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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  August 18, 2019 7:00am-8:15am EDT

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and killed. details about what happened are still very limited. it's not clear why this young manor possibly home was targeted andolice are also many not sure how suspects they're looking for al the meantime cie's body taken to the medicalmine examiner's office theyll do an autopsy there and police riet now nee public's help. they made no arrests and urging nip with informatn to y3g2yy y1jny fted contact them. there's also a 10,000 le war for any information that leads to an arrest or indictment. guys. >> 7:33 now t for the member ofn the faig off the co t of flor u.s. coastguard officials called over the air serve yesterday for justin walker master technician for fairfax county fire department along with the two boaters went missing. tfairhe couoast goord is doingx off the coast of canaveral at jacksonville. they were supposed to return from a fishi tri. >> we don't stop until we feel
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we've exhausted all resources in all possibilities and right to fin> them. >> and we do watch "mily now we still have resources fe and we love to have fun. and possibilities. 22 1/2 robello center console and and trying to get their big break on tv. white w hullith black cannula we'll take youo the bettepivrp the more eyes the better. if you're out boating keep an feor myroook bther a out for sl contin torada and north. 4 thisor l aotucnd and imeee f l here's ary look at otherounty pe looking baby girl fond i a wooded area ofsp silring the infant wasda found fri night 10,000 block of pembroke drive a man going for a walk heard theel said the baby was bornre aound and she wn orcycle motorcyclis y e back to the heat today. garr
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>>, adat, fr i 2 two motorcyclists likely lostl coafter hitting each other. h hef o wave of otheo-- - d, g o 25-year-old dan stanbeck of gaithersburg was pronounced dead at the sceneer the oth rider was flownal totimore hospital. reckless dring maye a factor. seasonthat seewo at fr no charges have been , . ntw e wa filed. >> meanwhile dozens are dead and hurt after aod bomb ed during a wedding in afghanistan. hundreds of people u believed to beerstand the kabul afghanisn build when an a t us felt up 97 or so explosion went off. fot r index wai y h ae' tlike a ambulances carried several people to the hospital for treatment and at least 63 with people are dead. we know at the latest counts 182 peoe were hurt. tier orministryat stack was execute bid a suicide bomber and the taliban denying any responsibility. president trump sprise racked up yet another immigration victory in the courts over controversial policy in his add mvrmtion the president can knot stop mooi f
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any sh thissower morning.y grantrom seek ago sigh lump but north wevingts us upea around lake eary comg if u wiwol at the border. ere's restrictions. turner has the sry. >> a san francisls appea court for now sided with president trump m and will stay htlos, m94 h, aallow the new policy to go forward. it designed to limit asylum requests from immigrants in feels like the 9 honduras, el salvador and grees. mexico. tomorrow hotter. couple of thunderstorms again san fran courtesterday in the afterno. 103 tomorrow7. afternoon blocked nationwide at stopped trump's team fromth you see where i'm going with implemenng policy. this more on the forecast and that court order reads in part how long is the heat and how long h is thisidity going to "tict courtct court clearlyi stick around this time.nor whoer clearlyerred by failing to consider whether nationwide relief is necessary to remedy manufacture's alleged harms" based on limited record before us, we do not belveie injinks it nnedho border chief says thisll order was good to g 18 damian calorien pave the way for the fulfillment of a top tier priori states tex anjas lin ow hemphckillevie ando institute a game changer. us toy
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farga in this invtion. good mnjali.ngor young man who was killed alo institute initialtive now we truly believe m w 18-year-old damiarie junior. hpoessible armed a righ irsrude now made no havefi tried to t the and realiy clea red. we do believe this all rewe hom here erf eese officers thoughadnistration doesn'ts im. >> this weapo zesnu, health care and it actik what this n saee1 is t a thehe 911 call came in around th5, a it's california will have none of itp on the case the neighborhood near burton a the ninth will hear oral argume rights asylum policies unfo hou and the case the trump rule willt y addeth hurt k most., fox news.
