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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 9, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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roads. following yesterday's mix of rain, sleet and snow and overnight cold temperatures. this led to a lot of school delays and even a few closings this morning. thick fog out there blanketing spot pats of dmv. >> and north and south korea sitting down for official talks and the country's first dialogue in ears yoo and what is means for upcoming oly olympics. >> ahead at 7:30 will she or won't she take on president trump speculation this morning a possible 2020 presidential run by oprah winfrey. >> if you wake up this morning we've he talked about the winter weather. right now the fog is also the top story. here's a live look on this tuesday january 92018 and that's mgm, of course, and the fog surrounding it is incredible. >> a little warm-up but we're getting concerns over slick spots and a first check of forecast. >> steve a lot of warm-up. mid to upper 40s. we're not there yet. let me s
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quickly. most of the region at or below freezing. including reagan national. 3. a lot of black ice developed overnight. parking lots, sidewalks, drive ways, things like that be on the lookout. but that's one of the issues. second issue is fog. you saw the live shot. sense fog advisory for it immediate washington area until 8. >> weather troubles subfreezing air and temperatures leading to slick roads and sidewalks. many school systems not taking chances with that nastyness. let's rundown the choiceings and delays for you. >> sfav ford wane spotsylvania county schools change their status they're now closed and frederickburg city schools also closed this morning. >> virer, fairfax, loudoun, prince william, arlington, culpeper, you're on two hour delay.
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delayed two hours. >> in maryland, montgomery country prince george own howard county schools on two hour delay and anne arrundel and charles county schools delayed two hours. >> in maryland still frederick, st. mary and calvert county schools you're on a two hour delay and complete list is scroll ago long the bottom of screen and always updating on and on the the "fox 5 news" and weather apps. >> and our team coverage of early morning warm conditions rolls on depending where you live there will be vick spot and there will be heavy fog. >> "fox5" mel smell drive around fairfax county now checking out road and sidewalks conditions. she join us live from restin this morning. good morning, mel. >> and stop village center here me restin. there's fog in the air. one thing we noticed everyone is kind of doing this little you have to do icy parking lot shuffle if you want to get to either starbucks or giant this morning
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morning or even cocoa fit club. we've seen people going to the gym this morning. take a look at these parking lot here. really, really icy conditions and very treacherous for anybody who is going to be walking around this morning trying to run somer rand and before they go to work or perhaps once they arrive at work. if their parking lots have not been treated this is what it will look like. also sidewalks in the area as well as driveways. you may remember earlier we were at the elementary school. there's really just giving you an example of where they're being extra carb us with school systems around the area with the sidewalks and really just so, so ice-covered. and one other thing we want to show you, it's cars. you know if you think about the cars they're completely ice-covered too. take a look it's interesting. there's things you need to keep in
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morning. number one thing aaa says don't pour hot water over your windshield or your windows. it's just going to end up cracking glass and that's something you don't want to deal with this morning. get into the car. give yourself extra time and let that heater and defroster dot work for you and start to melt that ice before you can here it away. don't use your wipers and either you'll run them and they say don't roll down iced over windows. most people don't have a regular key anymore either if you do say use a hair dryer or even a lighter to heat up the liquor key and don't ever put water in there either. i know it sounds ridiculous we told you a million times but sometimes you're in a hurry and and want to take a shortcut and this is one of those times to take it slowly. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> mel thanks very much trouble in the roads in northern virginia. >> water main break that sent water bursting through the pavement. bob barnard is live on the sc
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good morning, bob. >> hey, allison, steve, this is annandale road east of gallowsed in the beltway and road closed. you have fairfax county police here redirecting traffic. we'll take you up gallows road where fairfax the water screws are dealing with a 8" water main it has fwron under the road here they say have they are it turned off. you see water rushing done the sheet. as they shoot up the street the water is percolating and salt truck went by because one of the air fax water crew people almost wiped out. i can show you videotape from earlier when it was gushing this was reported about two hours ago here around 5:00 this morning annandale road. at this point we believe they have the water shut off. you hear water rushing down the street here. bit of project ahead of them here on annie yu dpail road and because of of that it
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fairfax county police have a straight colleges and expect trafficish as you as well in app an dale area around annandale. >> thank you so much. >> if you can hang on for a few hours nature might help out with this. >> it will be fog and ice. it won't help with batter main breaks. some ways it will be worse. let's concentrate on good news. >> rm whating up at last. we'll look at daytime hayes mid up toer 40s this afternoon. we have not done mid to upper 40s in 0189. this will be hottest day of 2018 so far. >> okay. >> okay. >> rights. 2 washington. not there yes. i want to point out most of the area breached freeing mark earlier this morning and because of that we go have ice that developed overnight and
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the parking lots and sidewalks that sort of thing take it easy. do the penguin walk here for the next hour or two and things should improve the sun melts off the ice and gets rid of fog developed and visibility is water, eightth of mile in many spots we burn off fog and ice and be in for a lovely arm. temperatures mid to upper 40s and nice conditions. i have de-- steve the shorts you got for santa clause you can wear them maybe by friday. >> looking forward to it. >> like the kid. >> all right. >> thank you. >> let's my legs breathe. >> ain't nothing wrong with that. >> so accused right now. that made me laugh and water main break they're redirecting traffic speaking over that closure point in fairfax county. we'll push it over because we have severalish touz to get to this morning. right
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heads up this morning. orpth low pressure at stadium armory because of the 19 minutes the fog use caution low beams watch for visibility problem. outer loop over 30 noypts get 95 to spur. completely crowded. elevated fog. sheen on the road damp out. there watch for slick spots. bridges, overpasses, on and off ramps and inner loop close to half hour to get to barnabus to the wilson brim and looks like pulled over we can as well denser earlier. again big problem from with with theer make breaks. >> 7:08 now. historic negotiations taken place between north
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korea. >> at least some agreement has koment out of that regarding next month inter olympics. holly morris is live with the news room with what that mean now. >> good morning, allison, we know new york's the norma fwreed to send a delegation after meeting are tpt activities from the south. face to face between the two countriess with fist of it's ind. >> north korea and south core he 'held talks in nearly two years raising international hopes of further dip mromcy. five senior officials from each side talked one says. >> core each people express strong deal for povr
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>> and represented by officials, athletes, cheer liters and journalists. in another show of cooperation the south proposed a joint march during the opening and closing ceremonies. and but talks were not all about sporting events. south korea reportedly sug suggested additional dialogue aimed at reducing animosities in front of line areas north korea's nuclear mbitions loomed large over any activity involving the recluseive unit country. wum of south korean representatives tupd on denuclearization and north reresponsibilityed by pushing for reconciliation through dialogue. >> a u.s. state department official said u.s. used korean starts and stress it's is too soon to know if they'll create meaningful progress. steve. >> holly, thank you very much. president trump sending shockwaves through immigrant community announcing yesterday he will end the temporary protected the status grants todd imfwrants from
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door. his action to course norsly 200,000 to leave by next september and some members of congress trying to find permanent solutions like be daca. >> and police need help f finding 11-year-old boy minutes williams jr. lasts seen monday sut jp land war maryland 5' 4" wearing black coat and pants and black and blue nike. if you have information where he might be please call po police. >> happening today in the districts amap accused of beating and tying up a 68-year-old man last month in southeast and setting that man's apartment on fire is due in court today. police say shawn parker assaulted william wright back on december 4 at the time wright had life heatening injuries because of smoke inhalation and he's now out of the hospitals and recovering. parker is exappoint friend of one of william rights's
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daughters and they believe he was after ter monday. >> lchb now part of southern california bracing for pud supplies as wet weather continues to patter that area. >> and sweet victory roll tide alabama your national xham peen again. they couldn't get it done. if you were asleep during final moments of the game a thrilling come back. with dunkin' deals, get a $2 medium latte from 2 to 6 pm. looks like it's latte o'clock. time for a rich, creamy afternoon pick-me-up with a $2 medium latte
