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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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barbara: john: disappointment across north carolina as people wake up to find out they are not instant
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three winning tickets sold for the jackpot, just not here. check the tickets. there are big winners in our state. barbara: under attack, the capital of indonesia rocked by terrorists. john: another shooting investigation in durham. the vigil tonight. welcome on thursday january 14, 28 degrees and 6:01. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thank you for joining us. you did not win the power ball unless you are in another state. john: three winning tickets were two other
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barbara: north carolinians were not shut out. there are more than a dozen big money winners. two people matched every number but the power ball and played the power play option. those are worth $2 million. three others match the four numbers and power ball and power play winning $100,000. 14 others matched four numbers and power bull but tkptdepartment play the power play and those tickets still worth $50,000. we are waiting to see if any of them are in our area. john: i know somebody who didn't win anything. we will go to meteorologist don schwenneker. don: i know a lot of people that didn't win anything. good morning to you. we won as far as the weather today. lots of sunshine and next 12 hours starting at 30 at 7:00. by noon we are up to 50 and we will go mid 50's this afternoon. currently 27 south hill and roanoke rapids.
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30 in roxboro. 27 smithfield. 23 sanford, 32 southern pines and 32 in fayetteville. looking at the day ahead right now temperatures in the upper 20's and lower 30's. lunchtime 50 and sunshine. late day 55 and lots of sunshine. tomorrow the sunshine loses, rain wins. now we have traffic. amber: it is nice and dry as we head out for the commute. almost friday, friday eve. this is fayetteville ramsey street no problems and light volume. that is the case all around. live returns showing a lot of green on the majors. we are in good shape. this is one of our live cameras in durham county, 15/501 at i-40. no issues there. we will check the drive times in a few. barbara: we are follow breaking news in indonesia. at least three suicide bombers
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starbucks car pay -- cafe in jakarta. three other explosions have been reported as well. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the takens. we will continue to following breaking situations. john: the north carolina man accused of killing three at a colorado planned parenthood clinic says he didn't plan the november 27 shooting. in a jailhouse interview robert moment thing. he said he targeted the organization because it is murdering little babies. a judge has ordered him to undergo a member competency exam. barbara: tonight a smaller group of republics return to the debate stage one of the last chances they can sway voters before the february iowa caucus. seven will be there in charleston, south carolina. they are donald trump, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio,
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and jeb bush. democrats have theirs sunday. john: a raleigh road shut down by a bad wreck is back hope. part of south saunders street was closed for several hours after a car smashed into a pole causing the pole and lines to come down in the road. no one was hurt. it was reopened about 2:00 this morning. barbara: durham police are investigating a shooting at a gas station at caraco station near hill sideside high. that is prompting members to come together for a candlelight vigil tonight. that is where caitlin knute is with more. caitlin: we had the shooting you mentioned that happened last night. that is on top of two phurtdz so far this year and 45 killings in durham last year. the numbers are adding up and people are not happy. that is why they will meet tonight to remember those
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police. police are mobilizing a specialations specialations operations unit to tackle the growing violence. >> we want these 19 team that have a propensity for this violence to know they can't just ride around or go somewhere and step out and shoot a house. reporter: some say they are taking matters into their own hands including paul scott who is moving forward with plans to start a vigilante group. >> my wife and girls are going to be protected. . police prefer the public to work with authority. >> we want the community involved but i don't have any comment on vigilantes. that word alone leaves me concern. people will to legitimately help i'm all for that. i don't have any comments about that. reporter: people can come together for a candlelight vigil
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they will have another such event next month on february 18 at a different location. john: a health alert north carolina one of two states reporting widespread flu activity. maryland is the other state. health officials in wake county are using the report to urge residents to get vaccinated. the public health division director says the vaccine is a good match this year and able to target four strains. learn more today when they release the latest numbers. barbara: the confederate memorial words were removed from the orange county doorway. they voted to remove it and put tit s name on. they plan to incorporate it in a display about the building's history. john: 6:08 and members of the raleigh city council on a road trip and you are paying for it. barbara: where they are heading and why some people feel this is not a good idea.
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skating on the outdoor ice arriving in raleigh. don: today would be a great day to do that with temperatures around 50 at lunchtime. maybe go out for a little lunchtime exercise.
