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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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although the jackpot will be split, the winners will still
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--once they do, they cannot remain anonymous. barbara: while no one matched all five numbers and the
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carolina, several people did when it take. to tickets worth $2 million were sold. when on the harris teeter on fayetteville road in raleigh and the other on spring avenue in green lake. to tickets worth $100,000 each were also sold in north carolina. john: we are waiting for state health officials to release new data on the flu in north carolina. there has been one flu deaths so far this year. flu has been widespread in north carolina this season. the wake county public health division director says they are able to target four strains. they are urging people to get backs needed. -- get vaccinated. barbara: closing arguments underway this race is accused of of misconduct.
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gloria: good afternoon. the closing arguments just ended. the three-judge panel is deliberating. it is unknown how long it will take them to decide. christine violated rules of professional conduct when trying to -- she took the water bottle of the suspect and had it tested without thise consent from the sister -- she took the bottle and did not engage in deception. she says she was in the right. he is now prepared the dna from the water bottle was not connected to the scene.
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violated rules of professional conduct, they will move directly into the sanctioning face and she could be reprimanded if they do find that she violated rules of professional conduct. latest at 12:30. john: thanks, gloria. barbara: the governor under fire. john: several residents with do wells. wells. they are upset the governor has not responded to a call or e-mail from residents with contaminated drinking water. publicly invited the governor to
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it has been nearly two years since the major coal ash spill. in one hour from now can our cameras will get a close up look at what the energy giant is doing to make a that does not happen again. what does it look like up there? john: let me take you on a little tour. you can see steam coming out of those towers back there. this is from the natural gas plant that duke energy has built on the same site here. if you look past that steam, you will see a strip of land, a long straight of low hills. just over that crest is one of the coal ash pits that duke energy's excavating here. a lot has happened in the last two years when it comes to the
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had a pipe not burst under one of these pits and tens of thousands of tons of toxic sludge not black and the river back on groundhog stay in 2014. this singular event awoke many to the risks of coal ash. they all have toxic chemicals -- they've been seeping into rivers years. in the wake of what happened here, the state has started forcing duke to clean it all up. we will see much of that up close and personal today. we will let you know what that means in the next half an hour. we will keep you updated on social media, twitter and full coverage today starting at 4:00.
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claiming responsibility for the suicide bombing in indonesia today that killed two people. the country's president is calling it an act of terrorism. the explosions were caught on surveillance video. police say the attack imitated the recent paris attack. all five attackers and a canadian and indonesian died. john: we are working to find the cause of a fire that ripped through a house and durham this morning. flames roaring through the second story window on elizabeth street. no word on any injuries. barbara: new details on a shooting last night on fayetteville street in durham. it stemmed from an attempt to sell a pair of shoes. the 24-year-old victim was inside the car with the men buying the shoes. two men got out of that car, approached the victim's vehicle and shot him.
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the victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries. a candlelight vigil against violence is planned for tonight city. the vigil starts at 5:30 tonight. john: in fayetteville, the search intensifies for a serial strikes yet again. two businesses are markets and wrote and the gas station on yes and road test he wore a hoodie and pulled a rusty silver revolver on the clerk. if you recognize this man, you crimestoppers. barbara: an east chapel hill high school student who died in a plane crash test the funeral
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catholic church in chapel hill. she spent most of her time practicing with the bouncing bulldogs. john: the clues that lead police to the suspect killer. a divisive sign taken up a local building. what hillsboro leaders now plan to do with the letters. barbara: a downtown ice rink -- it is free if you wear your panthers bluebe. don: very cold air moving in in the 70 forecast. as we had to break come a we check on the first hurricane of 2016. hurricane alex. it will be closer to europe than
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barbara: as a light look at fayetteville street. 48 degrees. don schwenneker is coming up with the seven day forecast. downtown raleigh. the ice rink is open through the end of this month and there's today, you can save two dollars
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john: a raleigh road shutdown, reopened hours later. a car smashed into a pole, causing the poll and lines to come down in the road. the road was finally reopened around 2:00 this morning. the confederate memorial words have been removed from the doorway -- they voted in july to remove the lettering and put their own name on the building. they will incorporate the letters in a display about the building's history. barbara: a woman dealing with her worst nightmare. john: coming up, searching for her missing teenage daughter.
