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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  August 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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here once again erdee thunderstorm wratch. ing wheresterday but it is cngom you are. sue palka is tracking aall for us tonight. not exactlybad as yesterday. >> shawn, sarah, we had 30us sem rnwain w agse had before 6:00 for spotsylvani. it's prettysotorendideleve and s and nothing like what hapstpene. if y oes othe unu may disagrouee.e m ryi' car pndit's noisy whatevs heouainthere sniti i:3nf
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youorn where i isompact it lands. grin we watch thant sshin5 and n sse also same storm m sthovt easttoose are 2 not sever andrpecalop frederickloudoun ouf it and xhting more ounlts dropping out. s tilleed to watch this a widely scattered and strong
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d testify ear. there will ba day six and while tell what you to expect thursday in minutes. >> devastati fire at unlicensed department in district and city is launching criminal investigation as we learneeatractor-trailer a a man ao died i fair kennedn y street norm west.e d.c. polic do not believe the victimsated and mayor becauseer asaid she have referring case to d.c. attorney general and u.s. attorney office also breaksings news owner of 9:0 club arresd for om massage therapist.o buy sexfr montgomery countsy police got a complaint about seth wer werewitz yesterdra and he made sevesuggestions about paying mass use for sex and next day try to invite her at her home. investigators think there could bener victims out
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through o basn statements her wits madeed to the ma soo soos >> to a fox 35 dlusive park police is at ten sdoup after 16 years opt job. today me made xlents about controversial shooting death of paul wagner. >>ivaul'se at police headquarters southwest, b. the shooting of gayshar is most controversial in recent memory. the only information we got was from fairfax cnty police lor lawsuit filedamitily. todai caught up with the chief minutessfter he told staff he was stepping down and i asked him about the cas case. here's our change. >> reporter: you're leaving under a cloud. you have not said anything about the shooting and two officers still working for yo you. you can tell theve public why you ha not said anything owe
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bring objtivebring objectivity y critical incident likewh that i she decided to do is if and i met with the gasar family shortly aft the accident and top that's what we did in law enforcement was to aafford the public tom have e traps parenty, reactions of allowing objective outside partner do you know why it's taking so long snp it's driving -- >> that'sor we've about fwraet partners and brespectingy forward you you you you if. >> it was exactly a year ago
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fox 35 confronted the chief with silence. now t not them and walked off we continue to try to get the chief to answer questions ed h does klipd if the onlyg informing cominom fairfax county police which released video from fairfax country officer cruiser shows twrop lucas vip yard and hall han dro aahighp. >> he drove his caraway from officers on for the hunt road. they was not armed. n rese to civil suitn the car complaint hect ally fired in self defreps. both officers remain on the rce. but their police powersave been revoked. vrnl the chief declined to tell me where he is going and
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two lane forcement officer tell me he is going to the of lawp fvrp. >> back to the studio. >> we're in loudoun. if virginia police they want hear from anyone who witnessed a deadly crash belmont roads h. >>n h d epriver of the car hit haimy cho died the scene. driving had her 4-year-oldsh daughter to school her daughter along the 18-year-old driver were t to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> an apparent scuba diving accident in florida keys. cameron of po toe week. offyt plentation key. many pronouncedl him a short time later.
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it is now 'race. >> two firefighters wept .issing last week during a florida pushing grip one is from nrorn virginia 200 people are joining search to find fair faxt documenty firefighter justin lker and ryan mcclooney. thse were last depting from port cannula aafter ral last friday and search efforts already covered more that 9000 square miles and a life jaekt was found today appea appealing a 20 year prison as soons and conviction down bennett was investment from investors since 2014 had and reportedly spent the moneyel on jew, luxury suites and prayers. her lawyer ad asked an aappeals court to look at the case >> university of maryland opening few sor collaboration and investigation crystal city
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near a gon second headquarters. 8,000 square foot discovery center will hosts workshopsympo and other -- >> 20 19. >> no cell phones allowed during cool hours. that's what a prince george county school member isin sayi. >> at infects technology is having studentsand middle schoolsho requires to stay out of sight. critic are concerned this kind of policy prevents parents from knowing across emergency juries. >> in tevrm i think. >> we will be able to reach parents and make sure they ow what to do. you heard some parents say if my chids me during the daynk et cetera i thi again our teach korz work with the students to make that possible. the school board will discuss proposal this fal fall. if approved it could go into effect smrips of 2020.
