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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 8, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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closings this morning and not just for what's happening right now. a number of systems shut down in anticipation of ice that we could get this afternoon. we've got the full list for you coming up. >> and breaking news right here in the district. d.c. fire and ems say two boats are on fire in the james creek marina. we have a crew heading there right now. we'll bring you updates as soon as they come in. and president trump striking back at claims made in the new book "fire and fury." plus the message steve bannon has for trump in response to the book. >> if you're just waking up this morning a beautiful sunrise as we take a live look outsie on this monday morning. it is january 8th 2018. let's get right over to tucker barnes for a quick look at that forecast. doesn't that look pretty. >> gorgeous sunrise. >> yeah, absolutely beautiful out there. it's not warm, it's cold. were21 in washington. possibility of a wintry mix this afternoon with temperatures which we're hoping get above freezing. problem is ground temperatures are going to be nowhere close. here's your
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here. look for a wintry mix early this afternoon and then perhaps changing to rain but again the rain, the wintry mix everything will get a chance to stick on roads and sidewalks as ground temperatures right now are in the teens. we are under a winter weather advisory. i'll show you that coming up but again the timing on this i'll say between about 1:00 and 7, 8 o'clock tonight look for a wintry mix across the area and icing will be an issue. guys i'll have more on this in a minute. back to you. >> tuck thanks. school closings and delays. a lot might come as a surprise as we thaw out from the weekend deep freeze. it's the threat of a wintry mix this afternoon that's leading many systems to close early. >> fairfax, loud couldn't loudon and what are haven't. >> fauquier king george page county schools. in virginia john adams elementary in alexandria is closed because there's no heat. all other alexandria city schools though will open on time. stafford county schools and fredericksburg
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>> okay. let's head over to maryland now where pointer ridge elementary in bowie and marlton elementary school in upper marlboro both closed today because of heating problems. all other prince george's county schools however are open on time. dorchester county schools closed. queen anne's county schools you are on a 90 minute delay while talbot county schools are now closed for the day. >> in west virginia grant, hardy, hampshire, jefferson and mineral county schools all closed today. and all those closings and delays on the bottom of your screen on and on the fox5 news and weather apps and if you picked up on it most of those schools that are closed to the west of d.c. where the storm is coming from. those closings might come as a bit avenue surprise especially after many of you had schools closed on thursday and friday. bob barnard with more on this in fairfax county. tucker saying they expect that ice to start moving from from the west this afternoon. >> reporter: yeah, it will be interesting to see who made the right call. did fairfax county make the
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right call? montgomery county having schools in maryland today opened. the issue is not right now. besides a few spotty situations where schools have no heat, schools have their heat, the roads and sidewalks are fine right now but it's what's going to come this afternoon and we're at the vdot salt dome here in fairfax right off 66. and there is a whole line of vehicles coming in here getting salt from this dome here. the issue is as tucker mentioned, the road surfaces are freezing. they've been pretreated since last week. vdot says most of the road surfaces are ready for what's coming but they have bridges and overpasses that they want to treat after the morning commute before the system comes through early this afternoon. so, that's why these trucks are getting loaded with salt and then they'll see how it goes. but they are expecting the roads to freeze after this system comes through. so, fairfax county schools, because of that, the potential for the ride home after school this afternoon
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disaster, that's why fairfax county schools and loudoun county schools have closed this morning because of what's anticipated this afternoon. and again, a lot of trucks are getting loaded with salt here in anticipation. we'll see who made the right call, guys. >> all right, thanks, bob. appreciate it. as we wait, of course, for this possible icing issues across the d.c. region this afternoon, major problems continue with certain streets impacted by water main breaks. one of the newest overnight, porter street near 34th street in northwest. ice all over that intersection. repair crews appear to be making decent progress though this morning. this is just one of many water main breaks officials have dealt with during this cold snap. the cold and the damage it's caused continues to impact howard university in a major way. undergraduate students won't be returning to class today as scheduled. frozen pipes led to sporadic heating and steam damage in several buildings. emergency repairs are currently under way. right now, only four of nine dorm buildings have reliable heat.
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closed for a month. under grads won't start the new semester now until next tuesday, january 16th. graduate programs, though, are expected to resume today. >> ♪ >> stay on top of breaking news coming out of the district right now. d.c. fire and ems called out to a couple of boats on fire at the southwest waterfront. >> wisdom martin in the news room with that. wisdom what's going on here. >> here's the situation. we're told this is happening in the james creek marina located at second and v streets in southwest. here's video from the d.c. fire department rescue three at the scene. now the good news is that officials say most of the major fire is out. they're actually using a fire boat to attack the blaze. also earlier this morning d.c. fire and ems tweeted these pictures out from the scene. the james creek marina is located at the confluence of the potomac and the anacostia and the washington channel directly. now so far no injuries have been reported. melanie alnwick is headed to that scene. we'll have a live report for us coming up shortly
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as soon as melanie gets on the scene, we'll have that live report for you. back to you on the desk. >> ♪ >> we talked about the weather world once again today. >> yeah. >> yeah, unfortunately this time around it's the wintry mix, the dreaded wintry mix. icing possibility. i was just looking at ground temperatures. 52 end to 20 degrees. that is not going to warm up quickly. let's get right to it show you what's going to be happening here. it's the afternoon hours we're most concerned about as we could have a period of perhaps a little light snow that changes to rain and anything that falls from the sky will get a chance to kind of freeze once it hits the surface and we could have some -- even with a light glaze, some pretty serious slippery icing issues here. 21 now at reagan national, 18 dulles, 16 in baltimore at bwi marshall. it was literally just on one of the web sites here looking the the road temperatures and they're 15 to 20, so what's happening here is we're trying to get the warmer air in here and several thousand feet up it will warm first and
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last place to warm up will be at the ground. if you're driving along and it's raining and you're -- your thermometer in your car says 34 degrees don't be fooled. icy spots will still likely develop as ground temperatures are going to remain in the teens or low 20's later this afternoon. all right. that being said, the event should be a light one. most of that action out to the west is in the form of light rain and light snow. we're not going to get a lot of it but we are concerned that any time after one, 2 o'clock today we'll start to see it move in from the west and we could have some icing around here in time for the fore for your evening rush hour. so, just keep that in mind that there could be some issues here. all right. we're hoping to get to 34. seven day as temperatures here 60 on that. icing is an issue here this afternoon. >> all right. good to know. >> busy morning already, though for erin. hey, erin. >> holly the problems just continue to pile up. skyfox has new locations on the beltway. a crash involving injuries. several vehicles. outer loop close to river road after the 270 spur. right lane is
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two left lanes getting by and delays are coming back onto 270 southbound. watch out for an inner loop rubberneck delay. want to switch it over from that to a look at our camera. again, this is same crash, different advantage point. you can see that slowdown there. again, between bradley boulevard and thomas bridge. big delays. earlier inner loop crash between university boulevard and new hampshire avenue has us slowed. we're seeing improved conditions 270 to 95, 32 minutes. still a red zone. unfortunately it's flipped because the outer loop usually has a lot of volume. it's going to take you an hour and five minutes in college park to get from 95 to 270 and then again you can see that other line of delays hooking up on the outer loop side of things from that other crash by river road. now 270 southbound also because of it's backed up from the beltway delays, we also have another crash right there. 44 minutes just to get from 121 to the beltway. you can see all that backed up traffic past that scene with the flashing lights. this is a crash between montrose road and old georgetown road. a lot of problems coming up from the top side of the beltway. this is a 395
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washington boulevard issue. a disabled car. kind of zoomed the camera down but the right lane is actually blocked. or is that the left lane? excuse me. left lane blocked. you can see that traffic moving past in the right lane so allow for extra time as you come up from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. look at all those metro problems. red line earlier power pro problem. orange line train malfunction at eastern market causing delays. we have several water main breaks round town. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. unfortunately there's so many issues we just can't get them all in. back to you. >> thanks erin. 7:09 right now. all new this morning, scary moments in alexandria. a gun goes off during an overnight home invasion and police say one of the suspects apparently shot himself by accident. just before 1:00 a.m., alexandria police tweeted that three suspects broke into an apartment in a robbery attempt but at one point, one of the suspects inadvertently shot themselves. all three suspects got away. no one living in the apartment
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searching for a missing derwood maryland man. 31-year-old anthony harris left his home sunday in the 15,900 block of frederick road. the 66-4190-pound harris is on crutches. if you've seen anthony harris call police. >> also this morning, new details in the search for a missing maryland man suffering from dementia. police say 65-year-old daniel dehaven might have been picked up while walking along route one last tuesday january 2nd and then dropped off along annapolis road in gambrills. police are asking people to be on the lookout for dehaven in the gambrills area. dehaven first went missing last tuesday from a costco park, lot in beltsville. family friends and volunteers have gathered for several days now to search for him. they will search again today. >> silver spring police investigating after finding a dead man inside of a car yesterday. the body was discovered in a vehicle parked near the hartford thayer condominiums. it's unclear how long he was inside the car.