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, ouot mans otet >> less than a wayn the hill. what do we have tod this morninr examinerngeal bmo will be an auy democratic p 11thteeeg and tepti performed and right now no onela reens be urgrring anyone withrm about what china may do after ation to cctontahe get a $10,00d having been spotted.we'll talk i any information that leadsys. to lot of people followingnever tht anjali, meanwhile,e of themd implication force county because brushmisyeerdawhen w>> it was ad week on wallade s they putthbe conductsed to determine how that pson soal. et cisrnrecessionwe're going toe police found body outside a walmtnceyue aen do not play in . speaki with the chiefeet
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journal". there in the bond or> well, this morning the aer f marketsnd why wall stg eir handf the member of a fair fax county fair and rescue team missing over the coast of florida. over the airy.hte s fire significant sloy and what that e about to plunge into in department and another boatccer. 2020.g >> spe of 2020 and latest going on with the democratic they went ssing off the candidates you guys have a wrap-up of this week with coast of port canaveral. that. >> they're down oe john they were supposed to return hicken loopier done. yesterday from a fishing trip. >> doesn't look like ybody is jumping in now. >> we don't stop until f weeel we're in a we've exhausted allesources there wero andbates and all possibilities and owor a little going to be interesting rights now wee havresources and possibility. >> t boat is 22 1/2 foot to see who cannt continue mome. they're been in iowaup the last .e days and we get into robello centeronsole and white hull and black canopy. the more eyes out there the >> in for a better. if you're boatingp an eye out for my brother and tin and of >> a on in the
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keep an eye out for that white boat. >> they'll continue to search currenty now.'s itxt important issue by boat and radar andin movg efforts north. andiv americaersity >> montgomery county police professor abraham kinney will are still looking for be here in studio to talk about not only roolts ofhis information about a new bon baby girl found in a wood are but how we can mhere we are rigt of silver spring. this happened friday night in now. >>hlylyic coming up atudyre say. the 10,000 block of tenbrook driver that baby was found after a manri startedng crying. the baby beli led to beatino deseent was born a fewbe hours fore found. she is taken to a hospitalednd >> crying right now. reportn stable conditio. ♪ou'reo vain♪ >> it' awe full for me >> crying right now. ♪ou'reo vain♪ ♪ because i'm expecting mother of whoever it is leave a just liket abandoned.and the bu. >> i have to like i say for m me, it's sad. >> montgomery county police want to talk to the mother and they're encouraging any with
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information about this to give them a call. >> a motorcycle rider dead c after aollision with anoth motorcycle bike in frederick uth of dperry road. maryland state pole say the two motorcyclists lost control after colliding with one another and 25-year-old dan stanbeck of gaithersburg was pronounced dead at the scream and the other rider was flown to a baltimore hospital. theyhink reckless drivering ways cause of the collision o and there werecharges at this point. >>in breg overnight, dozens of people dead and injured afte bomb exploded in afghan stap. hundreds were believed to be inside kabul after began stan build hen that blast occurred. ambulaes carried several people to the hospital for treatment. 63 people are dead and ootd 182 inju minister there says attack s ecute bid a suicide bomber thish is denying anyes meanwhile, masg protests or mass protestsng kg s
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between activists and policeemns morning:terview party. minnesota representative rashid tall even is coming under more criticism this morning f her decision to not visits fam iy insrael. israeli government officstls areing the koption gretion womang sayin doing isr. back and forthwith israel. after talib initial trip was denied she made n humatakenian grandmother ie west bank and agreed not not to promotets bo during the visit.
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once granted the request she changed mi and decided not m akshee has not explained the reversal she said visiting myer grandmother undhese conditions meant tonight humiliate me would break my gr'sdmothereart and that's not what they nts for m it will wo kill a piece of me that always stands up against raci and injustice. israel interior minister questioned her sincerity in th where children forceine tren. saying i request ranlted her request and apparently rashida feet chlorine dioxide to cure tlb herr hate fo israel over aautism marketers use social media to pedalit miracle it's comes her love fo her grandmother. they are strongl rit sizing her foree allegedly agrg not a dangerous to promote boycotts of israel if allowed to visit her grand trying to help kids and of kids. mother. her farmly in the west bank is backing her decision not to now two mom's come. sciee deniersience deny >> i deen'tt rashida tlaib for a longime. she doesn't come. advertising bleach o her mother s ed to visitr.
