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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 25, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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democratic congrswoman callin for action against trump staffers andinet members wherever they are. plus, is faceboo listening to your conversations and making ads targeting them? the company weighing in on this lingeri question and their answer may not make you feel great about yourvacy. fox5 morning at 6:00 a.m. starts now >> good morning to you on this monday morning. is june 25th. >> if you're just wakinre up he a live look outside this morning. should get a little break from the humidity. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. let's get to our top stories at:00 now. homicide detectives in d.c. busy trying to figure out who 140shot a man to death inside of a home this happened in the f2400 block o sky land pce southeast. callers say a large and rowdy crowd gathered then dispersed a short time later. >> also overnight the searh continue a missing woman
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from olney maryland. 27-year-old rac elizabeth monshour. police say her vehicle was located unoccupied in the strict but where -- not specific about where that was don't have the specific locatint. >> montgomeryy police and members of t o states attorney'sice will meet release body cam video from a deadly policen nvolved shooting ilver spring. onune 11th officer anand badgujar shot and killed 41-year-old robert white. police say b camera footage showed prior to the shooting white becameombative and assaulted officers badgujar more ahan once. friends family say white had a htory of mental illness. e controversial polic action in the district. viral video of a police >> it shows what some ares. calling an illegal search. now community members are asking wther the police set up the people that you see in the video. fox5's bob barnard is live in northeast now with all the
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details. bob. >> reporter: hey, allison, steve, good morning. yes, we are onbl the 5200 k of sheriff road just off eastern avenue. the video you're going to here was shot last friday, sent to us, shared with the anc commissioner and d.c. police chief peter newsham. there is some oftideo. >> why you touching my bag, ao'. >> you gotny id on you. officer. on the undercove >> i don't care. that wasn't me. get off me bro'. >> reporter: what's hap pned here is approached a group of people standing here in front of nook'snd barbershop aay they found a gun on onef the men there and used that as justification to search the other men whord you there saying hey, i didn't give yermission to searche. their other concern is the fact that the man who had the agun on him wasllowed to leave. you can see they've kind of boxed it into the video screen there. that guy was allowed to leave leaving some of th people who were still h being searched
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to think that was a plant or peaps an undercover police officer there on purpose to let the police search the youn w men whoe here. here now one of the m who was searched and also the lol anc commissioner. >> they on us every day. they jump out in d.c. all four quadrants every day and mess with young black men in the counity just like us. >> racist community, that's exactlyndhat it is it don't matter how much you dimersify the police dent, you know, it's still the same tactics and methods and the way i see it why are we still doing the same thing decade after decade after dade and expecting a different result? >> reporter: now, here is part of the letter sent from newsham to anthony lorenzo green there the anc commissioner. it says "i will ensure that a full and completen investigwill be conducted. if police misconduct is sustained we will take the appropriateeasures to address it. "not that the chief is saying what happened here is wrong but he's looking into it guys
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and it's right the on video. >> ♪ >> 6:03 rightid now. ent trump under fire following a series of tweets the president taking twitter yesterday comparing people who enter the u.s. from mexico to inv aers. during interview the president mentionedga immigrationin questioning when i mexico isn't doingre . >> mexico has very, very strong immigration laws like really strong, among the strongest. they could stop them cold if they wanted to. there wouldn't be peoplelk ing across mexico like that but we wouldn't even have to worry about that if we had strong border laws which we t hao have. >> the american civil liberties union has responded saying anyove mentioned in the president's tweets wod be illegal and violation the constitution. last week dhs sretary heckled out of a restaurant and. before the weekend was over, campaign manager and politicaliser sarah huckabee sanders got the boot