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unclear. an autopsy will be conducted to determine how the man died. >> happening today family and friends will gather to say final farewells to armani cole. cole wall shot along -- found shot along 295 at the maryland-d.c. border on december 28th. the services will be at the greater mount calvary holy church in northeast. that's set to begin at 10:00 this morning. so far police have not announced a motive or any suspects in the case. however, they are looking into whether his death is connected to the murder of kerrice lewis. she was found in the trunk of a burning car an hour later and a few miles away in southeast d.c. friends say cole and lewis did know each other. >> still to come this morning, book backlash. the president unleashing a firestorm of tweets after the scathing book about his administration became a best seller. >> new leadership adding up to new rules for the miss america pageant. we'll have details on the big policy change after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back to fox5 news morning on a monday morning. very cold out there. 7:14. live look at the white house. we're only at 21 degrees and we're expecting a wintry mix later this afternoon that could wreak havoc in our area. tucker is going to talk more about it in a few seconds. the port authority of new york and new jersey is launching an investigation into a burst water pipe which led to flooding inside a baggage claim area at j.f.k. international airport. crews yesterday had to rush passengers out of the baggage area to avoid getting wet. the flood added to the problems at j.f.k. which was trying to get back up to full speed after days of delays and cancellations stemming from last thursday's storm. >> coming up on 7:15 we'll have a big change from the cold we've had for the last week or so. but we have to get through today first. >> today is that transition day. did i see you ice skating on the reflecting
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did you see people out there ice skating. >> they were? >> out playing hockey. >> i don't know if that's legal or not. >> but it's kind of cool. >> looked cool. >> frozen. why not. >> it looked very cool what's that. >> if it was frozen why not. >> we are transitioning to this warmer air pattern but today is that day that we all dread because we got a wintry mix in the forecast this afternoon. temperatures remain well below freezing for everybody. most everybody in the low 20's here. 21 in washington, 22 in fredericksburg. so, air temperatures we think will warm up to around freezing this afternoon as our system moves in. but as that warmer air moves in aloft we're likely to see a light wintry mix or even light rain break out across the area ad as that process happens, what will occur is as soon as it touches the ground it will start to freeze on paved surfaces, sidewalks, roadways, pavements will get very slippery quickly and again those of us that have endured ice storm around here you know it only takes a little bit to start to cause major problems so watch what happens here. here we are at 11:00. you can see
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the north and west. by one, 2 o'clock most everybody will have some light rain showers around and then the whole thing will wrap up 7, 8 o'clock tonight. there we are at 5 o'clock. that's the evening rush hour. still looking at light rain and let me just say again just because you have a thermometer in your car that says 34 degrees, we're hoping to see temperatures in the mid 30's, doesn't mean that the roads aren't in the teens and 20's and that that isn't freezing when it hits the surface so there could be lots of slippery conditions around here later this afternoon. the good news is the warmer air will get in here tonight and on the horizon here we've got 50's and maybe even a 60-degree temperature by the end of the week but today, could be a challenging afternoon. >> all right. look at the bright side. make it through today and we have much warmer temperatures. >> at least for a couple days. >> thanks tucker. >> good morning erin. >> bright side you're not sitting in beltway traffic. this is skyfox. they're over a crash after the 270 spur. outer loop by river road. left lane is get buying but this is causing a significant delay back onto 270
7:17 am
looking okay but typical slowdowns through tysons. let's switch it over because the top side of the beltway is just a mess in both directions. we had an earlier inner loop crash involving several vehicles and injuries. inner loop between university boulevard and new hampshire avenue. right now just one right lane is blocked. three left lanes opened. but the inner loop side of things close to a 30 minute commute from 270 over to to 95. average speeds are about, under 20 miles per hour. outer loop side of things because of the heavy congestion on the outer loop and the rubberneck delay 95 southbound backed up the icc to the beltway. it's going to take you an hour and 19 minutes on the outer loop to get from 95 over to the 270 spur. there you can see the backup on the outer loop leading toward that other crash by river road. now, 270 southbound crash blocks the right shoulder after montrose road. and it's going to take you 46 minutes just to get from 109 to the local lane split. huge delays through gaithersburg and rockville on the 270 side of things this morning. now, there's also a disabled vehicle 395 in virginia. it's on the southbound side at wash
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disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. southbound volume is light. northbound typical delays from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. four metro rail line delays on the red silver blue and orange. earlier problem at morgan boulevard and glenmont. earlier train malfunction at eastern market causing delays to vienna on the orange line. several water main breaks including bw parkway northbound blocking a lane annapolis road in lanham and also 66, 35 minute trip from 234 to the beltway earlier crash by 28 cleared. deep breath. back to you. >> lots going on. >> president trump back at the white house after spending the weekend at camp david with republican congressional leaders in maryland. they discussed the 2018 legislative agenda including talks about the budget immigration and infrastructure to name just a few issues. the republican leaders and the president also discussed strategy about the midterm election. agenda overshadowed by the book that says the trump administration is dysfunctional and the president not fit for the job. >> some of the president's supporters denounced the book
7:19 am
our maureen umeh joins us now with more. mo. >> good morning, both of you. reactions continue to pour in after the release of michael wolff's bombshell book "fire and fury" inside the trump white house. it was released on friday and quickly sold out at many locations. the book paints the trump administration as dysfunctional and the president as unfit for office. but those close to the president are coming to his defense just days after the book's release. >> this is a book of fiction. not only is it not accurate, there is so many misrepresentations in this book that it shouldn't be taken seriously. >> this book is a complete fabrication. >> those statements are just absurd chris, i mean, just, just pure fantasy. i'm with him almost every day. we talk about some of the most serious matters facing america and the world. complex issues. the president is engaged. he understands the complexity. he asks really difficult questions. >> the president also again responded to the book's allegation tweeting in part i've had to put
7:20 am
announced i would be running for president. now i have to put up with a fake book written by a totally discredited author. ronald reagan had the same problem and handled it so well. so will i. despite the push back the author says he's standing by everything he wrote. >> if i left out anything it's probably stuff that was even more damning. >> thait's that bad. >> it's that bad. it's an extraordinary moment in time. >> some of the more controversial statements in the book came from former white house chief strategist steve bannon. over the weekend bannon did not dispute any of the quotes attributed to him. he didn't apologize outright either but he did tell fox news he regrets that his comments distracted from the president's accomplishments. much more to come as the fallout from "fire and fury" and cocontinues to roll out. >> how long do you have to wait to still get it. >> right. >> a lot of people want to read it. >> president trump planning to postpone his so-called fake news awards. you might remember last week he said he was going to do it da
7:21 am
a little bit. he said he would give out awards to the most corrupt and dishonest media outlets. yesterday he tweeted that the awards will be "presented to the losers on wednesday january 17th stead." >> board members raised the maximum age of competitors to 25. this is the first major rule change to the pageant since former fox news anchor and 1989 miss america gretchen carlson became chair woman. woman. >> still ahead, a trip to the gas station leaves one couple with more than just a full tank. and now they are doing everything they can to track down the owner of a lost wedding ring. >> first though, a reason to do some tidying. today it's national clean off your desk day. so that, whether your desk is a private office, wouldn't that be nice, a cubicle or at your home it's an opportunity to begin your new year with a clean and organized work space. it's 7:21.