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youtube and facebook. they did notow rashida >> some kids are sent to tlaib to come. ol with doses in lunchunchsc b x we are with her me rejusting the decision cde box. >> they're own parents are literally poison them. tractor-trailer right decision. >> this is not the last we'll >> i hav aas no see in the back and forth i'mer. if entirely possible that knownr bad bodyion rashida tlaib and owe ilhan omar may try visit the region.ot we're aware of any perhaps for them to do that as of now. for you. clothing product called skin i'm garrett teny, fox news. >> neofascist rally andst to the fakins healthy bacteria thatuces anti-fasci rally clashed in portla yesterday a body odor the sweat thatoes demonstration being called a not cause bad body odor civil disturbance by bacteria z good bacteria wil officials. 13 ople were arrestsed in astedtraitionz which fight bad and bacteria stram art for hours. members of thepe threend rcenters as well as an teev like to sweat. accounter protesters and deacceeded on downtown and environment and about the food meantime police tactical gear lined streets while knows put on their s nope about theic closed bridges were used to keep those aparts. quite thel day for laure ware of wellnesspeople will police yesterday. two officers helped deliver a baby inside of aar. clothing>> well developerhosay y officerherman will is was on
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to use this technologde to dtrol when aver flagged him downfo jusre 8 friday gn sportswear as super interest. night. >> okay study fooindz eight out this all happened friday night actu ativan desen road at search 3,000 responds route 198 the driver said h wife was in labor and asked for lition and sirens escort to the hospital and was no time the baby was coming anyway crs and 19% work is st a they dlivtd baby there and we're toldh mother and child are doing well. big congratulations to them. he qui picture. >> i know. r >> allht. here in the d.c. region, we company called monster. alread have rental cars, >> that's typical one. bikes, scotters out on the >> monsters are fringting. >> work at another company. road. now, for the first time, >> dar garyatork. rental mow pedestrians are on the way. no. st. we'll tell about you how they i don't think help navigate d.c. streets. america's veterans.i maybe today will bes alw. we'll hav fier underwaterrwater memoriat memorial. >> and gary mcgrady will be w >> okay. on ith another look at today's weather forecast. stick with us. in terms forecast maybeaybe you "fox 5 news morning" sunday just getting started we'll be into yetre settling "fox 5 news morning" sunday just getting started we'll be right isay♪er heave
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going to stick around? el have rf at's what -- stick around th for a few minutes. we'll be back wweather
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>> a we welcome you back in 7:14 this morning. cori and iere talking about humidity earlier. but, it's also hot to go along with it. but you know what do you say about this. >> it's august. >> it's august. >> it's d.c. this is what we do. th i have relatives e only thing they remember about my wedding is that it was hot and humid in aust. >> sticky. >>re you go.w it goes. >> i'm sorry. b>> onee my wife. >> oh, boyen, li here's the exhibitionist masca to save our sleep. boardwalk this morning out there. listen, it's super hazy out again this morning. mentioned it how do you put app explanation point. it's hot, humid, goingo be hat way. >> number 7 heatave number7. like that we're back. >> that's right. ople picking spots. >> when you think that's a lot. it's one of the most >> ihe this at waiver number things you do when at the 7. >> yes as definedth by beach right. okay you start off0
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weather service. this gets us into the 7th ever the season. >> as defined by my hair waem distance and by 1:00 serve jammed in there. spray. >> gil along with that. >> there's no exact sdiv in you know. you get a couple hours. addition you and no, i when everybody has got there their you're in one. that's pretty much the way it tents apnd ready to gene s hot and humid, more heat, humidity, builds. h carrying coolers out there. this guy outere the bermuda 99 the b 11:00 look how high.nd's sitting itit is just kind pumping in humidity and then we have the p 9quick. with feels like 97 this highssure building over 94 at 5:00 feels like 100r the top. so t put a big lid on us. and we just stay hot and get a so possibility of thunderstorms later this little hotter each day. that's what will happen. afternoon. few and far between. and you can get asouple couple thunderstormse up iw thunderstorm and that helps to cool a couple of place in the afternoon. but not much and so the big difference from today from yesterd to today one thunderstorm way south at could happen again. that we're going to be hotter here's future index for heat okay. yesterday it felt like upper9 feels like temperature by10 90s. today we go to 100. feels like temperature. and maybe a little bit above 10:30 we're 91 with feels lik actual airrature today like. already up in lower 90s this prettyuc mh5 plus or morning. so for just about everybody. by lunchtimer so feels like we may not get exactly to a5 96. lots of mid 90s out there by with the air temperature but