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john: a triad mother fearing the worst. barbara: it was two years ago that she last saw her teenage daughter. -- they were planning to buy books of the community college where she was supposed to start classes next week. she let later that evening singh
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friend and that she would be back in an hour. she never returned. >> it is my worst nightmare. my heart hurts. i want to cry. she's never been away 24 hours without hearing from her. >> she was last seen walking away with france. -- with friends. police have determined thal suspicious circumstances now exist. barbara: the 10 u.s. navy undergoing a reintegration process. they were turned from their base in bahrain after spending less than a day in iranian custody. they were detained after their waters. once they apologized that' the u.s. central command
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authentic but it's not clear exactly what they were experiencing at the time. barbara: a deadly avalanche in a group of school children -- hit a group of schoolchildren. the trail they were on was closed. john: a man in custody in and delete in connection with the murder of an american artist. dna analysisshe was found dead in her apartment on saturday. an autopsy revealed she had to adeing strangled.
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planned parenthood was a spur of the moment decision. was headed to the clinic. he's charged with 179 counts of crime, including first-degree assault. mental competency exam. john: a mystery unfolding in ohio. an explosion killed a family of four was arson. they are not releasing details while they are in less to getting. -- while the investigation is underway. monday night explosion shook homes throughout the neighborhood. they were described as a wonderful, caring couple, both of them active in a church. barbara: let's go to don schwenneker right now.
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this time of day. don: some places 20 degrees warmer. we will talk about that. good afternoon to you. let's get you started with a look at the next 24 hours. today will be the warmer of the days. tonight, a few clouds come overnight lows in the 30's. tomorrow, rain arrives after lunchtime. live look into downtown raleigh. 54. dew point at 27. 35% humidity. we look at some temperatures from across the region. live look at rdu, 53 right now. 32% humidity. hour. light look into durham, 54. in fayetteville, 57. at four miles per hour.
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48 in chapel hill. 54 in smithfield, fayetteville and clinton. look at oxford, you are 20 degrees warmer today at noon. 18 degrees warmer in roxboro. 16 degrees warmer in southern pines. it is because of all the sunshine. no cloud cover around here. you have to go into south carolina to even find some clouds. this is the next weather maker parts of alabama and mississippi. when it brings us the rain. today, drier. should be a nice evening across the region. now. the model starting to see some showers possible in the
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it brings the rain, the rain will be with us for a 12 hour period. could see a half inch of rain in the northwestern part of the area. it pulls out of here and as we go into saturday, sunshine returning. temperatures back into the mid-50's. big dome of high-pressure because of the blue skies -- that low lifts to the north. it will pull us in. we will not see any snow out of it. rain showers as we go through tonight into tomorrow night. temperatures hovering in the mid-50's across the region. low 50's and the sandhills. 52 in roxboro, 55 roanoke rapids. the sandhills could get around
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southwest wind at 5-10 miles per hour. temperature stable freezing in many locations tonight. -- estate above freezing in many locations tonight. -- sptay above freezing. monday, 35 degrees. cold going into next week. possible snow for sunday. we do not have stamina forecast. -- we do not have snow in the forecast. barbara: if you are headed to charlotte for carolinas playoff game on sunday john: rooms is depression more than sadness?
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ask your doctor if brintellix could
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gjohn: airlines on track to deliver the most profitable year in decades. rock-bottom oil prices have kept their costs low and profits have soared thanks to the seemingly endless proliferation of extra fees. barbara: we are days away from the big playoff game this weekend. charlotte will face off against the seattle seahawks. hotels in uptown our book.