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>> ♪ >> a pennsylvania trying to find the owner of a wedding ring they found in a gas station flower pot. they made the discovery the day after christmas. its engraved chr to ang, january 2nd 2016. so the owner may have celebrated a wedding anniversary
7:25 am
the couple hope that if the story goes viral the right person will hear about the found ring and reach out to be reunited. >> hopefully the story has a happy ending. in the meantime 7:25 let's check in with tucker barnes. more weather changes on the way. what a busy couple of weeks for you tuck. >> i hope the weather has a happy ending later today as we're very concerned about a wintry mix around here. 21 now in washington. another very cold start to the day. your feels-like temperature your wind chill 11. and we are looking at the possibility this wintry mix later this afternoon. let me start with the good news here. this is warmer air trying to move in. this will be a warmer air mass that gets moved in later tonight and tomorrow. but that transition is what we're concerned about and later this afternoon as this front starts to move in, we're likely to see a light wintry mix perhaps even some light rain move into the area and unfortunately, i was just looking the the ground temperatures, looking at the paved surfaces across the region we're in the teens and so it's not going to take a lot of light rain or even a little wintry mix to start to stick to the roadways and sidewalks and that kind of thing. and because of that we
7:26 am
much of the area and roads, sidewalks could become very slippery very quickly with that light rain falling with the light glaze expected across the region by this evening's rush hour. just keep that in mind. things get a lot better tomorrow. that's going to feel like a heat wave, 47 and then look at that by the end the week near 60. wintry mix, light rain, icing, freezing rain likely this afternoon. we don't need that, do we erin. >> we don't need any of that because we don't have that right now and we already have so many slow spots. huge problems on the beltway. newest crash on the outer loop after the 270 spur by river road causing big delays. coming off the 270 spur you're completely backed up much .crash moved over to the right shoulder. let's move over to our maps right now. that's not the only big problem. we had the inner loop crash between university and new hampshire. so right now your drive times inner loop close to half hour from the 270 spur over to 95. outer loop from the rubberneck delay you are at 88 minutes, an hour and 28 minutes to get
7:27 am
the first delay connecting to the second delay after that crash after the 270 spur. 270 southbound close to an hour from 109 to the local lane split you're slowing because of all those beltway delays. really slow down trying to get to the beltway inner loop and outer loop. so big mess out there on the roads especially as you head out in the montgomery county area. we're going to keep you updated. things in virginia typical slowdowns 95 northbound through dale city and 66 eastbound past sudley road guys. >> still ahead at 7:30. a sports reporter has gone missing. >> and plus an historic night in l.a. at the 75th annual golden globes. the me too movement to empower women was seen and heard from the red carpet to the podium. 7:27 is our time. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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let's check our top stories. breaking news out of the district. d.c. fire and ems those boats on fire in southwest marina have now sang. this is happening in the james creek marina located at second and v streets. now, this is video from d.c. fire department rescue three of the scene. focus now turning to handling any fuel spills in the water w way. the call came in just before 6:00 this morning. so far no injuries have been reported. the cold impacting classes at howard university undergraduate students will not go back to class today because frozen pipes led to sporadic heating and steam damage in several buildings. some buildings exp expected to e closed for month. students enrolled in graduate programs you don't get a break. you still have to report to class. four democratic voters in virginia appealing a court decision which cleared the way for repli
7:31 am
of the state house of delegates judges decision came last friday following a ballot mix up. four people appealing the judges decision hoping to stop robert thomas from being cedar on wednesday. >> lawmakers in maryland and virginia looking into several bills now that would give metro a permanent and dependable source of funding. now this would be the first time in more than 50 years both states would work together to earn metro funding at the same time couldn't funnel hundreds of millions of dollars a year into the metro transit agency if you're taking metro this morning though make sure to reload your smart trip card. remember starting today, you cannot carry a negative balance on your card. metro encouraging riders to sign up for auto reload through your smart trip account that will ensure that you always have money on your card. ♪ major concerns this morning in texas. police search for a missing sports reporter. >> investigators say a dis disturbing text tipped them off she may be in trouble. wisdom martin joing
7:32 am
with details. scary story, wis. >> beyond scary especially when you think about all the things that run through your mind f you're a parent or friend of this young think about the scary things that run through your mime you don't know where she is at this point. this is the situation fort friends and family of 29-year-old courtney roland. who are now pleading for help to find her. courtney was last seen on saturday afternoon she was covering a texas a and m football camp for prior to disappearing. courtneyss roommate told police she got a text message from her at around 12:30 that night saying she was being followed by a suspicious man in blue truck courtney's mother received a text from her phone that read hello, the owner of this phone courtney i am buying and i-pad. there has been outpouring of support on social media to help find courtney and police are asking anyone with information to please come forward in this case. and we've all seen the stories on television and reported on the stories as well about things that go horribly wrong
7:33 am
stalkers start, you know, get into the picture. you just don't know at this point. you just don't know, innocents frightening. that's frightening. >> it's scary. give her credit for being alert enough to at least tell somebody something strange was happening. >> yeah. >> blue truck, yeah. >> you certainly hope with that awareness she was able to hopefully put herself in the best position. >> hopefully that will, f there's something hinkie going on hopefully that will lead police to this blue truck and may get some answers as to what's really going on here and as to what happened to her. >> we've seen this multiple times, too. if you are aware enough to be able to use your phone at least police know that they can track that phone. hopefully if they can't find her they can find the phone which might lead to her. >> the text that came afterwards that -- it seemed a little bit odd that, you know, saying i'm that person and i'm going to buy anism pad i seemed a little we're. hopefully these clues will lead -- hopefully she'll safely be found. >> absolute that's the goal. >> yeah. >> thanks wis.
7:34 am
in a true fashion statement, many actresses dressed in all black on the red carpet at the golden globes as silent protest against the tidal way of sexual harassment accusations in hollywood. blackout on the red carpet meant to be a sign of solidarity among actresses. comes after the me too movement helped expose the dark side of hollywood when dozens of women came forward with sexual misconduct allegations against numerous male directors and actors. >> the last few months have been really harrowing and we've all felt like we wanted to be able to do something. we're here to say this is it. change is coming. change is here. >> it wasn't just women making this fashion statement. many men also wore black to support the movement. oprah winfrey she's being praised this morning after she used her golden globe lifetime achieve many speech as an opportunity to share a powerful message to young girls watching. >> and when that new day
7:35 am
dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men fighting hard to make sure they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say me too again! >> winfrey also thanked the women and men who have bravely shared their perm stories of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. certainly getting a lot of attention this morning and positive way lot of people saying this is one of the highlights obviously of the show last night. but you saw a lot. in the me too movement and the times up and the speech from the rode carpet from the get go. >> yeah. it was a powerful moment throughout the whole several hours of the show. 7:35 right knowledge let's head over to tucker because could p
7:36 am
weather day, friend. >> yeah it looks like by afternoon we could have icing and the concern here is air temperatures might get close to freezing or even a degree or two above it but the ground temperatures aren't going to follow any time soon. a light rain event or a light wintry mix event could turn into icing for parts of the area. 21 now in washington. notice that warmer air just out to the west. pittsburgh now is 32. 34 in columbus that transition zone is where we're seeing this light rain and light wintry mix taking shape and as that moves in this afternoon, we're going to have a period of light rain or light wintery mix across our area. the amounts aren't going toteable ribblely impressive but only anybody that's lived here for any period of time it only takes little bit of rain on top of a very cold surface start to have icing issues and that's what we're forecasting this afternoon. there is a winter weather advisory for most the area southern maryland, lower eastern shore, you guys are the exception but look out. there could be very slippery conditions developing in that light rain event this afternoon. we're hoping to get the temperature to 33 degrees by 4:00 p.m. but again things could be pretty icy
7:37 am
all right. icy and dicey. get it erin. >> not looking forward to what that's going to do to the afternoon commute. because we have huge problems and weather is not a factor. moving to virginia because we've been really maryland heavy this morning issues. 66 eastbound at 50 there's a crash blocking the left lane and left shoulder as you try to get from the beltway through fairfax you'll hit some bigger delays. take look though at the top side of the beltway and 270. 270. problems have been this morning. we have a crash on the outer loop by river road. inner loop crash did clear it was out between university and new hampshire. inner loop improved 270 to 9523 minute trip. it's an hour and 28 minutes right now to get from 95 on the outer loop to the 270 spur and 270 southbound an hour and eight minutes to get from 109 to the local lanes because of a crash blocking the shoulder out by montrose road. huge issues this morning unfortunately that's your traffic. ♪ let let's to new york. how about breaking news right now. this is actually a fire that's broken out on the top
7:38 am
live pictures from trump tower in manhattan fire crews on the roof of the tower right now. not exactly sure what the issue is. no visible fire showing but you can see a lot of firefighters n the roof right now. what appears to be smoke thats coming out or could be steam but firefighters are on top of the building right now. we'll keep an eye on this and share any updates just as soon as we get them but that's a top of trump tower in manhattan. >> a lot of emergencies across several cities this morning. still ahead all new episodes of your favorite fox shows premier this week. >> i sat down with 911 star angela basset and connie britain and he's going to join us with all of those details next. it's 7:38 now. mommy you're strong! aw, you bet i am!