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early in the afternoon feels like 99es the d or so. trust me it will feel 1 dulles gaithersburg what's is 00 or more late this happening here. afternoon. leonardtown you're aol little model suggesting that coert water. you're so much cler. the bay helps annap, too, model is suggesting that maybe there's a little thunderstorm only 91 degrees or so. popping up there. fred ricksburg 94. so that wherever the a few clouds comeing across thunderstorms do pop up this this morning. but mostly suy out. afternoon maybe one, two,three s there if you can see through .he haz and definitely it is dry. obviously where it cools down a lie'le bit. late this afternoon there's s no way to say there chance for a couple of will be a thunderstorm 2:30 ere that's about it and we had a couple yesterday. we'll have aat couple more l that's where modeling is. on this afternoon. suggesting there may be. and here'suture cast. all dry for the first part of >> sunday 4 had:00 later the day. today. and notice lat on this 100. afternoon couple of thunderstorms here or. and potential that ter this there we're painting one just afternoon wel like triple in the western sections of we could have a couple more digits out. there not just d.c. other thhere or couple mere and as we get into evening hours aces too. here's the trend 94 today. that dissipates and what do yourr think, ow, there's another chance -- yeah, we already established heat up tomorrow at chance for aer develop feels hotter. look what happens tomorrow. couple tstorms out there 97. popping up. but, as we increase these high probably 97, 96 or so monday pressure on to much us, we get and tuesday. so temperatures newspaperer 0s a little more stable. so it's hardernd harder the
7:18 am
feel like 00 to 103do. thunderstorms to form.t the just so you know. n't think we may, we may dry. get a heat advisory for this mostly dry. one day. hot. i don't think we gets to thursd, obviously and humid. plan looks like this we'll run to mid to low 90s and stay there for the afternoon. hopefully scum thunderstorms late this afternoon. and looi got some good news ekene .ing will co on the 7-day forecast. i'm in the hope business. let's see what happens we're 90s, 97p tomorrow. high pressure lot. and thunders. will feel like0on3. tuesday wile 3. a little coolerednesday. that'sot cool. and way back offer to the west 95. it feels like 100 to 103. of us. we'll stay primarily dry theay next severals. delays chance of couple look by end of period. pri thunderstorms. frirks cooler, lower humidity mostly w dstay. too and right now, next 9 today and 9orrow and weekend looks prey good. heat wave t lastsough with lots more heat coming wednesday. maybe thursdayur. sday kind of what we call a day of transition. we'll cool a little thursday >> you when youyou know. not much. but really friday,se saturday, surpri, it will be a lot saywi be coer wednesda t 5ary.. nicer. >> all right. thank you, gary. >>, scottersotters, those rentaw 52 it now.
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here's the question we all know the answer to. as pumpkiice gone too foror farn pedestrians will hit the d.c. streets. unched a pilot program with far. starbucks says the fall bevevage will ilable a rebel rolli fridayyou any major week earlier than it was last year. they'll start this on august 27 this year. city nowon and other retailers are trying to get on, piggyback. city without subsiwan hor mel did pumpkin spice spam withvide a that's actually going to be liavailablene at walmart starting late september. trips or . a i'm shakein little i'm >> i can not say for sure scared right now. whether it's going to sell in >> i opted for backseat before'. big numbers or whether it's just a story thatets them mentioned or shared on social there'nreach immediate but it's the state vehicle and l offerssser of marketing today. >> when spam is flavored as >> t not scary i likeiis like t pumpkin spice it's gone too far. >> it s g too far. it. >> it's relaxing. plates and insured. concerns. >>ok "fox5" loed into this as we do. some other products you can get pumpkin spice syrup to john townsend is saying h nuts to kit cats and pet
7:20 am
wo gotraining. shampoo. >> why wow flavor pet shampoo. on a mopeely to >> and body locatio y >> lastear i was in the store not making this up they motor vehicle it 3% we takerespd is had a miso soup pumpkin sdmris truly people don't -- k veryer it screeningproviding fd theyw it will sell no matter whatf the tas that is. so you know products put it out. there it's so bizarre. lessons 99.9%f ris hdepen witho. >> my brother tlovz time of >> users must be 12 it 1 or older and rebel requires year h phatesum kip always riding parking in the street onlyks and helmets are a. has and now inundated with pumpkin. >> what if i grimed out to ? hey, give me a kiss. be usingme a hel everyone anrouncer: what's the le of a car company? [ kisses ]un else is it usiha. annocer: to take your kids to and from school? s ull time don't forget your science proje. taoperations s kleepz helmet 2 to 3 days and one time announcer: we think it can be something bigger. net. everybody take your seats. it way to get connectso ighborhs announcer: this suer, volkswagen is supporting america's teache v. announcer:isit your vw dealer to learn how you can join in. llight. was lauren derc. announcer: now during the volkswagen drive bigger event, get a $1,000 purchase bonus on, theyooaity once volksw2019 jetta, tiger event, and select atlas models.
