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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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ince george's county going ce ir door to door looking for clues after they say a man tried to sexual assault a woman. where it hapned and how the victim got ay. >> i'd be scared and i'd probably freak out. >> a scare for virginia families onto a school and got insidek of a high school. how police are handling it > another hot and humid day tomorrow. temperatures heading into the 90s. an it will continue into your g sunday. i'veot those details coming up with your foreca. the new at 11:00 starts right finight, breaking news out of montgomery county. police say thisewborn girl was found abandoned in t woods in
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silver spring. the baby is in stable condition at a local hospital. police say they r receivedorts of a baby crying off of 10 brook drive this afternoon. they found the newborn in that wooded area several feats from i sidewalk. ce say the baby could possibly be hispanic. they're now looking for the anyone with information is asked to conct police. this is a good time to remind safe haven law that allows a a parent to give up a baby without any problems. parents have up to ten days before a child isnv born tooke safe haven. you n leave it with a responsible adult at a designated location like a hospital or police station. the parent would not face trouble as long as the baby is no a harmed. nother story we're following tonight at 11:00 police in prince george's county looking r a man accused of trying to sexual assault a woman. >> police took flyers around ai neighborhoodht hoping residents can help track down the suspect. the attack was violent, but the victim was able to get away. >> fox5's ayeshkahn has those
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details tonight. >> hey there, good evening to you. detectives spent a large part of their evening handing out and canvassinghis areas by hang out flyers letting people now f they're looking this person. this after the woman reported that she was sinually assaulted park that'ser actuallyy close to this very intersection here in district heights. now, police tell us this all happayed on wednesdight when the woman says she was walking down wolters lane when the man grabbed her, dragged her into a wooded area and then attempted to sexual assault her. she fought back though even after the man hit her severalti mes causing minor injuries to her. she managed to get away and flag police say the attacker, though, got away. but they have been canvassing the area. now, neighbors we talked withto earlier night tell me that it's unnerving to know that d someone could such a thing and is still out there. >> it does concern
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considering that i have two daughters that are in their early 20s and granddaughters. soyes, that does concern me. >> i sit out here all the time at night, we can out he all mes of the day and whatever and this is, this is shocking to me. this is veryo shocking t me to hear that someone got assaultedu sexually assed in the neighborhood. >> repter: now, detectives spent the evening handing out the flyers with the man's description as i mentioned. but they are also warni b people toe vigilant and to be on the lookout, especially for themselves when they're walking alone. >> try not to b alone but if you have to be alone not have your ear pods or anything in rs your ea be mindful ofour surroundr surroundings. you know, and try to get to your destination as qck as possible. don't, don't really let anybody detour you off. your >> now once again police are reminding people to keep this ye r handy, because they are offering a reward of up to $25,000 for any information that may lead to an arrest. also developng tonight, a on
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homicide investigatis ot to death in prince george'sod county. police went to a home or mordente drive in clinton around noon after being asked t ao perform welfare check. that's whethey found the bodies. investigators say they don't think the killing are rando and they claim there is no threat to the community. still no word on what caused a computer glitch affecting customs operations at international airports across the country, including dulles and bwi. things back to normal now but this afternoon workers could nos process passe arriving into the us. that created long lines, the outage lasting a couple of hours, a spokesperson for customs and border protections says it isnvesting what happened but right now nothing malicious is suspected. new detailsht t about embattled chairman jack evan a work ton post report says evans threatened the job of a l try to keep them quiet about the cethicsmittee determining he had excited a violation. documents oained by the post ed