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thanks for coming! congratulations! my first customer! the egg white grill. so you can bring on the day. hugh hell packard recalling laptops over battery problems. recall involves 50,000 lymph neon batteries for hp notebook and work stations. it received nearly ten reports of battery packs overheating or melt owing or charring. no one hurt. >> british aways will be removing reclining seats from short haul feet. it will fit non reclining seats in an effort to slash ticket prices. the company will also
7:42 am
seat power throughout the aircraft and begin offering in flight wi-fi. however, customers are voicing concerns that british airways is behaving like a budget airline. last year they stopped providing free food to economy class passengers on short haul flights. controversial move by college in texas aberdeen christian university urging students not to apply for jobs at a new restaurant hooter's restaurant set to open from mile from the campus next week. private school reportedly asking students to quote consider what hooters represents in deciding whether or not to explore employment opportunities at the restaurant. really? >> okay. 7:42 is our time. still ahead it is a new fox favorite. >> kev sat down witness stars of the new prime time series 911 and he'll join us with that next. ♪
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>> welcome back to fox5 news morning on this monday. quarter to eight. >> birds are just chilling. >> they really are chilling if they land on that water on the potomac. >> that shows us just how cold it is today and has been over the last several days. right? >> ice in the river. let's find out more about the cold and the ice that might be on the roads later today from tucker in just ten seconds. >> here headlines for wintery mix this is going to be afternoon event and we're not looking at a lot of wintery mix or light rain. but what we are concerned about ground temperatures just looking at roadways across the
7:46 am
general in the teens. that's the actual temperature of the roadways. anything that falls from the sky will get a chance to adhere to our paveed surfaces and untreated roads, sidewalks, your driveway, your back porch that kind of thing may ice up here pretty quick, and the timing couldn't be worse as it will get in here between about i'd say one and 3:00 and be with us through the evening commute. >> temps right now cold enough to support any kind of wintry mix out there. 21 in washington. 18 gaithersburg. 17 manassas. 22 fredericksburg. it's been days and days and days of this extreme cold and even if we warm these air temperatures later today in the low to mid 30s it's going to take while to warm up the ground. so with that lag effect we're concerned that any light rain that falls will again ice up here pretty quick. okay. there's your front. warmer temperatures behind the front believe it or not. temperatures right now in pittsburgh 32 degrees. and we've got temperatures in the 30s and even 40s out to the west. so this is your transition zone and again as this moves in this
7:47 am
light wintry mix or perhaps light rain across the area. as that moves on in. there's another look at it. and again, not much change in air mass. behind the air mass we should be warmer tomorrow with temperatures in the 40s. but that transition zone will be across our region today in the form of sleet and freezing rain for the area. so just be on the look out here and i just want to remind you just because your car thermometer says 34 degrees doesn't mean that you won't encounter ice as this moves in from the north and west. there we are at 2:00 o'clock. light rain expected across the area, again, it will try to ice up just about everything. and there we are at 6:00 o'clock with it still lightly raining across the region whole thing should be out here by seven, 8:00 o'clock things will improve overnight although i think tomorrow morning there still could be icy spots particularly north and west temperatures don't really get above 32 until tomorrow afternoon. so just, you know, be on the look out very cautious for ice even if you're not driving and walking around make sure you're ready for sidewalk that could be slippery because we don't
7:48 am
any broken bones, right, erin. >> we don't want that. >> tuck i'm worried about the afternoon ride home. because we already have so many problems. it feels like everyone is back to work. roads are crowded. we have water main breaks. more delays than what we've seen in the past few weeks. red line new problem medical emergency at twin brooks. single tracking between grosvenor and twin brooks as well. red line earlier train malfunction at judiciary square. delays to shady grove. malfunction at eastern mark. delays to vienna. moving to the roads we have some other problems this is crash we've been tracking for some time really slowing things down on the outer loop side of things pete piringer letting us though right by river road after the 270 spur backing up traffic on 270. look at the outer loop right now just to get from 95 over to the 270 spur, an hour and 22 minutes. so really nasty delays there. earlier inner loop crash after university boulevard cleared. 270 a crash still blocks the right shoulder and then mixed in with those delays the outer loop side of
7:49 am
montrose road 71 minutes an hour an 11 minutes to get from 109 to the local lane split. huge heads up for all of my commuters through gaithersburg, rockville, silver spring, montgomery county. we do have what appears to be disabled truck or crash blocking the right lane. 395 northbound on the bridge. 31 minute trip from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. a lot of water main breaks as well. use caution on those secondaries. back to you. >> thanks erin. 7:49 is the time. the last jedi reign at the top of the box office is over. thanks to the rock. kevin hart and jumanji in its third week mend theaters the jumanji remake welcome to the jungle earned $26 million. that brings total bock office revenues to only 250 million. here's the rest of the box office. number two the debut of insidious the final key followed up by star wars the last jedi and rounding out the top five the greatest showman and pitch perfect three. game of thrones star kit harrington this is not good look for him. refuse
7:50 am
bouncer tas manhattan bar and got sent out i don't know the wall as a result. the 31-year-old actor was seen to be what they said drunk and diss orally friday night in many video obtained by tmz. harrington appeared to went to get into a pool game before becoming bi lidge rent with bouncers and patrons much he was asked to leave the gram mercy pub find his way way back from before being pleased. he's been seen in new york with fiance' rose leslie. only in new york will they get upset you're playing pool you get upset much it's kit harrington get him out of here. he's bothering me. >> we don't care who this guy is. >> it's john snow. >> good to see you guys this morning. >> if to see you. one thing i will say about the box office jumanji i think it surprised a lot of people. made $519 million worldwide so far. i don't think anybody new it was going that big of a hit but overcoming star wars this soon only been out for about less than a month, it's already made more money in the u.s.
7:51 am
justice league. >> can i say this and i don't mean disrespect i'm extremely casual movie goer. >> um-hmm. >> i'd rather see this movie than star wars. to see it seems more of an escape. relax, have fun, not have to think about anything and enjoy the film. >> it's better than star wars. >> then i don't feel so bad. >> better than the new star wars. i like i5 nope million dollars worldwide. we have brand new show right here on fox5 called 911. >> yeah. >> it's really really good. let's take look at some of the footage from the show but essentially honors our first responders from three different levels. so you have the phone operator when the call gets to 911 connie britton play that is character in the film the police officers one of the police officers played by angela basset and peter krause in the fire department but i spoke to connie britton as well as angela basset about the show honoring first responder what is they're training was like. but do we all remember this little movie from 1993 called what's love got to do with it. obviously angel had a basset played tina turner. >> oh yeah. >> talkbo
7:52 am
role. what she remembers about playing that role and what it taught her as an actress. here's my interview with connie bit ton and angel had a basset for the new show 911. watch this. >> now that you've played this role and you've come across police officers or fire department or even phone operators, how has it changed the way you see them? >> you know, funny, i feel like i can just go up and talk to them about anything, you know. [ laughter ] >> i have to get some research in the first pilot, you know, something was written where i had this altercation with one of the firemen and search him out and somehow i, you know, i didn't think the way they have me go search him out, you know, and what i go into the building the fire truck, their situation would i real dollar that? no. they're my firemen going into chipotle maybe i can just ask them a question. >> did you real dollar that. >> i went. i left the gym i went into chipotle and i just about to go up t
7:53 am
to get their lunch. they need to eat, you know. >> you didn't talk to them. >> i didn't talk to them but i was two seconds from like, i can just -- they might think i'm crazy that's the only reason -- >> amazing. >> i turned around. i look back at tina turner most of the incredible roles ever. do parts of those roles stay throughout your career s part of tina still with you as an actor. >> someone just said yesterday that this is the 25th anniversary of tina. so you always -- and another friend text me last night and said i was just watching what's love got to do with it? on television on new year's. that is a role that hangs around and she's a great friend. that role is a great friend. >> talk about what you hope this message delivers to audiences about the importance of our first responders. >> well, what i like about this show in particular because we've seen a lot of show that is have, um, depicted these lives really well,
7:54 am
very committed to the idea of the whole process, and the whole journey of it and the intricacies of the job of the first responder and humanizing them so we are going to get to see these characters, um, hopefully on deeper levels and i think in that way we will really be able to honor them. >> this question comes from a friend of mine who's a big fan of nashville. your character was killed off in season five. will we see her come back in flashback or season in the final season? >> i don't know. i really don't know. i mean, i would certainly be open to the idea but, um, i don't think that we're going to see the ghost of reina james. i just don't see that happening. >> flashback, something about her in season six needs to happen. >> we shall see. >> all right. that question about nashville came from our producer jeff a big fan who is big fan of
7:55 am
show. i've personally never seen it but a huge show. >> it's a great show. >> season six will be coming up and her character if you haven't seen it was -- spoiler she did die. >> people know. it was a huge thing. >> she says she may or may not know if she'll come back in season six. >> angela basset looked amazing. >> she's ripped. >> yeah. >> seriously. i was like -- >> a little intimidated. >> i node to step up my game gone to the gym. her arms looked amazing. you are awesome, angela basset i want to be best friends with her. she's really cool. >> thanks, kev. >> check in with tucker get a check on the forecast at 7:55. >> got lots to weather to talk about. talk about it all last week, thursday 49 day and another day with issues. 21 now in washington it's the wintery mix the dreaded wintry mix possible icing freezing rain that we're concerned about this afternoon as weave we've got warmer air trying to move in. so much cold for so long that the ground is currently in the teens. paveed surfaces in the teens feign we
7:56 am
in loft it will take several hours to warm up the ground we're concerned we'll have a period of light freezing rain or wintry mix around here this afternoon and that light rain will likely stick to paveed surfaces so roads, sidewalks, your back porch could become very lip pre in a hurry. be on the look out for icing conditions later today and the warmup near 60 bite end of the week. erin? >> tuck, i'm telling you, traffic is so bad this morning, we don't even have all that weather going on yet i'm really concerned for the afternoon ride home. outer loop between bradley boulevard and thomas bridge right near river road six vehicles involved blocking the right shoulder. they opened up several lanes but the delay is real. and in that backup the left lane is now blocked because outer loop before the 270 spur there's new crash. it was standstill traffic now everybody has to merge over to the right lane. left lane block an hour and 21 minutes to get from 95 on the outer loop in college park all the way to 270 spur and delays continue to pass river road. aside from that one we also have
7:57 am
270 southbound. it will take you an hour and ten minutes. back to you. >> ahead at 8:30 this morning, celebrities using the golden globes as platform to stand up against sexual harassment and inequality. all the highlights from the big night. >> we have a live look from new york. update on this. there's a big emergency response trump tower. fire crews on the roof as we speak. you're looking at it live. we'll have the latest details when we come back. we come back.