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and we go beyond fast th of somethingp for u won't nc t >> a chance to make game show ould be priceless. dreamsue. become realitye c.trom producers offamily feud". >> love this show. additions were in norm west riott marquise.undrmas for we sent "fox5" kiesha lewis to take a look. >> saturday morning and the line was already around the corner and inside the mariot marquise for families dream about "family feud" fame. >> i wanto a chance tbe with family and do what wdon tv. >> we watch " love to have few and we're going to win. >> we have ton audfirst okay. >> at least four family members were needed to audition. six is better. many came color coordinated and ready to wow producers. it's tsleep numberbiggest salsmart bed.ear o36the internet for a low price. you can adjust your comfort onoth sides this hostthing auditions in the
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nation's capitol. the rasponse overwhelming. your sleeyes, by gently warmintelligently r >> why are you he. > my wife she likes "family feud"he and s wanted to come out and give it a shot. >> we got 5,000 email for this area. so we can't see 5,000 families which sun fortunate ande have to pick. we go through and based on movements effortlessly comfortsoou ca san ed timbed. what they send us they said sometimes they send us pictures and video andpe compelling story. >> lonmitimely feud" coexutive producer sarah danz by says asi from tv stardom dance by looks forward to meeting comedic host steve harvey. >> we're looking for people to have fun steve can have fun 8 to 80 steve has a good time. >> looking for the it factor. we're sure she'll find it righter h. >>.>> oh, that's awesome. >> iw like ho they stand and order ever height. >>s. stay with u we have more coming up for you "fox5" morning right back we have more coming up for you "fox5" morning right back after this after this
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a recuse operation for a fair fax county firefighters and
7:28 am
friendand more on coastguard efforts to findhem. >> we watch "family feud" an we love to have fun. we. will >> and big break. families in the area hoping to land on tv. twe'lle you to the "family feud" audition right here ind. for the first time. >> "fox5" morning at starts right now >> good sunday morning to you we welcome new. "fox5" morning i'm tom fitzgerald. >> i'm cori coffin. >> good morning teverybody top of:00 hour this s august 18th. and gary isk bacth another look at the fact that we'regoo e right there. >> it's the triple h. hot, humid, all the stuff we'll be dealing with over the next couple days gary how are you doing. >> good, good, and look t yesterday we wereot andand today hotter and tomorrow even hotter and i think monday, tuesday is kind of a people if
7:29 am
you will thiset hottest and again t probably have a good 48 hour right in the grips of cldt toth's why xfinity mob this heat wave with. then we'll start to coolan off a little bit. it will take a few days. with a different dataned to are again, it's bad today andven worse tomorrow and tuesday. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime. 77p degrees right now. ltimor7sburg 75 design your own data with xfinityobile. so here's wherere going today. w quickly we'r to low0s thi 9nk we'll top out tod middleay 90s boo all said and done. few clouds are coming through this morning. we're dry. and we're very, very hazy out there this g. i oticedmo a couple showers trying to pop up. maybe a thunderstorm. they reach their peak and seem to be dying down a little bit. is is n of nay son dixon line obviously up to southern ex secons of pennsylvania and quick look at forecast. kind of same as ever was 94 today. close to 1 i 0 00 if not 100, 97 tomorrow and feels over 100 with heatf day andeels like temperature. and oh,es ever present
7:30 am
chance of afternoth derstorm out. there more details whenea we k this heat wave. allsp comes newaper a fewminute. >> well developingry out of mont country this morning the search is on for the person that gunned down a teenager who was about to head to college. junior wasand killedhis own bky. livebun rtonsville following this investigation. what do you know so far, it's wireless reimagined. >> anjali. >> well, guys this morning >> this is my favoritewait,avnoi police still made no but wait ts from top his se. but athey have identified the victim. 18-year-old damian calorie gun. junior. who was shot and killed in his i don' have tonothe artist. t it is. own home by aossible armed >> no.s. frome. intruder. iewe dove that behind me here was where thisave happened. there merale detectives seen canvasseralsing the area yesterday specifically focusing their attention on i this is that fenced in backyard of the home with a balcony. there the 911 call came in gun" i'm pretty sure. around 3:45 saturday morning
7:31 am