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we check the alert heart don: welcome back. talking bus stop forecast. as the kids head out not a bad morning. a little cold but more typical temperatures for this time of year. by this afternoon some kids may shed the jacket in the sand hills you could be near 60. current numbers, 30 south hill. 33 roxboro, 32 hlsboro and 30 louisburg, 31 rocky mount and 31 cary, 23 sanford, 32 lillington, fayetteville. 33 pinehurst, hope mills. right now in the 20's, by lunchtime 50's. by 5:0054 degrees with nothing
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tomorrow the sunshine is replaced with rain. we will talk about that in the seven-day forecast in a bit. barbara: the raleigh city council will spend a few days in charlotte and not everyone is happy. leaders left wednesday for the retreat paid for by the taxpayers. at a budgeted cost of $31,000. it is not sitting well with voters and they are taking to social media. some are upset about them spending nearly $11,000 on lodging. and more than $7,000 on food and not spending locally. the mayor of raleigh explains why the cost is justified. >> they are going to be looking at the bus station and transportation and things they have done. if we can get more done and have access to more things and gather more information that helps us in the long run then we are staying where we need to be. barbara: in contrast the wake county commissioners have a
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typically cost less than dollar 5,000. john: we have two guys stealing an a.t.m. they pull and shaking the a.t.m. before it comes out of the wall. when they free it they drag it out the front door. police don't know the ice car in buffalo that picture went viral? it has been freed from the shell. crews from a local car dealership were able to dig it out out. an outline of the front remains. it was then towed to garage to be thawed. this could make you sick. a competitive eater takes on the english breakfast challenge. it shows her preparing the meal of eggs, sausage, potatoes, et cetera. it adds up to more than 10,000 calories.
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barbara: it is always tiny people that eat that. there is time to skate in downtown raleigh to work off the breakfast. the ice rink is open until the end of the month. today you can save $2 by wearing carolina hurricanes gear. and stroll, only today from 10:00 until noon. the kids have the pwesbest, get rolled around where everybody else is walking. john: 6:13 and 28 degrees. while there are at least three waking up very rich, most folks are lading money in our 401-k. barbara: what is behind the nosedive on wall street? john: former north carolina
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barbara: you didn't win the john: welcome back.
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these are the headlines. a city under attack. police in indonesia say seven people including five attackers have been killed in terror attacks in jakarta. witnesses say three suicide bombers exploded themselves in a starbucks cafe. three power ball jackpot tickets will split the record $1.6 billion pot. none of them were sold in north carolina. winning tickets were sold in tennessee, florida and clinicean flow hills, california. fewer candidates will be on the strategy tonight for the republican presidential debate in south carolina. just seven have been invited on the main stage hosted by fox. it is one of the last chances for the white house hopefuls to sway voters before the february 11 iowa caucus. barbara: it could be another rough day on wall street.
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after wednesday's nosedive onjanuary.
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from eastern north carolina has landed in legal trouble. marie hole many of shallotte won more than $87 million in february of last year. she's been in the news for repeatedly having to bail her boyfriend out jail. this time it is she who is in legal trouble. she is accused of threatening another woman and making harassing phone calls. barbara: you didn't win the power ball but you can win thanks tokrispy kreme. they make it your lucky day by offering a dozen for $4.99. john: fans watching the panthers and seahawks game sunday in charlotte will be able to stuff on this. a mammoth new creation the panthers sand wimp including six ounce beef patty with pulled pork and cheese and bacon and
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it is sold for $15.01 as in 15 wins and one loss. barbara: so, do you think one person could eat that or take multiple people? john: get that girl from england. sleek -- sleek -- she can do it. don: i would try. it looks good. i don't know if i would eat it all at once. i might have to break it into parts. that does look good. barbecue this early? but when you have been up since 2:00 it is lunch. let's talk rain chances. none today. a lot of sunshine. tomorrow 80% chance of showers in your area and that goes away into next week. live look into downtown raleigh and right now 20's, dew point 19. 69% humidity.
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gaining two minutes of sunlight. live look into fayetteville and 33 there with a southwest wind five miles an hour. we are seeing temperatures in the 20's from oxford to roanoke rapids. you are in the 30's, above freezing in roxboro, 33. 32 louisburg and chapel hill. 24 the cold spot in sanford. 32 fayetteville and 33 goldsboro. satellite and radar composite shows the clear skies, not much in the way of cloud cover or rainfall. you can see clear skies extend to the mississippi refuse valley -- river valley and keepings clear. by 5:00 today not much. by tomorrow night showers and it will rain into the overnight hours. by the time it is done a half inch to an inch in the region. temperatures today stay mild. dry, 55 raleigh and cary,
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wake forest and wendell, 55 holly springs. north 50's from roxboro to henderson. 57 rocky mount. sand hills lillington 56. 57 pinehurst, 58 fayetteville. tonight the temperatures back into the 30's for overnight lows. 33 raleigh. 36 fayetteville, 32 in durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow temperatures back into the 50's and 40's in many locations. rain around tomorrow night into saturday. 56. sunday 45. monday, 35. that will be the high and temperatures staying in the 30's and 40's with a big dome of canadian high pressure bringing cold air but today a nice day. john: enjoy the day. amber: looking pretty good on the road. pretty typical start. usual delays forming. 40 westbound 70 clayton bypass from johnston to wake. every morning this hour five to six minutes to get through that.