7:58 am
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good morning. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> 8aam this monday, jan january 8th, 2018. schools closed in a lot of places message many of you got this morning and it may have come as bit of a surprise. a lot of systems shut down today in anticipation of some icy weather that we could get this afternoon. after all those water main breaks we've been talking about some come with some real damaging and nasty consequences. that looks nasty. we'll take to the homes that are flooded with frigid waters and in some cases even sewage. >> oprah for president? okay. that is one of the big lines coming out last night's golden globes. we'll have that all the big moment people are talking about this morning. but first live look outside a wintry mix heading our way. cod
8:01 am
this afternoon. let's get right over to tucker barnes for first check of the forecast. good morning to you. >> yeah, i mean here's the good news, maureen. warmer temperatures moving on in, but unfortunately the trade off is transition might be a wintery mix. let's go right to the satellite picture. light wintry mix perhaps freezing rain as early as one, two clock in the afternoon through the evening rush hour, and the amounts will be light. but the concern is with ground temperatures in the teens we could have freezing conditions at the surface. oh paved roadways, sidewalks, your back porch, anything that the light rain gets a chance to another here could become very slippery in a hur reach winter weather advisory in effect later this afternoon. light rain likely become freezing rain when it hits surface. more on the weather coming up good news warmer temperature on the way. back to you. tucker, thank you. more now on that blast of winter weather heading our way today. >> ice, sleet, snow all headed straight for the dmv. many schools made the call to close for the day and that includes f
8:02 am
bob barnard is there now with how people are reacting to this surprise closure. bob? >> reporter: yeah, guys. they were closed thursday because of the snow. friday because of the cold. today because of what may come as tucker mentioned to these roadways here. this is lehigh way and vdot says they have already treated the major road surfaces as of last friday and it remains so. they didn't have to do anything overnight or early this morning. i can show you the salt dome here in fairfax that we vived in our last hour and so they have a lot of trucks these contracted trucks that will be hitting the overpasses and bridges after the morning rush hour ahead of the wintry mick that's coming that could cause problems for the afternoon. no problem this morning going into school. most of the schools here in fairfax county have heat but they are closed because of what may come this afternoon getting the kids home. the buses and people walking and picked up by their parents that it could be treacherous this afternoon if the surfaces get covered with
8:03 am
mixed reactions about that here in fairfax. >> i think it's always good to be cautious for the kids. keep them safe and no protect out if they had to wait for a bus or something. i think it's best you keep the kids safe. >> they need to go back to school but you want to be safe, too. >> it shouldn't have ban been cancel. unless they have a lot of schools with problems with heating and things like that or unless they're really really really worried about the supposed winter mix coming think afternoon, i see no sense inning is the schools closed. it makes no sense. >> 'cause because it's inconvenient, um, i think it's going to rain later -- snow, rain, sleet, so it might be tough later for the people. but, um, i don't know. it's a hard call. >> reporter: inconvenience for the families who for the third day here in fairfax have to figure out what to do with the kids if they're goi
8:04 am
is it the right call? we'll fine out many of schools in montgomery county and throughout maryland are open today. here in fairfax, closed. we'll see how you goes this afternoon who made the right call. back to you. >> no doubt, bob. thanks very much. cold and damage it caused continues time packet other places like howard university in a major wage under grads will not go to class today as schedule because frozen pipes led to sporadic heating and steam damage in number of buildings. emergency repairs currently underway right now only four of nine dorm buildings have reliable heat. some buildings expected to be closed for a month under grads won't start the new semester until next tuesday january 16th. graduate programs are expected to resume today. major problems continue with certain streets impacted by water main breaks. one of the newest overnight porter street near 34th street in northwest. ice all over the intersection repair crews appear to be making decent progress this morning. now this is just one of many water main breaks officials have had to deal with during this cold snap
8:05 am
causing serious problems in prince george's county. take look at this home in fort washington along bach avenue the base system filled with 6 feet of water. >> goodness. >> real mess. we talk to the man whose basement flooded. >> in the basement you see they have washer and drier in there. one room, i have music room where you don't save anything. >> water main break happened on top of the hill. water then node down overwhelming the sewers. so water was forced from people's toilets and as you can see, creating a very nasty mess there. >> not good at all. 8:05. all right. let's keep the bad stuff outside if we can. we'll get to tucker in just a minute. first, this is what's happening in new york right now. it doesn't look like there's too much going on this trump tower by the way. new york city fire apparently was on the roof of trump tower in manhattan earlier. these are live pictures right knowledging see a handful of foofighters still on the roof of trump tower. fire crews still
8:06 am
to be out. it happened just before 7:00 o'clock this morning. now five minutes past 8:00 looks like all is good, again, on the roof of trump tower. >> all right. that's good to hear. meanwhile right here in the district d.c. fire and ems say two boats that were on fire in a southwest marina have now sung. this is happening in the james creek marone in a located at second and v streets. this is video from the scene from dc fire department rescue three. the focus now turns to handling any fuel spills in the water way. luckily no injuries have been reported. that's good news there. in the meantime, let's check in with tucker. look i don't think a lot of people expected some of these school closings for something that may not happen for hours. >> no. >> it could be pretty serious. >> i mean the potential is is there for things to get slippery in hurry. things can go downhill quickly when it starts to rain and things start to stick. >> we know. >> we go from being fine to being in an icy -- >> right. >> -- other world. >> mixing that bowl a couple yearsing. >> in a matter of minutes and the potential is
8:07 am
happen but the potential is there. 21 at reagan national. 19 dulles. bwi marshall 14. so cold for so long ground temperatures just looking at local highway conditions and roadway conditions much ground temperatures are in the teens. so here's what's happening. warmer air a loft is moving in. we are going to be in for wa warmup. wait until i saw the seven day, but as the rain falls on to cold grounder it will immediately start to freeze. and so roadways, sidewalks, anything out there where the light rain can al hired will start to freeze over and likely have icing issues this afternoon you can see it moving from the west. right now it's snow. light rain when it moves into our region later today. we're thinking air temperatures may top out a few degrees above freezing. winter weather advisory in effect for most of our region if you're in southern maryland or lower eastern shore, you are not under that advisory. that's good news for you mostly just be rain for you. but for the rest of us, again, the concern here is things are going to ice up pretty quick this afternoon. you want to time it if you're out to the w
8:08 am
will move in one, 2:00 o'clock, 3:00 o'clock across the metro area. be with us with the evening rush hour. we're concerned about getting you guys home from work f you're to the going to work going to your sidewalk to walk the dog things can get slippery on a hurry. warmer temperatures on the way maybe 60 by friday. >> it's amazing. >> something to look forward to. >> erin, what are you looking forward to on the roads. >> i'm looking forward to nap after the snow show. >> right. you need it after today. >> it's been oh busy. unfortunately maryland getting the worst of the morning com commute. this crash involving several vehicles and injuries on the outer loop out boy river road. has officially moved to the shoulder. but look at that delay. in the backup we have a second crash blocking the shoulder and the left lane. this is by old georgetown road. before the 270 spur. drive time is an hour and 27 minutes. so close to an hour and a half to get from 95 in college park to the 270 spur. we're just seeing such big delays earlier rubberneck
8:09 am
an inner loop crash by university that cleared and 270 southbound earlier crash did clear that was out by mon rose road another one by tucker man, foggy and gloomy out there. 75 minutes to get from 109 to the local lane split on the southbound side. so coming through gaithersburg and rockville, nasty right now 355 dealing with a ton of bailout traffic. so again that's an hour and 15 minutes just to get on the southbound side down to the s spur. so unfortunately get an early start you'll need it. moving over, another crash on the 14th street bridge. 395 northbound disable truck as a result and because that right lane is blocked 41 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. and then we also have a crash suitland parkway inbound at silver hill road that's causing delays. red line no longer single tracking. residual delays earlier train function at judiciary squares. residual delays to shady grove. be careful because this is without the weather event tucker is predicting for later today. >> all right. thanks erin. 8:09 right now.
8:10 am
moments in alexandria. a gun going off during an overnight home epp vision and police say one of the suspects apparently shot himself by accident. just before 1:00 a.m. alexandria police beated three suspects broke into an apartment in robbery attempt but at 1.1 of the suspect inn add very tently shot themselves. all three got away. no one living in the apartment was hurt. over to montgomery county police searching for missing derr wood maryland man. 31-year-old anthony harris is his name. he left his home sunday in the 15,900 block of frederick road. he is six to the fear, 190 pounds and he is on crutches. harris was seen wearing a green coat and great sweat pants. if you've seen him please call police. ♪ also this morning new details of the search for a missing maryland man suffering from dementia. you probably seen this story over the last couple of days. 65-year-old david dehaven may have pick up while walking along route 1 last tuesday, jan january 2nd and dropped off annapolis road.
