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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  August 16, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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lits. paul you tal with the nun today. she's goto be frightened about this. >> oh, it's incredible story couple hours ago that i d satown here in house on 13th street northwest. she still has the bruises on her arm where this man manhandled her on tuesday 20 to 4 in the afternoon. to are ree what happened in that house is incredible. let her tell some of . take a listen. >> hefras antic. yeah, he was -- he wasou nerv he was he was eager to like get in, get money and get out.e where' money, where's the money i don't know how any times he saidthat. he was shoving me back c down i hair and then back into that little cubbyhole in the basement. and he>> --. on.had a blouse pu me.ld grab me by that and he wanted to kind of keep me b with him,ut he wanted to look for money. the gunman was incredibly brazen. he first climbed up on a ferce
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in ord to get to the air conditioner on the first floor of the house, pulling i out. and then letting it crash to the ground before making entry into the home. once inside ban looki for money before the sister who was in the basement heard someone inside and paul called out. that's when theunman arms wherethere's still bruises three days demanded a pin for a credit he cart, but the sister says she never using atm and told the ma. that at one point he put the gun to her head and asked, do you want to die? as the home invasion went on, the man went into the basement taking sister with >> that's when she got brave enough to make an aempt to call 911. here again is the sister. >> he was making a lot o noise. heroom was a mess. i n into the front room again where we have a land line, and i called 911, and i heard him
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running up the stairs. if he heard me on the phone he knew i was calling 911. i imagine he would guess it. so he ran up. so the person on 9 was very fine. i gave the address. i said there's an intruder.n she said stay o the line, i said i'm afrai guy is still in the house. >> now tho photos we showed you with dc police officers with guns drawn outside the house war right that call was made to 911: those photographs were given us by the sisters wok it from inside the house. the man did get away with a number of things. he actually had a bag. he took a computer. he took an ipad. he took money and at this point he is not under arrest. so tdc police to get this information out there tonight bout how this man pulled this off and how brazen he was. back t you guys in the studio. >> reporter: all right. let's check the weather right now, gwen's in the wea aer center with first check of the forecast as we look into the
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weekend. hey there. >> hi. who can sticky and humid is whaa we've beling with and that pattern's going to i continueo our weekend. also eyes to the skies little bit, that's what's been l happening thet couple of da. right now 89 under mostly cloudy southwesterly flow fai light h moving in so it feels like a hot appear sticky 95 degrees.ri elsewhght now, temperature-wise, we've got 86 at culpeper. 88 at baltimore this a hournd annapolis. 90 degrees, however, ffr erick and westminster, 87 at hagerstown and 86 degrees a martinsburg. so herehe a look at feel like for you. feels like95 it's as we showed you in the city the same at annapolis. 91 at leonardtown and 97 degrees at fredericksburg. as far as sky conditions are concerned, just a fewso ited pop-up showers and a couple oer store and there primarily right w to areas of the south and along areas of the eastern shore. so just keep thatmi in . otherwise we're not looking ate anything reallng widespread. here's aook at your evening forecast if you're getting yourt
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friday in on the town. by the 9:00 o'ock hour about 81 degrees as we move through into the later hours those chances of storms willdi minish. your full forecast coming up in a bit. back to you. let's get to more breaking news this time out of prince men e's county where two were found dead inside of a clinton home. >> officers were called to the on more dent drive just after nn today. fox5's ayesha kahn isive in clinton. ayesha what's the lest on the hey there, good evening. it's a pretty active scene here he in prince george's county, the clinton area. that's the scene behind me, if you can s t that oneree back there by the police, the yellow tape is covering that is the house that policeoo areking into, and they have nosmuch information ao what may have led to this deadly shooting. detectiveson't believe that this crime is a randomnd act there's no apparent danger to e but earlday sky fox was over the scene when prince george's county police say they