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the major interstates. a lot of green with the live returns. there is report of an accident in downtown raleigh. john: 6:22 and skype users getting their wish.
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and that would make the difference. clemson wins 68-63. duke is back in durham saturday to take on notre dame. john: rough start in the a.c.c. for n.c. state. they are now 0-4 after last night's 85-78 loss to florida state. up next three ranked opponents for the pack including at north carolina on saturday. barbara: charlotte's mayor declares january a panthers pride month. jennifer roberts signing the proclamation ahead of the game against seattle. she asked everyone to wear panthers gear or colors. john: jeff gordon was awarded the order of the long leaf pine. governor mccrory surprised him with it. the highest award the governor can bestow. she he cited his achievements. science celebrates a decade in business with a feature users
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barbara: we have the tech news. >> in "tech bytes" skype celebrating the 10th anniversary with a new call feature. you can conduct tree video conference calls from all the mobile devices. it will roll out in the coming weeks for i.o.s., android and windows. >> ford has a new service. drivers who download the app will be able to book advanced parking and arrange ride sharing trips. it is expected in april. you can take a tour of the world's largest model railway. barbara: google map has captured every detail. it has over 8,000 miles of track. that reminds me of mr. rogers's neighborhood. >> it does. we will wear our sweater and say those are your "tech bytes." that. barbara: 6:27 and 28 degrees.
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last night's megapower ball drawing. john: none here in north carolina.
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the record power ball jackpot. at least three winning tickets sold and some lucky people in north carolina winning. john: a city under attack. suicide bombings rock indonesia's capital. barbara: the republican debate tonight the new controversy for one of the candidates. good morning, carolina, welcome on thursday january 14, 28 degrees and 6:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. we will get to the headlines in a moment but first weather and traffic together. here is meteorologist don schwenneker. barbara: don: as you head out we have dry conditions and a pretty nice day. the next 12 hours by 10:00 we are 41 and by lunch we are 50. we will have mid 50's all afternoon. right now 20's. 28 south hill. roxboro. 28 louisburg. roanoke rapids. 32 chapel hill. 24 sanford.
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32 favorite and 27 smithfield. looking at the day 28 right now. lunch 50. this afternoon 55 and more sunshine. we will talk about the sunny skies and rain but now traffic with amber rupinta. amber: it looks like a typical start to thursday. we have the usual delays out of johnston county to wake 40 westbound and 70 clayton bypass. other than that a lot of green on the main interstates according to the live returns. we are in nice shape. the weather is cooperating, dry and clear. we have one report of an accident into joined raleigh around target and st. mary's. this is how it looks 40 south saunders. slow off the ramp but not bad to start. we will check the drive times in a few minutes. john: it is finally happened. not one but at least lee winning tickets in the $1.6 billion power ball.
