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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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three winning tickets sold, not here. but there are big winners in the state. barbara: while three wake up very rich, most of us are losing money in the 401-k's. john: another shooting investigation in durham this morning. good morning, carolina, welcome on thursday january 14, 5:00 and 28 degrees outside. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. hate to be the bearer of bad news but you did not win the power ball.
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john: three winning tickets wer with two other winners one in florida, one in tennessee. barbara: north carolinians were not completely shut out. two people matched every number but the power ball and played the power bull option. they are worth $2 million. three others matched four numbers and the power ball with the power play winning $100,000 and 14 others matched four numbers and power ball but not the extra dollar for the power play. they were worth $50,000. we are waiting to see if any of them are in our area. john: time to talk about what don calls a gorgeous winter day. don: it is. we will be a few degrees above normal and see sunshine and great day shaping up. we look at the next 12 hours, we start chilly, 20's to 30 by 7:00. by 11:00 mid to upper 40's and 50's by this afternoon for highs.
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good day to sneak out for a few minutes. 32 roxboro and chapel hill. 29 oxford. 32 laws burning. 27 smithfield. 25 sanford. 31 in fayetteville. we look at the day ahead and temperatures up to 50 by lunch and mid 50's this afternoon with lots of sunshine. we have clouds building back in and rain returns. we will have that in the complete forecast in a bit. barbara: we are following breaking news a series of terrorist attacks in indonesia. at least lee suicide bombers -- three suicide bombers blew themselves up and two gunmen attacked a police station. three other explosions were reported. no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
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wall street -- nosedive on wall street. amber: this is the worst start of the year for 401-k of $92,000 has lost nearly $7,000 since the beginning of the year and it is only the 14th. there is an old saying on wall street as january goes so goes the year for stocks. 70% of the time that has proven true and we are nearly halfway through january. we will see. barbara: a knock man accused of
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parenthood clinic says he didn't plan it. he saeudid it was a spur of the moment incident. he said the target because of murdering little babies. a judge order the him to undergo a mental kpepbls si exam. john: tonight a smaller cast of republican presidential candidates returns to the debate stage. it one of the last chances for the white house hopefuls to sway voters before the february 1 iowa caucus. only seven candidates will be on stage for the main debate in charleston, south carolina. they are donald trump, ben carson, ted cruz and marco rubio, chris christie and john kasich and jeb bush. democrats will hold their next debate in south carolina on sunday. barbara: a raleigh road shut down by a crash and back open now. part of south saurpbtdznders was
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a poelle. no one was hurt and it was reopened about 2:00 this morning. john: durham police are investigating a shooting at a goose station at caraco -- gas station near hillside high school. that is prompting members of the community to come together for candle lit vigil at city hall plaza plaza. that is where caitlin knute is to bring us more. caitlin: as you mentioned we had another shooting last night on top of two murders already this year in durham. that is on top of 45 killings last year in the bull city. the numbers are adding up. it has people calling for peace and they will be doing so at the vigil tonight. durham police are mobilizing a special operations unit to combat crime made up of 100 officers to tackle the violence.
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propensity we want them to know they can't just ride around and go somewhere and step out of a car and shoot a house, shoot a car up. reporter: some say they are skeptical and taking matters in their own hands including paul scott who is moving forward with plans to start a vigilante group. >> my wife and family are going to be protected. reporter: police prefer the public to work with authorities. >> we want the community involved but i don't have comment on vigilante. people want to help we will all for that. i don't have comments about that. reporter: getting back to the candlelight vigil tonight in city plaza, 5:30 they have another vigil planned for next month february 18 at a different location. barbara: north carolina attorney will be back on the stand
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she took to get a wrongly convicted killer out of prison. chris mumma wrapped up the second day yesterday after a tough cross examination. at issue is whether a water bottle removed from a home crossed the line when she will d.n.a. testing performed on it. if the pwarbar decides she violated rules she could lose her law license. john: north carolina is one of two states reporting widespread flu activity. maryland is the other state. health officials in wake county are using the report to jr. residents to get vaccinated. the public health division director says it is a good match this year age to target four strains. we should learn more today when they release the latest flu numbers. barbara: the words confederate memorial are moved from the orange county historical doorway. they voted in july to remove the lettering and put its own name on the building. they plan to incorporate the
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john: members of raleigh city council on a road trip and you are paying for it. barbara: where they are headed and why some feel it is not a good idea. john: the weather perfect for skating on the outdoor ice rink. how you can save a few bucks doing it. don: as you head out the door we have dry conditions. temperatures a little below
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jakarta don: welcome back.
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as the kids head out they will see pretty typical temperatures. more sunshine today, dry. starting in the 20's and 30's. when they come home this afternoon it will be in the 50's. currently it is 28 henderson now, 33 in hillsborough. 31 louisburg. 31 siler city. 30 downtown raleigh and 31 cary, 23 in sanford. 33 in pinehurst. 31 fayetteville and 32 clinton. we look at the day ahead mainly clear. near 50 by lunch under sunny skies. late day 54 and more sunshine on the way. we will talk about the sunshine and get the seven-day forecast and cooler temperatures next week. that is in a few minutes. barbara: the raleigh city council will spend the next few days in charlotte and not everyone is happy. they left wednesday for the annual retreat paid for by taxpayers and a putted cost of $31,000.
