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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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over for the record power ball jackpot. three winning tickets sold and lucky people north carolina winning a sizeable chunk of change. john: city under attack the suicide bombings rocking indonesia's capital. barbara: republican presidential debate tonight the new controversy for within of the candidates. good morning, carolina, welcome on thursday january 4. 28 degrees and 5:30. barbara bury. john: i'm john clark. we will get to the news in a moment but first weather and traffic together. here is meteorologist don schwenneker. don: good morning to you. as you head out the door pretty typical january day, a little
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next 12 hours you see the climb from 3 this morning to 55 this afternoon. nice day shaping up. normal high is 50 to 51. so we will be a little above normal. 28 now south hill. 34 roxboro, 32 chapel hill. 32 louisburg and 29 r.d.u. 21 sanford, 32 southern pines and 31 fayetteville. we look at the day ahead temperatures into the 50's by lunch. sunny skies and 50 this afternoon. 55 with nothing but sunshine. lots of sun and tomorrow rain works in. now time for weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: not a lot to start this thursday off. it sis quiet. lots of green on the real-time traffic flow. all the majors pretty decent. a road closure on jeremiah at
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as we look outside you can see it is nice and dry, no problems. this is durham county 40 and 15/501. john: it is finally happening three winning tickets in the record $1.6 billion power ball jackpot. barbara: there was one am tennessee and one in florida and the third sold at a 7-11 in chino hills, campbell.lifornia. there is good news for those who played here at home. we are learning two people in north carolina are waking up $2 million rich are. we check with gloria rodriguez to learn more about the winners. gloria: we know the two winners had all five winning numbers but not the power bull number. they won $2 million. we don't know at this time
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we had other winners in north carolina. we will give you the power bull winning numbers in a minute. i want to show you this billboard. it says $40 million because that huge almost $1.6 million jackpot has been claimed. we look at one winning store in california. people cheering inside one of the winning stores of the record.6 billion. reporter: when the winning numbers were called at least three winning tickets were sold it california, florida and tennessee. a grand finale to weeks of hype. it started november 4 and kept growing to a record amount.
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taking the slim one in 292 million chance we would win. many doing it in work pools. >> about 72 of us. reporter: or buying multiple times. >> three days so far. >> crazy. gloria: it is a little crazy but we have three winning tickets in the u.s. none of the big ones were in north carolina but we have winners here in the state. if you have the lottery ticket get them out because we have the winning numbers for you. they are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and power ball number is 10. we have three people with tickets worth $100,000 in the state and 14 worth $50,000. if you are waking up and you find out you didn't win the big one you could have won another prize. i can tell you that i
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i checked my numbers and i think i had like one number that matched. that is nothing. no good luck here. back to you. john: that is why gloria is reporting this morning still with us. barbara: glad to have her. we are following breaking news. indonesia's capital is rocked by explosions police call terror attacks. john: amber has that story. amber: police say the bombing in jakarta is now over and two were killed with five attackers. witnesses say three suicide bombers exploded themselves in a starbucks cafe in a busy shopping area in the city. police stormed it where gun battles lasted more than two hours. authorities say the attacks were not a complete surprise as they were warned last month of a correctly threat. no one has claimed responsibility yet and it is not
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we will monitor it and bring you new details and "good morning america" will have the latest at 7:00. john: thank you, amber. developing this morning durham police investigating a shooting at a gas station. this is caraco on fayetteville near hillside high. the have i was taken to duke. we are working to find out information on the shooter and victim. a candlelight vigil against violence is planned for tonight after a deadly year in the bull city. the purpose is to promote unity and prayer in the community and remember the 45 homicide victims from 2015. it starts at 5:30 tonight at city hall plaza. barbara: a smaller group of republican presidential candidates return to the main debate stage today one of the last high profile opportunities for the white house hopefuls to way voters. it will highlight a race that is heated after months of civility toward ted cruz donald trump is