8:11 am
on the look out for him in the gram bells area. he went missing last tuesday from a costco parking lot at betsville. family, friends and volunteers gathered for several days to search for him and they're going to do so again today. silver spring police investigating after finding a man inside of a car yesterday deceased. that body discovered in vehicle park near the hartford they're condos on they're avenue. it's unclear how long he was and side that car. the cause of death unclear as well. an autopsy look conducted tomorrow. >> still to come this morning the desperate search for texas sports reporter who has gone missing. historic night at the golden globes award from the red carpet to the iconic speeches. we have the highlights after the break. ♪ break. ♪♪
8:12 am
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>> well tucker barnes 8:14 right now. we all know after this cold weekend we could use whatever good news we can get. >> yes, please. >> whatever cuteness. >> warm up factor. cuteness factor. we need both. >> let's do it. >> all right. >> oh, my gosh. >> yay! >> wait a minute. these are twins? >> yes. not like one those pictures you split down the middle and make it look like two photos of the. >> first five photo of the day. not only do we have twins but we have twin bunnies. >> aiden and ryan everybody. >> hi cuties. >> five month old twins. >> aww. >> mom says they like to get up each and every morning aiden and ryan it's not like one -- >> they both do. >> i know.
8:15 am
>> they get up to watch the fox5 crew and they love love love to watch those colorful weather reports. >> yay! >> look at their rosy cheeks. >> oh, my goodness. how cute are they? >> ryan has his hair punked up. yeah, i'm going hammer. >> i'm the wild one. >> aiden is like chill out, dude, i got this. i love that. >> so so cute. good all right. aiden, ryan, we love the fact you're up watching. i get the feeling they might get up early and watch. >> oh yeah. >> part of that early early crew. >> i think they're the 4:25 crew. thanks guys. >> thanks mom for watching. go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. send it and in. >> have great day, bye-bye. >> aiden ryan, you guys are going to hold off going work because we're dealing with the ptential for some ice. 21 now in washington. warmer temperatures across the mountains much pittsburgh 32 this morning. 32 out in columbus and that warmer air is part of the problem because the good new
8:16 am
be in the 40s and maybe even near 60 by the end of the week. bad news the transition zone moves in this afternoon and just looking at the very latest it look like we're going to be in for an icing event across our region. the question is how much light rain and wintry mix do we get. >> you can see it moving from the west the white green on your map there is our light wintry mix that will be moving into our area early this afternoon. and air temperatures may get slightly above 32. it might be 33, 34 degrees. >> okay. >> but ground temperatures remain in the teens and anything that falls from the sky will quickly start to freeze up on contact, and we're likely to have some areas that are quiet icy around here by early afternoon. so there's future cast. there we are at 3:00 o'clock. that's why schools are canceled bother concerned about getting kids home from school with icing the good news the whole thing will wrap up by six, 7:00 o'clock tonight. >> okay. >> at that point there could be light glaze for much of the area and slippery conditions. >> one of those when they treat the roads it doesn't matter because the rain
8:17 am
away. >> the chemicals and salt aren't effective when the cars are in the teens. just because the they remember neither your car says 34 doesn't mean it's not freezing on contact witness surface. >> you've been warned. >> erin this means problems for you. >> oh, we don't have that weather yet and look behind me. we have the shouter getting by on the outer loop by old georgetown. it's just before the 270 spur. huge crash injuries involved. ambulance out there. over an hour and a half to get from 95 in college park to the 270 spur. huge delays. people standing thon stretch of the road there so please use caution on the beltway. this is just one of many problems we're dealing with head to go and through montgomery county this morning. this is the second crash. that crash was in the backup leading to this one involving injuries as well as six cars on the outer loop out by bradley boulevard. you can see traffic is so slow there. in addition to that 270 southbound earlier crash by mop rose cleared. a secd
8:18 am
between 109 and the local lane split an our and ten minutes get through gaithersburg and ro rockville this morning is just a nightmare. try to keep it 355 but anticipate lot of bailout traffic and that stretch of road as well. three might have northbound we have a crash involving a truck an car. right lane blocked 395 northbound at 14th street bridge. 40 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge suitland parkway issue after silver hill road a crash. big delays there as you try to get toward 295. we also have typical delays 66 passed suddenly road. a lot of water main break as well. use caution watch for slick spots. take tucker' advice and dough slow it down. back to you. >> thank you erin. have you heard about this one just really frightening fran sick search underway for missing 29-year-old sports reporter who just vanish this weakening houston texas. her name is courtney roland she's a sports reporter for texas a and m university. she we were missing early sunday morning after sending her roommate a really erie text message that said she believed she was being followed another bizarre text message was sent to rolan's mother. so far there'sbs
8:19 am
trace of this missing woman. ♪ you heard lot about the new book fire and fury inside the trump white house over the past week, and remains at the top of amazon's best seller list this morning. some of the more controversial statements in the book came from former white house chief strategist steve bannon. bannon now apologizing for those comments and many of president trump's supporters are jumping to his defense. >> those statements are just be a surveillance, chris. i mean pure fantasy. >> this is a book of fiction. not only is it not accurate, there are so many misrepresentations in this book it shouldn't be seriously. >> this book is a complete fabrication. >> yesterday wikileaks posted a tweet with a link to the text of fire and fury posting that text of a book without permission, though, would violate copyright restrictions and potentially damage sales. historic night at the golden globs around in las frank are the red corporate to the speeches tv and films biggest stars all on display a
8:20 am
season. sunday's show honored holl hollywood's greatest achievement turning into historic moments winners also took time to address sexual harassment sharp. >> this idea of women being treated for the content in their souls as opposed to being objective for their sexuality is something that i can't imagine we wouldn't be in solidarity of. i'm especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories. >> oprah winfrey septembered her cecil b. did he mill award she used her speech as an opportunity to share message to the young girls watching that "a new day is on the horizon" encouraging there soon will be a time where women will no longer have to say "me too". another shake up for the miss america pageant. board members have raised the maximum age of competitors to 25. this is the first change
8:21 am
rule change to the pageant since former fox news anchor and 1989 miss america gretchen carlson became chairwoman. the move comes less than two weeks after vulgar e-mail scandal led to the firing of the former pageant chairman. major fitness club raising eyebrows about what it's customers can and cannot watch on television much it's 8:21. we will be right back. ♪
8:22 am
the arctic national wildlife refuge -- one of the most pristine and beautiful parts of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut.
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look look live outside, yeah, keep your eyes on the skies today. we'll have some rain later this afternoon that will cause some problems with icing over. going to create slick conditions. school systems canceling school today in some areas. others trying to make a go at eight. we'll see how things play out this afternoon use caution as it starts coming down. it will be slick out there to today. local fitness club says there's no place for politics in the gym. heard this one before. lifetime fitness banning cable news stations. so gym goers can no longer watch cnn, fox news, msnbc for cnbc during their work outside the decision was based on member requests as to keep with overall healthy way of life. the decision does have some mixed reviews. >> as a gym goer, that al appeals to me. it's not a decision i would make perspersonally for our club just because how important politics are in d.c. >> um-hmm. >> all right. that's one person at least. customers will
8:25 am
and e, discovery hgtv, espn and local news if they want to watch cable news during workout they'll have to use their own device. you can still watch fox5 in the gym. there you go. great options. >> that's all you need. >> specialsly on a day like today you need your weather details. >> got to know. got to know. >> all jokes aside tucker we need do need to know because this might be serious. >> school gets canceled ourceler got to do weather here. 21 in washington. concerned about an icing even this afternoon the soundings atmospheric profiles are very favorable unfortunately for light rain which becomes freezing rain when it hits the surface later today. there's your satellite/radar. and it's warmer air on the back side of this. but the transition zone is what we're concerned about this will move in by early afternoon west to east and we're likely to get a wintry mix perhaps light rain across the with daytime highs in the low 30s. ground temperatures are in the teens at this hour and they're just not going to get a chance to warm up in anything tha
8:26 am
up. just be on the look out here. sidewalks, roadways, driveways, all of it could ice up in a hurry and because of we're under a winter weather advisory this afternoon the whole thing will be out here by seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight. slip pro spots may remain here until tomorrow morning. notice that overnight low 32 and parts of the area will never get above 32 so the good news is, near 60 bite end of the week. bad news icing think afternoon. erin. >> right in you 8:26. i feel really bad for lot of our beltway commuters through montgomery county this morning. this is a crash just the colder shoulder and part of the lane is getting by. it is right before the 270 spur by old georgetown. and you can see several lanes blocked people out of their vehicles in the middle of the road there. close to an hour and a half to get from 95 in college park to the 270 spur. you can see that backup in the camera by colesville road. as we forward things along not the only big problem. this crash just cleared finally it's the outer loop out by river road. but the delays remain very heavy as we just showed you.
8:27 am
aside from that 270 dealing way parking lot as well. as you try to get through gaithersburg and rockville. back to you. >> erin, thank you 8:30 is the time. kicking wasteful expenses to the curb s your resolution to save more money in 2,008. we've got helpful tips to help you along. >> la to vegas returning for all new adventure tomorrow night. star ed weeks will join us live on good day today with a sneak peek. you're doing great. [laugher] you look amazing. the egg white grill. so you can bring on the day.
