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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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too close to call. last minute lawsuit could change which party will control the state housings details coming up. live look outside on wednesday, december 27th, weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. if you're waking up with us. a blast of cold air will greet you. bundle up before heading out on your way. >> ads up depending on where you go. you might be in for snow flurries as well. annie yu live outside in urbana with the details, annie? >> reporter: hey, good morning, steve and wisdom, not everybody will be seeing the snow or the flurries this morning, but a winter weather advisory is in effect for parts north of dc, and so we made our way to urbana maryland in frederick county, this is one of the counties that may get snow. also montgomery county, and howard county and so you get the point north of dc and loudoun county. now, we may see a coating to maybe an inch of snow. but as you mentioned for the everybod
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it is very cold out here, this is certainly something that we will all feel as we step outside this morning, temperatures will be around freezing mark today, right now i think it's at 28 here in urbana, behind me you do see a couple or few of snowplows. they say they've been out since 1:00 a.m. in case something happens and we're all kind of doing the same, watching the sky, waiting for something to fall. i can tell you we do see sometimes with the flurries coming down and then it stops and started up again, but that's basically what we have been seeing out here, but you know be we'll just kind of continue to monitor what's happening out here. no treatment has happened in maryland, but in virginia, vdot said they started treatment last night. laid down sand and salt in case for icy conditions, of course, these crews are treating them, you know, differently, because with snow you have traction but with ice, it's a different beast. we don't want people slipping and sliding, they
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last night. we'll continue to monitor what's happening. it's very cold out here. you don't need me to tell you that. back to you in the studio. it's 6:01. this is the seat for the 9th district in newspaper news, it ended in a co-tie between republican delegate david yancy and shell simons. officials planned to break the tie by drawing names from a bowl today. they're postponing that tie breaker. the delay follows an announcement that simons will challenge the count in court. she claims the court famed to follow election law by allowing a ballot to be counted after a recount concluded. if simons were declared the winner it would split party control over virginia's house 50-50. in prince george's county, a murder investigation is underway, while on patrol in largo, an officer discover add dead man in a vehicle. police say he had been shot. it unfolded around 9:30 near capitol lane in
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if you have information on this investigation, you're asked to contact police. developing early this morning, a scary home invasion it happened near the university of maryland college park, three people inside an off campus resident were robbed along 36th avenue happened about 1:20 this morning, university police say all three people inside were assaulted one taken to the hospital with minor injuries, the suspects are believed to have left the area in prince george's county, police are trying to solve more than 40 thefts from cars, spread throughout the county. police say over the weekend, 27 thefts from cars reported then another 16 on monday christmas day. the majority of these thefts of crime of opportunity be either people leaving doors unlocked or valuables in plain view. >> anything of value don't leave them visible, outside so somebody can walk over to your car, see you inside and give them an opportunity to break into the vehicle. keep your cars locked. at night, make sure you park your vehicle under a well-lit area. >> police are encouraging individuals who may have seen
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a call. staying in the county police are trying to sort out exactly what happened outside of a unknown heightsville. that's where a man was found shot to death inside of a car. the initial calls to police said several suspects were attempting to steal a truck when someone inside the house, for now, police have not released the name of the man or charged the homeowner with any crime happening today, a mother and son from lorton virginia will be laid to rest in falls church among four americans killed in a bus crash in mexico. services will be held. the family on an excursion headed to the myian ruins at the time of that accident. maryland man was arrested at bwi marshall airport for trying to bring a loaded gun through a checkpoint. police confiscated the gun and arrested the man on weapons charges, it's the 25th gun tsa officers had detector at the airport. which sets the record for the most guns confiscated at bwi
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coming up on 6:05. tucker barnes. what's going on? >> what was my favorite >> the man show >> little bit of snow to the north. that's the bottom line. >> good news. there is >> the cold is acknowledging it and that will stay with us for days to come. let's get to it. 32 at reagan national. so setting the stage here for this light snow events for really areas north of dc, 29 dulles and 28 this morning up in baltimore. quick look at your winter weather advisory montgomery, loudoun county, howard county, frederick, carol county under the advisory, that is your very light band of snow. and it's just north and west of looks like loudoun and montgomery county towards frederick, we'll continue to monitor it along 81 perhaps out towards