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saying the canadian born senator may be ineligible to be president. a possible new problem for ted cruz. he failed to disclose on federal fund-raising reports he relied on a million dollars in loans to help finance his 2012 senate campaign. a move that could be a violation of federal election rules. the borrowed money was some from goldman sachs where had us wife is an employee. he is seeking guidance on how to update the old reports. john: friends and family say goodbye to an east chapel hill high school student who died in a plane crash in wyoming. a vigil will take place for mckenzie ruston at st. thomas more in chapel hill. she was known to friends as kenzie and had a passion for competitive jump roping. she spent most of her time practicing with the bouncing bulldogs team. a funeral mass will be this morning at 11:00. barbara: it is 5:38 and 28 degrees. new details about the shooting
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what the suspect is revealing about his intentions. john: a school ski trip ends in
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why no one was supposed to don: welcome back. let's look out the weather window. should be easy, lots of sunshine. we will warm quickly. we are in the 20's now but we will climb to 50 degrees. currently, 31 roxboro, 32 hillsborough. 29 rocky mount. 29 downtown raleigh. 30 durham. 31 in fayetteville. 23 sanford, 32 lillington, hope mills 32. looking at the day, 29 now. by lunch 50. late day 54 and lots of sunshine. we have a nice day today but a
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we will talk about the rain in the complete forecast in a bit. john: new this morning a strong earthquake hits off the coast of northern japan. no tsunami warning was issued but this earthquake was given a preliminary magnitude of 6.7. there are no immediate reports of injury or damage. in trance a deadly avalanche hit a number of skiers including a group of school children in the french alps. two students were killed and ukrainian skier. officials say the trail was so risky it was closed since the start of the season. barbara: a man who admits killing three in a colorado planned parenthood clinic says it was a spur of the moment decision. the november shooting left nine injured. robert dear said he bes f.b.i. was following him and tipped off employees that he was headed there. he used to live in western north carolina and is charged with 179 counts of crimes including first degree murder, attempted murder
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a judge ordered him to undergo a mental kpepbls si exam. john: fayetteville police trying to find a rape suspect. they have arrest warrants for 23-year-old devonte williams. they say sexually assaulted a and took off in her car. the victim's vehicle has since been found. he is facing kidnapping and larceny charges. barbara: the search is intensifying for a robber. he hit the same business twice. police believe the crime spree involves two businesses on murchison road and gas station on yadkin. he wears a hoodie and pulls out a rusty revolver on the clerk. if you recognize this man you are asked to call police or crimestoppers. john: 5:43 and u.s. sailors back in raising questions after they were held in iran.
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death of an american overseas. the evidence that helped police track down a expect. john: an olympic gold medalist in trouble after a fight with her father. don: we have temperatures across the region around 30. we are going to see warmer temperatures move fact. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing.
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heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare.
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barbara: welcome back, 5:46 and 28 degrees. three power ball tickets will split the record $1.6 billion jackpot. that is one story making headlines. a california lottery official said tickets were sold in tennessee, florida and chino
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two people won $2 million prize pz north carolina. police in indonesia say seven were killed am downtown jakarta. three suicide bombers exploded themselves in a cafe. police stormed that. it is a painful beginning to the year for many investors after a flat return on the stock market. oil prices knocked down the s&p 10% from the november peak. dow lost more than 300 points. john: 10 u.s. sailors are back in their base after spending less than a day in iranian custody. their both drifted into iranian waters. they were released yesterday. one of them later apologized on camera for the mishap on iranian tv. >> it was a mistake. that was our fault and weppears to be
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crew was experiencing at the time. they are under going a re reintertkpwraeugts process. the obama administration says the important thing is they are safe. barbara: ash carter says a special force arrived in iraq. they are part of a broad plan to defeat islamic state militants and retake key power centers. here at home the f.b.i. is investigating the ambush shooting of a philadelphia police officer as a terror attack. the islam genomic state has been crowd sourcing terrorism and the suspect said he was acting in the name of islam when he opened fire on the officer's cruise are last week shooting him. the officer is recovering. john: an arrest is made am the case of an american woman found murdered in florence. accused of aggravated murder.
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su apartment saturday. peekaboo streetter he bumped his car into the house trying to leave. she is due back in court next month. sherry shepherd takes her surrogate siies to a higher court peeling the charge that she was responsible for it before she divorced. her ex-husband is raising the boy and asked for monthly child support from her.