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got the call for a welfare check a little after noo today. this is at the home at the 17 -o 11 tand 700 block of te mo drive in the clinton area. s now police when they got inside ty found not j one but tw adult men shot to death. again, no information yet o what may have been the motive and police a haven't beenble to release any information yet ony who are looking for. back out here live, we are waiting for someone from the police department to come out and talk with us and provide us withe information as this in astigation is a veryctive investigation. back to you. >> police are looking for a man whote prompd a major scare today in new york city. investigatorsan say this left two rice cookers near a subwaysation in lower manhattan. a third device was found on the sidewalk in the city chelsea neighborhood where a pressure cooker bomb went off bk in 2016. at least 30 people were injured new details about a threat near the embassy of israel this
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morning. the seet service says a man wearing what appeared to be a bulletproof vest carrying a knife was arrestedlonsive team checked out the man's car prompting road closures for several hours.ed the man was charg with carrying a dangeroweapon. also following new developments tonight in theack and forth invitation between israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu and two frequefmen members o congress. fox5's marina marraco live in the news . >> a new twist, net yahoo reversing corresponds say one of the congress women,hida talib could come tosr il on humanitarian grounds so she could visitr her 90 yea old grandmother who lives i the west bank. unfortunately she turned down e offer saying in a tweet she will not h be meetier grandmother under oppressive co. israel initially denying entrance to her and omar. omar is sll barred from visiting the country. >> if they are permitted to do
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gitation as members of t american government, it's going to be aug h boost to the movement internationally. >> and president trump appears to have set this controversy in motion when he said that is reel would show great weakness if the country allowed the coness women to visit. some experts believe the president'shelationship wit benjamin netanyahu will only intensify overhe coming months as he makes a push f reelection. jim. >> a man's in custody after an incident inside of the cafeteria of a northern virginia high school. he reportedly got on board a headed to stafford high school n yesterday g then tried to steal food from the calf dear i can't. 26 year old's not being t identifiedhe sheriff. they september him to a lal hospital for evaluation. >> residents and tourists will have to wait a little longer to into the washington monument. national park service announced it will now reopenn september 19th. it was initially supposed to e monument has been closed since 2016 as crews word on a new security building and improvement to its elevator
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dozens of dogs, three cats and two turtles seized from a home in montgomery county cause of poor liv conditions. investigators say this all happened off bealsville road in dickers son and one of the dogs taken turned out to have been missinyears ago by another owner. fox5's anjalhemphill is live more on this tonight. anjali? >> reporter: sarah, right now there are two separate investigations in this case. one into the cditions these dogs were living in, the second, how that lost dog from two years ago ended up at this home. shelter have a of dogs to take care of as it owis. th have to figure out where to put more than 60 new animals at the shelter now. listen. >> hey. ere. >> hi. we're with the news. we wanted to see if you wanted to talk to us. >> would you get off my property please, though. y>> reporter: asou can see, we went by than home i dickerson today but the womanho came to the door did not want to speak
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to reporters. neighbors, however, tell us that bread golden retrievers and lab for 20 years. we also found a web site for ri morning sp kennels listed to the adess off bealsville road. however investators are not confirming any of that as this case remains under investigation and right now no charges have been filed but a talf 59 dogs, three cats and two turtles were seized from that property after a report of possible animal cruelty and investigato f say thound them to be living .n poor conditio now, when the dogs were brought to the shelter here, they were all scanned for micro chips and officials dcovered that one of the dogs, justua one,lly belonged to somebody else. they found that off of the information on themicrochip, and that dog also had been reported missing two years ago. crazy. it's still not clear exactly how that dog wased mixn these other dogs,ow it ended up at the house but we're told it has been reunit o with iriginal owners. listen. >>ngy understandis they're.