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from a restaurant in virginia. holly morris is back now wit f thel story. holly. >> reporter: a allisonnd on saturday sarah huckabee sandersas asked to leave a restaurant in virginia because she works for present trump. the owner of the red hen in virginiconsidersia considers "inhumanend unethical." the incident has set off a huge debate. maryland congressman elijah cummings is one of the few demoats saying the restaurant should have served sanders although he added that he belves president trump created the environment for hostility to exist meantime california congresswoman ma ine waterss under fire after she took a much difrent approach. >> let's make suree show up wherever we have to show up and if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. and you pus back on them. and youey tell them th are not
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nwelcome. >> reporteow, the restaurant in this story should not be confused with thin red hen that is h d.c. that restaurant is unaffiliated with the virginia location and says it will serve everyone. stevely allison. >> holly thank you. tucker is with us to check on the forecast. a little wet last night. >> i'mhirying tonk. was it wet last>> night? don't remember that. that was not my truth. >> steve that wasn't mine. >> i had some pretty heavy storms roll through and i know i wasn't alone. >> you se you weren't alone. i'm kidding . >> [laughter] >> starting early, folks. 6:06 a on monday. >> yeah, that was our first round. steve, you're right we did have some big storms bot saturday and sunday. >> okay, thank you after all that there now that they're through it's going to be less humid and muchore pleasan low 80's today >> perfect. >> going to be a gorgeous afternn. 73 at reagan national, 69 dulles and 67 i baltimore at bwi marshall. satellite and radar, steve now that you mention it, i do
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remember some showers about 8 o'clock t last night. hose would be the ones. >> front has come through and wee looking at quieter conditionslittle disturbance inn this afternoon.ive mix of clouds and sun. p the keyoints will be a little less in the w of high temperatures and a little less hudity later tod so a nice afternoon. 85 partly icnny skies. >> vere today. >> yeah, very nice. d tomorrow looks great. then we got our first real heat wave of the season to look forward to on the seven-day. >> we just had 98 degrees. >> we'll do it again. >> sunny and 85 that's the ke away folks. .> hi erin, good morni >> good morni keeping our eyes on the roads. o metro is time right now. we have one crash we're tracki out in dunkirk, fourhb nortnd before 260. it's involving iurieso caution. asiderom that white's ferry not operating on the potomac. closed because of high standing water and debris. you'ig have toure out your travel plans there. that's not an option. little bit of light haze. yellow zone 21 minutes to get through that area and then
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looking pretty good right now through landover on 50. again rails on time. goer you cov when anything else pops. that'sour traffic, guys. >> ♪ >> 6:08 right now. it's primary day in maryland tomoeow and some peopl could run into problemsca voting use of a clerical error. here's what happened. state election leaders say there was a computer glitch with people who went to the motor vehie'sadministration's wr kiosk to make changes with their addsses or party affiliation. th cha were not submitted to the elections board for processing. the mva problems happened between april of lastear and early june of this year. despite the problem election officials say no eligible voter will be turned ay. but affected voters must very by their voter registration usin the state elections board web site so they can use arovisional ballot. all eyes are on the preme court today. six cases remain to be decided before the court goes into summer rec they include president trump'ser executive ord on a travel bannt from fiveries
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including lib, sudan and syria. today is theda oy marked on the court's calendar this week but that doesn't mean thaton't add more -- they won't add more if all the opinions aren't released today. 6:09 right now. still ahead outrage and growing calls for answers in yetno aer police-involved shooting. >> thi happened over the weekend. we'll have details in just 30 >> ♪nds.
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>> ♪ >> 6:10 right now. family and friends said their goodbyes yesterday a teenager shot and b killedy east pittsburgh police. black teenar was shot ayoung- killed by police as he allegedly ran away from officers after a traffic stop. investigators say rose was shot three times, did not have a gun on officers say the car matched the descri involved in a drive-by shooting mutes earlier. gathered outside of a police sts,ion in minnea minnesota yesterday protesting -year-old thurmond blevins. he was killed saturday night. polices said blevin seen firing a gun. when they tried to stop him they say he took off running. witnesses say blevins did not have a gun, itead was carrying a glass bottle. the city's mayor said the officers involved didav h no word if when that video
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would be released. disturbing new report about the deadly shooting parkland, in in february a freshman at marjory stoneman douglas high school said nicholas cruise gave hinikolas cruz gavehim a w. he said cruz said quote you better get o something bad is about to that student's name has not been released. >> new this morning, a california father was murdered in front ofis two daughters during a camping 35-year-old tan bondet was shot at his malibu state park camp site early friday morn authorities don't have a suspect, a motive or any leads right now. the father was camping with his two and four-year-old daughters. the girls were notg hurt durin that shooting. authorities were called to the campground after reports of >> also inen california wind wildfires continue to destroy buildings as the race across thery brush. the pawnee fire broke out