>> bevly hills cop. about a shooting off angelton >> our producer says beverly terrace near burtonsville hills cop. cefi arredrsiv to town home >> i could not have about wrongerfy tried. development to find calorie >> let's me show you for the dead inside h hisouse right now investigators. beach. we can keep talking non sense believed calorie encountered some kind of armed suspect or but you have to see the beach. armed suspects in the >> gotn fry n us with more. backyards of his house. aand that's when he was shot >> gn friday. all right i'll remember and killed. details about what happened that forever. >> he was in jerry mcgir the still limited. not clear exactly why or if movie he was the agent in this young man was tarring jerry -- no gm in jerry sed o home was possibly targeted and police are also still not sure hospmany mcgair. suts may be involved in jerry mcguireas the agent. this if have any information 85 at the bea. you are urnled to contact hottest days.t, 70 there. police. there say ,000 reward for i mean yesterday the hea iver kind ever started. any information at leads to we felt like upper 90s app arrests and indictment yesterdaafternoon. it was mastery out there andw backo you. >> prince george county t will b for the next officialhis morning looking intowo t different deaths, one several days right on into actually most of the week a i think we're still going to of them y.ppened i firefighters there responded be pretty hot. pretty steamy. brush fire along m branch even on thursday okay. after tuesday, we're going to road yesterday when they put all rightr. ow out the flames they put out here's where we are now. a burst body. it's unclearhow . tempure in town 76n 76 degrees r there an autopsy will be
7:32 am
degrees. boston -- i cannot see. i conductsed to showow that s that. buoy, it's 73 degrees. person doyd. also, in prince george county hold on let's me look at big a body fou a outsidealmart screen here. boston. nubranche walmart clinton columbia 2. leesburg is 73. disceered in th store's and daleity is 73, too. park this case authorities sainylo theyin do nt la playta you're 75 this suspec any fou play . morning. pulling it out a little four. 6 >> a search resumes later this morning for a member of couple u0s. fairfax county fire and rescue win chester, martinsburg, 6 team missing off the florida coast. the u.s. coastguard called off boston. the search for justin walker that was another great group of 7p 0s and 80s. yey. that was just the astir search more than a feeling. though. there you♪ a -- justin walrr is mas >> we're just losing it here. okay, we want to turn now in technician for the fairfax unty fire department andthere'sa all seriousness to developingme news out of montgo .oumentsy this morning brn mcclooney his friends. a 10,000 reward offered any information in the murder the two boaters went missing off coast of port canaveral. of a teen sim were a png future shot and killed. e iv8-year-oldarly waswn they went missing friday and they were supposed to return yesterday from a shopping people edgenvesti we don't stop until we exhausted all possibilities an resource. the bowl bo is a 22 1/2 foot robello center console and white hull with a black
7:33 am
ter a young man, 18-year-olmi canopy. the more eyes we have out the andhilorie junior was better if you're out boatingr keep an eye ou my brother and justiceook outtaor that white boat. ts. >> you caneeat weather out th over the weekend has and we been really bad. that coast deal with a lot of happened iner storms therecoastguard says thel town homes were continue to search by boat and scene yesterday c area and spec radar. >> in montgomery county this morning police are looking for information about a new born the backt me withny by girl would was found in a here. wooded area of silver spring. morning a 9 does morning about f now, this happened friday night on the 10,000 block of tenook drive that baby was found after a man walkingy started hearing crying. anton terrace a pdicalsonnel say the baby neighborhood near burtonsvill believed to beatinose burtonsville. officersrrived to find deember was born a few damian calorie junior dead hours before fo. inside the house.n he was shot the baby was taken to a hospital. reported to be in stable condition. >> it's awful for me because i'm expecting motheor whoever it is to lve anewborn bt d in the bushes.
7:34 am
>> i have two kids like i say. for me, it's. >> montgomery country police are encouraging anyone with any information to give them a call. they wants to be able to speak to that. >> a motorcycle signature dead after a crash with another in frederick. is happened south after dr. dr. perry road.outh afte maryland state police say the two motorcyclists lost control after colliding with one another. 25-year-old dan stanback of gaithersburg was pronounced deader at the scene and anoth rider flown to baltimore hospital. they believe reckless driving was the charg are pendinght r now. ghts in afghanistanns.iws over doze are dead and injured after aod bomb expl during a wedding. hundre of people were believed to be inside the kabul after began stan building when this blasto cured and ambulancesere seen car writing several people to the hospital for treatment and 63 people rightow reported dead.