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munford and another in florida and third at this 7-11 in clean flow know -- chino hills, california. in north carolina two people are waking up $2 million rich are.rng up $2 million rich are.richer. gloria: two people won all five numbers but not the power ball but they played with the power play option so they win $2 million. we have other winners in the state. i will give you the winning numbers in a minute. right now i want you to look at the billboard navajo drive and it has been changed to $40 million. we saw $999 million there for several days because it wouldn't go up to $1.5 billion or $1.6 billion. we have video from the winning
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look. people approaching $1.6 billion. gloria: at least three winning tickets were sold in california, florida and 10. a grand finale to weeks of hype. it started november 4 and kept growing to a record amount. many of us in the triangle having the one in 292 million chance we would win. many doing it in work pools. >> about 72 of us. gloria: or buying ticket multiple times. >> three days the crazy! gloria: we have the winning
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if you have not checked the ticket but you are not the big jack in the winner don't worry because you could have won smaller prizes. the numbers are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and power bull -- ball number 10. three people with tickets worth $100,000 here in north carolina. we have 14 tickets worth $50,000. so you could be a weurpbinner. i have to say i bought my share of tickets. these are the tickets i bought for the big drawing and the winning ticket was not far from my hometown in palm springs, campbell. unfortunately i -- california. but i didn't win so i can toss these goodbye. back to you. john: you have family there. more breaking news. this time from overseas. indonesia's capital rocked by a series of explosions police
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barbara: two were killed with five attackers. witnesses say three suicide bombers blew themselves up in a starbucks cafe in jakarta. police stormed it where gun battles last the more than two hours. no one has claimed responsibility so far. it is not clear if there are other perpetrators. john: durham police investigating a shooting at gas station. this is caraco station on fayetteville street near hillside high. police say the victim was taken to duke hospital. we are working to find out any information on the shooter and victim's name. a candlelight vigil against violence is planned tonight in durham after a dead will i year -- deadly year. it is to promote unity and prayer and remember the 45 homicide victims of 2015. it starts at 5:30 at city hall plaza. barbara: a smaller group of republican candidates return to the main stage one of the last
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the white house hopefuls to sway voters before the iowa caucus. the prime tame debate in south carolina will -- time debate will highlight the race that is heated. donald trump is aggressively targeting ted cruz saying he may be ineligible to be president. a possible new problem for ted cruz he failed to disclose that he relied on $1 million in throepbs finance the 2012 senate campaign a move that could be a violation of federal election rules. the borrowed money including a sum from goldman sachs where his wife is an employee. he is seeking guidance from regulators on how to update the old report. john: friend and family say goodbye to a student who died in a plane crash in wyoming. a vigil will take place for 17-year-old mckenzie ruston at st. thomas more. she was known to friends as kenzie and she had a passion for
6:33 am
spent most of her too many practicing with the bouncing bulldogs team. a mass will be held this morning at 11:00. barbara: new details emerging about the shooting at a colorado planned parenthood clinic. what the suspect is revealing attack. tragedy. what we are learning about a avalanche and no one was supposed to be on the trail. don: as you head out we have cold terms across the region in the 20's in spots. we will warm up.
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we will talk about t don: let's look at the commuter forecast as you drive in this morning. you should have an easy drive. in the 20's. warming into the 40's.
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for this time of year. 30 south hill. 33 roxboro. 32 hillsborough and 31 rocky mount and 30 cary, clayton. 33 goldsboro. lillington 32 degrees. we look at the day ahead mainly clear and 28. by lunchtime clear skies and beautiful blue skies. into the afternoon temperatures in the mid 50's and shots of sunshine. we have cooler temperatures coming in. we will tell you about the rain next. john: a deadly avalanche hits a number of skiers in france including a group of school children. it was in the french alps. two french students were killed and a ukrainian skier. the trail was closed since the start of ski season. barbara: a man who admits killing three at a colorado
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it was a spur of the moment. robert dear says he believes the f.b.i. was following him and they tipped off employees that he was headed there. dear used to live in we were north carolina and is charged with 179 counts of crime including first degree murder, attempted murder and assault. a judge has ordered him to undergo a mental competency exam. john: we are keeping you connected to big stories. barbara: amber is tracking it from the big board. amber: a couple of trending stories. this is involving the consumer alert this morning. a lot of people getting new credit cards with the chip technology. there is a fishing scam. it appears it is coming from the bank. they want your information. do not click on it. do not give any information. if you have any questions call your bank and make sure you are calling the right place before you give information and ask questions about what is going on.
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power pwulball drawing. one is about the security involved that goes along with the drawings. it is like fort knox. they set up the studio, they have the lottery balls in a double locked vault and three different people, security officers, disarming it, lottery association official with the key. everything is videotaped. you can read more. it is one of the top trending stories and this is a trending story on you may have seen this lighting up the news feed a waffle house employee using restaurant equipment it do her hair in arkansas. it was all on tape by a customer. she's been fired and waffle house is responding to that. you can read the full story on john: doing her hair? amber: with restaurant equipment and customer found hair in their food. john: oh! . amber: they taped it and employee is fired and warm house is taking it seriously. barbara: why would you do that? amber: especially with these
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john: 6:43.
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barbara: five people are dead after reliables detonate a car bomb at a police station and attack the with rocket launchers. another 39 were injured. it targeted the police station in a consideredish province. john: 10 sailers are back in their base after spending less
6:41 am
they were detained after their small boats drifted into iranian wart. they were released yesterday. one of them later apologize the on iranian tv. barbara: prosecutors say an skull. they are holding the prime suspect following analysis of impeachment order likely won't survive.