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saturday northwest ofsacramento2 buildings so far. in danger as it still burnsre out of control. authorities have ordered thousands of evacu aions. >> comingt 6 o'clock hour, if your apple keyboard is malfunctioning we'do told t worry. you're not the o >> that makes us feel better. users antoss the cou reporting thengeyboard keys are g stuck. the company says they'll fix it, though. details comings up. it 6:12. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> looks a little hazy. tuck i think it's going to feel a little bit more comfortable maybe. >> gets bettem and better here steve. in fact bygo afternoon we are g to be in the low 80's
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with mh lower humidity than what we had this weekend. lots to look forward to over the neare term. we a heat wave on the horizon but not tntil enter of thendof the week. we're losing dale. p 44 sun gotthis morning, sets tonight at 8:37. i think we're in pretty good shape as far asig total ht. we're on the other side of the summer solstice. temperatures getting more comforta 73, still a little sticky in washington. 70eonardtown. look north and west. seeing 60's break out. not bad for the end of june. 69 in hagerstown. 64 this morning for you in gaithersburg.5 in so again, not bad conditions at all. satellite and radar, nice and quiet. did have rain last night asstevn though i gave him a hard time about it he w a right. lookt quiet conditions out this morning. partial sunshine expected today. h lowerumidity. so our front has gotten south of us and this little disturbance here will stay b to our sut it will bring us a little cloud cover so kind
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of a partly sunny afternoon with temperaturesxpected to be in the mid 80's. canadian highar pressure pd over canada andith a northerly flow here, that will be a very, ver nice afternoon for us and a nice cou days. temperatures in the low 80's this afternoon. we'll keep it dry a again partial sunshine expected across the region for your monday. so not a bad d lookingay. let's take a look at futurecast together see what we can find. here we a at 4 o'clock. s you seee of thutcloudiness developi it shouldn't be overniback in the 60's with a couple of comfortable tuesday and wednesday. heating it up by thursday. low 90's back here for our zip friday. next weekend mid 90's, hot but dry saturday and sunday. good pool atures in the mid 90's next weekend. that is a weather update. happy monda t we'll toss it up >> you're cheerful for a monday morning. could use a littl of that myself. >> is is a look at 395 beltway as you approach
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road.ll disabled vehicle blocks the right shoulder. typical volume is picking up in those main lanes. no major delays, just outside aythe b keep -- volume picking up, 30 minutes 24 to the beltway. ilworthtes on k southbound. heaviest volume from south of new york aven down to benning road. as you makeour way o over the 14th street bridge you're in great shape and the freeway looks great to a from the third street tunnel. very light volume outside the beltway a crash in dunkirk four northbound involving injuries before 260. white's ferry over the potomac closed with high standing water and15 debris. looks good. aside from that all me.etro rlip 270 southbound. 70 to 121, 22 minute ride there once you get south of 121, you're wide opened in clear. again, metro is on time. a very quiet start to monday morning over. the over the bay bridge looking as well.n any questions at erix5 d.c. on .
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but we tend to trend lighter summer which leads me ton believe a art of peoound here have good weekend t plans. backyou guys. >> and exten them. stormy daniels was supposed to be in new york today to meet withederal prosecutors investigating the president's long time lawyer but that meeting wasd. cancele lawyers were concerned about the growing media interest so th called it off. the two federal prosecutors ar investigating thes business inteof president trump's long time personal attorney mike coh. daniels is suing over allegednt hush money ps. >> coming up next at 6:18 would you use a robot to hel do you a range of tasks? >> well, most americans say they don't really want help from a robot. makes them a little uncomfortabl. moreetails. i don't want the bomb sniffing robot. >> it esn't matter what you wa h. it ispening. >> ♪ cheddar puffs.
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it's dirty politics. for montgomery countutive.rses blairec or"an energy and passion f inn" blair is "the best chance ofig a dose of vitality in a county at badly needs it." david: we can invest more in our schools, a expand pre-k improve transportation and we can do it without more taxes when we create jobs. that's the change we nd. vo: david blair. democrat for montgomery county executive. enrsed by the washington p >> 6:20 right now.
