence systems in the world. it even beat the top jeopardy champ watson has to spend time parsing that was search results to determine w
8:35 am
useful and which evidence is irrelevant. santa can skip this step because he's developed a strong intuition from years of gift giving experience. >> the only thing left to do is to stay off the naughty list. here's how. >> how can we help chirp young and old be nice to get their presents from santa? drawing on my research on leadership and justice, the 3fs came to my mine. fairness, feedback, fun. fairness, we have to be more specific about what behaviors are nice and how they'll be evaluated. fairness builds trust and september tans of the out come. feedback. children need to know how about well they're doing against the goal of bows nice. fun, we can make being nice into game which my son tells me is called game if you indication. merry christmas. zzzzz. [ laughter ] >> sometimes we over think things. >> okay. you can go to georgetown university youtube page to check out more
8:36 am
analysis of how santa does his work. it's at youtube. university. >> well all right. >> yeah. so santa has gone and tucker is back. >> santa is making his deliveries. >> santa is out. >> yes. i was just filling new jersey one of the students call out sick. >> oh got it right right. >> okay. just clarifying things. >> okay. you just one of sam santa's many pep hers out there. >> i get it. >> 38 in washington. mid 50's later today. you can see this wedge of warmer air across the mountains later this afternoon. we should be in for mild and can i partly sunny day today. with dry conditions. locally we're not expecting any rain or winter weather here as we should be dry. mountains down at the beaches that's good news. little bit of snow off to the north warm front lifting in and we'll be looking at a cold front tomorrow which will bring us a period of showers. i'll have details on the weekend forecast and of course, christmas eve, christmas day coming up in just a minute. there's your f
8:37 am
afternoon 56 more clouds than sun and mild this afternoon. all right. seven day forecast and weekend forecast in just a minute. let's get back to erin another round of roads. >> i just sprayed an aggressive amount of hair spray to combat the static from christmas tree costume. i think we're getting back to normal. 95 southbound between the beltway and occoquan river bridge. we're seeing quiet traffic even though we do have a crash seen blocking the right shoulder right by route 1. as we take look at the 14th street bridge really pleasant all of our area bridges are at speed right now. key bridge, rosslyn into georgetown, legion bridge, woodrow wilson bridge all quiet. light volume looking goodbye national airport. slight tap of the brakes thee 95 near the pentagon. give yourself a little extra time. quiet on the way to bwi and reagan. metro on time right now. i'm in the holiday spirit. back to 8:37. still ahead on fox5 news morning, with the wildfires still burning in california, one little girl is giving back in a huge way. >> all righty.
8:38 am
navigate this holiday season. those details straight ahead. ♪ feliz nav dad ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ >> welcome back. blues see christmas holly. >> heading on into the holiday weekend. >> 20 minutes before 9:00 is our time. >> ♪ >> there it is. >> oh yeah,er
8:41 am
baby. all right. talk about a young entrepreneur. >> okay really 81 i'm talking five years old. right. this is five-year-old little girl helped manage to help raise thousands of dollars for firefighters families. her name is if any. she lives in california. if any and her family pulled their money together and they raised $112. she was inspired to take action after hearing about firefighter corey iverson who died fighting the thomas fire in southern california. her mother says the effort eventually went from the family gathering money to money online being gathered. that led to much more money for the firefighters foundation santa fun. >> she said she want totter put a bucket outside and she wanted a note on the bucket that said, put money in this bucket. that has turned into, you know, close to $8,000 now. so it's just incredible what everybody can do and we just come together. >> sure s she knows also about firefighter
8:42 am
is a fir fighter who spent eight days at the thomas fire. one little girl's effort led to thousands of dollars. >> sweetheart. >> that's right. it is 8:41 right now we're checking out what's coming up on good day d.c. >> huge show today. we're super excited. of course this is the last good day before christmas. nick cannon is going to be here live. he is in town for the wild and out live tour ftv nashville actor and singer charles he is ten will be here and he's going to perform live right here in the loft and then of course really the biggest guest of all this morning goes without saying. the big man himself santa claus is going to pay us a visit. we've already received word that he's actually on his way. >> wow. >> yeah. wait until you see how he's getting here today. >> how does he find the time? >> he's amazing. >> he's a multi task kerr for real. >> he's a real super hero. kevin up next kevin mccarthy has the reviews for the
8:43 am
jumanji and the greatest sho showman. >> pitch perfect three. stay tuned. >> i so remember that. >> allison and holly -- >> what? >> yes. >> yeah. sandwich is back. with twice the crispy caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin' ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it all starts with a wish. the final days of wish list are here. hurry in and sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment.