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>> live look at mgm and look at fog. that's how we feel sometimes when we're in the casino. >> right here is why you get the penthouse when you go there. >> you get the sweet. >> only ones with a view. looksed like flying over d.c. >> above it all. >> they're enjoying with heads in the clouds now in alabama celebratio
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the state this morning as crimson tide came back to clinch national championship in over time. alabama won it again. georgia was up 23-20 and alabama's quarterback sacked with loss of 16 yards put them to field goal range and next play dropped back and found open devanity a smith for 41 yard touchdown that's what it was over time field goal tie and touchdown to win and they won. alabama wins national championship fifth in last nine years they're dominant team in football. >> battle for helmet bowl championship game down to gallaudet and gallaudet came from behind and called themselves national champions. won helmet bowl first time ever. they made up 2500 votes yet yesterday alone and clinched win and nice looking helmet and best in countryy. they'll hold that title until next year. >> i was -- i didn'
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about that. i wanted george clooney because i liked the bulldog. >> he's really cute. >> we all have our reasons for -- >> all right i want to play. >> let me dot warm. >> get out of it. >> 3 washington. >> ice and fog. that's been the issue. ice and fog. >> both developed more than need add around here earlier this morning and both will cleanup for another hour or so. good news you burn up ice and fog by 9, 10:00 in the morning and it will be a beautiful achb. real cold stuff is dap ka and in for mild conditions. sunshine. ment fog out there early. it will be a bright, beautiful afternoon and get ready for daytime eyes mid to upper 40s this afternoon. beautiful
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temperatures soar like an eagle. >> bring it out. >> all righty. >> good morning, airport erin how is traffic. >> it's not so great, guys. if you like at aggravated sigh there. we're taking a look at drive times now moving aalong 66. behind the sceepz of how we put togethr your reports. you can see traffic on 6 6 super slow. give yourself 30 extra minutes sutly to beltway. as producer denise calls it pea soup it's foggy conditions causing visibility conditions. use low beams. take it slow. westbound quiet and eastbound heavy there. 14 street bridge heavy close to an hour to get from beltway to 14 street bridge. brake light there. we have foggy conditions causing delays and as you make your way 95 close to half hour even though you see fog dale city not slowing us down watch for slick spots and we're at a crawl mixing bowl. 395 delays as well. heavy delays over 30 minute trip 95 to
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seeing heavy traffic on northbound 5, 01er is at road and slow in southern maryland and 210 for the washington backing up and foggy conditions and slick conditions cause issues. bottom side of beltway solid 0 minute 'roid and heavier denser fog close to 20 to get from beltway and a break in fairk fax fax as well as orpth lieu and silver delays. we'll get to metro delays next back to you. >> new details emerging about the accidental death of walt whitman high school student. the body of 17-year-old navid safari was found in wooded area of bethesda last month. he was at suspected under age drivering parties the night he died and detectives say a bottle of vodka was found near the teen's body and two fake i.d.s from pennsylvania. no charges will be filed against the the homeowners where the party was held and they had no idea alcohol was being
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>> and grade fixing skapd until prince george county public school. it's a story we broke on "fox5"last june. maryland governor larry hogan had enough of what happened in prince george country schools and other injures dicks akos the state and governor says triggering potentially sg sgrukttive mudslides. rain started blooding los angeles county an area flooding massive wildfires. threat so severe tlouss were already order todd leave homes in santa barbara county. >> if there's one inch of rain an hour you it will government nothing up there to pull it back. fighting to think what could happen at least 20,000 more people are under voluntary evacuation orders.
7:20 am
houston came up safe and sound. courty roy landen went missing saturday afternoon and reportedly texted roommate to say a strange man was following her. police found roland after she was spotted at a highway under pass and that a fast food restaurant they believed she became confused after taking medicine and they do not believe anyone was involved in her disappearance. >> today is first day same sex couples in australia could legally get married. australian marriage act began after midnight. one of the first couples to gets married overnight been together 0 years. >> startling new study when it comes to eye injuries in children. new report in the journal of pediatrics found eye injuries resulting from air gun incidents increased by almost 170% during a three-year period. 442,000 kids were taken to emergency room with such injuries between 1990
7:21 am
injuries between 1990 and 2012. average of 19,000 a year or one every 30 minutes. experts say and pellet and paint ball guns. >> researchers found older adults that get a flu shot every year reduce odds of catching severe kind of flu that could land them in the hospital. researchers in spain say annual vaccinations annual vaccination act as booster for seniors immune systems. >> still ahead a cool new hotel guest warming reception in russia and we'll show it to you next. >> first though today is national law enforcement preesh yaiingts day and we want to see special law enforcement officer in your life. post your pictures on social media with #fox5 officer. time now 7:21 stay with us we'll be right
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day. sdmv time now is 7:24 this is owe limb page park ski rehe sort receiving made of ice. it's pretty. that includes beds. beds topped with fur skin aendz extreme weather sleeping bags for warmth. if that's your thing the hotel has a imswimming pool. it is not made of
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with thermal water warm-up there in the nice hot tub and climb back into your ice bed. >> that's a cool thingfy were there i would visit that. >> i would visit i don't know i would spend the night in it. >> 7:25 now we're a month away from super bowl. we don't know which teams will be playing. but we know who will sing the national anthem. it's pop star pink. she'll open up game with rendition of star spangled banner. she made the announcement on twitter with see you at the super bowl. justin timber lake will headline the show. >> 7:25 now. good morning. >> it's been cold enough to build igloo around here. and 32 washington. we have ice this morning. that's been an issue. lots and lots of ice developed overnight. take it easy here. and hang in there. temperatures will warm up quick. and with sunshine we'll burn off both ice and fog issues that we develop early this morning. winds south at 5. you know what it will be absolutely beautiful afternoon
7:26 am
absolutely beautiful afternoon. daytime highs mid up toer 40s. lots of sunshine. high pressure builds overhead and for the first time in 2018 temperatures will actually be above normal i would say cue the music but i don't have any to cue. 45 tomorrow and noticeable warm-up thursday and friday. maybe 60s by friday. it will be a one day special. we'll take it. >> is school back in session today or still delayed. >> it was delayed but we will have school here as well. >> i missed professor barnes i never thought i would say that. >> you might be the only one. >> i never thought i would say that. it makes my morning happier. >> right now as we take a look at jam cam here's the deal. jammed roads and water main breaks as well. we get to the slow down if you head to reagan national gw parkway several hours southbound off ramp reagan national airport closed. use the second exit or take one through crystal city. 295 noysh slow because of fog. as we look outside it looks like tucker see
7:27 am
coming out. 9 minute ride. slow and sluggish. 395 messy fog. sun has not come out and saved the day there. 32 minutes beltway to 14 street bridge and seeing heavy volume close to half hour dale city to beltway. south ever that point heavy. for jamest of jam cam outer loop college park louzer 3 minute ride no crashes give yourself extra time. water main break bob barnard in annandale and fairfax. look at that next back to you guys. >> thanks very much. still ahead 7:340 dubious distinction. where d.c. ranks among top 50 city when's it comes to bedbugs and since we're teeingz that way i'm guessing it's not good. >> gross. >> and plus, taking on trump. what are the khans of presidential run from "oprah" into 2020 closer look at conflicting speculation after the
7:28 am
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♪ >> more and more fog. is that a scary laugh? >> it is. i'm like is it halloween? >> it look like it would be perfect for halloween, wouldn't it. >> yes. >> it's very pretty. it's will be a little tough to get around this morning because we have fog coating the area and ice that is coating the ground just for the next couple of hours you'll see sunshine there above the clouds. that will burn through even eventually we should actually have pretty nice afternoon. >> be careful out there this morning. we'll check in with tucker in just a minute. checking our top stories at 7:30 this morning historic talks between north and south korea. underway now. the north has already agreed to send delegation to the wint olympics next month in south korea. that's what they wanted. critics say these talks are attempt by the north to drive wedge between south korea and the united states. space x tucker listen up, has reportedly lost 1 billion --
7:31 am
$1 billion u.s. spy satellite? what? >> the rocket lived off particular florida over the weekend carrying a secret satellite now it appears that it has disappeared and scientists have given up to hope to fine knit tact. scientists are trying to figure out why it may have fallen back not atmosphere. >> all right. in sports, georgia trying to figure out how they lost this game. alabama staged a stunning come back against the bug bulldogs to wint national football championship again. how many conversations are we having here. [ laughter ] >> every time i feel like i read the sports story nobody cares. any way alabama fans you care for sure. the true freshmen through for three touchdown passes lifting alabama to a 26-23 overtime win. >> i care, steve. >> thanks, al. >> i care. >> all right. u.s. customs and border patrol officers seized tens of thousands of dollars worth of counterfeit air jordan the nike sneakers shipped from china they recently arrived as air cargo at washington dulles
