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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we're live on the scene with the latest. >> hair salon shooting. a fayetteville man accused of shooting his own mother in the face. the terrified eyewitnesses. the latest details, just in. plus, hit and run. an intense police chase through the streets of durham. what we've learned about the moments before the pursuit. >> and system failure. the state attorney general now demanding answers from bluecross blueshield. the letter, just uncovered by
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>> see what's happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news starts right now. >> breaking news in wake county. first up, a meth lab with children involved in raleigh. hi, everyone. good evening from the breaking news center. i'm steve daniels. a one-year-old and a seven-year-old taken to the hospital after the incident at this house on huntly drive off capital boulevard. elaina athans is now on the scene. reporter: yes. just behind me is a house where police say folks were cooking meth. you can see right there, haz mat is on scene. they are working right now, collecting evidence in the carport area of this home. two people are in custody, a man and a woman. they are not facing charges right now. now, police originally called to this home around 8:30 this effectevening with a search warrant. that is when they made the discovery inside the home. they are saying two people here
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now, officers also made another discovery. they found two children inside. a one-year-old and seven-year-old were removed from this home. here's what some neighbors had to say about that. >> that's crazy. >> there were two children in the house? >> locked them up for a while, you know, a long time. >> yes. absolutely. absolutely. we don't want it in our neighborhood. if i seen it, i'd call the police in a heartbeat. reporter: we'll take you back live. you can see hazmat working right now, in the carport area of the home. now, both of those children were taken to the hospital. we understand they are receiving care at this hour. >> looks like it will be a long night ahead as that decome -- decontamination process continues. we also have breaking news coming in from durham. police investigating a hit-and-run that ended with this crash, right in downtown durham.
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red s.u.v. that's now flipped over is standing there, talking to police. it does not appear she is badly injured. durham. two firefighters taken to the hospital after a fire truck and a car were involved in a wreck, at irwin road and anderson street a short time ago. there's significant damage to the car and a huge dent in the bumper of the fire truck. durham police say the fire truck was returning from a call when it hit the car on the side. rescuers had to force the door to open the door, to get the captain out. he was taken to the hospital. a second firefighter complaining of back pain, also went to the hospital. durham police are investigating. you can watch for the latest on all of these breaking stories, tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. developing right now in fayette, police identifying a man accused of walking into a hair saloon, shooting -- salon, shooting his own mother in the face. nicole carr first on the scene reaction.
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attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. we're live at the shopping center off ireland drive with the details. reporter: good evening. earlier this evening, fayetteville police removed crime scene tape behind me and also wrapped up their investigation into the thursday afternoon shooting. the spa's owner, identified as 44-year-old derema burch, is recovering at u.n.c. hospital in chapel hill. from what we're told, it's a gunshot wound to her jaw. a customer told us in an exclusive interview it was the most horrible thing she had ever seen. tonight, friends and family keeping the faith. >> it's been a heartbreaking day. however, with our faith, we know that she's going to pull through. reporter: and friends and family say she is miss dee, the owner of this spa in fayetteville. they say her son gunned her down this afternoon. >> how could you do that to your own mother? reporter: diondra mckenzie told
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was getting her nails done this afternoon when she heard a shot. then she saw the owner's son run for the back door. customers say miss dee was shot in the face while working the front counter. mckenzie cradled the wounded woman on the floor and said her son came back in the building. >> he didn't say anything to me other than, yeah, that's my mom. he just stood over me, while i'm on the grouped with her, trying -- ground with her, trying to help her breathe. he was just standing there, just standing there watching me, on the ground with his mother. he wasn't trying to help me or anything. he was just standing there, looking at me. and he's on the ground, struggling to breathe like she was dying in front of my face! and she was just -- she was asking me to help her, that she didn't want to die. she said, i don't wanna die. reporter: after the shooting, one eyewitness said she saw the son put a handgun in his car. police have not commented on a