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very h they were very happy to be reunited. and the connection between there will obviously be reestablished and i know with theird excitemet an enthusiasm, i think that dog's happy to be home. and the's a c with licensing and micro chipping and all that, but you also getour animal back. so that'sn -- and this case, you know, two years later. we've had cases, dogsave been missing for three or four years and from all over the countr and, you know, we've been able to reunite them, if they want them back, with their previous owners. >> reporter: all right. the lesson hear, always microchip your pets, right? and also, because thi investigation is still active, we were not allowed to see those rescue dogs t we were able t get in and get some video of several other dogs at the shelter that all need loving homes. tomorrow, guys, iua the event called clear the sheltersd where they try a get as many animalsdopted as possible in one day, so officialsin areg that this will make room for the
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almost 60 dogs that they just unexpectedly took in. clear the shelters is a national event. it runs from 11:00 to 5:00 tomorrow only.le as you can see py of dogs here available for adoption, but if you're interested in possible adopting anyf those dogs from this most recent ca, it's goingt least before they're ready to go ho. guys. still akoad tonight north rea launching a new round of misses. what doe this mean for future talks between the usnd the rowing nation. in>> and tensions circulatg in hong kong ahead of a mass on demonstration unday. the latest on the protests. >> first dale earnhard and his family involved in airry plane crash. they're okay. new deils on the crash coming up next. ♪ ext. ♪
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federal investigators trying to figure out what caused racing gend dale earnhardt junior's plane to crash into flames. earnhardt and his familyere on their way to a racehen the plane made a hard landing in tennesseeyesterday. the plane rolled off the runwa before going up in flames. everyone mad it out alive. >> the only word i can say is that they were extremely lucky. >> earnhardt was the only one sent to the hospital. he was treated and released last night. the family sai in a statement, everyone is doing well. all right.n time to check with gwen now for the latest on the weather out there. >> yes. >> how are thingslooking? >> not too bad.e a couple l storms have popped up,t kind of like wha
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we've had the last day or so. nothing majorhank goodness and as we get into the weekend h sticky and humid. take a look, this is a shot in northwest dc people are out enjoying the start to the weekend, taking a nice little walk, riding a moped there good news for us, we're not talking any major rainfall area. the i'm always happy when i can at least say that a little bit of activitye elsewherthough showing up on storm track d radarown here to the south, lower southern marylannt into souther ral parts of virginia, they're seeing a lite bit of a pop-up storm and these are kind of like hit and miss as far as we are concerned for tonight, that's what we're talking about in the forecast. in the next few hours these will be out of the way, going to lose me of thataytime heating, right now a strong storm is moving its way across saint mary's county heading off to the northeast about five miles an hour or so and spotsylvanithgot hit wi storm and they've had a report of trees down there. these storms have had a little bit of a punch but they' not expected to last too long.
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temperature buys kicking in at 89 degrees right now in the nation's capitol, 85 at dulles, 90 at frederick and westminster, 80 degrees for quantico, 87 at fredericksburg, btimore and annapolis at 88 degrees, andhe feel-like temperature, which is going to start i to incrento the weekend as humidity starts to rise a little bit, feels like 95 degrees right now at dc, 92 at manassas, 97 at fredericksburg, however, and 92 degrees ad frederick. your forecast for tonight then 75 degrees for an overnight lowm it's , it's muggy, a little bit on the stucky side, make sure you s hydrated. winds from the southeast are we'll ce to have that muggy hid air sticking around right into saturday and sunday. spea of those two days, here's the forecast. 92 on saturday, spotty storm, up with again hit and miss kind of varietyater in the day but a hot and sticky humid sunday at 94 with the same story. caitlin will be back in a bit and have the full seven-day