7:32 am
airport. there were reportedly 400 pairs of jordans and seven packages said to be shipped to alexandria now the retail value of the shoes if authentic would be about $54,000. but, yeah, they saved you from buying fake jordans getting clowned by your, you know, people would be like, man, those are not realgar dance. >> let get the counterfeit stuff off the street y. >> d.c. made a list for one of the worse cities in the u.s. for bed bugs. let's make the video full sc screen. district came in number two on orkin's annual ranking of the top 50 bed bugs city. only one city that has worse bed bug problem according to orkin than washington, d.c. and that is our friends to the north baltimore. chicago rounded out the top three. rankings include the results of tests on residential and serious -- >> are we serious. >> take video away. end of story now. we all know what bed bugs are what and they look like. it's nasty. >> let's get to a story lighting up twitter. oprah run for
7:33 am
maybe. >> the question though this morning, will she or won't she? so maureen umeh more on the conflicting reports i say come on because why in the world would oprah want toiled leave her empire where she's the queen to have to be lick the people's queen. >> doesn't queen trump president? i would think so. >> i would think so, right. why would you give all that up? >> why would you wanted to it. >> the debate does rage on. this whole thing started at the golden globes when oprah received cecil b dee mill achievement award. it spark the hash tag oprah 2020. just listen. >> so i want all the girls wa watching here now to know that a new day is on the horizon -- [ applause ] >> -- and when that new day finally dawns it will be because of a lot of magnificent
7:34 am
many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men. >> all right. her speech even has democratic party activists buzzing do you the media super star and a presidential run and we're learning this morning a 2020 run may not be completely out of the question. according to two close friends of oprah, she has been actively considering a go at the oval office for several months now. oprah has openly shared her thoughts on presidential run in the past. back in october, she publicly denounced the notion of running for office though but she did note that president trump's victory did make her rethink the requirements of the office. she then went on to say potential run will not happen. so her long-time friend gale king also said on cbs this morning that presidential run was not in the cards for oprah but then yesterday oprah's partner steadman graham toll the los angeles times that it's up to the people whether she will be president adding, she would absolutely do it. political experts say even if oprah did run for president the question is will america really elect a
7:35 am
well, judging by the buzz on social media she certainly seems to have the support of a lot of people. but lie add this. she was on cbs this morning yesterday said absolutely she's not going to do it. i don't think she will. why bother? >> with bother? >> you know. >> she's not doing it. michelle obama is not doing it. find someone else. >> if i were oprah, i honest woman not do it. >> i won either. >> if you were oprah, would you do it? >> no. >> steve? >> side note can i just say tucker look at me and said i look like oprah but without the money. >> oh, wow. >> like a broke oprah. >> that's harsh. >> is that not harsh. >> that's really harsh. >> you don't get a car. boom. [ laughter ] >> he said broke oprah. >> you don't get me for president either. there. >> dropping the mic all over the place this morning. >> what is this story become. >> that's okay you fell thon ice this morning, right? that was karma push you. oprah would not like all this negativity is all i'm going to say. let's rise above. >> if you were oprah, steve, would you run? >> no, but i would support
7:36 am
>> that's what she did before. >> yeah. thanks mo. thanks everybody. >> i'm brushing you off. i'm out of here. >> tuck, if you were oprah -- yes, honey. >> if you were oprah would you run for president? >> i'd spend most of my live giving all my money away. >> there you go. she's done so much good. >> that's a full-time job. >> the money i wanted to give away. >> i'd have to start by giving maureen car. >> let's go. 32 in washington. we are going to warm it up into the mid to upper 40s today. ice has been an issue, and fog has been an issue early, and both of those problems will resolve themselves with the sun getting up here. give it another hour a things will get a lot better this afternoon. sunny, bright and beautiful today. no issues this afternoon. nice and quiet. there's your seven day forecast. let me mention the warmer temperatures on the way. lock at thursday and by friday 60s around here. so you get a chance to where wear the shorts and short leave shirts with temps in the 60s. >> there you go.
7:37 am
>> how is it looking? >> okay right now. not so great. let's show was we're up against. 7:00 arthritic right now. here's traffic alert. this picture from hours ago unfortunately no improvement. bob barnard out there fairfax county water main break annandale road closed near state crest drive. detour around that. off ramly to the airport reagan national from gw parkway southbound closed. use second ramp or keep it to route 1 through crystal city. a lot of the fog throughout the area. a lot of issues. we have a crash sixth and e street crash. i love when i can't say certain words. right now 29 minutes close to half hour in your opinion branch avenue to the wilson bridge. some of the fog ele elevated stl seeing heavy traffic. 270 southbound through gaithersburg as well. the use caution on those sidewalks and through the parking lots. watch for slick spots. allison and steve. erin, thank you still ahead delivery without the driver. that's the plan one popular pizza chain is working on. >> big debate
7:38 am
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♪ apple issuing another update to protect users from a micro chip vulnerable known as spe specter. latestism o.
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phones, i-pads and macs. improvement to the safari browser and web kit browser. they you were users to make sure you update your software immediately so you don't get caught up in the whole chip problems. 7:41. new research in the debate over tipping. a zagat survey found majority of people would favor doing away with tipping in restaurants in favor of higher menu prices. idea of ending tipping is not without its detractors of course. however, according to the same survey, many hate the idea with diners and new orleans, miami and charleston i assume south carolina hating it the worse. >> i'm sewell so as well pizza hut wants to bring you deliver row without the driver. the company unveiling its first self-driving concept vehicle called the e palate on twitter. pizza hut teamed up with toyota to develop the self-driving truck just a couldn't september for now toyota plans to pilot the vehicle at the 2020 tokyo olympics. well, are you itc
7:42 am
your next vacation now that the holiday travel season is over? >> yes. well good news for you. >> thank you. because the day national shop for travel day, steve. >> fantastic. >> second tuesday in january is dedicated to making plans, setting reservations because it's never too early in the year to plan your neck get away. so whether you're traveling by car, bus, train or plane, be sure to get online and reserve your tickets now. this brought to you by travel >> is this like the cheapest -- tuesdays are the best day to buy tickets apparently, right. >> true story i have already scheduled my vacation. >> then you overpaid. >> you should have waited for today. >> um-um. i'm driving there. >> you do the same vacation every year. >> i know. it just helps me mentally when it's so cold. >> still ahead success in the work mace. we have list of words to use that can help you get hired. some key terms. >> and from parents to look at the growing trends of moms and day who over share on social media. are you looking at me. you're looking at m
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thanks for coming! congratulations! my first customer! the egg white grill. so you can bring on the day. ♪ we're back now at 7:45. with what's coming up gone day d.c. including a fashion expert with advice on how to make your clothes last longer. everything in dress shirts to jeans to more for those of you who don't want to go shopping, yes, tucker. >> steve, is that a picture of your closet? mine is about -- >> tucker, i don't know. you're being super shady
7:46 am
>> always shady, al. you typically just block him out. >> okay. plus kevin sits down with hollywood art throb chris hemsworth. his new movie about the first us special forces who went into afghanistan after 9/11. >> been we get to good day coming up 8:30 we'll take you live to las vegas to check out the new cool gadgets at this year' consumer electronics show the 8:30. i feel like tucker's new year's resolution was to be funnier. >> clearly fouled. >> you called maureen a broke oprah winfrey. >> you asked me if i was skating the senior olympic. >> what's wrong with that? good because i'm not eligible yet. >> oh, you're not? >> no. >> oh, okay. >> wow. you just say he looks old. >> i thought you had to be like, you know, 45. sorry. >> is that the age. >> all right. let's go -- >> true story. >> i've been doing weather here for the past two weeks. i get to have some fun this morning. >> okay. >> right? >> yes. >> i'm just saying, you
7:47 am
maureen -- warming up at last. here's the deal with today. we'll be mid to upper 40s, yes, mid to upper 40s later today, and we just got to hang in there for another hour or two. burn off these cold tempe temperatures. warm up the cold temperatures burn off the fog. 32 now in washington. leonardtown 32. 26 dulles. 25 manassas. somebody just tweeted me from reston sagathy there's black ice everywhere. and in addition to that the fog is terrible. so that is an experience a lot of people are having this morning. be careful on the sidewalks. i mean the main roads are fine but sidewalks or driveways could be very slippery here as of course we had that mixed pre sip yesterday, it really has had a chance to adhere to a lot of paveed sf surfaces this morning. there's your fog advisory through 8:00. we'll lose this one soon the fog is pretty dense. good news the fog will burn off quickly and temperatures warm up we'll lose the ice as well it should be beautiful day. really beautiful afternoon. temps in the mid to upper 40s this afternoon. high pressure will build overhead and we'll have nice afternoon and a quiet afternoon
