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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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-- the victim's own son. nicole: we just spoke with a woman who held the salon owner in her arms after the shooting. a terrible image in her mind, as you can imagine. she said she was at the back of the salon getting her nails done when they heard a single shot. they say he returned to the salon and stood over his mother and another woman with a lifeless, stoic look. >> how could you do this and not feel any kind of remorse? you just walk away. she was saying i don't want to die, promise me i'm not going to
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>> those with the words of the salon owner who is now fighting for her life while her son is in custody for the shooting. witnesses say she was behind the front counter when her son shot her in the face. minutes later he returned, acknowledged this was his mother, walked outside where other eyewitnesses saw him put a handgun in his car. they alerted police and the arrest was made within 15 minutes of the shooting. an active scene out here, people coming to check on others who were in the salon at the time. at 6:00 you will hear more about those moments right after the condition of the mother and son police. tisha: also breaking right now, bond denied for the suspected
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the judge -- jewel thief. the judge denied her on, saying she is a flight risk. authorities say she rocked six jewelry stores -- robbe six jewelry stores. dthey have not recovered the $4.3 million worth of jewelry she is accused of stealing. just a short time ago, chris learned her punishment. >> after a four-day long panel, an advocate and now she would get the lowest form of punishment. she was accused of crossing the line when she took a water bottle from a woman's home and had it tested for dna. she was trying to prove the
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she still got the 71-year-old exonerated after serving more than three decades for two murders he did not commit. she will be given a written admonishment. >> i just wanted it to be over. it interfere with my life and my family's life, my work, my staff. it's time for us to get back to work. >> the panel's decision means she can continue to practice law. steve: state health officials today announcing the first flu death of the season here in north carolina. just one day after the cdc announced widespread flu activity across the state. health officials continue urging people to get vaccinated. flu season usually peaks in february. tisha: an antiviolence rally
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two murders so far this year and 42 killings last year. >> people are taking a stand against violence in the city. couple people are gathering, they have a poster. the visual comes a week after city officials announced new plans to try to reduce crime in the city. the police department is forming a special operations unit. there were 42 homicides last year and so far this year, two people were murdered. yesterday at teenage high school student was found unresponsive in her bedroom. police have not ruled that case a homicide but do say the death is suspicious. the vigil will be held shortly
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that will take place in just about a half -- just about a half hour. steve: northwest of the triangle in rockingham county, duke energy allowing us inside the now closed coal-fired power plant in the town of eden. tonight were getting an up close look at the toxic cleanup. >> getting wet coal ash out of these huge, unlined pits in the ground, drying it out and then getting it out of here on train loads is not a simple process. today we saw that firsthand. duke energy will excavate about 3 million tons of coal ash from this site alone. this is one of the smallest of dukes coal plants. today we watched as dry ash was
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we saw what it takes to dig that initial sludge out of the ground and try it out so it can be taken away and stored in eight landfill up in virginia. duke has until 2019 to finish up here in eden. a new law requiring the company to clean them all up but while this kind of excavation is taking place at four of them, there are public hearings to determine what to do with the other 10. steve: his group of protesters gathering outside the governor's mansion. coming up at 6:00, why they are upset about a reported secret dinner governor mccrory had with duke energy. tisha: a funeral today for a high school student who died in a plane crash in wyoming. this was the scene in chapel hill. she had a passion for
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kinsey spent most of her time practicing with a bouncing bulldog. steve: bioterrorism attack at a starbucks in indonesia. authorities say five of the attackers and two civilians died in downtown jakarta. isis is taking responsibility for the attack. police say at least three suicide bombers exploded themselves inside the starbucks while two gunmen attacked a police station nearby. the first explosion appears to have triggered a gun battle. tisha: a federal judge in chicago granted the release of a video that showed a white chicago police officer fatally shooting a black suspect in 2013. an officer killed 17-year-old cedric chapman during a foot
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investigators determined it was an iphone box he had in his hand. chapman family is suing the officer. steve: the director of the fbi says the ambush of a philadelphia police officer is being investigated as terrorism. the officer was attacked a week ago today when a man walked up to his patrol car and opened fire, shooting him 13 times. according to police he confessed and said he was following all and pledged a lisa'sah -- pledged allegiance to isis. tisha: one of the last high-profile opportunities for white house hopefuls to persuade voters before the iowa caucus.
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fiorina and rand paul. they failed to place in the top national poll. steve: ted cruz has picked up an endorsement, phil robinson from the reality show is to he. -- reality show du dynasty. ck tisha: three lucky tickets matched all six numbers in last night's powerball drawing.