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royal. you know, the best eyes i have on this event? yours. so tucker fox 5 tweet me if you're seeing any of it if it's enough to cover the ground, the concern is it's cold enough, that's an arctic front as it comes on through, a light amount will stick to the roadways, temperatures as cold, below freezing this morning, we'll get that out of here, clouds this morning and plenty of sunshine, windy and cold this afternoon, and again, our daytime highs are your pretty much looking at them around freezing and then they will be plummeting tonight. 34. sun this afternoon, any very light snow will be out quickly >> i'm assuming because the roads will be tricky your driveway could be tricky with people walking out >> we're talking about perhaps a coating. >> be careful. >> check in with erin. check on
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it was supposed to be before you, tucker. >> sounded like something he is. >> i thought so too. right now we have a crash southbound at huntingdon avenue in alexandria, this is south of the beltway, it was involving downed wires, please use caution traffic getting by, as you make your way out there. it's police activity in the district. brian street, it's between 18th and 20th street northeast. some lanes are blocked active shooting investigation, please use caution there. as we move things over, i can tell you this week in terms of congestion feels much more like a be weekend, because of the holiday week, so if you do fact have to work, you're not going to have to deal with increased drive times much. bwi parkway, as you make your way to and from, if you -- traffic on the way to reagan national and dulles, we're not seeing problems as you make your way out on 50 to and from the bay bridge. looking pleasant, same story on 66, we're at
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well as the entire stretch through dale city. any questions, earn fox 5 dc on twitter. that's cool as well, back to you, steve and wisdom a federal court rejecting the challenge to stop the president's voting commissioned on election integrity. judge determined the electronics price of information center is not a voter. more than a dozen states including maryland and virginia have apparently or entirely also rejected the group's request over security and legal concerns. the trump administration is turning up the heep on north korea. the latest pressure involves new sanctions that block two senior north korean officials from making transactions with american banks, businesses or individuals. these sanctions come days after the u.n. secretary approved other sanctions against north korea taking aim at the country's economy. north korea called the move an act of war. this morning, first lady milania trump has ordered the removal of a deceased 200-year-old magnolia tree
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planted in front of the white house. former president andrew jackson planted the tree in 1828 after his wife rachel passed away, days after the election. now, it's even featured on the $20 bill, expected to be removed this week while the trumps are away for the holidays. nbc taking extra precaution to shut down sexual harassment >> an lax flight forced to turn around mid flight and crissy teigen is not happy. we'll explain in 30 seconds.
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. 6:09 scary moments for christmas travelers in boston, after ice and snow caused a jetblue airline to skid off the runway's three inches when the aircraft, fortunately nobody hurt. take-offs delayed about an hour. crissy teigen is infamous about her tweets. teigen and her husband were did he say ended for tokyo. went nowhere after eight hours and 20 minutes returning to los angeles. teigen tweeted we're turning around. why? why do we all got to go back? i do not
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singer joy vee la fired a police report accusing of sexual harassment. the incident happened after the two took a photo at an event in dc. when she half jokingly reported to report him for sexual harassment. he responded go ahead, i work in the private sector and touched her again. lewandowski insists the incident is not true. new anti-sexual harassment rules are ahead for nbc employees following the fires of matt lauer according to the new york post page six, which says the detailed guidelines restricts sharing taxis, taking vegans to steak houses and hugging another coworker too long. staffers are required to report any inappropriate relationships in the workplace or they could be fired too. victim d pills might be a big old waste of your money. data gathered show there's little evidence that supplement protects against hip fractures, a study published in the
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of the american medical association say it's unnecessary. critics say it has limited information on the dosages involved. still to come,s disney is taking away the do not disturb signs on hotel rooms, they say it's a matter of security. live look outside as we head to break on this wednesday morning, weather and traffic on the 5's is next. ñó;
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s. dedicated to tucker barnes. look what's going on inner re-pennsylvania. we talked about this, the amount of snow, the city on shore of lake erie got 53 inches of snow in just over 24 hours. that's more than four feet of snow in a day and a half basically. smashing local and state records, now, the snow stopped falling but