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forecast forou. sarah? anothero day of p democracy prngests in hon that brought out thousands ofor demonstrat they were back on the streets after a week tt saw the city's main a port shut down and and a violenpo rnse from police. chine forces carried out crowd ntrol exercises crook the border. adng to fears of a violent crack down by the government feared to be terrorism. leaders in hong kong are hoping to avoid military interven fon. >> we allace tremendous pressure, but i can tell you,e are confident that we have the capability to maintain law and order in hong kong. >> a major pro democracy mashs planned for police have d protesters a y permit but they sa they'll still be there. >> nth korea is at i again firing off two more short range th is the sixth missile test the north hast conducted the pas few weeks, shortly after the missile firing a government
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spokesman lashed out at south korea's president saying the north has no plans to tall with sole. >> not for sale. that is theord from the prime minister of the danish territory. her comments coming after theou wall streernal saying thees president had it in buyingnl greed. >> it feels as if he's very patronizing. it doesn't feel like he understands likereality, and it's stupid. >> he can buy anything, iguess. this is what he think he can. but you can't. sorry. >> about 60 thousand people live on the island. here's the thing. the us has tried to buy greenland in the past first in t 1867 andhen again in 1946. d,> still ahea loudoun south is moving one in the lit league world series. wealre live with the excitement. >> first a pokemon pty in the district, we're going to take
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you inside the world pokemon ch pionships. >> and fox5 was zip tripping iny land today. we're going to show you all the sights and sounds from our visit to hagerstown next. to hagerstown next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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our good daydc crew hit the road for zip trip friday and this week we traveled to sh ington county to check out hagerstown he's a look at the sigs and sounds of the day. ♪ >> yes! we are getting our groove on today. >> at's up? how's everybod what's up? what's up? ♪ ♪ >> hey, this is how we do it in hagerstown. >> where's your family morning? >> at home looking at me on tv, prse go hall lay lieu i
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cat. >> the ishe most sexiestdie. he's so good looking and heerything. crypt you gave her tucker? he >> yeah. uh-huh. >> very fast.od we're going to attack. all right? watch thi ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> baby shark? what's that? you got your act together. >> yeah. >> you know, all i was worriedt was where the party was when i was your age, not going to lie. kind o still what i concerned about. vei've worked erywhere so i know that i have o nother talents. i manot have a talent in
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weather but at least i love what i do. so this is rlly my calling life and i feel very lucky i get to do it every day. >> thank you everybody, evybody for coming out today, we love you guys, thank you for coming out. >> thank you. >> and there are just two zip t. next week the crew is heading t falls church. we'll be liv at the cherry hill farm house off park avenue by cherry hill park. mike, allison and holly will all be there. the world i bringing thousands of pokemon fans to dc for thepo mon world championships bringing people together at the wash convention center. players fromes 45 cou will be competing for half million dollars in prize money. >> it's the ultimate pokemon experience. once they come out here they can pokemon players in the world. three age divisions. when you'reld 12 year o and you're the wor champion it's something. >> also pokemon themed ents for spectators.
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speaking of as a way to promote the worldon champiips, pikachu was posing forhe photos at national gallery of t. >> heading up at 5:30 america has a favorite new fast food restaurant. we'll tell you which chain took down starbucks. >> one giant leap for spa tourism. how many people already signed up for a trip that is out of tisha lewis is live in loudoun county withhat she's tisha? >> hi sarah, jim, a big cooratulations t the loudern south ttle league team advancing to the little league world series, plenty of swag in dick's sporting goods. thatt. story and details ♪ congratulations to the loudern
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alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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a year and $100 back. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobilor click, calisit a store today. welcome back. almost 5:30 on a friday.
