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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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tickets sold in three different states and lucky people in north carolina winning a sizeable chunk of change. john: overseas a city under attack. suicide bombings rocking indonesia's capital. barbara: the republican presidential debate taking center stage tonight the new controversy for one candidate. good morning. carolina, welcome on thursday january 14, 28 degrees and 4:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. glad you are with us. all the news in a moment but first meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. we start on this thursday morning with dry conditions. could see a lot of sunshine going through the day. a look at the next 12 hours you will see the temperatures climbing into the 50's. we start in the 30's and 20's but by 2:00, 55. 28 roanoke rapids, oxford. 29 chapel hill. 30 wilson.
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cold spot is sanford at 22. 36 southern pines and 32 in fayetteville. we look at the day ahead feel temperatures right now in the 20's to 30. lunchtime lots of sunshine. gorgeous winter day with low to mid 50's. after today we get wet and we have showers working in. we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a bit. john: it sis over. not one but at least three winning tickets in the record $1 $1.6 billion power ball jackpot. barbara: we learned there were winners in tennessee, florida angeles. crowds swarmed to celebrate at this store. there is good news for those who carolina. we are learning that two policeman are waking up -- two rich are. we check in with gloria rodriguez to learn more about
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was it you, gloria? gloria: we have two winners. they matched all the numbers kpeb the power ball. so they are $2 million richer. we will have the winning numbers in a minute. look at this billboard. you can see now the number says $40 million, no longer $1.6 billion billion. we have video from the winning store. take a look. people cheering inside one of the winning stores of billion billion. gloria: when the winning numbers were called at least three tickets were sold it california, florida and tennessee. a grand finale.
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amount. many of us in the triangle taking the slim one in 292 million chance we would win. many doing it in work pools. >> there are about 72 of us. gloria: or buying tickets multiple times. >> three times. >> crazy. gloria: as we mentioned, there are some win tickets in north carolina. they didn't match the power ball but they matched the other winning numbers so we have the numbers right here. they are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, power ball number is 10. and it is worth noting we have three people who won tickets worth $100 p thou,000 and 14 tickets worth $50,000. so, although nobody in north carolina got the big jackpot there were plenty of winners in the state. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news.
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overseas indonesia's capital is rocked by a series of explosions. police are calling them a terrorist attack. john: amber rupinta is tracking it from the breaking noose center. amber: indonesian police say the bombing and attack in jakarta are over. two much killed with five attackers. three suicide bummers exploded themselves in a starbucks cafe in a busy shopping area. police stormed the cafe where the gun battles lasted more than two hours. they were not a surprise as they were warned last month of a credible threat. no r no one has claimed responsibility and we will continue to monitor the story. much more will be on "good morning america" at 7:00. barbara: developing this morning durham police investigating a shooting at a gas station at the
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the victim was taken to duke university medical center. we are working to find out information on the shooter and victim. a candlelight vigil against violence is planned tonight after the deadly year to promote unity and prayer and remember the 45 murder victims in 2015. it starts at 5:30 tonight at city hall plaza. john: fayetteville police asking for the public's help to find a rape suspect. detectives have obtained arrest warrants foreclosure this man devonte williams. they say he sexually assaulted a woman and took off in her car. the victim's vehicle has since been found. williams is also facing kidnapping and larceny charges. also in fayetteville search intense intensifying for a serial robber. he hit the same business twice. police believe the four-week crime spree involves two
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station on yadkin. each details he wore a hoodie and had a revolver. that helped police connect him to four hold-ups. if you recognize him you are urged to call police or crime stoppers. barbara: a smaller group of republican presidential candidates return to the main debate stage one of the last high profile opportunities for the white house hopefuls to sway voters before the iowa caucus. it will highlight a race that has become increasingly heated after months of civility toward ted cruz donald trump is aggressively targeting him saying the canadian born senator may be ineligible to be president. a possible new problem for ted cruz as well he failed to disclose on federal fund-raising reports he relied on $1 million in loans to help finance the 2012 senate campaign. a move that could be a violation
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the borrowed money including money from goldman sachs where his wife is an employee. he is taking guidance on how to update old reports. john: an east chapel hill high school student died in wyoming. a vigil for mckenzie wrus ton at st. thomas more. she was known to ferentz friends as kenzie. she spent most of the time bounce bulldogs. degrees. new details emerging about the shooting at a colorado planned parenthood. what the suspect is revealing about his intentions. tragedy. what we henderson about a deadly avalanche and why no one was supposed to be on the trail in the first place. place. not much on the doppler network.