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♪ 8:30. lots of clouds out there the big question what will happen later this afternoon? check in with tucker in a few minutes chance of precipitation, big concern it's just so cold on the ground it could instantly freeze when it hits. so a lot of concern out there this morning lots of freezing rain or potential of ice. check our top stories right now. we do have water main breaks out there as well. earlier this morning porter street 34 street northwest yes that is ice with the bicycle make sure that you are extra careful. although we saw joggers running through there as well. one of many water main breaks officials have been dealing with during this cold snap. cold impacting classes at howard university. under graduate students will not be able to return to class to today. frozen pipes led to sporadic heating and steam damage in several buildings. some buildings are expected to be closed for a month. now despite the problems sometimes enrolled in graduate programs have to report to class today. four democratic voters in virginia appealing a court
8:31 am
desi for republicans to take control of the state house delegates judges decision came last friday after the ballot mix up. four people appealing the judge's decision hoping to stop republican robert thomas from being seated on wednesday. thomas beat his democratic challenger by more than 70 votes but the state board of elections acknowledges it sent out 140 up correct ballots. if you're taking metro this morning do not forget to reload your smart trip card. starting today, you can no longer carry a negative balance on your card. metro is encouraging riders to sign up for auto reload through smart trip account that ensure passengers always has money on their war card if one of your new year's resolutions to be a better money managers dozens of ways to trim your budget by k kicking wasteful expenses to the curb. >> check has a list of 50 ways you might be tossing money out the window. allison so seymour sat down with check poot book's kevin brasler for a few of the ways you can sa
8:32 am
have account options where they wave all these fees. so even if another bank charges i was fee they'll reimburse you for them. what a lot of people also don't know you can usual goal to the supermarket, you can buy something a pack of gum or back of minutes and then pay with your atm card and get cash back that way. you don't get charged fees there. >> there are ways around this he is special physical you pick an account option that just reimburses for these fees you just go anywhere you need to go. >> we just did a story about these cable fees going up. >> yeah. >> cable tv is one you say we're wasting our money on. >> a lot of us are. and more and more people are learning you can cut the cord. there's a lot of different options out there to get pretty much all the tv you might want for a lot less money. we have staffers at checkbook done this and saving 100 plus dollars month off making better choice glass are you talking about hulu and apple tvs of the world. >> and amazon and netflix. a lot of ways to get entertain
8:33 am
to a excessive cable system. >> home security systems. can you buy the sign and put it out front. part of it is a lot of people just they're not good fit force your home. if you will you have in low crime neighborhood, but the biggest problem with home security systems is, one, most people who get them don't actually use them. they never turn them on because they get false alarms or you have kids coming in and out or pets or whatever. >> right. >> another big problem with them is there's lots of other ways to secure your home that don't involve home security system. lots of ways to secure your home that's more effective than home security system. most burglars enter homes through unlocked doors and wip dose or just by pushing on poorly secured doors. >> right. >> and so by strengthening your locks by making sure you have good locks and good habits about locking your doors and keeping track of your keys, you actually better security habits than a big expensive alarm system that you have to have monitors. >> last but not least on this little shortened list
8:34 am
help i would imagine especially now the white house has said, you know, our process is going to be simplified. is that what we're talking about. no. it won't be simplified not yet any ways its actually maybe even more complicated this year than in previous years. this is why we call our list 50 things you probably don't need to buy. because some people do need help with their taxes. if you own your business, self-employed, if you have complicated investments or rental properties maybe you shouldn't do your own taxes and it makes sense to higher somebody else. if you have straight forward taxes, if you have a job, own a home, have simple investments the software available to you these days is really easy to use it completes -- you can complete your tax it's an interview form there's no little forms to fill out. it takes you through step by step. it's essentially the same software that tax prep pros are using any ways. so why pay them a lot of money if you can do it yourself. >> why pay money when you can do it yourself? great advice and fox5 viewerser
8:35 am
news for you. you can save little money, too by getting a free peek at the full list of 50 items you're spending too much money on go to dash stuff. >> i know it's a little complicated good a little wordy. >> steve, recently i subscribed to that do it myself. >> ut-oh. >> ironed my shirt only i burned a hole right through my but put shirt. >> you have to know your limitations that's what that's about. >> safing a hundred bucks on month. saving a buck and a half on dry cleaning. >> not so good. >> my 26-dollar shirt was ruin. >> 21 in washington. >> twenty-six dollars? >> it's all about this wintry mix moving in from the north and west. 32 in pittsburgh. columbus 32 degrees. that's warmer air. and that transition zone between what's happening in pittsburgh and here is what we're concerned about because it look like we're going to get period of light rain perhaps wintry mix across the area. and with ground temperatures just looking i'll m
8:36 am
they're in the teens with ground temperatures in the teens, the ground won't get a chance to warm up as this light rain and wintry mix falls to the ground and everything will freeze up and we have the potential for an icing event across the area this afternoon. any time after 1:00 o'clock that sleet and freezing rain will start to move in. again we're concerned there could be slippery spots on the roadways by three, 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon things could be an ice skating ring in some parts of the region. so just be on the look out here. i'll be tweeting tucker fox5. 34 we're hoping to get to 34. look out for wintry mix this afternoon. wait, erin. >> i'm right here. don't worry. >> a lot of bad problems on the roads and i was making sure with my producer denise we're all up to speed. look at this an hour and 39 minutes on the outer loop to get from 95 to the 270 spur. this crash out by old george up to after just before the 270 spur rather blocking the left lane left shoulder but they have opened up two lanes again huge delays through college park, montgomery county. 270 also getting the worst of this m
8:37 am
line red through gaithersburg and rockville. 270 just massive delays. there's also an eastbound 370 crash between shady grove metro road access and 270 there. we're seeing over an hour delay. 71 minutes to get from one sore nine to the local lane split. an hour and 11 minutes there. 355 dealing with ton of bailout traffic as well. just be prepared we're seeing some big delays this morning through montgomery county and look at this. a crash on the 14th street bridge close to 50 minutes from the beltway toy cross the bridge on 395 northbound. back to you guys. all right. thank you erin. still ahead a popular clothing store coming under fire for questionable piece of clothing on its website. >> later, battling smart phone addiction especially when it comes to kids. coming up on good day we'll tell you about a new push for better parental control. ♪ ♪♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
novec holds the record for the most reliable electric service in the region... and has for almost two decades. novec also uses proven technology and round-the-clock response to maintain one of the highest
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n ratings in the nation. novec. keeping you connected. >> welcome back to fox5 news morning on this monday morning. 8:40 is your time. looking live outside skies a little ominous we're expecting rainfall later. rain is not the bad thing. when it hits the pave many which is below freezing temperatures that's what will cause the problems. it will freeze over. roads are going to be slick much sidewalks are going to be slick. schools already canceling in some of the areas around here we've got your details coming up when we do weather coming up in just a bit. h and m facing a backlash from the recent release of what some consider a racist hoodie. take look at this one. twitter users notice the uk website h and m they're sel
8:41 am
a green hooded top with the phrase "coolest monkey in the jungle" being modeled by a black killed am cueing h and m of a lack of awareness or casual racism at worse. early this morning the item was still up for sale. the website did, however, remove the picture of the model. >> let's fine out what's coming up on good day just about 15 minutes -- 18 minutes away. here are holly and wisdom. >> hey, guys good to see you again. >> us a heard tucker and mike mention all morning long could be a slippery commute home tonight. >> a wintry mix is heading this way just in time for the ride home. tucker barnes continues to give us live updates throughout your two hours of good day. also at 9a, a call to action after a warning to parents about their children and i phones. what you need to know ahead. all right. what time is it? >> let me see. , oh, i know. >> that's right. >> what time it is. >> it's monday morning it's time to put up that good day guest list that's what time it is. super star-studded guest list this morning live at 9a we talk one-on-one with the one and only taraji p.
8:42 am
coming out plus tim dish all about empire. >> at 10a don't miss kevin's interviews with angela basset and connie britain talking about their new fox show 911 muss file while making a statement. the good day d.c. fashion police has been activated as we talk all about those red carpet looks from the last night's globes. >> your number one good day d.c. two hours of it, two, two on this end, two on this end, just two, just a few minutes away. all right. >> all right. thanks, gate. in the meantime still ahead it was a bombshell study that had chocolate lovers worried. >> but this morning we're learning the sweet treat may not be at risks of extinction. >> 50 years from now. >> had me worried. 8:42 is the time. we're back after this. ♪ at the d.c. lottery, we not only love this place as much as you do, we heard you loud and clear when you voted for six new neighborhood scratchers. don't forget to enter the second-chance drawing.