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estimate the jackpot to be back down to a mere $40 million. tisha: several people in north carolina didn't win big. two tickets were $2 million each were sold. one of the tickets was sold at the harris teeter in raleigh and the other sold at the food mart express in spring lake. three tickets worth $100,000 were sold in our state. coming up, we will take you to the lucky stores that sold it tickets. steve: marie holmes won more than $87 million last february. she has been in the news recently for repeatedly bailing her boyfriend out from jail, most recently on new year's day. this time it is marie who is in trouble. she is accused of threatening
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tisha: a nice warm-up today, chris. chris: absolutely, after a cold start in the 20's, up to 60 today in the triangle. still fairly pleasant out there now. clear skies there as the sun is setting right now. 57 degrees and the air is pretty dry as well. roxboro hit 54. 55 in smithfield and fayetteville has 57 degrees. not nearly as cold as it has been the last few evenings but you still need a jacket. by tomorrow morning, into the mid 30's. clear tonight but any sunshine tomorrow will be brief and early. clouds roll in and the rain follows quickly thereafter. how much to expect when it moves out, and what the weekend looks
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steve: a family of four is explosion. is no accident. if your dog is suffering from lack of appetite and fever, we will explain what you need to check for steve:. steve:more and more women are have children. we will show you the average age
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heather: t steve: a mystery unfolding in ohio. a house fire and explosion that killed a family is being called arson. the investigation continues south of cleveland. authorities say jeffrey and cynthia mather were killed along with their eight-year-old and 12-year-old daughters. they are described as a wonderful and caring couple, both of them active in the church they serve. tisha: the public supermarket
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the ceo plans to retire on april 30. he is the grandson of the public's founder. he was named ceo in 2008. he will remain a member of the board of directors. publix has 1113 stores throughout the area. the average age of a first-time mother is at an all-time high. according to the cdc, 26 is the average age for a woman to have her first child in 2014. the government began tracking the age of new mothers in 1970 when the average was 21. steve: the next time you're complaining about cold, winter weather, remember this tory. this is video of a great-grandfather in minnesota that is going viral. he is getting attention for helping a single mom shovel snow.
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he said he wishes he had a dollar for every one who has watched that video so far. when asked what gets the credit for his long life, he laughed and said clean living, wine, women, and money. tisha: and he gets lots of exercise, shoveling snow. steve: social media said we might get snow on monday, but chris says forget about that. chris: that fantasy snowstorm still looks to be just that, a fantasy, but we do have rain on the way and a hurricane out in the atlantic ocean that is very rare. only the third time in history that we've had a storm in january in the atlantic with that name. the last time was in 1938. conditions became just right for
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warm ocean water and quiet upper-level winds this time of year for the atlantic. there is the eye of the storm. the azores rarely get hit by a hurricane in the summer but they're about to get hit by one in january. hurricane warnings are flying for damaging when -- damaging winds. very chilly waters shortly and it will be tropical. 57 degrees, a gorgeous day out there with temperatures rebounding dramatically. these were the lows, mid 20's to upper 20's. sanford at 21, a cold and frosty start but we recovered to over 30, to 62 in fayetteville with lots of sunshine.
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fayetteville at 57 and mid 50's generally across the board. mild air all the way to louisville in memphis. there is some colder air coming our way and we will feel it as we head into early next week. what we are watching for tomorrow is sunshine giving way to increasing clouds. low pressure lining up over the gulf of mexico. it's too warm for snow, all rain into the mountains during the night. tonight you will need a jacket out this evening. by morning, generally mid 30's. it will cloud up quickly, 36 at little rain south of the triangle. up to 50 and then temperatures level law as the rain begins to come down. sunshine from raleigh north and east tomorrow, maybe that's a
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around 8:00. clouds of rapidly and look at the rain spreading in. by late afternoon the rain roles in. you want to grab the umbrella tomorrow. it won't be wet when you head out but it will be when you head home at about 5:00 or 6:00. mid to late evening it begins to shuttle out of here and we start to dry out tomorrow night. saturday looks to be a nice day. i think we will have a half inch to maybe an inch in spots. we will dry out for saturday. this front goes through later saturday, opening the door to some colder air as we get into sunday and monday. the rain comes down tomorrow afternoon. it drives out -- dries out
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cooled and breezy on martin luther king day. lows could be in the teens in spots. tisha: at least it does get better in a few days. steve: an olympic gold medal winning skier is in some serious trouble with the law tonight. tisha: find out what triggered
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steve: some safety changes are coming to police trends or bands and baltimore following the death of freddie gray. police officer say the space is very tight and sometimes it's too dangerous to reach in and buckled a prisoner. baltimore is spending $200,000 to provide bumpers on the seats to keep prisoners from sliding around and straps for them to hang onto when they are handcuffed. tisha: olympic skier picabo street has been charged with assault and domestic violence in
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daughter question down two flights of stairs and locked him she said her father pulled her hair but she's hoping what she considers a private family matter can be resolved and mentally be -- amicably. the president praised the new governor on plans to expand medicare, saying the first task is to clean some stuff up after his republican predecessor. republican governor bobby jindal retired earlier. steve: just as the flu rims of across north carolina, you need to be watching out for your dog. there's a new strain of dog flu that has made at least 2000 dogs sick in 25 states and is now spreading. it's a highly contagious dog
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symptoms include coughing, weakness, loss of appetite and fever. it is very contagious between dogs. you should be watching out for dog to dog contact. a pretty bold claim by governor mccrory that north carolina teachers have the biggest jumps in salary anywhere in the country in the past year tisha:. tisha:critics say the numbers don't add up, plus the response will we took the argument to the governor's office. steve: signs of progress on a ma it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well.
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