7:35 am
reanother 182 d. interior ministry in afghanistan ecys the attack wauted by a suicide bomber. however, this point the taliban is denying responsibility. meanwhile, mass protests in hong kong continue this morn between activists and police clashes going on. 11th straightroeekend ptest. thousands of school teachers joined demonstrations expressing support forti other acsts. many of whomnt are ss. we have more on the hill this morning starting 8h:30 live interview from hong kong with founder of hong kong democratic party. >> let's bring it back locally here quite the dayor laurel police. two of heir officers helpeddeliver a b. officers she will is was on patrol when a dngver mrai him down before 8 friday night ativan dueson road and route 1 is 98 he told will is the wife was in labor and asked for lights and sigh represents and another officer said there was not time the
7:36 am
baby was coming any way they helped deliver the baby then and the.we're told both thd choid are d well. >> wow. >> laurel would be a great name for a baby. >>ea that's a gr name or yanny. >> if you guys remember that one. >> that phrase. >> more for you this morning. entertaining super annoying it would not end until it ended all words to scribe the nats and brewers gam night. we have highlights you don't south little leaguedoun getting readyth for a gamis morning. anticipating the history morning. anticipating the history making team so far. . >> gary mcgrady will be back with another look at his hot, hot, hot, forecast. stay with us. 8:09, "fox 5 news morning" surprsed comes back this 215-765-9040 hot♪ ♪ this 215-765-9040 hot♪ ♪ ♪
7:37 am
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:12 now i'm a great singer talking about whether or not a you canctually hear your own internal voice. you think you sound great. ousomebody else thinks ynd terrible. j i know i don't. i know i don'tt' sound gs not a question for me. you.stion for a >> okay. >> but the annoying person behind you at the concert that thinks they can sing they really can't sing that's when it becomes an issue. >>eah. gotten offhe rails now.have what about the weather. >> it happens 7:06. >> wait beminute i rr i
7:40 am
was behind gary at a concert last night. are you talking aut me. the weather will be an issue for people. buzz we're getting crazy not coming up here. >> be careful too we adjust through the summ he we get more and morused to t whether you have wifi o not you're going to be used to it. >>sis it pose this is the blalingt of the sur >> i don't want to say possible because i can see next week maybe how i can mak a case for a little bit of heat returning. i don't want to say it will be a full fledged heat wave but indicateers are there we may get hot again next week. we may he a heat wave. for a due days herwe cooloff th. i'll get ahead of myself. 7 now. 82 alre for annapolisad. leonardtown 75. so annapolis and leonardtown probably cooler today. simply because you're by the water that will help too. winds come east southeast and be blowing up from the bay. it definitely will be hot and humid. and nothing much changed here
7:41 am
erom this bda high signature off east of us kind of heat pump pumps in humidity and brgs up the heat and build the heat day after day we accumulate itd in the air we can kind of wash it out somehow whether through big thunderstorms or frontal system coming down from the northwest t will stay hot. ihink 95 or so and feels ill feelperature greater than that. sicouple thunderstorms pose this afternoon. there is no wae fto tell you exactly where some of those thunderstorms will find a little bit of instability and go up. but two or three maybe four so just a few out. there same for tomorrow, too. 94 or so tomorrow for a high and feels like 110 tomorrow 97p for a high and we feel tomorrow like we'll be ndred to 103em thas to be trend here. afternoohigh temperatures today, 949 degrees. bu again it's feels like temperature that we have to worry b and real quickly looking at modeling here for future heat index 93, 11 a.m.