7:48 am
high pressure overhead and again temps in the 40s i mean i think that's going to feel like heat wave after the days and days of temperatures in the teens and low 20s. nice afternoon. a warmup. look at thursday and friday. temps in the 50s on thursday. it looks like rain by friday but i'll bet we've have no complaints with temperatures in the low 66. 50s to start the weekend on saturday. then colder weather bite end of the weekend into our holiday on monday. okay. erin gets another round of roads. >> we have a question first. >> you have to be 50 in the olympic. you're not technially eligible yet. [ laughter ] >> but younger that wasn't thought, right. >> only got weeks to go. >> really. >> you have like a year. >> erin over to you. >> maybe four years. >> i just wanted to correct. maybe 15 years. >> hmm. >> you're so sweet. [ laughter ] >> i was backpedaling. did you like that? >> i did. >> thank you. okay right now traffic inner loop at route -- what is that, 214 i believe it should stay, 210. missing a zero. inner loop at 210 crash blocking
7:49 am
it down there please use caution out there. as we forward things along we also have a crash northeast sixth street at e street in southeast we're seeing heavy traffic on lot of secondaries. 295 look at that southbound side typical delays down to the 11th street bridge. suitland parkway inbound past naylor road. we're seeing delays us a make your way 295 northbound toward the 11th street bridge. nasty fog. this is five northbound looks to be elevated so that's good traffic moving a little bit letter better between 301 and surratts road. 210 northbound slow in fort washington. this is the worse of the it right now. 395 northbound from the beltway to across the 14th street bridge. 46 minute ride. we're basically parked out there with some dense fog use your low beams and watch for increased volume. top side of the beltway no fog just heavy nasty volume 34 minutes outer loop 95 to the 270 spur and then 270 looks pretty nice. yesterday it was nightmare traffic. 34 minutes as you make your way 109 to the local lane split much that's your traffic. back to you guys. >> erin thank you very much. it is tuesday. hello sarah fraser that means it's tim
7:50 am
with sarah fraser as we check some of the more interesting sometimes funny, sometimes helpul lessons online. i think we'll start with helpful one today. >> let's start with the science of the job search according to talent works. >> this article is so good. are you guys surprised to hear that 63% of people new year's resolution was actual toll found new job. >> almost higher than weight loss and getting in shape. >> i'm in the surprised because it's a fresh start. you don't like something, change it. >> a lot of people are looking for job and this has ton of information but we'll kind of break down for you just some of the highlights. one being you need to apply for new job on monday. did you guys kind of realize that. >> i learned that the hard way. >> did you. >> obviously i haven't looked for while but there were times when i made the critical mistakes of it really comes down your schedule as to when you can do it. a lot of times i would it would be the end of the week by the time i got around it a lot of times it would be late in the afternoon when it's just like you finally get everything -- >> on a friday. >> well then 5:00 o'clock on friday you're never going to see it it makes total sense. get it out there first thing. everybody comes to
7:51 am
because i feel like on monday people are still getting -- you can get get lost. >> how about tuesday morning. >> i would think tuesday. >> talent works at least says the best day to apply is monday between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. never apply on friday and never apply late in the afternoon. people are check out. >> i would think and i'm in the a recruiter i would think you said 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. >> yeah. >> send e-mail once the office is open so that it pops up and somebody sees it immediately rather than going through all the ones that were there over the weekend stacking up. >> also they said too don't be a team player. talk more about your leadership skills and more about you. using key words people were more likely to get a response if they used coordinated, managed, organization, um, communicated those were the words that people got the most response when they were applying. >> that makes glens why would you not want to encourage team -- being a team player. >> after you say that. here's -- look, you're competing against everybody else in this case. >> right. >> so the competition you have to nail the job first and then worry about workplace
7:52 am
self-care. i node to preserve me? that's where we're at. we're all talking about ourselves. >> you can work it in, al but i thought -- here's my strengths. >> i know if you're not a team player, that can quickly become toxic. >> big problem. >> yeah. so we're moving on the next topic sharentsing getting more buzz in the light of whole keaton story the kid that was online and then that sort of backfired on him. >> people looked into his fa family. >> developed teenaged years or super super young here? >> the whole idea of sharenting is sharing your children's lives online from literally the day they're born. in fact, the article even talks about more and more women on youtube like recording themselves giving birth and then from there moment -- >> that's too much sharenting. >> it's beginning to take psychological effect or taking a look at the potential psychological effects of putting your kids online at a very very early age
7:53 am
you're obviously a parent. >> that shares. >> but did you -- the first girls, you know, internet age was not around. >> mark just said this the other day. if our kids were small now, yes, it would be like, look at first steps. because this is the age that we're living in. but i do -- here's what i will say. it happened just last night. my 13-year-old was like, don't post that. because i had taken video. i'm like okay. >> kids are saying that. >> that's fine. i won't. >> but 16 years ago when, you know, the little ones were first there, did you even think that? oh i wish i could share -- no, the concept we took -- >> you didn't think about it. >> i have a think full of real pictures like this and not digital pictures. it was just different then. but i do think i read some of that about it opening up to, um, unsavory characters also looking at your kids. >> right. >> so, you know, it can be dangerous i think there's a middle ground. ifou
7:54 am
it on i wouldn't put it on. >> it's a last topic. last trend is baby trends we'll be seeing -- >> you're doing a lot of parent talk. >> hmm. >> oh. >> what are you get to go. >> what's up in 2018. >> that's a whole other debate. >> common thread is -- >> how do you know -- sarah in 2018. >> eye that's a whole other topic. that's good topic f we'll do that one next week. i'm kind of been given an ultimatum have a kid or be sin single. >> you'll seeing more thank you very much wal recall wood. no more nursery. parents are buying furniture they can transition as the child gets older. not doing wallpaper. not doing specific baby paints they're doing more of the wall stick, stencils that you can kind of peel off. those are some of the trends that you're seeing. >> my favorite one is when -- it's going back to what i'll say i, we did as kids. you got the
7:55 am
got the sheet over something to make a tent. that's when everything is old is just new again. >> lincoln logs are back. >> retro kids. >> you remember playing with those steve. >> i have them. >> safer, non toxic. >> sarah, thanks. >> i'll plan your shower. >> okay. >> all right. >> is it okay if tucker shows up? >> what about this guy? >> oh, my goodness. facebook fan of the day this is snoop. >> that face. >> what's up snoop? >> snoop nominate the by his owner wendy and wendy says snoop wakes up and watches fox5 with the family every morning. >> goodness. >> what a good snoop. [ applause ] >> she says that they always look forward to the weather forecasts and the new dancing machine that is mike thomas. sorry, your crown has been passed, tuck. >> wow! >> no longer dancing machine. >> we have a dancer and we have a walker. >> thanks for watchig, snoop and wendy. [ laughter ] >> fan of the day post your picture below this adorable face on fox5. >> young mike is a dancer. tucker is a walker. >> tuck can
7:56 am
little spin technically is a dance. >> that's right. >> it's flare. >> i'm not feeling threatened boy mike's dancing yet. [ laughter ] >> it's quirky. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> snoop we love your picture. this is for snoop. snoop you need to be careful when you go out this morning i don't want to you fall on the ice. temperatures right dow now down to 31 at reagan national. there's lost black ice and in addition fog across the area. both of those will burn off and melt off here with the sun up in the next hour or two. that's why we got two hour delays. i think things will really improve around here later this morning and this afternoon and we'll warm it up. 47 your daytime high with sunshine. enjoy beautiful afternoon. erin? >> i was going tell sarah i have funny story every holiday i get asked when i'm having kids. i understand. the struggle is real over here. >> we'll move over to traffic. 7:56. look at this crash. this is inter counter connector eastbound before georgia of a two left lanes block keep it to the right lanes and watch for delays that are popping up. aside from there one you can see some of the fog is elevating but still could cause
7:57 am
66 westbound at the car rest area crash blocking the right lane and the truck stop area you can see it right there in the distance much these are the eastbound taillights headed toward the beltway through fairfax. we also have a crash in southeast sixth street e street caution there. heavier traffic on pennsylvania avenue. third street tunnel heavier fog denser fog through the southern maryland area. 11 minutes on five northbound from 301 to surratts road. keep it to fox5. we'll get you around this slick and foggy morning. ♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