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and agony. >> now, 24-year-old kevin powell is charged with, as we said, attempted first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon, inflicting serious injury. we are told by several friends and families that while the police have not been able to comment on a motive, they say that powell, her son, is suffering mental issues. live in fayetteville, greg barnes, abc 11 eyewitness news. >> greg, thank you. new tonight, a man wanted for shooting at a durham police officer. he is now in custody. authorities say syron townsend was picked up by u.s. marshals in burlington. when officers tried to question townsend, he ran off and started shooting. no one is hurt. townsend is facing several charges, including attempted murder. [sirens] >> a chase caught on camera. durham police with sirens blaring and in pursuit of a
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this is a story we first brought you as breaking news here at 6:00. durham police say this is where it ended but it started on east end drive when a stolen car didn't stop for a police officer. they said the guy driving it car. the officer was not injured. d.p.d. officers then chased the stolen car and a guy jumped out when it crashed, near university drive and vicars. a passenger inside the car was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. you can look for updates tomorrow morning here on eyewitness news. >> a call for peace and unity for those who have lost a loved ones to violence. the 42 people murdered in durham last year were honored. the individually comes a week after city officials announced new plans to try to reduce crime. the department is forming a special operations unit. >> a fayetteville couple charged in a disturbing case of animal cruelty.
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danielle durocher, abandoned their dogs without any food or water. one of the dogs starved to death weight. another dog was alive in its crate but without any food or water. tomorrow. tonight cumberland county parents are getting a low grade for their kids' school attendance. a court judge was knocking on the doors of parents whose children have excessive tardy reports. they wanted to talk to them about why the kids are showing up late for school. >> we do have parents that are just in -- that are adjusting their schedules. we have parents that say, well, i don't get off until 3:00 in the morning, so they sleep, and the kid has missed the bus, so we have to tell them, just get the kid to the bus. >> being a single mom and having more than one child, it does make it a little difficult but, you know, anything is worth pushing for when it comes to
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>> school officials say poor attendance and tardiness are big problems. they say getting out and talking to parents is part of a new initiative to improve student performance in the classroom. >> duke energy giving her cameras an inside look at a process of moving three million tons of a coal ash lagoon. the pond is now largely empty of water. about 30 tons of coal ash is being hauled out by train to a landfill up in virginia. about a million and a half tons will stay in a landfill that duke will build on sight. this is just one of the 14 coal facilities duke has around the state. the dumps meet either -- either have to be capped or dleened out -- cleaned out by 2029. >> attorney general roy cooper sent a letter to bluecross blueshield, asking questions about that so-called system failure that continues costing many of you money. joel brown is in our newsroom with more.
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that the ag's office sent to bluecross blueshield executives this week, asking the company to explain exactly what is going on with these per pervasive billing issues and what's being done to fix it. addressed to the c.e.o. of bluecross blueshield, the letter from the ag's consumer protective commission ask how and why so many customers were billed for cancelled policies, double billed, incorrectly charged or had bank accounts wrongfully drafted. >> for me, it's been a personal nightmare. reporter: this is one of the thousands of customers caught in the middle of the massive system failure at bluecross. he's a medical professional, but as an independent contractor, he has to buy his own health insurance to cover himself, his wife and four daughters. he found a better policy on and was transferred. and that's when his family became victims of the failure. >> bluecross blueshield did not
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requested it, my old insurance. so now i had duplicate insurance. reporter: bluecross blueshield billed paul for two separate policies. he was charged $3200. things got more frustrating when his wife visited the doctor. >> when my wife wanted to get a procedure performed, they were confused. she had to wait multiple hours wovment. reporter: we asked pall about the internal -- paul about the internal company failures. a source says the software was untested. >> bluecross blueshield office made a major mistake with implementing this software, which has been a complete failure. >> bluecross blueshield stands by its two-year-old software program. they say it's proven, tested. meanwhile, the company has until january 22 to respond to the attorney general's request for information about those problems. >> it's been a frustrating month