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fans and other groups. you will have to go further out charlotte. charlotte mayor declaring january panthers pride month. he asks everyone to wear panthers gear or panthers colors the team. john: stay with eyewitness news for all the action. mark armstrong will be there. follow him on social media. barbara: an economic boost for johnson county. oscar nominations just announced. who is in and who is out. barbara: a proposal goes wrong. what this woman does when her
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>> the only station with three newsrooms. downtown raleigh, downtown durham and downtown fayetteville. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. john: and just happen our desktop in our, people will be allowed into duke's energy -- i just half an hour, people will be allowed into duke energy's coal ash facility. john, what are you going to see today? john: getting that toxic sludge, that coal ash out of these online pits in the ground and drying it out and getting out of here and putting it into line pits in the ground is not a
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today, we will see what goes into that. duke energy has about 3 million tons of coal ash here at the site alone. since beginning of october, they've hauled off about 16,000 tons of it by train. today, we will see that process, getting dried ash into train cars. we will see them take that initial sludge out of the ground, dry it out. duke has until when he 19 -- 2019. this is just one of 14 coal facilities duke has around the state. clean it all up. starts in half an hour. we will keep you up to speed on twitter and
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barbara: csx will be the container hub in johnston county -- the connector is expected to bring long-term economic growth to this area. the $100 million terminal could help create 1600 jobs statewide in the future. the terminal will transfer shipping containers between trucks and the trains. john: to the race for president. tonight's big republican debate in south carolina. the stakes very high with the first boat less than three weeks away.
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--mic. barbara: state health officials reporting the first flu death in north carolina this season. it comes as blue activity increases across the state. this time last year, there were already six deaths associated with the flu. the deaths may be lower this year because of vaccines that match the season where they were
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the flu season usually peaks in february. john: closing arguments in a hearing involving an attorney -- whether a water bottle removed from the home where she was try to get a dna sample -- trying to get a dna sample. gloria: the three-judge panel is deliberating right now. it is unclear how long it will take the panel to decide the fate of christine numa. they did finish closing arguments 30 minutes ago. the board says it violated rules of professional conduct while trying to get his blood. he was wrongly convicted of double murder and spent 37 years in prison.
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sister of the suspect -- she completed testimony yesterday. today, her attorneys says it she accidentally took the bottle and did not engage in deception. dna from the water bottle was not connected to the scene. if the judges finds that she violated rules of professional conduct, they will move directly into the sinking face and she could be reprimanded. sledge is here today. i had a chance to interview him and we will bring you that interview at 5:00 p.m. be sure to tune in for that.
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over who is holding the three winning tickets for last night's $1.6 billion powerball drawing. tickets were sold in chino hills come a california -- chino hills, california. john: the academy award nominations were announced this morning. there were some surprises. >> the revenant leads the pack with 12 oscar nominations. mad max: fury road gets 10. >> the nominees are leonardo dicaprio in the revenant -- >> among an a-list group of best actors, including matt damon and eddie redmayne for his role in the danish girl.
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brie larson was on good morning america just minutes after the announcement. >> i'm really confused. it's the highest form of flattery. >> she's competing against cate blanchett. >> it should be pointed out -- >> white actors are all 20 acting nominations again this year. star wars the force awakens also received five knots and technical categories -- nods in technical categories. straight out of cobden was not nominated for best picture ornor was the black director of the martian. -- straight out of compton. john: the criminal charges he is facing.
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ice car in buffalo has been freed. john: they were able to dig that car out. the ice shell outline of the front of the car remains.
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-- thawed out. >> and bus attack caught on tape in ohio. heated conversation between the driver in the passenger about a bus ticket that cannot be accepted because it expired. that is when the brawl escalated. the passengers do nothing to stop this fight. some are heard complaining about being late for work because of this. the driver gets the best of the guy, pinning him down. at one point, the man is able to pull out the knife and the driver slams him against the seat. eventually, police arrive and hall that man off to jail. imagine this come a family dealing with a daily visitor in their home. cameras rolling as this snake tries to grab -- this extremely dangerous snake had made a nest there.