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welcome back on a monday. wod you want help from a robot if that was available to you? americans weigh in. we'll tell you what they said. plus, facebook won't listen in on your conversations for joining us the fox business network studio in lo good >> reporter: hey, good morning. great to b here. good to see you again. >> good to see you, too. let's start with facebook. they say they have no intention of listening to our conversations but the conspiracy theorists say sure. reporter: right. so, this all started because their frit brunch or with bars talking about something, you check your facebook feed and su enough you see an ad for whatever you were jus talking about. that caused a lot of people to say what's goi on here, is facebook listening in on me? but facebook's vp of no that's not the case we don't use your phone's microphoneo listen in on your conversation and controlling your news foud
6:22 am
alterr news feed or control what ads you see based on what you're. saying they say they only access your microphoneou when ye using savoiceging orexting. a lot of people aren't buying this. there is another theory. if you're friends with someone on facebookht they just something that they had searched for, y facebook often our search history to something we've kno for ahat's long time. if you're friends w that person facebook may based on your friendship recommend that same product you may have been talking to your friends they may say hey i bought these new oes, and you see it in your feed. facebook says they have no intention of l ttening in on yoo promote certain ads and change your news feed but they stl have the ability to and that's spooking a lot of users. okay.. let's talkut apple. apple s ks wenow that
6:23 am
there's little keybrd stick catch with your mac books andmag to fix it. >> repter: right. so, if m you boughac book or mac book pro in late 2015, early 16 you're going to be eligible for a new keyboard. that's if you have a problem with yours right now. two years and a lawsuit later apple fally recognizes that ere may be a malfunction with these new can i boards that thekeyboards intheir into c book pros. you can bring it into a store or mail it in. here isathech. this is not a fix that happens in thetore and you wake out with your laptop in t same da you'll have to leave it with them it will take several days tond repair then get it back. if you do get this new keyboard installed it's aranteedr under warranty fo years so you shouldn't have any problems. if you do youan bring it back but they also have to confirm that your ssecky keyboard is b it's afa
6:24 am
ty keyboard not because you spilled something on it or were eat using your laptop. >> okay. that's good to> know. let's end with really interesting study i guess. most americans like over 60 percent aren't really comfortable with the thought of robs doing some of our chores or doing otherhings for us. it's so funny hillary because we're talking about facebook and apple these are relatively new like in my letime, last 10 years or so and they're everywhere and reallyou thought robold be everywhere, too. i fall in that 61 percent. no thanks. >> people aren't buying it. there's a huge trust barrier. we've seen this with self driving cars where this technology is availablend people don't wan to get it behind the wheel or in the car so the same thing is going theni tech compa have have invested need to build trnt with the americaeople and i say you can trust n your home but 61 percent of people said nootay, i would n feel comfortable with a robot, only 20 percent of people surveyed would trust a robot to do
6:25 am
their chores like wash the dishes clean the house. 68 percent of those said no way. 9 percent -- i've like this one is understandable, only 9 percent wf peopleld leave their child with a robot common sense parenting.a >> right. who are thosete 9 percent. >> rr: really desperate.ry >> hillaet's leave it there. c that'srazy. >> reporter: yes, thank you. >> all right, we'll see you later. >> just don't trust them. >> they better keep them on a list somewhere. y >> way too many --ou imagine like in your kitchen dishes.doing your >> yeah, i can see it one l day. >> you wouike that. think it'si just ing to happen. don't. you. >> i sup i'm just saying i wouldn't feelle comfortab in case it started to grow crazy. clothes but it takes like three hours to fold the clothes. >> is this a good job, tucker. [laughter] >> 73 now in be washington. winds north and west at3. that is a great sign. we have lessk humidity to forward to today. going to turn into a fantastic hair day wch is very important for me.
6:26 am
>> yes. >> as we'll be in the low 80's later is afternoon and a dry afternoon. little bto of siness to our south so we'lly be partly today. but we should keep it dryhis afternoon. no rain c thunderstorms which is great and a quiet couple days overt thefew days, monday, tuesday, tense look great. then we heat it up back into the 90's by next weekend. we do thi holiday next week? goo do we take t whole week off. >> midweek holiday should be a whole week off. >> right. >> i'm here for it. tucker thank you. >> we'll see if that works. hi, erin. >> 6:26 right now. we're seeing on the brunswick line departing martinsburg mechanical issues. canceled a 6:25. aside from that metro rail lines on time. white'serry closed o the potomac. debris.anding water and debris dunkirk four northbound before caution there. injuries. 50 wide opened by sandy t point. sol me that you were atll the beach weekend enjoying yourself nowou're headed to work. traffic on 50 headed toward bowie looking nice. noem probl if you start the
6:27 am
beaches.minor delays picking yon five northbound coming up from 301 into brandywine. few extra minutes needed there. that's your look at traffic. i'll let you know if anything else picks up you need to be aware of. >> tha you erin. it is 6:27 right now. luxury resorts are fed up with instagram models. >> they are apparentlcashing in on their beauty for some freebies butre the freebies over for the social media, air quote, influencers. details ahead in trending. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> hey, we're on tv. 6:30 right now onda a mon morning. happy that you're with us today. tucker says it's going to be sunny and 85 -- well, partly sunny. leme not get ahead of myself but a gorgeoustart to the day. nice look at the white house on this monday morning. welcome back. weather and traffic comheg up for you 5's at 6:35. developing this morning, though, d.c. police department tc over this viral the district that someunter in calling an illegal o shows several young african-ameran men gathered outside aasarbershop in not d.c. at some point police pull up and find a gun on one man. police then proceed to search all the men despite releasing the man with the gun. thepencident hapd last n wednesdayear deanwood. some of the men told fox5 they anbelieve that m was working with police undercover. outraged community members s legal or ethical.the search