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thanks for joel brown and the i-team, on top of it all week long. we're just getting started here on eyewitness news. explosions in downtown jakarta. the warning sent to authorities. plus, caught on camera. an out of control big rig careening right down this highway. what happens next is the must-see video of the night. first, let's take a live look. a few people out for a stroll on a nice evening. but we have some rain coming our way. >> we do have rain coming our way. it will be here by tomorrow afternoon. today, what a glorious january day. 60 in the triangle. 62, fayetteville, with a lot of sunshine. but that's going to change tomorrow. we'll time that rain out for you
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the week >> new details about the terror attack in indonesia targeting westerners at starbucks. people in indonesia leaving flowers at the scene. five attackers and two other people were killed in explosions. the e tack came after several warnings by the police that islamic militants were planning something big. >> new details about the ambush of a philadelphia police officer. the f.b.i. now says there's no evidence edward archer is part of an organized terror cell. they are investigating the shooting as an act of terror. the attack did not appear to involve a plot of violence beyond that shooting that injured a police officer named hartnick. archer is charged with attempted murder. his mother says he's been hearing voices lately. >> new tonight, the husband and manager of singer celine dion has died. rene angelil had been battling
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he died at a home in a las vegas suburb while under the care of a children. she took a year off to care for her husband. >> time now to check out the must-see video of the night. we begin in texas, with this stunning dash cam video. this car sitting at this intersection capturing the moment that big rig right there loses down the highway. the trailer of that truck appears to jackknife, causing the cab to flip on its side too. the semi then appears to slide for several hundred feet before coming to a stop.
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ays the way you really gotta do that sandwich is half and half. >> shrimp and oysters together. even at 11:20 at night, that sounds good! >> president taking selfies with people, having a good time. >> he picked up a little bit of a louisiana twang there. sounds good. temperatures today, nice. 60 degrees. beautiful day. not so nice tomorrow.
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certainly not going to end up that way. temperatures won't be quite as warm as they were together. as a matter of fact, we'll be stuck around 50 or so in many spots as that rain comes down and it will probably feel chillier than that with the rain as well. starting out in the mid-30's, it will be dry. as you head out tomorrow morning, you may want to grab the umbrella, the rain gear, because it will be raining by afternoon. almost a sure bet for that. fayetteville, skies are partly cloudy. high clouds streaming in, in advance of our next system. temperatures are cool now, but not bad at all, consideringngow cold they have been or could be or will next week. 44 at r.d.u. it's 37 in roxboro. chapel hill at 45. big change in temperatures. the rural areas into the mid-30's. urban areas, upper 30's to around 40. everybody will be in the low to mid-30's by tomorrow morning. if you step out, you'll still be able to see the stars through these thin clouds at about
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they're composed of ice crystals and fairly thin but they are thickening up in georgia and alabama. the rain is coming down now around baton rouge and new orleans, over towards mobile. the storm system is developing here in the gulf coast states. it's going to ride up the east coast and bring us a solid shot at some rain tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. but tonight, the clouds increase. generally fair. high cirrus clouds. temperatures in the low to mid-30's. but clouding up quickly. there may be sun to start your day in spots. but it clouds up. 36 at 7 a.m. 50 at noon. that should be it. temperatures will hold steady as that rain continues to fall. again, it gets wet. midday into the afternoon hours and evening too. here we go. sunny skies at 8 a.m. that may be a little bit optimistic, but sunshine possible. sunrise to about 9 or 10:00. look at the clouds rock 'n' roll in rapidly. the rain, right on the heels of
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by mid-afternoon, we're socked in with a solid shield of light to moderate rain. pockets of heavier rain coming through afternoon into the evening hours. but notice how fast it moves out. this thing is in and out of here within a matter of eight, ten hours or so. by 8:00, it's moving out of the triangle. and certainly midnight, it's gone. so a wet evening in many spots but dry after midnight. and that will set us up for a good-looking day on saturday, with temperatures warming back up temporarily. rainfall amounts, our computer low. i think generally a half inch to an inch, a pretty good soaking but it has been dry so far this month overall. so i don't think we're going to whatsoever. maybe just a ponding of water on the roadways. roxboro, upper 40's. east. west wind saturday.