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show he became w that pa are i all a lee would sue because he constantly ched them out about their involvement in the investigation. evans who is also a dc councilman is under investigation for using his position at metrodcnd council for other business opportunities. evans remains on the dc council but has been stripped of his title as chairman of the finan committee. >> roller coaster week as it relates to the weather andgwen, feels like it's rse wash and repeat for the weekend. >> you're w right becausee have the heat, humidity and the chance oa shower or two. but we're gng to putt all together for you. right now it's 80 degrees but feeling i liket's 84 and that's because the humidity is sticking around. mostly cloy skie but that's exceptionally warm for this time of night as we know. if you take a look at our is hour, 84 at annapolis, per baltimore at 80 degrees as well. 77 at frederick and hagerstown, quantico andto leown and 75
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degrees at manassas. those dew points, they just don't wan to drop they're currently into the 60s and the low 70s. an that just translates into a feel-like temperature that is m justing it a little bit so it feels like it's 93 degrees in couple that? that's like a daytime high. 84 in t city, 78 at can't co-and leonardtown and 79 at hagerstown. as far as sky conditions are concerned, we've had the odd little pop-up shower here and there and isolated thunderstorm. right now we're seeing most ofi that ay to the south of us although there is just a little bit of action a littlbit to at all this starting to die down into the overniurt ho nothing to be too conrned ab none of it is he a look at what we have ahea for us. saturday we see me clouds than we have on sunday. 92 degrees for a daytime high. and it will be 94 on sunday, but both days hot and humid and both days a chance that we could once
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again ge isolated pop-up shower or a thunderstorm. but once again notng organized. i'll hav the full detai and a look at the heat that's even going to get worse coming up on the seven-day forecast in a whil sarah. jeffrey epstein's death has ficially been ruled a suicide.t the autopsy from the medical examiner in new york says theill air financier hanged himselfn his jail cell. he was found in that cell in a federal prison in manhattan on august 10th. he was facing sex trafficking charges. stafford county parents in shock this evening after receiving a letter that said a man boarded a school bus transporting students to a local high school where he was able to get apinside. this hpened yesterday.he re's fox5's anne cutler. >> police are calling this 26 year old man m aental health subject. they say he was very young looking. he's not facing in i charges but this major security breach on e first week back to school i
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sending shock waves through the entire community. that man was bare foot and had no backpack thursday when he hopped on the school bus here on lance berry park drive in fredericksburg. the dunston family who lives there among those in disbelief. >> pretty terrifying. >> i'd be scared, and i'd out.bly freak >> that man riding e b alongside actualortudents f six miles to the stafford high school campus. rolling into the cafeteria, where he washt finally , after officials say heto s food. >> them bus driver knows all, so it's really strange to me tha this 26 year old, i believe, got on a bus and rode it all the way to school. kind of crazy. >> a letter to parents weapon and made no threatening a commentsr actions. but stafford county publiol schoistrict calling for a th ough review, saying it is obvious t something has to change in our procedures and be
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implmeented diately. police are also using this as a remindero report any suspicious activity. now, because this man's not facing in icharges, they are not releasing his photo or name, wever police do tell me that he wasaken in for mental health treatment. ba t to you. wo pedestrians in the hospital tonight after a vehicle bethesda n downtown this afternoon. this allni happeng on wisconsin avenue bmween cheltenha and y fox flying over that scene shortly after theh. cras we are told one of the pedestrians was critically injured. the driver remainedn the scene. police are investing. no word on whether any charges will be filed. >> now look t a fox5 exclusive, dc police are looking for this suspect, a man they say terrorized a nun inside of her northwest home this week. investigats believe the man broke into her columbia heights home tuesday, man handled her and thenansacked the place. at one point he pointed gun at her head and ask if she wanted to die, the spect took off
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after the victim was able to break free and call 911. el paso city leaders a considering honoring the victims of a recent mass shooting with a permanent memorial. other cities that have perienced mass shootings have established perm nab memorial heights including sandy hook columbine and orlandoment 2le peopled at a shooting at wal-mart on august 3rd klug eight mexican nationals. >> motorcycles roaring into da leesburg toy. sky fox or the annual america's 9/11 ride. the smotorcycle passed through virginia aftertopping in shanksvilleennsylvania the crash flight of flight 93. then to the pentagon whe american airlines flight 77 crashed into 2001. they'll leave arlington tomorrow for their t to new york city to honor the victims killed at the world trade center. b parents need toe wear of a dangers and risky trend spreading on line rightnd now. >> a two moms are working to stop the spread of misinformation following falls claim that bleaching can cure kids of autism.