6:31 am
police chief peter newsham says if police misconduct happened it will be addressed. also at 6:30 this morning, homicide detectives in the district busy trying to figure out who shot a man to death inside of a home. this happened around 2:15 this morning in the 2400 block of skyland place southeast. callers to s fox5 a largey and crowd gathered as police first aived on the scene. they dispersed a short time later. president donald t under fire this morning following a series of tweets over the weekede. the pnt took to twitter yesterday comparing people who entered the united states fm mexico to invaders. also saying they should be appearing before a judge. during an interview thatls a aired last night with former republican presidential primary challenger mike huckabeee mentioned immigrniion queng why mexico isn't doing >> mexico h very, very strong immigra laws like really strong, amongthhe
6:32 am
ey could stop them cold if they wanted to. there wouldn't be people walkingic across mex like that but to worry about that if we hadr strong borde laws which we have to have. >>ow the american civil liberties union has responded ying a move as mentioned in the president's tweet would be illegal and t viohe constitution that president trump swore to uphold. the ongoing immigration battle has led to a few members of the trump nistration being hec and also being asked to leave public places. last week dha secretary kiersten nlsen was heckled out of a restaurant. steven miller had his phone number published. on saturday sarah huckabee sanders asked to leave restaurant. the owner considers the trump administration inhumane and. elijah cummings is one of the a fewin democrats say the
6:33 am
restaurant should have served sanders. maxine waters took a differentet approach. 's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up and if you see anybody fro cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd.and you . and you tell them they are not welcome. >> so please note t restaurant in this story shouldn't be confused with the red hen in washington. the restaurant is unaffiliated with the virginia location and says it will serve everyone. >> nats serving up a. win time for the morning line ts of runs scored. nationals bhit the pies at tos park final score eight it was a daniel murphy two run t singlet was the gameci der last night. although, you know, lots of runs as we said back and forth in this one and murphy feeling his groove after being out for almost the entire season.
6:34 am
anthony rendon had a and a double, there was a rain delay. ubles.harper had three there was a rain delay. rainlast night.t did big score for the c washingtonitals. the team resigned defenseman john carlson to a long term ght years, $64 million. going to average 8 million a year for tt next years. caps were able to free up some space by trading brooks orpik andill little bit grubauer to colorado. carlson the second highe player behind alex ovechkin. the core o that team t.j. oshie and yevgen evgeny kuznets. >> earlier this w tk thanhe games lasteek.
6:35 am
this afternoon iran and portugal go head to b headset for twolock. you got two games at 10:00, two games at two ooh. that leaves a full hour in between. whatever shall we do with that? how about we bring you special coverage starting at noon today and we'll dohis every day this week through thursday, american soccer legend john harks is goingo be anchoring. they'll break down the best look ahead to the 2 o'clock matches plus some awesome special guests d.c. united players will help us out, mike thomas annie yu at some of the be watch parties. tune in today through thursday starting at noon right here on fox5. >> i really want to encourage you to tune in for my take on worl s cupcer. >> well, you' you'll be the rean i'm watching. >> john harks should be the reason you'reatching. he's a soccer guy. >> d.c. united, u.s. soccer, he really it. >> exciting.
6:36 am
>> i can't wait. >> warmed up? stretched. >> i've been watching lots of games. hopefully they'll let me kick the ball with him. when i get a little older i can brag i hit the ball wit john harks. i don't want toick the ball. i wentlo to a va game, d.c valor arena -- i know we' b tight i'm going to talk anyways. d.c. valor game with steve on saturday night and we had a chance to throw the football afte the gam >> i saw steve's awesome throw. >> yeah. 73 now. i guess we're not going too weather we're going to be in the mid 80's later today with lowllumidities. >> we'o weather at 6:45. >> we h fun at the game. >> they let you go the field afterwards and a little sore after runng two routes with you. >> like most boys we're like why throw from the 10 wnn we throw from the 40. >> i guess we'll do weather real quick. shou s betorm free an nice quiet afternoon.
6:37 am
couple beautiful days. monday,as tuesday look fantc low 80's.& >> how is traffic >> traffic isorine. at the val game i did hold the ball so tucker could punt it or kick it. >> almost char leap browned it didn't you. >> he kicked it over the thing and ruined the game for a second. >> in the neighbor's yard. >> yeah. 'll move on to traffic. the inner loop looks pretty good. wide opened in axandria. 395 minor delays. disa car north of the beltway blocks the shoulder all metro rail lines on time. you can s the 395 view right there th the main lanes just a little bit crowded. about a 10 minute slowdown t from the beltway to 14th street bridge. again metro rail linesme on . closed today for high standing water and debris. we'll iave more trafficn a few. >> still to comene a delivery driverw york gets in a crash. >> so, what do the first responders do? they make the driver is okay and then make sure the pizza getsos delivered. e details coming up in the trendihi story t morning.