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>> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> it is 8:00 a.m. on this tuesday, january 9th, 2018. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. weather the top story once again today. we're on a pretty good run of it. it seems to be different every today. today it's the ice we're worried about. a slick spots are a big concern an thick fog blanketing parts of the dmv. >> there is breaking news overnight from overseas. north and south korea at the negotiating table for the first time in years. they came to agreements on next month's olympics can that lead to better relationships over north core's nuclear ambitions? and knew at 8:00, should you pay for candidates to run for office? today some local leaders will decide whether to dip
8:01 am
fund campaigns. interesting story there. first, though, weather lead story once again today. live look, slick spots and fog the big concern this morning. live look, of course, at the mgm which i guess it looks pretty -- it looks a little better. i don't know if that's just this vantage point but take your time out there either way. >> let's get right to it. check in with ticker barnes right now get a look what we're dealing with out there. still icy in some spots, tuck. >> lots of freezing temperatures to start the day. lots of black ice developing overnight. even spots that have not hit the freezing mark because of the cold ground reports of black ice. just be really careful it's not so much the main roads but your sidewalks, driveways that kind of thing. you can see regional temperatures are at or below freezing still doing the dense fog advisory this was just extended we'll update that map but the fog looking better as well. well. fog and ice the problem this morning both of those should improve here with warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine in the forecast for tuesday. details coming up guys. back to you. >> tuck, thanks very much. >> we ar
8:02 am
these conditions right now. many of you have your morning commute delayed a little bit because the kids are going to school late. those delays and closings so long along the bottom of your screen. >> please watch out for some slick spots and heavy fog out there. fox5's melanie an sick in fairfax county checking out the road and sidewalk conditions as students prepare for delayed rifles. she joins us live from reston. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we came back here to ailed den elementary school see how couple of hours if they made any difference i can tell you definitely some of the driveways here and the bus routes for the school it's gotten a lot better. it's not quite as much of an ice ring as it was a few hours ago. but the sidewalks and you can see over here they're throwing some salt and sand on the walkways and areas where the students are going to arrive those extra two hours definitely needed this morning. the buses here also we've seen the bus drivers just kind of checking over their buses clearing out the windows, warming things up making sure everything is good to g
8:03 am
until 11:30 this morning. so that is a little late for some parents we know but based on the conditions that we've seen throughout fairfax county and specifically reston this morning it's those side streets, the driveways, the sidewalks that really really need that extra time, that extra attention this morning. like all school systems fairfax county generally takes into account the worst of the conditions throughout the co county. so while your particular neighborhood your particular street might seem just fine, there are probably most likely other parts of the county where it is not fine, it is not safe that's why they take that extra precaution. also saying it's not just the time to let things warm up a little bit. it's just now getting to the freezing level. 32 degrees right here in reston now won't get above freezing until 10:00 this morning. one other thing that they want, they want the daylight hours. so that not only for the students but also
8:04 am
workers. it's just a little easier to navigate and to see what's ice and what isn't once the sun is up. so looks like that was a good call here in fairfax county for them to delay things just a little bit this morning. and i think those parents will be glad to finally get their kids off into the classroom. live in reston, melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> in the meantime there are more troubles on the roads in northern virginia a water main break that sent water bursting through the pave many early this morning along annandale road in fairfax county. road crews had to shut down the road in both directions to clean up that mess. water spilling it on to the streets caused pretty slick conditions out there. be careful driving this morning. 8:04. and new this morning police need help finding this 11-year-old boy. his name is prince williams, jr., he was last seen on monday afternoon on houston street in suitland much the boy is 5-foot four, 170 pounds, again, here's his picture. he was wearing a black coat, black pants and black and blue nikes. if you
8:05 am
either -- excuse me on this missing young man, please call police. prince george's county right there. 8:04. still the other big story historic negotiations between north and south korea. during the first formal high level talks in years, north core today agreed to send delegation to next month's winter olympics in south korea. the north korean delegation would include officials, athletes, cheerleaders journalists and operators. leaders from the south suggested the north send big delegation and the two countries marched jointly during the opening and closing ceremonies of the winter games. south korea also suggested resuming reunions of families that have been separated during the decades of tension between the two nations. ♪ that's beautiful picture when we look at the fog coming off the potomac right around national harbor. looks like it should be getting out of here pretty soon, tuck. >> yeah. just give it another hour or s
8:06 am
melanie mentioned the ice is starting to improve both the ice and fog should be out of here by 10:00. >> good. >> okay. >> temperatures almost to the freezing mark. >> yeah. just give an hour or two. once the sun gets a chance to do some work on the pavement it will get rid of the ice as well. warming up at last and then the best part of today daytime highs later this afternoon mid to upper 40s we'll be in for warmest day so far this year. that won't be hard to do. but it should be a full 10 degrees warmer than yesterday when we got into the 30s. 31 now in washington. again most of the area here is at or below the freezing mark. the exception little bit hire he will vagues in the mountains where the warmer air currently resides, and again, as we get into the afternoon hours, we'll get in on that warmer air. temperatures will be noticeably warmer than they've been with daytime highs into mid to upper 40s. all right. dense fog advisory continues i'll double check. they extended it for an hour. in many cases visibilities were less than quarter mile. so again fog has been an issue this morning. high pressure overhead an quiet
8:07 am
trend. the next couple of days our temperatures are only going to go up by the end of the week we'll be in the 60s. so we'll start with this afternoon enjoy beautiful afternoon. 47 i think it will feel great after the two weeks of cold. >> i know it is. >> feel like summer break. >> yup. >> at least spring break. >> thanks tuck. good morning, erin. should you traffic. >> traffic is pretty nasty right now. 8:07. we're dealing with big problems. traffic lights are out new york avenue northwest and have a west virginia avenue. tailgate ted traveling this morning letting us know it's a mess out there. also got a tweet this morning letting us know the third street tunnel completely backed up as you try to head new york avenue. so please use caution. 50 inbound from the beltway to 295 jammed up. 295 is just a mess as you try to make your way south from the beltway through riverdale park. getting to 50 and then south of 50 from there point to the 11th street bridge heavy congestion down toward pennsylvania avenue. look at the outer loop side of things really slow-moving traffic. inner loop jams as well. as we move things over we also have this crash blocking the left lane, left shoulder as wel
8:08 am
icc eastbound out before georgia avenue center lane getting through very slowly. some delays picking up and rubberneck delay on the westbound side. 66 westbound you can see there's a crash at the car rest area right lane blocked. eastbound side fog is elevating using low beams watch for visibility issues this morning. sixth street and e street southeast we're dealing with crash there. heavy i don't believe yum on suitland parkway inbound to 295 out by south capitol. 95 some denser fog picking up 23 minutes dale city to the beltway, and then 395 also a mess. 45 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14 many street bridge because of low lying fog use low beams take it slow. my best advice especially coming from southern maryland as well where we have heavier fog use your low beams and just allow extra time to get around today. watch for slick spots as well on the sidewalks and secondaries. guys? >> ♪ new details are emerging this morning about the accidental death avenue walt whitman high school student. body of 17-year-old in a individual safari was found in
8:09 am
month. police say that he was at a suspected underaged drinking party the night he died. detectives now say a bottle of vodka was found here near his body. two fake id's from pennsylvania as well. no charges will be filed against the homeowners where that party was held who told officers that they had no idea alcohol was being served. fox5 follow up on the grade fixing scandal in prince george's county schools. it's a story that we broke here on fox5 last june. maryland governor larry hogan has enough of what happened in prince george's county schools and other jurisdictions across the state. governor says he wants to create a special unit within the state education department that will investigate complaints of wrongdoing. hogan says the lack of accountability and counter schools will not be tolerated he is a prince george's county school graduate. fox5 putting focus on montgomery county and specifically the issues facing law enforcement in 2018. states attorney jenn mccarthy will join jim and sarah on fox5 news at 5:00 this evening from gangs to the opioid epidemic to elder abuse and more. we'll be breaking down t
8:10 am
you can even tweet us questions at fox5 d.c. for us to ask the state's attorney. all right. still to come this morning local leaders are set to decide whether it's okay to dip into your tax dollars to fund campaigns? we're live in northwest with those details. and all new this morning, disney facing backlash over its new collectors opinion for the new black panther movie. we'll show it to you. see what you think after the break. ♪
8:11 am
8:12 am
mommy you're strong! aw, you bet i am! the egg white grill. so you can bring on the day.