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mckepb don: welcome back. let's look at the drive in. it should be easy weather-wise. clear and temperatures will jump quickly. typical they are around lower 30's but by 10:00 in the 40's. currently 28 roxboro, 33 hillsborough. 30 rocky mount and raleigh. 32 siler city. 31 cary, clayton. 25 sanford. 32 pinehurst and 32 hope mills. we look at the day ahead right now around 30, by lunch 50, should be a gorgeous lunchtime and through the afternoon in the mid 50's with sunshine.
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sunshine and get the complete forecast coming up next. john: a strong earthquake hits off the coast of northern japan. no tsunami warning was issued but it was given a preliminary magnitude of 6.7. there were no immediate reports of injury or damage. in france a deadly avalanche hit a number of skiers including a group of school children. it was in the french alps. two students were killed with a ukrainian skier. the trail they were on was so risky it will been closed since the start of the ski season last month. barbara: the man who admitted killing three in a colorado planned parenthood says it fswas a spur of the moment decision. it left nine others injured. the man who did this believes the f.b.i. agents were following him and tipped off employees that he was headed to the clinic. he used to live in western north carolina is charged with 179
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murder, attempted murder and assault. a judge ordered him to skwrpd go a member competencey exam. john: a man wanted for phurbd in durham is in custody. jamal dixon was arrested on north columbia street. he shaopbtdot and killed santa m everyone me on november 18. barbara: new details about a suspicious death of a teenager in durham. alonzo was found unresponsive in her room tuesday morning. she later died. she was a senior at middle college high school at durham tech. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. john: 4:43 and u.s. sailers back in safety questions after they were held by iran. barbara: new developments in the death of an american overseas. the evidence that helped police
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ugh. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula not only cleans and freshens but also softens your carpet so it's always inviting. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. barbara: welcome back, 4:45 and 28 degrees on thursday morning. three power ball tickets will split the record $1.6 billion jackpot. that is one story making head lines. a california lottery official says the winning ticket last night sold in tennessee, florida and chino hills, campbell. two people one $2 million prizes in north carolina. seven including five attackers have been killed in terror
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jakarta. three suicide bombers exploded themselves and police stormed the kafcafe. it is a painful beginning to the year for many investors after a flat year of returns on the stock market. volatile oil knocked the s&p down 10% from the peak. the dow lost more than 300 points before closing. john: 10 u.s. navy sailors are back in bahrain after spending less than a day in iranian custody after their boats drifted into iranian waters. the sailors were released yesterday. one of them later apologized on camera for the mishap on iranian tv. >> it was a mistake. it w appears to be threupbt but not clear what the crew was experiencing at the time. they are undergoing a re reintegration process. leaders say the important thing
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administration is that the sailers are safe. barbara: an arrest is made in the case of an american woman murdered in florence. italian mediaaggravated murder. they identified him from surveillance cameras in the area saturday in her apartment. an autopsy showed she was strangled. john: p which her three children witnessed. her father said it was after he bumped his car in the house.
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barbara: sherry shepherd is taking her case to a higher court appealing a pennsylvania judge rauling found already responsible for a child born before she divorced. her ex-husband is raising the boy and asked for $4,100 in monthly child support. she paid more than $100,000 in fees and supported the pregnancy until her marriage failed. she then tried to avoid the contract. advocates say it is the tpeursfirst that is binding. john: "good morning america" is heading to the oscars. barbara: nominations will be broadcast in a few hours. g.m.a. will have special oscar coverage all morning starting at 7:00 with the nominations revealed at 8:30. you can watch a live stream on chris rock hosts the oscars february 28 here on abc11.