6:38 am
pretty awesome. >> ♪
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6:40 am
>> ♪ >> 6:40. we're back with what is trendi on the web this monday morning. first up in an emotional interview roseanne barr expressed remorse for the racist tweet that made abc cancel the revival of her new show. she recordedtehe podcast
6:41 am
iniew with her long time iend who is a rabbi as well. barr said she made herself ane hatet. the rabbi asked her point blank how someone like who a lookst dr. martin luther king as a idol could write somethingr that contradicts he value system. she seyd i didn't mean what think i seant but that was painful but i have to face that it hurt people. >>firefighters nearch ester new york weren't going let a pizza customer unsatisfied after a delivery driver got into a car crash. other responding to the wreck on saturday the crew decid to finish the delivery. when they showed up they thanked t customer for deciding to order out and not risk burning food and setting f the fir alarm. and fally resorts in the popular vacatn spotf oe maldives getting fed up with instagram models expecting a free ride. luxury hotels have often given social media influencers free stays in exchang for
6:42 am
publicity. manyot business model is starting to wear thin because everybody is asking for freebies. i guess everybody thinks they're an influencer. some hotels haveanned the practice altogether and they'll just pay for their advertising. >> probably good dinosaurs ruled the box office thisha weekend. kev got a look at your weekend numbers ahead at 6 6:45ish. >> ♪
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♪ wow! ♪ find a world of spiration. find something you love today.c hanging selection.ev amazing prices. homegoods. go finding.
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>> ♪ >> live look at the wilson bridge. going to be s. tucker has your forecast coming up in how long al. >> just 10econds. >> ♪ >> all right. hope you had a great weekend. we got our weather headlines. let's get to it. favorite time of day. mix of sun and clouds today. going to be a beautiful monday days.beautiful coupl less humidity to look forward to today. should be plenty of sunshine at least the first half of the day and i don't think we'll get a thunderstorm until perhaps thursday with a warm front. by the end of the week it looks blazing hot around here. weekend.d 90's by we have some changes. the next couple days, let's tomorrow aftere got thed storminess through here last night looks quieter and less humidity. 73 now in washington.leonardtown
6:46 am
fredericksburg. 68 manassas. doing 60's off to our north and west. 66n winchester. and hagerstowns is 69 thi morning. not much to talk about. our front has comewe through. e looking at a little bit of stoiness can see itf kentucky earni this mor. our southstay to but some of these clouds will of us a little later this afternoon so i won't be a perfectly sunny day but it should still be a nice day and the best part less humidity as high pressure to our north is delivering arl nice northe wind this morning. winds are out of the north and west right now at about 10o 15. so, we should dry things out a little bit which is going to feel really good. 80's later today. comfortable i tonight, back the 60's and then we'll do 80's aga tomorrow before a bit of a warmup around here for wednesday. and thenea the realt gets in here the end of the week just in time for the beginning of our holidaykend. we going to call next weekend holiday weekend? i can't figure that one out. we will get some clouds this afternoon. i showed you a little area ofst. a pleasant afternoon.
6:47 am
next chance for sto on monday. look at the heat.e by the end of theek really next weekend mid 90's around here saturday, sunday probably monday as well as we're getting close to the fourth. all right. zip trip this week. whe are we going, guys? >> leisure world. >> oh, leire world in montgome w county. can'tait. going to be a lot of fun. hey,d erin. >> goo morning. 6:47 rightki now. ng a look at the roads and i can tell you metro rail lines onime but theic brk line departing martinsburg has mechanical isutes so watch o for that onour marc trains canceled metro iski honoringngs because of that service disruption. plan for that. 95 northbound, 27 minutes alst a half hour. heaviest volume from dumfries once you get tohe springfieldou interchange he up through annandale. 66, 45 minutes eastbound sudley road to the beltway. epical problem westbound still nice and quiet. and thend southboun kenilworth 15 minutes from the maryland line. down past benning road soep be pred fr that one. traffic right now on theuter loop up to almost a half hour
6:48 am
95 to the spur. aside fromt one againe. metro rail lines on time. inner loop looks 395 nund volume is increasing. 23 minutes in the main lanes from the beltway thr tgh 14th street bridge. hov lanes nice and quiet this morning. and don't forgethe white's ferry on the potomac csed, high standing water and debris out there. you'll need a few extra minutes to make your travel plans. we'll keep you updated.27 southbound still looking pretty good,or just congestion. back to you. >> 6:48 rightow. gay pride month draws to a close with parades and events across the country. i >> celebrations hn dozens of u.s. cities and towns over the weekend. steve rapport kes a cser look. >> reporter: pride parades fnationwideestive colorful celebrations taking placewe this end in states like california texas, minnesota, florida and, of course, new. york >> ♪ >> reporter: tennis legend billie jean king was among t grand marshals for new york cityde's prionvenient.