8:13 am
♪ >> that's a quite a contrast in looks when you look at the left and right side of the screen. on the left side haven't burned through the fog. on the right look at that sunny days ahead. that's what tucker has been telling us this morning just couple of minutes -- couple of hours i guess i should say we get that fog out of here for good and the sun comes up, temperatures get above freezing, we should have a great day to today. >> all righty. >> before we get to those details tucker. >> yeah, let's get to the cuteness. >> brighten it up. >> time for cuteness factor of the day. fox5 first five photo of the day. >> aww. >> my goodness a little caps fan. >> hello. >> i love it. we got ali everybody. >> hi ali. she's nine months old. >> mom says that ali loves two things. i'm sure besides her parents. >> right. >> maybe three things. >> yeah. right? >> fox5 and the caps. >> well we have so much in common because we love ali and we love the caps, too. >> yes, we do. >> how cute
8:14 am
>> so cute. >> my goodness. >> i love it. >> ali is begging to be scooped up. >> right? >> um-hmm. >> she looks adorable. i wonder if she's a caps reg regular. >> probable film probably so. rocking the red there. >> she would be on the jumbo tron every game, right. >> cutie pie. >> super duper cute. ali, we love your picture. we thank you for watching. >> yes, we do. >> maybe you can help us get the caps to the next level. >> they're on great run right now. >> they're playing great. >> maybe it's your parade waiting to happen. >> steve, you know i'm ready to go to our fox book page fox5 d.c. >> ali is cutie. >> thanks for watching and we love your picture. >> let's look at ali all day. here's some good news. things are on the up swing. 24 hour temperature change. we are at or blow freeze fog much of the area but the trend is a favorable one if you like the warmer temperatures and look at that. 22 degrees warmer in frederick the past 24 hours. we are going to be in the mid to upper 40s this afternoon. so the problems that we have this morning are
8:15 am
and number two fog. both of those will be dealt with by our friend the sun. so with the sun -- let the sun do the work for you. >> that's right. >> okay. >> um-hmm. >> don't need to salt the ice with a lot of chisels and salt and chemicals. the sun will burn it off real quick with temperatures warming up. high pressure overhead, and that will deliver a nice afternoon and a nice warmup for the next few days. so we started tell your friends this when you're out at the water cooler later today, our start to 2018 the coldest in modern history. so -- >> i believe it. >> that streak will not continue the next couple of days with warmer temperatures on the way in the 60s by friday. >> yes. bring it out. >> it will feel like down right summertime. >> i think it will actually. >> we're so used to the cold. >> thanks tucker. >> let's check in with erin como get a check on the roads this morning scene how things are going in the little bit of ice we might still have out there. >> we have ice some and big developments in charles county right now we're seeing closure on 301 because of
8:16 am
conditions. down in charles county by the fairgrounds. caution there. traffic lights are also out new york avenue northeast in west virginia avenue northeast so please slow it down. treat that intersection as though you would a stop sign. heavy traffic northbound on third street tunnel headed toward new york avenue. and we're also seeing big delays outside of 295 between the beltway and 295. there's about 15 minute slow down of just backed up traffic. 295 southbound is slow as well. here's that look in charles county. you can see all that red and yellow on the map, again, crane highway south the of the fairgrounds closed because of road conditions. we'll certainly keep update on that. thank you to the charles county sheriff's department for putting that out. also this crash moved over to the shoulders. icc eastbound before georgia avenue. getting reports of heavy fog over the rows vessel bridge please use caution low beams reduce your speeds. sixth street and e street in southeast a crash heavy traffic on the freeway in both directions and denser fog heading down toward the road on 95 northbound 20 minutes dale city to the beltway. 39545 minutes from the beltway to the
8:17 am
it looks like fog is getting worse right now. >> all right. we'll keep an eye i d.c. council will hold the first of two controversial votes. >> the votes could potentially push through a bill that would take money out of your wallet to fund city candidates campaigns. fox5's bob barnard is live in northwest with the details much that's the headline. i'm sure it's much more complicated than that, bob. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, it is. we're not going to settle thing right here right now, but it is called the fair elections act of 2017. it's been in the works for more than a year now. it passed the judiciary committee here at the d.c. council by a five-zero vote late last year. it's first first of the full council is this morning at 10:0t month. this measure has overwhelming support on the council, however mayor bowser says she does not support it. the fair elections act would take big corporate and non-resident donations out of theic
8:18 am
participating candidates would be required to agree to accept only small dollar donations and in exchange for that theologate five-one match on all eligible contributions roughly $100 or less. this would apply to candidates for mayor, council, board of elections and attorney general. advocates say it would give more power if you will to women and people of color here in the district because, again, those participating candidates would not be a loud to take outside money for their campaigns. on the other side, those against say you're just having taxpayers here in the district fund these political campaigns. it is a controversial issue. again, it would not take effect until the 2020 primaries and general election but there's a good chance it's going to pass on first vote today. second vote next month.
8:19 am
because, again, mayor bowser says she does not support this. but, again, advocates say it would keep elections in the district basically run and voted on by the locals. guys? >> all right. bob, thank you so much. i'm sure we'll be following that one up. appreciate it. let's turn now to the latest on the iranian oil tanker currently burning off the coast of china. the us navy is joining the search for the 30 missing crew members but weather, flames, poe zen us in gases coming off the tanker hampering efforts here. fear is growing the tanker will blow up and just ink if it explodes it would be the worst tanker oil spill in more than 25 years. more fallout for british& clothing retailer h and m. singer the weeknd is not going to work with h and m any more over it's controversial ad posted message saying woke up this morning shocked and embarrassed by the photo i am defended license not be work wig h and m any more. that's the ad. artist launched his online store with h
8:20 am
the retailer removed this image from its website and issued an apology. disney facing a wave of backlash this morning over the new collectors opinion for the new black panther movie. many people took to twitter to criticize the light skin tone of the pin when the black panther is supposed to be african. the picture was first posted by an unofficial website called disney pins blog. website later deleted the picture and posted a new one. so they apologized for the photo said the lighting may have been altered to color -- may have altered the color of the opi opinion. okay. happy birthday less controversial news here. happy birthday to britain's duchess of cambridge. kate middleton celebrates her 36th birthday today while the gifts may start rolling in the mother of two knows the best gift is yet to come. she and her husband prince william are expecting their third child in april. >> all right. everybody still tin
8:21 am
to be. in the meantime south korean leader kim jong-un reportedly turned 34 yesterday. nobody knows for sure because none of the usual over the top birthday celebrations that you might expect. his birthday was notably omitted from north korea's official calenda and mark as a regular working day instead. he's just like us, al. work and on his birthday. >> work and on -- i don't work on my birthday. >> oh, that's right. >> yeah. >> i don't want anything -- yeah. still ahead, walmart has revealed its top selling items in each state during last year and some of them pretty bizarre. we'll tell which you items the dmv loved the most. >> let's take a look at a good day at the beach even in the freezing cold. video of a man ice skating along the beach. this is in maine. it's gone viral. isn't that pretty? that's how cold the water was it literally froze on the beach. time right now 8:21. >> that's incredible.
8:22 am
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with dunkin' deals, get a $2 medium latte from 2 to 6 pm. looks like it's latte o'clock. time for a rich, creamy afternoon pick-me-up with a $2 medium latte from 2 to 6 pm. america runs on dunkin'. >> my goodness. so i think that we thought perhaps from one camera at the fog was burning off a little b bit, but i don't think so not with all this moisture around. reachly crazy weather cycle right now. >> should be beautiful look at our landmarks here in washington, d.c. but you can't see a thing. >> we're supposed to be loo loog at the capital. >> it's very foggy. we'll see if that continues. maybe we can learn more from our weather teacher in just a minute. first up walmart out with its top sellers
8:25 am
this morning. best buys range from watermelon flavored gum in north dakota to pool salt in new jersey. and everything in between. what are we buying? in maryland the top seller, glue sticks. >> yup. >> did you buy some? no but i bought glue at the end of the slime epidemic. >> yes, of course. >> maybe that's why it's big in maryland. in virginia apparently walmart runs are for coolers. >> okay. >> in the district people are stocking up on the great valued french fried onions. >> um-hmm. >> some of the things people are buying at walmart last year. ♪ >> maybe their store brand is pretty good fort french fried onions. i'll try them. >> we shall see. >> time to go to school. good morning, teach. (bell ringing). >> good morning, class. >> we're going to get that bell from him. >> good morning class. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> aren't we excited to be in school today. >> yes! >> good morning, teacher barnes. >> first day back. i was under the weather yesterday. >> we missed you. we didn't have class because we had breaking weather
8:26 am
>> oh. >> sunshine. we get an a today. i know the fog is out there. steve, the fog will burn off and it will become a beautiful afternoon. we'll give that an a. winds out of the south out of the west delayed that's a b. afternoon temps, mid to upper 40s, that's an a. >> nice. >> hey, you get to sleep in this morning because you like hal two hour delay if you were not a student in washington, d.c. everybody else had two hour delay, right? >> right. >> a plus. a plus. >> yes. >> i give it an a. >> yes! that's right. and the it works out. a, b, a, a plus. >> it's a new year. >> yes. professor. >> queue my music. ♪ >> all right. semester is almost over we're looking good. thank you. hi, erin. >> i actually have school related update for you. charles county public schools are now closed because of the bad weather conditions down there. also, keep in mind in charles county crane highway south of fairgrounds road closed because of road conditions
8:27 am
advised. karl counsel city sheriff's depth letting us know you can see it's causing big delays. please use caution in charles county heading out on majors and secondaries. some fog impacting 66 eastbound there's crash at 29 as well blocking two lanes. hard to see through that cam a it's pretty incredible out there how dense the fog is remaining. lighter fog up on the icc crash blocks the left shoulder. icc out by georgia avenue. part of the left lane still obstructed out there. 395 look at the 14th street bridge. you can barely see it. close to an hour to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. dense fog from the pentagon on up. please use caution and your low beams -- i'm sorry what was that caitlin? >> saint mary's school clove as well. so we'll updated keep those closures and adjustment coming as we get more information. we'll be right here on fox5 news morning.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
usual views of the capital and white house typically beautiful, i mean beauty is in the eye of the beholder. if beauty involves being shrowded in fog that's what we've got this morning. just to give you an idea what we're dealing with, very pretty land mark but the fog is quite thick out there this morning as well. so you can see for maybe meter and meters not miles and miles. let's check our top stories at 8:30 this morning. historic talks between north and south korea underway and the north has already agreed to send delegation to the winter olympics next month in south korea what the north wanted. critics say these talks and attempt by north korea to drive