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el>> wschool starts in less than two weeks in maryld a frederick country school distct is so short staffed children in different graipdz will end up in the sam class. what's beyond the changes. >> reporter:ulti- grade classroom plan is it done deal school inco be in public way elementary school. that mearg kindetners could be in classs with first gr and first graders with lirp ago long side second graters and so on. in the class for example.z >> trt includes fougraders learn ago long si fifth grader and parkway will have pleala mti-grade cssroomsul and kill married and let to a d re ses.teacher on be lunch
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frederick county school superintendent f sayederal propertying quart. >> that i'm not necessarily okay w because i do think fromrt staffing sho amings it's really talk ay from the kids you do benefit from kids learning in group everymentand e levels you're not teevrping content to the same class so you miss out on have to do more individual stuff. >> here in frederick countyea "foxrned it's not justi- multade classroom plan causing concern for parents. one parent tell us h willed no longer be able to get free breakfast. two schools in district aat eling the program because there was not enough need to provide the service.
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>> a new pro fotal team comi to d.c. and todayna we learned me. team's president j uss us heaoi head. f young girl walks away with souvenirrom national brark etregrting her decision. what she did nex tha went viral. >> warning for people and pets where a toxic allergy has shown up in a water way in you're area we be right shown up in a water way in you're area we be right back. back.
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sky fox offer the sdreep a car lost control ar mripd ove and hilt a tree t happenee in southbound lanes right nor for the washington road. crews pulled one person out of the vehic and that person expected to be okay. all right take a good look at surveillance video here. d.c. police hope you recognize this man that broke into a business in the 2300 block up shore street in pth
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neighborhood and you can see the ect take control before hitting up cash register and taking off. anyone with information l ked to cale. >> up stability growing for thos in hong doing kong as protests in the city continue. demonstrator gaerm at subway station today the same sight studentserrotesterse mobently attacked by a last month. protestema overturned vending inines and carts and pointing lasers at riotic police. demonstration went on without any confrontation. riots were sparked in june over a bill to allow criminal suspects to be extra dietsed to china and that bill has since been us is spened. >> we sit heren the "fox5" studios you can hear t thunder overhead. here is liver look at the unty now.n princcogeorge it sdbility look like there's much going on there. in fact it looks pretty clear. >> it's coming. >> just you wait. >> as a matter of fact i'm hear tubingingnd we're hearing angels bowling it sounds like loud thupd every
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over us. they did issue severe thunderstorm warning prince george county. and isolated to widely scattered severe storm and i'll check on this one. is is seve thunderstormwarping.e not a surprise here. it's gaining energy and still looks bright over the white house an are you probably watd chingt and saying no thank you. take a pass today. and a loft you will get a pass. we're under severe 1understorm watch until0:00 this probably wilbe mainaction t severe thunderstorm warning just issued. again prince george could anne yarrundel get in closer to show you that storm. this is thunder and lightning over the distric and going to
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be spreading across the beltway and noth of largo. some community in the path this inclura cton to parole and annapolis if t together 6:45 to shady side 7:00. hiso also ng something just a little bit south ofet d.c. bend d.c. an alexandria right there crossing over getting close to crossing south side of beltwa beltway. we'll watt ha tfor you. down south spotsylvania helmy storm there looks like warping r you in effect was dropped. thatun wentil 6:15 healthy put those i motion andll and continue movinsoutheast 15 to 5. any storms especially one we're watching in principle george and anne arrundel 16 miles an hour wind giingts gusts. watch for quarter size hail as well sev thunderstorm watch 10:00 skewing more east though and starting to see a few counties out west get dropped out. carol county, frederick,
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loudn i expect to see others drop across the 95 corridor in s xt hour or so. so we'll watch suntil about 8, 9:0nd that' usual time they start sto wear o after we lose peak heating ever day and once again today upothe 9 the 3.ow tomorr sixth day this heat wave and also our last day but unfortunately as we stay hot and humid tomorrowl with coo front starting to plow into this very unstable air another around of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening.e unsettled to friday. although srm threat friday appears to be moreso tuth. then we fwling cooler and drier weekend that has not changed even thouo next tw days is slow process to get. ther3 tomorrow. 83 friday and again scattered showers and storms main south of district as that front slowly pushes on through. southern suburbs you'll have to wait a little longer. bit rain cooled n 89 for disstrichblingts fred rikd rikdzburg 75. heat index uncomfortle formany d