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urging folks to stay off the roads while at any tried to do whatever they can to clear them. if you think about trying to clear an inch of snow around here, imagine that times 53 >> be careful what you wish for. >> that's amazing. >> we have a strong connection to erie. sue palka's parents live there. and she's been reporting to the weather team about what's been going on. the pictures coming out of erie is incredible. that's as tall as many people. for iif we get anything at all, it could be a covering of snow. a smatterring of snow. our focus is off to the north and west for the light snow event we're start to see take shape, 27 in frederick and gaithersburg, winchester is 27, 22 in hagerstown, plenty cold. this is where the advisory is, here's north of
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maryland, central maryland, howard county, montgomery county, loudoun county, the closest counties to us. there's your light band of snow developing, i need your help, if you're seeing snowflakes, i'm not sure this is touching the ground, let me know, there we are, 70. here's frederick. perhaps out towards frederick, you get out along 81, winchester, maybe getting few flakes, the real theme is not the amount of snow. it will be light, but the fact that it's so cold, anything we get will stick to the road, keep that in mind for the next couple hors, this is the actual arctic front coming through, we could have a few perhaps a quick covering of snow. frontal system drops down through the region and we are going to be looking at this big area of high pressure, 30's later today, low 30's, winds out of the north and west about 20 miles an hour, and high pressure like this for the
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days and like this. >> i'm impressed. >> it will deliver lots of cold air for foreseeable future. 34 today, cold tonight. look at your daytime highs, 29, then believe it or not it gets colder, it will be very cold with new year of eve temperatures in the teens. >> right now, 6:17. let's see what's going on in the roads. feels like a weird week because it's between christmas and new year's. we have stuff going on but not the usual impact. if you're headed to work, you don't have to worry about the usual drive times, here's route 1 southbound on huntingdon, south of the beltway, block, the right lane, downed wires caution there, traffic is moving in the district. we do have a shooting investigation, brian street between 18th and 20th in northeast. and then taking a look at 95. volume is pretty light. the entire
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in dale city, no issues in fairfax county this morning. 270 looking good, 70 to 121 and then as we make our way out on 395 at speed, i can show you millions of beautiful camera, if you have an early morning flight to catch, traffic on your way to bwi, a touch of volume down to 19 miles per hour on pennsylvania avenue. freeway looks good, metro on time. back to you guys. 6:18 is the time. these restaurant workers are going into the new year, thousands of dollars richer, because employees of a waffle house in ohio got a generous tip on christmas, more than $3500 from church goers, after the pastor preached about generosity. the workers split the tip evenly. >> it's probably the regular spot at the church. 'tis the season of
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returns. and this year's return rates are higher than ever before. >> people got more gifts or they didn't like them. one or the other. if you thought you got expensive stocking stuffs think again, kanye's gift to kim probably tops them all. 6:20.
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. it is 6:21, let check the markets. joining us tracy. i hope you had a great christmas >> i sure did. >> this time of year we think about the christmas presents, the money we're spending on the holidays and i just told wisdom with all these returns, it's either people are giving more gifts or giving them that they didn't like >> i think they were giving more gifts in general. spending a lot more. despite all of the store closings that we had in 2017, brick and importer stores did
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increase in people shopping at stores. this is the highest number since 2011. also, of course, this is not a surprise, but online retail sales saw a big jump, about 18.1%. plus a lot of things contributing to this strong u.s. economy right now. which means people are spending more on their gifts. we also had christmas falling on a monday. which gave us that little extra time to get in some shopping. then stores pulled out all the stops to get people in. new strategies, incentives, deals. and all of it seemed to work. >> sounds like it. sounds like there were good deals, i'm glad to see the brick and importer stores doing well, not just the online shopping. which has been the path we've been going down. let's talk about hotels right now. disney making a big change to what happens in your room. >> so this is interesting, this is, a specifically to the grant
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floridaian polynesian and contemporary resorts mere the magic king to my. disney is doing away with the do not disturb sign on your door. it will simply say room occupied. but this is not going to stop disney employees from entering in the room, of course, giving you ample notice. disney is making sure that employees do enter every room at least once a a day to insure that everything is in order. that, you know, everything is safe for the guests, for everyone that's there at the resort. so disney isn't giving a specific reason why they're making this change, of course, the speculation is this comes after the massacre in las vegas at the hotel there. >> on the side of safety. all right, and finally when it comes to the holidays and big gift giving, kenye putting the stock in stocking stuffing