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so another w tk como a close. oh, it's been such a long week of humidity and clouds and thunderstorms out i'm afraid we're just going to heat things up as we head into the weekend.hopefully getting a more sunshine. radar right now just a few isolated showers, well south and ea of us. i don't think we'll see anything in the metro this ening. we certainly haven't seen much e today from a couple of passing owers earlier this afternoon. 89 in dc rig now, hazy thanks to that high humidity. temperatures he will where mainly in the 80s although some of us did crack 9 today, 90 in frederick, 91 in westminster, 88 inis annapol82 in leonardtown and 80 in quantico who had some earlier showers and thunderstorms rumble through. yourorecast for tonight, it's another evening where we' got few storms out there.that wille past sunset, remaining just warm and muggyoollowing back t 75, another warm night. up the anti with our
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t and humid 92 feeling like ow upper 90s, couple of showers and thundetorms can't rule it out. this weekend is bringing the he. are you ready for our seventh heat wave of the summer? tha startstomorrow, lasts well into next week. and i'll have all tho numbers still ahead as we take a look af youll seven-day forecast. in the meantime back to you >> jim lokay here fox5 news room tracking the stories we're friday.g on first up a homicide investigation underway in prince george's county.ho two men foundt to death there. police went to a home on mordente drive in clinton around noon today after being asked to perform a welfarcheck. bodies.when they found the investigsay they don't think the killings are random and nohreat to the community. indate on bg news at the top of the newscast, major computer outages impacting customers across the country including dulles and bwi in our area. the pictures you're seeing right now are from dulles r around00 4: this afternoon, hundreds of people stuck ere. dc police looking for a man
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who terrorized a catholisi anyoe tuesday, to her home .he n handled her and ransacked the place. at one point pointed a gun at her he and asked if she wanted to die. the victim was able to break 43 and call 911. >> a man armed withfe a k and flagged as suspicious was flagged outside of israel this o ing. the man wearing what appeared to be bulletproof vest was arrested. an explosivesut teams checked for several hours.rose c the man charged with carryinger ous weapon. time is up for o thousandsf maryland driversho need those new real id licenses. the state has recalled about 8,000 real id licenses that don't comply with federal laws.y reached out to many drivers, some even getting phone calls. if you're won of e affected drivers you have to bringri socl ty cards and other or paperwto the mva to get proper id. effective drivers who get pulled over and don't have onel who said your license.
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you've beenwarned. >> we'll all be in line october 2020. >> need those to fly. we are cheering on loudoun south after their big win over rhode island today in the league world series, after a hu home run by brady yates. the team beat rhode island three zip. fox5 tisha lewis joins us now on with mor the story. hey tisha. >> what some celebration without some swag plenty of it at godick's sporting s, you can see it behind me along with the team picture along with the hats and caps and this congratstory sign greeting customers as you come into the store alonge with even mor hats. all of this is to celebra the young team's big win,istory happening before our eyes and we were there for it all. [ [cheers and applause]]. >> reporter: family friends gathered this morning at glory days in northern virginia. thiss apparen the first
5:33 pm
time a virginia team has been in the little league world series tournament in more than two decade the last time was 1994. again we started the morning with the loudoun south family friends and fans in stone ridge. it was emotional for some families as they watched history unfold. >> i've been a part ofhis since the very beginning and it outpouring of well wishes and support from the community, from the district, from the state, even from across the united states.he so overwlming but in a really, really good way. >> s it's been a long summer. these kids haven't had any suveer vacation, they han't been able to go to the eypool. haven't had, you know, any time to themselves. they've been playing baseball ery single day and their families have ten off of work. >> reporter: that's right. and the long summer continues for this team, but the celebration is underway for today's big win. up next, sunday at 11:00 mark your calendars, little league
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loudoun south will take on minnesota again at 11:00 on sund in williamsport. back to you guys inhe studio. if i was in their shoes i had a chanceo meet a couple of guys i loop to and stuff that i was alys remembering. >> that is nationals short stop trea turner in great falls today making lasting memories and helping out hundreds of little league baseball plars giving way new baseball equipment courtesies of adidas and. they got to ask him questions about playing big leagueball. turner and the nats are at home this week taking on the brewers. still ahe tonight, facebook under fire, a new lawsuit claims the sociamedia site faile to warn users about risks. but first, how often do you change your underwear? what a new study reveals about thema rity ofam erican's hygiene habits that's sureo make you g. ♪ [music plaacng] (vo) this is matthel.