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paying voters and they take to social media. some are upset about them spending 23450er8 $11,000 on lodging and over $7,000 on food. the mayor explained why the cost is justified. >> they are going to be look at the bus station and transportation and things they have done. if we can have access to more things and gather more information that helps us in the long run we are staying where we need to be. barbara: the commissioners have a retreat in february. we learned it typically costs less than $5,000. john: to the must-see video and we begin in baltimore with two guys stealing an a.t.m. it shows them pulling and shaking it before it comes out of the wall and drag it out the front door. police don't know how much cash was taken.
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way to attract women supposedly. it is built in the shape of a giant high heeled shoe and constructed from almost entirely blue glass. it is 55 feet tall, 36 feet wide and 100 female oriented features. this could make you sick. a competitive eater taking on the english breakfast challenge. it shows preparing the meal that is more than 10,000 calories. it took her just 42 minutes. barbara: wow. they are always tiny people that do that. there is time to skate in downtown raleigh. it is open through the end of the month and there are great deals. today you can save $2 by wearing hurricanes gear and today only strollers from 10:00 to noon you can put them on the ice for $12. john: should be a great day for
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10 u.s. sailers captured by on the investigation that nearly sparbgtd -- sparked an incident.
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lottery john: here is a look at the thursday headlines. a city under attack. police in indonesia say seven including five attackers have been killed in terror attacks in jakarta. witnesses say three suicide bombers exploded themselves in a starbucks cafe. three power ball tickets will split the $1.6 billion jackpot. none were sold it north carolina. winning tickets were sold it
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hills, california. two won $2 million in north carolina. fewer decadescandidates will be on the stage tonight in south carolina for the republican debate. seven were invited hosted by fox. it is one of the last chances for the white house hopefuling to sway voters before the february 1 iowa caucus. barbara: these images of american sailers displayed in television in iran.
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critics say iran has humiliated themselves to be taken hostage by the iranians without a fight.
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the white house says the quick release is a sign of better u.s.-iranian relations after the nuclear deal but others see iran challenging and humiliating america. john: former power ball western from southeastern north carolina has landed in legal trouble. you may recall marie holmes of shallotte who won more than $87 million in february of last year. she's recently been in the news for repeatedly having to bail her boyfriend out of jail. most recently on new year's day for drug charges. this time she is in trouble accused of threatening another woman and making harassing phone calls. barbara: you didn't win the power ball. you can win thanks to krispy kreme. they want to make it everyone's lucky day by offering a dozen glazed doughnuts for $4.99. unlike the power ball no ticket is required. i love that theme right there
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spreading all over. john: you imagine lying on that conveyor belt with kpwraur mouth open -- your mouth open. don: if they could raidsse it i could put my head there. million. two $2 million and some $50,000. nothing wrong with that. i would like it if my power bull -- power bull baltimorel matched. barbara: tomorrow we will have widespread rain moving through before it moves out saturday. we look at what is going on in raleigh. you will see temperature right now 29, dew point 18. 64% humidity. southwest wind seven. r.d.u. 34, west weekend seven
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from across region 31 roxboro, 32 southern pines and chapel hill. 31 fayetteville. 33 goldsboro. 27 smithfield. 29 in wilson. lots of clear air across the area today. we will see a lot of sunshine and it is shaping up to be a nice thursday. snow through the mountains of pennsylvania and moving into upstate new york lake-effect snow but lots of clear air back in tennessee and kentucky and alabama and georgia the high slides across us keeping skies clear all day. rain works in for tomorrow. by 5:00 tonight clear skies and not much to show you. overnight a few clouds from the south. waking up to partly sunny skies tomorrow and through tomorrow clouds thicken. by 5:00 to 6:00 we see the drizzle and rain move in. we will see rain sticking around tomorrow night through the overnight hours and into the day saturday things dry out and we
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surface map shows the high sliding south and it will pull warmer air back in that pushes us up into the 50's. this leow will bring in warm air and will be an all rain event. as we had more colder air you might see snow but this will rain. the rest of today topping out mid 50's. sunny, 54 wake forest and wendell, 55 garner. roxboro up to 52. 55 roanoke rapids. 56 louisburg. into the sand hills, siler city 55, 58 fayetteville. 57 wilson and 57 pinehurst. tonight temperatures across the area back in the 30's for overnight lows. 33 raleigh. 36 fayetteville. 32 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, temperatures tomorrow back into the 50-degree range with rain
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clears saturday and sunday into monday clouds, colder. high pressure dips in from the south and 35 the high on monday. tuesday 37. wednesday just 43 with overnight lows in the 20's and teens. some much the coldest air we have seen next week. it will be chilly to start. john: look out. 5:23 and fans watching the seahawks and panthers sunday will be able to stuff themselves with a ma'ammmoth creation. barbara: what is on this carolina creatio i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem.
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john: welcome back, 5:26. barbara: tough night for a local a.c.c. team first duke clemson blue devils getting into foul trouble and clemson wins 68-63. they are back in durham saturday to take on notre dame at 2:00. john: rough start in the a.c.c. for n.c. state they are 0-4 after a loss to florida state. up next for them three ranked opponents. barbara: another selloff on wall street translating into trillions of losses. john: here is the financial and consumer news. >> topic america's money the
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dow starts down 365, and the average 401-k plan has lost nearly $7,000. >> airlines the carriers have nearly $18 billion in profits. nose-diving fuel prices a major reason but extra fees. >> look at this. the 15-1 burger is a load. that six-inch patty inserted in pork, bacon and fried onions. sold at the seahawks and panthers game. the price is $15,. p$15,.1 fplt. john: i bet that is good. barbara: 5:28.
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