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check out this mystery lights streaking across the night sky in mexico. a man spotted the light on christmas. it across the area for 47 seconds. it lasted too long to be a firework. how about this proposal gone so wrong? a kentucky man had it all planned out, even getting his family involved. when he got on his knee, his girlfriend passed out from the shock. thankfully, she was not hurt. this time, the proposal went off without a hitch. she said yes, sealed with a kiss. she had people behind her to catch her if she felt the second time around -- passed out the second time around. john: thanks, amber. talk about taking the plunge.
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barbara: a former north carolina powerball winner has landed in legal trouble. she's been in the news recently for repeatedly having to bail her boyfriend out of jail. this time, she is in trouble now. she's accused of threatening another woman and making harassing phone calls. john: british actor alan rickman whose career ranged from a british company to the heard potter films has died. he was best known for playing
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gruber in diehard and other roles like the harry potter snape. barbara: michigan's department of health and human services is legionnaires disease in one county. health officials say they cannot conclude that the incident is related to flint's water crisis. it became
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at the top of the ramp. john: a bus carrying a group of students from columbia university crashed in honduras, killing three people. they were on a volunteer mission organized by the group local brigade. 14 were injured. barbara: nick carter has been arrested in key west, florida. the star was involved in a scuffle inside a bar. he was taken away in handcuffs. look at this. a discovery straight out of jurassic park. the world's largest crocodile which was previously unknown to science. it is believed to have measured more than 30 feet long and weighed three tons. feet long. you may not have won the powerball, but you can still be
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john: they are offering a dozen today. no ticket is required to redeem your winnings. barbara: do you like them hot or room temp? john: yes. don: john always mike waits his his for seven seconds. i would take them either way. don: we have a lot of sunshine, modest temperatures out there. thank you for spending your day with us. 2016. there is portugal. you can see the whole thing spinning closer to europe, not a factor in our weather. live look into downtown raleigh.
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akoni seven. 35% humidity. -- dewpoint of 27. into fayetteville, 59 this morning. west wind that those go. high clouds working for. 54 degrees. we had into the mountains -- head into the mountains, they are above freezing at 30 degrees. 40's and 50's on the board. -- at 38 degrees. 55 in roanoke rapids. the rainmaker down south, you can see this pushing up to the north bringing those showers.
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we will stay that way through the afternoon hours. as we go through the day and into the evening, not much to show you. the system pushes up from the south by tomorrow morning. tomorrow lunchtime, we see showers approaching the west. they will be with us through the evening hours. by 10:00 connecting the region. -- exiting the region. is going to be snow on sunday. some forecasters have looked at just one model. this has been consistently putting up snow this year. less than an inch to our north and west. this will continue to dissipate. we can look at another forecast from the european model. this keeps it away from us. when you hear there is going to be snow for the weekend, that is only looking at one model. here in our weather center, we
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right now, we don't have any snow in the forecast for the weekend. temperatures in the 50's. 59 in fayetteville. tonight, this temperatures across the region back into the 30's for overnight lows. 32 in durham. temperatures tomorrow back into the 50's. about 50 degrees with showers tomorrow. it will be wet in the afternoon and evening hours. sunday, 45. we will see some very cold air. high temperatures only in the 30's. awfully chilly for martin luther king jr. day. barbara: how about that hurricane? don: it will stay away from us.
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barbara: eyewitnesnebarbara: eyewitness news is following several developing stories. new information in the death of a drum high school student. it is being called suspicious. she was a senior at durham tech. john: life from even as he gets a close look at the coal ash
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barbara: a local county dealing with a drug crisis. five deaths in less than a week blamed on heroine. john: you can stay connected all day by going to or to the abc 11 mobile app on your phone or tablet. barbara: enjoy the sunshine and dry weather today. don: today is the warmest day of the next seven. we topped out in the upper 50's. mid 50's on saturday. sunday, the bottom drops out. 45 monday, 35 into tuesday. a cold start next week. barbara: thank you. john: the chew is up next. barbara: i barbara gibbs. for john clark, don schwenneker in the entire eyewitness news team, we will see what 4:00. -- and the entire eyewitness news team, we will see you at 4:00. [captioning performed by the
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