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as you know to eveningfo cast we have to keep a chance thuerstorms in until about 9:00. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast we continue to get excited about the weekend. maybe plans. look at that. saturday, forecast p ntly sunnyice 8le 2. sunday less humid, ortabl ooler, great cookout you e weatherrybody monday continues with only for for eable warm in term temperatures. maybe add in few more showers and thundersrms back into the mix on tuesday and wednesday. but no repeat ohilong run with 90s as tomorrow should be t wave ofth h summer. let's hope we don't make 8 only one in coming weeks as we head into september. we'll keep anye on radar for you shawn over to you. >> health advisory issued for ducket reservoir in laurel maryland due to high levels of blue green allergy. any contact with allergy can cause serious adverse health affects. they're advising human apps and pets not to oimdrink respe for dog dame allergy
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if you came in contact witthin. h ducket reservoir experts recommend contacting local he department. on> little girl's thoughtful apology going viline little girl named carina sent a let to smoky mountains nationalark said story for taking hom rock. taking rocks is on list of things you should not do at national parks. she also gave the park service a donation perk raivrpingz posted letter on facebook thankg her for being ain good citizen and steward of our earth. >> that's sweet. a lot of people saying her parents raised her well and saying she herself may be a park ranger some day. >>e one omost popular people on dating app tinder found love >> and president trump firing back after possible plan to buy greenland put on ice. back after possible plan to buy greenland put on ice. latest with denmark's leader.
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>> we want you to be part of our active newscast. we ask a question and you use the app to vote. jim lokay here to explain. >> we're launching somethi very exciting at "fox5" aew toolo let you interact with stories see in our shows. you have opinions and now can tell us how you feel. there's a new way f y interact with us at your fingertips. at the bottom of your tv scene you see a poll askingop for your inion on a variety of stories talkinabout it's easy to get involved from the conversation. just pick up your part phone or tablets goo "fox5" and ruary ins it a poll. we'llin be talkabout the
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results on air and we know you will too. so this saty cool tool. starting in september keep a eye out for ols on your t v screens and pick up the phonesot ande. >> i was going to pick up my phone and vote. >> be part of it can't wait to hear w >> the most swiped man on n urnder found his patch you may beprised how he found the match. we'llex explaint. >> plus learning new details about new pro footal tm coming to d.c. team president discussioning team's future includin name team president discussioning team's future includin name and logo.
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not on the april but in real life. efan pierre tomland dubbeded m mr. tinder after 20 madah as i and went out ot 15 dates. stefan anir current griend met through a mutual friend on night out the old fashioned way. >> all right good for h. >> world is right again. >> u.s. women's soccer star carli lloydan play football too, take a look. woo!h! snaxtplause se [ applau. >> 55 yard field goal right down the m with a practice session between eaglelees and rave epz and nailed a 40 yard were ease. it now has people asking, ifhe maybe should get an nfl contract as a kicker. >> loo gat her. why not if they can do it. the job, yes. >> i don't know i would want
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to be out there in pads. off kick you cannot just get hit sometimes.>> all right. coming up keeping an eye on chance for severe weather tonight.63keep it here for@ chance for severe weather tonight.63keep it here for@ 5@0. pass
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♪ welcome to the five at 6:30. we startn i montgomery county where ice confirms a vio rape suspect is in the country illegally. but get this. dc is get new football tetiam. tonight we're joined by the dc defender's team president. he is live with us at fox5. and a loudoun south, what a run, an historic run c tonight. am.t little league we are at their watch party. t first send things up to shawn. >> disturbing new details in the case ainst an illegal immigrant in montgomery coun. he was charged with rape. investigators said kevin mendozt brutally b strangled and raped a woman august 16th in silver sprg. immigrations and customs says he is hop done national in the us is is the fourth sexual assault involving an illegalth county the last week now raising questions about cymontgomery county's poli about not cooperating with physicalio immin authorities. >>


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