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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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heather, who joins us live. how is the traffic there? heather: the rush is on. after 19 straight drawings with no winner, powerball fever has reached a fever pitch. >> this is it. i've got the winner. it's going to change my life. >> the world's largest jackpot, now 1.5 billion dollars. the prize money so big george bought his very first lottery ticket the requests it's just a fun thing as much as anything else. i told the lady who waited on me, i will come back and see you if i win. next this man bought 400 tickets. with long lines at convenience stores across the triangle, clerks and machines are working overtime to keep up.
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machine twice because it kept breaking down. >> everyone dreaming about what they would do if they win the cash. >> all probably end up quitting work and going back to school for finance to manage my own money. >> i think my chances of getting elected president are better than my chances of winning, are getting hit by a meteorite. >> you are more likely to vehicle by an asteroid dan to win tonight's powerball. according to this website, your chances are 99.999% no. somebody has to win the powerball. if no one wins, saturday's
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tisha: north carolinians have had a decent run when it comes to the powerball steve:. four winners have claimed over a half billion dollars in powerball. in november of 2006, she was a prison guard and she collected a $36 million prize. jack williams hit the jackpot in june 2009. he was a real estate broker who took a lot some cash payment of $42 billion. frank's cast payment was worth 59 million dollars. the most recent winner is marie holmes with a cash payment of $188 million in february 2015. 11 is the one number you should key in on tonight. we will have the winning numbers for you as soon as the balls are
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we will push them out on our mobile news that will we get -- mobile news outlet we get them. anna: right now raleigh city leaders are on a three-hour train ride to charlotte for an annual retreat paid for by taxpayers. that's why people are so upset about spending nearly $11,000 on lodging in more than $7,000 on food, and it is not here locally. >> eight city councilmember's and 12 staffers all boarded and amtrak headed to charlotte for the annual teambuilding retreat.
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>> the trip to charlotte is costing taxpayers $31,000. that is not sitting well with voters. i found comments like this on facebook. i feel it would be reasonable and appropriate if all the leaders -- i asked the mayor why charlotte and the money the city is expected to spend on two nights at the charlotte center city hilton, a four-star hotel downtown. >> what we needed was meeting space. we wanted to be downtown and were going to be looking at the bus station and some of those transportation think that done. if we can gather more information that helps us in the long run, we are staying where
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>> it must be nice to vacation on someone else's dime. but the mayor insists the trip is the city's business. >> we will be talking a lot about implementation. we know there are certain things we want to a, -- accomplish. >> they will get to charlotte tonight and be back here friday night. the money comes from travel, training, and organizational development expected in the budget. commissioners also have a retreat coming up next month. they will stay in wake county. a spokesperson tells me it typically costs less than $5,000 for their annual retreat. steve: in raleigh, a proposal to help you get around the city a little more easily on foot.
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improvements to sidewalks and want to get your thoughts before targeting those areas. it includes new hope road, spring forest road, so a discussion will be held on tuesday at 6:00 p.m. and the city of raleigh would love to hear from you. tisha: north carolina is one of two states reporting widespread flu activity. that news recently revealed from a report for the centers of disease control. residents are being urged to get vaccinated. we are told that the vaccine is
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the ad gag law back in the spotlight tonight. steve: election season getting underway and the i-team making ace startling discovery will we started examining voter registration twins across north carolina. tisha: chris, the temperature is slipping. chris: you are right, we are already into the 30's. temperatures fall fast this evening.
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tisha: oscar nominations announced tomorrow. coverage all morning on good morning america. the north carolina law that keeps workers from trying to go undercover at workplaces is facing lisa -- legal action. part of it prevents people from signing up to work at a place for the sole purpose of videotaping operations. the governor's veto was overridden. they're challenging the constitutionality of the law in federal court.
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registration numbers in north carolina. major changes from four years ago. steve: the number of democrats is down, republicans the same, but independent voters have gone through the roof. john has a closer look at those numbers. >> in just the last four years, democrats have taken a big hit, down 3.5%. that's about 100,000 voters. republicans holding pretty steady, but check this i number out. 20%, 300,000 more people registered as unaffiliated this year than four years ago. we asked of political science professor why he thinks voters seem to be turning away from the traditional parties, and what they have to do to change that. next for both parties, they have
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not just a select few. on the republican side, tea party folks get upset and are very conservative. they have to be more constituent focus. >> he says the upshot for democrats is that unaffiliated voters are not predictable anymore. that is largely because of younger voters who trend unaffiliated and tend to break democratic. the whole election cycle has been defined by new ground, but it also means more uncertainty which could translate into even more money being spent on voter research and you guessed it, political advertising.