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>> stories for fox5 news at six. >> blake andar mina in the news room with what's coming up in the next hour. >> i know nothing about cars but i know this is special because orits sold $6.5 million. we are talking theouble 0 sevecar, aston martin db five.s apparently it' impressive i'll tell you what's inside it and who bought this. >> you sou like an pert. >> just trying to sell it. >> cing upt 6:30, tmz caugh up with one of ufc's biggest stars. he thinks connor macgregor should g to jail after what we told you yesterday happening in an ireland bar. we'll have that coming up with tmz. >> the lesson is if somebody offers you a shot you take it. simple as that. much more that story at 6:00 and 6:30. >> space board new mexico is now the new headquarters for virgin
5:39 pm
ga lat particula featuring the gala lounge which they call the gateway to space for future astronautsbo the company saysut 600 people he already reserved trips to space which cost about $250,000 a ticket. >> tie xi another mind body exercise may give us boost as we get older, resechers say ey build cognitive and working memory. it can also help senior cwiizens skills. learning and verbal a >>ew push in maryland o to crack n drunk driving the state testing out new technology toeep drivers off the roads called the driver alcohol detection system for safety. he's how it work if you've been out for a couple of drinks and been in the wheel, the technology will detect your breath. if it detects alcohol it will not move. olthey'll test the togy on certain cars for a year. >> stillhead tonight, would you wear a body suit made with bacteria to eliminate your body >> wearing one rightw. and try before you buy. take you inside azon's new 4-star store that's letting
5:40 pm
people test things out before they buy them. >> i havma ange in my head i don't like. plus the fox5 top fiv from a hungry raccoon stuck in a vending machine to a bad ban did it that was extra clamsly. the best caught on cera moments. cane lynn. >> you haven't noticed how good jim smells? body suit. we all need one this t weekend. emperature getting a little too hot to handle. watch this through the weekend into early next week, definitely sweating as we watch those teheeratures rise well int mid 90s with the humidity, heat index 100 plus as that heat peaks monday and tuesday. anothe round of it this summer is coming our way. your full seven-day forecast after the break when fox5 returns.
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welcome back an update on
5:44 pm
the breaking news we told you a bit ago about that major computer outage affectings cuat airports across the country. sky fox is live over dulles airport.g we're ge word some of the systems are back on line. passengers are being processed but they' doing it manually which is certainly taking moreho time than it would work for those passengers this is affecting dulles and bwi airports in our area so just a heads up if you know anybody flying in or out, they may be caught up in that mess there at dulles talk about amazon right now. you can try some ofhe company's top trading properties at a four star store inse tle. lets them test electronics games and books before buying. the 2,000 selected itemsre base an popularity. a lot of customers like to co s in store andtill be able to touch, feel test drive the products before they buy them. so we have tried to bring that concept in t this store to allow customers to browse and discover products they'll love. >> most of the items are rated
5:45 pm
four stars o above on customer reviews. restaurants that have been around for decades are getting used to delivering those meals popularity of food delivery sing apps. for example last year red lobster sold most of its dinners throughdelivery. other big chance like mcdonald chipotle are available. a new svey found last year americans spent m e than $10 billion on food that they ordered through an app. >> ases ataurant owner you have to look at a variety of different options gn how toet your food out there, your and your business. >> grub hub, door dash ube eats are among the most popular options. >> chick-fil-a dominating the fast food industry topping a list of a industry brand mcompany. the studyeasures consumer's otional connection to 15 fast food places chick-fil-a went from being the runner up to kicking starbucks out of first place. dunk in, the chain formally
5:46 pm
known as dunkin' donuts was unding out the top five. bellr meanwhile, this is apparently a think, fried chicken iphone cas, winning and drum sticks available for 15 bucks. he maker says they're 3-d meats, not the real thing but looks like it. serve as a make shiftoc popket to make your phone easier to hold. >> i don'tant a fried chicken tinder on the back of my phone, real or not. >> no, what's the point? >> right. time now i 5:46, taking a live look right now at ocean s city maryland. like people are starting to filter in there at the beach weekend. caitlin roth is standing by witf your fullecast in ten conds. beach weekends winding down. we have this go ahead with next