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♪ >> welcome back. no fire, but lot of ice maybe later this afternoon. when we get the freezing -- the rain that hits freezing concrete causing some slick spots. let's get the details from tucker barnes right now. >> yeah. here the deal with it. it might be a very light rain event. but it's not going to take a lot to cause slick spots and icing to take place. we are concern about wintry mick this afternoon. temperatures we're hoping to get them a few degrees above freezing but it's a ground temperatures. just was looking at web sites here showing us the current ground temperatures and they're in the teens. so it's not going take a lot of precip in the form of light wintry mix or a light rain to start to freeze on untreated ad
8:46 am
driveways and that kind of thing. and the timing really not great. it will be this afternoon. i'd say any time after 1:00 o'clock we'll start to see it moving in from the west and light rain around falling on top of some very very cold temperatures. look at the temperatures right now. 21 in washington. 23 in leonardtown. 18 in frederick. 19 dulles. course it's been so unusually cold around here for the last two weeks. ground temperatures have had chance to get down into the teens and this transition zone this is warm air moving new jersey it's good news on the seven day forecast. we got warmer temperatures out to the west we got to get there and this transition could be a slippery one as we're forecasting again some light rain and wintry mix to start to move early this afternoon it could cause icing across the region be on the look out here that you're looking at window seeing light rain and suddenly your sidewalk is an ice skating rink. ice, sleet, even little snow a possibility as it moves through. we're not looking at high amounts. it will be light. but it will be certainly the potential will be there to create slippery conditions much
8:47 am
i think by early afternoon there we are by three most of the area getting light rain and possibility of some sleet as well. and then six, 7:00 o'clock tonight we're still getting light rain so the evening commute after school could be very slippery for parts of the region and even overnight tonight. temperatures won't warm up a whole lot above 32 until tomorrow afternoon. so we could have icing issues tomorrow morning as well for parts of the area. by tomorrow afternoon, this will be a long quick forgotten memory as temperatures will be in the 40s and look at thursday forty nine day by friday we'll hit 60 degrees. warmer temperatures to look forward tom icing issues this afternoon, guys. maureen back to you. >> 8:47 is the time. children's make up products from claire's are officially asbestos free. the company released the lab test results after allegations claiming its products contain the toxic substance. the jewelry retailer took nine makeup products off the shelves in december after mother in rhode island sent her daughter's make up to an independent lab for testing. asbestos
8:48 am
or cancer if swallowed or inhaled. hp is recalling laptop models. the the problem is with the batteries. no one has been seriously burt the cdc says it has received nearly ten reports of battery packs overheat, melt or charring users should contact hp for battery replacement. chocolate lovers fear not. the world will not run out of chocolate by the year 2050. as good news comes after reports last week that the tasty treat could be disappearing and sparked a frenzy. panic spread when people heard cocoa trees the source of chocolate will disappear as early as 2050. researchers the uc berkeley climate change will affect cocoa but chocolate will not disappear any time soon. >> krispy kreme has a sweet treat for customers. doughnut chain introducing a doughnut themed milk shakes. right now
8:49 am
testified out at locations in australia. no word on if or when the company plans to roll them out in the u.s. 8:48 right now. steve, over to you. maureen, thank you very m much. the gala debt university football team up for national championship you can help them win it here's the deal. they're not really on the field any more. the gallon due crew debt bison finalists in the first ever helmet bowl this covers every time in college football. they're just a few more hours left to vote. joining sam atkin ton associate athletics director, alum. hall of fame, all american and et cetera alien signing as well with some of the translation here. first of all congratulations on making it this far. tell me how the whole helmet thing came to be for galludet
8:50 am
>> good morning. the competition began back in september. and in total there were 777 college football teams and from there it was a weekly competition you can say. and then from there they set up various brackets that began in september and then galludet won five straight weekly competitions and currently we're one of the finalists. >> here's the things for folks had want to help out at home we'll give you the website. go online and vote. we're vote fort best helmet in college football which is right here. tony is kind of -- kind of cool now you're not playing any more. but to at least know you can still win your school a national championship? >> definitely. definitely. it's cool to see that. i would like see the school have an opportunity to win a championship again, you know, it's nice to be there. i'm definitely looking forward to encouraging the definite community to go out and vote so we get an opportunity to win championship
8:51 am
that would be an awesome opportunity. >> what's it like as player. we know how skilled the football players are at gallon you debt that extra challenge of being deaf and playing with a team who's definite. what was that challenge like for you and how did you overcome to put the best team on the field that you could? >> it's a sense of really your desire, you know,. i knew that was there's lot hard work that need to be done and i really just wanted -- i want to do win it and that drive is ultimately what pushes to you make it happen. i'm passionate about anything. i don't really make excuse. i like to make things happen. so hard work, consistency, ultimately those two things keep me going and that's how i do it, and it's simple formula not too many words for you. >> sam you're in special place. special students. special athletes. special helmets. what is it that
8:52 am
special for you and how can folks help you guys get over that hurdle now because we're in second but it's very close? >> galludet is a special place. there's an awesome story behind the school for me i love working there. it really -- it's allowed me a position to encourage and promote athletes and now with this helmet bowl competition and the championship around the corner it's great to see how we have meme members of the definite community that can support and really evoke daily so hopefully the folks in the dmv will also be able to help us out and get a win by voting. >> we want to put up the website where you can vote today because you have to get your votes in by 5:00 o'clock. so we want everybody in the dmv to vote right now because we're up against school from the west coast. that's the competition right now you can see just how close it is. and we want to make sure we keep it here in d.c. let's bring the championship to
8:53 am
washington. sam, i don't know if this is true or not. we've heard the stories over the years. was the football huddle created at galludet? is that where it all started. tony i see you shaking your head, too. is this football history that started here in washington, d.c. >> yes, for sure. definitely. you know, galludet football team had group of guys that could come together to form a huddle in that huddle they would sign to each other to communicate and tell each other what the play is going to be. meanwhile the other team would try to get a sneak peek but they'd have no idea. so from there, kind of just evolved and that's where it started. that was in the 1890s. >> wow. a long time ago. so ga will lludet made history in the 19th century by having the football huddle. now they can make history again by having a best helmet in all divisions of if the ball. let's make it happen. sound good? >> all right. >> definitely sounds good. >> information we'll put it on
8:54 am
website if wants to vote? >> www.helmet >> helmet >> take short break. back with more and vinyl check on your forecast after this. thank you guys. good luck. >> thank you.
8:55 am
>> trending this morning 8:54 pennsylvania man thinking outside the box. check this out. video of a chambers burg man getting creative to plow smo last month. yes, that is tv box attached to the front of a ride on lon mower. video quickly going viral. posted on facebook and has more than 12 million views so far. also trend this morning there's enough hugs to go ar around. these quadruplets are obsessed with hugging each other this is so cute. they can totally feel the love they jut can't stop. there are lots of sweet pats on the back, everyone gets a turn. giving each other a hug. >> that's cute. >> i know. it is the most adorable thing. i watch this ten times on fr friday. look at that. >> and hugs for you too. >> more hugs. >> yay! good come here bud glee that looks exactly like our show right before we start every morning. >> exactly every morning. >> that's how it goes down. up.- that a boy. >> facebook fan of the day. stacey barber nominate beside her husband marcus both pastors at a local ministry.
8:56 am
last week much she's 47 years young. marcus -- she does look. good the mom of four stepmom of two uses fox5 like an alarm clock. she wakes up to allison and steve and goes to bed with sean and tony. >> we appreciate that all day support. >> yes, we do. >> absolutely. >> getting any better out there erin. >> absolutely worse. i'll pull up cameras we have new issues much that is new crash the inner loop before pennsylvania avenue it's blocking left lane and shoulder. 37 minutes out there to get from pennsylvania avenue to the wilson bridge. that's the newest of the issue we're dealing with. 270 still close to an hour to get from 121 to the bell way. we have a crash in the mix right by shady grove you can see it blocking one of those left center lanes. and then aside from that one, 74 minutes an hour and 14 minutes on the outer loop to get from 95 to the 270 spur. earlier crash by old georgetown you can see moved to the shoulder and then also we're dealing with this water main break all lanes have reopened on eastwest highway utility problem at red top road.
8:57 am
will be even worse. >> well poe potentially we'll have to see how it shapes up. but the sib going to be icing. light rain that will fall very cold surface and we could have icing across the area. developing as one, 2:00 o'clock the threat will be with us threw six, 7:00 o'clock tonight. the good news warmer temperatures on the way. bad news we can have period of icing around here. things will get slippery very quickly. sidewalks, driveways just even if you're going out to walk your dog look out. things can be slippery. later today. even commute as well. >> okay. i'll have plenty more on that coming up in just a minute g in the meantime we have plenty more coming up gone day. don't go anywhere. that's coming up right after this much we'll see you in a minute. with dunkin' deals, you get two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2.
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♪ straight ahead, the deep freeze. a thaw could be on the way but first we have to deal with some freezing rain. and even though it won't fall for hours, it's already causing major issues. we'll have a live report. when nobody ever has to say me too again! [ applause ] >> oprah winfrey stealing the show. the former talk show host sending message about the me too movement during her september tans speech and sparking rumors about a white house run? and that was just one of the most talk about moments from the carpet blackout to the big winners we'll have a golden globe recap. if i left out anything it's probably stuff that was even more damming. >> it's that bad. >> it's that bad. >> fire and fury the bombshell


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