6:49 am
the parade in minneapolis became a demonstrationin aga police brutality following saturday's officers shootingla ofck man in a residential area. seattle's borders participants said they can identify with the flight faced by immigrants and other marginalized groups. >> no matter what you lookwh like, no mato you are we're all the same on the inside. ers say lgbtq communities have taken a step back. other people are using those setbacks as motivation to push even harder>> for gay rights. think we need just to kind of build our spirits up and, you know, like show ourselves there is aommunity that accepts us. >> reporter: pride month goes far beyond the massive p held in israel greece chile mexico and brazil. end of pridh commemoratethe the june 1969 police raid at new york's stonen. wal
6:50 am
gay rights movement.e in new york, steve rappaport fox news. >> growingct outrage in the di after a transgender woman was asked for identification to use the women's bathroom the northwest restaurant and ultimately kicked out when she refused. the woman says she was part of a bachelorette party celebration at cuba libre restaurant when she tried to l use theies' room. she says an a tendant told her thhe word female must be on her i.d. card to enter. eventually police were called. in a statement, the restaurante says it regret incident and that the woman was treated in an unacceptable manner. a california woman going viral all the wrong reasons. she was ticked off she says abecausen eight-year-old girl was selling water. thes girl's mother her daughter was selling water bottles outside of their disneyland. go to disneyland. allegedly asked theirl if sh had a permit to sell the this is what happened next. >> this woman don't let a little girl sell some water. an calling police on
6:51 am
eight-year-old little girl. you can hide all you wan w the world going to see you boo. >> illegally telling water without a permit.y. >> on my propert >> it's not your property, ho >> this woman don't want to let a little girl. >> that womanas been dubbed permit patti on the internet ps she says she never calledas police. sh only pretending to do so. shua acty says that she feels d remorseful foroing this. she also claims the little girl had been yelling for people to buy her wateras and that s frustrated by the yelling outside of the was working from homecause she that video hasnd been viewed ths of timesitnline. the le girl's familyays someone has since gifted her four ticts to disneyland. >> bet ards honor the best in mus film video and sports. jamie foxx hosted in los angeles. several artists with pretty good performances including meek mill who debuted his song about gun violence and police brutality. beyoncé tookome best
6:52 am
female, bruno mars won migosdn 't for group, drake won "blackartist a pantherly." >> anita baker lifetime >> kev is on the road in lake tahoe. >> he did leave us with a look at the box office all the way from lake tahoe. i'>> it's kevin mccarthy here in b tutiful lakeahoe for the movie bad times at the elroy. i'm sitting down with the entire cast. i cannot wait to geek out with jeff bridges daka johnson jon hamm and so ma more, the film comes out later tths ese are early interviews and i'll have them coming up on fox5. also want too over the box office. jurassic world crushed it with $1 million estimated at the box office. it h opened up in some foreign markets. it has made 7-eleven million dollars worldwide so far.