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dicaprio is lock for best actor oscar. we will see about that. don: i like to watch and say what was that movie? you know there are a few like i don't remember that one. barbara: not sophisticated enough. john: it played three days here. barbara: never heard of it. don: we have a pretty nice day shaping up. it will be a great day. you can take lunch outside and tonight we will see a few clouds working through, 33. tomorrow back to 50 but rain arrives the late day. we will show what you is going on with a live look into downtown raleigh. seven-day always on. temperature now 29. dew point is 18. that is 64% humidity. southwest wind eight miles an hour. numbers from across the region here at r.d.u. 34, 44% humidity. west wind at seven. some 20's and 30's. these are typical for mid january.
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29 chapel hill. 32 fayetteville. 32 clinton and 30 in wilson. satellite and radar composite carolinas. a couple of high clouds working through virginia. you can see snow in pennsylvania headed to new york city. nothing big but that's about it. notice the clear real estate. that will work across us today into tomorrow giving us sunshine before the next system riversarrives. by 5:00 this afternoon clear and sunshine. mid 50's today. overnight clouds build in. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow we are seeing partly sunny skies and 7:00 p.m. showers arrive. i think that most of the day tomorrow is rain free until we get to late afternoon and light drizzle and rain arrives in the afternoon and evening it clears out heading into saturday. we see more sunshine working in for the weekend. the surface map shoals the dominant -- shows the dominant
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slides east and we see wind out of the west pulling warmer air in. here is the low pressure. as that warm air wraps in, it is all rain the -- rain. for the rest of today mid 50's. sunny, not as cool as yesterday. 55 raleigh and cary, 54 wake forest and wendell, 55 holly springs and garner. roxboro going to 52. 55 roanoke rapids. 57 rocky mount. 54 chapel hill. into the sand hills, siler city 55, 57 goldsboro and 58 fayetteville under southwest wind. tonight back into the 30's for overnight lows. 33 raleigh. 32 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, going to get wet as we go through the day tomorrow and into tomorrow night rain developing. 50 degrees.
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sunday 45 and cold air pours in. on martin luther king holiday in the 30's. john: monday is cold. don: yes, the cold air arrives. barbara: we have been warned. john: 4:52. local warehouse is refurbishing thousands of computers. barbara: amber will tell us about hey, are you coming to the 9am? i'm on the phone with the cable company. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer you an excuse to avoid that meeting. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable.
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barbara: 4:55 and 28 degrees. john: it is that time of year for surplus sale. they are a great way to save. barbara: amber found one focused on computers and she will break
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amber: the non profitprofit institute is selling off refurbished surplus. it is something they do monthly. i saw the deals and free classes that you can take advantage of. the nonprofit kramden institute opens for a surplus sale of refurbished computers. the deals are big. >> we have a nice mac book here, 2008. amber: these are a few of the computers you will find. >> we get a huge variety of donate ed donated computers from great companies companies. they are generally machines that don't fit well with our program use so they are high-end or late model stuff or consumer grade models. amber: they are sold based on average selling price on ebay. >> they are about half whether you pay retail for a new machine and we have the latest operating
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they are all running windows 10. amber: it is not just the surplus sales. that is a small portion of what they do here. you can see from this warehouse they have thousands of computers. the main mission is get them in hands of those who need them. >> since 2003 we have given close to 23,000 computers to people who need them. amber: including adults or people without a computer at home. >> in grades three to 12 tell the teacher and the teacher can go to the website and nominate them and typically within four to six weeks they will get a computer from us. amber: there are also classes teaching skills and video game development all free. amber: their surplus sale is from 4:00 to 6:00. we put up everything you need to know and free classes on
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click under the money saver tab. they have a lot of students and adults that need it. john: i like the free classes. that is excellent. amber: free is a good price. barbara: 4:57 and 28 degrees. three winners and smaller prizes in north carolina.
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john: disappointment in north carolina as folks are waking up to find out they are not
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