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ >> this is a great christmas play list this morning. [ laughter ] >> look at tucker, holly. >> i know. when i think of this song i wasn't thi thinking of t
8:46 am
shake. somehow tucker managed to. >> he was into it. >> welcome back everybody. 8:45. tucker barnes take it away. >> the truth i only have one move. >> that was a different move. >> that was a very different move. >> that was not the mick jagger walk. >> that was good. >> expanding my dancing work. 38 now in washington. hey, you see the clouds out there. that's warmer air working in, and we should be noticeably warmer than yesterday late this afternoon with highs expected to be in the middle 50's. ing see we still got chilly temperatures out there early you'll want your jacket. they are dulles. man nass still below freezing at 28. 41 leonardtown that's a nice bounce in the past hour. 42 in annapolis. looking at satellite/radar warm front bringing snow to upstate new york and new england. vermont and new hampshire freezing rain for northern penn. we're in the clear. we're in the in the clear we're not concerned with rain or any winter weather around here. focused on what's happening out to the west. i think we'll get partly sunny this
8:47 am
should be pleasant. here's your setup for today. pay close attention a lot going on in the weather world. again, any problems today will be well off to our north. if you're traveling later this afternoon philly, new york, boston, down into the carolinas down to florida if you're driving you're in good shape with nice weather and again temps in the 50's later today. set up for tomorrow not quite as nice. it won't rain all day tomorrow. but particularly tomorrow afternoon a period of rain showers around here and along with it mild temperatures. temperatures in the 60s tomorrow then the cooler air will filter in for the day on sunday. and by sunday night and early monday, we're get a little area of low pressure developing and just in time for santa's arrival mix christmas eve into christmas morning. not going to be a big deal but if you're up early you might get a couple snowflakes out of the it enough to coat the ground perhaps north and west. but again that will not be a major deal perhaps a little bit of snow to talk about by early monday morning. then we'll be seasonably chilly around her monday afternoon with highs in the 40s. there's your christmas day forecast. 43
8:48 am
santa delivers you a bike or something that you want to play with outdoors it will be nice afternoon for it with part its partly sunny conditions. it will be chilly 43 an little bit of that early mix there's your seven day forecast. it is cold next week. temps in the 30s by wednesday and thursday. and you've been paying attention to social media at all yes there's a possibility of a winter storm by friday, saturday next week. way too early to call what that impact might be but at least the potential is there keep close eye on the forecast. i'll be here all next week we'll talk about it as we get closer if there's anything to talk budget back to you. >> thanks tuck. if you are hopping on a plane this holiday season, apple trying to make your trip little bit easier. tech giant introduced indoor maps for select malls and airports around the world. it's part of ios's 11 update. apple offers in door maps at 34 airports around the world in countries that include the united states netherlands germany, switzerland, hong kong the uk and canada. >> all right
8:49 am
you're in there and you need like to know where starbucks is. they can help you. >> it dress you right to it. >> exactly. >> hey guys. >> kevin mccarthy right now. >> if to see you this morning. >> y this knd of a scattered week in regards to movies reviews. some films came out wednesday. some films come out today. some come out monday. i'll recap four of the reviews that are already out as of today. okay. which includes jumanji, the greatest showman, the post and pitch perfect three. and then next week i'll talk more about all the money in the world, and things like that and molly's game which is -- i want to see that. >> oh, my god. aaron sorkin you did interview for him it was incredible. let's talk about the reviews. let's talk about the post. steven spielberg film. this movie just i love this movie so timely it's so incredibly important. if you're not familiar with the story about the pentagon papers being published by the washington post back in the early '70's during the nixon era and tom hanks play ben bradley the executive editor of the post
8:50 am
graham the pub lib cher of the post. incredible story even though you know the ending, about the pentagon papers being publish, it still has you in knots. i think spielberg is one of those brilliant film maker found a farm la where he can tell i was true story but at the same time make you wonder what's going to happen. to me that's the brilliance of a cinematic film maker like mr. spielberg just the way he's able to kind of almost suspend your dystrophy a point in the back of your mind you kind of know what's going on but then you kind of find yourself on the edge of your seat. every performance is amazing it was shot started shooting at the beginning of -- i'm sorry the end of may and now it's being relreleased beautiful film. shot incredibly and on think of millimeter film. the camera play as leading character as does john williams score. i gave a 40 pent five out of five. one of the best films of the year. it will be very interesting people look at this movie and make parallels to what's going on today. so the beauty of this
8:51 am
the freedom of the press but also the bravery of what meryl streep's character did at that time being a woman and being at the head of the washington post and making this decision in a room full of men. a powerful powerful moment and i think it just shows that equality is the most important thing here and freedom of press just a beautiful story. >> loved it. >> powerful i love the messages behind the film. next up is pitch perfect three. yeah. allison the other day we were airing my interview and eye allison was,ing. >> my eyes hurt so much i was rolling them. [ laughter ] >> i don't think anybody asked for this. i think listen the first -- maybe the people starring in it. >> sure. [ laughter ] >> right. >> the first two i loved pitch perfect one. per perfect two was decent they made $400 million worldwide these films altogether so far. the third one is now coming out. they make lot of money so i think they're hoping i just don't know there's a big wan