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>> what do you give the person who has a lot of money, more money. that's what he gave to his wife, she revealed these christmas gifts via instagram stories. she showed a box with a pair of apple ear phones, a gift card to netflix and amazon pair of adidas socks and a little mickey mouse toy from disney, then the next box, the stock certificates for all of these companies, she got about hundreds of thousands worth of stock. one shot you can see that it was about 920 shares of disney worth about $100,000, another shot you can see it was 995 shares of detoday's, worth almost $170,000 as of yesterday. this really is hopefully the gift that keeps on giving. it's one thing to say, look, he's got a lot of money he can spend is a lot on his gifts. what i look, tracy is people who have a lot of
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investments, i'm keeping an eye on which particular stocks he was buying her >> he gave her good one, doing well. >> we'll see what happens in the markets today, how do we look? >> right now, it's been a very light week. yesterday it was pretty light in terms of volume. futures were of mixed let's hope we turn them around, and end off 2017 on a strong note >> we'll see how it goes and we'll be there with you the rest of the year, enjoy the rest of your day. talk to you tomorrow. bye-bye. 6:45 right now. time to look up how much detoday's stock is right now. >> 168 a share. >> i'm out. steve is way ahead >> buy a fancy pair of shoes likes you like to do or share of stock. see which one makes money. >> i think the stock will probably be a better investment. >> let's look at the forecast. 32 in washington. we got light, very light snow off to the north and west, not going to amount to a whole lot. might be enough to coat the
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it's up 270. it will turn plentyof sunshine and we will be cold this afternoon, highs in the low 30's, winds will pick up out of the north and west and we're in for a cold couple days. in the 20's for daytime highs. >> we're in the thick of it now >> we are. >> january awaits. good morning, erin >> i look forward to january, detox after the holidays and it's my birthday month. of richmond highway southbound at huntingdon crash walking the right lane with downed wires, caution, aside from that, light morning we do have this new crash, it's in rockville, a crash scene, 270 super quiet. if you're waking up in gaithersburg or rockville good shape, brian between 18th and 20th in northeast, we do have police activity other than that, volume is so light, pennsylvania avenue about a little bit of a slowdown there, 24
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both directions of 295, eastern avenue looks great, suitland parkway quiet. and 267 if you're heading to the dulles airport, metro is on time and i like what we're seeing across the bridges, back to you guys. she has five gold medals now local olympian, katie la decky is getting another award >> we'll be back with more news and more great pictures around dc like the u.s. capitol at 6:27.
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. mgm there in the upper left. live look over the dc region. theories a blanket of cold air. it's cold. >> blanket would warm you. >> if the blanket is freezing cold. >> we get it >> today is actually going to be warmer than the next few, enjoy it. we'll have weather and traffic coming up. developing early, a scary home invasion near the university of maryland college park >> three people inside an off campus resident were robbed and police are are looking for the suspect. krysten leon is live in college park with the latest. kristen? >> reporter: good morning, wisdom and steve, it's hard to tell this second exactly which home this took place at. here in the general
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where it happened on the 8900 block of 36th avenue here, so this is what we know so far. the home invasion took place. it happened a little bit after 1:00 this morning. so not too long ago. and police say three people were inside the home at the time. we're not sure whether or not they are university of maryland students, but we're told that the three people were assaulted in that home. one with minor injuries and right now, police are looking for a suspect or suspects right now if you happen to know anything, saw anything or heard anything for that matter, you're asked to call police, we'll keep a close eye here, for now, reporting in college park, maryland, krysten leon fox 5 local news. time is 6:31, an update on the dc teacher who said she was booted off a united airlines flight to make room for a member of congress, representative sheila jackson lee is insisting she's is the victim and calli
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>> the teacher wrote on fib and said united cancelled her ticket so that jackson lee could take her first class seat. jackson lee tweeted she's disappointed in united airlines. let's go to the white house where president trump took time to say happy kwanzaa. as families and friends join the light. milania and i expend our warmest wishes for a joyful holiday season an prosperous year to come. some note the well wishers come after president obama was a former statement. he once implied it was a fake holiday by posting a link to a block post on twitter which said as much. it is time for the morning line. legendry goal with