7:42 am
like temperature and:00 feels around the area feels lower to upper 90s and perhapsertops 98 or so and then 4:30 it feels like 100 degrees. so you get the idea here. an you look at the 7 day forecast. and we don't have a lot of relief in st for the next several days. matter of fact we start to peak tomrow and tuesday. weor cool off ariday i saturday.nt >> all right. gary thank you 8:15 now. this was at game in which no leads was safe until the very last one. heartbreaker. crazeest sea saw gaix you ever see 11 is 4 inning this morning blasting two-run homer that gave milwaee vic over washingtonto nationals down at nats park. digger was the 7pth home run g of theame for the brewers. but, you know, nats battled in this one
7:43 am
just always dangerous in those late upping extra innings. >> wow. >> all right. this one turned out a l bitter. fans of loudoun south baseball team will cheer othplayers is morning in nextle game of league world siri and on friday the team beat rhode island 3-0 this is the first time virginia team was in little league world series attorney nment more than two decades. family back home waxed the pitchers was was no miter. this morng's match-up with miinesota begs 11 a.m. >> how much fun. >> etor been williamsport pennsylvania. >> have . >> it's smack dab in the mile of pennsylvania it's like thisec little leagca. >> that's aamazeing. >> museum there and worth road tr. >> absolutel worth a trip. >> stay with u we have more news coming up y >> stay with u we have more news coming up y forou
7:44 am
7:45 am
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>>ll welcome bacing all "harry potter" fan attics. and in the unit kingdom. amazing. plan a grip to scott land. and itig m b jacobite the realiv locomot to film "harry potter" films. train's zest nation may not be the wizaing school and you may be able tolake there beautifu scenery as you travel through the scottish hills. >> and that lookz absolutely
7:47 am
stunning. >> a brish cyclist neil campbell pedaled way to world record cycling 1 134 plt 4 miles an hour. he was traveling 656 feet top speeds. previous record of 166 should point out 166.9 miles an hour was held sin 1995. a >>rable photo of grouprv of ice dogs sitting in canadian theater catching yproduction of oir elliot went viral that shows the crowd of poodlees and golden retrievers taking in four rose andentatively -- attentively watching the stage during the show it was to event t fur from flying so thatups can help handlerste navigate a thea atmosphere. offials say all of th trainees were very well behaved giving them two paws up for their thiter outing.
7:48 am
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7:51 am
it's fox's dana perino she's joining us with a preview of the programu, how ar doing, dana. >> good to be here. >> good ta talk to you. >> a lot of focus on the economy this week has been this wild week which we had on wall street. these concerns abo a recession. you'll be tackling tt this morning. >> yes, w fre veryortunate advisor larry kilo think he'll be able to tell us wha the white house is thinking even next week they alre schedule aid call with some allies to let them know that thes white house bel the economy is on very firm footing and tom, that's definitely true in the united states consumer sentiment. very good r uail salesp. but economists have took 18 months ahead. and that's t t juscause of election but because of the wamy the e cycles and sowi larry be able to shed light how firm the footing is and what they may or may notro consider doim policy perspective to stave off a proves. other kumentyes are having a
7:52 am
tougher team and that's why united states has to be if the rest of the natnworld cat want to get it as well. >> that's a good anally. the presidt pushed back on this telling people to not believe so. press reports of bad news of economyls and a been going on have a lot of people worry as well. >> i'll usk about the.s. china trade war. it's interesting. from a political stand point oking at 2 is that many people are behind the please of the united ates when it comes to the war on china with regards to trade. that includes fellow represents and many democrats. they've been wanting to do this very top of confronttation for china for a long time. where is the contrast. ride thatdemocrats would be different and president being fairly measure t t going tin all the tariffs untilr decembe. i think china needs this deal as much or even more so than we do because they just saw their first decline in their
7:53 am
economy in 27 years. >> speaking of democrats here we've been talking a kavingt thousands that are unring for president reduced byne thi week when john t of the race you're talkingoor about somebody staying in the race. >> steve bullock. once john left the race that means one western governor still in the 2020 race that is steve bullock. wheill be there to talk about his race. he's the only 020 democratth won statewide in a state p resident trump also won. that's a state ofonday tan a president trump won by 16 or 20 point so he's saying that i'm somebody that would win in national election and but poll numbers are still around .5 understand real clear politics average he has not been able to break fle a we'll ask him how he plans ton that around. >> it's hard toat keep ntion period. while we're inur a do. danas on "fox newnday" with chris wallace coming up on 9 a.m. on "fox5".
7:54 am
dana we thank you. >> good to be back in d.c. >> we'll be back with fox news >> good to be back in d.c. >> we'll be back with fox news on the hill starting at 8:30.
7:55 am
7:56 am
you august lg, 20 19,ning to you' watching fox aon the hillal and tom fitzgerd here with youlf for the next hour. we'll begin the headlines and breaking overnight at least 63 people dead and another 12 injured. for bomb exploded during wedding in afghanistan
7:57 am
hundreds of people were believed to be inside of a ilding in k and interior mixed precipitation stri this morning says attack was execed they believe by a suicide bomber however this the taliban still still denyt denying responsibility for that attack. this blast com after the u.s. and taliban were trying to forth a deal to e the 18-year afghanistan war meanwhile president trump met iday to discuss ending teamfr conflict and wraul ing u.s. troopser also ovas a closer look at kong hong for you 11 weeks straight now. there have been mass pro democracy protests in the veets of hong kong. situation of chinese territories escalated over extradition
7:58 am
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