8:31 am
states and south korea. space x has reportedly lost a $1 billion u.s. spy satellite. the rocket took off from florida over the weekend carrying the secret satellite. well now it's gone. it disappeared. scientists have given up hope of fining it intact. scientists are trying to figure out why it may have plumetted back into the atmosphere. if you stayed uptight watch the college football championship you know that alabama won. if you didn't here's why. alabama with a stunning come back against the georgia bulldogs to winter national title. back up true freshman through three touchdown passes in the second half after being brought in alabama benched their starting quarterback at half time and that held alabama fight a double digit deficit beat georgia 26-23 in overtime. also update on the battle for the helmet bowl championship the best helmet in college football as voted by the fans. nationwide goes to gallaudet university. they won the helmet bowl for t
8:32 am
had been behind san diego state going into yesterday's closing moments but came back from 2500 votes hyped to clinch the title and galludet you get the title of best helmet in football for the next year. >> love it. >> congrats to the bison. >> tucker barnes, good morning we were at 32. now we dipped down to 30. below freezing. >> 31 but just quick caution here that even if your temperature at your house or in your car is above 32 there could still be icy spots. i know that erin has been talking about the problems down in southern married. yeah, ice is a problem this morning. black ice and of course fog is a problem. (fog horn). >> you'll see the fog as soon as you step out this morning. the good news with both the sun will do its handy work here and improve both. we should lose the icing problem and the fog in the next hour or so. so just hang in there in if you can. the made sense the two hour delays this morning. 31 now in washington as things will be improving this afternoon. 33 in new york. these temperatures, yeah, it's wintertime. it's january but it's not the brutal cold we
8:33 am
to the first week of 2018. okay. sunshine bright, beautiful today. high pressure overhead and a warmer afternoon. we'll be in the mid to upper 40s later today. how about 45, 47 for daytime highs noticeably warmer than yesterday when we got it above 32 for parts of the area and very pleasant afternoon and very pleasant couple of days. believe it or not by friday our daytime highs should be in the low 60s. so we're only going up from here. nice looking afternoon. >> yay! >> hang in there by 10:00 o'clock with temperatures in the upper 30s we'll lose that ice and that fog. still touch gone at the moment. all right. that's a look at weather. >> just days away from 60-degree beach party. >> right. >> wishful thinking of summer friday. that's what i just name it. look at all the re on the map. we have fog and it is causing problems slow moving traffic all over. the outer loop from after branch avenue to new york of 50. 50 inbound super slow look at that blew you through the district as you head from 295 to past bladensburg road inbound it's especially slow
8:34 am
third street tunnel completely jammed. 295 slow and then as you make your way out in sotted southern maryland tucker just mentioned as well down will he plate at a seeing really icy conditions. charles county schools are closed today because of the bad conditions on the road. crane highway south of fairgrounds road closed because of road conditions. use caution if you have to head out. please take it slow this morning. weather conditions causing some big problems down there. icc crash in maryland moved over to the shoulder on the eastbound side of the icc before georgia avenue. aside from there one take a look here. 395 close to an hour because of the the fog. from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. this camera is the 14th street bridge it's hard to see. getting reports of denser fog on the rows vessel bridge as well. now, i'm seeing some brightening conditions. 43 minute ride red zone 66 eastbound from 234 to the beltway but still a red zone you can see such heavy traffic there as you make your way out through fairfax this morning. five northbound fog has elevated luckily as you make your way into the brandywine
8:35 am
waldorf however just keep in mind 301 to surratts road ten minutes still jammed up. denser fog bottom side of the beltway on the inner loop 36 minutes from saint barnabas road to the wilson bridge. wilson bridge dealing with heavier fog. tail late ted had let us know about that traffic light. any traffic lights out treat them as a stop sign at least metro is on time. caution walking there though, right? >> absolutely. take your time. still ahead does the cold gray winter weather have you feeling a little down? we have some tips to help you beat the winter blues. and forget the loss. weight watchers celebrating a big gain this morning. we'll explain coming up. ♪ ♪♪
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
this dreary weather has you feeling blah lately. you're not alone. new study found that women are nearly twice as likely as men to suffer from seasonal depression. researchers say that shorter days and cold temperatures triggered the disorder. causing moodiness, fatigue, to lift your spirits experts suggest turning up the heat at home and exercising more. they say eating healthier can also help to keep you from feeling the effects of sad disorder. >> you have to get the work outs when you're feeling the blahs. >> yeah. >> once do you, you typ
8:39 am
>> right. you accomplish better something. we try to accomplish something on good day every day and we usually succeed. let's check with wisdom and maureen to see what we shall accomplish this morning. >> good day d.c. all over the stories that have you talking this morning. including oprah winfrey. could she really be running for president? what the white house thinks about that ahead. >> also 9a a sports reporter who went missing is found safe. so what happened? what police are saying this morning. >> maureen, what time is it. >> time to get busy. >> it's time to put up that good day guest list coming up at 9a the fashion expert we got some advice on how to make your clothes last longer. everything from dress shirts to jeans and more. >> all ears. also ahead do not miss kevin's sit down with hollywood heart throb crit hemsworth plus matthew mcconaughey's brother and another self-made millionaire are looking to spread their wealth. could you fit the bill. fine out at 9:50. >> number one good day dc all two hours of it just a few minutes away
8:40 am
thank you so much. we look forward it to. time right now is 8:39. if you have you think off the all the gadgets and electronics you need think again. consumer electronic show underway in las vegas and we are getting a look at the coolest gear that you're going to want. >> always like christmas every year this time. fox kirk joins us from las vegas for at least kirk i say that for you it probable system like the holidays you get to see and touch and play and learn all that good stuff. >> it's a candy store. it's the biggest candy store for a tech geek you've ever been to. las vegas lighting up today. good morning, guys. here in las vegas lighting up today for ces the big super bowl technology and, yes, it is huge. a lot of new trends we're seeing here. of course, everybody focuses on tvs and that's what we're seeing also. check out what we recorded this sony tv got announced yesterday that is spectacular. it is a sony x900ftv. it's got an 85-inch,
8:41 am
and -- one for any room in the house. it is just spectacular in its resolution. it's a 4khdrtv it's got an extreme x1 processor. x motion clarity. what does that mean. tech jargon say it looks so crisp and clear on the screen you will absolutely love it. this is there companion sound bar that goes with this. just sounds spectacular in person. also, ces innovation award going to this one, dell's latest laptop it is a world smallest 1e dell xps13. beautiful glass fiber casing on it. super light weigh
8:42 am
it's got the eighth generation intel quad core processor inside of it and just easy to travel with and plays video, beautiful screen that goes edge to edge. you're seeing thing just get really refined like that, and then you can take this to go which is pretty amazing and very durable. my passport wireless drive it's an ssd drive solid state it takes a beating, and you can connect up wirelessly and watch videos as well as photos that you have on that. even smaller scan discs with that. check out this bag. this is amazing it will follow you around this will be coming out later this year, and this is from forward x. they don't have a price on it yet but they're in the enabled of 600 as they ponder it. it's got a camera, it recognizes steve when he goes through the airport and follows him around. and then this is a last thing i have to show you. this will be on sale in japan only tomorrow. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is
8:43 am
o first came out it went away in 2005 and it's back again with new artificial intelligence it makes it smarter. really emoting it's got led display eye balls that show you emotion and it's just dog gone cute. >> hey, how are you? >> rough, rough. >> hi. >> so adorable. it gets to know you over time. hi. >> it's a little bit of a wa warmup. >> rough, rough. >> curt, it needs some time to get to know you. it will be all good. he's a durable. >> it's all good. >> all right. >> he's adorable. he'll follow you around much he's got camera on it. >> a lot of things following you around. >> you know what, that's what -- it's about, you know, lightening the load in the future. >> i guess. >> automotive here by the way is huge. i forgot to tell you bough about this. enormous. toyota just made a huge announcement last night
8:44 am
there idea decree 88ed this alliance between amazon, pizza hut, and a whole slew of partners to bring autonomous vehicles altogether to bring essentially retail to your home. so imagine going shoe shopping at the mall and the entire shoe store comes to you and just opens up. it's an idea of really ret rethinking logistics of how we get around. toyota got very committed to it and it's making a lot of buzz here at the show and then the car that actually got a longer live in terms of the mileage on it you can drive and the quicker charge is -- was announced yesterday from hyundai and that's their new -- enoch. it's a new car that ends up the nexo go for much further distance and on very little power. it's hydrogen. very limited release. a lot more online on
8:45 am
>> looking forward it to no more just the tv's. tv's the cars everything at at ces. kirk, have fun in your candy store this morning. i hope everything doesn't follow you home. >> good to see goodbye by. >> let's check in with kevin he has entertainment news. what's up, kev. >> coming up next tucker barnes favorite segment of the morning. we'll talk about the steve carell and kelly clarkson reunion that we all didn't know we needed in our lives. also i sit down and talk to dylan mcdermott about his relationship with dermott mulroney how that -- those two names are very similar how they had to change them almost at the beginning of their careers. stay tune. ♪ ♪♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ >> looks like movie scene. i didn't even know that was our camera right there. nice looking shot. driving around trying to figure out -- driving northern vir virginia. >> yeah. go pro it looks great this morning. we appreciate the crew out there doing this for us. letting usie what's going on out there with all this kind of cuckoo weather. like fog and ice some in spots. school delays. some closings. especially out there in northern virginia. so, um, yeah. we got you covered this morning. >> if you saw that in movie you had to guess what month it was filmed, i don't even know if you can guess. >> i know. it's like rainy, like spring, but trees are barron like wi winter. >> kind of like today, tuck. we start as winter we may morph into always spring by this afternoon. >> good call. i mean it will be -- it's going to
8:49 am
our daytime highs will be close to average it will feel like spring with temperatures expected to be in the mid to upper fours warming up here. the problems we have persisting this morning the ice and the fog we should lose both of those over the next couple of hours here but we are still dealing with cold temperatures. you can see most of the area much of the area still below freezing, and icing has been problem particularly on sidewalks and driveways and that kind of thing early this morning. just be on the look out. fog advisory extended until nine. still problem for parts of the area you saw that in the live shot. fog too will burn off. fog and ice with the work of the sunshine here this morning should become a thing of the past. be in for really nice afternoon. lots of sunshine to look forward to. quite conditions and most importantly warmer conditions. yes. daytime round of applause, please. daytime highs in the fours. i didn't hear any applause. >> thank you. okay. and we keep the nice streak going through the end of the week. thursday 50s. friday 60s.