5:47 pm
and then it's labor day weekend and that is very hard to believe. summ racing by. plenty of summer weather to have though beginning with this weekend. another heat wave inwohe s. out there this evening.storms pretty spotty, though. we're not seeing much anywhere near the metro. there's just a couple down to our uth and east, i'll show you on radar in just a minute. weekend brings the heat, talking out temperatures once again well into the 90s. i think w going to finally scour out the clouds by sunday. it looks like we'll have some more sunshine because it's been a gloomy fewatdays. does peak early next week so the hottest temperatures by the way notven occurring this weekend, yikes. 89 was t high at reagan,8 at dulles, 89 at bwi. i' had a l of people tell me the whole we p's beentty hot becausit's been really h all week. so it is tou to just look down the future t at allhe 90 degree days headed our way. so outside right now, 88 ine, balt 88 in annapolis as the weekend has begun, 91 in westminster, 90 in frederick, 88 in cumberland. big picture, satellite radar,t
5:48 pm
of cloud cover and showers well south andast of us, this front remns draped along the coast and you have to go prett far north and west to e a decent among of clearing. home in dc s, we haven'teen much in the form of showers. there's just one cell down in staffordounty and if you're under this it's pouring. thunder and lightningrom fredericksburg eastward through stafford county very isolated storm its elf elf driftrog northeast ward pbably cross the potomac so heads up western chs county you may see this headed your tay otherwisehat's all we've got out there. weekend outlook, bermuda high setting up that will pump in more heat and humidity starting tomorrow. by sunday i think w that high pressure system more positioned more sunshine but, yeah, dog t days of summer indeed as we are looking at temperatures rising well no the 90s. and if you have outdoor plans, the thunderstorm chances are pretty minimal which is good. here's futurecast. anything that pops this evening will dissipate with sunset and we're good overnight. tomorrow once again battling the
5:49 pm
haze and the clouds. i do think satury is going to it's not really tilunday that we get a lot of sunshine. isolated thunderstorm chance for saturday afternoon, then that comes and goes prettyy, quickl saturday night its looks great forel your evening out. into resunday, going to wake up with more sunshine, i think r sure but that will allow it to get hotter, isolated ay thunderstorms on . 92 for tomorrow, heat index king it feel like it's in the mid topper 90s, sunday 94, dew points risg into the70s, going to feel like 100 at times during peak heating. i'm t about, eveget as hot as d days, mondayboth looks dry, tuesday maybe a shower or thunderstorm, not until a front ursday that we start seeina good chance of thhiderstorms.g i t by this time next week we'll finally be on the other side o h thet wave, cooler nexthriday of 85. if you'rech going to the bea
5:50 pm
this weekend, we saw lhatovely shot of ocean city maryland, battling low cloud coverage in the morning for sureshine in the afternoon and bliss entry cooler high temperatures onlyn the mid 80s, that atlantic's going to feel good, ocean teerature up to 70 degrees. back over to you. >>t cue the musicis time for the fox5 top five, the best caught on camera t videos he week. >> tonight we are taking you through all t must see moments. first up, number five. aaccoon trying toneak a snack from a school vending machine in florida because florida. school officials called animal control andether they wheeled out the vending machine encouragement le the raccoon finally climbed out and ranaway. so they brought -- there he goes. >> he's like i'm getting out of here. >> freedom. >> going to run for it. >> is that concerning? fruit snacks looked good. aug har breaks into an g ohio dollareral taking some tumbles along way. surveillance video captus him falling time and time again,
5:51 pm
evenllaking a off a shopping cart. he eventually made off w cigarettes alcohol food and electronics. police released it hoping they could identify it. maybe he alady had alcohol. >> look for the person falling over repeatedly. number three police arrested a murderer trying to break into a shop in washington, he never made it iide but the disguise he wore is gettingattention, underwear on his hksd and soc on his hands, as one es. >> i hope it wasan c >> underwear. surveillance cameras captured an suv to pull up the dispensary, he used a crowbar to try and pry olopen,ice showed up and he was taken into custody. number two. where you guys going? i think we're going to go toro thad house and then maybe a movie. >> which movie are you guys going to go see? >> hello? >> hello my young daughter. hold on one minute. what movies are you guys going to go see?