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me bower passed away. back in the days when he played without a masked he was a goalie who played without a mask. can you imagine that with those hockey pucks coming at you. he joined the maple leafs in 1958. went on to play 475 regular season games and one four stanley cups, you died after a short battle with pneumonia. he was 93 and face still looks good for all those years. catching those pucks without a mask. unbelievable. nfl now, long time pittsburgh steelers linebacker james harrison who much like myself attended kent state university is joining the enemy. officially signed with the new england patriots after a long career in pittsburgh. do you dislike himor the move or dislike the steelers? he played 30 snaps over five games, he's a good leader but didn't play in the week 15
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might face off again in the championship game. good news for a local athlete, the associated press is named its female athlete of the year and it's not other than bethesda's own katie a la decky. she won five gold medals and one silver. williams, of course, won the australian open to capture her 23rd grand slam tennis title and then we found out she was pregnant when she won. that a defeat in himself could have earned you many honors but this time went to katie la decky. ♪ ♪. good news for georgetown fans the university singing bus driver, larry calloway will be singing the national anthem tonight at capitol arena,
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tip-off at 6:30. >> nice voice. i think katie should get involved in winter olympics as well. that way she can play multi-sports and bring us gold basically year around >> she's got to have a life outside of sports. >> she's our best hope at everything. >> great time. no breaks? >> ice-skate in the winter, swim in the summer. let's go for it. guys. speaking of ice-skating, you may be able to that locally as well. >> look at the temperatures to the west >> on your sidewalk, the next couple days, look out to the west. chicago minus three, detroit minus one, 10 in pittsburgh. two in columbus, we're relatively baumy 32, a political band of snow, thank you, chris nboons borrow maryland. generally a little band stretching from winchester through f
6:36 am
just north of baltimore. this is not going to amount to a lot but just enough that it could coat the roadways in a few spots. cold enough it will is that clear. there could be a couple of travel issues. otherwise we'll turn partly to mostly sunny, windy and cold later today, daytime highs in the low 30's, and windchills in the teens and low 20's, investigators cold, look at tomorrow's daytime high, 29. that's one of the warmerer days. >> it's the nighttime temperature, see the 15 jumps out at you. >> not good >> couple days to prepare for that. >> it is what it is. almost january, good morning, erin. 6:36 right now, i mean wearing my jacket in the office area because it's so cold and then taking it off to come in here, bundle up. ware long sleeves. red line between medical center and grovesner delays tuesday through thursday, train single tracking scheduled track work until february 15th, 2018, i can't believe we're talking next
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we have a vehicle fire dc police traffic letting us know, street closure on the ramp from westbound 695 at the 3rd street tunnel and eastbound 395 from south capitol blocked. we'll let you know if big delays start to develop. congestion much lighter. taking a wide view of the dmv. problem-free in charles county, inner loop looks good, 95 the entire stretch in virginia looks good, problem-free in bowie and i love what we're seeing through fairfax county, arlingtoning outside the beltway in manassas, any flights this morning on your way to bwi, reagan, national and dulles quiet, give yourselves extra time watch for slick spots we're headed out where tucker said snow was moving in, light snow like a dusting area up there. metro is on time. that's all i got back to you guys. >> thank you, coming up one woman spent the holiday season making spirits bright. now it's costing
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her electric bill will make your jaw drop. stay with us, we'll be back in a minute.
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we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank.
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and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it! an officer being named a hero after literally punching through a frozen pond
6:41 am
8-year-old boy on christmas day, authorities say the little boy was chasing a dog and fell through the ice. sheriff's erin thompson dove into the pond. at this moment the boy's condition is unknown. but the props to the sheriff's deputy from dividing in there >> we all know your electric bill can sky rocket. we just talked about erie pennsylvania and 53 inches of snow and imagine trying to stay warm. should it cost you $284 billion? that's the bill an erie woman got after she checked her electric bill for december, the decimal point was a few off, should have been 284 and was confirmed it was an error. do you want a feel good story? imagine finding out that your best friend, your entire life, and friend since you were kids, is actually your brother. that's what happened to this pair, allen robinson and walter mcfarland, friends 60 year, both born in hawaii, a
6:42 am
than a year apart. but mcfarland never knew, robinson was adopted. somehow they met, became friends and then separately started searching for answers about their ancestry and through their research, guess what they found out. they have the same mother, both are calling the news the best christmas gift ever. that is -- that is interesting and amazing in the fact they were friends so naturally drawn to each other >> naturally drawn to each other. they didn't miss out on a lot of key stuff in life because they were friends. >> thanks, steve. coming up. star wars drama mark hamill also known as luke sky walker apologizing to director ryan johnson this morning, kevin mccarthy explains why in the fox be beat.