8:50 am
the forecast but i'm sure no one will be complaining with daytime highs. let's figure that out, steve. about 44 degrees warmer than where we were on sunday. >> that's incredible. >> we appreciate it. >> ♪ >> thanks so much, tuck. >> all right. let's get to entertainment news. kev is back with us. ready to fill that void for us. good morning,. >> good morning to you guys. >> hello. >> we all remember a very famous movie the 40-year-old virgin. there's a reunion that occurred -- >> oscar in 2002 or -- >> that was -- it won golden globe for best comedy it beat get out back then. >> yes. amazing comedy. i loved it. let's take look at one of the most famous scenes from there film and tell you why we're showing you this right after this. watch this. >> no, kelly clarkson. >> okay. so that is a very famous moment where steve carell by the way really got waxed for that scene it's a real waxing. and the actors i think were all laughing so he said kelly clar
8:51 am
the golden globes, this happened. here's picture that steve carell posted the reunion i guess that we'd all didn't know we needed in our lives. >> no. >> finally. >> you got it. >> kelly clarkson this tweet went viral all over the place now. even kelly clarkson retweeted it and gave her own version of the scene. ah, steve carell one of my favorite moments of my life. i love you and your lovely wife. it was big viral social media type tweet that happened sunday night that people were commenting. i think it's cool. but if you're a fan of movie it was cool to see them meet. that's all. moving on the new movie -- new show la to vegas airs right here on fox5 at 9:00 p.m. on tuesday nights. tonight. let's take look at some of the show here. you have dylan mcdermott playing captain dave a very foul mouthed captain who flies from la to vegas and back. and i spoke to him and also his co-star kim matula about the show f you're not familiar dylan mcdermott and der
8:52 am
mulroney have very similar name. two very big stars. in this show, both actors are going to appear so this is dylan mcdermott the other captain will be gentleman named dermott mulroney show up at some point in the season we haven't seen him yet. i wanted to know when he became aware their names were so similar. and also what is it like being a character who could just say whatever he wants. take a look at the interview. >> when did you become first aware that that was a whole thing, that those -- your names were so similar and people were confusing you two as well. >> right from the get. because, um, you know, we were both at william morris at the time this was like 30 years ago, and they said to us, there can only be one. >> really? >> my god. >> did they really. >> they d there can only be one. >> you had to mortal combat. >> we both were talking about this entertainment weekly the other day in an interview. they were asking us to change our names. so i was going to be
8:53 am
>> mickh dermott. that was my name. i've thought up if i had to change it. >> i forget what his was. it was like andy mulroney. >> being -- this is the first you've ever been in film together, show together. >> that's right. >> was the whole idea was to put you guys together at the same time. >> absolutely epic. finally hit to happen. before we got out of here. >> i'm curious now that you've done this show when you do night, do you fly differly now, do you think of flying differently? do you see thing differently playing these characters? >> yeah, now i'm just creepy and watching the crew the whole time like a stalker because i want to see what they're doing so i can mimic it perfectly. [ laughter ] >> now that they've seen the show, they usually downgrade us. [ laughter ] >> it's not so good. >> no. i actually through night seat was in the restroom last time i flew. god. >> tough. >> your character obviously he said pretty crazy things i'm curious like when you say those dialogue lines onset, is there a part of you -- just fun to play that type of person? >> oh, got. it's the best. i was saying to i think kim yeer
8:54 am
i got off of work and i still wanted to be captain dave. because he's that guy. there's a freedom to him that i don't have as dylan. >> all right. so, yeah, it's going to be interesting to see the two dylan and dermott combine in one episode. i'm not sure when that will be but the show airs right here on fox5 on tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. so make sure you stay tune. >> via great reason for tucker barnes to watch the show. >> what is it? >> he needs to laugh. >> i had a chance to talk to dylan last week here on d.c. he hope the show goes long enough that they can make it the love boat of the sky. >> i like that. >> they want to bring in different guests from differ shows and i said, you know what, i toll him, you just scored major points with tucker for that comment right there. >> tuck carry huge fan of might have segments. as you can see he just watches me. >> um-hmm. >> he's watching you on his phone right now. >> intently a big fan of kevin mccarthy. i just want to say thank you. >> aww. >> we'll hear from tucker after this. >> really appreciate it.
8:55 am
♪ 8:55. trending this tuesday morning, kentucky principal gone viral after using a musical message to let his students know that they were getting a snow day. take a listen. ♪ >> so i'm reaching out to you and i got
8:56 am
canceled -- >> nice little voice, too. >> i can see tucker doing union point academy principal chad posted this video yesterday. i know. on the school's facebook page.. hero. >> i like the hat, too. >> listen to him. >> he looks like a cool guy. >> ♪ >> he's got acute little voice. >> i could totally see tucker doing the weather that way. >> me too. >> he's got nice voice. >> does he have a nice voice. >> i don't know if i could sing that well. >> all right. so one way to do it. >> little creepy at the end. >> it's funny. >> i think he had somebody do that. >> hold that phone a little farther away. >> all right. how are we looking? we had trouble, right, lately? >> want to get to the cameras really fast, guys i would love to till the fog has improved that is not the case. that's the outer loop out by new hampshire avenue, 95 to the spur holding strong with the half hour delay. little above that. also in southern mar
8:57 am
highway the fairgrounds road area closed because of icy conditions. crash by glebe road on 66. 395 improving slightly but tuck what's the deal with all this fog? >> all right. fog and ice is going to both are going to burn off here shortly. but we got to give it another hour or so. 47 will be our eventual daytime high that will take care of fox and ice and i promise beautiful afternoon but a few slippery spots early. >> that's good for the kids enjoying snow days. >> there's not much snow to enjoy your snow day. >> there's good day d.c. they can watch that. >> good one. >> coming up next. we'll see you for that. th
8:58 am
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more. you're doing great. [laugher] you look amazing. the egg white grill. so you can bring on the day.
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♪ straight ahead, another late start thanks to mother nature. all that rain, sleet and snow that fell yesterday froze overnight. that means slick roads and sidewalks and another round of school delays. but big changes are on the way. fires to the end zone. touchdown! alabama wins. the crimson tide won't be de denied. alabama mounting an epic come back to win college football's national championship. and they did it with the backup quarterback and in front of the commander in chief. we'll have all the highlights. north korea on its way to the olympic games. this after meeting between the north and the south the first of its kind in two years. what else happened in the historic talks


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