5:52 pm
>> wow a massachusetts dad grilling the boyfriend there using his doorbell ring camera to give his daughter's date the business. to instagram where it quickly wonder if there was a second date. >> i'm afraid to see where that one went and how much dad knew. number one my favorite of ek the we ♪ >> tah,t's it right there. thent embarra makes it all worthwhile. woman discovered her often makes a similar sound to usher's song yeah. y there have it. i love it. >> >> i can't believe it makes that sound.ey di arrange this? >> that works and then somebody edited the song in and it's fu perfect. >>nny. i love it. >> yeah. >> best mom of the year. all right. if you're worried about having option, they developed body suit called skin two, it
5:53 pm
contains healthy bacteria that reduces body odor sweat does not cause bad body owedr bacteri does. the company says the good bacteria will fight the bad. it's strategically placed in parts of the suitrehere you a most likely to sweat. >> people arein bg more aware of sustainability and the envidnment. they're conc about the food that they're eating and the cosmetics they're putting onei r skin. but less is known about the toxic chemicals that are in ourt clng. become more aware of wellness clothing. >> wellness clothing developers say they hope to use the technolog to design sports wear. >> new numbers suggest americans aren't changing their underwear a daily pays is. >> it is oh, mgod. i love that we're using this video. >> i think it is ease appropate. this was the pantsless day on the subway. underwear company tommy john surveyed a thousand people and found 45 percentore the same
5:54 pm
pair for two days or longer. 13 percent wore the same for a week or more. >> that's insane. >> men a were two andalf more times likely to wea their underwear for more than a day. >> not the women. >> right, right. all i'm going to say is, i am not one of t>>m. no. >> i am very -- >> i change twice a day. >> careful aut that. >> i'm like people are going multiple days. >> george ca stance a had a goal in life and some days i'll get to that. 365 pair of underwear so you never have to ar the same pair, a clean pair every day for the year. >> i go through a lot changing twice a day. by chance? apparently it canot say a l about your personality. according to a new study, back sleepers fell asleep the e considered early birds astar d andent verse. side mleepers get thet amount of sleep but take longer to get to bed. they're also categorized as both night owls and ex row verse. i don't know about this. an for those who sleep on their stomachs, the study found you're just crazy.
5:55 pm
i'm sorry. you fall right in the middle of getting the right amount of sleep and mix ofent verityed a extroverted. >> i'm a side sleeper and i don't get the most. >>e too. >> we both agree that's not true. >> and it's a mix. >> yeah. >> tha study's all wrong. >> still aad and noon at six, a ride in virginia honoring those w lost the lives in 9/11. they failed to worn people about the thrisks. at's coming up next. ♪ 1j
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z3g2yz znz
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y y31jny
5:58 pm
more criticism for capital one after the massive data breach from employees. employeeraised concerns within the company about staffing anissues in the cyber security unit. they also warned the bank was
5:59 pm
slow to install software for hacks. the hacker accessed personal information for more than a million dollars credit card applicants. facebook datareach in 2018, they claim facebook could havee ted them. the lawsuit says the sign job tool was vulnerable to hackers and failed to warn> them. >> i'll see you onox5's like it or not at 7:00 o'clock. more news right now with marina and sarah. right now at 60,g news, havoc across the country as a computer outage impacts tens ofhousands of travelers including at dulles andbwi. what we know about the customs shutdown. gunman terrorizes a anyone inside her home here in northwest. she tells her story tonight at 6:00. >> an emotional ride through northern virginia. how many paid their respects to those who lost their lives on
6:00 pm
9/11. your news at 6:00 starts now. first at 6:00 a fox5 exclusive.e dc polic looking for this guy. a man they say terrorized a catholic nun inside her northwest home this week. >> that man pointing at pistol a her head and asked if she wted todie. fox5 paul wagner the only local report to speak with that nun and live in columbia heights with those details. paul? >> repter: hi there ladies. i did sit down with t sister earlier today, and s did tell her story. of course we're not identifying her. we're not showing her face. but she did show me bruises all along her left arm wheres man had grabbed her and man handled her through the house telling her to sit down in one coeer of the basement whi ransacked some of he rooms inside the house. it was quite anrd ol for this n nun her 70s. the man had broken in through


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