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here comes a chunk of arctic air that will drop into the midwest on sunday. there will be a sprinkle or two around ch that's about it. then we really get into the colder air sunday night into monday. that's when temperatures crash again, way below normal. seven-day forecast, 58 saturday, after the rains are out of here tomorrow night. then 45 sunday. partly to mostly cloudy. a sprinkle possible. martin luther king jr. day, sunny by breezy and cold. wind chills in the 20's. and same thing for tuesday. the winds will die down. and it gets warmer or less cold wednesday into thursday. but all dry. a lot of sunshine. it's going to be well-below average. we're making up for all of that warm weather in december. >> a lot of people have m.l.k. day programmed. they'll be bundled up. >> the carolina pearnz panthers fans are hungry for a win.
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this guy didn't win the
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but he did win the test. >> it was a million dollar pay day for the store owner who didn't win the lottery but he stole the winning ticket. >> this is the 7-eleven in chino hills, california. it's been packed with people
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this store sold a winning ticket. the winner has not come forward. two other winners were sold, one in melbourne and one in munn ford, tennessee. a pair of $2 million powerball tickets were sold right here in north carolina. one in spring lake. the other in raleigh. >> from big winners to a guy sasha said the -- walsh said the cards he received were so touching, he wanted to visitor the children in person. >> the panthers will be offering a 15-and-one burger at the stadium. this thing has a six-ounce beef patty. then they put 15 ounces of
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and bacon. the culinary team says this burger is intended to be shared with someone else. $15.01. eyewitness news is going to be with the panthers in charlotte. follow mark armstrong on twitter for up to the minute reports on field. then watch eyewitness news after the game, where all the post-game interviews from the big showdown with the seahawks, on sunday. bowl! don't want to miss it. >> mark is getting ready to go to charlotte. and good win for the cains tonight on the road in st. louis. >> it was. they were high-fiving. it was great. good to see. a little bit of bad news. high school football season ended last month. but one durham team feeling pretty big aftereffects from a more recent decision.
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next. >> now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> they made it to the state title game but now southern's football team must forfeit it's 2015 season win due to ineligibility violation.
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athletics association found that a member of the spartans football team played with an expired physical. the winds will wins will be vacated. app state follows up its jumps. the mountaineers coach heads to n.c. state in the same role the former east carolina spent the last four seasons coaching at appalachian state. the last season, the n.c. state women upset a top 10 ranked duke team at reynolds. but they haven't been a i believe -- beenable to stop the blue devils. n.c. state has averaged 19 points in the last three games. here, the finish, she led the pack with 19. and n.c. state had a four-point lead at break. but in the third, stevens goes off glass to give duke its first
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of the first quarter. still a tight game in the fourth quarter. ashley williams there comes up with a huge three. giving them the one-point lead. in the final 10 seconds, the pull-up three. it's a one-point game. duke with one last chance to tie it. no good. n.c. state wins 65-62, pushing its win streak to four games. u.n.c. women also in action. they were on the road, versus georgia tech. the yellow jackets went on an early run to start. but u.n.c. chipping away. later, bryant's jumper ties it up and the tar heels saw a lead in the fourth quarter with the walker three here, late in the game. whiteside here with the dagger. tar heels fall with a loss. on the ice, canes facing the blues on the road. skinner got them the advantage
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canes led 1-0 going into the third period, on the power play in the third. that's the first career power play goal. canes would continue to roll and they would hang on, 4-1, to win. >> four in a row for the canes. on a nice roll now. >> that's going to do it for us tonight. thanks for watching. >> remember, the news is always on at jimmy kimmel is up next. we'll see you back here tomorrow
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