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plus officials in virginia say they're seein an infestation of an invasive beetle. where you may see them and wt ey're doing to your tree is >> and coming up on the final en five, presidtrump insulted the appearance of a man he thought was a protester at his campaign rally. turns a out the guyctually one of the biggest fans. catch the final five tonight at 11:30. hones gig-speed internet
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. here's a quick lookom at s of our top stories. an anne arundel county man i facing charges accused of trying to sell more thann $20,0 drugs. police arresd benjamin freeman following a drug bust at a home on southern hills drive in nold. police found cocaine, marijuanad
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mushrooms oxycontin. >> a man armedith a knife and flagged as suspicious was arrested outside the embassy of isras morning. the secret service says he was wearing what appeared to be a siveetproof vest an exp team checked out his car and closed van ness street for several asurs. charged with carrying a dangous weapon. the secret service is still investing. montgomery county officials are investing a suspected case of animal cruelty. animal control seized nearly 60 dogs, several cats and two turtles from a home in dicki lon because they iving in poor conditions. turns out one of the dogs was ed repo missing by its owners yearsago. the county is now caring for the pets. efforts are underway in virgia and i dozens of stes as workers try to control the spread of invasive inst blamed for damaging trees. originated in china is tiny only
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half an inch long. first appeared in michigan inla te 1990s and since has spread to 35 states including virginia. the beetle hascoamned or destroyeuntless ash trees in our region and across the commonwealth. >> municipalitie or homeowners, nd owners, if they have an ashn tree o their property, it's really no longer a matter of if they will get the eab, it's a o matterf when. and so we're tracking it state wide. >> forestry officials say the beetle is tough to get rid obu t they are trying to slow its spread. alarming new da about a growing dead zone in the chesapeake bay. the natural resources department confirming the dead zone spans two cubic miles making it one of the worst in decades being caused by algae stealing oxygen from the r.wa much of the bay as well as p of the lower potomac and pa tucks on rivers are being affected. scientists fear it could harm crabs oysters and the state's .
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seafood industry >> new video tonight ofckage from the plane crash involving racing legend dale earnhardt, jrand his family. the badly damaged plane isei currentlyng looked at by the federal aviation administration and the ntsb.rn eahardt and his family were in the plane whe it crashed and burst into flame shortly after take-off thursday intennessee. earnhardt was heading to brings ton to announce saturday's nascar race. he and his family are doing well tonight. billionaire rapperay j-z will reportedly become part owner of an nfl team. sortses connected with him tell tmz he'll soon of significant ownehip interest in a team although not clear which team it will be. jay-z said he wants to become p fan, all right a sports businesw owner andants to continue to be a change age for the nfl. long gone, that home run by brady yates helping set the pace for the loudoun south baseball team in its first little league world series game today. pitchers combining for a no hitter and the team beatinge
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rhisland 3-0. the first time airginia team has been in the little league ri world sees tournament in more than two dedes. friends and fans watching the s game togetheray this summer's been pretty special. >> i've been a part of this v since theery beginning and it's just been an amazing ouelouring of wwishes and support from them community, the district, from the state, even from across the unite states. so, overwhelming but in a really, really good way. >> the team's next game will be sunday at 11:00 in the morning against minnesota. we wish them allst the . >> yes. all right, can't believe it's an 11:17 still 80 degrees outside gwen. >> isn't it unbelievable. percent. the h feels like 100 >> stiy out there and hot a uncomfortable. you know what? unfortunately we're goi to have to deal with the same kind of ptern as w get into the weekend. so prepare yourselves accordingly. the challenge is definitely going to be to try to stay cool in all of this and nothing much i can do about that.e
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wheel out t and people are hot down there strolling the water probably just trying to stay cool. so qet and warm until the ovewnight hours, a f things t to talk about.dar but notlo a hot weather as we said bringing the neat the wee little more sunshine on your sunday than your saturday so that's a plus. but into the weekend those temperatures are going to rise right up into the m today 89 at reagan national and bwi. 88 at dulles. these temperatures in the ballpark where they should be, and this hour 80 degrees i the city, 84 at annapolis, 80 at lt imore, 77 at leonardtown and quantico, 79 at wtminster this hour. we havul76 atles and 75 at ma ssas. now, these dew point values are really up there. they're into the 70s. e' that's whyre feeling all this stickiness and mugginess in
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the atmosphere, making it feel like it'n obviously a lot r waker than that. ta a look at the feel-like temperatures. hour inannapolis.3 degrees this r daytime high today.armer than 78 at leonardtown, 84 in the 70, 78 at quantico, 7 a in dullesnd satellite radar showing you, as i id, not a whole lot going on.we've got a few high clouds happening through our area. a bit of activity to the sou of us, lower southern marylan had a str storm earlier today, there was a report of a water spout that crossed over the po tmac, moved offo the north and then just disappred. but if you take a look a closer here we've had a few torms that have kind of popped up from frederick which has moved off to the northeast, these are actually starting to dieut tonight. as we get into the next couple of days, ridge of high essure, big bermuda high building in and a southerly flow so that keeps n ts of instability is possible so as weet the instability building in with the daytime