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than $100,000 in fees and supported the pregnancy until the marriage failed and tried to void the contract. advocates say it is the first to declare remembered in do you recall this year. we have a tree janing of the 1986 film. he co-starred in with cancer at age of 69. barbara: it is pretty obvious that neither one of us won the power ball last night. john: i don't get into this. don: this chair would be empty. john: where did don go? i saw a puff of smoke. don: are you kidding me? part of me goes i know it is a lot of money but i should probably work because insurance is getting more expensive every phofpblt barbara: and the government attacks half of it.
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mouth shut like tkofrp don that is a nice knew mercedes. john: that old thing? don: we have sunshine and then we will have rain. sunny skies and high clouds working through. lunchtime we jump from the 20's and 30's to the 50's. we will have more sunshine and above average temperatures for this time of year. a live look and as far as joined raleigh goes seven-day always on and 29 in the capital city. dew point 18. 64% humidity and southwest wind seven. live look into r.d.u. and temperature right now 33, 47% humidity and west wind seven miles an hour. we will go from there to live look into durham. temperature right now 32, 51% humidity. west wind three.
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31 roxboro, 26 in oxford. 28 roanoke rapids. 32 chapel hill. 23 sanford, 27 in smithfield. latest satellite and radar composite clear skies, lots of clear air and back to the west through tennessee, kentucky, g., bengal, mississippi. this high pressure comes across appear all the snow to the north will stay there and it will not be a factor in our weather. not a lot to show you. tonight clear and sunny. great day. the high pressure sliding away will cause problems feels we have the big blue h means blue skies and sunshine. it pulls out tomorrow and low is in the place and grab the moisture and bring it to us and that will bring rain. also bring warmer temperatures. that is why we won't see snow, just rain as it works across us tomorrow into saturday. the rest of today lots of sunshine and nice temperatures, 55 raleigh and cary, 54 wake
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55 holly springs and garner. in the north temperatures low 5 55 durham. sand hills temperatures climbing near 60 in fayetteville. 55 siler city and 57 wilson. tonight the temperatures back into the 30's for overnight lows. staying above freezing in raleigh and fayetteville. 32 durham and 30 roxboro. first alert seven-day forecast seven showing temperatures tomorrow still around 50. clouds will move in and rain holds off until mid to late afternoon. about a half inch of rain. moves out saturday. sunday 45 and big dome of canadian high pressure will cool us down. high on martin luther king jr. day 35. overnight lows in the teens on tuesday.
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barbara: good time to stay inside, organize. get the tree down. amber: barbara is all about organizing. john: get the tree down? barbara: i know somebody who works at this station with tit. amber: all the decoration respect off but my husband -- you know. it is on the honey do list. a lot of people yesterday were leak snow on sunday -- like snow on sunday? barbara: there was one model with snow. it was kind of controversial. at this point it still is showing snow but all the other models are not. i think it will be more cold air. amber: my ears were whraoeubglike whoa. don: one person who is not at the station put out a snowfall forecast because he wanted folks click on it. amber: i felt like 50-50 and flurries and i'm leaning toward that.
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but you are lucky if you are heading out. clear dry conditions and 5:54. 40 and gorman zooming along. all the main interstates looking great. if you didn't win the lotto and you have to go back to work like we did, the traffic shouldn't get down. this is how it looks on the live returns. a lot of green. no problems or delays. another peek on 40 south saunders into downtown raleigh. 540 northern wake county moving well 11 minutes eastbound 70 to 1 and no problems 85 northbound for minutes 70 to n.c. 55 fplt. john: 5:54 and big changes ahead for one fortune 500 company.
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john: a new season of barbara: welcome back. john: general electric is moving its headquarters from connecticut to boston. massachusetts reportedly offered it nearly $145 million in incentives to make the move. it has been headquartered in fairfield more than 40 years. barbara: sesame street is brought to you by hbo. they have a new home. it begins saturday morning and hbo episode runs nine months before being made available on pbs. john: "good morning america" is heading to the oscars. nominations will be in a few hours. they will have oscar coverage
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with the nominations revealed at 8:0 8:30. you can watch on chris rock will host the oscars february 28 here on abc11. john: 5:58 and 28 degrees. and the smaller prizes won in north
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