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how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ ♪
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. the top right light? that's the bathroom light. >> it's the kitchen. >> we all know it's the bathroom light. >> all right. >> maybe it's in the kitchen >> i didn't mean to stir things up. >> ongoing debate. >> looks like they're all out. maybe sleeping in time. >> let's get to the weather. lots to talk about. the snow we're getting off to the north and west is a minor deal. it's a one. >> ok. >> you shouldn't have been worriedbo
6:46 am
but they're on the radar, i'll show you in a second. once again, we're starting our day cold. everybody borrow or at freezing, reagan national is a warm spot. quantico. annapolis, lots of 20's north and west, little band of snow, winchester, frederick, 27, hagerstown 2004, the winter weather advisory continues, it's not so much for the amounts but because of the timing during rush hour, what rush hour we have, and the fact that it's so cold even a little bit of snow has potential to stick out here over the next couple hours. generally, winchester along 81 and stretching across frederick there, perhaps parts of washington county, this frederick and north of baltimore, this little band of snow this is because we got colder air dropping in from the north and west, it's starting, if you're up this mornin
6:47 am
to the northwest encountering this, tweet me, tucker fox 5, let me know, i don't think we'll get more than a coating maybe in a couple spots, quarter of an inch of snow, it will be enough to stick to the roadways. bigger picture we'll get it out of here, the little tiny ban of snow, and we'll see an improving forecast, but it will be cold, windy and once again, area of high pressure. tomorrow's, big boy moves overhead. will only be in the 20's, 29 tomorrow, and look how cold it remains through the weekend. in some ways, the worst of it will be right around the new year. look at sunday and monday. high temperatures in the 20's, overnights in the teens, windchills near zero on new year's eve. happy new year. >> make crock pot food, right now, 6:47, t
6:48 am
commute. we have a car fire reported causing problems in the district. it's closure on the ram from westbound 695 at the 3rd street tunnel on eastbound 395 from south capitol blocked caution in that area, you'll have to detour, we're dealing with this earlier crash scene some downed wire, this is in alexandria. you can get by just watch for delays and then as you make your way out. we have a crash near piccard drive. not seeing problems in frederick, tucker said we could experience light snow, we also have a police investigation in northeast, it's on brian street between 18th and 20th, so caution there. metro is on time. tucker's turn. >> let's get to it. time for the morning meme. >> it's a fun game. >> this a segment participates
6:49 am
poetry. >> sometimes the memes are poetry in themselves. >> thank you, will list. when you closing out aps and accidently swipe out the music ap. >> what are you talking about will list? >> i've done that before at work. it's loud when lady gaga comes on mid morning. >> number two, i thought it was fully charged so i can unplug and roll to the other side of the bed >> i have a secret obsession >> i don't like to go to bed if the phone is not fully charged. >> i don't leak that either because my alarm is son it. and the phone is not charged. the alarm is not going on, which means probably going to oversleep >> lose your job >> it's a whole -- it's a whole domino effect. >> you never fall asleep >> there you go. >> put the phone away >> i'm right there with you. i mean, i can totally feel that. >> when someone asks where you see yourself
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years. i can't tell, it's dark. >> bob, glass half full. >> and we'll rub it up, there we go, erin. the look you give when you get caught trying to sneak dessert before dinner >> the second one is i could have not possibly ever done tat. >> barber you get a gold star for the amazing cat meme >> send he is what you like, we like all memes >> mid evil memes? yyes, at some point we'll get back there >> i preview the cat meme, dog for allison. >> seems like what is happening. >> end of the year on a good note. >> that note. let's move on to good day, we got a great show planned as always, the winner of project runways modelling contest. she'll be joaning us here in the loft. part includes appearing i
6:51 am
marie clare magazine. that will be cool. we'll be chatting with her. >> erin and maureen and myself >> also with the new year around the corner, attention turns to resolutions. we'll talk with an expert about how you can set yourself up for success in 2018. >> also in the loft, makeup artist kim lee stops by, she'll tell you what trends to leave behind. we have a fresh good day coming up at 9:00 you do not miss. ? i don't like to tell about people what's happening behind the scenes. kevin walked into the studio 30 seconds ago, almost half naked and now fully dressed. you're amazing, how did you do this quickly >> first of all i got to thank you for this incredible tie. my favorite, second favorite fast fd
6:52 am