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reduce the outcome of a primary and a general election. one fan wants to see the panthers do this when the national anthem is being song, coming up on sunday. and may the force be with you as
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steve: people have been writing
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one person writing into as the panthers to put their hand over their heart during the national anthem. mark armstrong's quarterbacking our coverage on social media throughout the game on sunday and we will have special live coverage on and here on abc 11 as well. when you're talking about the powerball, you have to talk about the odds of actually winning the jackpot. tisha: the powerball odds, 292 million to one. the paper compared to other odds, including a chance of becoming an astronaut. steve: then they went to a
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the odds for the success rate of navigating an asteroid field in the millennium falcon. a lot of people are wondering the odds of some snow around here this weekend. tisha: chris is standing by in the eyewitness news center. chris: we will talk about that but i would not be dusting off your sled just yet. on the opposite side of this from, check out the tropics. that is tropical storm alex, way out in the atlantic ocean. only four other times have we had a named storm this far out in the atlantic in early january. so quite unusual but not unheard of. certainly something unusual out there. there was a disturbance near
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that has moved well to the east. temperatures fall to the 30's and a stay there and by tomorrow morning we will be in the 20's. the airport is down to 36 coming off a high today of 43. look at the dew point temperature, that's the moisture in the atmosphere. it is bone dry, humidity 33% right now with the dew point at night. roxboro at 32, 39 in fayetteville, 36 in sanford. already 30 or so but out to the west it's still cold around the lakes. cleveland 16 but memphis 51, dallas 62 in the southwest wind will carry the milder air our way with sunshine. it's going to be a nice thursday. by sunrise tomorrow we should be in the mid to upper 20's with
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you'll need that winter coat, but nice and bright. by noon we are close to 50 degrees, so a nice recovery. 55 in raleigh, 54 at chapel hill tomorrow. 59 in fayetteville, 55 in rocky mount. roxboro will stay in the 30's all day, lower 50's tomorrow. clouds will role in rapidly tomorrow night into friday. friday, here comes some rain. maybe mid to late afternoon, we will adjust the timing, but certainly late in the day into the night time it's going to get wet. but it's out of here rapidly after dropping a half-inch to maybe an inch of rain. then it's back to sunshine as we get into the day on saturday. this is one computer model that
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it shows snow at about 3:00 on sunday at the freezing line near the coast. the other models it's never showed any snow still don't, all drive. the computer model of four or five days out can easily show a big snow and the next day it is gone. it's not impossible that it gets cold enough for snow but right now it appears to stay dry as we get into the weekend and early next week. this looks much more definite than the chance for snow, some very cold air early next week. friday looks wet, saturday mid 50's and sunday looks dry, mid 40's, then monday and tuesday upper teens and lower 20's with highs barely above freezing.
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cold couple of days early next week. steve: a good one at the pn -- pnc tonight. >> panthers and seahawks getting ready for an epic playoff rematch. a different location this time. rules changes coming to football
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>> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports. >> some fairly major rule changes proposed today at the ncaa division i council meetings in san antonio. allowing football to have a title game despite having only 10 members in those divisions. what is interesting, it was just one of two conferences to vote against that proposal. acc had wanted total deregulation to open up the possibility of scrapping divisions to ensure the top teams made it to the title games. debbie allen told me she is in favor of scrapping the divisional format. another likes things the way
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florida state in clemson are both in the atlantic division and that might explain their position slightly. players would be able to enter the draft of times without jeopardizing their eligibility. they could work out for one nba team a year as long as they announced their intentions to go or stay. panthers and seahawks sunday at bank of america stadium. the highlight of panthers practice today had nothing to do with the actual play. three key starters dressed in participating for the first time since week dickstein means all are on track to suit up on sunday. >> just to be back out there and
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>> i feel really good about everybody, i'm confident about guys showing up in being ready to roll. >> the seahawks were clawing to an emotional win and carolina players got to heal and recharge mentally for what will he an enormous task every x as you get older, you realize how hard it is to win. we want a lot this year, but it's hard to get to that mountaintop. a sure thing. cam newton, however, was thinking the opposite. >> a lot of guys are whispering that we would not have one it any other way. it's kind of must-see tv, you have the players on both sides
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