6:53 am
incredible two continues to crush at the box office with $80 million this weekend bringing itsal to well over $450 million worldwide so far. i'll be live with you guys later on this morning coming up in the 7:00 a.m. hour u'll see my interview with josh brolin for "sicario." i'll be live from lake tahoe so stay tuned. miss y a guys love you guys in the studio but i'm here in lake tahoe. kevin mccarthy fox5 local news. >> that is so pretty. >> it'sck on met list. >> kevin is in tahoe and we'll headed to silver spring. >> sounds fair. >> it's advantage us. we'll be zip tripping to a community manyayf you m have heard about but never wen to.wei world. allison going to go. tony tucker a erin, everybody is going to be there fraytarting at 6:00 a.m. here's t dea this was one that we -- the general public really can't come to because leisure world
6:54 am
is private. but you're not going to miss what we're going to be sharing from friday's show. 'll have it all on fox5 you. you can all enjoy it, learn more about leisure world. >> can't wait. get ready to ride in style this summer with our fox5 zip trips. go to now through august 19th andnter for your chance to win a two two-year lease on a new 2019 acura tlx fiche finalists will be selected on all 20. all finalists must attend the final zip trip. all entrants mustr. be 18 or the prize is provided by d.c. area acuraul dealers. complees available at >> and don't worry we'll be back outhe the rest of summer at all the places, all the great fox5 viewers can come out and say hello. >> i'm totally excited. fun to do something different, right. >> i've never been inside the gates. >> i haven't either. >> maybe can put a down payment on something, too. >> doesn't it have like a great big --
6:55 am
>> the globe.ou >> the globetside of the entrance. i'm looking forward to it. weather looks. fantastic t should be a mix of clouds and sun. weoml have s clouds so i don't want tot oversell part -- aspect of the forecast but lower humidity and daytime highs in the l 80'so it should be a nice afternoon. reagan national right now i 73 dulles is 71 bwi marshallmu 67. of the area is in the 60's to start your day. there you go. so, the front came through est night, som locally heavy rain. we are de wit that and just i wan to point out quickly the rain y showersou see into extreme authwest virginia eastern kentucky that little area of storminess stays to our south but we'll see some clouds associated with it later today. so we'll go partly sunny but low humidity and low 80's for daytimene highs. couple days look great. comfortabl tonight, back in the 60's. tomotaow looks fanic. start to heat it u wednesday, maybe a storm with that the heas on by the ende of the week. saturday and sunday, temperatures in the mid 90's so plan accordingly.
6:56 am
i'll be alternating between steve's pool and eri pool this weekend. >> i did invite you. >> you did invite me. >> and i'll feed you snacks. >> well, steve, you're going to have to up your offer.o >> would do you ha offer. >> i think you'll have a fun timet a erin's place. >> steve has a rooftop pl. i can bring snacks to steve's col and wean combine parties. >> why don't you come over and send tucke your place. >> i see what you did. see all the fshing lights big police and ambulance presence left lane getting by. aside fromun that 295 northbo minor delays you can see volume is increasing nine minutes from the beltway to the 11thtreet bridge. and then as we make our way out, 695 westbound pennsylvia avenue to the street tunnel minute trip there. you can see some volumeng increasi and then we're also southbound kenilworth 14 minutes maryland line to the 11th street minutes delay sudley road to the beltway, 66 eastbound things in upper marlboro increang in volume on four. keep it to fox5 morning. 7:00 a.m. hour we're coming
6:57 am
right up. >> ♪ here's money for pizza. here's the wi-fi password, but, if you go online while the boys are onlinew here'the internet cana. here'down and... password, they don't like it. you guys don't have fios? [mrs. jeings] oh-no. but it's a 100% fiber-optic network with ridiculous speeds. reyou could have, like, a d devices online at rested, talk later. reyou cobye boys! like, a d devices online at gdon't even think aboutng online. woah... i can't work like th. the 100% fiber-optic network so get a fios triple play with a 2-year agreement,e. and choose a free samsung chromebook 3 or credit towards other samsung tech.
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ben jealous -- youngest nof the naacp.dent endorsed by maryland teachera bee he'll fully fund our schools. foendorsed by the nurses r his medicare for all plan.w noalous is endorsed by the baltimore sun, saying, "in his leadership, mr. jealous he has the s and gravitas to be a leader that marylanders ." turn to in difficult t maryland, it's time for bold victories and new leadership. ben jealous. governor. to be a leader that marylanders ." turn to in difficult t
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> right now at 7nd0. if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restauant, in a department store, at gasoline station, you get outou and yreate a crowd. >> the immigration debate gets personal with the trumpst adminition with calls from one congresoman to harass thene president's staff wher they're in the personal pleaing just one day after press secretaryrs sarah s is kicked out of a virginia restaurant because she works for the president. >> why you touching my bag, you.u have any i.d. on
7:00 am
based on the gun i recovered. >> ion't care. that wasn't me. >> was a policetrncounter in theict unethical. several men are seahed while sitting outside of a barbershop. why some are calling it illegal. primary preview. as maryland voters get ready to head to the polls tomorrow, thousands of you may be at risk of not being able to cast a ballot. e the clerrror that could cause big issues on election day. and a pregnancy watch. will the national zoo soon welcome a brand new panda cub? fox57: morning00 a.m. starts now. >> ♪ >> good monday mning. >> if you're just waking up this monday, here's a live look outside. going to be a gorgeous day. nice and sunny. >> i like it. less humidity, too. let's get aer check on weath and traffic. >> you said it.king. beautiful day, lowow 80's, l humidity and it should be a dry monday. all the details on our forecast. got a heat t wave on seven-day. erin. >> like thatt


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