world is in and out. but in and out in my opinion is the greatest burger of all time, no question whatsoever >> it looks like a black tie to the viewer >> no, there are in and out logo elements all over this tie and also the in and out logo here on the back. that was very, very thoughtful of you. i was super excited to see that, and the actual packaging on my presence >> really? best ham burger place ever >> people say burger kink mcdonald's, i'm an in and out guy. >> makes me so sad >> have you had newtown burger, i used to live in california. i'm not really that impressed. >> that's what i mean. some people just like to hate. >> that's why they're only in california, >> that's not the reason at all. the reason they're there is because they have quality control. they won't want 1,000 different franchises >> t
6:53 am
to an in and out on sun set boulevard? they're brutal >> they are brutal. >> it's like so crazy crowded. >> started this by saying it's polarizing. >> i do love whiz but he knows what ticks me. >> first apology. to say sorry to the movie's director, now we talk about the mixed reviews of the eighth chapter in the franchises, wisdom and i have had problems with this film, talked about that, we'll go into more indictment today on good day, but hamels has been one of the critics apparently and several interviews he expressed frustration with the direction that ryan johnson took the character and played for 40 years. now, in his tweets, he said he quote, regrets voicing my doubts andin securities in public, creative differences are a common element of any project but usually remain private, all i wanted was to make
6:54 am
movie, i got more than that, ryan johnson made an all-time great one. also humbled hamels >> you know thein's and outsides. when he was filming this movie, obviously there's a script. he's familiar with it. did he know the direction this would take at the time or is that something director took license with afterwards >> at the end of episode seven, we only see hamill on screen for a brief moment. he's been critical about how the -- the way that character was handled in that one. reportedly, from the interviews he's been given, there was creative differences between him and ryan johnson initially as to where they were taking lou sky walker's direction, my guess is that, in these interviews, saying these things, he regrets being a little more open about how they had creative differences because i will say, that is most popularizing part of the film. i didn't like luke sky walker in this star wars and neither
6:55 am
you or a lot of people. mark hamill is saying it was creative differences and he thinks the movie came out great >> but like steve said he had the script. he read it. it's a great question. miranda sad news said his grandmother passed away on christmas morning, he also said his heart was -- he also said his heart was in pieces, the tweet includes a series of black and white pictures from bula m moondy, he has been open about his grandmother's role, admitting she inspired one of the characters in his first musical. we'll move on to last story. harvey weinstein scandal, this is already getting the movie treatment, i guess, kind of here. this is the band ten low, they recruited a former saved by the bell star
6:56 am
the dis grade of movie mowing gel. in the video, which is a strange video if you haven't watched it. a woman playing one of weinstein's victims lures him into a hotel room and kills him. tmz premiered the video which is called kill all the things in an interview the band told the gossip site it reached out to the former star about playing weinstein. he agreed and filmed the scenes in milwaukee. >> he actually doesn't look bad as harvey weinstein >> it's really weird >> what is the point? >> to get attention. >> that's pretty much it. to get attention. thank you i love my in and out tie >> appreciate it >> 32 degrees, let's get to it. i want to show you the radar quickly i know some of us have work today. it's freezing out there. and a little band of snow developed off to the north and west not much -- not a whole lot there. just enough to kind of coat the ground. it's cold enough t
6:57 am
stick. heads up, it could be a brief period of snow. most of the day will be partly sunny and cold. look at that cold seven-day. plenty more, fox news morning coming up right after the break. we'll see you in just a minute or right now. one quick accident alert, we do have a photo of this, 695 dealing with delays, we have a vehicle fire update, one northbound lane open, traffic diverted on to exit 9d street, we'll have more details on that car fire and back in the third street tunnel.
6:58 am
6:59 am
dunkin' sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back. with twice the crispy caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'
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. battle over the virginia house. they could change which party controls the state house. details coming up robbery rampage. dozens of the car thefts in prince george's county in a few days, what police are doing now >> if you're waking up, here's a live look outside on this wednesday. it's cold out there, to say the least probably will get colder. >> fox 5 with triple team coverage of the arctic blast. let's get a quick check in with tucker, annie is standing in the cold >> very cold,


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