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heating we might see a pop-up thunderstorm or maybe a stray nothing organizedhough, folks. but don't be surprised if a little sprinkl out there.f fel here as a look at future cast for you. early the morning about 10:00, 11:00, a few showers will pop up and midday an isolated storm, 3:00 o'clock a little bit as well, but you canee s it's widely sndttered out of the way into the evening hours. on sunday around midday same story, 1:00 o'clock, then by a little bit more activity through here and then it's gone again. so nothing you have to cnsnge your pla for. by t middayomorrow 87 degrees, see as few cloud and if you are headed t tohe beach ocean city is going to be good as well. talking temperatures into thes, water temperature at 70gr deees, a bit of some sun and clouds but i will be pretty pleasant out there and that will be a nice way to stay cool. speaking of staying cool g that challengoing to come to you by the time you gettu to day and monday, look at this,nto the mid 90s at that
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pointment factor inmi the huty it's only going to feel worse, pretty oppressive and a few storms inashe forec tuesday, wednesday and thursday. be safe out there, enjoy your weekend. marina. a fight over virginia's high scho named after confederate leaders could be headed to the courts. a virginia chapter of the naacp is filing a lawsuit fighting names like lee and stone wal jackson. it's a violation of the first and 14th amendments. hanover county named in the lawsuit declined to comment. residents tourists will have to wait longer to get into the washington monument. national park service announced will now reopen on september noonth. it was initially supposed to reopen this the monument has been closed since 2016s crews worked on a new security buildin and elevator system improvements. one of the bigsest games in the world is bringing thousands of pokemon fans to dc this weekend, this year's pokemon world championship is happening at the washington convention center. players from 45 countries
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competing for half a million dollars in prize money. that is. >> not bad. >>specially when you're 12 years old and cane that kind of crash. >> you can see it everywhere around dc tooecause of it. moms are warning parents about a dangerous trend on line involving kids. >>hildren are being harmed, that's the main issue at hand. >> the unsafe thing the parents are doing t supposedly cure their children of autism. that's coming up. ♪
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two moms working to stop misinformation about a dangerous on line trend we told but ie earlthis week called that's where parents force feed their kids chlorine dioxide to kill autism. marketers use social media to miracle supplement or mms it's a fake science that o preysn well meaning parents trying to help i their kids bcked into hurting them. two moms are going undercover to try and stopny science deers to
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advertise bleaching on facebook d youtube. >> some of these kids are bng sent to school with their doses ch their lun box. >> their o paren are literally poisoning them. >> autism h no known cause or cure. here's proof tonight about the dangers of kids being on line. the center for cyber safety and education revealing new data on the internew use of fourth 40 percent have children have nd connected with a stranger on the web. of the 40 percent about half admitted to givg their phone number to a person they didot know. 11 percent even met a stranger in person. apital one employees are criticize t company. the wall street journal say employees raised concerns within the company about staffing security unit and warned the i bank was slow nstall software to help spot and defend against hacks.ta hacker rled personal st no a information for about one hundred million of its card
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customers and applicants. the bank said its total head count has risen the past several yearac >> speaking ofng personal information, a recenttudy claims more than one in t americans have been hacked or had theirnt ideity stolen. people will pay a pretty penny for privacy. 15 percent of hacking vicms woul buy back their information if it wen leaked o line. the aveldge price someone wou be willing to pay? around $30,000. >> wow. >> that's insane. call the cops. don't pay up. >> that's right. >> we'll be right back. >> stay with us. ♪
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kicking off the weekend, thanks for joining us at 11:00. >>th hello. >> hiere. >> greenland is not for sale but tim young apparently wants to be ge nexternor of greenland. >> i will be the next governor. >> we're going to put him to the test when ites to greenland, greenland fax plu the whole ker you have between trump and rashida tlaib is real.
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>> we're starting the packet after the break. >> the next governor. >> have a good night pact. . . .
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. . ming occupy the final five, rashida ais grandmom's probably bummed she won't be coming tovisit. the president doesn't think so.s he to bring back insane a sigh slums. we'll tell you why. peace tas with the taliban are going better than peace talks with north korea. the protester the president fat shamed who was one of his pporters who'sool with it. so denmark's greenland is not for sale so why notuy australia instead mate? no? that's the finalve let's do this. ♪ >> i was told at one point lay off the australian acc sent and i tried again and failed and for that i apologi to you our loyal final fivers vhip. look, it's getting really heed to k up with all the


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