8:52 am
unnecessary and forgettable. i will say spenting time with these characters is kind of fun. rebel wilson is a great character. i love anna kendrick. they're all fun to watch. ruby rose is great in this film as well. i just didn't find it to be necessary. i didn't find it to be memo memorable. i forgotten about it i saw it a couple weeks ago. i going give it 2.5 out of five. all that means i would rent it. i would not see it in theaters and going back to my rating for the post which is 4.5 out of five i remember seeing that in the theater. pitch perfect three save your money watch a rental. or watch it on hbo or cable when it comes on. >> plane ride is fine for that. as long as you don't watch dunkirk on the plane. neck up is -- did you. >> no i haven't seen it yet. >> all right. >> i certainly wouldn't admit fit i did. >> i watched dunkirk for the seventh time the other day. jumanji, i reviewed this on wednesday in the 6am hour. in case you missed it, i thought this movie was so much fun. this is not a
8:53 am
this is a sequel. what that means is, this is a continuation of robin williams' jumanji story from 1995. all they're doing there they're continuing the story. it's a different couldn't settlement. the idea here now you have four teenagers sucked into a video game and become the avatars of the game they're playing. the rock is a nerdy teenager now in the rock's body. jack black is 16-year-old girl. it's very very funny. very well done. i will say the first -- it goes a little long at times and while it doesn't live up to the classic nature of the jumanji film apparently we're being wrapped. i'm not hearing in my ear i gave it 3.5 out of five. it's not as classic as the original jumanji but it is definitely fun to watch. and then the greatest showman i gave a three out of five which is the sound track is better than the movie itself. i'm not hearing wrap cues. >> we got to go. >> we going to apparently. >> bye. >> take short break. we'll be back.
8:54 am
z2momz zi0z y2momy yi0y ♪ all right. many young people many kids ask santa for toys. >> one little girl from canada has an extra request for saint nick and she wants to make sure he gets the message loud and clear the nine-year-old spray painted her wish in smo bank outside of her home. it read santa stop here. leave presents. take brother. >> hilarious
8:55 am
>> right. [ laughter ] >> right. okay. >> all righty. just kidding, not. >> um-um. >> are we going to weather and traffic. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i believe so. >> okay. oh, no, let's talk about our favorite christmas songs right now. we just did little thing we asked towsend them in yesterday because we have a holiday play list. >> okay. mine is just really anything by the jackson five. i just love it it gets me in the mood and my grown up one is it's little known and i hate to pass on little known but like take six christmas album. christmas gets me in the mood. i hear young michael in my ear. ♪ >> this is your favorite? this is great. >> anything by the jackson five. >> time less. >> what a voice. >> my turn. mine is, um, sandy patti's version of owe holy night. she's backed by the mormon tabernacle choir and -- ♪ >> the stars are brightly shining ♪ >> this is her i grew up --
8:56 am
>> i grew up with sandy patti and so anyone this brings me to tears every year. >> this is a great song. >> look up sandy patti's version of owe holy night you won't be disappoint. >> i'm about to get emotional. my song isn't anywhere near as emotional as you guys. >> that's okay. >> my song the bill sings in love actually christmas is all around us. >> i love that song. that's my favorite holiday mo movie. >> this song -- ♪ >> everybody has got video. no way. nobody can find michael jackson video. i'm out. [ laughter ] >> if you haven't seen love actually, the beginning of the film after the credits role when he's singing that song is so good. >> that's great movie. >> he's taking his love all around his song and turning it no a christmas song he can't remember the words it's really good. >> all right. gang. >> mine i'm keeping it in the family. perry comb como home for the holidays. >> nice. >> love that song. grew up listening to perry como
8:57 am
the best christmas music of all time. >> is that true, err are glynn yes. >> i thought i asked if you you were related to perry como. >> and i told you but you didn't believe me. >> oh, that's what happened. [ laughter ] >> she just name dropping. >> name dropped. >> so cool. >> 12 days of christmas the muppets when miss piggy says five golden principle it brings me to tears every time. [ laughter ] >> john denver. >> so sweet. so great. >> good day d.c. is coming up next. huge show. >> epic. >> santa claus is going to be here. >> ahh! >> really. nick cannon is going to be here. great show, stay tune. >> charles end zen will be here performing. >> what? >> i'll take it.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, the holiday get away. mother nature making those road trips and flights a little easier, but we're keeping our eye on the possibility of snow heading our way just in time for the new year. shut down averted. congress passes a stop gap spending bill to keep the federal government functioning over the holiday break. meanwhile, president trump is set to spend christmas in florida but he still hasn't sign that tax cut bill. so will he deliver on his holiday promise? a violent brawl on a local high school campus all captured on student's cell phone video. that dramatic scene and who could be facing charges. i'm anjali hemphill.


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