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republicanthat had some calling him a racist. barbara: the f.b.i. is investigating the ambush shooting of a philadelphia police officer at a terror attack. the islamic state has been crowd sourcing terrorism and the suspect told them he was acting in the name of islam when he opened for on the lead after they switched the water supply. barbara: "good morning america" is heading to the oscar. john: nominations will be broadcast live in not long on g.m.a. "good morning america" will have special coverage all morning starting at 7:00 with the nominations revealed at 8:30. chris rock hosts the oscars february 28.
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barbara: after being nominated so many times everybody says this is lee tphartdonardo dicaprio's year. don: that is the easy money if you are betting. not that anybody does that. john: certainly not. barbara: of course not. don: we will show you what is going on with the weather. we have a pretty good day. next 24 hours it is a little above normal. 55. tonight 33. tomorrow 50's but the big story is rain arrives. we will look at joined raleigh and turn on the seven-day always on and check temperatures. 28 right now. dew point 19. 69% humidity. southwest wind five gaining two minutes of sunshine today. live look into r.d.u. a hint of light as sunrise earlier each morning. 33, west wind four. from across the region 33 roxboro, 32 chapel hill. 27 smithfield. 32 fayetteville. looking at the satellite and
6:44 am
air and high pressure extends back to the mississippi river valley keeping the snow to the north. high with us today and tomorrow. then the next system by 5:00 today clear, dry. temperatures 40's. by tomorrow morning clouds building in and into the afternoon tomorrow i think by 4:00 we could see drizzle or light rain and tomorrow evening the rain is here. friday evening will be wet. it pushes out quickly and by saturday clear skies around and nice end to the weekend although cold next week. the rest of today 55 raleigh and cary, 54 wake forest and wendell. 55 holly springs and garner. north you will see temperatures today in the 50's from roxboro to henderson. 55 durham. 56 louisburg. fayetteville up to 60 today and 55 siler city. 56 lillington. goldsboro 57. tonight back into the 30's for
6:45 am
33 raleigh. 36 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back to 50 degrees and rain developing across the area on friday. saturday 56, sunday 45 and at monday. week. "big weather" pic of the day from one of our own a reporter liking yesterday. beautiful blue sky. we thank you for sending that. she didn't upload it. she got it to us by putting it on twitter and hash tagging it w with abc11 eyewitness. lots of blue. i have this hat to show you. this is duke hospital. the other day i was lucky enough to help kids, durham public schools has a school for kids going through cancer and chemo and i helped out some kids the
6:46 am
thank you to both of them. i can't say much about them because of hippa. it was a joy and i appreciate it. john: now are we looking? amber: we are so luck kwreuy. don: it was so much funity. amber: this morning friday eve. some call it thursday. we have a couple of busy areas for you. including this one 40 and u.s. 70 clayton bypass johnston caught county commuters. accident free. you can see clear conditions this morning there. on the mapping system an accident in raleigh and stalled vehicle on 70 dawson and jones street. there is a report of accident on 64 eastbound at lizard lick. slow off south saunders.
6:47 am
seven minutes 40 to 15 and beltline fine westbound four minutes capital to u.s. 70 and 40 eastbound 64 to 70 on team five minutes there. john: a series of suicide
6:48 am
terror attack. barbara: that is all the news, weather and traffic you need. john: including three winning power ballcampbell. two won $2 million prizes in north carolina. barbara: attacks in jakarta, indonesia have left seven dead. they set off explosions at a starbucks in a shopping area and waged gun battles with police. police say five attackers and two civilians were killed. john: candlelight vigil against violence tonight after a deadly year in durham. the purpose is to promote unity and prayer and for remembering the homicide victims in 2015. it starts 5:30 at city hall. barbara: republican candidates
6:49 am
caucus. the showdown in south carolina will highlight a race heated between donald trump and ted cruz. people in charlotte can stuff them with this creation. it is six ounces beaver patty that you -- beaver -- beach patty and -- john: don is talking sunshine. day. the out-the-door forecast is cool. temperatures in the 20's and will warm. by 9:00 before freezing and lunch around 50 and stay in the 50's throughout the afternoon. amber: a couple of show spots. rock quarry and an accident 64 eastbound at lizard lick road. barbara: "good morning america"
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john: for barbara, amber and the rest of the team i'm john clark.
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